Instagram Marketing Tactics for Business Growth in 2019 | Luna Vega | Skillshare

Instagram Marketing Tactics for Business Growth in 2019

Luna Vega, Author - Podcaster - Fashion Ecommerce Consultant

Instagram Marketing Tactics for Business Growth in 2019

Luna Vega, Author - Podcaster - Fashion Ecommerce Consultant

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12 Lessons (1h 25m)
    • 1. Welcome

    • 2. Checklist

    • 3. Understanding Customers’ Mindset on Instagram

    • 4. More Conversions w Strategic Branding

    • 5. Creating Content That Converts

    • 6. Building a Sales Funnel

    • 7. Setting Up Custom Audiences

    • 8. Convert Followers to Customers

    • 9. Grow a Loyal Following

    • 10. Bonus Hashtags

    • 11. Bonus 2: Creating a sense of community

    • 12. Conclusion

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About This Class

Tired of getting ZERO sales and 2 likes on your pretty photos? Learn how to harness the power of Instagram to grow your business. In this class, I will teach you how to create content that converts followers to customers so you can start getting leads and sales. 

We will review: 

  • How to build an engaged audience 
  • How to make more sales by understanding Instagram's users psychology
  • How to make more sales by learning Instagram marketing strategies 
  • How to slay your Hashtag game
  • and more 

It is recommended before you start this class for you to have a Facebook Business page, a Facebook Pixel installed (we will briefly cover following), and a Shopify or Facebook catalog already set-up. 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Luna Vega

Author - Podcaster - Fashion Ecommerce Consultant


Hi Guys :) and Welcome! Thank you for checking out my classes here on Skillshare. I'm a Fashion E-commerce Consultant, Author, Youtube, Podcaster based in New York City, Miami and Barcelona. I am on a journey to connecting, teaching, and creating possibilities for all talented freelancers, business owners and entrepreneurs out there.

Thanks to my many years as a digital marketing consultant, I know what works and what doesn't. I started my career working on a range of large-scale digital campaigns for a list of Fortune 500 clients. I left it all to pursue my passion in digital strategy and marketing consulting. My goal is to share my knowledge about digital marketing to inspire & empower others to Love Mondays.

