Inspired Fashion Design: Sketching Collections | Dmitry Sholokhov | Skillshare

Inspired Fashion Design: Sketching Collections

Dmitry Sholokhov, Owner and Creative Director, Dmitry Sholokhov

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11 Lessons (50m)
    • 1. Trailer

    • 2. Finding Inspiration

    • 3. Mood Board Development

    • 4. Fabricating Your Mood Board

    • 5. Sketching (Part 1)

    • 6. Sketching (Part 2)

    • 7. Sketching (Part 3)

    • 8. Combine Sketches with Moodboard

    • 9. Assign Fabrics to Garments

    • 10. BONUS! Final Pieces

    • 11. More Creative Classes on Skillshare


About This Class

After winning Project Runway season 10 and building my own fashion label, I know first hand how powerful of a skill it is to create cohesive, innovative, and sought after collections. I always start a new garment or season by researching for inspiration first, and I look forward to sharing this process with you in order to elevate your own fashion endeavors.


What You'll Learn

In this class I will go through the various processes for developing a collection that I have learned by working in various fashion houses as well as designing my own line. 

  • Inspiration and Mood board development. How to find a start point and use it as a visual material to work from. Develop a color and material story to carry throughout the collection.
  • Fabrication. How to source and choose materials based on the inspiration, color story, and textures in the mood board.
  • Design ideas. How to sketch and develop silhouettes based on inspiration. 
  • Editing. How to tie together the colors, fabrics, and silhouettes with a strong, cohesive collection. 

What You'll Make

In this class you will make three fashion sketches that form the foundation of a collection. I will go over each step of my process so you can apply the lessons to your own designs. After taking this class you will enhance your design skills and will be able to make anything you are inspired by.





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Dmitry Sholokhov

Owner and Creative Director, Dmitry Sholokhov

I graduated from the Parsons School of Design, earning my BFA in Fashion Design. During my studies, I interned at Calvin Klein and J. Mendel. Immediately after graduation I accepted a full-time position at Italian house of Domenico Vacca, and soon became Design Director. Fashion professionals recognized my genuine talent, strong artistic presence and personal charm which resulted in offering me to create my own collection. That led to an even more challenging position at the Jones Appa...

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