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Interior Design Essentials: How to Create the Perfect Nursery

Sarah Earl, Follow me on Instagram @colormequirky

Interior Design Essentials: How to Create the Perfect Nursery

Sarah Earl, Follow me on Instagram @colormequirky

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9 Lessons (34m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Finding Your Style

    • 3. The Five Components Your Nursery Needs

    • 4. The Major Player

    • 5. The Mover & Shaker

    • 6. Always Changing

    • 7. Keeping Things Organized

    • 8. The Cherry on Top

    • 9. Final Thoughts

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About This Class

When you're expecting a baby a million questions are constantly swirling through your head - Which stroller is the right one for me? What is my birth plan? Am I going to breast feed or just use formula? The questions are endless and honestly, overwhelming.

One aspect of pregnancy that elicits a ton of questions is THE NURSERY. Well, fear not because I am here to help!

In this Skillshare you will learn how to create the perfect nursery for your little one.

Whether you are currently pregnant or have a toddler, what you learn in this set of videos will inspire and educate you to create a nursery that both you and your little one deserves.

What this class includes:

  • Five (5) pre-styled schemes for nursery inspiration
  • A break down of what products your nursery really needs
  • Guidance on how to shop for nursery accessories
  • And so much more

By the end of this class you will be excited to design and decorate your nursery and have the confidence to do so like a pro



Love any of the images I referenced? All sources can be found HERE on my Pinterest @ssarahfinkss

Want to check out my registry and see all the products I'm obsessed with? HERE is a link

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Sarah Earl

Follow me on Instagram @colormequirky


Sarah is an interior designer at a high end architecture firm in New York City and the blogger behind the site color me quirky. As part of the design industry since 2012, she helps create beautiful residences around the world and is here to share her knowledge to bring your space to the next level. 


We start with the basics. Whether you are decorating your dorm room or mansion, Sarah is here to take you through each step in “Creating a Color Palette”. Follow along to learn how to build your home's color palette and insure that everything you buy goes well together. 


