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Integrated Chinese Level 01 Part 01 - Teacher Explanation

teacher avatar John Wang, A Professional Chinese Tutor since 2006

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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41 Lessons (8h 31m)
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    • 34. Lesson 9-1

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About This Class

Hello everyone,welcome! My name is John Wang. This is our very first mandarin Chinese class. We will use the book Integrated Chinese. Here it is. I have been teaching Chinese for over 10 years. This is one of the best Chinese textbooks I have ever used. That’s why I choose the textbook for this video course.  The first edition of the book was in 1997. Now it is the third edition. It is widely used in schools in the US and other countries. It improves your listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Chinese is not hard. In my opinion, it is very easy. I say that, not because I am a Chinese (yeah, of course I am). It is because I teach many years, many classes and many many students, I know how. Following me, it is not hard!

In addition, I will not only help you learn Chinese, but to understand and know the culture of China as well.


Meet Your Teacher

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John Wang

A Professional Chinese Tutor since 2006


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1. Introduction: Hello, everyone. Welcome. My name is John one. This is our very first Mandarin Chinese class. We're videos. The book Integrated Chinese. Here it is. I have been teaching Chinese for over 10 years. This is one off the best Chinese textbooks I have ever used. That's why I choose the textbook for these protocols. The first edition off the book was in 1997. Now it is a certain edition. It is widely used in schools in the U. S. And other countries. It improves your listening, speaking, reading and writing Chinese. It's not hard in my opening. It is very easy. I say that not because I'm a Chinese. Yeah, of course I am. It is because I teach many years many classes and the many, many students I know how. Follow me. It is not heart. In addition, I will not only help you learn Chinese. That's to understand and to know the culture of China as well. Why not go to lesson one right now? 2. Lesson 1-1: Hello, everyone. Welcome. My name is John Wong. This is all very first Mandarin Chinese class. You ever use the book in Tikrit? Eight Chinese here days I've been teaching Chinese for over 10 years. This is the one off the best the Chinese textbooks I have ever used. That's why I chose the textbook for this video calls. The first addition off the book was in 1997. Now it is the third edition It is. Why did he used in schools in the U. S. And other countries? It's improves your listening, speaking, reading and writing. Chinese is not tired. In my opinion, it's very easy. I see that not because I'm Chinese. Yeah, of course I am. It is because I teach many years many classes and many, many students. I know how so Follow me. It is not hard. In addition, I will not only help you learn Chinese but to understand and the know the culture off China as well. Why not go to lesson one right now? Okay, so it starts Lesson one. Greetings then how in Listen one. You learn these things even learn Exchange basic greetings. Request the person's last name full name and the parole ideo your own. Determine whether someone is a teacher or students esten someone's nationality. Okay, that Let's go to Well, Kevin, worry. I will help you with the work. Avery, listen. One will get through it if you have a book. We look at your book. Page 15. Fife. No Cabaret number one knee. Yes, ofcourse me. You. For every book I have ever used the textbook for learning Chinese The number one isn't a you off course. Okay, so when you say hello in Chinese, you say me how me how you know how it's good needs. You basically were saying you are good. You're a good man. You look with a friend. Okay, anyhow, so hello Me? How then how we the reply? You also say hello writes you will say you good. Me? How you're good men. Your good friend. Okay. Ni Hao Ni Hao. Yeah, that's easy. And how we use how different way. It's very common. Very common. Like how could be fine. Good. Nice. Okay. Like someone in white, you to their home. You can say Ok, you can see how good. Good idea. Goat. How What's the letter considering how. Okay, So what's the book? What would you like? They spoke. How good. A good book. Very useful. Okay. And next one, seeing look at their team in the place. There's one way to be Platt. You know, You say something you want to be my replied, you will start obey the team for example Sit down, please. You will say team fit. We didn't. We haven't learned this state. By the way, I can't write to you. She and so toys to say so. Place it in Chinese. You have to put a team. That's the beginning. You have to say place does something you cannot say. Say down place. You always always say place. Say down place coming. Please help me. I cannot say help me place. And it's just a habit we just used to seeing at the beginning place dough that Okay, you know, in the text. In this case, they used the chain with but but love means toe ask monies to ask. So England, please ask. Literally place. Ask. It means May I ask supplied away toe. Start your question. You know, when you have something you want to ask people, you will start. Is Ginglen literally place? Ask place allowed me to ask. This is fading, Ching. When where's the target? Saying when can you help me with my Chinese? Something like this. Okay, of course. Then is asked. By the way, here, keying also could be in white. In white, for example. You in white. Somebody to your home, you will say, Well, I change somebody to your home. That's a team. But the lesson one. This. We used this thing as a place. May I ask Tick? But okay, then this one quit. They're interesting. Character award. Great. Literally. And the originally agreements. Expensive. Expensive. For example. This land very expensive. Very expensive. Way bigger way. Let's one giga way. Very expensive, right? Also could be used to full, uh, persons toe. Ask a person surname. We literally we asked persons their name. They say place. What's your very expensive surname? You know, expensive high price. But in this case, they used at vulnerable. It's kind of what can what's your own? Nimble, Very high. Very high positions their name to show plate. Okay, so remember, Guay originally means expensive, but the later people use it. That's all Honorable to show vulnerable surname. Oh, vulnerable companies Something. It depends with word that your puts after, for example, in gray ship Ning Gracie. That's the way we asked persons surname. If you look at here, she s are here. Is seeing is the fourth time thing. It's a surname. Certainly ingratiate literally. Annan is a polite way platform. Often e a platform often e so again, you know it sounds plate. I mean Gracin literally. You expensive learning place. Are you vulnerable? 13 place in great thing. Ok, Later I will tell more things about the surname. You know in China, surname is much important. Them given name in Chinese. My surname is the ones W N g second tone. Wow! People always ask What's your surname? Not what's your name? What else? Certainly bomb. Because one needs a very Coleman. Very easy to remember if I said I'm my surname is along the next time people know how to address me. Example Teacher one brother one And the manager one missed along things like this. If I give them my given name you know, Chinese in Chinese gave a name could be anything. So next time I'm sure they will not remember it like not like in English. You know, my English name is John. You know, John, it's easy to remember. Like English, John Ah, Steven, Mary Tom. You know, that's very common. Very easy. But in Chinese, the things is the difference. Our gave a name, our sing. It's very common Very easy toe, remember? So people always ask Will seal given name? Okay, so but one, you know, forming their friends life Learn Chinese. When we do practice real Chinese, we ask, What's your surname? Family name is a kind of little different situation, you know. Okay. Anyway, gray, expensive, vulnerable thing It's a surname. The way to ask what sells their name. We say in great grazing next one is the war. I all already mentioned it. War is I boys, I So I If I answer this question in grazing, what else earned him well Say war seem one Here I used this scene. If you look at here, she could be worth Hornung. Could be the surname all surnamed surname. So washing Mang like I surname the wound mutually Word by word I surname the wound in grazing washing one here War could be. I could've me in Chinese. We don't have different I me He hitting she her the same word. He him saying she heard saying Cut quite easy. Always. I boys I So the next one is No. He said Ah, question Particle. What's kind of question if the same question, you will put it in there at the end to make it same question. For example, You ask me, Are you today? I'm fine. I'm fine. Then I want to ask the same question. I don't have to reap, you know repeat, how are you? I would just say Nina. These, you know, means the same question. You the same. One the same question. So you can translate. Like how about you, Nina? Nina, It doesn't matter what question you asked me so I could be Have have you bean like have been to ah Guang Zhou. Or have you been to Beijing? Right, So I can ask a Nina What about you? Same question, you Same question. Nina is four. Same question put at the end of a sentence. Okay. Nixon Xiao JIA, DLJ's miss Oh ah, young lady, The curve this yellow. I can't write to you shamans. Little small. The A little Oh, no, no, that's too small. Oh, that character to a small story. Make it bigger. Ah, for example 30. Okay, so show it a little. All right, But to the cook, that's yet. Do you mean Ah, sister, please, ever their sister? Oh, there's it's here that's come smaller again. It's the older sister, literally shell gear into my little older sister. A little strange, but it's kind of plight, you know? So ladies always want be, you know, young, right? Not old. So kind of the we call like older sister because it's kind of high position is kindof respect, but we still say you're still young, so we say small little over their sister. It's a very polite way. Anyway, that's the how this word made off. So but, ah, to be a one word and to be one word just means Miss Miss Long. He will say Wang Saudi Lung Yeah. Oh, yeah. Miss Long. We put certain at at the beginning we don't say Ah, miss one, we say, Well, me, actually, yeah, the same as a manager. One with a one manager, one teacher while Mr get next one job is to be called to be called. Ah, because if you ask somebody's name, you will say you called. What? What? In times literally you called what's called? What you will say me, G o Chama. By the way, here, Shamma means once. Let's see. You see you called. What? How to reply This question. You will say I called John the Wa jahl. John. Sony. Tell Gemma need Johjima. Then you will see what you are. What, you tender name? Number. Okay. Next one means that means it's a long, full name. Here. Need Gelson eyes kind of short version to ask. What's your name? So they literally re ask. You called it what's but youth. You can make it the full sentence you call what name So you can say this way too. It's like a knee. I also put the Trump Meteo Shannon. Ah, I mean, you called What's name? What name? One thing I have to mention like in Chinese. You don't put to the question word as the very beginning. You don't put a water very beginning. Like what's the name? Right? Well, tell name what time And, uh what do you think about? You always put this What? When? How This kind of question. Word as the very beginning. But in Chinese, we don't change the order. So the question order. It's a same as the decorative sentenced order that no change, no tension. You just replace the word. You want to ask this the question words. But the order off the sentence. No change. Okay, so the junction means you called it. What name? We don't say what What do you call like this? You are caught, you know. Mm. Next month extension change in. Ah, Mr Husband. Here, Teacher, The many meanings with the Coleman wayto your attention is a mister and their husband teacher is kind of, you know, older address full for teacher Your attention. Right now we have another word for teacher, But husband Mr Will use a change in for example, Mr One. Remember you well. Se surname First long, Mr. You will say. Well, change in. Uh, show me the neutral pronounce Leo Neil the person's name. The third inning. You always gave a name together. The yield next month. Bang punk. Another person's name banging for Mike surname. Pardon Gave a name. One punk There's another Chinese name. Long is also 30. It's very common in Chinese. The name is to suitable or three suitable. Most normal people got a tour? Suitable name? Oh, a three syllable name. I'm not certain holy to suitable three syllable. Very, very few people maybe have a full character's name. That's a very few. Most 99% should be to wealth Reasonable. They okay, that's all for the cabaret. We'll see you next time for the text. It's easy now. If you'd like to learn Integrated the Chinese with my widow's Please let me know in the comments section. Also, please let me know by give it sums up and sharing it with anyone who would like to learn. By the way, I made a free E book called Everything You Need to Know About the Learning Chinese. It tells you the history, the language, survival, Chinese travel, food and the other very useful resources, which you need to know there's the link in the description. You will be able to download this Palfrey and, uh, thank you for working. It's great to have you here. Stick to you, son. Bye bye. 3. Lesson 1-2: Okay. Hi, De Ho! The Homa. I'm John. Okay, anyhow, I'm here. That's my friend, Monkey Kim. Okay, put him in front of me on the table. My water. Okay, that starts. Hear me How the men said to the lady Ni Hao Literally In a name into you. How is good? You're good. You're nice. Then the lady replies to the men of the same one Ni hao Ni Hao Ni Hao off course. Then here the men asks Ching Wen ching literally cheating. Please. When I ask place, I want to ask you some questions. Please ask meant means that May I ask It's ah very polite way to start a question. If you want to ask the question You mean started his Ching win, then your question Okay, May I ask Think when Kwesi equating needs you. Great. You know, expensive, expensive singing surname Literally you or your expensive surname place vulnerable Turning , you know, great Could be extensive, Vulnerable Actually, in real life, we may say mean grating Not in the equation in second home in grating. Because Indian is a platform often e not people's Indian grazing, but yeah, everything is ok. It's not as plate. I sit in grating. Okay, then the lady replies War, Cindy. I think it's the surname i surname that let's turn him equal to be worth Could be Now he is the verb isil nimbly, Nina, that's also important. No use, no put at end off sentence for the same question for the same question. So you the same question. I mean, so what else are you? Don't have to ask it again. For example, I like swimming. Then I can ask you, Nina, You the same question. Place. So how about you? Then? You can say I like other things. Okay. Ah. Then a man sets watching monk again. I surname. The long This long is a very common surname in Chinese, Very popular. A lot of people surnamed my ceremonies along. Anyway, by the way, teacher one, then the Saudi. This address that Lady Lee shoddy, literally shower is a little elder sister three shelter, but together of as ah, word, little air. The sister is a polite way to say Miss Miss Lee may say Lamy's remember with the older kind of different reports earning first the different culture. So Ah, we miss Miss Lee and you tell Shimamine Joe it's cold or to be caught. So you called shut nights. What means it's Ah night. So you call it a what name? It's like, what's your name? But the way Say you called. What's in it? Me, Josh means. Then the lady says Wartelle Leo, I called the EOE. These also a very Coleman surname in Chinese. That's why in the book it used only and the one to introduce the surname. Okay, that's the tool. Suitable name that among tension Long singer here. Attention, it's ah, Mr All could be husband off course Here is not husband. They're not couple. So, Mr One, if the extension followed by a surname is must be Mister mister. Oh, no, that's not a missus. Okay, that's the Mr So I spare it wrong here, Mr One. If you say what this engine for them order means my Let's see my husband. Not my mr my husband. Ok, but voted by surname. It's Ah, Mr Mr One Jochem A means move a little bit here. Me, General Sherman means you're called a what? Naming same question off course. She can even say Nina for same question then. Ah, this locates the men the men sets or job on punk. I called month. Okay, then here There's some phrases. I think it is important that you need to remember. And there you can use it. Single it. May I ask you will start of its achievement if you have a question. And, uh here, Jinshan Chelsea. Okay, that's you address. Ah, friend A person. If it's the lady, you will say Ah, surname and shelter, for example. We shall see if a menu will say Mr Mr Wang, you will say lungs engine. Okay. And also we mentioned that it's too common surname. One is the and others. Well, big family name. Very Coleman. Okay, so where's my friend? Okay, so, Zijin see you next time. Bye bye. 4. Lesson 1-3: Hi, Dada. How this is John today we're going to learn the New York Cavalry. OK, so that starts. First shit shirt mints, Toby, You know, in English, Toby could be And eighths Ire work worth. You know, the different form could be Tom past tense. It depends what kind of people I owe. He they're different. The there different but in Chinese, only one word, one more only. Shit. Okay, That's why some people said that Chinese is easier than English, which I agree. Yeah, sure. Okay, So sure is to be it will never change. Never changed. Then a lot of shoot. No shoot, literally. Now means Bolt. Sorry, it make it to the bigger LOL means okay. And shoot means mustard. Now shoot together all the mustard off course. Normally in old time, at least the teacher is older than you. So that's why they know more than you. OK, so lao sure. Oh, the master teacher. You may notice that I'd like to explain, like each character, the meaning off track, each character to you. That's a little difference than other teachers. Because you will find that's actually useful. If you know each character's the meaning. then it helps you to remember the worst meaning. And also you will understand the canister language a little deeper. It's like English. The route prefix suffix all the like. More fame's like subway. You know, English, you say subway service kind of Endor ways load. So, you know, subways, the end of the ground. So, you know, that's the, you know, subway. The same idea about the Chinese. Each character got very clear. Meaning, So it's better to know it took the many off each chapter. Okay, Anyway, this continue next one much. Ma, it's ah to make question you put my at the end of a question at the end of a sentence to make it a question. Give you example, I can see Ni Homa. You know Ni Hao means the your your fun. You're good, Ma. So it's a question so kind of Ah ah, you're good. Are you? Find Iook means How are you when you translate into English is all? Are you near Homa? Okay, good. I'm fine. Oh, this one. Really? That's what you Me? You sure? Lauch UMA, you know this politically You our teacher Ma means that's the question. Are you a teacher. But we're saying you should Aasha Ma, Where you here? My Oh, that's a question for me. And that's not declarative sentence. So you are a teacher, Ma. Okay, then you will say Ah, yes, I am. How do you say you can say? Sure, sure. It means Ok. Yes, to confirm it. Sure. Walsh. Adoption. I am a teacher. Say sure. Well, sure. Now she okay? How about some? No, you're not. Teacher. The next one here who is the kind off you deny something. It's like in English. No. You know, for example, on the street, somebody want to push you to buy something. This one. Good bye. This goat goat. Then you say boo boo. No, no, I'm not going to buy. So remember bullets through the night now also could be not so. I'm not a teacher. You will say war bullshit out. You or Bush? Now you put this. No, not before work or Bush allows you Bullshit. No shit. I'm not a teacher. English. You know, you also put like not before word. For example, I don't eat it. I don't like something. But you put no after Toby like I am not a teacher in Chinese. The rule is one rule. You put it before verb and Toby. You'll say I not a teacher. So what force allows you? Someone may notice that here, actually I changed the pronunciation. Here. I changed the bull from Folkestone to second poem. That's kind of a very special rules here, for the pinion only existed in very few character. But with the one off this few characters, if the character followed by bullets four strong, then we will not pronounce the bull as the fourth time again we were pronounced. We change it to the second home because it's kind off hired to pronounce or you feel not really good to pronounce the to force time. Too strong, you say? Well, Bush last year, even tens people feel our that's the ah little weird and it's better to change a little bit . So then we change it to a second promise that will bullshit Usher you sounds much better. Okay, You really did not fit. What bull? Sure if they were bullshit or bullshit like this. Other cases it followed awaits the other tones rather than four stones that will not change its a bull Bull Something for something. Okay. Next one, uh, situation she Asian students and the literally I like toe expand your word by word. She it's to study. And shung means a kind of person is like English. Ah e r like ah, writer, you know e r e kind off a kind of person with a certain job and the situation. You Ah Lerner, your lender study our situation. Okay, so folks them How do you say I'm a students? Yes, you will say Well, sure, Patricia. No money situation together. The show is neutral. Tone or sure? Situation English. You will say I am a students union. This, uh oh is earth before the not in Chinese is Doesn't matter. You can say I am students that it is not necessary. You can just say I am students, you know. Okay, the Chinese square mice not so very strict, as strict as English was also why people said Chinese actually glamorize easier. Yeah, which I also agree. I agree. That's true. Next one. Yeah. Yeah, And it's also too. But I'd like to remember it Z also, how do you say I also students? You will say Well Yeah, sure. Yes. Yours. Yeah. Shut. So we put a year here. We put a year before work before Toby. I also students. So if you translate like I'm a student too, so you may puts a year a T end? That's not correct. We always put a year before work, so it's better to remember. It's also I also a student, and for next month again, people person, That's easy. I can say Washington. Yes, off course. And I'm a man on men. And, uh, okay. Hey, my friend. Monkeying monkey, you keep. He's not a person Can say ta bullshitting in our boys are not sure is And so he isn't type Bowsher here. I also I already tell you it a simple changed because of Suri's four strong. If we'll say bullshit sounds hired, somebody say bullshit. Troubleshooting pushing, you know? Okay, Pope, enough Jungle China. Jungo, China. We're like words Steel. John means we are a beginner level. When then you can get the intermediate level intermediate level where we're definitely use This character jump made a goal. It's the country. So jungle, literally middle country or middle kingdom Engine time. You know, every country may think the That's the center. You know all the Candrea around this. We are the center so but the way kind of named as center country, middle country. Remember John Lee's middle go with the country and excavating our lovely capital also for this name? Paging. I like to tell you word by word Bay for North. No. And the gene first tongue. It's ah, kept. Beijing is the capital, the North Capitol in the capital, in the north. By the way, there's another stated. You may also know it's called 19 19. Okay, so not means that South thoughts. Of course, stink means capital. Nothing is the sell. Skeptical in ancient time. Ah, there's a many dynasty and click The capital was in managing or in energy, so it's called a nose capital. Then remove the tour. Beijing, the nose capital. OK, it's the kind of history's thing, then, My ego, mango, American, of course, America and the remember goal. It's a country boys country, but what's the character? My payments? The Kirk Amillia, I said. Each character has its meaning. You know my name in beautiful, beautiful. Okay, So may go together. Means literally sounds beautiful. Country. What a nice night in the beautiful country, which was this name also because America, some America. So it sounds like a main Chinese character. So we get this character and it's got a very good meaning. And also it sounds like America. So we name American. Make what? Mabel next. The New Year. It just sounds like a New York. That's also one way to translate English Name Just a make. It sounds like choose the character, Which sounds similar then. Okay, New York. You're good. You're good on the way. That's my question for you. Could you tell me which country are you from? You can write down in the common section. Okay. So I will see you next time. The idea? 5. Lesson1-4: before we start, some student may have ah questions. Do I need to learn Chinese characters or is this possible? I try to learn spoken times first and later. I learnt chance characters. So you may have this question. It depends if you want to take HSK a examination which is standard the Chinese examination run by the government's. You need to learn Chinese characters because in the text all the questions are written in Chinese, so you have to raid and the recognize the question first, you know, they all entrance character resulting in. So even right now, you can take the examination on computer, which means you can type, you can type in opinion and the computer can help you to choose the chance. Kirk it. But you have to kind of help the computer to do that. So at least that you have to recognize the characters, okay, And the you know, right now you're began their level and you can find the plant tail for books richer written in teen and the way to go the English explanations. But the later when you get a higher level, you will find the they're fewer and fewer books rate of 19. Most off Ah, good books are written in Chinese Onley in Chinese characters. So if you want to read a maybe later, you want to read the Chinese magazine newspaper or even some nobles. Actually, right now some students are learning normal. Face me, all these things is funny. Interesting things written in only in Chinese character. So if you want to get a higher level of your natal and Chinese character and the, on the other hand, if you just want to focus on spoken and the daily conversation into a pope, it's Chinese people and, ah, travel to China. Even Medio Father in law, Mother in law in China, it is forceful just to focus on opinion because being is a good tool to help you toe pronounce Chinese. So, with the help of opinion you feel can get, ah, good level spoken Chinese, it's no problem. So if you want to get the higher level in the future, you need to learn character. So maybe it's better to allow started to now. And if you just want to focus on spoken Chinese, so that's not really necessary to learn character. But also it is possible toe Focus Unspoken Chinese First with the help for opinion. And later when you think Oh, I need to get a higher level Then you'll start to learn character. It is also possible. Okay, then we start to our lesson. Okay, Here. Long tension The sure not Shima Long tension. As you know, changing this is Mr Long Tension. Mr Long may save on Mr Uninsured Oshima Sherman's desire Toby Here you. So you are now? Sure, Teacher, My full question, as we mentioned by put MMA, is end off sentenced to make a question. We don't change the older off the sentence to make question We just put my as end to make it a simple question like Ah, are you a teacher? May say you Ah, Teacher, My knee should not Sure, Ma. Okay then The men were bullshit. Our shoes They remember boys. No boys, No to deny something. No, no. So I'm not a teacher or pushing out? Sure, but here you noticed that we say I not an teacher. I'm not am a teacher. So you put a pool before birth. And also before Toby or Bush allow shoe in English. You may say or I'm not a teacher in Chinese. Doesn't matter. You put are you don't put You can say I'm a teacher. Oh, I'm not a teacher, but also you can see just say I'm not teacher. I'm teacher. Okay, then. Well, sure she has shown you know she is young students. I am a student's again in Chinese. You don't have to say this just I'm students. Ah, Leo the name Leo mean that not as we learned this false in question question that Nina means you with the same question. Then the lady says, Here's a war w o War Year association. Yeah, said also So I also and students also you will remember you put it also before Toby before birth. So I also I'm also students and ensure younger Emma you are remember Jungle China that I'd like to explain you more like each character. So because I believe in this way, it helps you a lot to remember the character also toe and stand the Chinese people. So join me to the middle Gois off course country, middle country. You don't need to The people person Sony Asia Jungle Emma, basically we're poking. Are you middle country percent Chinese are your Chinese My eyes Question. That's the way we make Ah, people, person, some countries, people, some people from some country we just to put to the country's name and the again to make it a Chinese, Japanese, American English like this we just put again at the end, followed by countries name. Okay, then shoot. She means Yes, she sure is. M is our But when you answer some month question to be to confirm the information so yes, A tastes So ace Ace Ace means yes. So here just treaties as yes, Yes. Wash your Beijing and same Beijing is our capital, but ah literally. But it is the North. You know Jing is the capital. Okay, the any of the people person. I'm North Capitol piece of prison, but unsure. That's a Beijing person basing this neige. Irma Igor Emma may through the beautiful Going through the country needs people. Are you from beautiful country? Are you a beautiful country? People okay? Actually. Are you America? My focus Him she ace? Yes. Why sure. In the old Yagan, I'm from New York. So literally I am New York person. No us full in New York, New York. That's one way we translate the words from other language. Especially the name off the city. Give you other examples, forked and pull London. Okay. Okay. Different. When do you know? This one is for London, London and the this one, huh? Shown. You know this one? Washington. It's for Washington. Okay, here comes my question for you. So do you know what's this Chinese were Stanfel which city? Days that See me baseline. See, mate? Okay. Please leave your answer in the common section that yet? 6. Lesson 2-1: Uh oh. His. My son is only four months old. Right now. He's learning to speak Chinese one day, who will speak Chinese as fluently as I can. I'm sure you will toe listen to family the Erica jotting in this section you will learn to Chinese toe employees basic kin shape terms described the family picture. Ask about someone's procession, Say some common sessions. OK, so that's look at the work, Avery first. Here we are first and now. No, I mean that just missed that. Okay, then if you look at here, Joe Germans of this So now that you're this Okay, the next one that there is very important word in Chinese. Actually, if you read the Chinese articles, you will find that there is the most commonly used character and greet the process if or descriptive particle. What does that mean? I give you some examples for this step. Okay? And took them put. You know, of course, we always I was I water. It means my for example, can see or the Lao shoot which means my teacher or the lower shoe to show. Process it off. Ah, my book. You can say water book or my cell phone. And they were the cellphone. My water was the water off. John Sorter. You know, you can say John the water tray. John the tray. So this the there is a process. It means something kind of belong to you. Possessive. And this. Look at another example. For example, in English, you will say, Ah, the teacher who came from America. Okay, the teacher who came from American How do you see this in Chinese? Seriously, we will put the teacher at the end. Okay. The way puts here the teacher and the we put their here like this. And what kind of I don't need this? Who they say come from American Death teacher. So before this, though, is kind of modifying part. We quite a modifier. So it means this is the information to describe Teacher. What kind of teacher? Where's he or she from? Or he's a good teacher off its full for experience. So this kind of information they were put before that to modify as a teacher. So we will say come from American debt. Teacher, even we don't need this. Let the teacher So then we look at back this thesis grift of particle. That means this. Okay, Later, we were used a lot. So if you are not 100% sure what that does this the ah main it doesn't matter. You will know. Definitely later. Okay, then, Joe Pin Champion, It's a picture. Jobless picture Example. One example. But I can say just you. What? Ah, Belkin. Right. This is my picture to show what the help you your dues. This my picture. Okay. Ah, for example, if you'll say Ah that issue. Okay. If you find me, consider that issue. How do you see that in Chinese? You will say this National me remember? Nice that so Nationally, that issue. If you're not sure, you may ask me, and I could Nah, shirt. Not sure. The mouth mindful question Is that to you? They can say Oh, who? Okay, yes. They say to me, you know this is the meat. Okay, so I will say just sure they cease to me. Okay, good. That's a picture. One way in. Ah, beer festival in summer in my city Italian, me and my friend and some of my students. Okay. Next feather Father dead. Yes, I could English Papa. Ah, the character by itself. Self. It just means the father you can say just a buys. Okay. About Isis. Ah, some small, nicer like. Better to say that. More spoken. Fading Baba. Okay. Ah, also, Mama the mother. Mom. Also, you can just say my It's also okay. Okay. And when you introduced people in the picture, for example, this is my mother. How do you say it's where they will say just you. Ah, Mama. Okay. Just with mama. Know just what? Ah, this is my father. Next one. Good. Go, go, go, Go. Goods, Measure word. It's very important in Chinese language English, and we have also measure word for tempo. A couple off water, you know, cup the measured and, uh ah, grass off beer, pair of shoes like this. But in Chinese, every object you need measured it is because the feature off our language, you know, most off Chinese word the object. It just the 10 Toole. Favorable word. And even the number the number like 12345 If you know the number they say E r