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Influencer Marketing: Collaborate with Bloggers and Increase Your Brand Awareness

teacher avatar Luna Vega, Author - Podcaster - Fashion Ecommerce Consultant

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

13 Lessons (56m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Project: Create an Influencer Marketing Campaign

    • 3. What is Influencer Marketing?

    • 4. Setting Up Goals

    • 5. Audience Analysis

    • 6. Who / What / Where / How

    • 7. Start Your Influencer List

    • 8. Level of Influence

    • 9. Setting up a Campaign

    • 10. Packaging your Offerings

    • 11. Craft a Compelling Pitch

    • 12. Connecting the Dots

    • 13. Make Friends

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About This Class

Knowing which influencer / blogger to work can be a frustrating trial and error process. The more influential the blogger, the less likely they will respond. Do not get discouraged, you can change your luck by simply refining your search and being methodical. In this 1-hour class, you will learn steps needed to turn NO’s into Yes’. This class is perfect for business owners, freelancers, marketers in the making looking to increase their reach. By the end of this class you will have all the tools needed to craft winning influencer marketing campaigns.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Luna Vega

Author - Podcaster - Fashion Ecommerce Consultant


Hi Guys :) and Welcome! Thank you for checking out my classes here on Skillshare. I'm a Fashion E-commerce Consultant, Author, Youtube, Podcaster based in New York City, Miami and Barcelona. I am on a journey to connecting, teaching, and creating possibilities for all talented freelancers, business owners and entrepreneurs out there.

Thanks to my many years as a digital marketing consultant, I know what works and what doesn't. I started my career working on a range of large-scale digital campaigns for a list of Fortune 500 clients. I left it all to pursue my passion in digital strategy and marketing consulting. My goal is to share my knowledge about digital marketing to inspire & empower others to Love Mondays.

