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INTUITION: Strengthen Your Intuitive Skills!

teacher avatar Sage Logan, I Teach Spiritual Topics.

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

15 Lessons (1h 4m)
    • 1. Intuition: Promo & Welcome

    • 2. Intuition: Intro To The Course

    • 3. Intuition: The Centering Meditation

    • 4. Intuition: The Grounding Meditation

    • 5. Intuition: The Clearing Meditation

    • 6. Intuition: The Charging Meditation

    • 7. Intuition; The Shielding Meditation

    • 8. Intuition: Your Inner Knowing - Precognition

    • 9. Intuition: Your Inner Sight - Clairvoyance

    • 10. Intuition: Your Inner Hearing - Telepathy

    • 11. Intuition: Your Inner Feeling - Empathy

    • 12. Intuition: Augury - A Forgotten Skill

    • 13. Intuition: Special Dream Messages

    • 14. Intuition: Special Intuitive Exercises

    • 15. Intuition: Course Conclusion

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About This Class

Enroll Today, To Gain Greater Clarity & Connect With Your Own Inner Guidance!

The course begins, with the 5 essential energy meditations that every intuitive person should know. Then you will unlock the 4 inner senses and learn special tools & methods that help awaken your own intuitive gifts. Lastly, you will learn augury, a forgotten skill that can open up a whole new world of guidance & clarity.

After Completing The Course You Will:

  • Develop Greater Clarity In Your Everyday Life.
  • Make Daily Decisions Much More Easily.
  • Awaken & Develop Your Inner Knowing.
  • Strengthen Your Inner Vision, Known As Clairvoyance.
  • Recognize And Develop Your Inner Hearing.
  • Benefit From Your Own Intuitive Empathy.
  • Identify Intuitive Messages All Around You.
  • Pinpoint Special Types Of Intuitive Dreams.
  • Improve Your Recall Of The Dream State.
  • Deepen Your Intuition With Special Exercises.

Awakening your intuition can empower your life. Once you begin connecting and listening to your deeper inner guidance, you can reach new heights, find new opportunities, and find yourself in the right place at the right time!

Enroll Today, & Let Your Journey Begin!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Sage Logan

I Teach Spiritual Topics.


Hi, I'm Sage, I Am A Musician & Tarot Card Reader In NYC. I Have Taught Spiritual Workshops For Many Years In NYC. I Teach On Topics Like Intuitive Development, Fortune Telling Methods, Natural Magic, Meditation & Shamanic Spirit Journey & More! I Am Excited Now To Teach Here On SKILLSHARE!