son, full the all only one song, you know? So you need a kind of something to put it to show. That's the number on this number to make it a very clear. So we put the measure word for all objects. Guru is the common one when we can use the steel like English, a couple off water. But if you don't remember or you haven't learnt all this measure, you can just use good. It's no problem. Even Chinese people right now. Nowadays, Lee prefer to your girl for everything. Because that's so easy. Off course. Sometimes you need some Ah, special A feature special information for this thing. You need a you know, a certain measure. Word Floyd's. But to no money you can just use good. For example, one picture. How do you think it's a ika? L can't Nights. They could help him. One picture one person. How do you see? Okay. Ah, Eager in any good? Ah, one Chinese. One Chinese people. So Ika John Gordon. Okay, good. The next one is new Female news. Fatal? Yeah, of course. Nearly. It's yes, the woman And one moment One lady. Okay. Of course it's a it. Ah, near you got here. Good. The next one. Hi, Sali. child. Okay, again. One child. You guys, you guys se It's hope. Hope If you want to say, who are you? How do you see that? Remember, we don't change the older for the question. Eso the question all there Is this the same as the decorative sentence older We will say you are who? We don't say who are you know They say you are who they say me. Sure. Shea Sure. Shea People also can say Shea, it doesn't matter Shea Asia, They both okay in more than Chinese, you should stay there. You can say I washing John. What? She is Stephen like this next one. Patent ties he sorry. Ties. She she Auker Just now I make mistake. I said he Why? That's a common mistake. When Chinese people learn English, we often say he she like Oh, my mother is a very good mother. He some something on my father. She You know, we always makes this kind of thing because in Chinese he and she it's the one pronunciation , same pronunciation. If you look at here So Pa and data here is that she Is he so same pronouncing pronunciation . But if you're noticed that character fall. He Oh, she difference Why? Okay, I'll tell you a story. So actually, about the 100 years ago, we don't have the cow character. We don't have the word for she We only have the character or worth fall. He in the in 1918. A professor in Beijing University. It kind off funds. That's not good. There's no she in Chinese, you know, And a lot off cases you need that she, uh then he kind off in wanted this character. It kind of just to put the men he character and get rid off radical and put the lady radical for the character to make it to the character. She then may have she But it didn't change the toe. Make another pronunciation for this. I knew she is so still. She and he the same pronunciation. Okay, just a story. That and next one deity Dorje Over there. Sister, I have to say full. You know, older sister, younger sister. We have different word for older brother. Younger brother. We have different words. It's kind of a person who are older in the family got the higher position in our culture so they have different names to make people know they're older, you know, Older respect. Respectful. Ah. Anyway, todo older sister None. None needs a male so female with me May with none example Nanyan off course. The men Ikan onion. When men I can say wash here. Magan off course. And another Seeley sentenced city example like Ah, a mama. Sure. I can say you ca You know one. You ca nuan So, mother is the, uh woman Okay Anyway, it's just example then Didi younger brother Did he? Ah, that's for men This one That that guy said eldest brother Dr I just character girl Gu means elder brother dies A big enemy die Speak of big hair the brother That means not means the you know the size off your brother's means the age So that girl is the oldest in your family If you have Ah, another brother The second brother they say Argo Argo off number three they say Son, go If you have have ah ah younger brother you call it for example number four years ago Number full younger brother You say so. I d like a CDs younger brother. So foot you like this continue. I thought here. All right, Miss Child. Argon child on. But there's a little naming son for sun. And if you look at here New York off course news of female So New York together. It's a female child. Um is your daughter then? Yeol yo means toe. Have something to have something. For example, I can say oil ika, New York. You are Okay, so here. Okay. Well, you got your means. I have, uh, doctor No, Doctor. Doctor, I have a daughter. Okay, good, then No, that's not true. Of course, because I already show you I have a son. So I will say Well, you Ah Ika, our oil You go. It's OK then. So off course I don't have ah daughter. I'll do. How do I say that? Well, say or mail for Mayo and you are here. I I don't have to use equal because I don't have so I don't have to think number. I don't have a daughter. We just say I don't have a daughter or male. New York. Good. So I already used this inmate. May means not here it works with mayo. Mayo means I don't have one thing you have to remember. Remember mail. It means you don't have something always male. We have learned another no means book. But some students sometimes it's a buoy. Oh, well, you know, half like don't have no So boo is not exist. We always say Mayo, remember? We always say male, I don't have something is or mail. Okay, then the purpose they slept Call when John Go is the common serving one from my best friend is surname the cow? Chinese friend, Of course. Ah Jeong, it's ah given name. So Golden John. Chinese name. Okay, that's all for today that you 7. Lesson 2-2: Okay, that starts here. Younger nine in two men. They're looking at the picture, handing on the wall so one man sits going. Jones National. Neither. Joe Kima. Golden Dawn is another man's Chinese name nationally. The job, Gemma, Actually, now that is needed. You know, there is the process. If particle so need your champion picture. Miles four question. So is this your picture? It then Golden dawn. Another man said shoot. Yes, your shoe war other. This is my father. If you notice here, you're may say Nida. But here the justice say Aye, Aye, Father. Actually said my father. That's because normally we drove this when we talk about the February members or your friend or even your company. Normally we say my friend way. See my friends on my father. I Father, I company to show my company back. This It's very common off course. If you say would lava for my father, it's ah, it's not wrong. It's correct. And that a lot of people the job that they say What? That is enough to say what? Okay, Here. What about? Just hear what mana This is I mom, Lima dishes official Mama, even here you can see. What did you you know T J? If you remember Elder sister from my older sister. But the way say water is not what? The deity off course. What? That idiot's okay here t t the same thing. Your younger brother and, uh they slept. What aka my big over the problem is my eldest brother. You know what I go and also here? Ah, me doctor, right? Your oldest brother is there. Here is very Coleman. You've dropped the when you talk about your family members. Okay? That back to here. So sure. Yes. This is my mother. This is my my father. This is my mother. Another man Digger. New high. So shoe shape. Okay, so you know Julie's today's Ah, good measured. Even this girl. You're still in a the measure. Word that you say this good girl. The measure worth Okay, So new highs here, you know, news. The female How is the child together? Female child. It's a girl. So this girl they say you can You so passionate. What's the idea? She here means she But from the opinion the pronunciation you never know is Hiyoshi Okay? Ah. Then how do you if you want to really want to know, It's a girl off a boy. What can you do? Because she and he were kind of same word. Actor, you have to ask after ask. You know, like some of my friends talk. Talk to me. A stories that the tired. So they started with that curious about? It's a girl or boy. So at the end, I ask Excuse me, it's ah, men for woman. So you know, So it's gonna be a problem, but here ties she She's what is in my elder sister. Okay, then. Dica, you need a measure? Work digger Nan tights. None is a male high seas child. So male child these to the boy. This boy. But you need it. Also measured this good boy, Jake Man Heights. Sure need Idema. It's your younger brother. Mindful question. Bullshit! Bullshit. If you say no, you can say pushy, usedto denying tonight. So Tasha. What? Doc? Good. Uh, our case in my taking elder eldest brother's our son. Okay, so I need a good old new Arima through your elder brother. Yo means 1/2 knew our daughter. Have a daughter. Question Mark. Uh, male on your time on your he doesn't have. Ah, daughter. Also here is different counter Yeomans has mayo means don't have. Please remember it don't have always say male. You don't say boyo mail. Okay? Yes. That's the text for today. Ah. Then here's my question for you. The only new Armagh Leo knew Norma. So please leave your answer in common section. See you next time. 8. Lesson 2-3: Okay. Shoot B. How the Homa? How good. Wow, Not good. OK, so actually, the Homa, you are good. How are you? Just a greeting. Normally will say I'm fine and they will not say Oh, it's terrible. That's so bad. You know, you will say what, hon? How? Honey, It's a degree work. It's very I very fun. And the then you may say, How are you? The same question. How about you? You would say Nina, remember? No, it's for same question, Nina. Okay, then let's go through the Newell. Cooperate Cook number one, jam into the family. All home the home. Like my home, You will say. Well, uh what? Yeah. Oh, yeah. They both okay, Remember, like my home or my family member? My friend, My company. You can drop this or you keep this. That doesn't matter. At the family, for example. There three people in my family in Chinese way say my family has three people. May say what? Yeah. Yo, Yo means have health or Dalio, son. Uh so, son is three guys measurer to be learned. Learned these people three. Okay, this job, the next one. He he means how many the way to ask, Member. But remember this disease only full kind of small numbers 123 Could be 10 Could be 12 but couldn't be very big number. For example, if you ask how much is television, you cannot use this t because sounds like you can just pay 10 quiet or like, a $2 to buy this television. So if you use Tito asked the person they say, What's tell you of thinking about this? You know, we have another word for how many in this case. But today this city Full small numbers. Okay. Ah give you example. How many people in your family you will say Nita, your family your has Teoh Got it so literally your home, your home your family has How many? How many a measure were good people like this. Okay, next one called co. It's very easy Currently, if you look at the character, just ah, square right. It's not the easiest character. Do you know the easiest character? That's Ah, gin type here. E mails one and the ire Tool Son three. That's very late with one line, two lines, three lines. 123 But this co also very easy. You know, call just their mouth. It just looks like your mouth. Okay, here is not in my house. It's the measured for your family members number off your family because like, each person got a mouth. So we used to come from mouse to stand full people. So goes the measured. Then how do you ask her how many people in your family if you use the measure of the coal? Okay, you will see this. Me? Yeah. Your de coal. How many people do have in your family? You may ask just now. I said that. Need i o t good, But, uh, as I said, the goods, the common measure. Word off course you can. You go. That's here. Is youth coal? It's the exactly measure word for only your family member. So both Okay, that next one cooker Google, It's Ah, over there, brother. This cock That girl here, ever the brother so gaga also heard the brother as they learned. Fuck them. Poll that go. What does this mean? Care to make it bigger into the color. Okay. Here, Dr with a stagger me dies. A big girl is aired, brother. So it's the oldest brother. Oh, this brother, We'll say Doctor. Doctor. Okay, right. It's like a big uh Hello, Father. Then do you remember how to say Ah ah, with a sister? Yes. Ah, Did you, by the way out a sister, by the way, A younger sister. Okay, that's Ah Mei Mei. Night, mate. And that's it. Younger sister and the younger brother. The that. Okay, so here we see Gougar theology may may dd the kind of fall like a two syllable same song work, Goger. Didi Didi May may like this. Good, then this is a young young is to you May know we see are full too are the number two But if you foretold by a measure word to all something or peril Something we always say The young we say younger something for example, a young girl and two people you will never say I regard. And remember if before the measure word to off something a pair of something You always say that instead of the Yeah okay. Then continue. May May actually said younger sister here his end, for example You and me, right? We will say ni so, uh, any ho 00 D D Uh, May may right? Elder sister and the younger sister together. You English. You have word sisters, sisters. But in Chinese, maybe you have to say younger sisters and elder sisters. Okay, that's a one thing you have to remember. This is sure it's conjecture. Inward, but only linked to word or toe object. You can not connect the tool sentences like in the book. For example you cannot say my father is a doctor and my mother is a teacher. We cannot give this way. Toe Connect the two sentences. You can say Ah, we have Ah ah, Doctor and a teacher in my family. In this way, Doctor and the teacher. You can use this anyway. We will learn this, Doctor. It's easy Asian. Okay. Ah remember Teacher Oh, shoot. Okay, Next one party it That's it dies a big tears. The elder sister so bigger Elder sister All this the sister remember it for the second l this history to say our argue. Then serve. You say sons here. Okay. How about the youngest but older than you steal your with a sister? You can see this. She all she always a little small little elder sister. Water shall be my youngest elder sister. But remember, Shell, do you have another meaning means of myths but, for example, means long. How do you see that? Remember Long Sheltie tells you we always put discerning first, then address. Good. Next one. Are you second oldest sister Count next. So boys to do very common very to do something. For example, You asked your friend What are we going to do now? For short in Chinese, You may to say Ah solution, Mama Fukushima. Literally. So it's a two. Right? So Shannon So what? So what? Do what you want to me. Toto. What? What do you want me to do? Okay, so next one, complete the job or to work, and I give it a temple. Me through. Ah, Shanna. What does it mean, literally? You do what job you do. What? Go into the what do you do? Uh, what's your job? Of course, you can use another way to ask the same question, which is Need it goingto literally. Neither is you're going to a job. Sure. You know, Eighth Shamma once for your job is what neither you can feel like the way we make question in Chinese. We don't really change the order. We don't report what? That's the beginning. We don't move with Move that we will say it's a same as the collective sentence In the same way we just replace the word you want to ask. You know, I treated That's the easier. You know this either you have to remember this. Oh, next one's about your your job. Do you shoot lawyer the coca leaf and ah, regulation Regulation or law This How about the shoe we learned this year, right? From Lau Shu As I said it always over the shoes Master old mustard. So sure it's Ah nothing. The master good at some like failed aerial. So Lucia, it's Ah law Master. He or she must be a good That's law. They should Okay, So people ask you Ah, neither Convolution Shamma Neither comes over Your job is what the conversation off need to . You know what job you can say it wa sure do shoot. I'm a lawyer. Okay. So war? Sure Do you shoot? As I said that you can say wash your ika new. She's also okay. I'm a lawyer. But there you go, it's not necessary. Next, you want English being? It's a full England or English. When? For language. When the four language England, it's Ah, English language. So English language. What about Tilmant? Off course. John here, middle here means the China. So China language, of course. Chinese, Chinese. And what about Ah, really? If you know you Ben Rubin is Japan. So it's a Japanese Japanese. Okay, Good. Next month, by the way, how do you see I'm ah, English teacher on the English teacher, you will say Well, sure, England now. Shit, I'm an English teacher. Good. Next one is so the moment. Both all if all you mean to people than this Both your stole it for three people. More than three people. Ah, it's all. But you also say the same word. Ah, Remember the stories at Edward Edward That means in Chinese. You have to put it before over before work, for example, Way All English teacher were all India teacher. How does the in Chinese may put it before Toby before birth May say woman woman in the we plural woman woman does ship for the before ship before Toby Those shoes human love shoot. We all English teacher. Okay, then fusion Tashi shown and dies a big no died fake. And the shit Oh, that's streaming to study shown. It's a kind of person. Like English Er like ah, writer like this reporter, this kind of person to a certain job machination Big study. So you're in college by the weight fast you big stud in his university. So showing is the person the person who in university it's, ah, college or university students. You will see that situation. By the way, what do you think? This word and wait, John. Middle School students, Of course, John with the middle middle school students. And, uh, how about the Slim Shell extradition? Okay, She always small primary primary school students. Good. Then University College. As I said Ishan also here you got the same Shonka showing like this E r. It's the kind of person do a certain job. So the the commencing is what? As the evenings. So Isham is doctor Or that evening, See him in, sir Medicine. Okay, medicine, medicine person You should and the human Only for the weight comes 123 e also could be number one number one, actually, that's Ah, you're right. Exactly. Same pronunciation. It's very Coleman that in Chinese there some were so especially characters because, you know, every character got only one suitable song. One son. So it's very Coleman is two letters toe character's same pronunciation. Eso you? Then how? How do you know which which one you mean? It depends the, you know, contact. Then you will know What's the character people mean then the open up. Here's just a name by you. Okay. Thank you for watching. I will see you next time that in 9. Lesson 2-4: Let's go catch the title here. Buying I So latest Name? Nidal. Yo. So you called in literally. Your family has see how many for small number here. How many coast metta world full people on these people. Then answer would Dalio little cold. So my home My family has always number six milk or in six people. Okay, if you notice the older off the sentence here and also baseline me here is the war. Of course you asked you Now you answer. I Yeah, Here's your has D How many then? You gave six member calls measured is cold, then incident. You see the question and the answer. They have the same older, you know, that's we tend to people's do that in this late way. Ask question. We don't change the order because the same order question and the answer Same older. We just replace the word we want to ask with the question would Here is the tee harmony then? Well, data My father will Mama, my mother the ego Guga. Here's the good. Remember, after this number, you need to measured Ika cooker And with a brother younger May May two younger sisters here Leon this number tool. You know, our is to But before the measured, you need to say Leon. Yeah, this too used before measured. Remember this younger made me also, if you notice this May May 2 Sisters, we don't say sisters. We just say, sister, in most of times we don't have plural so single in the plural. Same word we don't put us or other things. So, uh and me Ah, Leo the Dalio decoded again The same question I need, uh, has how many people then was Are you well coded? Okay, well, yeah, you will coat it. I hear you say here. Very similar needle. You you called into question word, then what value, Luke? Cold. And this. Remember that New Dalio decode And how many question words? Then you replace this this hole Corrin with the number five right, including okay. Ah Baba Mama Dagger! Dad's big so elder brother Argo, the the second brother Second elder brother Go end me Ni Baba! Mama! Father! Mother! So is toe do tonight What comes with the job? So your father Mother do both countries, it says Well, Bob, a shoe. You shoot, You should remember That's a lawyer. Well, Mama Sure. Youngmin Laubscher My mother is in one this English for language. When this language units for English lousy. All the masters or a teacher English teacher and then Google made me means Ah, you know cooker l the brother and, uh, younger sister. So shirt saturation, your domains both local TV all depends Social infatuation. Big start. They are means of university students. So I like to make it to the original big. It's the the year. Okay, so this Shung is full e ire for persons killed Were Mama years should ask you Yeah, remember that's also a teacher. What? Abba? Sure, Isha Young is the doctor. It the ease of medicine showing it. Okay, so the person who does something to do with the medicine, Dr. 10. Lesson 3-1: Hi. Dada Hall was John. Today we have over unison. Okay, This starts lesson three. They send time. Shouldn't in this lesson. You will learn to use Chinese toe tell and to speak about time and the dates. Talk about one's age and birthday. In what? Someone to dinner. Arrange a dinner date. Okay, first cavalry. Here we are. Okay. Start from number one, Que You know Joel. Joel means number nine. And if you haven't learned Chinese number 1 to 10 place, please learn it. Check it in the book off somewhere in the website to learn it because we need it, You know, from E R. Son. So they'll tea party Osher. Okay. When? Tonight. Zero being okay here. If you look at here humans months right here. Yeah, month. All men. Basically, it's a mourn because, you know, number one and go around one circle with one month. So it's also got meaning months in Chinese. If you say from January toe. Ah, December. That's very easy. Just put a member general may say you means the first months Then argue second months in February and the October is the tense minutes. Sure you like this. So That's very easy. And here she are. She Are you sure it's a 10 Iris? The to 10 to the 12th itself. So December? We will say Sure. Are you They just put a shark and, uh uh, that's Ah December than this one. How? How? It's ah member How it's Remember, for example, we still use this chart. Oh, sure. I make it to sure are. Oh, sure. Hope it means number 12. Ah, let's say you're in a bank. You know, in China, there many people in many people in the bank you make you because people then you go to the member. That's 12. Number 12. So how do you say that you will stay sharp? How so? Of course there may be Speaker said next one needs to number 12. Oh, sometime. Maybe the speaker got something wrong. Maybe a lady real yield. Who is the number 12? Okay. How do you see that? Who is number 12? Your real fitness. Say sure. She I Huh? Okay. Literally. You know, strays of who she is a faith and the shire Hall number Toe. Okay. Also use this number 12 also could a baby for dates for dates. How do you see? For example, John tothe How do you say this? We don't need this thought. Okay. It's Ah, the whole year. Sharp, huh? Louise? Six. The six months and the Phil. Stay little. You show up and take the day. For example, today's June on the eighth. How do you see that? Okay, that's Ah, Lilia Our Sheba. Huh? Like this. Okay, good. Yeah. Look at this Sinti and thank you. I'd like to explain for every character, the meaning off each character. So you have the idea why the words like this Siemens star started. Okay, I'll give you example. You know Starbucks, Of course. You know, they have a coffee there that bucks in Chinese baby will say thing because star is wishing . But how do you is? How do we say backs? Okay, we just say back, back up because it sounds like backs on the way. We not really say it's It's a black thing back. That's translated Very interesting because it kind off makes the ah the meaning and the sun for star yours. Meaning for backs Your son. So sing back next time. You know, if you want to go to Starbucks. You can ask crashing back thing back. So ah, here, t singing star. So how about a cheat? Teeming, Pure really a period of time that ah sing team is awake. So what's why? Why thing sing the star So has something to do is the week Why Ok, good question and you know, for months you will say it in Chinese. You mean the months also mourn? Okay. And how do you say day in Chinese? We will say this life it Oh kin, That means day in Chinese And also the character. Yeah, said the sun. OK, so then you know the the month is more than the day is the sun In old time we don't have a week. We don't have this unit in Chinese. Then we know there's a week every seven days a week So we have muster Name A to give it a name so naturally, logically, where you'll start to make it So we call it Teoh star period. So that's why we they'd think seeing literally star spirit. Okay, good. That next one thing T's Thursday, you know, silly. So the number four so literally means Ah, awake number four day in the wake Number four in the wake. But the way say weak member for I think she's wakeful. Okay. How do you see Saturday? Off course Week six. Say, I mean he if you remember six. It's little things you do Okay that as we mentioned Ken all your mistake, Kin All your mistake. So one day they say you can. For example, you can just Ah, one day could be just one day All you promised one day I will be a boss or something. You can say it in her also you can. Okay. Okay. Then they look at this sugar birthday Shung means a do birth to or two pair toe born was born Very stay so together. Exactly. First, a birthday even have a word. It's called additions, which means we'll coverage type it shown I can tell you, uh means word. But you know, showing is born born and the for you Off course for you. This were the new words. It just like newborn enough that we call you to born Word shuns. Is that well cabaret, I think Gary, stay in this one Dean yet Kenyan So this year give you another example, Jingqian. What does that mean? Today? Yes, Today. Okay. And ah, opinion. Because Union this year Candies Day. So didn't entered a union thing this year. If you okay? Good. Then this. Look at this too. Do it. Dorman's literally storms Many, many, all much. But here in the book, it said could be how many? How much depends if door means how many it will followed by anong. Not none at adjective Adjective. So you will say door and, uh adjective It means how many? How many or how something? Not exactly how many? Just help him give you examples. You know that next one dies big can say me door that e door that What does that mean? How big are you? You know needs you. You How big not not means your your size This kind of big girl Big men like this actually is for your h were safe. Ah, for H Also we say big. Smaller This h ok. For example, if you say tie Honda normally means is old his older not means a speak. Shall we? Too small. Yeah. Small. His a young is young Not really. For the size that this store could be with the other Educates could be How heavy How long like this? Just put the door in the have heavy and the door and long to make the question Because people ask you need Oda. You know that how big you are. How old are you? Ok, so you will say I'm Look Temple in the book 18 18 years old you will say Well uh, sure Click this sleaze years old for people's H share bathroom Sometimes maybe you can use usually Teoh dog It's also okay So the two years older than flick remember is the remember to you will not say Are it followed by measured or year You we always say Leon next to curious Tow it Fun is a meal funnies meal so together to find each meal to meal. But remember this truly is a verb Funnies anong together you can transcend it just like to eat but actually eat a meal, Eat meals some Yeah, he said Ah! Is it ok? Oh, how is that's? How about this? Normally we put it some young at the end of sentence you will see the sentence then you say Samia to ask the other people's opinion. Yeah, that's what do you think about it? You will see your idea first. Then you put some young at the end and fuck them so you can say Ah, the skull to eat. What do you think about it? What's the idea? Is that okay? We can say woman woman with we to choose Goto woman she true fact. Okay, toe eat to eat a meal. Then you put them here we go to eat. What do you think People will say? How you know how is good. Okay, Okay. Oh, I don't want to eat right now Back this pilot Tyler Lisa structure thing. So you may know this Ah, normally put after birth to make it the past tense. But here is not the same here. Just to use the in that certain structure together means a tool something. But remember, you have to put adjective between Thai Angela You put actually between give example Tay Padula, which means the too hot kind of too hard You don't like it hot, but no, not always, you know positive. Not always. You don't like it palpitating written If you say pie. Holla then It's so good, You know. So, so, so good. Like this. So called. So that look at this city and this very Coleman just needs a thank you. Oh, thanks. You even can say Sit in it. Cook thin Pope. Thank you. Right. For many people, you make it a plural. She's in Yemen. Thank you, guys. Fishing is only one person in front of your city. Any she sentiments of many people. No money. We don't have ways. Toe make floor. Oh, for things that the phones like a one phone and the two phones in Chinese, We just a phone. There's no s. But for people, we have the way we put a man after you to make it a Neiman Pro woman. We for people. We can make it problem. Next. One c one, which is like can say was she won something. By the way, here type size dishes, dishes you can see. I like Chinese dishes. No, like Chinese food. You will say waas. He won jungle or right jungle. Oh, you. You're like a title Stifled Thailand. The food. Well, I see one, Paige. Or is it pay a country we just put a type. What? I like this. How did next one high shoot I showed the kosher. That's the other similar Hi. Shoe means the Orel conjuction connected his tool part. This one or that one. This high sure is only for question. When you ask a person's ideas suggestion you want tea or coffee? You were your states. I should example. Do you like tea or coffee? How do you say that before I write it? Okay. And if he won the char? I sure it should be floral. I hear coffee. You're like a tea. All coffee? Yeah. Then another person. We will make a choice. They say war. She wants. I like tea or what you want cafe like coffee? Another one could shoot. But very similarly. All some shoe, some Sure, but the high shoes. All close shoe cut. Right. But together cushier. But for example, you can say I like tea. But today I drink coffee. You can say what she won. Can a then cushier today? Indiana Indian War. Who is drinker? Coffee like this. Okay, then here, woman woman Like I said, you're putting. Then after you, me, he she to make it a pro woman is we many people. The next letter B in the end, is a thought. For example, I with a pen I make a thought that adultery is that the and also means oclock Because if you look at a clock, there's many thoughts then so ah, literally When we ask what time it is, we are asking how many thoughts? How many dots then Maybe three o'clock. We will answer your free thoughts. Three thoughts. Three o'clock. How do you say, son? Sunday three cook. But also it means the three toes. That's true. Not joke. Could be three thoughts. For example, I found the free thoughts on the table. Maybe my son made it with a pinch. Three thoughts. Okay, that next time bun off course. Half half and the 3 30 Do you see se 30? Maybe We'll say Sunday end, But off course. You can say Sundin. Thank you. Sorry, sir, to you. Okay, so that's to cut here. My shot. Evening. I'd like to tell you one minutes late. One's late. Shang is kind of if you No, This character Xiangxiang is up on something. One shot is kind of in the evening. Whether later time. So there's fading anyway While it's late. One Xiang's evenly gin is toe to see to meet somebody. No money When you see See you tonight Have you're saying Chinese? They say one Sean chip one shows yet remember we always put doing something at the end. We like to say to do something at the end. First we will say time, Location Then they say so what? So in this very short phrase is also the same thing we will say time first we will say evening Let me see meat, even the meat Me even in c kind of See you tonight. See you Evening my junk Yet How did it's the foot Temple? See you at ST Oclock. How do you see that? That anyway say three o'clock. See? They say Sunday like this easier then the idea. I think you may know this already. It's ideas. Bye bye. Bye bye. Simon's again secret Citing means again. See? Remember we put do something at the end. So we put again first for again see means and see you again in Chinese. It's not necessary to put you in this case. You just see again. See see again. Okay than the proponent. Bingo angle. Gois. A country no in Because this sounds like England in. So they say in country. Okay. Thank you for watching. We'll see you next time again. 