Where will you find me? At an airport browsi... See full profile

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1. Intro: My name is new Vega, additional marking and growth and consultant and I worked with a range of international clients from start up to fashion e commerce. I helped identify opportunities in different markets by linking them up with bloggers and influencers. So how did I fall into the exciting field of influence in marketing while an assignment that took me to Singapore couple years back? Maybe witness how receptive consumers from all around the world are and finding friends that are innovative and outside of their geographic location. So I wrote a book, Global Influence, which is available on Amazon and in which I provide marketing six for small fashion e commerce businesses and also walked them through step by step needed to reach out to the bloggers in this class I wanted to do since something similar because, let's face it into this market, it's becoming increasingly saturated and you notice is getting harder and harder. And I'm sure you found yourself in a position where either you've reached the blogger is never to hear back from them, or you might have already worked with bloggers, but they're not get the results that you were looking before. So not to worry because I put in place for you guys. Methodologies and tools needed to first identify bloggers to work with second Pidge campaigns. I will appeal to bloggers and third, how to follow up. So if you are a small business or a marketer are freelancer, I invite you to enroll in. 2. Project: Create an Influencer Marketing Campaign: either for your business or for a fictional friend. I really want to get you guys into the habit of asking the right questions. When identifying, loggers are reaching out to bloggers to make it a little easier, actually broken it down into many deliver bols and all the templates are available in the class, so go ahead. But the first step will be an audience and analysis, because the following will dictate which type of bloggers you should be working with really understanding who your audience is and will do little different exercises to make sure that you have the right information when it comes to your audience. Now the second step will be to create an influencer collaboration scenario. Because bloggers, just like you have a business, it's really important to respect that. And too often I've seen brands defaulting to asking for favors. There's a right way to ask for a favor, and there's also other options which really depend on the type of budgets you have. Any overall goals and types of results that you want to have Now, lastly, is the campaign proposal where it will be pitching to bloggers to work with you so well put together an email template and other tools that you can use now. I don't recommend you copy in peace and email templates, but the following will help you set up the campaign and put you in the habit of asking the right way for bloggers to collaborate and work with. You know, I'm really excited to read all your different assignments and providing feedback. 3. What is Influencer Marketing?: you might be wondering what is influencing marketing? Well, it's simply the process of selecting and collaborating with bloggers who will introduce your brand to potential customers. So think of it as brand ambassadors will promote your products to their audience. Even though these days I know we have social media, and as a business, it's more easier to promote your own business. The thing is that customers these days are increasingly skeptical, off brands claim, and they're more likely to listen to a friend blogger, an influencer that they respect. So the following has more value, if you will, and also official media. It's starting to cost a little more expensive with Facebook as I want. You're competing with bigger brand, so you really have to think of it as building a community. And I know you probably heard this over a number again, but align yourself with bloggers within your leash is really important. It's actually wanna move to the slides to talk to you guys about two specific brands who had incredible success solely with influencer marketing. So the first story is with Cambridge Satchel Company, which was founded in 2008 in the UK and from the very onset, the founder started sharing her design and her passion with loggers. So you, as you can see these air classical British school bags with a modern twist with a bright fun collars, and she started reaching out to bloggers and Greek. Lee grew into becoming a cult amongst fashion bloggers. So was a bit of a domino effect, which led her to get published in 2009 in the Gordian as a Christmas gift guide. So obviously helped put her business on the map. And it became an international phenomenon and even inspired collaborations with Come Together. So So what is great about our story, and I included an article I really encourage you guys to go check out. There's two lengths in here, but she was really flexible and open when working with bloggers and let them have their own unique voice. She didn't want the content to feel too contrived, so this is a great story of a business started in somebody's living room and growing from the pure power of bloggers and word of mouth. So now the second very inspirational story, which happened a little differently is beard brand, So beer brand sells beer care products and grew from the founders fashion about the bearded lifestyle. So he actually had started a block back in 2012 and was really involved in the beard community. He had participated in your growing competitions. He was really active on Reddit as well. And it was all about sharing his passion with other individuals in that specific community . So the following really got him noticed and you got featured on The New York Times on January 13 2013 and the falling really put his business on the map because apparently prior that he did not have a business. So he just mentioned to The New York Times that he was going to launch and created a shop of Fi store right in there. So now again, like the founder had done a great job positioning himself as an influencer, and I mean it helped grow its business internationally. So these two stories really showcased the power of influencer marketing. If used in the right way, 4. Setting Up Goals: prior reaching out to bloggers are setting up your campaign. It's really important to set up goals and the following, relying on really being familiar with your little analytics, getting a sense of how much website traffic you're currently getting, type of engagement you have on social media and also getting a sense of how many followers you have, etcetera. So it's really important to write all the following down and then project what your goals will be three months from now. Six months from now, etcetera, etcetera. How many orders are you hoping to get etcetera? Because otherwise you won't. You won't be able to really gouged a type of results that you're