Where will you find me? At an airport browsi... See full profile

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1. Welcome: let me ask you, Are you feeling frustrated when your instagram marketing efforts do you feel like you hit a plateau? It doesn't matter how many pretty pictures you might be posting or Hominy hashtags you're using. You are getting very few likes really about engagement, whatever engaged, when you might be getting its from box and you're stuck with the same amount of followers. What gives? Most importantly, you're getting no cells, and you're not doing your business well. My goal In this class it's to share with you how you can harness the power of instagram marketing in order to grow your business in 2019. It's not a pie tree. You can make it happen. I'm going to share how the instagram all the rhythm has changed, how you can adapt. Could you please the latest strategies in order to get ahead of the competition? So, most importantly, it's understanding the psychology behind your potential customers. So how can target specific individuals who will be interested in your brand type of content ? You should be providing them in order for them to follow you and, most importantly, purchase from you Later down, the line will talk about cells funnels as well how you can leverage the power of instagram to really use it as a device to sell your products. So whether you are an e commerce business, whether you are selling on Etsy, whether you are a freelancer or a small agency, I'm going to share with you tactics that I've put in place for my clients Looking forward to seeing you inside. Who am I exactly? Well, my name is Luna Vega on a digital marketer and he commerce consulted. I've been in the game for 10 plus years, so I spent a lot of time on Instagram and I'm looking for it to share everything I've learned along the way with you guys. I hope to see you guys inside. 2. Checklist: prior to getting started. Let's go through a quick checklist of what you'll need to put in place in order to make sure you're using your time wisely. See Social Media. At the end of the day, it can be a huge time suck. Yeah, there I said it, especially if you are not collecting data. And this is the main reason a lot of smaller brands out there are just not able to get any traction from their instagram personally. One of the reason, right? So the beauty now is that you can do product tagging, especially if you're e commerce weather on your actual feed, post feed or also on your stories. Now this is not the magic pill. This is not going to mean that by tagging product. People are just gonna miraculous Lee purchase from you. What you have to keep into consideration is that as a smaller Brent, you need to build credibility, trust and, most importantly, start engaging having a community of individuals who swear by your brands so you probably are already doing market research. Looking at what your competition is doing, that's great to get an insight as to what works and what doesn't work. However, as I will mention throughout this court's, it's important for you to put in place that sells funnel because you want to introduce individuals to your brand. So even though product tagging will make a difference longer than their line, depending on where your brand is, you have to keep into consideration that cells funnel and ensuring that you're keeping your audience active, engaged will make all the difference and you being able to build a loyal customer base. Alright, so, first and foremost, if you haven't already, you must make sure that you have a business profile on Instagram. Yes, there's a lot of speculation at their individual saying that personal accounts get better, are better for organic growth. However, as a business, you need to make sure that you have couple things set up, which include your pixel data and the ability to tag. You can always do the following news with business profile So this is profile. You'll have toe have a Facebook page, which is linked to your instagram, and then you'll have to also put in place a lot your product catalog meaning of the shop section of your Facebook page if you don't have a Shopify store, so all of your products will have to be in the product luck catalogue of your page. You noted for you to be able to tag all your different products. So I'm gonna show you right now from my screen how to do the following are how to find this information on Shopify. If you are on other platforms, I encourage you to go through the due diligence of of doing this of doing a search on YouTube. All right, so you want to make sure that you go on into the ground here and you connect your Facebook page, right? And then, as you can see, I've added the catalogue, which is already in my shop. If I right. So the reason you do that the way you do this is well, is by going through Facebook, I apologize my internets a little slow. Okay? And as you can see here, I can see the Facebook page of Essentially, you're gonna put all your account information down here below. Okay, So and this is where you're going to essentially set everything up. So under cells channel, you can also click here if you don't see it and add cells Channel. Right, um, if you don't have it set up. So this is where you're going to odd Facebook and Instagram, and you should be all set. So pretty straightforward, guys. So the next thing is, you'll want to set up your shopping seeds. I've already showed you how to do the following on Shopify. If you're not on Shopify, check out this year l that I'm providing you here. But essentially, once you have set up your business, your business page, you will want to go under business. And then there's a shopping tab in which you'll be able to select your store. So I'll show you right now on my phone. So you have an idea. All right, so I am currently all my instagram account. I have to click here, right? And then I'm going to click right here on top. Got it? Okay, so then I'm gonna click under sorry settings. And as you can see, there's business business and then shopping. And then I already have all my products set up. You know, so would be either from the Facebook page or from the business manager as well So you just have to set up the catalogue and then you're all set. So next you want tohave your facebook pixel set up on your website and instagram if you are selling directly from at sea, you still want to set up your Facebook pixel directly on Instagram? I'm not sure whether or not at sea has, do you, Billy? For you to implement a pixel. Sorry I don't use at sea. However, it's important for you to have it on Instagram so you can retarget individuals and we'll talk more about the following and the next chapter. So I'm gonna show you how to set that up really quickly on Shopify. All right, So if you go on your ads manager, what you'll want to do is go under events manager and click on pixels. You should already have a pixel in place for your store. In this case, I created a dummy, which I mean I haven't set up or anything, but like I mentioned you make sure that your pages already set up right. And then what you will do is go under online store preferences. And so, you see, I already have my Google Analytics account. And then right here. This is where you're gonna implement your pixel. Obviously, this is, uh, mine right here. So under online store preferences, Google analytics and then Facebook pixel. Got it. Awesome, huh? And finally, make sure that you invest in an INSTAGRAM scheduling tool. You need to be consistent. You should be posting at least every day. Yes, I said it time consuming, indeed. But you will reap the rewards, I assure you. And if you're not consistent, it's going to be really hard for you to grow your account and get any traction. So it's just a matter of scheduling everything ahead of time. I personally love Planet Lee as it allows me. Well, so they actually have a plan which is a little bit more expensive, but you can even tie your product. So for $50 a month, they have other plans. It started as low as 99. So with Plan Italy, for instance, what you can do is like I mentioned, schedule your post and also schedule your stories. But for also has you built. You have the ability now to schedule Instagram posts as well, and so does later. Alright, guys, so looking forward to seeing you in the next chapter, I'm gonna be sharing with you guys lots of truth bomb stuff that you probably haven't heard before. Because to be honest, there's just a lot of false information when it comes to Instagram. If you really want to start making a dent, you will have to put together a cells final. I'm gonna walk. You shriek hot to do that and as well put together a retargeting marketing strategy in place. All right, let's dive in. 3. Understanding Customers’ Mindset on Instagram: So let's take a deeper dive into understanding the customers mindset. When they are on Instagram, they're bombarded with messages on a daily basis. And a lot of times I see smaller brands who are essentially guess looking at bigger brands to get inspired doing market research, However, they end up not understanding the main difference between a brand that's not known and a bigger Brent, which is essentially, people don't care about your brand that you are unknown. They've never interacted with you, so chances are your content is going to get dismissed. So how can you, besides the content, having content that really speaks to them? How can you grab their attention and start growing your brand well? Part of it is understanding that your instagram is kind of like a cell shunt channel, where you're creating content that attracted them to check out your instagram profile. Once they check out your instagram profile, they see that there's credibility and we'll talk more about what it specifically to include in your bio. They will start following you once they start following you. Then they start evaluating whether or not they want to potentially purchase from you and then after 8 to 10 interactions they will purchase from you. And bigger brands deal with the same thing. Even though they have more brand recognition. They also have to work hard through retargeting through contest to get individuals to purchase from them. The first purchase is always the hardest. So what does this mean? You have to create a reward. You need to have a constant upgrade. You need to be capturing email addresses. You need to be driving people to landing page where they will input their information. Now most brands are directing people directly to their website. You will see that some individuals you do that usually will have this up. Call wheel Leo W H E L I O. Which isn't essentially, is a wheel with different types of offers. Now, if you're doing that fine, however, having a specific landing page with a specific reward will help with your conversion rate. You'll have a higher