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1. Intuition: Promo & Welcome: Hi, I'm Sage Logan. Welcome to this class On developing your intuition in this class, you're gonna learn some energy exercises like centering, grounding and clearing. And many more will also learn the four most important types of intuitive development. You learn how to develop your inner knowing how to develop your inner seeing, your inner hearing and your inner feeling. You'll also learn about forgotten art called Aw Guerry. That can really change the way you see the world. You learn about dreams and how they connect to your intuition and the different types of dreams. And lastly, you learn some intuitive exercises that can help strengthen your intuition, thes air exercises that you can do solo. There are other ones you could do with a partner and even ones that you can do with the group. So enroll in this class today. Let's begin 2. Intuition: Intro To The Course: Hey, sage here. So thank you for enrolling and welcome to the class. So the first thing I'm going to talk about in this first lesson I'm gonna give you a quick overview of who I am. And my name is stage. I'm a teacher in New York City. I've been teaching intuitive workshops, meditation, shamanism, taro palmistry for many, many years, and I've recently started teaching online. And so the thing is, is that for me, I have always had a strong intuition, but I'm always very clear to make a difference that there is intuition. And then there's people who call themselves psychic, right. And so for me, I even hesitate to call myself intuitive or an intuitive, I should say, because there's the thing is that psychic to most people means all knowing. And as we all know, no one is all knowing. But there are some people who have strong intuitions who have strong hunches about things and have visions. And sometimes, you know, can have a knowing about things and that I would consider myself in that category. Um And so in this class, you're going to learn five things, right? So the 1st 1 is five energy techniques you're gonna learn centering, which allows you just to get in a very focused place. Gonna learn grounding, which allows you to become grounded and present where you are. You're gonna learn clearing, which allows you to clear away negative energy. So you gonna learn a meditation called charging, which is basically charges you would positive energies and shielding which culture to protect you from other negative energies around you in certain situations. Then you're gonna were gonna go into the intuitive skills. There's four basic intuitive skills of knowing sight, hearing and feeling or empathy. Um, and there's also clear Gustines and clear aliens, which don't happen is often, but we'll cover those in the next sections. And there's also four tools that can help develop each of the intuitive skills. Then the next thing we're gonna covers aw, Guerry Audrey is signs and omens understanding signs and omens. Now, people, when people hear that they don't understand that people think that that's, um, having to do with a sign falling out of, ah, picture falling out of its frame or things like that, and signs and omens and everyday life can be a lot more subtle than that. And there's a lot of ways that the universe is communicating with us in ways that you're not even aware of times. And once you become aware of it, you'll start seeing it everywhere. And you'll be like, Wow, did you see that? Did you notice that? So that section on auguries could be really help People change their viewpoint on things. Then we're gonna talk about dreams. We're gonna talk about the different types of dreams. We're gonna talk about keeping a dream journal and other skills in terms of dreams. And they were gonna cover lucid dreaming, which is the ability to control your dreams. And lastly, the course will follow up with intuitive. That's, um, intuitive exercises that you can do there ones that you could do solo ones that you could do with a group and ones that you can dio with a partner. So that's gonna be and then I will do a quick recap of everything we learned. So there you go. So let's begin 3. Intuition: The Centering Meditation: Hey, so the first exercise you're gonna learn is centering now, the reason to do centering is the purpose of this exercise is to bring your focus to focus your attention and to focus your energies. So when your energy is very scattered, you're least likely to be able to tap into your intuition at that time because your energy is not focused. You're not in a in a state where the intuition condone can come to you. And so this exercise is quickly will exercise. It helps you to bring to regain your energies and to bring you back to a centered, focused place. Now, it's very important these meditations should not be done during your operating heavy machinery or if you're in a moving vehicle that you are driving. If you're in a moving vehicle and you're sitting in the back, you know when you're not driving, then yes, you couldn't you can do these meditations. But for safety reasons, make sure to only do these meditations in a place where you could be still. I've been in a place where you're not obstructing traffic, obviously. So to begin, we're gonna begin the centering exercise. Close your eyes take a deep breath in Exhale. Take a deep breath in exam one last time. Take a deep breath in exhale. Place your awareness on the direction above you. If there are birds up above your outdoors, spatial awareness on the feelings that are coming from above you, does it. Does the air feel cold? Does it feel hot? We