Next Sarah shares some major life news while teaching you how to design a beautiful space ... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hi guys, my name is Sarah. I'm an interior designer and the blogger behind the site color me quirky. And this go share is hitting a little bit close to home because my husband and I are actually expecting our first child. So this skill share will be all about the nursery. How to decorate it, how to make it your own, and how to make it perfect for your child. Whether you have a child are ready and you're just looking to spruce up there room to make it even more special for them. Or if you're expecting a child like me and you want to make their space as amazing as it could possibly be. This skill share is free you. I broke it down into two different parts. So the first part we're going to talk about style. I'm honed in on five different style or linked to everything. And kind of styled different boards for different b's. And then the second part is going to be about the five basics that you need for your child's room. There are so many products out there and every single one is listed as the thing you need for your nursery. Well, let me tell you. These are going to be the five components that I've gathered through all my research that you actually, I see so many moms out there so nervous about decorating the nursery and it's really just an overwhelming process for them. And this skill share is going to help completely obliterate those questions. You are going to learn how to really create a space that is perfect for your child or future child. So enroll now and let's get started. 2. Finding Your Style: You enrolled, like you said in the intro, These videos are going to be broken down first into style, and then we're going to work into the actual pieces that you need. So let's get started. So for style, I did five different themes that you can follow or pick pieces from. Everything is linked below. So definitely feel free to click through as I'm going through the different boards that really fun and they're really played fall. I feel like a nursery should just be that it should be fun, it should be playful. I'm a big proponent that if you're having a girl, you room does not need to be paying. If you're having boiler room does not have to be blue. That if you want. So the first group that we are actually going to talk about is called flower child. So for flower child, this is kind of Ford, the girly girl. I didn't two different versions. Version one is that super girly girl flowers in your face. That wallpaper is amazing, but lay not everyone's cup of tea. Oh, I also did a version that's a little more subdued. You can absolutely pull that floral carpet out of there once they're in the more team kind of stage and that wallpaper would grow with them. But you can really pick which suits you and your future child better. My various components of this space is definitely that rocker. It's from creating a merit. I thought that this one was so Q with its pedal like back. It just seemed so appropriate for the space. I also really loved these wall shelves from Urban Outfitters. You can really honestly put thes anywhere in your home. But I just thought that they were really beautiful. Meet nav multiples up on the wall and really display their toys. Any photos, books, all of that in a dynamic way. Next o, we have your turbine h. Now, I have to be honest, this is definitely more geared to a boy in my mind and is kind of what I want minor, Sorry to be late for my little man. I'm just kind of obsessed with it. I think it's so q and especially that we'll all paper from chasing paper, it's my favorite thing. I think it's so kid friendly without being over the top. Yes. When they're a teenager, I'm probably going to have to replace it for, you know, why? It's so q and so fun without being so a near face kid that I just thought it was really great. Also, I really love all the different textures mixed. I loved the root tan wrapping on the crib, and I love the two different textures and that carpet by Anthropology, it's like a flat wave as a stripe and then the animal itself as a pile. It'll give that soft LMS and it's like cute, kitschy. And it just seemed so appropriate in like nature friendly space. Next up is mid-century. I was kind of really playing off of that obsession that people have these days in the mid-century design. If you're obsessive, Mad Men, George Nelson, Charles Ray Eames, this room is for you, for your job. For this space, I really tried to choose elements that were very versatile and could be pulled and placed in different rooms. The house, yes, clearly, the crib cannot, but you know, I've basically every other piece can. I tried to create this space that was really playful and dynamic and could grow with their child. If I haven't said this before, I feel like your nursery should really grow with you and, you know, developed with them. So a lot of these components within these nurseries do just that. For instance, the rocker. The rocker in this space is perfect for a toddler, sturdy and you stand up to it. But it can also have the base changed out of it, and it can be its own separate chair. That means that this piece can really grow with your child and last you for years and years to come. And that honestly is what good design is. It also comes in a lot of different colors. So if the grey is now doing it for you, please feel free to click through or feel free to Google based off of the link and 1000 different colors will come up. That's an exaggeration, but if you understand, all right, so next up is medalists modern. Now, if you looked at command economies home and you thought this is it, this is the space that I need in my child's life. And this is for your birth, this design, I was thinking more Barry clean lines, beautiful texture, really letting your child's toys and books and personality shine. I am obsessed with this bookcase you've probably already noticed because who's also in or turbine nature this getting