conversion rate, so one of the examples could be like on the far right continent content. You could have videos about a specific at the specific problem people are having in your nation. You're helping them address that problem. Or perhaps it could be if you're a yoga instructor, different yoga exercises that they can do from home. And yes, fine. There's plenty of content on YouTube, but you are. You're probably bring something else to the table, and people will want to download it. And this is where you can really start showing your uniqueness. You could have a reward, which is essentially, if you're running a contest, you could have it on the landing page or sorry, you could have it as part of the bio. The link essentially and having people go to that landing page for another chance to win. And it could be anything if you're doing perhaps partnerships with other brands. Ah, free coffee by coming into our coffee shop like oh, are yeah, whatever it is like, Oh, gift cards, etcetera. Or you could do free plus shipping following works really well because it's an introductory way for people to try your product at a lesser price. I would say anything under $10 is great. So in this case, So Nico, clothing hot created a contest where you could get the bathing suit that is shown in this photo free all you have to do with speak for ship. And so I think their offer was 99 and it worked like a charm when they did the following, so they did it through a post. But you could also do it like I mentioned by having a landing page. So either using click funnel or using a Shopify or viral sweep, and we'll go through all the following. Really, I want to show you different example now as how to set up rewards and also coming up with different reward ideas. So it's no teeth whitening is, ah, teeth whitening, like the name says is a teeth whitening product, and in this case, they have a free plus shipping offer. Wing can try out their teeth whitening for a special price, so this could be a specific example. George Washes has been really proactive with influencers and doing multiple contest. Now, if you're doing a contest like I mentioned, you could have a lining page where you're grabbing email dresses and giving people additional chances to win beyond you running the contest separately. Another example of a great lead capture is Voss World, which is water. They're doing a giveaway in which individuals. 10 purchased a workout back for just 5 99 So this could be another example of how to create a giveaway cells funnel in order to get traction. All right, so let's talk about a self funnel in this chapter. I really want to focus about the reward and you trying to come up with different ideas, but you want to set up the reward we're gonna I'm gonna also show you later down the line how to set up your costume audiences because you can be reached. If somebody has gone on your instagram, you can start retargeting them through Facebook. What Once a grand ads through advertising paid advertising, you want to set up a lining page to capture e mails will also talk further about the following. So whether it's click funnel or viral swept sweep is another one you can set up or even your Shopify page. And then you'll start generating more interest via email marketing because essentially, if you don't under email addresses, you're gonna have to continue spending money. We're spending time and effort to get these people back to go on your website, so capturing their email dresses. Yes, I know the open rates are going down with emails, but there's other ways for you to just continue keeping them engaged. And once you have them in your email sequence, and if you have a strong email strategy than your chances of them opening up, that email and purchasing from you are higher. And then once they start, you know, getting to know your brand through email marketing through senior Instagram engaging. And if you provide them over a great entry level offer whether frequents shipping like we talked about, then they're more likely to go on your website and purchase from you now free. Plus, shipping is not for everyone. Um, now, when you come up with reward ideas, you also have to test multiple times. You might try every word and in my not work right away. So try to test every 30 days or so where every 15 days, depending on how quickly you can launch new concepts and go from there. So whether it's like a freebie getting something free, uh, it could be an e book, a video to help of a specific problem calendar of events in your city. If you are local shop or local coffee shop recipe ideas for individuals or trying to lose weight, for instance, pleased to find great vintage finds. If you are into interior design, etcetera, so really the gold. This chapter is first and foremost. I want you to understand that you need to set up a reward. You need to set up a reward, and we're going to talk in the other chapters. How you can set up your lining pages in order to start grabbing email addresses. So what I want you to do in this chapter is come up with a couple of reward ideas, which would be easy for you to put in place. Whether it's an E book, whether it's a video or whether it's a free plus shipping offer, write them down as many as possible and then moving forward. We're going to discuss how to actually implement the following. Now you have to trust me when I say that as a smaller brands, this is what's going to set you apart, and this is what's going to help you start gathering leads because you'll have some unattractive offer that will make individuals want to check it out. There's no one else in your industry is providing with that specific, attractive offer. All right, let's move on to the next chapter. 4. More Conversions w Strategic Branding: all right, so let's look about strategic branding and how it will enable you to get more conversions. Let's look at your current instagram. Let's do a quick audit and see whether or not you passed the test. Do you only feature products or your services that you're offering on your page? Is your instagram currently more of a catalog of all the different products you provide? Does your does your captions have a bit of lackluster, so I'll give you a specific example. Let's say that you are a coffee shop and you're selling coffee. If you tell me on Lee about how great this Ethiopian being is and about the flavor. Yes, it's all good, but you're not tapping into my emotional connection with coffee. Now let's take the example of Starbucks. Why do people love getting Starbucks in the morning having backs up in a while? Um, so the reason being is because it's a small reward early in the morning, and it helps them set them for the rest of the day. It's essentially, ah, milestone where they just, you know, rushed to their morning, and now they're grabbing their coffee and they're ready to deal with the day they're ready to go toe work. They are feeling rewarded early in the morning. So perhaps you could play with the following in your copy when you're doing caption and and and also implementing some of these ideas within your content, because your instagram feed needs to be more of a magazine. Spread that talk specifically about inish or a problem that you're trying to sell solved. So the other thing you want to look out is your bio. Does your bio set you apart from the competition? Now? What I mean by that is you need to understand what your business differentiator is as you can see the right hand side. I have a great bio from deadlock, which you should try to emulate the king of high ticket cells. While it says it all, he sets himself as an expert by using the word king high ticket cells, meaning items that are more expensive to purchase. And he's just a great cells person, right? So you could also include what you're teaching individuals or the kind of services that you're providing what makes you different from everyone else. I would also make sure to include the credibility factor. So accolades. Whether you have a really big network on YouTube or on Facebook, make sure to include the following if you've been featured in different publications. Also include the following, and then you want to have like we talked about in the last chapter. Ofri be a bonus, a separate landing page so individuals can sign up and you can start gathering email addresses. You could even drive to link tree lining page where your featuring you YouTube and your featuring are your offer. You're featuring your website etcetera. Um, now, when you doing link tree lining pages again, you're sort of driving the traffic to different places that you can use it. I personally think that my all time favorite is having a separate line page. Regardless, do not drive to your website with nearly capture meaning. Make sure that when people go on your website that there's a way for them to give your their email addresses and not just by saying hey, sign up for newsletter, cause, uh, yet we don't care where I'm not gonna send up to our newsletter. I don't know your brand yet. I need to have an incentive in order to do so. So follow this bio because this is a great example of what you should be doing. Another set yourself apart from the competition. I know exactly what then lock does. Um, I already feel like he's a credible source that I should be following. And on top of it, he's giving me access to ah, new book, uh, which I can on look and other free bonuses. All right, So the other big problem I've seen with smaller brands is that when you're looking at their account, it doesn't feel like they have a specific niche or sub neige. If someone, if an outsider where to look at their instagram account, they wouldn't be able to say exactly what it is that they're doing. So you need to make sure that you have a specific niche, and then it's portrayed within your instagram feed, and you're also using specific hashtag. So I'm gonna share a few examples. Fitness, right. So in this case, fitness is a really large niche within it. There's multiple sub Nisha's and yoga has other multiple sub knishes. In this case, I provided the example of rock climbing addict rock climbing addict tongue twister. So look at their page. They're doing such an amazing job. As you can tell, there are une kam a shop, so they are also selling apparel, but they have plenty of other images that are inspirational, and they're doing a really nice mix of implementing inspirational images, which are probably grabbing throughout instagram. And that's we find to do that as long as you make sure to mention where you grabbed your image from, so this is a great example. Another one is luxury lifestyle. These air different nations that are really popular on instagram. This is a luxury account, so if you're in the interior design or decoration niece, obviously you want toe feature your products, but you also want to provide plenty of inspiration for