11. Lesson 3-2: Hammond a drama job hopeful Young. So come and shot. She shall go common way. OK, now let's look at the title This start biking Julia Shar Hall. Sure, since he buying I name Julia Shire Hall. Let's make it Arabic number. Make it a clear. So you'll yeah, sure are okay. How is here? How it's day. But here's kind off. Th September tells shoe means Ace Sin City and I think she's week teas. How many week? How many? Remember I told you in Chinese is not like English. When we try to ask questions, we just We don't change the order off The question. The question order is same as the decorative sentence older. We just replace the word we want to ask in this case G Standard four member, especially for ah for the date. Ah, the number off year months We were using tea toast and full remember Okay here and it's a sin t t. And if you see the answer, he said it since he so exactly, she says, week number four, which may which means Thursday, If you haven't learned the number, please try to learn at least the 1 to 10 0 and it's better 1 to 100. You will do it by yourself. Okay, so here then the lady says, shoes. Since he said it tastes Thursday. But in Chinese you don't have to say it tastes. Just say it's Thursday, then the men's That's not yet nice. That that they sure what a shame You remember what that is. My is my Shangri birthday. It's my birthday. Then the lady says. Shima kind of Is it? Is that true ready? Like this? Shima, the Jenkin Jingqian needs union in Yemen's this year so that this door he's also for question means the help. How guys big. How big? But he is not really ask for your size. You know it's for your age in Chinese. Li ask how big you are. How dare you! You know So how big? But this door works as how the meaning, How Onley followed by adjective It means how Okay so for the by educated otherwise door means many you know, many would be Honduras Many oil had door comes Alo have many works our work to do, you know. Okay. And then the men says she passed away make it a member to make a career so sure by flee means years old, 18 years old, this sleaze knots a year, means years old, only four people's h. If you say you know, we learned the year we learned the year in Chinese is again. If you say she Bonjean does not crack, that just means 18 years, you know, here you should just say she passed away 18 years old. Okay, then here. Uh, well, since he said again thinks he's awake. I think she's a week. And the sleep number four the fourth day off the week Thursday team me it your teen in white. You should eat fund foot off me. You know what? You eat me? Ah, you will know. You know, in China, in our culture, if I invite you to eat, definitely. You don't have to pay for the food and I will pay everything for you. You just you know, take your mouth and come. That's it. So here, team using white also people can translate as like I treat you. I treat you today for two for dinner or lunch. No, something up in this one from you. We put the meal at the end of sentence to show. What's your idea? Would you think about it? Oh, how about they think just to make it? How about but you put at the end of the sentence for this you will see the fact what you want to say first. Then you say it's a mere What do you think? The man This No get Ah, Salta Mia. The men says pie. Holla! You know Ty Lor structure you put adjectives between Tyler means the tool. All very, very, very good. They're very good city city. Sometimes we say they city it place to make it to show your really like it. Thank you. Thank you. Then the lady says this you want you jungles. Hi. Hi. Sh cereal here. Not clear. I sure Maykel attack. You know, high shirt, It's Ah, kids and a little bit. Okay, You don't go that high. Sugar may go. I sure in Chinese is a Well, that's this all on Lee for questions, remember only four questions. What does that mean on Leveaux? Questions like this sentence. Do you like Chinese food? All American food. But if you answer like Chinese food, all American food, both okay? It doesn't matter. In this case you use this. Always not question. You will not say high sugar high should only for people to truth This one. I should this one You must truth. That's a question. If you said that that one or that one doesn't matter, you will use another high shoes. I give you here anyway, we haven't learned it yet. That I should let all. Where were yours? Torture. What? You beautiful spoken. You may make it a neutral For what? For decorative sentence. Oh, okay, then. Next Like no. Well, sure. England. I'm England person. What's your England? I'm English cushier. But what's he want to jungle tie. I like to eat Chinese food. So the lady says How good. Okay, woman, She don't go time. So we eat Chinese sighs. Thesis food, Chinese dishes, Chinese foot Then since he saluted And we talked about the Thursday So the men asked Thursday What time you got here, Idiot? The same idea You asked a member in the number als time Oclock. You used Teoh for the question. TD it literally. How many thoughts? You know, There's many dolls on the cloak. You see how many thoughts. Then they tell you maybe $3 means three o'clock. Okay, So, Tedy and this question word again. Question work. Do you literally. How many? What's member off? Thoughts. How many thoughts? But off course that means what time he did come here. Todo and I said, Ah, no question the order off the question that same as the the answer. You don't change the older you just the replay state with member. So here, t ask full member, then here you will you reply. You just put the number here is the seventh. Okay, so he thoughts she doesn't mean seven or clock indicates the O clock should be this one seven cook. But the plan is half so kind of 7 37 Coke, huh? Again some. Yeah. You put the man at the end. Remember to ask her How about that? Then the men says how I hope since it's so light shone jet like chucked it. Remember? I said we like toe put doing something at the end. So Jen is to meet to see, say to meet. Okay, then you put a pine first. It's a Thursday evening. See, the lady says Zaidi here. You can find this gender again. Gin is to me to see It's Zions again. Excitements again. So? So you again? Literally. We see again. See? Okay. Thank you for watching. I will see you very soon. Remember to answer my question at the end. Okay. Bye bye. 12. Lesson 3-3: Okay. No way starts first. We'll collaborate. She ends up since I Kim Time is now, for example. Now it's 3 30 How do you see that? They say shouldn't say shoot. And that this issue is not miss. Three. You can say sure or you're going to say Sure cans I share Sunday in. Thank you. Okay. All Sunday and bank for half, but Sunday, but okay of up tempo. Can we go to a Chinese restaurant? Yes, sure. What time you say, James? I now? Okay, James, I Yes, OK, now. Oh, OK. No, that's and excellence. Cook could ah, quarter. It means that time, you know. Ah, for example, if free 45 how do you say you will say sunday in the one culture Sunday for three. 45? How do you say? Of course. Thunder. Ian San Cook. Others say 3 30 Sunday and let Ankur Arco. No, of course, because we have 1/2 Sunday, but bunnies half are. You say, through 30 Sunday intention like this. Okay, then. Next one, the shirt Sherman's matter sing faith, for example. You can say Ah today and very busy. I have a lot off stuff. Things toe. You can say I have a lot off stuff. Little things. Maybe if it were well, you'll hadn't door. They're not that thing. We'll have door shoot off shut in Chinese. You can put the are in some words, just a habit. Ah, mostly in most China, like me. The people from north. We'd like to put our people live in the south Normally. Don't put her it. Just have it, okay? You know, the mentoring is based on the accents from the people in the north. So if you put the iron, I think it's more mentoring failing. But actually, it doesn't matter. You can say Sure, I'll show she checked. For example, people ask you, Are you busy like give you this Jenkin on small big I think any mama today you're busy and think in the last one again today? Yeah, gente Any mama can say, uh not busy. Right to say, Come on. And, uh, I have nothing to do actually. How do you say war may? Oh, male. You know Mayo. Mayo. Miss, don't have shirt. I will put our we'll mail. Yes, I'm not busy. I have nothing to do. Good, then by the way we have learned that Indian today. Can you stay together? It Indian today? Okay, then. This continue, huh? Very. Actually, I already indeed that I told you just now have among very busy have needs a very you can put the adjective after him like very Holt, you will say. Huh? Have you really thought very hot? That example? No. Je ne all force Tom. But ah, little different means Very hungry. That's not true. I eat too much this lunch. So uh huh. But hunt any very hungry. And the other hand, for example. Not this line, huh? Quite just to give you another one. Quiet the fast Haven't learned it is a hug. Quack. Very fast. Could be your running very fast all the time. Passed very fast. Quite. Anyway, I'm buried among visiting among busy and the, uh, the slim Minkin. More the coked of meaning. Bright right. Kin can't hear right. Can off course day. Bright day. Okay, Right there Tomorrow. And if you look at the character, why the cocaine is bright? Because the left aside, it's actually is the son, the son and the right side that reached the moon in the matter one morning and the sun the wrong one. So moving the Senate's the price off course to start in the sky. So together it's a very bright kind of. So Ming means bright also have the meaning tomorrow because, you know, sun goes up, goes down and the moon uptown kind off, you know, one day past so tomorrow. Okay. Ah, next one. A lot of fun. You know, One means late late Could be evening. Felt funny. The food, late food or even in food. Dinner Then next one Look here nation in the If you look at here, lay means the foot fault. Shamma. We learned Shimamine. What? What's So I wish him for What kind of fool? For what? Why you did that. For what? The reason? What can really reason? I'm very kind And why I so wish, Emma. It's a why for what then if you ask, people wish him a Of course they will say it is because it because they say you make here. The character means the recent Okay, you know, ways to full right baseball. So literally The reason is for so you just the treatise because because it is in collusion with the reason Is that right? Ah, next one high. So the highest also to our addition, for example. I can say Waas. She won remember? See when I like Was he want her? I like to drink Cafe. Yes, that's true. Also I like drink tea. I like to have key but we say in Chinese may say toe drink tea and they say, Well, hi. See what? I He wanted her. Oh, hi. She won't like this high. Okay, good. Then this. See this one punctually said classmates I have to see palm, which means Satan do know share okay here means to study literally same study. Of course. Your custom is you're in the same bathroom. You'll learn the same thing. The same teacher. Teacher John. So Tom. Sure. Same sunny means custom. It's next one. Ah, yes, yes Is to know something. No monies to know somebody to know Could be to know some character often. When you made Chinese friends at first time, you always say I'm happy to know you. Then you will use this one. This lynch photo? No, you will say you know I'm very happy. May say Angotti, stay on gushing Very happy. Then we say to know you eventually. We don't have to say to in Chinese we just say very happy. No, you hung gushing pensione off. If you're lady, for example on the street, someone say hi. But I think you don't know that person you say I don't know you. Why? You see higher. So you say. Well, how do you say I don't know you? Well, Apple eventually. I No, no. You know, I don't know your cooperation. And who are you? Me, she Shea means you are. They may say I'm your friend. If you look at here, friend is upon you. How do Samuel friend, you say? Well, sure. I need your on your okay. Mm. How do you say, for example, I'm your boyfriend. All I'm your girlfriend, Of course. Wash early there. New from you. Girlfriend? If boyfriend just pull toe man. Male number. Good 13. Lesson 3-4: okay where it starts and I look. Look at the man, she says. He says, buying I again because that's the latest name he likes to call the latest name buying. I see anxiety did not all ddn as we mentioned with time. How many thoughts? With time now and the lady sits buying, I would Ian Suncor You day and make it Arabic member. It's a good year. Five oclock, 3/4 5 45 Then the men says What little get you could again I make it Arabic Number six Did he could. 61 Culture 6 15 Your shirt, your means have has sure thing or things. So I have something to do at 6 15 Then the lady buying, I she says, needing care. Remember Cindy? And today So you know Tien is day. I think in today among very busy and the main t it meanest moral. Wednesday 19. Tomorrow Man Buhman He is the structure a new structure we met today, literally among woman you know among is busy but a poll among its not busy. That is a very common way in Chinese to ask a question maker we say you're busy or not busy to make you to truth. This one or that one, the same thing could be like you're like, Oh, you don't like me. See one booty one. Make this, uh, okay. All of leisure Buddha will feel very whole today. All you don't feel that. Okay. Uh, need g Butchie, you go. Oh, you don't want to go. That's very calm away to ask a question anyway. So the lady asked. The men gave the two choices, like busy or not busy. Benjamin says, Well, it's Indian today among very busy. Okay. And make this been very busy cause she but Minke and tomorrow Puma Not busy. Oh, man. He used the truth choices both. Both two choices the lady offers With what? The man the lady says among blue mountains. The men said today among yet more open man. Okay. And there the men says your Sharma. You know, Sharma, the old means that have has showed, As I said, a scene my focusing has seen means Do you have anything to ask me or want me to do? Is there anything like this? So that lady, the pretty lady says Minkin tomorrow watching need Remember, team using white. You know what? You my late vote means a dinner. I want you to eat in there tomorrow. And the As I said, normally, people in white here, you don't have to pay. So he really why? It is kind of treat you to men some. Yeah. As they always mentioned that some young you put always as the end off a sentence to ask her with your opinion. Would you think about dates then? Off course. I think the men like like it, I suppose, for the men said, 00 man. He said New Asian. You know Waysh in ways the false. Amazing. What for what? What reason? You asked me to eat The men say this. Okay, so the men says, Wait, Why? Why team watch without seeing is in white in white. Me too. Why you went. You might meet wheat. We're not sure what the men's post. Ah lady, Well answered. So they're safe. Leader says inmate you made because Because Minkin share goal When? June the sugar If you remember Golden, Johnny's another man Sugar is the birthday sugar dispersed. So tomorrow it's Ah, Mr Cohen. John's birthday. Oh, poor man has nothing to do with. You know, there is another man's birthday. Okay, then what? We all this men say to the lady Say okay here and okay, then the men says Shima Shima kind of not believe that. Is it ready? Okay. How good? Highlighting shape, I mean also, in addition, sometimes could be still. So here is kind of also you in white. Who? Only me. Oh, Okay, so here also, Um also you might get the whole who you have You might it then lady says hi. Also in white eight I invited, but here but here Sometimes we drop the subject. You can just say Ah in white it is. Then they'll say I united so also invited. What a tone She my classmates deal so another friend. Then the men says Hola Here the word and not, you know nine means is that. But normally you put at it at the beginning. Off sentence nine. In that case. So because you're you might it is another friend also I know him So that's so good in that case Ah, my whole so called origin Should you remember, tension is No, no, no. I know Dio pie Yeah, sure You also also What upon you, my friends? Also my friend. Okay, that more here. A little bit here. Minkin tdn again. Didn't What time? What time? Tomorrow. Kate Goldbaek, then the lady biting eye. She says Minkin, my junk. Tomorrow even the BNP Wenzhong keyed in. But also we make it Teoh, Our big number seven. Then a cloak bun. It's 1/2 7 30 Kick it. But then the men says How good! Okay. Minkin TDF bun again. 7 30 to meet and see you tomorrow at 7 30 They say Minkin Children. But I didn't say time first and then do something. Okay. Thank you for watching to next time. It's idea. 14. Lesson 4-1: Hi that How was she, John? The slicker, I hope. Hope it in this lesson. You will learn to use Chinese to say and write the terms for basic personal hold is ask about someone. So please ask friends out to see a movie set of plans for the weekend. Okay, first. Well, cavalry. Okay. Here. Joma number one Joma that weekend. You know, we learned that, Joe. It's a week, boys. And so Joel more weak. And do you know how to say the end of the year? We learn the year off course. So that is me N Yeah. Yes. A year more N Okay. How do you say the end off the month off course? Yeah, more us months. Morris end like this. Okay. Signalling. Ah, it's the action visual hand. So to heat that she always a ball that your toe hit the ball so it could be a war evil basketball. But it shouldn't be football because football you have to kick it. So in that case, we don't say that you may say kicked a ball. Okay. Ah t always support what you wish for. Do you like football? By the way? Football one week Quite a tool till do with you football because ah, tool, second home food. And of course, chill As we learned this ball football. As I said, you will not say that that you know that football you cannot do that. So we say, kick the football. In that case, they say t who'll kill to play the football later. Later, cake the football. Okay, then that's Look, that's next. Okay, The next full cat could you canons towards to look at the raid have lot of many. Why? Because can is the action with your isis Isis So it doesn't matter if you read a book we still say you know, they say local book kind of see your book because you really use your eyes that they say can shoot Anyway we will learn this true later. So kind means the great Introduce the read a book control And ah, if you what's a movie? We also say cut And uh, we say you can then because anyway you learned this morning later the union is more then which ah, TV off course Here is the in shooting television they say candian ship condition. If you see a doctor. Also, we will say it can, Doctor. Or can Ponyo Campiglio? Ponyo, his friend. So come from you and Ah See a friend Get good in here. Ah, Then shoot. That's interesting. In the Carpathian means electricity, she vision. So they ensure literally electricity invasion kind of electorate States saying, you know, before in the past we don't have electricity things, you know? Then we know there's so many of this kind of invention, these kind of things. Then you have to name it then. Ah, lot off this kind of thing. Busy like three stays with just a name. It's with electricity. Something electricity is something. For example Ah, telephone, telephone. We will say electric state talking and ah, refrigerator. Here we have. They say that Christie icebox Okay, the movie they say electricity shadow because, you know, the shed always kind off. That's the idea. One way we make me warts. Okay, that Anyway, you remember this theater That's Dennis electricity and the shooter vision together. Then shoot television. Okay, then this Say, next here Juncker can go, is singing a song. Seeing some The character Chung is to thing that's a bird to thing and the good. It's the song. It's anong. So younger actually is a verb and anong sing a song. See? A song can't Good. Okay, How do you say I like toe? See, I like to see I like seeing Can you say Well, we'll see. Uh, well, I three remember like she won 40 watt John. Good. What city is? She wouldn't come. Good. Okay. And somebody like, you know, go dumb thing, right? Like two times you say dunks. Next one how to dance but like Hunger Hotel the first cargo Taoism Burt to jump like you jumped off. You know, that's still for this action is still Who is the Nung curtains? So we're talking about to dance in Chinese Li we kind of seat to to jump this. Thanks to jump to the thanks they say kill. But together Of course, people just think that stance not really. People will, you know, think this way his jumping and this Stan's together Just dance. I try to split it Just try to make it Sure Try to make you understand it You know, deeper kill But it's also useful. For example, we often say what well kill Iko calico kindof you You want to have a dance? Not to this that one. So you will put a speaker before or because of worries Anong one dance Ekho And the same thing for sing a song you say was young Young means we use young Like I'd like to do something You will see Washington The was young Chung eager Good telling your good the 1st 1st the goods A measure Word that good. It's a some seeing a some chunky Good Good. Okay then if you want to Ah sing a song I will listen to you know every decent to you So listen to it. I think I think think Then I can say I listen to You're seeing so, uh, King me hunger, right? What thing? That you can't go That of course a good example for listen to is the central music music It's in a way we will say King, listen to music Also the same example I like to listen to music. Was he one king? You thinking by the way, after this in this in many units a son you may know here that's letters is recorded pinging opinion. It's the tool to help you to pronounce Chinese characters Here is the Chinese character Here's opinion So ready down Here's peen So right now it's a pinion Here the units the same You is a song Penis kind off to get to think together to match to get something something So opinion is kind of you get a one song one song together to make a new zone That's opinion. Okay, Next shoot Sure its book like we already did Example Can true located book But actually is the rate book control next to it Music right? Correct. How do you say, Do you like to read a book? And you see that we say you like to read a book? My right, my fortune focused Niecy one control Beneful short. You can say in some way to answer this question Forbear shelter can say Hey, it's a correct Yes, And they also can say should to confirm some information you can say should that I'll just say you shoot like this. Oh, you can repeat the verb people ask you because people use she one do you like Then you can just simply say yes I like And for short you say, See one. Oh, you even can say we'll see one. I like this so many ways to answer this kind of question. I found it. Then they say, next one, You know that Yo them in some. And here Sure ho is the time Time Here in the in the book, we have the sometimes sometimes I rate book. Sometimes I go to the same number. Right? So you will say, you know the show. Sometimes your dish a whole were control. Sometimes I read book and I have to tell you your this your whole for short people often say your shahada. That also means sometimes you show you show you Alicia, whole say many some people. How do you say some people off course you will say your the when you order some people. Some people like me something we don't like minus. And you know, you can say, for example, Yoda and see one. What? Ah, could you couId lesson class then? Of course, Yoda. And you know there and bushy one. Don't you want what? And before some they pretty lady teacher. Okay. And the way, uh, you know the sun. Okay, that, uh, that one Did you as we mentioned then is electricity being? It's a shadow being in electricity, Cities shadow so movie. So you watch Ah, you'll see or fame or watch him away. How do you say off course You were usedto they're useful. Were to say something with your ice is conveying. I'm being okay next these Ah Chan Chung often Ah, like in English. So the very single sentence the older is just like her English Just like English. We say we often do something. Always say we also do something away often do something that I thought it the Chinese He will say woman Chungcheong does something, for example, Condemning. Watch the movie like this woman Taunton Candy. Good. Now an excellent not no. We learned that That's nominees. That's that person negated. Remember not good programs that that men that person. Okay, so that's a here in the text that nice Another usage means In that case, then no money's happens When you talk with other people have a conversation, they say something then you say, 00 in that case. So we will do that? No. So then Ok, then Then we were just because it's the ring ringing outside Then we will not go out. You were use Not now woman for example Bull not go out. I give you example Another example For example People ask you Niecy One candy in Yuma do like tool. Which movie you said I want? Well, hunky one we see what country ones I like something very much. Honey is very Was one coming because you said that? So people said Nah in that case. So because you said you like towards the thing very much so. And ah ah tinny Candian Watch any kind dancing? Okay, so in that case, I treat you to see a film. Biskind's suggestion. How about that? Okay, next one to go toe just mean to go to various fall. I can say I can't even pull here chimney to contain. So I invite you to Goto sale film. Okay. Are you might I invite you to sail film? Oh, you might A uto goto sale thing You just goto go to somewhere. You just say cheese somewhere I hope, Michael the curve The y means outside outside in the core. Yes, we learn it. A few days ago, Gois the country Michael outside the country means the foreign country. Kinka think we also learned that this team king in the could be place place But the here means the twin whites Greenwood's and that could Couey's guest chorus ghost in white guests What does that mean? It's said that you might somebody toe home off to dinner. That means you will pay. That means you will pay in China if you call your friend. Ah, I'd like to invite you to thin there tonight. Please come. Definitely definitely Your friend will know you will pay you. Ah, your friend will not really take any money because in China, normally who ask will pay. So if you say watching Kerr So it's become a fix The phrase you say watching Kermit I treat even victory means I in white gets but just means I pay What tinker Then people may can try to argue in the, you know, in the restaurant. Well, Chinese people kind of the actually I think most people know because they know who invited . They know. Maybe you're going to pay. But just to be polite to show plate, you know they're not really Wait and hear your pay. They make war. Tinker waiting. Then you have a bubble watching. No, no, no. I I pay, I think. Then finally, yes. I think they know you will pay. Then you're just a page. Okay, so you will say it. Wa King Cook What's it? Silicon just means yesterday By the way. Jenkin today, Minkin Tomorrow. Okay. Ah, so yes. So to remember we learned the because Because it's inmate Hillary. That's in May And the today Soy. Okay, So you mean so you can see it Because something so because it's raining. So I will not go out something like this because you like towards them away. So we go to the cinema for today like this. Oh, that. Okay, that's all for today. We'll see you next time again. 15. Lesson 4-2: do it. What? Donna, Down this down. Yeah. Hi. You want our son to you'll, then? This is a pair. Okay, Mr. Katz, The dialogue buying I again that laid its name. Mrs Fight. Okay. Ah, Then the men as complying I, Joe Morrissey one social. You know, as we learned Joe Moyes a weekend she wise like so it's a do Shamma. What literally you for? This went we Can't you like to do? What's would you like to do on weekends? Okay, but you know, in Chinese he will say time first it was a weekend first. Then you say you like to know what? Okay, then the pretty lady buying I, she says, was the one I like. That's the old remember guys actually is your hand that you'll play both this ball must be could be basketball with more double B Dorf Or maybe pinpoint in Chinese. A very popular It's a ping pong kill ping pong ball. But it shouldn't be affordable. You know, as I said, you have to a state take foot boy chatting. It's not that easy out here. Okay? Condenser Candies. Action with your eyes Convention convention and the Nina. How about you Then the men says, was she won Chung Good. Oh, where's okay then? Now we have the don't Congo Kill toe seeing to Deng's hi C one No, this high also right. Okay, put here I see one also like a king. So like sing a song, Sing a song. Okay Also like nothing some Sorry King off courses Listen to they sent to music. Okay then you see one You also like control They let men know you know What's that lady like? So you also like any SQL can True country Yes Still continent readable way See Still see looking at seeing the book control Joyce book Labor Day deep They This is kind of affirmative A negative way to ask the question you know doing is that correct? So debris cracks or notes Correct Not correct That's very common in Chinese Then the lady says way so lady, choose the one off its way Ah judicial remember you know the show Sometimes you know this whole Yes You want country Sometimes also I like rate You see one country Okay then the man Niecy one bushy one Continue. So here is also fermented negative way to ask questions you like or you don't like condemning to see a movie. Sony. See one bushy one candy off course. There's another way to see that in Chinese Deal Natalie, To say that. Do you like to see a film? You will say in Chinese. Ah, this land Annecy one kind Daniel Yes, off course. You can use the mind structure put at the end. All you say we see one bushy one this late, then thinks the men ask a c one bushy one. The lady says to see what what more I at ah on weekends Chan Chung Candian often which the film Chungchong Candy Then the men says Now, remember this now now I mean in that case, So because you'll say the often which some away you like What's the movie? So now So woman sink in here It's a woman Woman's in Kim Miles Young You can be ca like within you. Here's the kind of long sentences for long sentences. You know, you have to remember the older and stands the older in Chinese. So first that we will we will say in Chinese. Okay, woman means is who rage kind of Who person? Tim You mention Jingqian today one shall night tonight it's ah, when right is the time and the she continued, she come eager like we didn't go to see ah over, say, film, foreign country film That's do what's right. It's kind of what I call it a world apart. So the older, its whole when actually, If there's aware Goto where then you will put aware here and the two words to sail film in Chinese, that's the Ah, very calm in order to make a long sentence. Who, when, Where and what's if you know this and to be 90% off all the Chinese sentences, you would be correct. Of course, there's some special situation, but most absent. It's just this way. Who, when, where What? We kind of put dosomething as Ed. That's it's really important. Try to remember this does something always as that's hopefully to English, English, you will say we will meet at stab bark at three o'clock, definitely in Chinese. You will say we at three o'clock time first, then location at Starbucks. Then you say to meet to do something as the end. Okay, remember this? Okay, that here they say? Yeah. Okay. Make it Teoh. You know the man. Remember? Some young means you put as end of sentence toe. Say, how about sets? What do you think? Watching again as the park that she incoming street I treat Wish him a Then the lady says, Ovation money, Thinker. Why are you treating? Why then the men says inmate You may 14 meeting what? You're because yesterday you team means in white. But actually, as I said, if you in white people in China, that means you will pay. So here you can translate like you pay my foot. You invite me to eat. So he so thinking What Cheney Condemning. So today I want you to feel film here. The structure also importance the in naming Because here, so you means so. So the structure Because this thing so you can make sentence with this. You may some something So Okay, so eat then buying I again We talked about them now right now means in that case, so because in white me to do that, folks. Okay. Ah ni ni h ing bank pong. Leo Homa. So you're also in white my another tool friend bumping and the Leo Hama. Is that okay? Then the men said I'm okay. How so? The lady candles doesn't want to go along with that man. Okay, obviously, with next time again. 16. Lesson 4-3: data. How was John? Ok, Avery woman cation that start number one show. You know, she always little small and the big They say that the big small show here. We talked about this show because we can dress somebody show and surname. Ah, like my friend, we can call me Shahwan. Kind of little one. If they are older than me, they can call me. So one okay. And, ah, as full. My father, his friend People may call him Thailand. Okay, because guys a big now a big one or even LA one Lalith haute. So Oh, the one like this. So this way to address people with some very nice people. Call me Xiaohong. No. Feel good. You along. Okay. Okay. Good name. Good address. But it normally is used between your friends and your Codec. Maybe a both call you like show in surname. And your Kohli Koyo shelves their name. But not from your parents. Your sister, your brother, Your family member. Okay, net Next. How Geo, How would you? So if you look at here, Hollande, you know how it's good. Originally, home is good, but sometimes you can use how it's very also for example, you can say I'm busy. How do you say I'm busy? You say war, hon. Mom, I'm very busy, Mom. Of course, if used how you can say well, how? No problem. Just the how is not as common as time for the meaning. Very. But you can use help here. And another example how how she I was very small, so small how they're so big. Think they, uh So And Joel, this is funny because you know the same pronunciation. T o could be number nine number nine. Also, it could be alcohol to be fucked. Temple wine. It's also Geo, if you say how, Geo, how would you? This could be good wine. How would you? But here in the in the book here it means a long time. So how do you know it's a good wine or long time? It depends Your wheels see the context, then you know it's a good wine or long time. Okay, Here they talk about how geo because they want to say long time, no see. Long time, no seeds. How geo literally how the oh, a long time. So it's no t c to Mitt. So long time no see. Come from this. How you would you be saying Chinese this one before the character tomb is wrong? For example, if you say you're wrong, how do you say you say need full? No, Marie, put a letter need taller and for But it's kind of strong normally were not. Say you're wrong anyway. Ah, but toys Sounds like not wrong. Not wrong. But in spoken Chinese vase a not wrong means pretty good. How do you like my t shirt? Put open toe Like how are you today? You even consider him before? Not bad. Not bad. Pretty cold like this. Okay, Very useful. Let's continue. Okay. This is another very, very useful work. Young young got Ah, a lot of different meaning Could be me for example. I miss you. I can say waas young Me? Yeah, Could be. I'd like to do something okla Be I think here in the text means I'd like to do something You will say wash young, for example. I'd like toe see a film. How do you say you will say Watch young con game right? Always sound convenient. It then comes to the question. How do you like the film? What do you say? This you will use this word? Jade is to fail to think. But this to feel to think it's kind of your opinion. So I feel the film is okay. I feel the film. It's a great then you Well, street it. The question is need you Ada take a game. It's, um Yeah. Remember, we put them unit end toe to say how How do you like? How about so you'll feel Ah, digger dating this still how Bouts then How do you answer this? Remember, the older you answer questions just exactly same as the question or their itself. Well, say war Giaretta Jacob Pain. I feel this movie. Then give you idea. Okay, hon. How Very good. Good. Okay, that's a trader. I feel, I think, for your opinion, that's one Your teeth. Uh, interest. It's okay here. Easy means the minute is means meaning, But your easy owners have have have some meaning together means interesting. It doesn't make any sense. But anyway, together it means interesting Your he's just remember Interesting. You can see I think this more is interesting. They just say, What's your ETA ticketing very in Stendhal. Say how you say your peace, your peace. Okay, then East Meaning? I give you example. Sometimes you can ask Shanley's I mean so what's the meaning? What do you mean Why? You see that Shami's like what these words mean? You can see this word a digger tickets Shami's like this. Okay, then let's look at this. Also very useful Onley only no money way See Algeria do something for example Ah boy And the girls The boy says the boy opens. Say that like I only like you Victim How do you say that? War on nature like C one. You see? What does he want? Okay. Oh, the other example Uh I only like which of fame again. What? You see One What? Within condemning. Okay, Good. In the book of the example I only want to slate flip others they sleep Sleep is treat But here the first character shrink means to sleep If you notice that to sleep is avert is a verb But now is sleep The sleep is a noun So street altogether is literally like asleep Asleep Heaven sleep like this trade Good Then the splint Sudden Forget it never mind. How do you use that? For example, your friend by ah, cup off drink for you And you want to give him money. But he said it's a Forget it. Never mind this I I treat you Doesn't matter because this land this case Oh, in the taxi you give money to the taxi driver and hey, hey Wants to get some change for you You can see our Sana. Forget it to documentary useful. Then let's look at this. Go. It's a look. For example. You're lost to something that they you will look for its for example, I look for my book if they work our Ah the I don't for my book You even can use this channel for your look forward. Somebody, for example, If you go to my classroom and you knock the dole and the some someone else open a door, you can see I'm looking for John. I I'd like to talk with John. You can say what out? Okay. What? Joe johns Like this. What are Watch out, John. Next one. No, be again. Other person appeared and on the person Oh, bid Vietnamese be opiate means other for other people we can say Biggane, but for other other things, you will put it the theater. Uh, something the still makes the book. For example, other books you will say it being Ah, shoot. Because we don't have plural for ah, book this kind of object S o p a tissue. Could be one book. Could be several books You don't know. Just another book or other books. Okay, this is recovery. Thank you for watching. We'll see you next time again. 