immersion by, I'm obsessed with it and I just think it's the perfect bookshelf for your little one. I just love it. I think that the Charlotte period kind of style to it is really sophisticated, but it's really kid friendly. It's actually on my baby registry because it is a little pricier, honestly, really Montessori friendly. So if you wanna go that route, you can put baskets on top, have the toys that you don't want them to play with for that moment on top, and then display the toys that you want them to select on the bottom to also really loved this rug. It's from Zara home. Yes, sorry. I just think it's really beautiful and soft would be perfect for that late tell me time moment, and it just looks fairly comfortable. Alright, the final theme that we have is just that theme it up. Urine nursery is probably the only space in your home that you can actually do with theme. Do it right. And it all out and people click on it, so Q, You're not gonna do a Django thing in your living room, but you can do a jungle theme in your nursery. All of these boards have the same basic components, but I threw in different accessories, different wallpapered, in different carpets to kind of show you how you can really go all out with keep the pieces themselves super simple. And I think that's actually really helpful, especially if you're thinking about having more than one child in this way, these components can be used for multiple children and be used over and over again, but have new life with different accessories ethic. But first, we've got I just thought that this was so Q the idea of having a little jungle themed room, yes, it's very close to nurture my nature, but this is more elephants, tires, bears, all that good stuff. Maybe not bears, bears. I am in the jungle, but that's okay. So I saw this LFA bookcase and I just thought it was. So Q is definitely not gonna grow with your kid that much, but it can be one of those splurge is that you do for your nursery were put it on your baby or industry? I feel like as someone who has bought prevalence for my friends, I would love to buy them something like this. It's really cute, kitschy. The theme is dinosaur. Ever since like Jurassic Park for us, gallery dinosaurs is a good thing. So why men embracing for this, the i, x and today, way vocal wallpaper and a side table that kind of to me looked like a dinosaur. But I also really like this little, I'm sorry, nightly. Yes, it's very literal, but that's honestly the point. You want to have these accessories in your space that really allow your child's imagination. And the final theme that we have is outer space. Now, this MAN, I would say it's the only room that I want to do, the wallpaper. All four walls. I think this wallpaper, it's amazing. It's super Q. It's a really fun way to no teacher, kids the stars. So that part is really cute. But doing it on all four was, is a little aggressive because it does have that deep, deep navy black background to it. I would do, especially with this wallpaper. And this can be said for any of the wall papers in my past themes is to do it on one wall, the cripple, because that's such a feature point. And then the other walls within the space, I wouldn't maybe pick a super light blue or even a light gray. Really nice to still keep it warm and beautiful, but not an entirely black room. One thing I didn't mention in the other theme that supports that. I'm personally am testlet is Glider from Georgia. It is absolutely a splurge. I understand it is not for everyone, it's not what in everyone's budget. But honestly, it's so beautiful and it's one of those pieces that you can pull out of your nursery once your child has outgrown it and you can put it in your living room, you can put it in your den. And it's just a beautiful chair. It's a beautiful piece of furniture. And depending on the upholstery that you choose, they do have a couple of different upholstery options. I think that it could really last a lifetime. And like I said before, that's the kind of components that you want to invest in. You want to invest in pieces that you can see yourself really living with for the rest of your life. It's honestly the nursery area then I'm gonna go with such a fan. So in the next video, we are going to talk about the five components that you need for your nursery. Let's go. 3. The Five Components Your Nursery Needs: Alright guys, year honed in on your style. You know what you want. Now let's talk actual products that you need for your nursery. I am actually a new mom. So this is the second nursery. I'm actually done. Between that and this thing happening. I've done a lot of recent pitch and yes, it can be super overwhelming to think about all the components that you need. But let me tell you, you really only need five. So five components that you need for your nursery are a crib, pretty major. A rocker or glider, changing table, play slash clothing, storage and accessories. So first up and we're going to talk crypts. 4. The Major Player: Alright, let's talk grips. So I know you guys are thinking you thinking what about bathymetric fascinates are something that should actually be your bedroom like you. So because they're not part of the nursery, I didn't include them. If you have any questions on Batson, if they did do a lot of research on those two, please feel free to comment below, and I'm happy to send you links and tell you about the ones that I've really seen 6S in and are also aesthetically pleasing, but we're talking grips. So further crib, the first question that you should ask yourself is, is important. Now, I'm here in Brooklyn storage is extremely important because it's so limited in terms of closet space. I haven't decided what I wanted to do yet because a lot of the cribs that I've been loving don't have storage components. However, if that's the case, then you can always go to the container store and buy those under bed storage, apartments. I would definitely make sure that there's some kind of CO2 it, that it's not open. If you kind of want