individuals so luxury you could check out as well this specific instagram account to get inspired. Now do not look at their bio because a lot of these times they don't have some of the things we just talked about. But look at their set up to come up with some ideas of how you could potentially structure your instagram, so making money online whether it's blogging tips, saving money, toe e commerce tips, etcetera How to start a business making money online. Hashtag is a really popular hashtags. Uh, we'll go through as a bonus at Vienna as to how you can go and, uh, be better with your hashtag game. Uh, that's really gonna take maybe 10 plus minutes. And so that's why I wanted to make it a separate chapter as an f y I. But I want to give you some examples of hashtags or niche that people are using on instagram and also provide you with some accounts you can start looking through and seeing and come up with some ideas. That's two hottest, properly set up your instagram. Okay, travel is another big one event. Life has been training for quite a while. These air individuals you. Luckily, I'm really interested their lifestyle. I really want to do this one day and they by then and they live from that van and they just travel all around the U. S. Australia. Different countries is not amazing. So then live travel campers, Backpackers, business traveler, etcetera. Perhaps this fits with a brand. If you're selling suitcases, I don't know making this up beauty, obviously is another big one. Um, this is a really big blogger, and as you can tell, she has variety of content. So make up nails. Harris can care. If you're a beauty brand, obviously you have to work with influencers, leveraged or photos. You also should put providing plenty of tips for individuals. And how did do a better job hydrating their skin or whatever it is that you are specifically self? What I will you understand in this chapter is the importance of really understanding what you're nish is. So when individuals go on your page, they know exactly first and foremost what you're selling, what differentiates you from the competition, why you are a credible source. They're also getting plenty of value from your instagram. Plenty of inspiration. And it feels like a great magazine that they just want to spend plenty of time learning, and they want to spend plenty of time learning from you as a brand. So take this opportunity to, and I know I'm seeing a lot of things that are obvious, and you probably heard before, However, take this opportunity to really audit your content and figure out what you can be doing better because this is going to make all the difference as far as getting more conversions . All right, let's jump into the now. 5. Creating Content That Converts: So in the last chapter, we talked about the importance of being really strategic when it comes to your content. So individuals who come across your instagram page understand right away as to what the content is about. You have a specific niche and also are drawn to it because you're providing value. So let's take a deeper dive into understanding how you can create content that converts and really looking at the individual posts. So person, for most story is king. This is how you attract your customers to learn more about yourself. Bad marketing is all about your company, your services, your product and strictly focusing on what makes your product the greatest. It's kind of like a meaning me dialogue. While good marketing is all about your customer's understanding, what makes them last understanding what their problems are and understanding really what their psychology is and creating content that will attract them because they feel that you truly understand them. So how can you get into the customer's mind creek personas, which is essentially understanding we're putting together, if you will, the concept of who this customer is so what type of job they have, what are their problems what type of music they listen to so creating a customer persona so you can create better content in the long run. So how do you do that? Well through market research? One great tip that I love to give is going through Facebook group and looking at within your nation, obviously, and looking at some of the questions that people are asking, also looking at bigger accounts and the type of content that's getting them MAWR traction Whether it's more comments, more likes and dissecting it so you can understand, you can essentially understand how to apply it to your personal content and included within your editorial calendar. So let's look at Facebook Group. This example is Keto fit diet. So anyone who is interested in the Keto diet and this is a specific question that one of the members is asking, Is this a good snack on keto? So if you are perhaps a health instagram, you could potentially post a beautiful picture of yogurt that you find somewhere on instagram and talk about the benefits of having yogurt. If you're trying to lose weight or you're on the cattle diet just to give you an example. So what I encourage you to do is spend your time looking through all these different Facebook groups that are related to your niche. You could even go on. Reddit is, well, there's plenty of forms available, so you have another standing of the type of content people are engaging with by looking at the amount of comments. Humana likes etcetera. So do that. And then look at bigger accounts that our competitors and get a sense of what's working. So let's take a deeper dive now. Obviously, storytelling is what makes all the difference. I love the Brent's Hero's journey. I don't know if you familiar of Joseph Campbell. There he'll the hero with 1000 faces. You haven't read it such an amazing book that the pigs, all the different stages and hero goes with goes through Ah, in his journey. And you can apply a lot of these mechanics with your post by creating strong reactions. So there's a conflict that your customers trying to get through it there in doing the kettle diet. The conflict is there trying toe, have the motivation to keep on going and not necessarily go default and have junk food if you will, so your goal as, ah health account a Health Instagram account would be to constantly provide them with motivation and remind them as to why they're doing it. Correct. So you have to keep the reader's attention by focusing on the relevant details, the details that are relevant to them, and tell the story like you like to talk, make it visual, make it personal and use conflicts as a way a device to pull these people in. All right, so great post that I wanted to share their culprit. If you're not familiar with him, he's, ah, great marketer. And what I love about is Instagram is that he's really wrong and he's really funny, and he does a great job when it comes to storytelling. The reason I wanted to share this is because I wanted to show you that you can have fun with your instagram. It doesn't have to be all beautiful pictures in this case. Instagram influencer, Ficker real. Anybody who's in a digital marketer is going toe laugh. They're going to get it. They're gonna have a strong reaction. You might not see a lot of comments here because I took this screenshot right when he posted this, like, 18 minutes ago, as you can tell, but I'm sure if I were to go back, I would see plenty of engagement on this. So figure out ways to and you can also find plenty of men is or content that's viral and implemented In the next chapter about growth, I'll go through different techniques you can use to quickly grow your account. Now another one is asking. Your audience attacked their friend When and this is the quote, you are loved agency case. You need a reminder. Your loved tiger friend them. I need to hear this today. The example of the Keto diet. You could say you can do this today. Remind a friend Dieting will help them reach their goal. I don't know. So, essentially figuring out ways to engage with people and so it feels human and they get some motivated gets them through their day is a great way to engage and having individuals feeling loyal to your brands. Jim Shark has done an incredible job when it comes to growing a loyal community and record time, so part of it is because day included are partnered with lots of different influencers and a lot of the individuals you actually followed them are individuals who want to be in the fitness influencer realm. Britney, Britney, Britney, Babe, Britney, Babe, without the why is also a tremendous account to follow. She on her own has about one million plus, and she's been able to garner such a huge following because she provides great ways to work out at home that are challenging. And she's really as well. She's fairly young. I think she's like 20 something, and she's been actively growing the account for I would say, five years and why I wanted to share this post is because first of all, life and your workout is what you make of it, right? So this speaks to anyone who is an influencer in the fitness realm or anyone who's looking to bring their fitness level to new heights. And they also feature an insolence, sir, and talking about her personal fitness journey and how her goal is to help individuals who might be traveling or don't have access to a gym, provide them with ideas on highly, can't work out from home and eat healthy. Jim Shark is a brand you definitely need to follow just because they've done such a great job building such a loyal community, and you might be able to get some ideas from them, even though it's not necessarily your specific niche. So overall, and we talked about this in the last chapter, you want to diversify your content. You don't want it to be all about your product. You don't want to tag your products in every photo. NASA Gell does a great job With the following They have, um, lots of different content, and it feels like you're looking at a magazine. So, for instance, this image tag your besties below, and then the image says, it's it's rolling with your bestie type of night. It's a ruling with your bestie step of night and individuals who are, I mean, you know, might be a Friday, and I you're about to go out. This is their demo, like younger girls who are going out over the weekend, and they're just like tagging older friends because they're excited about all the different parties they're gonna go this weekend. So getting the importance of really understanding your customer, what drives them, what makes them excited and implementing this within your install. So 80% value fund content and 20% your products. This is how you're gonna will them in to follow you. All right, So your assignments for this chapter is to create great post. So what I mean by that first and foremost do market research on different Facebook group. Look at your competition and write a list of different ideas that come through your mind as