17. Lesson 4-4: So woman who does have pastures Stephen Pressure may born is it? Just Should do. Yeah. So do that se just show up. That's how we should It is, John. Just you know what? Ah! Wire Eat Holy 100 C one with the choir. The sea Juanma. Okay, let's look at our final here. Yeah, I'll go. She always little told so little. As I said, it's a very nice address. Normally between friends between universe Legitimacy between cortex political little cow How do you put in? That's Ah, famous spring phrase. Long time no see in Chinese Long time no see you begin the hama. How are you? We'll hunt. How I very good. Me some? Yeah. You know the man put at the end off sentence to ask How so? How about you need some here then war you before So we learned this patrolman's not bad. No, not that I'm not bad. Gigajoule more niece young for Osama As we mentioned, Young is the like to do something So you'd like to do should not What's dig a drama this weekend? Young with him Here's this young young bush she wants You're like, Oh, you don't like Young too that your toe goto patio play ball and that's you. Okay, then that your whole people Rachael Okay, so we'll Bussi when data So I don't see one like Abu She won playable then Now remember this nominees the soul So it could be in that case because you don't like playing both. In that case, woman looks like English women, women but a woman take we to Can't you come to look at them? Tow watch Then we toe What? What's the boar? Which the ballgame, Samia, How about that control? Watching the ball games Country ward Greta, You know your days I feel I feel I think country Oh yeah, Mailliez Mary's okay here. Male missed seasons. No interesting. No interest. Yo Eastman's interesting, but the mayor is no interest. I feel also know Interesting boring to watching a ball game. Not me in that man. Okay then you say here Still not in that case, the gigajoule more young Oshima, remember sound the like. So you this weekend you don't like toe watch any ball game and play playing both. So you'd like to what the men says watcher here Jerry means only only young like once I only like toe terrifying each meal. Go to sleep with a man. Get then here, Saleh. Remember Selena. Okay, forget it. Just like I didn't ask. Forget it or to grab a beer. And I always look forward to go to So I go to look for other people. Okay, Good. Thank you for watching. I will see you next time again. 18. Lessson 5-1: Hi, Dad. Yeah. Oh, what should John Kim 100 if Can I go stinkin? Essentially $30 Degree. 30 degree. Very hot gender. Really, really, really hot. Okay, Anyway, we start out with cuss lesson five visiting friends with a in Chinese can Ponyo can look upon your friend Campania. Okay, so in this lesson, you will learn to use Chinese to welcome a visitor like introduce one person to another and a complaint one person on his house. Ask for drinks and the offer drinks to your visitor like this. Briefly describe visitor to a friend's place. Okay, then That's Newcastle Calvary first. Okay, well, cavalry number one Yeah, yeah, some like a kind of price. Yeah. Yeah, like this is like the snow. So here this Yeah, it's not like this is kind of we put this year as the end off sentence to make it a soft for example. In the text, people say she Yeah, yeah, yeah. You know, Shay Oh, you can pronounce astray means who If you just say who is kind of a little stronger little ruler, if you just someone knocked door, you say who like this. But if you put this Yeah. To make it sound a little soft and kind of plight. Feeling you say? Sure. Yeah, because this Yeah, it's nice. We think that's very nice to put this. Yeah, Attend. Sometimes you can even use other words. For example, some people like, say, Jr is also saying so. This Yeah, put as a handle off some sentence making soft and make people feel a little place good signaling that it's genies enter for example, People knock the door, you ask she Yeah, who then? People say What should John? I'm John. The same *** notching place. Genesis will come. Come place coming place *** put a cheating and you'll see next one. Quiet means the fast. It's kind of you ran right? Run very fast. Of course you can. Your based Quiet Quiet and I still remember in primary school we're doing some like text and people students running and teacher said Quiet, quiet, quiet kindof be quick, quick, fast First, Quite quite quite like this. Uh, you know, in Chinese, sometimes you visit your friend and the friend open the dole and they will say quite simply , the next one. Your team lights come in Quite a nice coming quickly coming fast. So why fast? Because we kind of think, you know, my home is comfortable comparing outside maybe outside the very Holtz. That's right off today. A genie 100 Very hot. So coming, coming fast, fast like this. So it's kind of to show flight and the very nice to you, they say quite Indian quiting think that's true. People say quiet, cheating Gene, like in the book. That's it. Quiet Didn't lie. Same idea, quite anything. Okay, Year to unite Then, like, uh, I just miss come like I can't come from life. And then the fantasia introduced We often say, Ah, what the show is that if you look at here, yeah, you sure it's the ones or beat here literally means a very short time commercial time. It's like you, for example. This is my color. But if it's ah hammer, then Tung Tung, you know, shot. It's a town, so each year it sounds like one down, so it's a once you do the hammer one's tongue. That's Isha Tung Tung Tung. That's three sunshade, So the shards means a very short time. If you say lie cum lay charges could come for a while. So normally we put this Isha after work to show its kind off flight fading More nice to say issue if you just say lies. Kind of strong example. My both John. Like John. Come, come very short cut like older, you know? But if you put the sharks that ladies are kind off the feeding Ah, would you like to come for a while? So it's ah most often more plants in spoken Chinese. We often put Isha after work. So if you want to speak like a native Chinese speaker, you have to put this kind of small word. That's the difference, you know, makes things really different. You say Lisha instead of just lie, lie. Okay, good. And here I can say, Well, Ishasha kind off. Um I'd like toe introduce what literally I introduce for for short time for a while. Okay, Good then the sculpting gushing just means happy. It doesn't remember I pay housing Housing. We also say very happy to know you in Chinese. How do you see that? We say very happy on guard, wishing to know you They say Jentzsch prevention. I'm gushing, mentioning and the another way to say that you can say gentian e on gatting both. Okay, I'm getting an engineer. Or potentially Hegazy doesn't matter the order in this case, then. Ah, Kyodo Pretty. You could be a very pretty, pretty lady and see a champion compound. Oh, someone's handwriting. I'm doubting all my painting. My Chinese spending do you think? Beautiful time cow down Could be baby Okay, built for next one. So yes, just the very fate that, as I said, the polite way to say you're not just a sick, you know, At least in Leah's, they have a state you know, have a safe place. So to way to make it Flight one. You put the team right place. You can say a single place. States please stay down. Or you can say so. Yeah, right. So you shot like we just learn. So you said you shot one down its social time state for short time. But I would not take you a long time, you know, just a for a while I thought you to show plate. Next, that, uh, size to be in on it. Why? This one syllable word could be at anong, so men differences situations just like this. We have this kind of very specific word for really in already on something but thinking if you want to your friend ask aware you, John. So I can say I'm in the restaurants. Oh, and at the fire. But sexually, this adds or in is not really important, my friend Want to know actually, the fire or the restaurant? So this I just to show you know you exist somewhere. Actually, it doesn't matter. Really? In it's all on it or at you know, I'm not, definitely, I mean, we're not on the roof off the restaurant, right? I must in it. So in China, in Chinese, you just can't say Just use this time. What? I somewhere means I just there, you know, doesn't matter, you know, along or just to say somewhere. So we will see, For example, in the restaurant of this it was a funded restaurant. In fact, it okay got it. This is not there. Where? Of course, when you ask aware, you you will say, needs I. This one is in the heart where you then you answer this question, you will say well, die somewhere. For example, funding restaurants. What? It off course you can say this one. Next one shot, right? What? I should say I'm at the school or even in the school. Just, you know, way just said so yourself. Ah, this shell, the cup, the shelling in school. John school. You may ask me how a teacher, John, so shall was school. Why you just say so why you fishers out? You know, we prefer intended Prefer to favorable worth three suitable worth Because make it a longer way. Have too many. So short. One suitable flown for It's easy to make confused if you they just a shell to two short shell could be different. Meaning other characters could be exactly same pronunciation. Okay. Could it be school walk to be a laugh or something else, but a sure it's a study together you make the meaning very clear. That's a school full study. So she is young people will know of that school. Good nextlink, uh, to drink you can her different things, you know? But then pull. I can say Ah, Was he one? I like the color. You may know right color. It's a this one. That's true. I like it. That's the Chinese character said Occur. Cold color Kirk. All cola, Coca Cola, Coca Cola in Chinese. How did it here? Yeah, the n oth er her. You can say then they are. That's a little bit A little bit, as I may mention before then is a thought a thought. For example, One o'clock, they say eating idiot means that one thought, You know, on the clock, there's many thoughts one dot to dots means two o'clock. So here's the same thing. So the ire here means means a little, a little. I only wants a little can say, Well, I want is a young You can say what y'all the guy e there. And you can put the art. Oh, you don't That doesn't make it. Well, Ika, sometimes you even want a little you today so you can say for yeah, eat. And you can do you even can duplicates this to make it a little, Little, little, very little. Okay, next one. I think you know this China, You know, because the way out a little tea sometimes they to show plague. And I want a little bit. Maybe you need more butter. You try to make it sound like you don't want too much, you know? Okay. Coffee from the English word of coffee with a car. Fate coffee That this spot is like the very beginning. The Yeah, I said a yard to make it a word. Soft. Yeah. Who Who is that? That you put also at the end of sentence normally is kind of a suggestion to make a suggestion. For example, if you know how it always go Ah, work. Sometimes it could be. Let's go relief like this. You can say this woman's all we go back. You put backs kind of suggested. Shall we go? Why not wait? Leave now you can see a woman sober. I'll give you another example. Ah, me, huh? Coffee back New York our favor. If I just say Nico cafe your drink Coffee. That's kind of all their very little route. You know Nicole Cafe Baba maker. Would you like to have some coffee? Maybe some coffee, please. Something like this. Nikko Capital. More like a suggestion. Okay. Yeah. A zai mentioned once the or Yeah, it ended. I want a little bit. Oh, the being the measured full photo measure of the photo eating anything eating color about off color are eating PTO beer about off beer and keen PTO. Okay, Eating anything about all for anything. Okay, that's cooler. Which I like it very much. Yeah, that's true. Could But Hun Harker very busy. Next. That could be, uh that's opinion. Yes, things like this can, For example, if you say, can I have ah curler ever colder? How do you see? You will say Walker you her careers can so I can drink. Who drink Coloma. Well, what likelihood Coloma, can I have? Ah, color or you make it a little polite or curry? Okay. You did remember it in a little bit. He did. Could learn a right then. People's then clearly. No. Of course you can. You can, Nicolle. You can. Okay, next one. Here. David. Sorry, for example, but your friend don't have color at home. Is the deputy woman male on the male color made on have color And your calf FEMA figure Want coffee? Your caffeine Like this, you'll say Doing correct. Well, young cafe. I want coffee, man. A friend of coffee and say here you are. How do you say? Uh, we say we say the very directly say give you say Caini. Okay, so can you give you Okay? Good. Them that debate. Ah, measured. Full cup or glass? It doesn't matter. The material just you know that container? EBay Cafe O E Baker, the eBay PDO. Okay, Trey. Off course. Water. Just water for dental. You don't like any drinks? Just like water can fit. Well, we all idiot. It ensures a little water. Good. Then the proper. Now we got to go. How in just a person's name go. It's a family name. Italian is given name, very standard. The three character candy's name. Okay, I hope so. I hope you enjoy this lesson and I will see you very soon, Zijin. 19. Lesson 5-2: Hi, Dada. How you should John John again. Okay, so now we look at the text. A woman can co text dialogues it. So here the Tolbert rents. Benderman says Sure. Yeah. Remember this? Yeah. To make it soft, if you just say Shea Who she Yeah, that's nice. Yeah. Okay. That Letterman sets. Sure. War. It's me. We say yes. We just say it's me. Sure. Among palm hyo deal Hyok is kindof end kind of your long punk early. Oh, okay. Then he said that t that's very useful. They're useful, you say changing place coming convincing thing. If you say twice. It's more like warm, fading. Vincent in coming. Coming them quite in like a zit. We mentioned the quiet fast Be quick. You see outside It's so cold. Come, Come quickly, Quickly Coming to my home. Enjoy the warm A room like this If outside the winter I enjoy the my my room. Quite technique, Whiting. Okay, so why come? What? Tisha Liza, Remember Tisha introduced Introduce you share a little bit. No one done for short time. A little bit. That's me. Introduce little bits. It's kindof plight Failing to put Isha. You know it's very useful. You put Isha to make it in plants. Okay, then what? Of course they say it's Ah so just sure Watch T j Remember the idea over the sister? This is my older sister. You okay, Then let's go back. So he said And shall Uniao just say the given name sounds small, close. You know, Sally, in college you say surely in among close relationship shall union how eventually hung goes thence to know me and go sing Very happy. That's also very useful sentence You have to remember why you makes Chinese people the first time you will say always say intentionally causing shake hands are intentionally harm causing potentially are guarding like this Then other people says eventually War year hot gatting okay, basically did say the same thing But here they put a war year hung guarding, you know, years also I also they're happy to know it Here. Ah, Yemanja Honda, You know to say something good And your home? The Rubik, The young pyo. Now you know piano beautiful right before also very beautiful. Then here. That's also important. Shima, you know Sherman's ace like mice. Question that True? It's like a really, really just the kind of planete because they kind of see I on really big. Really? But you know, you know, in your heart, very happy. And yes, I have a big house. Yes, they will say she Really? Okay. Ah Ching ching billeting zone. It's a place to make it a client consulting though that's also very useful. So I make it yellow color so you can try to remember it. You can use it for example coming. Please check Jean please Coming Then you say it seems hopelessly down. And then next thing you know what is the Ching Her char Please drink tea Always like this gene gene window Okay seems letting go And then Italian needs and I are gonna try to be at in other than not aware convert work design not recall. Okay Work literally Where? Where does he work? Where do you work? Off course Designer comes up then the lady says what I should say Welcome. Remember she's always school This one school work I had school work work for school Numinous young young It's ah I would like you can translate I the like right? You'd like to cool Drink English use. They have tohave. But we must say toe drink. What? Because that's to drink. We don't say toe. Have you know the humans? Young hood? They are a little bit. Make it played a little bit. What? Sam Kodo Sharma. Okay, then here. Uh, then it give you the the offer? What's drinks she can over you. So hurt our drink Tea? I should here high she means or for question, this one or that one You will say hi. Sure. That one. High sugar, That one. So hurt High. Sure. Who cafe or drink? Coffee. Off course. You can drop this. Her drink? You just HR, Asher cafe tea or coffee? Yes. Help. Ah, back to the this site. Get said. Uh, well, yeah, You know, yellow. You can translate. Just like once. Yeah. So here is this young It's no, I'd like more plant or yeah, I just I want we are eBay under. I want one cup off. Right, Kareema? Queen means you can I can. I said Koyama. Okay. Like this. Okay. Am I allowed to do that like this? But ah, Serena, The lady says liberty. Sorry. Activity Woman's. Yeah. My home male color, you know, may always don't have color. We don't have color. Then the lady says not remember now. No, I mean that. What here means in that case in that case, So in that case thinks you don't have color. Now they working me give you, uh, give me E bay. Ah, a couple off shray. It could be across the castle for it of major water. Remember back, guys? Kind of, as I said to show suggestion, Of course you can also to you yourself. Like, how about just give me water like this? So you put buys and okay, so try to remember some barriers for freezes. You know, as I said, Ah. Coming, please. How do you say? Here? Read the yellow color. Cindy. Coming, Placing. Sit down, please. How do you say here, This one? I think so. I think for And have some tea. Police in Costa. Okay, also nice to meet you. Use this one here intentionally. Harm counting to know you're very happy like this. Okay. And the other very useful phrases. You may also have a look. How did city data shots 20. Lesson 5-3: data. How or should join sink. Your mission is in the we're learning new or calvary today. Woman case, she starts. Okay, Number one, it's a one. Why're you can pronounced one? Oh, it's artists on the water. Okay. One is toe play. Could be Children plays kind of play board. Or just to have something to have fun giving a temple one show She always a boat. So play ball. You can see Rancho all I can say what you need Ya one I go to your home tohave some flattener or Tunisia while then the 2nd 1 let let you may already know. Ah, have ah lot off usage, actually, but the most common one is for path tense. If you put a lot after birth to make the world past the tents like English ship with e d. After the work in Chinese, you just to put a let to show your date did it? Yes, they are in the past. For example, if you say wa chill uh funded choose goal. But the two laser went work. I went to restaurants. How well can, uh Daniel So I watched. Ah, movie. Right Cannaday off course. We also use this love for off another or some other different structures to go to different usage than later. We can talk about it. Then you will know them them by then. But right now you just Ah, it's okay. You're just know is at the past tense. Okay, next one, it's a tool. Xu Guan Library to that means the picture or map and the shoe off course it's means book one. It's ah kind off place. Place normally is placed. It's the big, big like a whole things like this. So to should one is like a bigger hole. Misses a lot off maps, pictures and book That way. Say social picture book. Okay, Next one itchy together in Chinese we often say we together do something. Maybe because we are so many people so often we just not not only myself means maybe me and my friends together to do something. So we often say, on the beach he does something. For example, these two examples were to funding You can say woman, you put him in here and e t Chief India. So we together goto restaurants and they were condemning You can make it, woman itchy. Continue. You put ET before before. Do something. Way, way, way together. Do something together. Dosomething woman Itchy candy Enormity I found it. Then the sea here. Okay, here again with are something you can say, Loki. In all you put our thou kr kr Lothian tr Okay, so literally This allele means to chat, to chat in. It should be something not the really important. Just some daily things that how are you doing? Ah, how is their son? Was the weather like this and the tint? Kim needs a sky. So layout in literally You talk about something related to the sky. So the weather or something? So something not important just, ah free tests or just chat. You can say what she wants. Melican was he went out with him. It the next one its height. He said, Ah, time is not only not until only then what does that mean? So I can give you some examples. Why not? In Q I give example Folk, then Pole war. Ah, look in. Yes, They brought in my John Evening Chardy And typical high. Yeah, No way guys to return home. So basically I just stay even in 12 o'clock That's midnight. Went home, returned home, right? So if I put PFI tie before the verb not to show very late, very late. So that's why I said not interiors kind off. I didn't the return home until 12 o'clock. But actually this is high to make people. When you use Thai people will think. You think that's very late. Chardin. High with you. Okay, Another example. Hmm. Hi. Wait. I realize comeback needs highway. I this kind of complaint. Book them for your wife. Your husband say that's to you. It's high oil. I So you just returned. Oh, you return that so late? Why you do that So late. So needs. Hi. This is how I have the fading. That's very, very late. Okay, that's a word. I have used a job ways The return guys home returned home. They say, Yeah, the English human say go home, Go home. People made just literally say to choose, choose, go shoot. But we never say to tell. We always say way job because kind of we always say return home. Not really Go home. Makes a return. Yeah. Remember this. Okay, that's all for today. Thank you for watching. I will see you next time for the conversation that you 21. Lesson 5-4: data how woman can cover in this. Look at the text hunting that know. Very easy, actually. Okay, that's no cat. It's it says silicon Latin shop looking your yesterday evening along Punker Leo monkey and the deal to go to go when junk jack wire going junk Home wired. Remember, Where is toe play? Here's the to have some fun but so they golden dawn. Yeah. So tired toe being at own Just to show you Ah, there, right. It doesn't matter, You know, diet. Going some? Yeah. At going some of home apartment here. This little you know, you put a little after verb. It'll show past tense to show past tens. Okay, Uh, Gentian No one governments under TD garden. How The brother Patio girl hellion off course. They got the same family name goal and the Italian given name se. She showed the to shoot. Go on. So still sigh for location. You need a star at in touch each other. The schools to sugar on the library. Come. So work going to work, So ah, work in schools. Library work at the school's library to remember no money we puts do something at the end we will say the location first in Chinese definitely will say Ah in the library first. Then you say work, pa Jim Long punk or coffee? Huge eating is a in white or treat, so he treats one Peng who are chattering hood. Her drink tea. We don't say Have TV Say drink The Who attacked long punk cooler. The Bombay Long Peng drunk last year. Also for past tense debate. Tool cups are two bottles bottle cap. It's bay. You have to sail young. You can just they are bay for two off something. No money. You'll save young You don't say. Are they always down bay? No. Arbet Leo Bogota for Leo Doesn't like to. You didn't drink tea. Ju who? Juries only remember Drew. Hula eBay, Trey Onley let past tense Onley, drunk eBay. One cup of water coming, etc. Now what they are, it's together. So ah, when we learned the recovery, you know, I said that we often Seiichi Chinese people because of their so many people. We also do something together so often say one and itchy Do something so toman itchy nail care they together loud tires, toe chat. Now talk about the sky. The weather checks just messing Serious Candian Shoe Watch the TV Lampung Cody 01 Commander Deal line John started in the evening. Terrible cloak. Midnight Thai AirAsia AirAsia returns home Returned home here Tie As I mentioned to show something very late it's Rick kind off the opinion off the writer, the writer Or you think that's late? So you put a tie before the word highways so it's kind of you can translate like a month and audio. Ah, in the evening 12 o'clock returned home, which is the which was very late. This ready? Okay, so something brought in here. Ah, look, there's some Lor here is the full past tense, you know, Hurler drunk, right? Hula drunk. Right? So that's full pistons and the here Ty also the important structure to show something you think which is very late. That's ah kind of the special in Chinese 22. Lesson 6-1: data. How should John I think a woman should in the we're going to learn new lesson video. Could you yesterday in for In this lesson you will learn to use Chinese to answer a phone call and it'll start a phone conversation set off appointment. It's a teacher on the form. Ask a favor. Like someone to return your phone call. Okay, let's look at the world camera first. Okay. Number one day. You know, we have learned again. It means to give for example, I give you apple. I can say well again. Ika Bingo. Bingo example. And today, the same day. But we're just different way. Could be two or four. I give example If you look at here that, then what? That idea What? Make a phone call Eyes Any moment. Action with your hand to be play ball or you hit something or you make a phone call dd dd right. That star the wise telephone. So, Daddy, what? Make phone calls, Then we just take it as example I can say Well, Danny ah didn't look which means I make a phone call to you. So, Gainey, not really. I give you something. Actually, here means to you through your side, you know, make a phone call that the phone calls to your side. So what gave me that? You can treat this Gets to another example. Were Gainey miler it? Ah, the woman's gift. So I gamey Gainey. Actually, here's a for you I for you, my allegedly reminds by equally One gift is I bought a gift for you may say I for you Buy a gift bought a gift. As I always always say. You know, Ah, normally put to do something at the end, so we will definitely be able to say I for you bought a gift. So here, this case more like for you. But you can still feel this kind of give you the feeling. But when you translate it, it's better to say for you. You know, that's why they have the meaning give or two or four. Okay, then also hear that in what we have mentioned. This started. Make a phone call, then hire telephone, you know, then is the electricity Why's the speech talking? Then why is electricity talking that when you make a phone call, you will say hello? This is John we Chinese people often maybe will say way or some people say way. Some people say way, so there's tool pronunciation could be way equal away. Could be waiting so you can choose the one you like Normally I will say way you know, to make it to the sounds high pay way Not where a little angry. Okay, anyway, then next one here that so we have learned it. Toby at in arm. Here's off. Similar Toby present. Present means you President there. So, for example, War Day? Yeah. What? That? Yeah, I at home What that is yet? Okay, an excellent You Julie said Ah, preciously or exactly exactly way. Still. Take the phone call, for example. Someone called me Said war General General means look for in Chinese. I'm looking for strong on the phone. Water, John. See John for people will see another way They say, John sama, It's kind of John Die Jama. It's Giang at home. Is John in office? John there like this so I can just say Ah what John To feel. They feel what your shoot John Tokyo is exactly. I exactly that John means Yes, I am. I'm job. What Joshi John this Joe toe emphasize exactly. Not the fake one. Good. So next one name we learned the knees. You need just apply on platform often me? Ah, no money. Sometimes you know Ni Hao is hello. But if you change it a little bit you say mean how with much plights, for example, you want toe some situation. You really want to show some respect for very over the Professor Considine? How so? That's very plight. People will feel happy to hear that all sometime the first time to meet somebody Because the first time So you want to use some plight word to in case something wrong, like you may say in how you help. But the second time when you made friend you become a friend. You may just say Ni Hao because you kind of youth keep using in how in how so applied. So your can you know, people will feel kind of, you know, the distant It's become long a big next thing you know, things like this. Okay, so toe the familiar people normally just say anyhow but to the person you just the meat at the first time you may say in in how to Ah ah, old people Professor, someone you respect, You say? I mean how good Nixon? Nah Aulnay, which we learned. It's not gonna be where but also could be which, for example, the recall meant question Mischer Na gore and which can very from so literally you sure are now which your country you are rich country person makes sense. Okay. You should not go in like this. Oh someone talk about buying something You can say that so many you can see naca Which one ? Naka the measured Good. Not good. It did not go for Naga pinball Which apple? But you can just a knocker. You can job Gengobe if people know you mean apple. So you just say Macca. Which one? Oh, if you use that Ah, you ask a person which Which person? Here. Wait. It's the measure word This M is the measure word. So it's a plight measure Beautiful person instead of say which one you may say instead of saying not good, you may say in the way for personal only 4% The people, when they hear the way they know you mean person not apple, not other things in restaurants They always ask you like, May I ask how many people you have? Then they say Tinman place asking the may I ask and they say you wait. Jesus! The question for number No, no may not. Big number. Small numbers. How many? So how many people debate supplied the way to ask the right that next shall afternoon shy stunt. You know, Xiang is up Shy stung Woman's unknown Deng on its afternoon. Okay, So Shang Shang Uh, of course. Morning. I need the shower in the afternoon. Don't it then? And the, by the way, is joining John. Women's known John means the middle Xiang it up. Jones Middle shy Stan. So Xiang Yang and the shot. Morning. No one afternoon. Good. And see that? Sure Pine. This time, for example, people ask Schamasch Region Shammam is what? At what time should Michigan example You want to meet somebody? You have to say that Schamasch again. She matured. NTN was timeto mitt. Okay. Oh, you can say anything with a shirt in the pool Should no door is many, but or not many is The time is not much. I don't have a lot of time. You know, we have to talk. Uh, in the short time very soon should the import door next up Plenty. 