to keep that lives off season items or maybe their toys that you don't want your child to play with right now and want to make sure that the component that's a zipper or something like that. However, I did find a couple cribs actually do have storage and RNA. First up being West Elm. I thought that this phonons really beautiful, clean, sleek, it could fit into any style that you want on a definitely is more of the mid-century or mentalists kind of vibes, but paired with different accessories, he could definitely like transform with your space. The second is from Crate and Barrel. I thought this one was kind of cool and the fact that the storage was on the side rather than on the bottom, that way that you could keep things that like one to access frequently. And the last one, I actually saw one of my favorite YouTubers, Britain, Amy Lynn had this one and she kept her carriers in it. I just thought that was so smart because you don't have a lot of closet space. We're going to keep those, I guess, back to the door, but this seems pretty near. The next question that you should ask yourself when shopping for a crib is, do you want this crib to grow with your child? Now a lot of cribs actually have this feature if this is important to you, there's actually a lot of different styles out there. So my biggest tip would be to purchase that conversion kit at the same time that you purchase the crib. I know you're thinking, why would you do that? The whole space-saving kind of component, buying the space for the convergent case. You know why? Because especially with wood would color will not be the same if you buy the converting k after the fact or what if they no longer make that model? You don't want to have to go on and e-Bay search to try to find those conversion kit. You just don't wanna do that. It's gonna be a headache by the converging kid at the same time you buy the crib. And I know what you're thinking. This is an added expense that you may not necessarily want to do. You know what? Put it on your industry. In the next video, we are talk in rockers and gliders. Let's do it. 5. The Mover & Shaker: Alright, rockers and gliders. Now, I said it a couple of times when we're talking about style, but rockers and gliders are not really my thing. I just don't think that there are a lot of beautiful options out there in the market. I don't know why they seemed like a perfectly functional piece of furniture that desires you would think would want to design beautifully. But it's just not, not really a thing. That being said, I did find a coupled and access read, first being the one to Lulu and Georgia and that we just talked about earlier in the middle, I think that disruptor is honestly, we're just it's why I will put a link for minor, so yes, it's absolutely appraisers. I'd like I said before, this case could really grow with you and your family, and it can be placed around the home and can be one of those pieces that really laid within your home for your next step, I found it more shaker style one from Target. I've thought that it was really beautiful and functional, but also budget friendly. So if you are looking at this broker and thinking that looks super uncomfortable, I have to say I have sat in those Rucker and it's not that bad. However, if you're feeding a sit there for hours, I would suggest maybe getting a seat cushion for it and also probably have that cushion. I'm clearly a big fan of cushions. And last but not least, is this one from Pottery Barn Kids. I included this one. It's not my absolute favorite. I do think that it does have a nice line. It seems a little bit on the bulkier side, however, if you have the space for it, this is a beautiful auction and has that light country cottage field to it and look so comfortable on Luxe. I personally just don't really have the space for it because I am in Brooklyn, but it's still really beautiful. Next step, we are talking changing tables. Let's go to it. 6. Always Changing: Alright, so changing tables. So if we're changing tables, I did kind of two different routes that you could go. You can either do groundwater, which is buying a piece of furniture that has some kind of changing table on top of it. I pulled these three. I think they're all really beautiful. And I loved the fact that each of them has a storage component underneath because I think that you need that storage component. I've seen a lot of changing tables that are open below. I understand having maybe one shelf open, but having the whole thing be open or I've even seen like changing people's stands. How is that functional? You need storage, you will absolutely need somewhere. And the neighbors placed the waves, pulled the Mao and change your baby needs three options I thought were all beautiful and also super functions. The other route you though, is to use a piece of storage that you already own within your home, such as a low dress there or a low cabinet. This is honestly the route that I will be doing. We have a piece of furniture that is really beautiful and functional in terms of storage. So many drawers and honestly two doors as well, so we can hide even larger things in there. And I am going to have a changing pad on top. I registered for the pricier side. It's they kicker peanut changing table. It's apparently anything you can wipe it down disinfected as needed. And it's also really functional in terms of its shape. So that's one that I was going for. I also included a couple of more budget friendly option and the runner up on my Registry, which was that hatch baby changing pad and Skype is fads apparently amazing and had scale incorporated into it. I hear great things. I don't know why went more for the kicker. I trust my gut. Let's see how it goes. In the next video, we are talking play and clothing storage. Let's get to it. 7. Keeping Things Organized: So we talked a little bit in the last video in terms of dresser storage. So for this video, in terms of clothing storage, we are gonna talk only alternatives, not including dressers. Now, again, we