you're going through this exercise. Now look at their most popular images and try to bring storm as to how you can integrate these ideas into your own personal content like it mentioned, you can grab it images from instagram as long as you make sure to refer back to where you got the contents, so you don't honestly have to take all the photos yourself. It's just a matter of having caption that really speaks to people along, along with photography that speaks to them as well post frequently. So this is important, especially now, in 2019 you need to post at least once a day on your actual feed as many times as four times a day. If you're looking to grow your account aggressively. Review your analytics on a daily or weekly basis to make sure that the content you're posting is resonating. Now don't try to be a perfectionist. Test how different ideas, See what works, see what doesn't work and three time you will get better at this. It's not about having the perfect instagram feed. Yes, I know. I mentioned earlier that you want to be really strategic and people need to understand what your feet is about. It was definitely, however, it does not need to be completely perfect shop. Nasty Gell is a huge brand, and they don't necessarily have glossy pictures of models in all of their photos. They have a nice mix of fun photos that are just palm trees or ice cream cones, etcetera versus having just models in all of their feet. All right, so in the next chapter, we're going to dive deeper as to how you can start building your funnel and, um, putting together these offers so you can make sure that whatever traffic is coming, whatever traffic is coming to your instagram, you know, so you want them to follow you. But you also want them at some point to start providing you with their email address. So let's 6. Building a Sales Funnel: So let's talk about how you can build your cells. Funnel. This is important because you're going to spend a lot of time on social media. You want to make sure that this time is getting converted to actual cells because, unfortunately, yes, you can tag your product and we'll talk more about that in the next chapters. However, tagging your product does not guarantee cells you need to build a cells funnel. So in the very beginning, we talked about you setting up or coming up with different rewards. You need to have the Fermi words incentives for people to provide you with their email address right here. Right now, we're gonna talk about Lining Page and how to set up your letting page so you can start capturing these email addresses because I want you to set that up before you start driving additional traffic. We talked about the overall strategy to make sure that you have sort of the perfect instagram page. Now let's make sure that individuals and discover your page are able to provide you with her email address so Mel Champ could be a solution for you to create your landing page. So let's jump into ah, my screen so I can show you specifically how to do that. I did a quick little markup for you. Find out how to book more gigs as a musician. And in this case, you would provide an e book as to ideas or perhaps different website, where musicians can provide their data and book more gigs, for instance. So let's jump. And I'm also gonna provide you different Softwares or solutions you can use in order to create these lining pages. All right, all right. So I created a mock account to show you how to do this within your melt ship, you would just create a campaign and then aligning page so you can just name it will say skill shirt class. And then I'll just grab list again. Andi. Except so this is the landing page dot I used as an example. But as you can tell, there's plenty of other ones that you can set up. So let's just use this one again. Obviously, all you have to do is you can change the colors you can should include your logo, etcetera, etcetera. Okay, so let's say saving close, and then you're gonna have to add to your URL by going to your domain page and setting that up, okay? Or you can use a melted domain if you don't have a website in place and then essentially use a bit Lee so people can just click on it without seeing that you don't have a proper your l. So you could do that as well. And then we're gonna do skill share. Save another potential tool you use is click funnel. Click funnel has lots of different templates, which you can get in the marketplace. Some are free, some require to for you to pay. The reason I personally use Click Funnel is because these are templates of people are already tested. And I know I'm gonna get ah higher conversion rate than I would with just a melting template. So I've included a bit Lee euro for you guys. This is an affiliate link. I want to be completely transparent, But essentially, you get access to this free book, which, if you don't follow Russell Bronson and if you're not in the click funnels Facebook group, I encourage you to make sure to check that out. But if you haven't read The Funnel Hackers Cookbook. It's incredible read. I actually have all of his books and he goes, Does amazing job walking you through the different funnels you can put in place and different email sequence you can put in place for your customers? And this goes from having any commerce to being an agency, a consultancy, etcetera. So if you wanna have access to this specific book, make sure to include the Bentley Earl on tops. This is an example of a click funnel page for free plus shipping. Just based 7 95 shipping and handling Normal places. 29 95 Yes, send me my free walks now, so you have another example. If you are interested in doing free plus shipping for your e commerce, you could be leveraging click Funnel, and it also gets implemented with your Mel chin and as well with your stripe account. Another option if you want to. If you're using, Shopify is using well, Leo will you? Well, so essentially what happens is that it's a pop up that comes up when somebody goes directly on your website and they get a chance to win different prizes. Whether it's 20% off 10% off their first purchase or an actual price. Whatever freebie you want to provide now, conversion rate for that is a little lower. I do recommend that you just set up a form of rewards, so content upgrade access to video content or an e book, etcetera. Another potential solution would be using sweepstakes. Sweep six also integrates with Shopify. It enables you as well to create your own lining pages, and this is more when you're running contest. We're gonna go through how to set up contest in different contest ideas. But I personally love contests because no, only it's a great way to grow. My INSTAGRAM accounts rather fast by having people engaged in tightening one another, But also it can include that link within my profile to ensure people also have chances to enter multiple times or providing their email address and sweepstakes. Viol sweep. Sorry, viral sweep does a great job and enables you to randomly so like someone as well, and you'll have access to all of these and email addresses who you can re market them moving forward. Alright guys. So I wanted to provide you with a range of tools you can use to easily set up your landing pages. So if you are on a budget, Mel Chip would be the first solution to try out come up with different ideas. You can set up as well your e mails, and we'll go through hot to do that in the following chapters. But make sure that you have your reward already set you of your landing page set up for your profile length. So now let's go into the next chapter's. 7. Setting Up Custom Audiences: So you have your reward incentive in place to lure people in tow, give you their email address and come check out your lining page or whatever offer you're providing them. Now, let's talk about setting up costs, um, audiences. So you can retarget these individuals plus setting up your email sequences. So setting up your custom audiences you can re target people who have engaged with your instagram page or just visited your instagram page, and you will have to do so with paid ads. But this is data that you're building for the overall health of your business, and by retargeting them, you're more likely to get a reaction from them. All right, so I'm gonna walk you through how to do that on Facebook in just a second. But essentially wanted to provide this this example tried to be is researching vendors online. She finds your specific website right. So are your instagram page, because you can also truck through instagram. So once her visit is tracked through the Facebook Bixel street mixture, and you should already have that in place is this is why you need to have a Facebook page that is tracked to your Instagram because that's gonna be your pixel. And this is how you're going to track customer So she gets on Facebook or even Instagram, and she'll see your ad, and she'll be more compelled to click on the add because she's already interacted with your audience. So essentially custom audiences are individual who you contract. So individuals who've come in contact with your instagram page or individuals of comment contact with a physic thick lending page that you've put in place. You can put any your l that you own and track these individuals. So let's jump into business manager so I can show you how to set up these custom on. You'll want to create a custom audience and go under engagement. This is where you're going to grab people who have engaged with your INSTAGRAM business profile. I'm not sure if I have my personal profile lengthen here, but essentially it should grab the information, um, of anyone. Okay, so it's linked. So anyone who's been in contact with my profile and you want to have a different audience sets because you might be changing offers. What I would recommend is you have 30 day so everyone who's engaged with my business. And you can say install 30 days, create audience. This way you can have multiple segments. And you can also add them all when you're running ads anyways. Okay. So you can also create a custom audience of anyone. I don't know why it's being a little buggy, but create a custom audience of anyone who has come in contact with your specific page. Remember, we set up our landing page. Well, this is the euro. And so I would include, Yeah, I make sure that your pixel l v whatever it is, and then put the euro, and then you're creating a specific custom for anybody who has been in contact with that specific landing page. All right, so now that you have your custom audiences in place, you want to make sure that you set up your email sequence or a trip wire by either using active campaign If you aren't mawr advance. What I love about active campaign is that it enables me to create different flows based on interactions that customers are having. For instance, if somebody has opened, uh, on email, I can send them