20 quid. The question could be problem. Problem should the impossible, but plenty, Khandala. But the problem a lot, you know, So you can say venti hot door. Oh, in the class you can ask your teacher. You can say well done to you, my boy Won t I have ah question You'll have y o and that You know when he also could be a problem. So in this case, in some situation, it's cool to be I have a problem. I have a big problem can say Well, you oiga the 70. I have Ah, big problem. The kind of not easy to handle with like this. Okay. Next. Yeah, You got a lot of meaning This could be will be going to all once or need different meaning . It depends. So you may ask How can I know? What does it mean in the certain sentence? So it depends. It depends the context context. For example, in the restaurant, you say Well, yo ebay coffee, right? Leave a car. They I want a cup of coffee it must be one right, shouldn't they? I'm going to a cup of coffee. That makes sense. So what? Yeah, I want in restaurants. But if you say were Minkin y'all that's the truth. I haven't learned truth. Actual tries to go for a business trip or making out time. So item oral B. Well, I'll be going to eight Children go along, go for business trip. So you know that's going to three. Depends. Okay, let's continue. Okay. Here. Kykuit to have a meeting. Kywe. Ah chi disorder kind means open. Be open. The whole and ah could be turned out. Turn on the air conditioner turned on the TV. That sky also could be still start something That's something. So, Kywe, this guy's motor starts in the meeting. So when you're translated like toe have a meeting to attend the meeting Where your sky toys making chi will have a meeting You can say what didn't can shung y'all Kykuit. We just mentioned this shown when the young so literally I today Morning, we'll have a meeting. They all attended making way meeting the shang morning. It's no that looked at here. Yeah, it's a measure word, so the original meaning. If the George George is kind off, you know my arm here, the draughts that Zaire all apart off something could be from this part of toe that part that's also so Ah, another example. You say, Miss bamboo, it's bamboo. So here, here, here this is the tear and apart off bamboo also could be a part of something. So you use this day as a measure word. It means that things should be divided into parts, different parts. It's like class. You know? There's one class in the break time and another class So you can say heat seeker means that one class because there's a break. It's like here, you know, you did go down ticker. Something like this could be the bass for the train. You know, you dont you send you things like this, you can use the measure work. So example, you cooked one cuss. Of course, the goods The common measure where you can use girl for anything you cook. No problem. No problem cause the class of course. This non ung just great. Great, for example. Ah, like my child. Maybe he's in in NZ, right emergency. Great. The one, but we say one that's missing greater one great great one unions er are Nandi son Andy Leoneans e great six This and off course in school you have to take his damnation. Kaushik culture It's said it gave all take examination. Culture call. You can hear colleagues Gabo take a Texas cult. It's a verb. Collies a verb. Sure, normally here in this world that she is a nun misses the text. So culture is kind of take the text culture, but it should go to other meaning. That's Ah, totally different thing. It's if you should as a verb, it's to try to try something. For example, you go to a shop we want to buy clothes can say, Ah, let me have a try. Can say, uh, she she wash I have a try. We like to say replies to make it too soft, fading like English. Have a try all we can say. Well, sure issue Well, she should even can put e in the one between toe same birth to make it this feeling I have a try what she should, and the one you've tried to pronounce it to speak it the second shoe. Even the same shoes. But you pronounce it neutral that it sounds good Wash. Okay, Next. Let me hope. After for foot Temple After 10 years. How do you see that? My up to 10 years. We say 10 years after shooting in hope the opt it into English. 10 years we see shooting in hope. Shouldn't you know? No. He fled corn or some people pronounce comb. Have are something clone or comb? It depends So either which one you like? You just say that's minsa Here means free time. The coat itself means space off course. So space you can say your free time This similar thing. So come also could be free time If you have free time How do you say you say war? Your okay? I have free time. I don't have free time. And fortunately, how do you say what? Don't Mayo don't have mail? Well, my uncle Do you have free time? How do you say they said you have free time, Mark, Right, Neo con! Okay, good men yell Shit! It's on No shoot. Yeah, she means that if yo Sherman thief, for example. If you have free time, please come to my home. How do you say? Yeah, sure. Neo comb. Then place teeing. Come to my home lie Ward. Yeah. Okay. Easy, right. Good. Next one funded convenience Giving it. He just needs convenience. For example. Have fun being very convenience Come from my home. Very comedians. Like what? You have fun being one being Give another, then pope, which is not in the book. Fun being mitt Funding you, me and means is a noodle minutes. No, no, actually, me and self. It's kind of the flower ponder. You know, the the thing you make the goal and the make the Newdow. But for short, which just say men know could be no, no fun being committed. Comedians know, though. Is that the kind of lemon you know, the very convenience you just porthole towards where you can have its This kind of Noto we call it the fun being mean. Next one, though a rice arrived all go to go to give you them Put, for example, were what all basing? Yeah, I goto baiting and do something right. So true. A J just mentioned the jeweled chains that gold for business trips That war I go to a basing forbidding trip. What are baiting? How could be right if you take a taxi. Then you can tell the taxi driver Donna, your life off heart stents off. Finished. Dollar means arrived. It's a stop. Stop here. We arrived about Look out of here! Bungle Ship office literally. Findings to toe handle, handle to do with it. And the which means the public like a young again. It's the park coming in public park. Sure. Okay, which means room. Thank Gunship. Literally. We handle some public thing. The room, the room, that room way does this kind of thing. Blankenship. Okay, we'll face next line seeing means. All right. OK. Can I come in? Okay. Oh, like, could you do something for me? Can you do me a favor? You can see All right. Can say seeing we have some way to say this. All right. One is the seeing today with their latest sitting. Could be curry means okay. Could be how how is literally good, but also could be OK, No problem. Good. Makes it done. Wait, are wakeful. You don't have to say full in Chinese. In this case, you don't have to say I'm waiting for you. You're just saying Chinese. I wait. You what? Danny wouldn't if you want to show. I am waiting for you. This kind off, Weiqing. Not just the weight. You may put that well, It's I done exits. Meat. We'll say I'm waiting for you. If just the water needs means I wait you with you no matter how late is kind of like this next one here. I don't Yeah, you can put a B and the verb. It'll don't go. Don't go years old. Uh uh. Bitch. You don't eat it bigger. Don't drink. That's the beer. Do something. I don't know something. Yeah. Okay, then here they have. Ah, beer cut. Could. He's a plight. They could Don't be pledge no money. If you say thank you. Here. You can say boo cuts, which we learn All you say. This haircut don't be place. That means you're welcome. You're welcome. We're friends. You don't have to be so fly to say that. But it is just a grating, you know, just a Not really. I mean something. Don't be planned because because Anyway, you have to remember this beer. Don't putting up China will shoot. Yeah, Laotian. His teacher. So tongue is Ah, a Chinese learning. Come out your teacher tongue. Okay, that's all for the recovery. And ah, I will talk to you soon that game. 23. Lesson 6-2: data. How didn't care. Won't mention Asi Cohen that way. Learn conversation. Okay, so let's look at here Leo Gay Chung Rauscher That didn't want Neil You Day two to teacher child in the eyes of action was your hand implies telephone so that China should get your starting because we put do something at the end. So we say the direction 1st 2 can launch you make a phone call, okay. Gay coming out. Shit. That then said way Yeah, When we answer, the phone tends to vote way. Okay, then on the person way someone may I ask the replied Changle. Sure timer for future Chung There sisal here, Toby Present time. A kind of tunnel shoes, a office, MMA or channels Tuesday. Jamari doesn't make it so. Channels you Samer normally just in time a there then Teacher Chiang challenges said or still Joshi humans Exactly. I exactly Mr Tung Chung Chung Grocer and Mrs Cheung and not the fake one. Okay. Who are you? The shooting. That way, Saarinen generates the plight. No money to a stranger, All a person. You're first met. You may use a mean in the name of a little plate. Knin's Inuit. You are nice which not to be aware but humans Which way? It's the measure. Wonderful person sewn in shouldn't wait. So you are which person. But ah brightly Look it so last year and in how very plight. Because to teacher spectator seinen instability rationing how or sure Dio then the teacher Leo Yo Sharma your Sharma. That's very common in Chinese too. Ask your chairman. You know, show off Sure means that Think. Think you'll Sherman Yeomans has have things do have anything to ask me or something like this. You will show you my last shoot sink in Sao that have known Nino Should Emma. She's there this time. So that afternoon Do we have time? Your schema was young. Okay then of course, ask. I ask you something was young one. I could hear I was young Bunion off course, their plights for you. I ask you t j means a few. If you could hear De Galante a few questions twenties Question the question. Of course. Teacher teacher like to answer your questions like a mate. But that teacher said deputy Sorry, Jingqian Xiao Wu that the afternoon this afternoon. But we say to the afternoon war. Yeah, okay. No. Yeah, I got a lot of me. A lot of meaning. Could the well are goingto want Need humans will. Oh, I'm going to have a meeting because they say the time is not known. So it must be I will have a meeting, but some cases could be need. I need to attend a meeting. It's good to be here. Depends that the student says Minkin A you know, nice little same questions. How about moral about tomorrow? Okay, then here. But ah, unfortunately the teacher says Minkin Xiang Xiang with morning Indian found tomorrow morning war Yo down dear Could remember the measured dear the bamboo with here If this part so dont you could normally is a measure Where before something you can divide it into different parts The anti a cook I have a tool classes xiao Sunday in so afternoon for a cork We don't have ah, like, really the way to say p m am. So you have to say afternoon. Three o'clock self Sunday in yo Okay. Yeah. Okay. Are Nancy Remember our names. You and Angie is the great. So are 90 great tool culture, culture it's ah text, you know, test for in text have examination two of the great too. Okay, then let's go to the beginning here at CNN says Nein Schamasch, Jimmy Show to say, what time shall Michelle York, You know, Call me. Ah, the space here means free time. Show me, Show you what time you have a free time The teacher says minty in Saudi in So did four o'clock. He hoped he home is after, you know, at the full cook it's high your claim. Your call means that I have a three time. But how about this tie? What does it mean? Why use type? Yeah, So this high to show kind of the speaker the person who were talking, thinking that's too late If you used tie after time to show your thinking it's too late. So the teacher said, Ah, tomorrow, full cloak in afternoon I have time. That's kind off late for you. Maybe the light of this stating your were your tie We have mentioned actually ah, fuel lessons. So we say to you if you put two after time, that's very early. For example, what Indians are to young Lily and Joe teacher this morning. Six o'clock. I got tough, but I think that's very early for me. So I said the Oh, dear Joe, get up stronger. But here's a Saudi anti s again, the whole after four coq au Oakland, I have time, which I think maybe very late for for you This Okay then the student says Lau shu I mean ah not sure not loves you. Yeah, yeah. Options if Mr Structures thing. If in fun being from being convenient if you're convenient for them But for 30 What? How I ve arrived I go to in the bangle ship goes bang She's the office. Cute, huh? In the ongoing share, the choosed unnecessary because it's very clear I arrive your office. But sometimes we can also put this chicken kind of company company men Three parts Because actually, you go there You are right. But actually, you go there. You can put the two up after the office. I went to your office. I don't I'm gonna shoot you. Ask permission. Is that okay? Sigma? Okay, Teacher says Cimbom may 20. No problem. No problem. Okay, but here. No problem. What? I mean, tell me the week I in the office waiting for you sitting in. Thank you very much. That's mean. The student always used the platform over me. She always use name union, you know, kind of to show plate because they want to ask the teacher some questions. Okay, then the teacher says appear, could, you know, be a so don't. So don't be polite. Your work on Okay. 50 and the cattle jail. See you next time you 24. Lesson 6-3: That's how woman case you ways that well, cavalry Shameful. The IKA number one shocker, Jack. So, you know, she eyes down just on goods. The measure. Word for anything. So shocker. Next one we say in dung jacker. Next one could be Sacha anything next week. Uh, next person next program like this Jackal something. Okay, then here, Joan, went someone. Someone is a Chinese language, you know, junkies for jungle, of course. Jungle thing Here, Doom one is a language. So someone, the Chinese language, a little formal. Another way to say Chinese language. It's Ah, honey, you high some difference. So honeys hunt people. I'm home people. You know, most people in China where ham people, but we have, ah, different for people, different nationality. We have, ah, 55 different national anti people. So honey is the biggest one. What you're learning actually is the harm people's language, not some group of people. They have their own language that it's not 100 hundreds of mentoring, which is your learning right now, John, When it's kind of like hungry Chinese language. But if a general idea could be, you know, include other small languages still using in China. But most they it means the same thing. Also, this one, you can put the different countries for them. Poll for Japanese and human for English. How about Mabel? Maybe in your Lamaze for America, So could the American English. Right now people kind off divided it into American English, British, English, in China. Some people like American Nexen. Some people like a British accent, you know. So you England, May 1. How did German language next one bunk to help? That's easy. For example, about me. I help you. Oh, can you help me? How do you say we will say you help me? Me? None can. You can help me. You know, bang were put in my eyes and to make a question number Ngwema Oh, need co You found woman curry is none. Here is the same means Can can you help me next one Drink bay to prepare from there, you can prepare something. Prepare text, you know, And you can say, uh, as I said, size doing something. I am preparing what they do, baby, Uh, call should examination. I'm preparing examination on preparing some thought could be Drug bay. Okay. Ah. Next on DNC. Then she could be worth to practice. Oak, banana tree. That practice we can doing some practice, you know, That's also leniency. Got it? Then Here's the It's worth a mention the world and see something. What? What? Didn't you come in? I practice Chinese. Sure is to say to talk to speak. Okay, We just put the shore here. Wouldn't see short someone I practiced toe Speak Chinese. Practice speaking Chinese. Okay, that's a sure then that one instead. Uh, sometimes you'll see this for surprise. Like Like this. But most time you put are just to make it soft Book, then poll, you know? Sure means yes, you can say Sure, sure also means yes. Maybe year or something like this to make it a soft and the nice. If you see how means a good Ok, you can say holla means a Okay. Something like this just sounds good. Okay. Ah, next limb Attention, but attention. It's like I really like to go to your party back. Ah, a don't have a lot of time. I'm not frayed. You can say Done. Sure, Then Shuaa Male corn. The last time we learned this cone comb like I don't have free time. They means your master. You have to. You have no other choice. So what? A Okay. I cannot go to your party because I don't have time. I have to. What a she is. He come with the poor guy, Have to learn Chinese gun is a race. For example, Learn Chinese with John. I didn't say what the issues he told one with John. John, John. But ah, just remember, we always put do something at the end. Put other things before there was something. So you have to work a bris, John. Learn Chinese with a gun. John JC drama like this. A gun? It's a vase, for example. Ah, you want to go to the supermarket? So I can I would like to go with you. You can say this. You will say, uh, with you. Don't. Okay. Well, Gunny, however as you go, like always you good then, Jimmy it. I have to make this Damian, please. Because sometimes people got confused. Jimmy ins to meet. Came in to meet Yeah, Gin is a verb means to meet, to meet Oh, to see So it's a verb. But to me it here. If you look at you, me and somebody's face So faith it's a nun. Liquidity means to see to meet your face, to see your face. So that means to meet Because that's kind off work. Plus noun phrase. So you cannot put another long after me after face. You cannot say. And that makes sense. I feel faith. You write. You cannot see what you mean. You will see that you will see. I see. Right? I meet you. So if you want to say I meet you, you will not use this Tianmen you were Just use a war, Jenny. Since then this Okay that Well, Huh? Jenny, I meet you. Oh, I me too that we meet. We will say woman Jimmy. Dense than this. Okay. How did next one? Well, I will. I will in the light allies come Quay literally means the return return and the company returned that the comet's come back. Come back. You'll see Teoh just itself. When I will I come back. Come back or you will die. Oh, you can ask your husband, your wife one. Will you come back? Me tin can today He didn't with time what I then you were in cities. You will say Well, then the time for eight o'clock body in. Wait. I Okay. Good. That's all for the recovery. We will see you next time for the conversation. It's idea. 25. Lesson 6-4: just show what you put in Number one. I thought Lou Powerful. Yes, You won such a high with the Congo Guangchang posing. Well, then she want conjugal chancer nine and kill. How's young make in July carting, Djula. Okay, so you tell. That's how on the night you see Coven Thanks. Okay, let's go. Cut here. First lady says way off course ways. Hello. On the form. Way to England. Way. Hello, Ching. One do remember means May I ask? Okay, man, ask Montagne Lima. You know, size toe show to be present. This one poem there One thing at home, One in the office on pantomime a then monk among the men said the war. Teuscher, the studio emphasize Exactly on exactly a month. No other people okay, What? The ocean And issued the oma and issued the Europa. Sorry. Just now I said a pap. Economically, you say Are you Are you somebody? Sony Chioma here The your spot. Why you spot by normally put at the end of sentence to show a suggestion. For example, woman soba. Shall we go here in the studio by kindof guests? I guess you your Leo off your Leo. Thank you like this. So your spies and not matter, okay? Got different meaning. Then the lady says one phones, war service, things. Okay, here, Saxons. Jogger means next since you week next week, I next week, Right? So next week To what? Yeah. Call someone young with him. His wheel car always taken examination. And the German Chinese will take a Chinese examination. Then here said Okay, so it puts here says me bomb or, you know, bang his help. So you help me. Help me, John. They prepare. You sure? You shot a little bit? A little bit. I did. Ah. Gun war. Being see? Sure. So good. More. Come with me. Lindsay. Practice short talk, practice. Talk with me. But you will say with me first. You know, Put it to before work as I always mentioned with me with me Practice. What's back here? German going Chinese. Hama that Okay then the menaces however huh? So here, just to make it It's something nice. Soft can just see how good How just nice to our thank you. Remember? Thank you. Don't you means that. But what eventually need that a A means you have to have so You have to do that thing for me so I can help. You seem watching is white Me? Treat me her cafe Drink coffee. Her cafe Oh, to drink coffee. May 20. No problem. This freeze you will often use it. No problem may be no problem. No, no, I mean in that case. So now Ah, show me. Show What time? Shame Shaw gonna be Jimmy Jimmy ins to meet. You know, Ghani's again. The ratio meet. Meet you. So, Jimmy, the man did into my junk buying I his Chinese name another lady's name buying I team or against him and white me. Treat me for each meal to have a dinner tonight. Then the lady said Schumer do remember Schumer shootings It's minds. The question Is it so really Shima? By uniting you trip on that day, they say it again. You man, You Why did you to eat, huh? Really like this. So the men says correct war wheely whole, You know, realize the return I'll go back after I go back home is after after I return after I return But we pulled up there at the end. So wolf, without you hope can you remember this Scary a kind of to you then that they will make phone call. Then the lady says how? How? She didn't say How dare you say how? It doesn't matter how. How the what don't need? Uh huh. So your tongue is the weight or wakeful so I wait for your D N. Y your phone. Your phone call Check this. Okay. Additional men that come in this idea. 26. Lesson 7-1: tell you how Which. John Thinking Woman I c a c d tika share Tongeren starting Chinese In this lesson, you will learn to use Chinese to comments on once performance in the exempt comments on one's character writing. Talk about once experience in learning Chinese recovery grammar talk about one study habits and remark on typical thing from one's language. Cuss okay like we always do. We check the book every first woman consciences Now that since bigger Sure what you know sure is talk actually Sure. Highs verb. And the Nung structure sure is avert toe poke And the plot Here is the word and speech. You're going toe talk So sure. Why create you talk speech? You took a word? Sure. What? Thank you. For example. For example, he's poking Miss me. You can say uh So, uh, sure Paco was your remember We always say do something at the end. So doesn't never will say he with me And maybe talk talk, missing time, Koosh or why I couldn't be tired. Gun wash or English over this gun is more like a rich with me. Okay, Next one younger Xiang Xiang is up. You know, half direction go is measured. Shankar means the previous one. The last one, of course. It's a Deng directed sugar Shack. OK, say next month. Next. So Xiang, its previous in the past. She eyes the tongue in the future. Next one. How that Give it a temple. Younger, great Shango yet left the month fungo. I think he you know last week Shang Uh, control. That's the work. Okay, that next ones Yet this is a little special. He said, Ah kind of structure Word that How do you use the structure? For example, in English, you say ran very fast or run very slowly. How do you say in Chinese? Say powder Polly's a rent powers rent. So they say powder quiet probably hung quite This story's air here that structured the powder had quite ran very fast. So here Polly's a birth and plus sister and adjective. That structure, for example. Another example. Powder her man. That's the update. You know, Money's slope that ran very slowly. Indeed. You have to put away to show that's a slow lay. You know it's advert, but in Chinese you put it there. You don't put away after slow, but you put it there before. Slow, they say Ran the flow. Okay. Like this stating holiday. Other example. He eats very fast. Then you say ha through the hunk y se. That's you have to remember to pull this there. So you're sounds like the rial Chinese. You know, the Chinese way to say nights. They sure there Quiet. You cannot just state your hunger by the sons where you know you have to put the remember the structure is a verb. The adjective then next for he review food nominees to redo something, we will say Food, radio, something great feet from she's you know, she to study cases to study. So foodies restudy. So maybe you foresee next ones. Yeah, just the right. Right down some things here. You know, For example, I can make sentence me. Okay. Anyways, fans UMA literally You can write Hun the Hun people Chinese, the lead character. Can you write Chinese character this? Then you can say Wait. Yes, I can. Well, we here I can write You can write Took their okay. Of course. The film is the Chinese character And this went much money slow, slow like we already makes already made the sentence powder. Had my friend Marie flow very slowly, I feel visit to the Chinese family. When you leave, they may say this man's Oh, go slowly, you know, So my it goes lonely just means that Be careful. Be careful. Some kind of very polite way to say Die again. Bye bye, they say Menzel, go slowly. Okay, Here. Do you said a measure. Beautiful long thing. No money. For example, Pen. That's the common one. You'll really use this measure. Where to? You will say each of P E to be a pen. If if you also read Chinese character, it's got gots the food, the tray radical. So do itself. The curtain itself means the French No Jew means, uh, bread, branch or branches, you know, from the trader. So the French normally so long and the wooden thing you know in the past that the pen our you know, writing brush from the bamboo off order. So no money will your stew for the measure to full bullpen and the next night be sure, pan. Excellent, Young said. The measure of a full flexing so it could be paper, the paper, but not the notebook. What? One paper paper. You'll see Young paper, Junk paper. So here we are. Paper is you will say John, you a paper. It could be a picture picture. So you will say you, John. I type. Here's the first phone that you actually want. You pronounce it Uriel se e because of Young is first time before first time This one. You said you so e John, joke it a picture. I'll eat down flat things, Jordan. Jules is table people. They've always not really flat. But, you know, the the surface off the table is kind of flat, like paper. So we still say it. Young George. A table next that Joe she always to teach. I can say Well, it Yoni John one. I teach you Chinese. That's the truth. Kill. Oh, How do you see? Can you teach me Chinese? And I can teach you English. Okay, so you you will say any None numbers can you know Tell young Juanma Then you can say what one done. Tony Hi. Locate the update. It doesn't matter. It's example that Ah, this flood Gemma, the nasal help demise help. Could be How come? Sometimes you feel surprise. How come you come so late? Everybody a Weiqing for you. And also you know this how in this case it is something like Why? Why? So no money structuring the do something, Do something. It is simple. She needs kind of. How can I go through your poem? That Mancini Literally. How to go to your home? Oh, you can say summer's here. For example, The year Take it how to write this character. Okay. Oh Hamadou. Very useful in the do it rate allowed rate. How to rate this character means the pronunciation. You can say it's a model Tickets how to rate this character. Okay, Next. I don't know. To understand. Don't I can ask you and you don't know. Do you understand? All I can say any king don't number So we put you know, thing is listen, don't Let's understand they put them together. Kind off. Do listen and understand it. Meeting Dong llama. Okay, if I say new can No, come is look at kind of like your raid and you understand, it's Norman is the character or the article paragraph to understand it like this. Oh, that. Then if you say it Woz. Don't laugh, right? I don't understand. I understand. I don't know. But ah, I can ask you. Is that riel? You're already understand it. You can use this, Jen. So me, Gen Okay, Eugen. Emma, You put a 10 before this. Understand? Or before the verb to show. Really? Do you really understand it? Do you really like to tohave this tea? Do you really like Chinese food? Or you're just the kind of big plight, you know? So you can use this in Genesis. Really? Really. This this is adjective adverb. Really. But then also could be adjective adjectives, for example, that if I have a watch, I can say after should gender. That's the rial, not the fake one. I can say hit, shoot and kind of. That's the real one, not a wait. I think we mentioned this way and not it. For example, where is the told it? Where is the bathroom? You will say pass room at where? For tempo way, Xinjian. They're not very common question. But here in this text, it's not this meaning kind of someone say really good work to you like you're so handsome. Your Chinese is so good You're so nice. You may say something like Chinese people will say 19 Ali literally wear where missing. I know that's not riel. Where and where you find it, Where I'm handsome. Where? Where? It's like the spelling. So it's kind of the way to reply them. One they, you know, compliments. Like like this thing you say. Way aware. And nanny Nanny. Okay, good. Then you see, Do you remember just now we talk about the full She full full with the reed. Oh, some. She's the Stacy study Restudy Review Fouty Uh oh. Here, you see? You know me, You do something before it happens. So you see the preview given that note example with you you think things toe book, toe order. So everything's like you order it in other ones you think. Are you doing fund it? Everything. Funding. Make a reservation in the restaurants. Everything funded here is that you see So premium You see Colin? Great. Review the test text. Sorry, not the test here from Tracy. Share the Allman Study on study. Seriously, A little formal, normally two syllable word data for more than one syllable. What shared on one okay thing at the wash A siege on one. The 2nd 1 The little formal sons. Next. De perfect, full cardinal number. What does that mean? For example, You know, each one a D is the number one all the first? 03 to make the bigger on the first, you know? Then if you say beaker the art, the art means the second. Okay, etcetera. And then let's say Okay, okay, then D shoe. Okay. Just to make it number issue. That's the mean, the 15th. Okay. Issue. Okay. For example, the first a month. How do you see? How do you use this? The first month? They say the IGA. Yeah, right. The first awake the the iga Sinti. Okay, Like this, then let's continue. Okay. Here. You saw Brenda. You know, you use the language. Five law. Okay. Five the law or the way you do something that's far the method. So you thought the language law. So, Grandma, the place notice. We also have a five. Okay. What does five you mean French? Okay. French language. It's a fire. Use that. It's a grand I hope I really need easy. So just remember, lonely easy, OK, you can say take 100 Me? This is very easy. Oh, Colleary 100 g spoken Chinese Very easy This like shunts We're learning it's a Shenson. So show me, you know, bear born like this Like you may heard a sugar, you know, sugar, you're which means the birthday Because Xiang is to pair toe born born Yuri's day So birthday Shung it's ah, Border police. The word so like the word Just the born means any words, right? So, Neuwirth for you, but not for me. So that's a sensor for you. Okay, Next the tool Many much think we mentioned it doing many really made me no door shouting. And you know how much toys many or much shower is less later. So door Charlotte in So could you tell me many or little money? Means how much you know door shall handle hunter Chinese characters. Off course. Hundreds of hunt people are Chinese people. Who is the character? Chinese, hon? People's character. No, it's difficult. All heart. Some people said hunt ill. It's ah very difficult, difficult to learn. So how do you see that? You will say hunting her man share, don't you? But I don't agree with them actually quite easy. How do you see that? I can say hunt. Food 100. Need only. It's very easy to learn and not very easy, but it's not very hard like this anyway. Because of Johnny. We just learned it. That's easy. Okay, so that's all for the cabaret. I will see you next time. 27. Lesson 7-2: a woman can Cohen did it long punk and Leo Show. Here's the structure. Monckton Talk rates Leo. So here, gun and the sure, Huh? You know, gun It's a this show Heise Park So one punk with Leo talk always this this older, you know, do something at the end. So long sets Leo me Shangri thinks he remembers younger the last previous last week Call shoe Cada Samia. Here's the structure that the structure As I said, the structure, it's ah get you and that the and, uh, agitate structure, you know, culture. It had the text last week. You had a test. And how did you do like this? Some young it's ah So ask your opinion. What do you think? Your text. It should be a adjective here, but it's a question. They ask you this adjective So you will answer that This is the adjective Could be How good On how very good Oboe How bad? Not good, You know So from the answer we can say this structure very clear. So cow shoe had the text Khaleda and this birth your d date? Yeah, How then? The girl says, Ah you made the bungalow Fukushi You may because you help me Fukushi review You flee for that structure Inmate So it this together You know because so Because you help me. So then the answer Here's the the same doctor. So that's a verb. Okay. Uh and the adjective so cada bottle So I did. Inputs are not bad. So here car always the you know the verb before take attack on toe Have a text so cut with little Thank you But what sheer here See a German Write Chinese Someone should be character So I write Chinese characters She had a pay my also same structure See the time It's a verb The active serious rights So the Pyman too slowly So I write Chinese too slowly See the time then the men said Sharma, Is that really true? Sharma Leo Name on the girl's name Neo were You can eat together with you We often say they seem Chinese candy et Because we're so many people in China often may say Wait together, do something together Go out together go shopping together You know something so working et the n c. It's a practice, right? The Chinese characters help the how How about you know, that's a affirmative. Ah. Next Dave question. You know. Ah, good. Not good. So let you to truth. Good. Not to go. How about? And then the lady says now, Hola. Remember now means in that case, So okay, I just write down in that case, uncle, to be so holla so good. Because you health me in that case. So America Woman, since I joke here, we can do right now. Exactly. Now you put a till you put till before Not before After the time to show. That's a very fast, Very soon off course that's to you. You think that's very soon So she indict? You mean just now here to write it down. Some young ask people's opinion. What do you think? What's your idea right now? Okay. Okay. Then the men says, of course. How? Oh, yes, Good. They were you to be. It's like English GIF. They will give me a chippy. Juries measured for Penn. So it should be one pen e country for wrongful, measured for paper or something very thing. Okay, we'll eat junk you. She estimates to write what character? Literally. You see, it did then he's grew it down. Okay. The lady says Nigella Joey's teach needle were the madness here. Don't. So you teach me how to write? Don't Don't limit the character tone, by the way. Say, don't character don't back guys kind of suggestion? Why not? You teach me? Don't. So here is also Grandma points. Do something. So, uh, put a dope or something? How to do something that makes you don't have to write it. Don't. Okay. Ah, Then the men, of course, says help. How about that? Okay, no problem. Lady sits Ah me. See? It's this is your right character said the gentle same factor, right? Koth, this lesson we kind of focused on the structure sheer to write birth and that the and agitates. So you write a really well, Because how it reads good in the you have to say Well, because it's not good that you put, you know, you