getting from these collaborations with bloggers, and you might feel frustrated, so it's really important to set these benchmarks from the very onset. So let's switch the slides quickly. So before your star any marketing campaign, you really have to set specific goals. Otherwise, you won't be able to know whether or not your campaign or your overall blogger outreach waas successful because you want to measure your return on investment, it will help guide your efforts. You can sense what work which influencer brought you the most traffic weapon, and then you can readjust accordingly, so some of them metrics in there obviously include website traffic. So, having a sense of how many unique visitors you're getting, what is recurring? Bounce ray like you can find all that information on Google analytics. You also. If you are an e commerce business, Neto have an understanding of how many orders per month you're Carly getting, and then also Social Media followers. Now, careful because the amount of followers doesn't really mean much. It's more interaction that is valuable. And I'll talk more about the following later because obviously relates back to the bloggers . Overall, this exercise is gonna help guide how many partnerships and collaboration you will need a month to get the types of results you want. So I kind of wanna share with you guys this chart on. And if you're in a calmer e commerce business, following will be relevant. But in average, the conversion rate for any e commerce business is about 1%. So you need to really establish long term goals and then break them down into more short term goals, and having written precise goals will help you keep you motivated and on track, and then this one. Any time you feel frustrated and are facing a hurdle, you can simply go over your goals to get your mojo back. It works great every time, and it's also important to break down your goals into smaller pieces. So it's saying that you want to earn a $1,000,000 a little bit loosey goosey if you don't understand what that looks like and thinking about what it would, um, what it would take to make it is going to really help you reframe your reality and helps you find a solution to make it happen in this chart, you know, broken it down to three months, six months and a year. So I'll show you in the next slide how these calculations happened. So let's say that you want, for example, to earn $250,000 a year, so this is your goal. You'll need to make about 20,833 every month, right? So 250,000 divided by 12 which averages to about $694 in cells every day. So let's say that your product is $20 or the average cost of your product is $20. That means that you'll need to sell about 1000 articles for months. The convert conversion rate sorry is about 1%. And if you want to sell 1000 article, the assumption here is that one individual that each individual just by on item for $20 now you might have a bigger orders. It would take about 100,000 unique visitors per month. I mean, and again, this is just really rough calculation based on unexamined. So I mean, yeah, again, I'm just not taking into consideration either. Repeat buyers. And also, another thing that you need to keep into consideration as you're building partnership with these bloggers is that they're each gonna provide some spike on your traffic. But it's really gonna vary from blogger to blogger, and when you're just starting out, obviously you will be reaching out to smaller bloggers who don't have access to such a bigger audience. So it's going to really be a snowball effect. But having like I said, specific goals and mine, and knowing exactly what your current traffic is will make all the difference in helping you get a sense of your overall return on investment. 5. Audience Analysis: So do you really know who your audience is? A lot of times, entrepreneurs or just small business owners have overall gut feeling as to who their audience is that they never done their homework first, double checking that information. One of the simple ways to do that is by leveraging the power of Facebook custom audience by either uploading your mailing list or adding a custom pixel within your website. And I've included in here the Ural and I'll quickly walk you guys through some of the steps required to do the following and the reason It's important because you want to reach out to bloggers who have a similar audience as yours because otherwise, you know you'll just put a lot of effort into reaching out to bloggers. I don't have a similar onions two years, and obviously the following is going to depend on what type of industry urine, etcetera. You want to start by like I mentioned going on Facebook. So this is the your L that I was sharing with you guys and the other slide as to how you can get started with a custom audience. You want to make sure that you either have uploaded a pixel. And so here are all the instructions you'll need in order to do the following in this page as well, which is the campaign manager page. It will walk you through how to let's see set audience and budgets. So in here you can create your own custom audience by either uploading your list from Melton for what not through website traffic, which is the custom pixel or activity, If you haven't here, is kind of some high level inside about my personal audience. So I have individuals from all over the world. My audiences, mainly women from between 25 to 30 who are into fashion and have a small business, etcetera, etcetera and then you'll see is well that I set up different audiences like through the power editor. So I have a look alike audience set up through my mailing list, another one set up through my website and then other ones that I've saved and created directly on Facebook. So the goal here is for you guys to create a user persona where essentially you're looking at different potential customers and getting getting in their head, essentially not just their age but also getting a sense of like their occupation. Where are they located geographically? Are they city dwellers, or do they live in the suburbs? What are their motivation? Goals, frustration, etcetera, because of following again will help you in deciding which loggers to work with. So I'll show you guys a quick example of what I had done for a client in which I kind of painted the story of a stylist. She was 29 year old, and she lived in New York City. She worked for a different fashion show. Personal clients and I included her goals, frustration, motivation, what she's tried in the past on This was for a client that was launching an app and wanted to get a better sense of who their customer is. So again, the following will really help you decide which bloggers to work with. I'll share again. The following, like is in one of the templates, and I'm sharing with you guys, so make sure to answer as many questions as possible. You might have different personas. You might have different types of customers really think through us to who are each of the individuals who are buying from your coming to your site. And what type of blog's are they reading? Just really start thinking through these answers, and the following will help you in setting up your campaign. 