should focus on the direction above you. Place your awareness and your focus on the direction below. You bring your awareness down to the soles of your feet. If you're sitting on a chair, feel the chair beneath you. Feel the weight of your body upon the chair. Pleasure. Focus on the direction below you. Does it feel warm? Does it feel cold where the sounds they're coming from Below you place your focus on the direction in front of you. Feel the air. Listen to the sounds. Place your focus on the direction behind you. If you're sitting on a chair, feel the back of the chair feeling of your clothing, does it feel hot? Cold. Place your focus and your awareness on the direction to the left of you. Place your focus and awareness to the erection of the right of you to the right of you. Lastly, place your focus on your heartbeat. Feel the beating of your heart for the air in your lungs. Take a deep breath in Exhale. Now, with that simple meditation, you should feel clearer. Your mind should be clearer if you're miners was scattered and thinking of all kinds of things. You should find that your mind is just more focused Mawr and that you've regained the ability to feel the moment in a better way so that that's the purpose of this exercise of centering and it's very important when you're doing any kind of intuitive work. 4. Intuition: The Grounding Meditation: Okay, so this next one is called grounding. Now, the purpose of grounding is when you are overwhelmed with energy. So what that means is people who are intuitive or empathic can be like sponges. They can take on a lot of energy. And so you need a way to release that energy, like like ringing out the sponge to get it back, to be clean again. Right? And so this is what this exercise of grounding is. It's releasing excess energy, and but the in doing so, you're making yourself more present in the current moment. And this is also an important skill and intuitive if your intuitive, because if you're absorbing other people's energies, you want to be able to release those energies and get yourself back to your core. Okay, so to do this one grounding is works best if you are sitting on the floor, kind of in a meditation pose kind of the same way it is in this picture of the slide. Okay, so I'll give you a second toe, get into a meditative pose with the legs crossed, so take a deep breath in Exhale. Take a deep breath in exhale deep breath in Exhale. The way this grounding visualization meditation works is that you want to imagine all the excess energy that you don't need draining out of your body slowly and going down into the earth. So the way we're going to do this is imagine and visualize your spine and imagine your tailbone. Visualize it in your mind's eye. Now imagine that your tailbone is like the root of a tree and that it slowly goes down into the earth, growing further down, stretching down into the earth like the roots of a tree. Imagine that route going down past all the layers of concrete beneath you, all the layers of dirt going down down ALS, the way it reaches the very core of the magma of the earth. Now slowly take a deep breath in Exhale when as you exhale, imagine excess energy training from your mind down past your neck, letting the energy drain out. Finding the energy from your shoulders, your chest, your stomach. But it'll drain out of your body. The energy from your feet from your calves from your thighs, all going down the route down that route. Now imagine that energy keeps going down all the negative energy, All the excess energy that you don't want is being released down into the earth, going all the way down, Coming out of those the out of those, um, roots going into the magma of the earth and being burned away. Take a deep breath in. And while this route is down this route the base of your spine is down on the earth. Imagine that it starts to draw up more solid energy, more dense energy. The energy of the earth starts to fill. You filling Coming up the route, filling your legs, filling your feet. Familiar pelvis, your stomach chest filling up your shoulders, filling your neck, your head, your arms, your shoulders, your hands until you feel solid and present. Take a deep breath in Imagine that route starts to come back into your body, drawing up from the earth, coming up further further through the concrete through the home where you are until that route is completely back with your body. Take a deep breath in exhale, Open your eyes and there you go. So this is a quick way to release any excess energy that you have in your body. That you need to just release it, and it brings you to, ah, state of purity, which is most of the intuition that you're gonna find It's gonna be in when you're in that state. That's when you're that the very clear state. That's when you get some of your deepest intuitions. So that's why these energy exercises are important to help you attain that state. And again, these can be done at any time. So, like if you're one of the times it empathic, people tend to be, um, overwhelmed. His near crowd. Right? So if you're near a crowd you're in Times Square, you're, you know, in some very place its very, very crowded right. You know, he just take his moment, step away. Do this grounding exercise. Released that energy into the earth. Bring the earth's energy back into you, and there you go, and then and then you'll you'll find yourself being able to regain your piece 5. Intuition: The Clearing Meditation: Hey, so this next exercise is called Clearing. So clearing is really good. If you feel that you've picked up any energy, that's not your own. So, for