put up to the verb. So in Chinese, we put it there. So birth, death and adjective to make the same idea. Say the general Jenny's Really? So you write your roads really good and really well didn't quite really fast. Okay, then. 1990 As I said, literally 90 is aware. Where, Where? Where? Where? Where? It's kind of to answer someone's compliments. They said You're so good. So nice so fast, he said, Oh, no, I don't think so. So you can't be played. So you say way or where I didn't see it. Okay, so the Minqin Yo Jong won coma you tomorrow has the Chinese Kurt lesson. Do you have Chinese lesson tomorrow? What about me? I help you upon the Does something. Okay, so it will Bunny. Is she no use privy upon news, Kate? Then that's go back. So the lady set men can't woman maintain woman share dtk for tomorrow We learn tt you know , tease seven but did team into their seventh on number seven Could class lesson and the lesson number seven The ticker The You far the Gramma in lesson seven teach he could of youth are high on Johnny. It's very easy. Okay, Were so in the dome is all So I o something What? No, I all understand No total cause she but Shenth New words Tidal. Too much too many hunter. Yeah. You know, darn in Huntsville Chinese character also, you know they are a little bit Yoda. None. So this is also kind of grandma points. You put your er before adjective before adjective to make it a little bit so like English. A little bit hard. You say your darn on. You're doing that? The men says may 20. No problem. May 20 Or Bunny, I help you. It's this very man. So he like Hey, likes to help the lady or money. Okay, that's the text. She's here. Shots is you. 28. Lesson 7-3: that all What? You gotten war didn't Pola gentle genital cut poets hat So I had my hair cut war Gen Tola know Mahama Okay, so we start over, will commemorate offensive Look at here Deka number one Ping Chung said you already You already all Kameni being camp peeing It's a flat The world opinions threat like this No change. So you already I do that not select this So being Chang is often looking child often You ready? I'll give you something then Pope Example I can say Ping Chiang wa Amman. You ready? I'm very busy. Ok, Another example Ping Kong What he did teach wrong No money. I get up at seven o'clock and the pink on war walking trying That's a matter which one? The first you can see a warping counted in sheetrock Doesn't matter signalling don't which means the already hurting. So as we learned that south on how Good morning. Good morning I thought shot South China morning Actually it social means early morning Early morning Not really morning early morning Which means that that young is not tender club 10 am It should be like for example Ah, for we in tow eight in like some time before you start your workers 30 or your school like this option. It could be three o'clock in the morning. Also could be view get up really very early. They still fashion for you. Okay, then. If a 10 0 clock 10 am what is this? It's not start young, it's It's not It's ah Shang, right? I think we we learned that shung which really means morning about 9 10 11 like this. So Chinese people often one way see each other in the morning with a valve like English You say morning but we just ST thou early early and you obviously already like this foul though . Good. Next let Jenna Jimmy said so they put them for your wife to the company very early, So people feel priced Celebrity. You can see some a thoroughly So the solar t hold The dates is so hot. You know, you can see how the merger. Okay. I think in they so hot. We learned another way. Toe show this kind of similar idea. So tired, right, Tyler, structure. You can say Tinti. Anti Jola got the similar syndrome. Meaning then this 11 is. Open it. Toe how one is late. We learned that one, Sean. Right, One shot. Okay, do with one shot. Which means evening, evening, All night. Right? So because of one means the late, kindof late time. So when shot? Okay, Some example. Very late. I love. Okay, Good South shown just to talk about it. Actually, it's the early morning. Not really. Morning, Concord. Homework. Off course in school. The teacher will give you some gong gong on the mainland. I think most people will say so. Yeah, it's another way to say homework. So So you this conquered small kind of Taiwan Fading time unveiling. But they're saying if you say conquer people understand you. If you say to a year people understand you God. Yeah, its very beginning. I said a data. How you know that everybody, Because that I know is a big Jai's home. Big home. Kindof I treat you at the big family. You know everybody my big family number. So I said that How big family Hello Like this waiting? It's very nice to say this bad, huh? And then shock Juncker. So you know, here could which means the class Xiang is up but also you used used the eight as a verb here means to go toe to start something So it could be go to cast off will be started Class Oh, you are in the cast. It depends It depends the situation If you say war to Shankar choosed gold, it must be I You know I goto a CASS Or were if you say what Thank Shankar, just write it down. What I Shankar Because you know size, toe be adding on but also tie If you say before verb to show you're doing something So what I Shankar means I'm having my class I'm in the classroom and listening to my teacher like this It depends Depends if you're finished class Like how do you say that? So Xiang is start finishes a shot Dengue shock Which means the clash classes over all has finished that And that one Kisha to start to begin. When I started my online class, I always say, Can we start? How do you say I always say woman Okay. Co unions Can Kayishema Can we start Or local education? Then some off My student will say cash like start all clearly Yes, we can like this. How did it you read aloud me Cloud? I think we learned another one. Similar. It's a So, for example, do shoe Rada book Do show this so you could read aloud. Are you just great rated? Just the way Say country, like Chinese people, they say country, Look at the book that actually rate book Cancel douche but in ensure the angel nominated means rate allow that you have to read it allowed Make some you know me and shoot that here in the text that they say to current color Don't cook Current is the text off Listen coup is a class one is a language or here it's the Chinese characters So coming together the text Duke Open rate the text That's very Coleman the teacher we ask you do killing. I didn't next one do in Could be number could divert Could be not good neighbor, This looks okay Lumens to record to record something lower What does the union you know, opinion right opinion Because I'm typing its opinion pieces kind off Use the two songs together to make another song That's opinion Penis kind of to match the two sons match to make a new song. That opinion. So you needs a song. You sound Lewine literally to record the song so it's could be to record or just the recording. The song recording teacher often say in the casting. Louis, listen to the recording this until they're recording King Louis, then this Here she is. He You know this so sure I'll show you see the poll means study or to study and to learn. For example, were Szefc German? Of course. You are learning Chinese literally. I learned Chinese. But if you want to exactly say like English, I am learning Chinese. You just put that day before work to show you are doing something or that she is he I'm learning Chinese. Oh, you can use the one. This one syllable word to show start is sure also means study. What? I sure John would, as I always mentioned the normally too favorable worth It Sounds a little for more than one syllable. Okay, if you say what I shares it on a little formal from but it next the shy, huh? Shy. So a men, we like this word phrase a handsome for men you can say potentially. He's very handsome power. Uh, try, you know, and also have cool. Very cool. It's full. Also, full person time. Cool. Not for the, you know, the temperature or the better. It's a full of person. Tom Cook. Okay, good. Ah, that's all for today. I see you next time again. 29. Lesson 7-4: data. How Woman's Indian can Cohen country the yolk and buying? I show up here the structure somebody somebody sure what it's like in English. Talk with somebody. Right. So here gunmen's with Schultheis Speak Talk it then buying. I need team tongue light 100 So any pain can't you? You ready commonly lies come lighter 100 Come Very early Overheard it. So here is another structure The structure You know that's what you mentioned last time in the text of number one. So that's verb and the the and the adjective structure. So if you say you come very early you have to say you come in the very early in Chinese Indian summer Jim Awad So number you know is we mention it's amazing how or how comes the Magimel. Jenna means so such so late. So how come today you arrived so late normally survive early you know, like this So buying. I says what talking? You see someone you know You see Preview, Preview Preview of the Chinese Zhang A Fudan high straight How should you? This is height Here you put the type after time. You know Sudi and four clock you put tie up time to show. That's very late to show Very late. Food inspires radio, of course, to the speaker. The speakers point all feel that's late. Four o'clock in the morning. Of course, that's very later to go to sleep. New Year. Schrader, Hon. Black man. So here, that still does structure same ver PTA and agitate. Sleep. Sleep very late. You also sleep very late yesterday that was Odeon should be in till Schrader. So here just now we have that's high to show very late. But if you put two after the you know the time to show that severity put here to show already so little Didn't illustrator only 6 p.m. she like, Ah, I went to the bed. That's a very early so little dingy OSHA You may want punk gang war Lillian. She Germans wanting help me practice Chinese. So yay were conquer border. I'm quite so much so. I concur his homework for my homework. So the hunt quiet deed very fast. The same structure, it's still so is a birth tool work. And that the and the attitude thought homeboy. Okay, so here also there's the structure. You may soy because so because he helped me. So I did it very fast. The lionizes yoga kind of eureka. You have won your jungle open Your general. You have a Chinese friend. That's ah, really good. You know, Jenny is a really, really good So Sean junior anchor in the Chinese class. Then that's the teacher. Just said Stata. How hollow. Wearability, Dad. Yeah. Oh, that's very common. Have to remember And the one you gave a speech in front off many people. You will say how I can die now. Woman Keisha Yushchenko case just started to be start our class d could remember one. He's number one. So remember one class number one woman don't use dilemma We all preview using a lot of my questions. You see that? That's tool Student said that you should reap reviewed so ah, Leo tinny can come in tinny The police you? No, not Katherine near near the read aloud written out the text. Yanda, hon. How so? You read, read aloud and really it's very good to same structure. You see the structure? Same verb. The educator. So Nanda Very good. Needs ot in my John King. Okay? Yeah, uh care needs ot my John King Louisville. Emma, You know Lou India's recording record. Did you listen to the record yesterday? We're making. I didn't So you deny something in the past three years. And may you don't use book is may. I didn't while making Dan shoe, but okay then she thought upon your 14 march Zhang bang passed upon you. Her friend thought he might young just a evening Banta help! Help to Hayne she studied health him study. Okay, then next pitch the teacher asked need upon your shirt. Jungle Roma, they're easy questions. Your friend is Chinese Chinese people. My for question should Hello. Short answer. Yes. She Yes. Hey, it's that pa to describe that man. That person Pasha Eager Lander. Literally. He is one man. It's a female. The female a person actually under Gen. But here, the job to the land. Just Amanda. He's the female one man. That's common in Chinese, for example. I like spicy food. You can see what she want to eat. Last I think what? You want to live that But actually it's the ladder food, a ladder tie. But you can drop this side. Just it was You want to laugh. That makes it stuff. Here. Pasha, You go. Unmanned lander. Female female, one not famous. Our email, hon. Shy, shy, handsome. Very handsome on. Cool. Very cool. That cool with just exactly translate from English. It kind of, you know, imported from English. I'm cool. Gel. One phone call the one time. Okay, that's a little Thank you. Shazza, def. 30. Lesson 8-1: data How was she joined in Human case? Earthy backer school life J C R Richmond School Xiang Gore which means like school ice Other woman Keisha So in this lesson you will learn to use Chinese to describe the routine off a student's life on campus, Right. A single diary and entry Write a brief letter in purple format. Impress your modest rate in terms off your from language ability Your white friends to go on out three Woman shin can shameful Check the work Avery first how the digga pin peonies A measured normally for article for S e for example, You can say e p in article you can but young which we haven't learned But Jang is article so e p m on junk Well, like today we learned the diary You see the VPN you're ah diary 2nd 1 your teeth So you're a means They okay here which means day and the sea means to write down you You make it big , right? Don t for example, I write it down Word he Shall I guys go down He shall I write it down? So you tease every day you write something down here d diary. You can say e p in your t p p a charity pin. One diary. Next lay Lehman's tired folk temple. I'm very tired. How do you see that? We have, ah few ways to see that You can say what lay? No, I'm very tired. Oh, Ah Letha, you know soon means to die or that's so I tired toe death. You realize they were live listener? Oh, uh, Les Sheila That's the same meaning D Gillum is extremely So I extremely tired or late Yeah through? Yeah, the other ways also. But this three way it's very common. Excellent. Teach one to get up. I'd like to expend every character he means Stand up or get up It's like a If I stand up for next T, that's OK, so we cannot see me. He so get up. Stand up. Strong off both here. Ah, a little bits Here, try illnesses. Bed the bed 40 trunk literally means to you get up out off the bed from the bed. So teach one. Then I can ask you me He didn't he trunk one? Did you get up? I think it then the next page here This one. She's so said to take a bus. We'll take a shower. It could be It depends because the character see means the cool wash. For example, I can say CE for see evil means wash clothes if we sculpt so he evil wash. That is always this past shower sees. Always. You wash yourself. You know she's out. Okay. Could have you take a shower? Could have taken us. And the next one a little fun. Breakfast. You know, Tommy, 30 valleys party and the fun. Which means the foot early fooled, early meal breakfast. By the way, do you remember? Ah, lunch in there. Lynch is fat with from two men's time. So dinner? Of course, you say. Even in food, it's even important, which is about fun. Well, im is late, So late Meal. You being literally means of one side? He's one being needs a side, one side. The here. Normally you used this CPN been to connect to sentence to link to sentence, for example. Ah, I'm watching TV while I listen to the music you can say well for European Conde ensure What's TV you've been king in? Can you listen to the music It just means you do two things together at same time. You can say Abyan, do one thing even do another thing even. Thank tell Shoot Custom So young has the meaning Toe teach two teach sure has meaning room How should the room toe teach? So Catherine here firing pronunciation, fat famines to to offend To make something happen as far something happened and the means the sun which we learned give you them Pope opinion. It's the tool to help you to pronounce things that's called opinion literally to put to, like initial final together to make a song make us some opinion. So in the sun here, fighting to send us some toe produce a some so valiant pronunciation thing Just miss new could be seen anything new anything. Give it a temple. She in short, new book Single new people Yes, there's a new coding came today So she than this one Then I'll computer that one. Ah, I like that one being now because it really makes sense Then is the electricity really poked before Elektronik or electricity? Now eso here and say Now it's bring they're not together electronics or electric. Bren, we don't have this computer before, you know, Then you have to give it a name. Two way to give a name. One. You're just simulate the son that you can say computer, but that's not the way. Waited in Chinese for the computer, I think independent. They kind of pronounced like some flick computer, But in in China, we kind of translates by the meaning they say, like chalk Brent Dan. Now don't we talk about it Known Lunchtime hunting. The dining room Have material something tonnage meal. Sunday's meal. King King is the kind of room or whole Oh, very big room. No May of faking hunting the big A hole for eking hunting. Ah, but it's Ah, nominate. Something is not restaurant Normally in you're the worst day. You know you have the canteens like all the ah, in your company. Maybe the some floor, the whole floor. It's your canteen, so it states hunting, being fun. So with the you know no one from Tom Strong and the fun. It's a food. So we'll find together lunch Sean well in the Shoney's direction up, but also you often used this young as a verb musical up. Go out two Big Temple Shan Shan Shan Is mountain go up the mountain junction? Hear about on the Internet? I really loved this character a lot. So this you see the character? This phone originally means the net, the fishing nets or for the birds. You know, the net looks really like a net. Right? Okay, so here's means the Internet. So Shang Guan kind of yourself The Internet. Oh, you go online, Shangla that one. So Sha Dmitry? Yes. You can say I live in dormitory and you say that they were to who should or your future? I live in dormitory off course here. I just the standard away. You have to see what draws a soup. Sure, that sometimes spoken Chinese. It could drop that. No, they're so people ask Where's your Dmitry? There are no no there, you hear? How do you say you say your lecture? Okay, so, uh, Juries hit here. Okay, next one. Jones, I said in the middle of doing something Guns are you put it to before Worth Book Temple. I'm reading. How do you say you put this gente? Some people said there's not really has tense in Chinese. That's not true. You know, actually, we have. We just don't change the verb itself. We do other. You no other way to show that's doing something. Or in the past In the past, you put the left after verb to show that in the past. But how do you say doing? I'm doing something I'm reading. I'm watching. I'm eating that. You use this, Jones, I Okay, Examples. What are the two small in the big, uh, gun. Make it that color war cans. I can true reading with a country with, Say Look at the book or watch the book Say the book Well again, that country There's an old different to see Watch, look at read in Chinese Me just watch in that country Another example work and they can Jansher, I'm watching the TV watching TV. Okay, that's gentle. The next, at each end before before give you example. Ah, what watching kin today should the end You can literally I today should the end 10 0 clock , then cloak each end before trees flip. So it means before 10 o'clock I may go to sleep today. Remember English you say before 10 0 clock in Chinese. You puts 10 0 clock before this. Before you say 10 0 clock before then I go to sleep a little confused. But you have to see it that way. Have to say some something that you think before. Then this one also Gossel to tell. I can say for work. Actually what goes? I tell you this soon only pronounced neutral itself. It is pronounced false tongue. So that's a to forestall. Nominate 2nd 4 strong. You pronounced the very light. So what? Dulcinea? I tell you what Caution. Oh, the negative war. Well, cacophony, I would not tell you that. Well, before I tell you, you have to tell me something. Oh ah, Golf On each end I remember before I tell you, But in Chinese they say I tell you before infrastructure is off it before it goes in the chin. You need to tell me something, you know Yo could be me The wheel. It depends. So here's the maid Miyoko Fu Wa something you know goes Ah, something. Just tell them that next meeting already already Example. But I already told you like cashew. Cause she's awesome is already also means that that's Kashiwada eating girls girls who knew that? But I already told you that you're waiting. Carlson. You normally you have a look. Work of its eating, eating? Do something. Let to show your tan. Makes you have this. Is walking a teaching? Excellent. Should that to know just a means to know against. I don't know. How do you see that? Well booted out, right? Very common. People often say, I don't know. What. Which? That stuff Do you know that the real sane Ujaama do you know it needs a drama? Okay, good. That's for the recovery. We'll see you next time for the text that James 31. Lesson 8-2: that is Howard's John. Inhuman. I can de backer the Cohen. Just so you Can you teach? This is Ah, diary or money. Should I cut? Get issue. She, uh, Sunyer since he are the they would like to put them Arabic member. So it's easy to rate your e. Yeah, son. Okay then think Sharif's Tuesday from the one burger? Third your stay. I think in war Haman today I'm very busy. L A remember lay tired by retired fashion TDM fun. Teach one. You know, normally you see the diary. You will say you know the time then you do what time their You know whats after that time? They do what? Before that time, I did another thing. Another structure. We mentioned this while I'm doing base and I doing this at same time. So you have to notice how the way say this in Chinese, Okay? No money time first, then does something before something before sometime I do something. How do you see that? Please note this. So does John Stadium. But in the morning 7 30 Teach wrong Get up contact. She lets out a Sith always take a shot where we'll take a bus here. We don't know his shot World bus. Just say take a shower. Okay. He thought left to show That's passed away. Say she lets out. Not a sheet. Allah, you say? See, let's optical sees the birth. It's always And now the paso showers took a shower e home after Jill here. Jew means then truth out that then I had the breakfast. So you have to remember here he hoped after English, you say After I did something, I did nothing But in Chinese you have to put after after the thing may say, Ah, after England, you say after I took the shower. But in Chinese, you say I took the shower after then I did something okay like this. Well, if the intra fan Libyan king doing here structure you been even if you doing two things at same time, you say it being do one thing even do. Another thing here is being truthful on each even king. Listen, Qingqing not in great. Listen to the music. The King Louis in the recording Listen to the recording because you're learning Chinese, right? So Ting Lu in. That's good idea, Jodi. And also we make it Every big number nine oclock Jodi in the hotel shoot Not here down means ah rife in a a rife or go to the classroom To Shankar, you know, she also means go choose school. But here it's not really means Go to it's kind of to show your aim. Kind of go to the classroom to have a class to shut cook So here, choose month more like to do something Juncker have a cuss de gea could So here the means number one or the first The first tee ace of measured, measured full class The first class share human the Chinese language love shoot Tell woman gel to teach the teacher teachers value pronunciation Neuwirth, her Ufa and the grandma like English you say they sing this thing and that's it you're put And before the last word Chinese also the thing they sink her Let's sing. Okay, Brian Chancellor Yeah. Tell woman Yeah, Here also teachers seriously too, right? So this character so also teachers right characters Yeah, it it Hi again. Here's high heights also Kayla Woman, you can sin Cullen Gala gave us you PMP and is measured measured. Full articles. Think of one a new pissed no text through me Chicken Cohen Peonies measured dipping Come in this text Hungary's you know, you eases Interesting. Right there is interesting. Honey. It's very we often say very interesting instead of just a interesting So very interesting Sorry, Ron. Spare spreading. Ah, the arts here still we are. You know the IRS The second he is the measure. Word Sure here They didn't say the arts here could If you notice here, is that the each year cook the first CASS here they just dropped the cast. It's common in Chinese just to keep the measured. But you drop the object say the rt the 2nd 1 like this here the Anelka Dinar computer the computer class Because a nun very hard to say We like to use this very that true in spoken Chinese people often say very hard And there is a Mary Holt very use a lot of very but sometimes not really such high degrees. Very, very just a kind of, you know, kind of the way to express very hard Yeah, it's a harder but not to such a very you know Okay in this Continue Ah Joel Because That's diary. Nobody's your whole day so time to what time? The what? John Wallenstein Well hurt punchier I and classmates. He meant one to make the floral Tongji A cosmic mate. But Tom German classmates You know this money. Thank Floral of May. We'll eat together dull like arrived. Go to funding that the Kenting candy too fat and they hear Choose Goto. But I as I mentioned the truce, more like to show your aim. So I goto way go to the canteen to each lunch So here you can't just treatise as to truth and eat lunch Woman you've been sure people Indians he short on one is the European European structure We mentioned it. He's been been nominated being do something so even chew we're eating and that he be invincible Practicing short human speak Chinese show afternoon What? How to shoot a gun again? How to go to I went to the library to forgot To Shankar, the aim is to have class again for their okay to make it members food and four oclock among Ton Leija War, battle, mountain Come God is to look for Here's come come to find me to do something. A shower natural dies here. Took play, Play Kill Bull here We don't know what kind of four could be football, basketball Ping pong Just the ball Who did so Five oclock, would it? Thank Okay Thank a 3/4 like Ah 45. Ah sure liked but to eat Teoh Dinner one is late. My funding She did seven oclock but okay Circuit button is half What she buying either Social Remember, sushi is the dormitory Socialize Don't three So I went to buying ice dormitory Gonta Littler Because buying I it's ah later you So it's her from this time we don't know the lady Oh, a man that I know buying eyes baby. So it's her falcon against the Tet. A little care depends. You can say that in order our care. Okay. Remember you have to put a with her before Do something we said if it's her chat not Chatham Bay, Sir. Remember we always say do something at the end that you put on this thing before it Stay with her chance Tell nerdish Oh, you know if your home is the time, The time, The time One we arrived there. So Downer there. Show this dust record, you know, before the is kind of modifying part. The multi five. The time. So the time, one way advice that our nerve to show Parkins, I This is also a structure Jones I to show you're doing something, but you put them side before work chance. I mean, zero is to do so. Doing doing what? Conquer homework give That will conquer. Well, buddy, But it's also the time, I but okay, uh, am but 8 30 Wait. Yeah. Returned home. Returned home. If you go home, we always say, Wait. Yeah, we say return home. We never say shoot. Yeah, a lot of my students they may say, too, because she was gold. So Giants home Ceuta, go home. No, we never say Julia not exist. They say, yeah, we always equate you return home. Remember this. Okay, He, uh, figure legion. Before you do something, they say do something before Let's open it up. Its socio each year literally flay for go to bed before. But you know that before you go to that figure it in. Go on, June The name going John Gay wad dollar. You go. Give me a phone call. You think they were Bala you got then, uh, the action is your hand. So Gallagher didn't They were kind of to me. You know, this is a different situation. Got different. Meaning here is kind of too sometimes would be full sometimes. Just means that if if if there's no verb other verb after this gay this get issued at work as avert to give But here there's a after this guy definitely hit the iceberg to do so Make a phone call to me. Okay, counselor, you got stories to tell. Tell me, Minkin, Y'all culture Yeah, yeah, yeah, I got a lot of meaning. Could have been Need a Well, here. This means the whale. Tomorrow it will be a test. Warshaw. So I said, Were you eating Jolla instructor? Eating work means you already than something I already know waiting. I don't know. Okay, good. That's the energy that I already I hope you understand. If you have questions, you can tell me and I like to and so you it's easy 32. Lesson 8-3: but yeah, How? Know Mahama or Salon Animal. I hope you are very good. She even hope on how very built how the woman can deka some funny. It's the measured for what's what measure words. It's a four letter letter is 2nd 1 So you may notice they're very short. One suitable word funk. See, if you just say, See how people know that's a lighter, right? Good questions. Just a letter later. Okay. That's why we need a measured sometime Measured Makes things clear. So Fung and the scene together works. People recognize our human letter one later. So e from sick e for one better. Okay, good. Then this one, Everything recent of it. Word by word. That's the way I preferring I like the most really means most. For example, Italy. How? I mean Ah, the best, you know. Oh, could be figure. Okay, the hottest, please. Move. So what else do you mean? I mean into the close, For example, my home and your home Very close that z so please together sounds like most growth. So it's the very close. So means recently off courses could be used. That distance example you ask me Ah, Where is the, you know, clothes to supermarkets can use this strategy. But here in the text we use that recently for time recently. Okay, Good flee Most as I explained already. And the gene close also, by the way, you can say woman hygiene, for example War huntin. What does that mean? Leave very close. Could be and the here. I mean, we're very close. We're very close friends. Also, you can say woman hygiene. Very close. Good. Pick up security 30 you know? Ah, sure. Which means study to learn. And the tea first. She's a period of time. Just a period of time. So she 80 is the pure bred off time When you starting. So should she school term semester. She 80. Let's let me see. Very important structure said that Troller Something by said in addition Besides, for example Ah, besides key, I also like to drink coffee and have coffee. We can give this cooler Ki Chul Acharya. By war high, she won her cafe. Normally we put high high means to steal. So except full coffee, I still like key Are the outfit right side Give you this example. Cool. Uh, coffee you, I Well, hi. If you won hooch are okay. So spoken Chinese. They said you. I sometimes you can drop it gets a jeweler cafe. Well, how she won her child. It's also okay. This, like Junior Junior, is your major People may ask you like what was your major in university? The first of the question will tell Major definitely will. Say your major is what's remember. We don't change the order because off it's a question, right? Make it a no change. We just replace the word you want. Ask with the question word. So your major is what I need. Ah, run year Shamma. Then how do you answer? You say water? That's one year. Sure, then. No. Major Major, for example Chinese Darwin. Okay, Good. Then this Say quick play means a can or you know something. Wait for example, I can swim. How do you say that? It's a war way Your own way? Yeah, well okay. Oh, I can speak Chinese for ah way sure. Going like this just I can do something you will say Well, what whole life Later when you tell, you know tell story to your friend. You may use this worth very often Like a whole I Laker. They did that later. They did that. And the later they'd be together forever. Like this. It was a whole I hold. I hold I you know home is back. Oh, it's the bank lie. Which means come back later. OK, back Come anyway. That's later. You know what? If you notice that's here, the way and that way is the same way. Same way but a different meaning That's in your way. They swimming's of making meeting means people be together. That's kind off white unions music So in Gray awaits the music meeting, NASA committee, the concert You get what I did its very beginning I just said or see von Neumann. And how so? I hope you're very good. That's CVA. If you hope something, you will say what she wants something. What Ah give you a diva? My hope we'll see you on Not she Once he was like sorry with you on Neiman Ah human! You're Chinese on how they have I hope you're Chinese Very good will be very good And how that this one none also means can or none does something would do something, for example for none. Yeah. Oh, yeah, I can sleep, but it's I mentioned before. Ways also can well free. Yo, yo Oh, way. Oh, yeah. Also, I can say What's the difference? You may check my another way, Dio for the difference a long way and even other curry You can find the link the common section section But right now is just a rough a difference. You know, ways just means you can do that. You have the ability to do that. But none sometimes has the meaning. The situation, for example, because today I was sake. I caught cold, so I cannot swing In this situation, you will use none. For example, what put on your tin tin weapon on yo yo? Because I was sick, you know? Oh, like one longer. Well, because I'm OK now I'm I'm feeling better. So one demure you listen this can, you know, could be because off some special situations, Or like this, uh, but the ways the ability Because it doesn't matter. You sick or not, and you know how to explain. Right? So this weighs the more the fading. You know how to do that? Not really the day you cannot better you'll still know. You know, You always toyou Okay. Like this Next one you're going to use two years, Just the two years. Something that showing Teoh Laugh, laugh at all. Smile, for example. Don't laugh. It may beer so you can see that being instant. So don't laugh at me, baby. Shower to toe width We often say Joel something for them. But wish you happy birthday. You're a real space which we just learned the hope with this even. But you will not say even I hope you have paper stays something now I wish you you know so in Chinese. Same we say were two were Junie Sugar. Quietly. Uh, Juni shown your birthday happy. Literally. They say I with you birthday happy. We don't say happy per state. We say pretty happy. It's also happens in other situation. May well say the stuff, the sink And there you see and the sea Happy. Not happy New Year. But