6. Who / What / Where / How: So you've done your due diligence of getting understanding of what your current traffic is setting up goals. You've also done your homework as far as taking a deeper die as to who your audience is putting together. So not so you really know your customer now. And you also know that type of results that I like to get not house, the fun part which is identifying influencers to work with. So we're gonna be answering three specific questions. The 1st 1 is What? So what's up? A topic that's that longer covers saying Fashion Blogger is a little too loosey goosey. You want to really be specific on which is it a depression blogger, a street fashion blogger? Organ fashion longer and I'll walk. You guys threw us too hot to answer that question. There was a couple of tricks of the trade that I'm sure you guys know where as well is very important where they're spending most of their time. Which platform are they? Predominantly? It's not shot YouTube Instagram is your audience Spencer spending time in the specific platforms? And then finally, how so? How influential are they? Obviously don't look just that social media numbers and how many followers they have followers. You want to make sure that you look at the overall interaction. Are people sharing their content? Are there commenting, How excited are they post you? I am. And again, size does not matter. So the following questions will help you determine who's the best fit and who you should be working. So let's take a look at this lives to help us answer elements. Questions. So identifying what type of influencers to work with. So, like I mentioned earlier, you need to answer these three questions. What? Where? How to determine who you should be working because, for instance, want until collaborate with fashion Blogger is a little too vague. High fashion Street fashion minimalism, bargain hunter. So, based on your personal customer inside the one created in the previous chapter, you're going to select a blogging niche that will be most beneficial for your business. So there's a little trick. So like OK, like let's go through the topics here. So the finding list of topics. So the little trick is to perform a keyword analysis by going to Google AdWords, the Google AdWords keyword planner, and I'm not sure if you've already done the following, but the following tool will help you determine the most prevalent keyword within your website on DSO. The following will be really crucial because we will want that information to extract hash tags to perform our search later on. So we're gonna create a database of relevant keywords, creating a list of 10 to 20 keywords that relate to your business. And you can also download these keyword ideas directly from Google keyword planner. So, for example, you know if you are a more vintage fashion company, some of the key words might be vintage wear. Vintage online shopping, vintage teacher T shirts, vintage cells, addresses, 19 fifties fashion dress vintage. Here's an example for that specific search. I used Nasty Gal as an example. So these are all the ad group ideas that are listed over here in the middle, and there's also keyword ideas and you see that little download button right there. I highlighted it here for you guys. Thes are a bunch of different keywords. I'll be relevant. Obviously, nasty gal has a name of itself, but look at more of vintage store zShops vintage fashion all the following key words are gonna help you with your search. Now, the second part will be to find relevant hashtag based on keywords that you just research. So the first phase was looking through or getting a list of different keywords. And you can get that information through Google AdWords keyword planning tool. And then once you have those specific keywords, we're gonna go through hashtag if I to find Hashtags that are relevant. And what's great here is that the following will help you get started with your influencer search. I just don't will include vintage fashion. And, as you will see, these air all the top 10 hashtag related to vintage fashion. So vintage clothing. And it also shows you the popularity of each at sea. Vintage style fashion, go vintage retro fashion. So these are hashtags that are used in Twitter and instagram and as you can see is, well, it gives you insight Of all the top recent, um, post on Twitter for the specific cash dogs, you'll want to also click on all these different sub categories to find other hashtags, and I just encourage you to start a list going with as many hashtag as possible. because of following will help you again with your search you want to be. You don't want to be limited to one specific hashtag because you want to have as many influencers that's possible. So there's another functionality here. And to be honest, I haven't used it much because it seems like all the influences that are in here are a little too popular but hashtag if I has a top influence or tool that they just came out with. But as you can see, these individuals are are not the right fit because obviously they're celebrities and what not? But you might want to play with that features while to kind of get a sense of what type of results you'll be getting. But in any case, I personally use hashtag if I to put together a list of all the different hashtags and then this way. Once I have my hashtag, I can start my search on, and that will be in the next chapter 7. Start Your Influencer List: Okay, so now we're going to start putting together your influencers list So you have all the different Hashtags and plays through hash tag. If I were gonna use couple other tools which will help you further guide your certain and put together a list off influencers, I encourage you to either start putting together a word document or excel so you can start putting all those names down because then we're gonna refine even further from that first batch of individual that you gather. So let's jump over to Keyhole because it enables you to track in real time. Hashtag. And as you can see, it does the following by sparse ing through Twitter and Instagram. There is actually a trial, a 14 day trial, but unfortunately you have to pay a monthly fee for the following, but it's a grateful to have, and I use it pretty frequently. So in this next page, I already did tracker for vintage. Where and what's great is that you can track Are you insane? Different trackers? So you will see that there's different post on those air pretty recent it includes. Like I said, Instagram and also includes with you include as well. Like most influential users and then recent users, you can click and get a sense of who these individuals are by looking directly at their Twitter accounts on. And then from there you can start your list. And I mean, at this point, I would just start adding as many individuals