instance, you know you're talking to somebody and they're, like, really depressed, and then you step away from them and then you feel like, Oh, wait, you're just not you not feeling yourself. And you may have picked up some residue or some other end energies from this person. And so this technique of clearing can also be done while you're physically within the shower, because the imagination or the visualization that you're gonna be doing is imagining water going over your body and then getting your body to a pay point that it's clear like glass, as well as then releasing the energies through your feet so that the everything goes away. So for that reason, when you're in the shower, the visualization is strengthened by the fact that you have actual physical water going down across your body. So this is this is one of the things that really helps with this particular exercise. So for this one is best to be standing, so standing with your feet about you know a foot apart with your hands at your side, so to begin to get deep breath in Exhale, take a deep breath in Exhale. Take a deep breath in Exhale. So imagine that you're standing on the inside of a beautiful cave that is illuminated and glowing at the entrance of the cave. There is a waterfall of strong current of water coming down through the front of the cave, and there's sunlight shining through. Imagine yourself standing and walking forward into the water, allowing the waters to wash over you and as the waters wash over you, that not only go around you, but they go inside you clearing your entire body, imagining your body like a hollow tube and the water washing away any impurities within. As the water washes over you, you imagine your body become clear. My crystal, anything that is not yours flows away of your from your body and down the dream past the waters. See the sun shining above you. Absorb the sunlight into your clear body. Now you're shining brightly with son. Take a step back from the waterfall, take a deep breath in exhale and open your eyes. So there you go. So there is the exercise of clearing. So this is a way to clear away excess energy that's picked up from other people. So the 1st 1 grounding is more your own energy, clearing your own energy. This is more for clearing energy. That's foreign to you. That's not your energy. 6. Intuition: The Charging Meditation: The next technique is called charging, so charging is a great technique to help fill you with positive energy. Okay, so this, for this technique is best again if you do it standing. So what you want to do is stand and you want to place both your hands out with your left palm facing downward and your right palm facing upward, so your your your hands are at your side, so your arms are parallel to the floor, all right, And so your left palm is facing downward. Your right palm is facing towards the ceiling, and then your feet are about 18 inches apart, so your whole body is in the star position. So to begin, take a deep breath in exit. I took a deep breath in Exhale. Take a deep breath in exhale with every inhalation. Imagine that you're breathing in positive energy and that the energy of the sun is raining down upon you like rain filling your body with sun drops. Golden light, slowly filling your energy from your feet, and the energy is rising like water going up through your calves that your knees through your thighs through your pelvis to your stomach through your solar plexus to your chest up into your shoulders, out into your arms, up to your neck up through your head, filling your entire body with energy. Take a deep breath in exhale and open your eyes. So this is a great way. This this particular exercise is also great to do outdoors, and it fills you with positive energy. So this is one of the ways to charge yourself with positive energy so that it gives you a protection against other energies, but it also is a way to energize your body. 7. Intuition; The Shielding Meditation: this final essential energy exercises called shielding. So there are times where people will time kind of deliberately tried to get a people's energy, and knowing how to protect your energy in such a way that you can shield yourself from that is very important, especially if you're developing your intuition. It's just one of those things that you'll start to feel a sense of, Ah, negative feeling about a certain person. And to be able to push that energy away is very powerful. So this technique, there's two primary techniques. The first technique is basically to asses prayer. Right? Prayer is very important when you're intuitive. It's very important to prey on a regular basis, but one of the things and meditation as well. And then we'll talk about that more later in the course. But one of the things is if you have somebody that is trying to get your energy, the main reason that that is usually because their energy system is broken in such a way that they could Onley get energy from others. They can't get energy from nature or music or socialization the way that normal people do, they get their energies in a kind of different way because their energy is broken in some way. And so one of the ways that you can protect yourself one of the best ways is actually to gift some energy to that person in the form of prayer and to say a prayer of blessing towards that person. That being said, another way to distance yourself from that energy of if that's what you feel like you need to do is to imagine yourself to close your eyes. So what I need to do is close your eyes. Take a deep breath in Exhale, take a deep breath in Exhale. Take a deep