obviously New Year happy her pay Spring Festival cities for investable happy like this . You will see this festival. Will this stuff first? Then you'll see Happy. Okay. I hope you enjoy this lesson. See you next time, Zijin 33. Lesson 8-4: How should John, Before we start today's lesson, I'd like to show you something. This is the supermarket near my home. So yesterday I went to the stock market and took some pictures. Here they are. There's the very special character in some pictures, if you notice. So can you say that character? Special character. Okay, If you didn't notice, I have a show. You. So here I mark this character in red color. So you're safe. Looks like kind of three stuffs. Three stuff putting their and the two at the bottom one on the top. What does that mean? You can find this character everywhere in the supermarket. You stay here. Also, you find this character. It tastes peeing, which means product. That's why you can find it everywhere. So, in the supermarket, they tell you this is this paradox that attack and other products. Okay, so look at this character again. Very easy. And the lovely character. Do you agree? No. Woman since I can come in now, we look at the text eat from she formation fungus measured as we mentioned in our mobile cavalry cuss in its letter. So because off the fun, you know that sin is let two shots, one syllable word scene. But you know, fun. So the funny thing you know one better. So that Slattery's vote the teacher our student to write a letter to a friend off course in Chinese to practice. So the students write wrote this letter, sell you you know it's ah address little in Ni Hao. How do you open it? That's a good friends in Chinese, Howard, you opened it. How means good So But he is not really means golden. It's very sometimes years Good to show, very how It's very so. Joel, This one syllable word means a long time Very long time, you know, Boo Boo is no Jenny's to see to meet so later Name is long time no see English This phrase to come from Chinese How do you open here? This really go the way to start your letter? How do you open it in a long time? Don't leave preteen learning street vision recently Some here? Yeah, that's also very common. So ask your friend. So how are you? How have you bean doing like this recently? Three teens that merely some young It's the help make How do you feel? How? Take a seat and not since she Sorry, Giga Shitty If she was study t period of time. So she sees term this term will among I'm very busy Tuller join you Could you know junior is your major Junior occur is your major course. Do you remember Troller e y? And also here? Hi. This a structure means besides, in addition to so in addition to my major cause Hi. So I still that a means they have to So I still have to learn German Chinese to the structure troller something a by Hi. In addition toe they sing, I steal something. Okay. That woman The German Kerr, our Chinese class How you eat? We used this also very often on your is very interest Stint you let because Okay woman The German law shoe gear Who a short moment Jerry means only ways actually mentioned That means Canada Short German speak Chinese. So our china's teacher only can speak Chinese. So as we mentioned the different quay and the lung you know Lung also means can hear Jewish or German So our Chinese teacher only can speak English just his, you know his ability. He cannot speak English because they don't know. They only know Chinese. If here you put a lung longest kindof allowed to do that this feeling if here they say to none short on kind off the teacher, even Haynos English. But you know the school doesn't allow him to speak English because that's a Chinese class like this. That's the difference. Bushel England so doesn't speak English. I shoot. It's also Gordon location Start all two starts that word. But you used at the beginning off the sentence means at the beginning. That's the beginning. Cash, war, Jetta and Jetta is I feel at the beginning. I feel very hurt. Holy if it is connection words, the very important. If you use this word Mikio article, you know, looks very well like the Chinese people. Okay, so at the beginning, I feel their heart later. Then I feel something different. It's okay. Sure. What? You're the gunman hole. I, in its nature among from Chung Chang Bangalore Chungcheong, which means often often help me, Lindsey, German practice practice Chinese Children. So these two also this kind off conjuction word, Joe, then because one point often helped me there in Chinese. So then I feel not heart. This led to show the situation Stater's changed before Fail to really hard Now I feel not really hard So we put a left to show this kind of change How the sea wanting you Emma do like listening to a music Shockers in studio you know, shag next, right Next Seem to deal Saturday woman She shot our school Eureka your way Our school has ah concert in your weight in us The music ways meeting Comfort coupon This new work I hope Neilan lie so long is a canda and then that you can come. Oh, well you know someone sitting here, right? Seem letter You work So I use chinese to write letter CDA bamboo How I'm blow? Not very, very not Good health. Very not good. Humble, kind of modest Actually, this letter is a really good of course not written by students, actually you know Okay. Ah, team beer. You know she always laugh or love it. So being is don't place. Don't laugh at me, Mr Jewish toe wish which fell, of course this at the end, you say wish you all the best which I like the most. I like to say Wish you all the best in Chinese. You will say do something. How? How is good. So do how It's kind of English. All the best then Ah, need upon you, your friends Leo here. Then you writes the dates. Sure. You? Yeah, sure. Yeah. Okay. From the Weber Shibata, November 18th. Okay, Joe, share a function. This is just the letter. I hope you understand that. All of them, if you don't understand, just ah let him know how we will try to help you leave your Colman's on the in the common section. Okay, That's audience that yes. 34. Lesson 9-1: data. How? John, Before we start, If you haven't done load my free e book for you, it's called Everything you need to know about learning Mentoring. Please don't know dates. You can find it. The link in the description box. Okay, then they start Lesson i Shocking detail occur. My don't see in this lesson you will learn to use Chinese to speak about the color, size the price off a product, recognize the Chinese currency, pay bills in cash or with the credit cards, determine the proper change. Usually receive. Ask for different size or color off. Productive. Exchange the product. Okay, let's look at the work. Avery First number one sounded Sunday means the shop off door literally young men's business. And this thean means short. So business shop. That's two syllable words for shot. If only one stable, you will say, for example, if I say shoot in, what does that mean? You know, sure means of book. So shooting book stole textile. Okay. And ah, if I say the lady dear, you haven't an idea. Off course. The DVD shop. Sure. Okay, good. That's a shandy in in the beer. 2nd 1 my to buy Also, I think you may know toe cell, How to say to sell my four stone my certain is to buy. But for Strong, Strong and the shot Mayes to sell. Very similar. Yes. So here my righted again by but my fourth home. If to think even we have a word. It's called a my my buy and sell. It is trait and it's a trick. Okay, good. And then this one's don't see thing stuff. Of course you go shooting One way to go shopping in the city by thinks by things where they will say yes. My don't literally to buy Thanks. It just means go shall keep right in Chinese. In China, people often ask it when they meet you, for example on the streets they mask. You need to know literally you go Where? Where you going? It's you know, it's kind of just the grating. You know, they have to say something when they meet you. They say you need to know it's part Uh Okay. And she Then how do you answer? You can say I go shopping. I'm going to shopping. We'll say, Well, Chico, my like this also this world I don't see very interesting, because I don't You may know that don't means east, east and the sea, you know? See? Okay, He ah, list two directions. Why? Actually, I don't know why, but maybe because the thing you have to go east ago wise to fund it, you know, go shopping or something like this. So anyway, don't see East west together in stuff. Good. Then when you go shopping, it must be ah, short assistance. Right? So the shelf assistant we call pain or her show whore you and literally show means to fail . We learned another cell right just now mice to sell its a spoken way to say sale. But the show is very formal way toe say, to sell all the written way in some fixed the freeze or fix the word you can find this short minutes to sail. But the one you'll speak Two people, no money. You will say my my So here in this world shows to fill Yeah, which means goods. No product again. It's ah kind of person. No money's do a certain kind of job. You say some some u n some some. Yeah. Okay, good. So show your urine literally. The person who sells show boy. Good. You're next here. Beef you for men's clothes. Just means Gulf seafood. Okay, then. Tip. It's ah measured. We have many, many measure words to make things clear, you know? Ah et evil. One close. It could be any kind of growth. Could be assured. Stress Jack's coats and his NUC gentlemen's words. Thank you for one. Oh, damn thing. Usual down. Remember? Two off something we don't say. Are we say Leo a lot. Then the art always suddenly unmeasured the Angolan. You know two persons you will not see our goal in. Obviously Lundgren 1984. The Uncle Kure Banking. PDO like this. Good, then here. Attention ship. Others say two shirts. Leon Jail. All right. Good. Then next one yen sit. Which means color? Pretty Ah, the character Yen Miss Color. So also miss color together Also courage then Why? Because if you just a yen to short, sir too short. Only one suitable people may not understand. May understand. It depends on the situation. If you just say yen, people may not understand but the yen so together it may could make it more clear so the answer color to suitable way to say color once it over way in spoken normally just days. Some color, for example. Ah, yellow color. The color of yellow. You may say once once you will not Sejong Ginza. Of course, some people say one. Yes, but not necessary to say one answer. Most people just say once, Oh, red colors, homes like this. But the four color itself. Normally we prefer this tool. Suitable word. Okay, to say this, you know it's wrong. Yes. Okay. Oh, Juan. Like I said, most people in spoken may they say, What's it? Red color home and other colors. Good. Next one trun toe wear to put on, for example. I wear T shirt today. How do you see that? So I e we'll say war today. Jingqian. Ah Trump. You can measure words for coast T shirt. They say t she still if the inch English letter teacher So this won t she It's a T shirt Or didn't Ken trying is in key. Okay, good. Oh, I'm putting on my clothes. I also can say this one. I'm putting on my clothes. How do you say that in your mind? Obviously that's I tell you, doing something. We use Jonesy or just states. I Watkins. I trun before I'm putting on my clothes. Good. The next ones he always measured. Okay, Like it up a little bit. So this is always for pets or Childers? It was because the measure ko normally for something narrow And the long foot that fish, you will say eat. Tell you, you tell you Yeah. Oh, yeah. That's a fish, because the face kind of alone that thing And the pits the koot koot. So a pair of pence we see it. Tell courts, you know, courts. We don't say a pair off. That's me. See, e t l one kill pets. Good. Then if you want to buy this court ruling young, my take a cool. It'll you may consider the size the size. So how do you say small size Medo size? Big Seiss. The small sites They started with a small motor, one small in small ways this year. All right, so shall huh. So, uh, so small Safe. Actually, it is. How means remember the treatments Name a small number here for clothes. Small, safe and the middle size junk huh? So made a face for medium size and the big size. How do you say Yes? Sure. How? It's ice good. This junk meadow. Meet him. The word from the only thing we learned the Lord folk than told Jungle China. Okay. And the don't year. What does that mean? Middle school she raised to learn. So middle learn middle school. She is actually foresee. Atia shot for sure. Middle Another one. John, Do you know that Jonathan? Chinese meal John was the China Chinese time. This meal a lot off, but it this life off course you wants eight. Your pest beekeeper. Not so expensive. So keep keep me say pne in Chinese. Okay? Do you remember how to say expensive? Yes, sure. I think you remember. We say quick. Quit expensive. And here p A's chip paying you cheap. We learned this quay from like an anguishing. Remember this quail come for your expensive surname place. Actually, it's kind of your honorable surname. To show your respect. I didn't. And the using this pne You can ask the shop assistants Can you make it a little keepers? You can say this way it out p a doctor UMA if there is a little bit you put after educated to show what you want, so make it a little bit cheaper curry Mark Elise can my question Can you okay like this? Then you go. Luego means if here actually they say Rouco something that you go something grow goes from being the well. You put the situation condition between Google and the literally the quad. You know, the kind of off s you know why sentence means. Ah, the sentence. I'm going to say it's under this situation. Okay? That means if I give you them put Ah, If it's ah Rain tomorrow I would not go to your home. How do you say may say Rouco a three. That's true. It's second home. Kids it look or minqin your Google Minky Minky is the condition. Watch Joe Bush, Cheney, you Jeremy's. Then it walks the bases. Rouco. So here's the structure word on Google or something. So if then you go meet can show you the one. If the moral rain it's going to mortal. What you're pushing is yeah, I've been not to go to your home, take this it in the rial situation in the real life people can drop this. It may just say lukewarm intention or job poaching. All some people can drop this rugal as long as the meaning is clear thinking, shall you? Or if you're watching or even people dropped both off them. Minkin Sal, You what? You're putting it, Okay, As long. That's the meanings Career. Okay, good, then that's continued. So looking here, candle the lens is a one way to show the lens. You know, Chang is a long during its short so chang time. So your nets towns okay alone and the one felt but together Miss your hands. Some other example, you know? Uh, sure, you know that I speak and, uh oh, so small. That's the whole about the Paseo together. Dachau. It's ah, want me to say size, size, for example. Dash out. Sure. How is the size? What's the size? Here's a Chandler condo in the rest of the Okay. Here. We mentioned the Chungs. Long run is short pusher suitable. How do you see? Ah, this pets are the ones you just bought him. It's a very suitable okay in your mind. Could you try to think about it? Okay. I will give you this. You say you and the measure would kill to tell. Cool, Very Remember, we often seem very even. That's not really that much degree. Still save Mary Digital cultures Harden fitful shirt. No, If you want Ask your friends opinion. Like is that simple? Does it fit me with me? Se detail measure were to whole issue my may think Make a to question Then they will see. Yes, it's this very well they may say Kinda kosher. Thank on a brochure. It should be. Have a near huh? Very foolish. It I don't This, like shoot sure means to try. You can say Can I have a try? How do you see that worker? Yay shoe Shima number two The second shares neutral for curry Ishijima were often duplicates were verb to make it. You know, casual and the fail soft plight like this work Ishijima another way You can say Well, key fruit is our No Also we often put that you share off the verb to make it a plate And the soft or cliches Hammer worker You Shikishima Another way. You can see What could you shoot? Eat? Schumer even can put the Which means number one should issue is like a little like English . Have a try. Sure. Issue have Ah, look, Canny can like this. So, anyway, you can truth anyway. And their ways. Good. The next one for you. We learned this. You humans to youth. But the negative bone is no, It's not means no use. Something actually means and no need. I don't need your real say pull your You know, you've spent minutes. No need, no need kind of. Would you like to try eight? Yashima may say, I know it fits me or someone on the streets. They want to give you something. Our place. And this one, This one. We don't know if it's good or notes, especially a new place. And they say opium. I don't need it. Well, maybe it's a city by city. I think this he come all together. I mean, is the one going is kind of put something together. You come kind off. Put all these things I just bought together Make a one number one price. Tell me so altogether. How much you will ask Honestly, it will say Come dosha. Okay. Literally. All together. How much. Then they were an Seo. You come through this is go. Not Tom. You go home, for example. Learn by Yeah, well spoken way. They said it down by quiet getting quiet, saying then Tosha Hamas is does your chin. Of course, that's the way we ask how much door shot him Storm is many show. It's little, few So shouty and tell me this much all that much door shouting in very direct and quite for money for currency. It's likely again, but quiet, very spoken. Most people say quiet in the rial life, your real life. Um, listen more written that in some shop the shop assistants also made yours again. That one mouth, I'm always 10 cents. 10 cents. Look, them pool. Ah, sure, Clay. Sure, Clay, That's a your mouth should quite your well kind of 10 play 10 yen and it's your mo 90 cents to my small. Also spoken May to say, 10 cents this land fun beneath a one cent Vincent, but now they may not really useful in a lot. Actually, it's not easy to find this friends right now. If you're in China, luckily you'll find that this friend is very small money and that this It's made a a long, long time ago, I think, at least maybe 30 or 40 years ago at least Stephan. So it's not easy to find it, actually. But anyway, fund is the one fence could be if they say the price well say should apply. You know, you're often the people are lazy sometimes of your jobs that last units. They may say it's quite your mouth. Your it's equipment. Good, then by, uh, but which means Hendrie tendered 100 of course E by 100 again by u N o u By quite good in the next one. Joe, that gave change is like it cost you five years. You give them 10 men, then they will, you know, give change, give five grand back. That's a cow. But literally this character originally not mean for, you know, give the money back to you too. Look for something. For example. You knock my door to my own face. You you say, Uh oh, John. All right. I'm looking for John. Then I can see what? Wash your John Doe. What You should wrong. I exactly John Walsh. John. I'm drum like this. So I always original meanings Look for and here for money. It's ah, you know, they change for you is kind of you have to 30 awarded to get to the right money. Our job. Okay, okay. Give you Ah, here is your money. So anyway, in this case, you will say Nikkei War gay lower. So you give me Sure. So what? Downey Quiet. And I give you five impact. No good data half of you again. 35. Lesson 9-2: That's how Tintin woman I actually see coming Kinsey Cash candy. Look at here, Leo The ego shandy in my don't see So Leo at Eager Shandy in one shop. My don't buy thinks she'll call you in. Lynda, she'll Killian the shorter systems when toe ask time. So show you and shop assistants asks hey, geology and actually hurt no time, Dear Miss, I mean yo my Shamma you Yeah, it's kind off once id like English to say. What would you like to buy? Kind of food would be like. Would you like me in your Majima? What would like to buy Shipman? Evil clothes? What was kind of close we like to buy Then the lady says was young my young also like would like Yo, it's more. Want some? It's more plate then. Yeah, So I'd like to buy each intention shirts. Jin's a measure Word full coast. You didn't change that. Okay, then show you show you on the shelf assistant in She won like Shamma Jens Ah so literally You like Shanna? What's Jenson Color? That actually the tension here The job to something The Okay, right? So what kind of color shit this very Coleman sometimes changed. Job this object as long. It's as long as it is very clear to you and to me, so I can drop the object. So I just keep this there. The letter. You know, I felt something is still kind of worth of work. None object fading. Shamma answer is it? You have a lot in this text. So that's just the roughly. Have a look, Shamma. Yet we thought the kindof shirts And even here home, the home, uh, you see, And the Does that, uh, maxis that How the John Howard? Uh, the shell holder, P Anita Guida. How do you see a lot off this? The old off the object? Actually, it's for close The chief one. It's like English, the one the cheap one, the red one. You know, the expensive one, the middle size one back. This. You don't have to really to say the middle size clothes every time you repeated the cold schools, just like the one the one leg sex. Okay, we drop the object, but we still keep the debt to remind you. Get back here. Ah, simply answered a chain. Jenna Ah, wonder how is your home. No wonder the yellow one. Hi shift in the high. She means all home that known already. One then, Leo says, was he won 2020 toe wear home that I'd like to wear right the one again home, that red one war heist young. My high means the steel, and it's also could be, in addition, something more. So. In addition, I'd like to buy was young. My, you can quote Kill remembers the measure. Word met were full pence. Oh, coats may say calculus. Kourtney is the pants. Skulls. Yeah, your data. This is a little special way to ask a question, though. That means how bit that's literally we say dorm is many guys Big re use this word and many to make a question. For example, How big may say daughter, How heavy, they say door John John means heavy. So how, having been saved Georgia and the toll is a door cow and the normally wear usedto positive attitude. For example, Toll normally wouldn't say how shorts, how big. Normally, we don't say how short horse more, but it could be in some very special situation that, uh, most time may used the positive way. Okay. Beholder, Big Seiss. Remember this? How? How? It's number him in size, big size Doing how the middle size high Sure All show how the small size Leo says Jon's harder. The big size one hard booya! Yeah, I don't want Thai gui. I don't want the very expensive one. Yeah, we are also yet I don't want to toe keep to a cheap one This page Jodi, I'll quote Remember to always measure four pence pence detail Kotal How do you like this, Pence? We always put some young you know as they end of sentence to show to ask your opinion How do you like? See some? Yeah. Ah yes. Ah well How so? You answer color The color is very good Color goats Ah Giuca Chung blonde who issued here? The structure Rouco Remember Rouco which means if it so Here you go. Ah, something which means if okay, here, if you can job, you go out the still it means if as long as people can feel You mean if Rouco Tundra and means the let's Chang's long during the short lengths Hirscher suitable excellence is suitable work as I mentioned normally this Aluko Walker is still humans of them. Kind of like English if Ben. So if the lenses Okay, I will buy it. Buy it on in sheesha. Remember, this sure is not a washer, John, that I am not. That means a try here. I mean, she's you place. Have a try. How do you may ask me? How do I know that's not so? I am. It's It's try to cut the same pronunciation. It's really You will say the context. OK, so, Leo, check the size on the level and the measure of the parents against her leg so she kind off Don't want doesn't want to have a try. No. The boom shoot. As we mentioned, the boom means no need. Even young means youth. But together, Bo Young No need William ship. This tree also means try no need to try Cree. Okay, Williams Okay. Like how Seeing that chilled gin attention? Remember, you put the knives and golf a sentence to make the question the same question. Like, how about this shirt yet? And your capital? Also not bad. Richmond school also good. You going to show you as we mentioned, you come all together, right together. How much? Mary? Your full freeze home. It's show you and Phil. Persistence is 10 son, I assure ee quite wall it's not clear to read the Chinese team for members. So I'd like to make it a number. Go. Are you sure? E clay? Uh, actually hear the job. The mall? No. So one mile is 10 cents? Are you quite Wu Mao? Fix 50 cents. Could the pets son shoot Are such are quiet. Oh, my own CEO Seo. Now, Jill. Thank you, Matthew. So on the to cry And it's your Mao Teoh here. The job defend Sunday is the one cent so often food number actually, this right. I think this here the number is this right? Good that aecom share Kwai. Soon my hope dilated the tongue. Otherwise that could be confused Food my fuel. So the memories of this actually quite a small Okay, Good Then Leo says how to shoot eat by quite she in so e by class It's a you buy on beer for cash Sometimes people put the chin as end e bike Quiet cash money You back quite soon Then Schoen says Johnny in You know you always that gave change. Get change again. This number fish you Kwai Mo e. It used to be Ethan, but not a lot of times people job this. The last unit used to be this number. Right? So there's two number put together one fingers. Good. Okay. Did you sure take a coven? That's the text. 36. Lesson 9-3: That's how we should join Tinti. A woman t shoot. She she means to continue woman she she may continue on the issue. Woman there. Ok, Avery, how that woman I digga that a year she won't show me the measured. If you look at the character, this is a tool Parts, you know, two parts of the same kind of like to a pair of something. So this measure word means a pair of something. Give me an example. E Sean here. We haven't learned here yet, but here seem in the shoes with the issue on C one pair of shoes. Another example in Charlotte a month. Madsen into the Sox. Appear off, folks. And do you remember? How do you say a pair off pets or payoff? Childers in Chinese? Yes. We just learned it last time. One can easily don't say it is showing. Apparently say kill. Another network measured, You tell. Okay. Good lens Here. Shoes? Of course. Next month Quandt toe exchange fictions, for example. Well, we shall see cell phone shows. He show t show his hand. He's a machine. So together. Handle machine, cell phone where you go show t Ah Yuriko Shoji, You also has the cell phone. You have a cell phone then Should need a shou d be with the how? Okay, I read the time. By the way in I need a show. The the how literally Your show. The cell phone. The east Compare What are my How is good So it means your cell phone is better than my Okay , so woman, what on earth went? We exchanged A candidate wants your cell phone, right? Okay. Just to make fund So Hani's exchange Oh, if you come to China, you need toe 1 10 right once and Kim's money Okay. If you've told her Took Kinji R and B you will say you don't We know this young is to use you made again which is daughter one. We don't mean eight. So literally youth told her one to extend r and B Good next. Yeah, e off course means one young means appearance. Appearance So young One appearance so together it means the same the same the structure Normally we say a and be Yeah, you can say this one. This one? Yeah, Digger her digger. Yeah, right. And we say hello in Chinese of course I can say this takes the cell phone book simple or the show t my cell phone. Uh, Nida here, I can put the show t or just say need for shelter Your yours or your phone. Your cellphone. Then I say, Yeah, actually, my phone and your phone the same. So I don't have to extent. Good. Yeah. To remember this young means appearance later, we will have another word also is the character Yeah. Oh, that then here. Freedom. It means, although normally works this although that's freely. And then she okay, write it down. Something done. Shoe thing. A very classic example. Although it's running now, but I still want to go out. Okay. How do you see that? Sudan. Right now running. They say go down the ring. Yeah. Guys, go down Remnants of you food on since I But I still I like to go out. Thanks. Shit for steel is high. Well, I like to do something high Sound Coochie 20 Musical out a good example, but next one Dachau Fife I think we mentioned it's the last time that guy's a big small for together means the site speak or small like we talked before. Gorsha arms How much doors? Many showers view So so shower. Is this money or this many? How much? Cafe sit Last time we mentioned the sermons The color Oh yeah, NSA profitable word for color. So is one syllable word. Awful color Car face Cafe You know it's coffee. Slow its cutters or coffee color. Bron right Cafes can say Ah, I like the the problem One, right. How do you see that? Waas one. I like the face. You say the wrong one of the city's one. We just put a debt or see one Cafes that good. That film. It's ah measured. This means kind or type of something. Also you can see I prefer this kind of this type. Right? So you can say WASI one I prefer also you can you'll see what? In Chinese? The words he won. Uh, I like this type. It could be any any single, your hairstyle or the phone. Anything? Just this kind of this type than that one. The color black Hey, nous and the white Remember light by by his lights Hes black. Okay, Next that young to remember I just mentioned this young young means appearance so young. So things kind off suffix just to make a word. It doesn't mean anything young for the ultimate appearance. So here it said a style. But I prefer to translate its appearance. For example, I like appearance off that stuff you can see. Was she one? Was he one Kika young for the I like this style like this appearance Oh, you even can say this young for ah, good looking girl you can see at the young and how come right her young appearance on how can how can is good looking. I mean, it's pretty. She's pretty sorry we Chinese people Sometimes he she you know, we've got confused because we only have one pronunciation for he she so even me And sometimes I see he but it means she it had the young Zaha. So her appearance Very good looking good. Next up, Team King to set Very rather so no money, I real states means quite quite, you know, some degree word. It's very, very racy hunt how I allow if not go the way. Seibu How if we said quack tickle, you know, not very but here. Quite good. How do you see that? You use this team thing, but the structure you have to remember normally with a teeing adjective. Of course you can. Just taking how, But ah, lot off times people say king. Holiday. Teen, you mean? Ah, quite good. Good. I think in can say teen 18. Ah, quite Holt and educative. Okay. Our king Mondo. You know, Mommy's busy. Quite busy, quite busy today. How that this is, uh, eight it for animals, For things. It's I think, but we actually we don't use it as many as English in English. Use eight lots. Like it is important. Yeah, it is my something. But we've not really used it a lot. Okay. For example, in misuse say it is important, Toto, That definitely will not say it is important. They say to do that, it's important. We can Don't wait. Don't have this structure. It is important to do something. Okay, Even like it is my fault. We don't say it tastes. They say this is This is my fault. So that's why I say we don't use really use this. Ate a lot of that. Okay. Here. Of course. There. How do you see not right. Okay. And put our here, Not me. So there, Jerry means air here. That's one Shrunk. Like I said, the papers the your bank hurt or credit hurt the shot literally destroyed. Toe brush, for example. Shah young is the war people to hear. Tell me the wall shot on to brush the ward. Okay. So sure, I actually this this action? Sure. Oh, this action extra even brush your teeth. That's also shot. But your keys teeth, they say? Sure. Yeah. Breath. Yeah, I kiss trying, Julia. Okay, you car cover. The car means cart because English in English use the card. So in Chinese Racicot's from English Shaka to brush the card. Not exactly Swipe the card. Okay, shock. Good. It's a shot too. Brush O to flip Kai's current. As we mentioned, she'll receive. It's it, for example. You receive the letter, we'll show We can say show letters show I received a letter o show. He may want to check. You have a email. Right show just the email because I think the most intense people just the email show email . Okay. Oh, you receive some money from someone you will say Show money losing money show. Okay, good. Let see you soon. You mean the credit credit car hurt the credit card? See Janka. So if I say you hunger you have any idea in hunger in Hung in the bank. So in Hong Kong, Bangkok art could be any carded. David, to cut up the credit card. Any card from the bank from here? I'm not sure if you remember, we have learned the many, but three. But plus this let her we learned could shoot okay And that we learned the function The only thing that here Google also bath with the difference. But always said battle However, this book or a little soft it's like, Ah, you know, I'd like to go with you but actually I have something to go toe handle ways. So I cannot in this case you you will use Boco like however I'd like that. But however I cannot do that. Do you know you will stay put off course if you use other but cursory or Dan she in this case is also okay. No problem. Just the boo boys. Soft kind of softer. Deny Next guy again. Skit. We learned that this day do you remember? We learned that side in right. Besides him literally. Simon's again, James to see again. See? It's kind of see you again so that when you use this, I your little states, I do something. Do something, for example. Mm. I will come tomorrow. They I tomorrow, I think in. Come on, site. I okay. That one. Food 10 four is toe pay for it to pay Kenny's money. So food and to pay the money. Okay, that's all for the bulk, Avery. She said that? Yeah. Shots with you, Did you? 37. Lesson 9-4: Come and say Oshima, woman got you contact just you formal They bank time in the iron Human John C. Asia Army Amanda Cincy John go for more Be our human Jodi, just go younger should you lie Show me in future Basing Gondor Barry Nz Heitor Drunk Shoes Shoeshine Your Quarter Pounder Salty Shahm Year Funder You hear what God se ho a woman can contradict? Each is I Pompeian Don Anderson Pahamin die! Vier beings don't know how or should is John What many see can come in second year. Deputy! I'm sorry, Just one here Patiala! So John Showings Measurer for shoes! Just wrong! This pair of shoes Patiala Too small Long Bulan one e nothing. It's a can Bowling It cannot one to exchange a strong one pair, actually one pair of shoes. But as long as the people clear about what are you talking? What you are talking about? You can drop the object. You just say despair. Spirit is this pair of shoes okay so can cannot exchange for another