as possible. And then you can just kind of dealing it from there and also gives you inside about the demographic, the location there in in for each of the specific keywords. So just start putting together this list, go through each individual's profile on and just kind of go from there. So, like this individual, for instance, like let's add her, I started putting together in Excel sheet with all the different hashtags in place Onda, as you can see and then I'll just also include because I'll have to do a search as well to figure out whether or not she's a blogger and what not on. So this was for which this is the key word. It was for vintage where so I'll include the following into my list vintage where all right , so this is a great tool to use the 2nd 1 that I love is called a bus to mow, in which you can do content. Search for select topic on as you can see you. Could you pass here 24 hours went. Not so. The only thing about bus to meant to keep in mind is that they will usually us sort through information of our major publications. So you want to make sure that you check us for a guest. Post interviews videos that you check the top of information that's relevant for you. So let's see vintage where Let's see the type of feedback we're getting. So, yeah, I mean this. Let's look, let's get a locus to whether or not this is something that my the of use. So do you remember dot com and I mean for now, I just suggest that you include all of these different items within your list, because you can kind of sort out whether or not these blog's are right fit for you after the fact. But as you can see, thes air sort of more influential blog's with quite a bit of following, so it might not be relevant if you're smaller business, but I think it's a great way to get some insights. I mean, obviously l dot com and team Team Bog does aren't appropriate, but they also have an influence or tab they just came up with. Which helps you with selecting key influencers within your industry. So I just did a quick search for a vintage wear. And these are some of the individuals that are coming up, so you might want to go through that list is well and just add it to your Excel sheet. So finally, another great tool that I absolutely love is blawg loving. You can just insert what you're looking for. So let's a vintage where, like I had mentioned earlier, and it will provide you with a list of bloggers that are experts with within that specific topic, and I just encourage you to obviously double click through their information. Look at their website and just Adam to your list, and you want to have as many individuals possible. Like I mentioned earlier, try to have at least 50 plus flowing in there because the second part will be going through all that information, and I mean obviously getting the contact information, but also figuring out whether or not they're a good fit for your specific business. 8. Level of Influence: you have your list of influencer that you might want to work with, and next you'll have to assess their overall cloud and see whether or not they have essentially measure their level of influence. So a couple things to keep in mind is first numbers lie. Do not just look at their how many followers they have on social media. You want to really review the overall engagement level? How many people are commenting, how many people are sharing their block post? Is it consistent, or does it only happen here and there? The only the other thing you want to look at is creativity. What is their overall tone? With their copy and their images hardly featuring brands that they're working with? Does it come out as authentic or not? And who is the audience is the most important part. This links back to our first exercises. For its audience analysis and creating that persona, you need to make sure that the their audience qualify as potential customers for you hear some of the tools, and we're gonna look at one specific blogger to determine on and kind of assess whether or not they would be a proper fit Callie Vintage. She's of a fashion blogger who shares her personal style, fashion, inspiration and street sell photography. And she lives in California. So you'll want to go through the show different social networks to get a better understanding of her audience and how much engagement she's getting. So one thing I like to do is go through, um, the bloggers Facebook page and look at their likes to get a sense of overall engagement. So it seems like 174 people talked about our shared her block post this week, which is really great as faras engagement. And you can also get a sense of other friends of yours who might be following the specific blogger it used to enable you to look at their specific audience. But unfortunately, Facebook doesn't allow you to do so anymore, which is why next will go directly to Twitter account at this person. So here's your Twitter account. She's got 10,000 followers, and what I like to do is just click on that top to get a sense of who her followers are. I mean, obviously, Twitter can be a little spammy because often you'll have friends following you or spam accounts. But I'm just gonna go through all the different individuals and click through to get a sense as to who her audience is now. Next, you'll want to go on Twitter on Sorry on Instagram Instagram you can take a look at I mean , obviously she's got 21,000 followers. But most importantly, how many Alexis she's getting? On average per picture, it seems like she's getting about 300 or so. How many comments? She's not getting quite a. She's not getting that many comments based on how many likes she's getting, but some of the posts are, But she did get comments in the specific picture. And also, if you're on the mobile app, you can look at all of our followers. It cannot do it here on the desktop. Virtually, Um, and next, a tool that I like to use is clout. You'll be able Teoh put the name of the blogger, and I mean, don't look at the clock score per se, because I mean the following is not completely accurate, but it will give you some insight. First, as to the type of keywords that person is an expert in and links back to all the different social media channels and gives you a little bit more information. So here it seems like she linked directly. Twitter. So you'll have access to all that information. So well you want to do is go through each of the different bloggers that you identified and include some high level information as to who their demographic ISS, the amount of followers they have me most importantly, type of engagement they have, and then whether or not there right, fit. So, you know, if you want Teoh, reach out to them. So this way you'll be able to go through your entire list. You might have had a list of the 100 plus bloggers or more, and start highlighting individuals who might be a right fit and individuals my want to contact. 