something right away, or I can wait a week or so before I send them a new campaign. And it amazed bills me as well to track how effective or create different sequences based on what their actual engagement waas with their email. So it's a little bit more advanced, takes a little bit more time to set up. However, that's any worth the time. I'm not gonna jump into a because I would cry or me to spend an hour explaining how to do so. However, I'm gonna take the time to show you how to set things up with Mel chimps. So let's dump it back into my screen. Okay, so we're back in our landing page that we had created in Mel Chin. Um, you want to make sure that you also, um, ask for the first name and email address and essentially also making sure that you have it set up to the proper list. So groups TTP All right, so you have all your lists. I created one which is called Scarcer class. And essentially, if I go under the campaign, I'm gonna do create campaign and create email. Now, I'm gonna do automated emails and I'm gonna say I mean it could be anyone, but I wouldnt say welcome you subscribers welcome message. And then so, like the list. So it's gonna be Let's see, skill shirt class begin. And this is going to be the emails that these individuals will get. I would recommend you odd. So here, trigger. Exactly. You see, one day, I'm gonna add another email that ever loads, right. And then you can change at it was to one you wanted to trigger. I canceled on. Ah, you have a second email. I would recommend that you put in place at least treat the five. Welcome e mails. Um, and then you can just go in, designed the email, have a template in place, etcetera. Okay. You also want to make sure that you have your confirmation message set up. So by double clicking, try that again. There we go. It's gonna go down confirmation message. As you can see, preview confirmation. So I would write success you've been added to the list here is linked. Here is the link to your ah file. And you could include a Dropbox link, you know, I mean, this is not it, but you could provide an Amazon or a Dropbox link? Um, that's just a quick and dirty way of doing it. Your gold for the specific chapter is to set up your custom audiences on Facebook business manager. Anyone who's interacted with your INSTAGRAM account, as well as setting up all your email sequences, all male chimp I would do, ah, welcome Siri's, which Inc introduces them to your brand. I have a whole class on email marketing, which encourage you to check out so having anywhere between 3 to 5 email so they feel more familiar with your specific brands. So make sure to set up your trip wire sequence and have it ready to go. And now, once you do, you can start bringing in the flood of traffic. 8. Convert Followers to Customers: Let's shot about how you can actually convert these followers to customers. You already have your incentive set in place. You have your custom audiences as well set in place. So now it's just a matter of understanding techniques that will help you get these individuals to convert so person. For most, I highly encourage you dot you run giveaways on top of having your rewards. The reason being is that it's a great way to grow your audiences in record time for people to get to explore and find what your brand is all about to discover your brands. So choose a goal for your giveaway and your specific case ruing your audience and also getting war eyeballs on your instagram because you have your instagram. You have your Facebook pixel, which is tracking individuals were coming to your instagram. Your you're tracking that engagement so therefore you are able to retarget these individuals so provide to get that is relevant to your brand. Don't be giving away an iPhone because it's going to really hinder the kind of traffic that you're getting. You're not going to get people who are interested specifically in your brand create rules for the giveaway and pre promote the give away the story and also bring in partner of potentially with influences as well to get as much traction as possible. I would also even play around with paid ads, something that I've done as well, because this way enables you to extend your reach and announce the winner via post and story. So you can use viral sweep to run these contests, or you can do it manually. So an example that I wanted to share is forever 21 from day to give away. Essentially, you had to follow them. Follow L a year until who your favorite eighties or nineties movie is an intact to attack two friends with the hashtag in order to be registered to win. Now the following is a little too complex. I would make it a little bit simpler, which would include the follow Ah and I asking them to attack two friends for a chance to win. Now the other example that I have, I like how straightforward it ISS. However, I wouldn't follow their, um, lead when it comes to the actual gift. Because winning an iPhone well, chances are you're going to get plenty of individuals who are going to enter. But then, this is not gonna be quiet. Quality quality leads. It's gonna be individuals who were just gonna participate in the give away and then on follow you right after Gary V actually did a great giveaway was called 62nd Club. You had to comment within 62nd of him posting. It was also a way for him to make sure that you have post notification turned on for him. That something that you can also do, making sure that individuals have posted on vacation so they get notifications every time you're posting your continent. I would encourage that. You check out this page, just do a quick Google search. Gary V. 62nd Club. As you can tell, he had quite a bit of engagement as well through that hashtag, and he was giving away anything from sign books to face times with him. Random swag, etcetera obviously worked well for him because he's a brand name. People know who he is, so you really have to play around with these different offers and see what's gonna work for you. All right, So run multiple campaigns and run different reward and offers. Make sure to have to give away as well in this highlight section, like girl Talk does and showcasing your winner. So people know that there's actually people winning, and but there's a chance for them to win, announce and reward a winner every 30 days. Make sure to include in the stories and the post as well. Include included in the highlights and consider as well, creating pain ads around your give aways. You could also do paid ads of a picture of individuals with or give their whatever the very have one and run ads with the following. All right, so now you also. So now you have a strategy when it comes to bring in more traffic, and there's plenty of other strategies when I'm gonna share with you in the next chapter. But let's talk about running retargeting ads so you have set in place your custom audiences for Instagram, and you want to make sure that these individuals have come across your page. You're running different offers, and they're continuing to see your ads, and you don't have to spend a lot of money. It's just going to help your chance especially with retargeting ads. So these are two examples I wanted to share were essentially one of them is to get ah, a chance to win this free hearts of fire crystal chain necklace. The other one is from plated, which I love that they were essentially giving away 24% off to their first delivery. This is an incentive to have me try, because it's no no risk for me. And once I try their services, I'm more likely to become a subscriber. So let me switch back to my screen and show you quickly how you could set up, uh, instagram retargeting. Odd. All right, so let's great a quick adds essentially create. We're gonna do conversion. Odd, because this is what we're interested in. These individuals have already come in contact, So we're gonna do reward 30 days. Whatever it is that you're trying to test at this point, I don't have my pixel set up. Ah, but you wanna choose an event I would do in actual check out. Um, that performs pretty well. And you could also dio um Well, I took heart would be here as well. I don't have anything active, but I would do at the card purchase an initial check out. So we'll do initial check out for this. Then we're going to use our custom audience, which is a retargeting instagram. Okay, Um what also? Then we're going to do edit placement. We're gonna do mobile only because we're only testing instagram plus this cheaper at this point. And then I would just do ah, $5 daily just to get started on because you want to test multiple. Creative is the other thing a Z many creatives us possible. Okay, I know there's errors because I don't have a pixel set up and then I would use video video performance better. This is not it. Like multiple pixels set up and then upload your images and what not? Make sure that if you're looking to do a story, add as well that you have it set up with the proper format. So that would be, I think, 10 1920 by 10. 20 uh, 1919 20 by 2018. Remember, off the so anyway, so put the website. You're all this would be the lining page you want and these individuals go to This is where you put the headline. This is where you put the text. I don't have any creative. Um, then you would put learn more cause Usually that performs better than shop now and yeah, So I don't have an active pixel and then confirm and then you're all set up, and now you also want to make sure that you're tagging products to your feet. These are individuals who probably shut from you before that. You might get once in a while individuals who are interested in a specific product that you have. They love your feet and they will actually purchase from you directly. So tagging your product, it's something that works better when you're better established. Brand where people are, you already set a credibility. They know who you are. They're more likely to shop directly on your feet. But it's something to get in. The habit of doing this is a reason why you wanna have a lead opt in offer. You want to ensure that you're grabbing the attention of these individuals and you're warming them up to finally purchasing from you in the future. So at this point, you have all the tools in place to be able to re target this traffic if they're not engaging and they're not, they're visiting your page, but they're not clicking on that link. You have all the tools in place to be able to re target them with that specific contest offer or whatever it is that you're offering. So make sure that it you rents a repeat. You try different offers every 30 days. You try different ad sets, you try different creatives. It takes about a Bren interaction for potential customers to purchase from you. So this is why you need to be very methodologically here and really organized, not just with your editorial calendar, cause that's just one part of it. But