are in Brooklyn. I honestly don't have a closet that I can give to the little wine. I know that sounds weird, but we only have two closets and they're both felt the manned, the idea of trying to get rid of that much stuff for the little one is tuber Jiang Qing. So sin alternative, what we are going to incorporate something like this first option from Ikea. Most of the items that I've been buying are getting gifted to me for the little man has honestly been more foldable. So it's been going into the dresser that will have the changing fat on top. But I wanted something for little jackets and all shoes for him. I know that sounds really aggressive, but I'm actually doing January and so little jackets and stuff like that for our outings. So I thought that this ikea rack was honestly really cool. It's fun, it's beautiful and it's super functional. And it's super budget friendly. So it's a plus all around. The next option is from Urban Outfitters. And I, they saw this away before I plan this video. And I thought that it was just a really beautiful piece of furniture for your home. I was looking to it for a different client for TV storage. But when I thought about alternatives to closet storage for your kid, I felt this option was also great. I love the fact that it has doors that you can easily hide away any awkwardly hanging clothes may love the fact that it had that bottom component that you could store shoes but your sweaters for the little person and things like that, if you like that. Five, I did put a couple additional options for this style because I seeing them everywhere and I just thought that they were really beautiful. And when I share with you guys, and then the last style within this, definitely more of a splurge. But it's also really functional in terms of a peace that can grow their home. I know you guys are probably sick of me saying that. But it's true. If you can pull this piece from your nursery and put it into your dining room down the road. Why would you not splurge and invest in it? Now, it's beautiful and functional and it's great in terms of place storage. I broke it down into the 2B bookshelves and bask in. So my best friend is teacher and is really helping me in terms of setting up my nursery in a way that will teach my child independence. And I've learned that it's really important to allow your child to be able to reach the item that they want to play with or the book that they want to read. That being said, both bookcases and baskets are really great for that because it allows things to be able to be properly put away where they need to go. So you can teach your child that, but also you can allow them to get what they want from the shelf or pull what they need from the basket. So, first of all, cases, bookcases that I thought were really fun and Q and perfect for a nursery. The first that being from Urban Outfitters. I thought that this almost so fun. I actually love the color. If you are going crazy with the colors in your nursery, this one could be really fun to add that extra little pop. Also love the fact that there's a drawer on the bottom that your kid could pull out if they need to access smaller toys, things that are so pretty to display. And it also comes in, I believe white. So if you don't love the yellow, you have an alternative. I also included the book case that I'm obsessed with. So we're going to be referred over that and go straight into this one from anthro. I just think this is so cool. Again, it is a bit of a splintered by, again, I think that this is a piece that could really be pulled and placed throughout the home ones or child gets older, the different levels in the shelving, I just thought was really playful, but also sophisticated and really Q. And finally, this one, again is for me anthro x-squared. They are not sponsoring me. But I just thought this one was so beautiful. And if you have that wall space, having this on a wall with a wallpaper behind it would create such an amazing moment. You speed. And the second part is baskets. I think that basket, again, a really fun and functions. I pulled a couple, some with top sum, without it's cute to kind of mix. Imagine a depends on what you want to store it. If you want to store something more like stuffed animals, I don't really feel like you need the top, but if you want to store smaller toys that aren't necessarily pretty, the top could be grouped. These baskets honestly range in pricing, but I must say one of my favorite places to get a basket is TJ Maxx, or home goods or world market. I know that it's kinda weird for a designer to tell you to go to home goods. But if you see something like this option two from Urban Outfitters is kind of just like beautiful and a little more basic. If you can get out there, you know, home goods has some, you know, they're cheap and they're functional. Next up, we are talking accessories. You don't want to miss this. What's your final component? 8. The Cherry on Top: Accessories you are on your final. And this is honestly what's going to turn your nursery From a boring room to just, let me now, my biggest suggestion when I run through the various accessories is to stick to the style that you've found your way towards earlier on in this skill, share wherever you're going, wherever you're shopping. Remember that style that you picked? And that will make sure that the pieces that you are bringing into the space which day with the theme that you're going for. Now there are so many different accessories that you'll want for your space, but believes are ones that are going on and on and discuss our carpet site table, lighting in any law treatment. Let's get to it. So for carpets, I would suggest something really flushed and comfortable because they don't just bring in that warmth that you want for your nursery. However, I do understand if this nursery will also act as a playroom, having something more durable if that's the case, I just having layered carpet look, I would have the bottom layer B, something like the play