9. Setting up a Campaign: So let's talk about why you want to set up a campaign. A lot of businesses out there default, asking for favors from bloggers and also copying and pasting press releases. Bloggers get overwhelmed with requests from various friends, and more often than not, if they see that it wasn't personalized and it was just copy and paste it, they will delete it. Really? To increase your chance of collaborating with the blogger, you really need to your homework. Follow them on Twitter or other social networks. They need to know who you are. And most importantly, you need to really set up a specific campaign and beat really precise as to what you're asked ISS and also introducing them to your product. There's ethical ways to work with bloggers. They have a business just like you do, and they want to be renewed, berated for for their audience. And you think of it as many magazine, if you will. So you also have to make decisions to the type of budgets that you currently have available to partner up with these bloggers. So let's take a look at this leg so I can walk you guys through all the different steps needed to set of the campaign. So, like I mentioned most influence, we are overwhelmed with emails, and the more influential blogger is he will be working most of the time with an agent so really knowing which, if Winsor or Blogger to work with, can be a trial and error process. And like I mentioned earlier, many brands make the rookie mistake of just copying and pasting press releases. Two bloggers without really making the email personal. So really, To pick the bloggers interest, he must approach him with a creative campaign proposal. Eso your camping should include length action. Require number of assets you're expecting from the blogger the type of compensation you'll give them. And you really need to focus on highlighting the gains of the bloggers that the bloggers will have been working with you, uh, well being genuine and open to their creative input. So let me walk. You guys through sort of a blogger brand work at Biggs, so blogging is a business like I mentioned several times in this course. You need to disclose the purpose of the email and reach out to them as a business, and you mentioned the fact that you're a big Ben. You've been following for quite a while. You need to build a relationship with them and establish some form of trust. You need to be transparent and explain to them as to why you think they're fun. Might be interested in your product and also never spoon feed ideas to them. Let the bloggers, personal opinion and tone shine through. Send them your product and get them to review it. Do not just force them. I mean to say something only positive, like it has to be authentic because otherwise their readers will will read right through it , and we'll know that it's not authentic. So it's really important that you have this collaborative approach, and also something to keep in mind is that bloggers talk to one another. So if you have, you need to have as many positive experiences possible, because if you have a negative experience with one specific blogger through word of mouth, they will know that you're a brand not to be worth with. So it's really important to keep that in mind. Andi have a professional approach with every blogger that you work with and also having a campaign already set up, showing them that you know exactly what you won't will show them that you're button up and are serious. So when setting up a campaign, you're gonna want to think through us to which scenario will work best based on your specific budget and also the blogger you're working with. So I highlighted in the slide the pros and cons of each different campaign structures, along with tools that you can use. So the 1st 1 is affiliate marketing, and the following is a revenue based incentive. It can be a little bit more costly and usually bigger brands. I already have this option in place for their blogging community. It's a great way for bloggers to monetize on their blawg and um, and enables them essentially to bring their traffic directly to your e commerce business. It's a great way to earn cells based on their traffic and again for them to monetize. So it has definitely great results and a lower commitment. Bloggers might not be open to directly selling to their audience, especially if you're smaller brand, so you'll have to ask and get a feels to whether or not the blogger has don't affiliate programs in the past and also can be a little costly to implement their ways to do it in the cheaper side. One of them is by creating lately Urals that can be a little cumbersome to track the following. So I included some of the tools that are available right now. Link share, like to know it and Click Banks would like to know it strictly works for instagram type of affiliate marketing programs on and click Back and Lick Share work for desktop. And you can also do your research to see because there's multiple programs available for brands out there. So now the second scenario is coming up with a contest. So contests are great for building audience, and I mean growing your audience and getting war engagement. And a lot of times, bloggers know the following, and they'll be really receptive to working on a contest with you as long as it enables you to grow their audience along with yours. And also, depending on what type of giveaway you're providing your audience, people are more willing to share, and so this really increase to increase your chance of winning. So this is why you'll get such great engagement. So I really recommend the client that I work with to not just give away products their own products because, I mean, let's face it, your product usually is. People are not aware of it, but to also think about other items to add within the mix. Something to note if that giveaways that are smaller have better engagement and bigger give away. So what I mean by that is giving away an apple watch where there's only gonna be one winner is gonna have less engagement than if you're giving away, for instance, your specific fashion product, plus a Starbucks card or Amazon card of the Lord value. So keep that in mind. You want the contest to be appealing and fun. It requires a little higher commitment on your part because you're gonna have to manage the campaign daily and you're gonna have to have assets available for you in the blogger. Whether it's creative assets photography, copy, you're really gonna have to be involved. A contest. Ideally, it's great to have something that only less between 14 to 30 days, anything longer than that, you'll lose momentum. I've included in their tools that you can use green dot io over pop and wish bond to set up your contest, and it's a great way toe pitch, something fun on. And bloggers are known to do this themselves. A lot of YouTube bloggers do giveaways when they're trying to brother audience because they know how powerful contest can be. Now the last scenario is a favor. So a lot of brands kind of default, asking bloggers for favors. Obviously, there's zero cost involved. Just exchange or barter of your product for a block