Inclusive UX: Designing Websites for Everyone | Regine Gilbert | Skillshare

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Regine Gilbert, UX Designer, Educator, Speaker

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8 Lessons (33m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. What is Inclusive Design?

    • 3. Principles of Inclusive Design

    • 4. User Research

    • 5. Planning and Implementation

    • 6. Usability Testing

    • 7. Innovations Past and Present

    • 8. What's Next?

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About This Class

Transform your approach to UX by designing digital products that serve more users!

In a world that depends on technology for everything from navigating traffic to buying groceries, prioritizing UX that includes people of all abilities is crucial. Follow along as UX designer and accessibility expert Regine Gilbert walks you through the key principles you need to be aware of as you design for a universal audience. 

This 30-minute class is a helpful introduction to key ideas, tools, and best practices for creating inclusive websites and digital products.  

Focusing on designing for the real user, Regine shares how inclusive UX can enhance, rather than complicate, your design process. Looking at examples you’ll recognize from daily life, you’ll learn:

  • Why inclusive UX design benefits everyone
  • Tools to measure the accessibility of your product
  • Resources for implementing inclusivity in your designs
  • Key considerations for user research and testing

Whether you’re a designer or developer looking to expand your reach, or new to the field of UX and curious about best practices, you’ll head into your next project prepared and inspired to create a more inclusive, welcoming experience for all of your users. Let’s begin!