pair of shoots like this. Good then the shop assistant says May 20. No problem. Then can you know Cantonese? Look to see to look income. So you please have a look just wrong again. It's jokes. Sheer the shoes because you all know what we're talking about. So, John, this pair despairs just wrong. Some young how bouts This one's Yeah, bushing you know you and it's also boys know or not, she means okay. Also not. Okay. Why? Because just drunken national young here there's a structure, you know, done something. Yeah, no money object. A gun object be Yeah, means a and B the same. Sometimes you put another educative after young to show more details. So this one mis truths and that's shoes the same for what I suspect off. Obviously that's the size. So this is not really means big. Actually statue all the sides for the site's ST because, as we mentioned, he said, John here Patiala. So at the beginning, he said, This truth it's too small. But here's said this one and that one same big. So obviously this big is not really means big. Just a means of size. Okay, I could give you another example. What gun Me young got with a Let me or I you What can the u n to me young. Same. So what kind of thing I think, girl. Poor Goldman. That's Ah, it doesn't mean like you a poll and I'm pull just means that we're same height, But I can still use just a cow to show where? The same height. Okay, I understand that, right? Good. Then the filter system says not just wrong. Hey, dinner. So not now here means not means that means in that case. So Joshua on this pairs off Haida a black one. How about that one? No. Then just wrong here. So this pair of shoes freed on fascia. Bullshit cushier Jenson Here it's a structure freed on cushier or thank you just means But you know, sir, that means although kosher attention, it's pants. So John here means for this pair of shoes. Although Daschle, the size publisher, it's good suitable, But yes, sir. The color behind not go to color. Not good. Now your mail. You have all you don't have your mail. Coffee, sir. That so the coffee cutter Is that wrong? The story is kind off one or once the wrong ones. Because in English the shoes is a pair. So you'll say once in Chinese There's no difference, you know. So Cafe said the coffee color once do have it all you don't have good. Then the shop assistant says, Deputy am sorry, John. Remember John means kind or type. So this kind of CIA shoes Algeria means only have your Haider only have ah hated black one for short black ones. Okay, then just songs here, this pair of shoes young Remember Young's since I said that Appearance king. How about that? It's also new there the king, the structure, Which means look quite 1300. Quite good. Okay, you'll share chill shirt Harbor Children here too to is ah kind of Ah, you know, I think that's the interesting word. Very short, just the one suitable, but got to so many different meanings and so many different ways to use it. If you check the dictionary for this, still you can find about over 10 different ways to your still that don't worry about its and standby stem. Okay, so here Thielemans. Exactly. Exactly. It was exactly literally do. Exactly sure is it, but it's kind of a suggestion or something. You tell to yourself to make it a soft Jizhong like that's exactly what I want. So just what I want. I want it like this. Good Peyman Joe Oakley, Fire comma. I mean, you You're here often. Say we say new manager like you here. So you can Shaka tries Swipe Oto brush. Remember Kai's card from English Dry comma means the slight card. It means to use the credit cards off course. You can just say you're quite the card like Cho Young Seon Hong comma. That's okay. We'll see you in comma. It's OK, but the lady says Devotee Sorry. Woman Bull Show. See you. You know, show means receive except receive so we don't take or receive the credit cards. Good, but warming's bad, but a soft of our inbox. Right. So here we can see however, Josh on the ken, just show me this pair of shoes. Shoot this, that she and money. So the structure the you know, actually, CN is the thing that they're talking before the just the modifying see? And what kind of money? So the money for this pair of shoes Gun National. So with that one that shoes young ST. Okay. Here the structure. Ah, the sun gun. That one. Yeah, say right? So use another cutter. This that sing gun Let's sing the same Good then Ah, in Boone Foods. So bloom, you know Ah, no need. I mean again. Remember, it's idea for you again. Four is it will pay 10 is the money healer To show the situation changed as we learn Learn local be past tense But it also could be something changed Not like before. So we don't die food Sienna Because you know money you're supposed to pay But this time because off this reason, you don't have to pay again. So the lady use the eyes and to show that's changed how this city. 38. Lesson 10-1: Daddy. How was John? Now I'm making the video for the last lesson off this book. Integrated Chinese lesson 10. And if you need a tutor to help you, you can visit my website, the Chinese classroom dot com. And we have the good teachers to help you. Even I can help you. In this summer, there were some students. They even came to that in China, my city, and that we have ah face to face classes. They learn Chinese intensively, which is the the rial classroom. CASS. It was quite good. If you'd like to know that you can contact me. For example, if you have ah, a few weeks, we can have ah say monday to Friday a few hours a day. Then you learn Chinese and you were improved very fast. By the way, you will feel China fill the people, talk with local people, feel the culture, the food you know that's the real china, which is quite good. Feel free Teoh. Tell me your idea. If you want to do, let's how there Then they start over cuss the shirker Shelton Transportacion In this lesson , you've learned to use Chinese to comment about several minutes off Transportacion. Explain how toe travel from one station to another. Describe traffic routes. Express your gratitude after receiving a personal favor. Offer New Year's wishes. Womankind shirt woman seen conscience First radio Catch the or Calvary Hunt on Germans Winter vacation hand means coat. You may remember we learned another coat. It's a London. Yeah, it's very common to say hello long. It's full spoken Chinese. This hand is a little formal. You can find some where in the book, in some certain words, like this month Guy's a vacation. So hand yeah, winter vacation. This mostly for students and the summer vacation. We say Shoe Jack Shoot yet got the same idea show it's Ah, warm, normally spoken Chinese space Age 100? Sure, Yeah, it's Ah, Mary Holtz vacation in the summer vacation is for students. And if you work your not students and you're on holiday, how do you see that? We'll say Ah say you Yeah, What I see with you, I I to show you are doing something. So I am shoot from Susie. You see Richmond's to rest jazz vacation. So suit Yeah, together. I'm on vacation. I'm having my vacation. Ganga Fe T. Haiti Airplane If you look at this character fate toe flight looks like a bird with two very tiny winds. You know, toe fly the true that the story's true, that's wise. Looks like this. So Phase two Fly Jesu machine together. Faith teeth, The Flying machine. The airplane can make sense. Give you some other example for the city. You may know this show. Cell phones literally show with your hand. She's a machine hand machine because with your phone, no in your hand and machine and the the Flynn E T. How about this one city? What does that mean? He means a wash. It's the close. He's the machine. So together it's, Ah, the washing machine. Another one. Ah, in sure. What does it mean? They ensure We have learned this tension and thinking. Then, sure, it's the TV TV, so he's munching TV machine TV set. It's like in English. Normally, just say TV. No one really say TV set Now it is in China, in Chinese. Also, people say they ensure instead of safety and shitty, even the introduce a formal name because the business machine TV set good. We have a lot off T. Actually, yeah, that tickets. Of course. If I say gpr there, you understand DPR it's a four. The city's full faith He faces off a teacup airplane Tickets for short people Well say just a TPL often nice one Dicle off 80 come off course Fadi flying machine is airplane Chang is a big ground Normally a big run There's a chunk A big place big run So the big run before the airplane at the airport fajita for short People may just say he can do you can next one We learned this thought before, you know? So it's Ah, it's a Burt tool state Here we use this to state another meanings travel by. I give you example Then you will be clear. What for? Fe t que, uh Shanghai. So literally word by word. I took helpline. I went to Shanghai, so that's the way to say I went to Shanghai by airplane. We kind off saying literally sitting in the airplane because you really actually really seats in the airplane, right? So we just thought fall by trouble back also, you can say to our torture into the travel by train and the door trying, which we have to learn Chinese of the ship or boat. So by boats, by keep and full and the other transportacion toe this like gone, gone teacher The long word and full characters. Normally our words on May 2 or three characters, but actually it's the two words. Sit here, so it's like going in public. Public Teacher. It's Autumn Abi So together, Duncan Teacher, Public automobile. It means the bus. The public bus. Okay, to break it down itself means the vehicle vehicle here said a week old car. Actually, this character just means the vehicle any kind of vehicle. Of course cars. It's, Ah, another word. And the track. It's another word and the bus Another word. But all these words raise the character tour because God, because they are all vehicle sometime for shorts, I can say war. Well, you'll Yuka took I have a vehicle, but in this case I mean I have a car because normally I will not have a track, you know, like this. So that's why here they also said the term is card. It depends. It depends in the real life. Normally normal people, they say, Well, your tour should be a car. Good. Then see next page. Okay. Here. What 1/4 means or what? I'm sure we have learned another. Oh, the high ship. Remember, I should, For example, if you my friend visit me, we're asking Would you like coffee or tea? We'll see an y'all cafe. Hi, Shoe cat. Your coffee high shoot. And my friend may say coffee ot both Okay. Doesn't matter anyway, so it will say coffee. Look it up. Okay. Quota chart. Dokka donors all both Korean is OK, OK, I hope you already say the difference, Hodja and high. Should the high sugar no money for question. So here question this one or that one to ask people to truth. But if people say that one No, that one doesn't matter. Anything is OK then he will use the Horcher order is not for question. That's the difference than that one. Detail subway The's ground tears still iron together the ground still actually this disease for underground and they want short 40 Sha Jai's done beach in the tier we have a kid. Look, I write it down benefits for the shot and there groaned And the key here Full here. Look, you may already know Lou Means wrote Sotero Still road iron roads. That means the trail the rial Real rial way. Okay, so and the growing the real way literally beat here, this one So that toe go So its very beginning, Miss just means walk by your fate. Like this walk. It's still but nowadays for use a kind off widely, you can just use data Answer Go go Leaf, for example. That's golf. You will say woman woman felt or you make a suggestion. Woman told you know buys Justin, Let's go, Let's go. Good Muslim. Sin him in first humans first. Ah, let's see the tempo. You're in the buyer friend and the you want to the first. You mean you may say Well, uh, walk in thought first I live, I got sent. Okay. Here you have to pay attention. You have to put subject that before sin. Not like English First I do that where we will say I first do that. Okay, well send. So I first got then there, John. In the textbook This text, it means station station Give you something. A temple Who? Ah uh which means really? Station Yes, we're really station Another one teacher. Well done. Which means Teacher Auto Mumbai. So bus station. Okay. Into some Some jet. OK, Could be detailed. Gotten subway station, right? Beat here. Subway station. Good. Then this one shatter. You know Sam is a tongue. Oh, you used at the verb means to go down So shot go down the bus or car means to get off. Get off the bus charger, Cooperate if you get on the bus How do you see off course you'll see Xiang Xiang is up or go up. So chateau and operated Shankar, I think we learned like Saban. Which means if you finish work okay And the some bone bun is your duty or your work means you start work, start work Or sometimes could it be just go to work? Depends So here. Remember Sean to go on the bus data go down the bus Muslim John run home. It's then on home just now we learned first firstly the shin Sometimes you can use this to work together You can say sin Do something Land ho do something right First do that Then do that Then they're not whole like this give you them wash in official. I'm whole truth. What does that mean? Literally? I him First he will show his hand. 30. That's wash hand, manhole, then curies. Eight families. The food. So first wash hands. Then it's good here, this one D grin Just the color green. Big green that here sin. It's a line sent this line Here's before the subway line because in the book on the subway line is marked of his colors. Could be the green line. Red line yellow Owen, you will say Lucien, Lucien, that's not Look, it's something that should be blue Duchin. Oh, Redland Homes in that home is ready. Ready? Oh, yellow line. Remember, you little punk. Okay, so you know, don Good. Ah, that's it. And the they hope final or finally again, we learned the first. We learned that. Then Then here's the finally even can use these three words together to make some sentences , right. You can use the ocean gun hole the home. So which means, like first, then finally right? Some example. For example, You go travel, you travel to China. You have a plan, you say? Well, uh, well, yeah, it means I I will. I want So that's a plan that you really did that so well, Shin, she s city, for example. Shanghai, right? I got a whole. But then she where? Okay to say Beijing, our capital. Anything you see? Three whole. Finally. Okay. Why not go to my city to say me, the whole Teoh that in our cities by the sea Beautiful. Okay. Anyway, so she in first I'm holdin say ho at the end Learn another color on blue, black and blue this lynch mob troublesome. And when you ask somebody to do something in China, some people may always see Ah ha Mazon e so very troublesome. And the Fulani long unions is is a so not easy like this boom afan Harumi, not her only had pulled on me like this. Okay, here, I got you. Uh, we know this word. Normally it's heat or some action with your hand would be play ball. You know, people say YouTube plea all but not football. Football. You will kick it not with your hand so that you'll And here is the Thatcher, because when you take a taxi, you need toe leave your hand and taxi like this stuff. They say this is true again, you know, choice for any Rico. So here, teacher. Of course, it's for the texi. But how do you say Texas? Exactly That one. True to teacher. True to teacher. So teachers, automobile, Children, food. True. Very true to its to rent out. So the autumn a mobile for renting out. True through teacher and the full short. A lot of people say true two for texi and true through to rent out. And this to means go out And the food means to rep So together true to rent out is a verb that one Katrina. It'll drive a car. This car of the K have some meaning original Meaning kind means toe open Open something, for example. Kaiman, open the door. Okay, Tron, open the window kite, which means open. Then it's got the meaning to start something because you open late, kind off some new thing, you know, starts. So could be start started machine or start a car. So it's full started. Caryn is to drive the car. Okay, good. So anyway, teacher is set phrase to drive the car and the the slip for some also It's very useful work . It's got many different meanings. Could be Say somebody off, for example and you will go to the airport. I can say well so me war Minkin, Tomorrow in England from which means moral I will see you off at airports, you know, could be like, Ah, you go to the airport and I will go to the airport to and we meet that end Quote. I just want to say goodbye to you. That's also something just see you off. Right? But some also could be take you toe somewhere take you to somewhere. So I also can say war Minqin Minkin. So me, she t chunk literally. Hi. Moral. Some that take you to to go to the county airport. You see here the first part is exact the same but the meaning is different of Sony t Teach me to take you to airport. It's kind off. I will go to the airport with you. I can drive you to the airport. Oh, I just take taxi. Ah, with you go to airports. That's something Another very common meaning for summit give. Somebody gave at the free for example. Ah, for only me literally. I so only to give somebody a gift for free. Give somebody something for free. So I give you, uh, you're with the gift off course. Gave me free. Good. That's the recovery. She's a virgin. 39. Lesson 10-2: before we start, I would like to show you the room. We may soon I make most off the videos for you. I say Use the computer, that book and the lights on the computer. You see, that's less than 10 which I'm going to make it right now. Back to me. Um, listen, 10. Let's go. That's how was your joined since I Woman I can Cohen this Look at the text Kitty deal. Han Johnny Hazama Rodeo handle. We learned the winter vacation. The Pajama ways Return Jai's home. So winter vacation you go home. My question here Leo says Correct. Yes. Well, yeah, yeah, you know, you always want Yes, I want to go home. I will go home then the men's is 50. People need my dilemma. That's a little special. You know, 50 p. M. Flynn airplane tickets. Any myeloma like did you by eight. So here it said the fate CPR. First this a little special every chance people. Sometimes we can say the topic. First, tell your topic. Like as for the airplane tickets, then ask you, Did you, by eight this common that's just another way to will say something here he said a 50 cal air plane ticket. Magnum. A video by its of course, you can also use the regular order is like knee my Fadi Kalama, your boats, Airplane tickets. Mark is also okay. Okay. Good. Then the U. S. Says eating miler. Okay. Eating means already. Mylar already bought you. I should be. How that here there's a very special structure suit that structure I market with yet O Connor shoe. That that is a very special structure. I have to mention it, Kate. That's a sure. Ah, that It's like, Ah, bracket factory is like this. So no one is This should It's like a base. So between this, give you some details. You want to show people some details? Like, what was the date? All some other information. You want to tell people? You may use this to their structure. So people know between Sudha it's the information you're giving to people. Yeah. And shoes. I sure R e huh? You know, our he holly, the ah, 21st. That's the date. So that you'll should the structure to show that the information I give you Good. Then you said faith. He should be the end that's also should the structure faith He should see the and the okay like it's ah, that between should it's the information. But here is the full question for question. What time Ofeighty should see Tienda. I ask you the information what time it is some exactly detailed information that binds young body and you see here one the your answer this question she still use should the structure. But as you can see actually here she dropped a ship for should the structure sometime people can drop it drop? Sure, definitely, But you have to keep it there. So between shooter is the information so sure. Brian Shannon Bad India. Once somebody in this in the evening eight o'clock So 8 p.m. Then let simmer Chuji term. That's the way to ask her how that money is. How how How will you go to the airport shoes to go to That says I was young for gone Gone Teacher Hodja. So deep here here there's some structure so first in the hood on its own. But that always not for question just means I have two choices. Either they're going teacher bus or the subway. So it's not really a question asked people to truth. So you remember the question when you really high shoot for coffee or tea Child, ensure cafe. But here it's just the two choices said, Ah, come on, Teacher Hodja, you can say Holder. Cafe Dougherty, D Oro coffee. Both. Okay. In this case, not question. You will use Hodja for also here. So as I mentioned films Toe seat to sit down. Look, ongoing teacher literally means the seat in the bath, but just to can Friendly, like a bypass, right? Oh. So did he Sits in the subway, actually by subway. Okay, good. Then needed out the month. Alma again. Some do something. How to do something. So you know how to go there? The mental how to go on how to go to the airport. Matt question a good and the central. You know, teacher, the structure, Finn and the think it here has a gun hole, and then they have ah, also she in it. And that's I Ah, we hope this all of this, like in older word in older word. So you know, she and it's Ah, First I got a whole he said then and the here. The home. Ah! Finally. Finally the rate in the flint find it. And the here you can find a sin again. It's the first incent off sage and whole. Also you can say it's I I also could be then in this structure target. Then that Look at this sentence, Nishi in your exploits take and first you take a little No Louise roots. Right. Look for the bus. So you is rude. Number one pass Road number one teacher teacher is for Sunday. So you'll sit there, Son Jen for three stations. Janice station Satchel kind of venue shatter. Get off the bus. Manhole. Then one DK in one means Kinch. Then you're changed to the DTs subway. This another sentence. Ah, she and first. So after you did that, then first solo home. That's for the subway first, that you take the home with the red CNN's line. So you take the red line, so I won Lucia Di. Here's then then change toe. Loosen the green line, the whole find any one again. You have to change luncheon there. Go online. So first Ah, red line then, like Greenland Sunday lands blue, blue line. So that's very complicated, right? So that's so troublesome. So that in here after ah demands explanation I think the Lady Leo will not take it to too troublesome. Then the lady says pushing bushing Jean, remember? Okay is like a ball Booker t pushing, Not okay. Not okay. Time a fella? No, my friend is the troublesome troublesome. It's too troublesome Were high shoe bachelor It's another structure. Hi. Super normally with spot to make the tone soft I should bath structure means the brother So I prefer dough that so why should that show up on the rather taking the taxi? Oh, I prefer to take the taxi and not really do the way you're really Your prefer is too complicated, right then. Ah, the men says Trudeau Teacher true teacher is texting You know this kind of long word Children truth through teacher texi I quit too expensive or cater in architecture Dr K True is vehicle cater to drive for me We learned this song It's ah take somebody to somewhere Also say somebody off here means take you to the airport so or Cato Asami to back sighs toe show suggestion fading So why not? I take you to the and puts then the your lady says, sitting me. Thank you, right? She's a thanks nisi you so thank you bullion. Could sometimes people say bowl cut the same volume Cut you means it to youth. But here bull, you means no need together bullion. No need some. No need to be so plants Book. It's good how their city data that's again again. 40. Lesson 10-3: It's my son's birthday. One year old. We have a customer. When the child is one year old, we put different things in front of him and let him to pick up the stuff. APICs indicates the job he will do in the future. The day we have chin, she said. She friends holdover. I think I Michael Funny Beatty show pl robin done that. Que shoe? Uh, your doctor, John Power Shemer Year may drive whole. I die each other orisha, Qatradullah, Whole Oprah Like a fun. Ah, Chen Data Dole, huh? How will join first? Let's look at the camera rate. Woman she in conscience she in first woman she in conscience bigger Denzel. Yours yet has to cut here the insulin and the electron. You know, as we mentioned the end the, you know, tronic Elektronik electricity. So the Children Children, son. So dense. The sun off the electricity. So it's electron separate. Small. You cannot really see it. The stents, Yeojun. Of course. Yeojun is male. The traditional male together. Denzel Yeojun, The Sun off Directory City. Now. Okay, Email. Anyway, this one, John Young. Normally you ask somebody to do something a lot off my students used to say, Well, then, with a Ponyo like I asked my friend to help me do something. I said no. Normally we don't say 11 needs to ask, but that's asking only for question. If you have some question, you will say, Well, then, Eagle NT I ask you a question that I ask your friend to help ask a friend to do something. You were used. They said, John, I think that Ah young uh Ponyo Bangla Bank is to help uh, do something. Ah, bang, huh? Okay, lets say Tracy learn Chinese, I ask. My friend helped me to learn Chinese next up. What? That's word. It's very interesting. You may know choir, which means flower. But if used at the verb means to spend, that's interesting. I don't know why, but that's the fact to spend so you can spend the money. You spend time so you can say huh? Money watch n right. Oh, why Pine washes in that This example? Watching can, While this past tense while you by Quiet 10. It's money. So the day ice and 100 U. N. Cash money good. Oh, could be well, Alana, because shall shoe Casey again she see? Come one. I spend the ego cell shirt one hour. Starting Chinese here. Well, how is you? Feel embarrassed like you feel shy and they're sorry for you. Embarrassed? I break your your last something. So it's a and Louisa literally. Boom is know how is the golden acne? And sure, that's a not a good thing. So you say police next. That may means airy. We have a lot of words with May make Ah, make in off every day many in every year. Marion. Every person. Yes, each person like this making tea every week. Okay, good. That's May that one ton ship city It's two syllable words. Full Chun ship for city city changer, for example. This city will say jigger this jungle township If you say the city off Shanghai obviously that Shanghai country you know, we'll say Shanghai shit because actually this change this world Chinese city. She also city when you use the city off. The name you were you just your ship? Because if you say Shanghai changes kind of too long, we're not really like this four syllable words. It's kind of too long. Normally we speak Ah, two or three syllable words. So we just said Shanghai shoot when the Beijing Okay, so my city's died in the city off Italian W especially. Oh, sometimes could be very very. For example, I think Kim, which is not true, accurate in Genesis. Cool. Very good. That's Ah just example. I say sink in Teoh beer. Today's especially hot. It's very rare. Hearts I can say Jenkin again today. Agent in war to be in Mom Money busy. I'm very, very busy today. That's therapy. So candle for high degree. Okay, so this one girl so highway so first. Okay, break this word Long word down, girl. So it's in the high speed. Go, which means Hi. Oh, talk suis speak. Okay, so it e be Go! We learned this going Think gong, We learn it from last lesson Work every Geumgang teacher Geumgang teacher Public pass. So going into the public in the public And ah Lou, of course we learn It's no me, the reelz. So come on public roads Because the road everybody can walk, drive that's going You can also nature a highway so also literally high speed so girls will go high speed wait highway that in this one team, John, No birth. If you're going to take a test, you may be nervous. You know, you can say we're hunting gun. I'm very nervous for And junk. Oh, a little bit nervous. Leave your breath a little bit. Members use a little bit, or yo, they are. Well, you know they are did John. Only a little bit. You ask your friends. Are you nervous? How do you see that? Me Tyne John MMA. Right. Like this. So No, I'm I'm not nervous, Zabol. Ah, but it got it 40. Okay, Good, then filthy. I mean, the one self. So it depends. Which word it a combined with. What is he off course means of myself? My itself and, ah, path e. Of course, I could be. He or she We don't know. So could be herself. Oh, could it be himself? How about apartments is here? Comment city into themselves, right? How did Mm give you example? Sentence Jingqian. What for the It's idea, literally today, myself at home means I stay at home by myself. Show t We mentioned it. Teoh Many, many times. Cellphone show his hand. He's a machine had machines. Cell phone fat, one scene, one function off your cell phone. It's send a text message. Five. Literally Fireman's to set. Father Could be five. Email. Right. Five email. Denzel yours Yet that fire day and the okay, you'll get to send email, fire anything, send anything and ah, one which means the short seen Richmond's letter for literally fat. One scene means to sent shorts Letter Is it been? Send a text message here. Union New Year Just ah, literally New Year. You know, seniors knew own units a year. Why? Look, it's ah, I have pain. How do you say happy New Year? Remember we say New year happy they say senior in quite senior. Okay, scene clay New year happy and the four other happy. So have a birthday We saved birthday happy they say shung clay that right on any other clay report? Quite look at the end. Some something quite look Okay, Good. That's all for today. City data Zijin 41. Lesson 10-4: That's how she John thinking short Zika Leica T shirt could It is our last lesson. Less intense text. Okay, well, that let's have a look. The actual Yogi in male together, Didn't even they Are you buying you? Yeah, it's a year sharp here. Our shoes Sharia december slash In your twenties So December twenties Are there any banyan 2008 year off to self night here? Remember, you have to put the dates from bigger toe smaller. So you say year first today in ST Buns you see day. That's the chance. Older. Also full address, right? Somebody letter the dress A dress also big toe Small china. Rowlands City wrote notes on every remember like this If from the old to my from the lady to one man so subject to say thank you It sitting me Not here. Not that day that they pager grave. Kyra, visit Patria. So for that you can. It also means here's take somebody to somewhere Hey, it's so some could be So you also take you somewhere is take me palaces arrive here is to the way feature airports Google fiber But the salt however young me why number door should . So John, as I said, it don't mean Ask a let's so that you lies not so much door so much so I let you to spend so much time employees remember genius Really bodies, food and there's really feeling dearest. What is Kim Joe? It's evinces this but judgy Canty's a few Jesus day. So these few days they stace the space this few days May 18 means name is airy. Don't we'd like to put a door in the May work together but if you told me it's all both Every day I all do this. So made Ian So Titra drive the car. Don't you go out kind of you to see how old Frank? Because to see old friends every day I like part. Okay, Jacob Chunxiu Gica This this city goods measured for the city, the city and the people in this city. It's the death structure. Before the structure toe modify some 25 The person the person who lived in the city Jigawa State take the Katrina tighter. Toby a true right. They shaped like a car title to be quiet. This also a special structure we learned it's birth and did the and, uh, agitate structure, Nigel Qaeda. Typically, they dry when the life they drive very fast, so tighter. Toby Toby especially, especially what I call so you literally council high speed going blue the way it's a physical or highway shuts up. So here's Teoh. So something shot, right? It's on the subway. It's together. It's on the subway teacher. So your life I wake, remember, we put to do something at the end. So you drive on the subway. Gen yo, they are never Jenny three d again. Really? Yoda data A little bit, John. No, this because she another just now going soft, however cushy real bats bats Joe mail Gonna go. Teacher going public teacher Ultima binds together going on a bus. But here, Mayo, there's no bus year Mayo. Also, there's no peeking. Subway. Junan City No, literally Juries. Only now you can only because I have no choice. The only true ladies by myself diseases myself tight. Your dry it's I only can drive myself. Have fun being from base coming. It's so very not your call the hot we don't this your come a long time ago. Calmly space. That's your comments that you have time free time. The what? This also structure that way. So if you have a time your call, I would show t You know, I something with your hands. Humans to call because followed by dies. What? The show? T my cell phone. So call my cell phone. What? You're the whole gay war five. Okay, well, you know gays, Keith, give off the B two full. It depends is kind of to Okay, Well, for me. So what but stand. Don't you a message. Text message. I was young gamey. You know what? I don't care. Kit. Check Union Kleo Year Quiet. You know, quite fast. Here is a very soon so yeah, this is going to be something. So you got out. Kind of the New Year's coming soon. Sorry. Yo, something that you know, we will happen very soon. It's going to do something, Joey. Joyce, waste you senior year. I wish you happy New Year they say then Neil the latest thing. Other. You see that? Yeah. Congratulations. Finally we finished this book Integrated Chinese labour, one part one. Good job. That's great. And how and how I'm going to record park to very soon in the near future. If you need any health from our tutor or even me, you can check my website, the Chinese classroom dot com. If you'd like to come to China and they learn with me face to face every day for a few weeks, you're more than welcome. Just let me know. In fact, in this summer there some students who came to that end my city as I mentioned. So she's from England. Let's listen what she said. Sure, I do speak English in Chinese all the time. Them it's been really put coming to Dahlia. It's fantastic being in China because I'm having to speak Chinese morning, noon and night. So not switching into initials. It's not just like, really here with Chinese around you. Um, the lessons have been good. I had to teacher. We've used two different textbooks, so different aspects of language and then really being outside really so friendly, especially when they know you speak Chinese, and I found people can understand what I'm saying. I do understand what they're saying. They're so well, um, and 1 to 1 teaching. Does your pace Jones being good? If I haven't really felt like looking at the text. Books are now. Just talk about something you said Go on, then That's all new vocabulary. So it's time. If you like to come to Darlin, you will come. I hope to see you next time shots. It's in Zijin.