post. Now you need to keep in mind that most influencers refused to work this way these days. So it does require extra pitching, if you will. I mean, if they really love your product will be an easier sell. Obviously, I highly encourage you to also think about compensations. And really, it depends on how much of an audience the particular blogger has. I mean, it could be anywhere from $20 to $500 per block post, and when you're putting together these campaigns, you really want to be methodical and really think through us to how long do you want the campaign to be? Uh, what type of assets do you want from them? Do you want them to just post an instagram picture? Do you want it to be a block post? Do you want it to be a tweet and start negotiating with them? So that first draft our email that you're gonna be sending their way? It's really important that you think through as to all the relevant items that you will be meeting from them. So yes, so that's pretty much it. You just need to really think through us what your budget is, what you're feel comfortable doing and set up all these and propose all these different options. Teoh to the bloggers. 10. Packaging your Offerings: So you want a package, your offering in a way that it's seductive to the influencers that you're reaching out to. So part of it will coincide with a lot of brand building work. So I mean, obviously refining the overall Brende ing of your business will be important. But that requires a whole another lesson and like, drove its own. But you really need to figure out what differentiates you run from other businesses because you want them to understand your product right away. The more time they have to spend guessing as to what it is that you offer and what it is that you do, it will be harder for them to see yes to your specific offer. So they need to feel excited about the prospect of working with you. Uh huh. So you're gonna achieve the following by having a unique value proposition. I mean, in plain English, like you need to really differentiate yourself like through copy and design. You need to think about how the blogger itself is going to feature your product, so they need to understand your overall mission right away and and understand why people care. So think for us to watch which products gets people excited. If you don't know the answer to that question, I mean part of it is looking through your analytics like, What is your best selling product? Which product gets the most share? And I mean, really, if you just don't know a simple thing is just including a survey or sending a survey to you're already existing audience and asking them to help you with that process so you can really right copy and tone and also feature the main product that gets people excited. Really. The key here is to share your passion. What story are you telling? What's your overall vision? Do you want to inspire others and how I mean you need Teoh. Make sure that you have all the steps in place. Teoh to tell the story. So something I want to share with you guys actually is. I love how they're telling their story as a fairy tale, and it really speak to their audience. So I mean, this brand in particular did a great job in the early tumbler days, building a community by asking individuals to provide feedback on the different leggings that they were creating what I love is that the copyist fun. It's not boring and it really just tells the story. I mean, I'll be see, this is too long and you wouldn't want to include that much information. One reaching out. But you want to really be able to inject your personality and also feature a specific product that will make the blogger understand right then and there within five seconds of opening the email what you're all about. So the following will be really important. Yes, I mean, really think through as to what offer in which product gets people excited and tells the story best. What has gotten people excited in the past? Yes, So I mean here the exercise really is to work on your mission statement and gold. How can you spread happiness? Your product? How can you provide some form of empowering feeling? Are you helping kids with allergic skin? Or, um, are you bringing smiles to specific community? And where do you see yourself on your product going? I need to make sure to describe all following and really reflect all the following in a few sentences within the email that you'll put together pitching your offering are pitching your product to the blogger. So remember, you need to make sure that your inspiring sharing your passion and you just have a really compelling story. 11. Craft a Compelling Pitch: so dropping a compelling pitch. So we talked about the importance of packaging your product in a way that's fun and really gets people. Attention now comes in this important part, which is reaching out and the email. So there's a couple tools that I'm gonna also share with you guys, which makes it a lot easier. Teoh reach out to influencers, but you have to pay monthly fees for these different tools. But before we jumped into these tools, let's go through the email checklist, and I will also share a part of my slide. But there's obviously certain things that are important. We're standing out. So first thing is the subject line. You have to be transparent. As to the intention of the email. I just suggest to write something a simplest collaboration proposal or something along those lines. Big friend of your block. Can we collaborate? ST Forward. They know what it's about. Chances are they will click on it. So now the next thing is, you want to spend a little bit of time. First, the email needs to be personalized. You need to make sure that you spent some time reading their log on you. know, I highly suggest that if there's a specific block post that you really liked to include it within the conversation and explain why you like it and why you think that it would be a great fit, a Sephora's collaborating or working with you. Now introduce yourself, obviously, additionally, make sure to also put them before you. I seem to many times scenarios where brands are pitching their services without really taking the other person into consideration as to why they would be interested in working with you. So it's really important that I have a really collaborative mindset and I know upset this over and over again. The following is really important because you want to be human. You want afford relationships. So when you're getting into the proposal and writing about the proposal, you want to make sure that I have a picture of the product. I mean, this goes back to the other lecture. When we talked about crafting packaging your offerings, so have your products image, your goals, how and how they can help you get the word out and be really methodical here. As far as like suggesting a time to chat can follow up here a different ideas that I have. I want to pick your brain. That's what worked best like. How do you like to hunt? Usually work with brands and what