also you need to have a paid ad strategy if you're really serious about taking your business is the next level. So you have all the tools in place as faras converting these customers into potential, converting these followers into potential customers. So in the next chapter, I'm gonna run through different tactics that you can put into place to grow your audience and some of the latest hacks that currently work in 2019 9. Grow a Loyal Following: all right, so in this chapter, I wanted to provide you with tactics are currently being used to grow loyal followings. In 2019 I have entire class, which I published last year in 2018. A lot of these tactics are still relevant. I wanted to spend majority of this class walking you through cells funnel because this is how we're going to convert. Customers are followers into customers. So the algorithm these days is all or nothing. Facebook acquired Instagram and they're in it for the game of making money. So paid ads is going to take precedence over organic content. There's also a lot of different, a lot of competition. So your goal as a smaller brand is for small get getting people to slow down and spend time with your content. But most importantly, reached that explore page with hashtag. I'll have the bonus section. Well, I'm gonna walk you through hashtags and how to find proper hashtag. But you wanna have smaller hashtag where you have better chances of making it within the Explorer page to increase your chances. Now we're gonna talk about how you can get people to slow down to look at your post. You want to make sure that within the first few minutes of you posting, people are liking commenting, sharing, and part of it is well, a trick that a lot of different accounts are doing is that they're creating their own engagement pods using through telegram, for instance, and getting incent engagement and instant boost on their posts. All right, so you wanna post more video content in 2019 1st and foremost, because video content usually goes viral, especially if you're doing how to tips or any sort of like Top 10 Deadlock is a pro. When it comes to creating video content, it's important to have the captions because most individuals are not putting the sound on and having a headline. So individuals know what the video is about. You could also partner up with bigger niche accounts. In each accounts, I have a 1,000,000 plus follower or 100 K plus Austin. If they would be willing to repost your videos as well as partnering up with insulin, sirs, So I would encourage you to look into creating video content on ah, pretty consistent basis. Whatever works for you every two weeks to get started is just fine, but video is going to get you more attraction. There's not as many people who are doing video hands more opportunities for you. And another thing that I'd like to mention is the fact that having a YouTube presence as a brand is great for your S E O. And it's also great to build a loyal following. Yes, it's more time consuming, which is why most brands shy away from it. But this is a great opportunity for you to be able to get an audience directly from YouTube , and you don't need to have a huge following to start getting S CEO and people to come back to your website, so something to consider, because there's just not as much competition. All right, so multiple videos you can now add up to four videos, so I would do 30. So essentially, if you were doing a YouTube video, let's say and your YouTube videos, like five minutes, I would just cut out chunks 32nd chunks and Adam within your post canvas so individuals can see it now. You can also reformat it to be available in your story and telling people, Hey, this is just a little preview of the video that we're we're sharing X Y Z tip. Make sure to check out the post and give us your feedback or comments, etcetera. Essentially, the reason multiple videos works so well is because it's keeping people on your instagram page longer and therefore telling Instagram or Facebook algorithm that your content is relevant because people are spending more time on the platform. This is what Instagram wants. They want individuals who spent more time on their platform, and if your content is doing just that, they're going to reward you using geo location tags, especially if you're a small business in a specific city. It is also a great way to get discovered. I would play around with them as much as possible, so in this case I have New York City. But you definitely would want toe also geo tag specific neighborhoods within your city. That's a great way to gain traction, because people actually do follow these geo tax and look at the most recent pictures. So New York City, obviously you and be ranking. There's too much competition. However, you probably rank in the most recent. This is a great way to garner more followers. Viral contents Viral content is key. There is a great tool, which is called viral finder dot com, which enables you to find viral content and record time. You can also go in the Explorer page by looking at specific hashtag seeing the top post and see what's gone viral When you re posting, you want to make sure that you are having a unique caption that is specific to you and your brand and you're telling people to tagged their friends, for instance. But the reason viral content works is because, well, you already know People are engaging with this, and it's just an opportunity for you to be able to leverage and piggyback on that fame that that post is getting taking your friends post. We talked about this in the previous chapter, but this is a great weight for individuals who are already following you to tag or friends , and for you to grow your account as their friends will discover your brand. Busting into answers for shot out on story is also a very effective way to grow your following base fees toe work with influencers or knee spaces go anywhere between $20 to as much as 1000 10,000 plus four influencers. You have quite a huge following. I would make sure that I run all the different insolence or profile through social blade dot com. You want to make sure that whomever you're working with has a grade of C B or a. At the very least, eso they have real followers, and this is a great way to make sure that they have proper real followers and really engagement don't need to. Nestle be working with influencers who have a huge, huge accounts. Anybody who has 20,000 unless is just fine. Micro influencers are just as powerful Lee and sometimes even more powerful than bigger influencers. So ask them to do a story shot out. Try to come up, especially if you're doing a contest. Try to come up with a creative way for them to shut you out so their audience will be intrigued and perhaps want the opportunity of winning or being part of this contest. And you can even create a viral video like we talked early on anything that you're creating and asking them to assured for you. So influencer marketing is extremely powerful hashtag So we talked about this and I'm gonna do a whole bonus next. A bonus chapter on Hotter have relevant hashtag but hashtag that are less competitive. So you want to make sure that you are using at least 30 plus hashtag in all of your post and you want to permit eight group different groups of hashtag All the following will be and that next bonus chapter However, most importantly, make sure that you're using smaller hashtags in order to make it on top of the Explorer page a couple other things to keep into consideration. Ah, follow on. Follow these air practice people are still using commenting on post etcetera. All of this is extremely time consuming. However a will help and additionally from that having four So depending on hop, do you want to grow? Obviously, but if you post at least once a day, it will help your chances of growing faster. I would encourage to post as much as four times a day, which is why it's important to look at when your audience is actually on instagram and which hours work best as far as posting content. At what time you're getting most interaction now. Finally, I wanted to throw this in there. This is a service that I have used in the past. It's called Kicks that they've actually provided me with a special length. It's called Luna Tents. You'll get 10% off and they help you get real followers for Instagram. They do the follow on follow comment for you, etcetera. It's a great bond if you use the euro a bit, Lee Earl. It's an affiliate link, However, like I mentioned, they are providing everyone who's taking my class 10% off, and it's pretty affordable. So it's anywhere between I think below $30 so pretty affordable. This is another potential avenue you might want to take to help for your account. Alright, guys. So in the next chapter, let's go through the bonus section of how to bring your hashtag game to new heights. Let's do this 10. Bonus Hashtags: So when it comes to a hashtag, you want to ensure that you're using, like I mentioned 30 hash dogs per image. In this, this helps or per post. This helps you get does covered and you want to help your chances of getting discovered. So I wanted to provide you so a tool that I've been using lately. It's called a flick. And, um, what I like about it is that it provides me with different ideas of hashtags. And usually I goes well on instagram to see how much media count I'm competing with. And what are the average like? So in this case, let's pretend that we are boxing shop and we're selling boxing equipment, whether it's boxing gloves, a boxing gloves, etcetera also, obviously, I started with boxing. Let's see, I wanted to get some ideas. Boxing grind could be an interesting hashtag. Let's see Ah, boxing workout, boxing coach Kickboxing, etcetera. So the beauty with this is that you can export the Hashtags by copying them all. In this case Ah, I've only complete this one, but you can essentially all the hashtags you're interested. Fight lives boxing coach uh, kickboxing Rather large, but could be interesting. Let's okay. So I could export these hashtag So what I've done here just to show you, you want to at least create five groups. So I've called it permutation and you wanted to be a mix of highly search hashtag. So Harley's highly search hashtag or hashtag that have ah, you know, anywhere between 180 plus or 150 plus is for his media and then lo competition hot stocks. You can make it to the Explorer page Lifestyle hashtag sa's well ah ha b hashtag and product hashtag, especially if you're e commerce. So in this case, boxing workout gets about a hunt has about 180,000 post boxing exercises, surprisingly, has only 500. So this would be a great opportunity for you to make it to the export page, especially if you get enough likes and engagement boxing warm up a swell if I'm into boxing at the interested in boxing or MMA, and also this is a great wait for you to get ideas as to