maps from House of noaa. I mean, these are really beautiful but also functional because their public keys component, they can wipe down all that good stuff. And then I have your area rug that's a little more pleasure and comfortable by maybe the crib, you know, still give that warmth and what you want for your child's nursery. But have it be in a space that you feel will last the test of time. Alright, so site tables. Now I have watched like a million YouTube videos on nursery tours. And I have to say it, one component that I see, a lot of women are either forgetting or note that they had to bring in after the fact is a side table from next to your rocker glider. You are going to be there either breast-feeding or pumping if you choose down that road, or you'll just be there nurturing your child. And when you're there, you're gonna want some thing that, you know, you can put your water down on, you can rest a book down on anything like that. So I pulled a couple that were not featured in the style boards. They were close calls, and I just thought they were, so Q, the first one from Urbana, and we just obsessed with this one. It might be get into my nursery. I haven't decided yet. I just think it's so Q you can really only put this in a nursery, so like Y that I also really like option three from anthro visit has the storage component. Again, if you couldn't access the storage. So I love the fact that you could store something within this. Keith and the other two options are beautiful, sculptural and round. I think that that is a major component that you should keep in mind when shopping for your side table. If it's round, you don't have to worry about your child hitting their head on it when they grow up. Or anything like that. And then also create that warm welcoming space that you want in your nursery. Next up, we have lighting. Lighting is so important to any space, but especially in nursery. That being said, I actually grew up in a home with a mother who hated overhead leg. And she just cheap said she likes a table lamp, she likes the floor lamp, she likes that on beyond kind of look. So I'm a little brainwashed that way. Sam, whether this baby will be brainwashed. So applicable lights that I didn't feature on any of the other boards, but I'm obsessed with versa being listening to GLA. I honestly, but in the hallway version, I think that these lights are beautiful, functional. And honestly, it creates this like really beautiful soft glow. And it's really made. The other options on here can just create that fun atmosphere that you're going for. I love this scan's by urban because it's a swing arms icons that you can arrange in different ways. So depending on where you place it in the room, it just can create that dynamic quality that you want. And also your kid can't knock it over, comes mounted to a wall. And also having a floor lamp is a great option for lighting your space, pared way, gear rockers, table, it creates a nice foot on nuke V Lee to bond, just enjoy time with each other. And the last accessory that we're gonna talk about? Yes, it's not necessarily the accessory, but you know, it just go and me you followed me all the way through this. It's the final thing and it is ball treatments. Now, if you can tell by the style boards, I think wallpaper, it's the perfect thing for your nursery. I know it's a bit of a splurge. That's why honestly a lot of the lawgivers in those Style theme towards, were a little more subdued except for at the first flower child while bunches very in your face. All the rest can really grow with their child. Or plenty of companies that cell wall papers that you can install yourself that are peeling stick, or even already have the adhesive on it, making it even more accessible to everyone. Now I put a bunch of great examples of how wallpaper can be great for your child. I also linked in the description box my interest for kids spaces, which I did not mention earlier in this video, but it has a ton of great ideas for you that links for various furniture pieces. Yes, but also just images of inspiration that you can pull when you're planning out your nursery. And a lot of them have wallpaper in it because I have an obsession. It's really bad. Now if you're not into the wallpaper as me, I do have an alternative for you, which is a good old fashion. Can athlete painting your space, any space, whether it's your nurse or your living room, your dining room, it can completely transform it. So why not make your child space really fun and playful? This is the time to use yellow for a blues, greens. Anything that your heart desires like this is the space to do it. And pulled a couple of examples on this board to show you alternative ways to do it, to even have that much more fun with this space. Maybe your nursery is in the biggest room in the house. Maybe it's just alco framing it out and color. We'll make it feel just really amazing for your kid. Now, let's say you're kind of a mixture of both. Guess what? You can do both. You can do an accent wall, hate that term, but technically that's what they do. Jasmine wall and the wall paper and then have the other two walls BY a colored that really goes with it. It's all about having fun. It's all about making your space amazing for your little one. And you've got this, you can do this. 9. Final Thoughts: Guys, thank you so much for following along. I hope that this got you so excited for your nursery and I would love to see whatever you create if it's a style bored because you're early on in your pregnancy and you're not quite there yet. Or if you've designed your columnar, Sorry, I really would love to see what you create. Please leave it below. I will comment, I will enter questions. If I forgotten you links to anything I would love to hear from you guys. I really hope that you guys found this video helpful. Please follow me for more videos and promised one technique for years to post my next video. And if you liked this video, please click the heart. And I can't wait to see this next step.