not? Make sure you also see whether or not they already have a press kit within their block. Um, and the type of suggestions they have for brands wanting to work with them. A lot of bloggers are starting to do that when they have a section that mentions exactly how they like to work with brands. And then don't be afraid to follow up, because that's another thing I feel a lot of businesses will reach upto bloggers. I never heard back from that and get really disappointed. It's okay to follow up because they're really busy, just like you are. They get a lot of different emails, and another little trick that I suggest is try to reach out to them in different platforms . Because sometimes some individuals might not like their Facebook as off tone or not Burlington. So try different platforms, you know, because, like Twitter, direct message could be a little bit more informal. It's a great way to sort of make a quick introduction. Now don't leave the creep who's never followed them or doesn't know anything about their brand and just message them for the sake of messaging them with a your all be contentious that there's certain ethics to follow. I'll go through the other electric some of the methods to reach out to individuals. So let's look at a slide really quickly and go through the checklist again just cause I want to make sure that you guys get know exactly what to include specifically in your email . I also suggest that when you're putting together a campaign having a pdf kind of highlights what like we talked about earlier, all the different facets of your campaign are putting together different forms of proposal to see whether more comfortable with this way, you're showing that your professional you've done this before and you're fair when working with bloggers and you're looking to Roy and Network and build a working relationship with them. 12. Connecting the Dots: so the final part is connecting the dot and reaching out to bloggers now. Like I mentioned earlier, it's really important to build a network you need to find your six degree of separation, a tool that I really like to use is called reported. Um, you can included as an extension on your email, and what enables you to do is be able to connect directly with somebody only Tin. And also it shows you who might be someone within your network that is related to them. And the reason I like to use this tool because you always want to reach out to someone through a friend. I mean, the following makes all the difference. It really spent some time in figuring out if there's any sort of reason separation between the blogger and people within your network find a common denominator between you and the bloggers. If it's a friend or somebody you worked with in the past trying to speak to the person who knows the blogger and get some insights about them, or mentioned that person when you're sending out that email, when there's somebody that you both know will be easier to establish that report with the blogger, So one reaching out. You want to use all the tools available? The 1st 1 being email. We went earlier through all the steps are all the items that you want to make sure there, including email. I also recommend a Twitter direct messaging on instagram direct messaging, Facebook Messenger lengthen. And you know, if you haven't heard directly from the blogger within 15 days, try another tool. I reach out to bloggers on different platforms, and it's worked great for me. Obviously, beacon changes of the platform you're reaching out to them on when you're reaching out to them on Twitter needs to be short. Just tell them you're interested in speaking with them and send him a link to your website . Same applies for lengthen or instagram direct messaging. So keep it short and, um, yeah, just find ways to build your network. And I mean, the great thing about dealing within a specific niche is that a lot of the bloggers no. One another so they'll be more than happy to recommend their friends if they have a positive experience working with you. And part of it is coming as being blown up and something that I also haven't mentioned yet is the fact that you want to start small when reaching out to blogger soup so reach out of longer does not have such a big following at the beginning, especially if you've never gone published. You never worked with bloggers, and you need to work your way up from there because somebody who is on the cover of Elle or already has a 1,000,000 plus followers Well, they're already dealing with agents and bigger companies who are willing to pay $10,000 a tweet or more. So you really have to be changes of that work for a smaller blogger and extend your network from there. So again, this is why it's important to sort of connected thought. Use your network and try to find recommendations as well. So that list that you've already put together will be really important for you to kind of get your started. But once you don't that homework, you'll be able to, through word of mouth, get introduced to other bloggers, which is great. Onda, also ill, make your work a lot easier moving forward, and every time you have a new product or another release that you want to share with your community of bloggers because you've already established this relationship will be easier for you to work with them in the future. So keep that in mind and make sure to keep it fun and be approachable and the human, and do not push your product to bloggers. 13. Make Friends: first, I want to congratulate you for finishing this class. I try to pack as much information as I could within the hour, and there's any section of the course where you'd like to have a little bit more information. Go ahead and at them in the comments section will be more than happy to provide additional information I'm looking for. It's going through all your different assignments and different influencer marketing campaigns. See some of the ideas that you came up with. Now remember to be creative and just have some fun with it and try different things. The more passionate and human you will be when reaching out to bloggers, the more they will be receptive in working with you. And also, another important thing is keep in touch with them because a lot of times bloggers are collaborating with you. They're putting a lot of effort in that block posed or placing pictures and what not and then they never hear from the brand again. So it's important to build a long lasting relationship because chances are that if they remember you, my I think of you for other collaboration, they might refer you to other friends of theirs who are also bloggers. So it's important, Teoh, keep a database of everyone who worked twin and individuals that didn't get a chance to work with yet and be realistic and keep on reaching out if you don't hear back from them. And the more professional and more fun you have with this, the more chances you have and increasing your brand awareness. All right, guys, Thanks for watching again on, Um yeah, this is fun. By