Indie Filmmaking: Get the Blockbuster Look on a DIY Budget | Nguyen Anh Nguyen | Skillshare

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Nguyen Anh Nguyen, Film Director

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10 Lessons (49m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Starting with a Single Image

    • 3. Key Elements of a Moodboard

    • 4. Direction Notes

    • 5. Location, Location, Location

    • 6. Actors

    • 7. Shooting Smartly for VFX

    • 8. Sound and Music

    • 9. Bringing It All Together as a Director

    • 10. That's a Wrap

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About This Class

This 45-minute film class is packed with knowledge, and is perfect for aspiring filmmakers, directors, cinematographers, visual effects artists, producers, and any creator who is interested in bringing their passion project to life in the form of a live-action film.

Montreal-based director Nguyen-Anh Nguyen — known for his work on the viral hit Akira Project and the cyberpunk thriller Temple — will walk you through his step-by-step director’s process for creating a high-quality fan film on a DIY budget.

Key lessons include:

  • Moodboarding
  • Direction Notes
  • Location selection
  • Actors
  • Shooting Smartly for VFX
  • Sound and Music

Starting with a single idea, then building a moodboard out of your vision through style references, art direction, and visual effects supervision, Anh’s workflow will unlock a whole new world of filmmaking, helping you to build a community around your fan film idea, and most importantly, realize your vision.