the type of content you could be posting beyond just your market research boxing class. Perhaps, if you are a boxing fitness studio Boxing coach, boxing class in New York City. So you could also includes geo location to some of these hash dogs. Boxing life hot to transform because yeah, I mean, perhaps someone who is into boxing they're interested in, um, their interest. Oops. They're interested in ah, export hashtag coffee hashtag. They're interested in losing weight. So I have all the hashtag that I have here. But what I would do is go through all these different hashtags include them in my list, so I mix it to 30. So boxing grind, Let's see boxing grind 146 k media um, 140 60. So the reason I like to include how much medium competing with is because, like I mentioned, I wanna have a mix, so you get the gist of it. Essentially, I would use this to try to come up with other ideas. Let's see, um, boxing life search, boxing lives. So boxing club boxing funds, boxing gym, and my maid doesn't boxing, news, boxing, boxing, lifestyles, and interesting one. I would include That's I would include boxing, boxing, live boxing, gym, and you can just go on and on until you find enough hashtags that pertain. Oh, I don't know. Why Didn't copy export hashtag Skopje hash dogs. And then let's just copy them boxing workout. And so if you're using Planet Lee, the beauty of it is that you can create different groups for these different hashtag. So let me show you really quickly how to do that. All right, so right now we're in Plan Italy. And as you can see, I have different hashtags already. Sin, please. But I would essentially create a new name, right? Boxing. And then I would just include all the different hash stocks that I have just copied. I mean, obviously you want to make sure that it's the proper permutation. So you have chances of making it to the explore page, and I would obviously have 30. So now I have all my different hash stocks. And when I'm interested in this case to schedule Fudoh all I have to do his lank, let's say, uh, odd boxing. And then, obviously I would just have to love la, la, blah, blah, and I will schedule the post accordingly. So I'm not going to save this. No, but you get the gist of it. Another seem to keep into consideration is to look at some of the hashtag that your competition is using as well. So train hard and running it through the tool to see if there's any potential for you to use them or having different lists going so you can use as many permutations possible. And you're also going to be tracking how effective these hashtags are. If you are linking them within these different groups and you have an image that's performing better than another, you should look at these hash dogs to see to essentially know that these hashtags are performing better than perhaps other hash dogs. Ah, boxing workout boxing exercises. So going through the top post, also going through some of the recent posts, What not? And this would be a good way as well to fine viral content. Alright, guys. So I mean at this point, make sure that you're using as many different groups as possible that you're testing the groups that you're going through your planet Lee Like So, for instance, this hot 26 the front comments, the reason being well, I think a lot of people could relate, but ah yes, so I can look at the hashtags that was using. Look, go back to my permutation and go from there. All right? Guys will not. Do you have this hashtag strategy in place? You're going toe? Crush it. The competition is going to cry. You're gonna have lots of more post getting discovered. This will make all the difference. 11. Bonus 2: Creating a sense of community: I wanted to provide you with one last bonus section about how you can create a sense of community. Haven't spent much time talking about story. Needless to stay, story is one of the most used functionality right now in Instagram, people are spending more time on story than they are going through the actual photo post. So building a connection with story is a game changer and really being able to build that close connection with your audience. I would plan on heading live sessions as well because it helps you get on top of the instagram story. Ah, feed. So a great way for you to be consistent and having people check out what you're about on a weekly basis, building a tense IP ation around a product launch. You can also share certain of some of the behind the scenes. You can also implement and share some of the winners that have won that contest or reward and, uh, pull your audience about different products. Share meme is this is going to be your direct feedback with your audience, so you know exactly what works and what doesn't. And perhaps what you could do is as you're building your editorial calendar for the month to follow, and you're testing out ideas. You could start testing these ideas directly with instagram story. You have to be active on instagram. Story is gonna help you get discovered. You can also implement hashtags within your instagram story, so I'll show you a quick example. Right now. What you can do is oops, essentially by just writing hashtag boxing life. It's just a example. As you can see, it's gonna provide with different suggestions, and you can include as many Hashtags as possible toe. Hope your content get getting discovered using geo tags as well. So I love story I spent actually. Ah, lot of time on my personal account on story. It's a great way for individuals to get to know the person behind the brand, and as a business owner, I highly recommend that you use the following. You have to come up, come up with a few different creative ideas and try to implement it on a regular basis. This way, people know what to expect from you, and you're trying to be as creative as possible. I personally love Jim Shark, and I've been following them cause it don't such a great job like I mentioned earlier, building their community. The other thing is, you want to incentivize your customer by recommends other friends or coming back for more by consider affiliate programs or perhaps reward programs where they spent X amount of money. You're giving them 20% off for 50% off. Whatever you decide. Starbucks obviously has an amazing we were reward program in place for individual Teoh. Spend a lot of money at Starbucks. I have a whole class on affiliate marketing as well. If you want to set that up, building credibility with testimonials and influencer as well and making sure that you include that not all only and your stories, but also in your post. People feel more comfortable when they see other people that have tried your products when they see other influencer that they know as well who are recommending your products so repost influencers with your product use Bentley as well to track how well, how much traffic there, perhaps bringing if you're interested in doing affiliates, and you might also want to consider D M groups creating D M groups within your specific niche or even a Facebook group for individuals who have questions about a specific topic you have. So Instagram is like I mentioned in the very beginning of the costs of vehicle to bring in Leeds. However, in order to build that engagement, you have to start thinking outside of Instagram. So whether it's perhaps having a meet up or having like I mentioned, a Facebook group, whatever a problem you're helping individuals with and your product is helping without specific problem, you want to make sure that you have a whole community by catering by these two these individuals, so damn groups can be a great way. Where you may actually help one another is also there's an excellent Sergio potentially interested in in, ah in your products. So it's a way to help each other out within the community and come up with creative ways to build that sense of community. All right, guys will excited about to jump into the conclusion. I'll see you 12. Conclusion: All right, guys, Congratulations. And finishing this class I provided. I know a lot of content. I try to pack it all in with in this class, and it's hard to go into much detail because, like I mentioned, this could easily be a five hour class. So if there's any section that you feel you might want some clarity, let me know. And I'll make sure to create a separate class about the following. Thank you so much. So don't try to do it all. I would recommend that you start with pay traffic. Now I know that as a smaller brands, you're queasy about the following. However, pay traffic, the beauty of it is that it brings brings quality traffic, and also it's a great opportunity to re target. Individuals have already discovered your instagram. Hence they're interested in what you have to offer. Building a mailing list needs to be your top and number one priority getting your pixel data. So if you don't know how to set up a Facebook pics olders plenty of YouTube videos available out there. It's fairly simple, especially if you already have a Facebook page. You already have a Facebook pixel assigned to your page is just a matter of implementing it within your website. Shopify makes it super easy to do so as well. So build your audience data, build your mailing list. This because essentially, this is time and energy. It's almost like a boat. Ah, that's sinking if you're not gathering the data because you're spending all this time, rowing but Don water keeps on going through. Our fish keeps on leaving, so it's almost like you're fishing. And then all the fish keeps on going back to the sea. So you need to make sure that you're a quiet all this time and effort that you're moving forward and not sort of spinning your wheels, creating engaging content. Now this is the most difficult part because obviously it requires lots of creativity and also coming up with different ideas. It also requires copy writing skills. Don't feel deflated, start small and keep on testing. The more you're posting, look at what your competition is doing. Try to come up with ideas, but the more you're posting, the better off you will be. Use scheduling tools as well. A lot of smaller brands. I find a post when they whenever they feel like it. If you pose consistently, it's gonna increase your chances. You can post and you can test different hours of the day. If you're only pushing once a day to see what works better and once you know at what time you are more likely to get more engagement at that At that point, Post try to post every time at the same hour and was importantly as well. Finally, partner up with instant answer. It will make all the alright, guys. Well, that's it. I'm excited. I hope that you were able to gather as much information as possible. I'm excited to hear about all your accomplishment. Make sure to follow me on Instagram and, uh, let me know how you like the class and please provide me over you as well. You guys take care. Bye.