breath in Exhale and now what you want to do is imagine an egg of energy that is going to surround your body. And as it does, it starts from the bottom of your feet and slowly this rainbow egg that has a rainbow color starts to come up and section by section starts to come up around your body, coming up above your ankles above your of your knees, above your thighs, your pelvis above your waist above your stomach of your chest of your shoulders, up above your neck and your head until you're completely surrounded by this eg of rainbow energy. Hold this visualization. Take a deep breath in Exhale. Imagine that this protective egg of energy is keeping you protected at all times, and it's there whenever you need it. Now you're going to imagine it going back down to the floor, releasing it. I'm letting it go. Take a deep breath in Exhale so you can call that egg of energy around you any time that you feel a little uneasy, or any time that you feel uncomfortable that there is an uncomfortable energy around and this is one of the ways of shielding. But it's also good to release it because it does take energy to create the egg. And so by releasing it, you're allowing yourself to be open intuitively as well, because in order to be have access to the world, you can't live the entire your entire existence inside an egg. But there's times where it's important to be able to shield your energy when you need Teoh , so that technique is called shielding 8. Intuition: Your Inner Knowing - Precognition: to develop our intuitive skills. There are four basic intuitive skills that you need to know about. The first is inter, knowing that's when you know something. You know that you know it, but you just don't know how you know it. And there's no other way that you could have. It's just intuitive knowing, also called pre cognition, right? There's knowing beforehand that's something. You meet somebody and you just know that you and that person are going to become great friends. Or you just know that this is not somebody you should trust, right? That's Inter knowing, and I'm gonna talk about a tool that you can use to develop that inter knowing in a second . The 2nd 1 is clairvoyance, clairvoyance, also known as inter site. This we experience through dreams so like when you go to sleep and you dream and you see visions in your dream at night. Experiencing similar experiences in the daytime is clairvoyance. Another version of that is another intuitive scale is intuitive hearing or also called Claire audience. So when you have a song running through your head and you just songs running through your head and you're thinking about that song, and you pretty much hear it in your mind, right? That's clear audience. That's a That's a form of Claire audience. Essentially, it's sometimes called Audie ation, but it's essentially inter hearing. So the last of the intuitive skills is intuitive feeling. So that's sometimes called empathy on bits related to a skill cloths icom a tree, which we're gonna cover later in the course. But the intuitive feeling is basically, your body could feel particularly cold in certain situations, or you might feel particularly warm. You might both, you know, done a place that feels dangerous. And you just feel the sinking feeling in your gut, which is something just says no, don't go down that direction So that is the intuitive feeling, and we're gonna cover tools to develop all of these. So for Inter, knowing there's a tool called the Pendulum, so the pendulum is something that you might have heard of and with a pendulum. The thing is is that it swings back and forth in various directions, so round and round usually means yes, back and forth means no, And so, by consulting a pendulum on a regular basis, it helps you develop your inner knowing. So if you want to set up pendulum, here's a quick way that you couldn't do it. All you need is a key. And if you have a key in the house, right, Um, and some string, that's what you want to do is you want toe cut a length of the string and put the key but the string into the key. Then once the string is into the key, you want tie and not right where the key meets the string. You tell your first not there. Then you're gonna tie a second. Not gonna lay your hand alongside the string with your thumb and your pinky in this position that I have in the slide here. And then when your pinky wherever your pinky lands up, that's where you're gonna make your second Not. And lastly, your final not goes. You take the second not place it on one side of your hand and then measure the width of your hand. And the third not goes where the width of your hand ends. That's where you're gonna make your third. Not and then whatever is left over from there, you gotta tie that offer cut that part off. Anything below that they're not. So at the end, you're gonna have three knots. She'll end up with something that looks like this. You have a key on a string. You want to place your thumb behind that second, not place the not over your your your point, your finger, and place your thumb over that second. Not with the third not hanging out the back of your hand. You place your hand along the table and you have the key dangling down. So when the key goes around in a circular motion, that means a yes. Now, Traditionally, this is the way that I was taught it, that it means yes, if he goes around in a circular motion in either direction, clockwise or counterclockwise. And if it goes forward and back, that means a no. So forward and back is no. And from side to side, he's also a no. The reason that a pendulum can help you to develop your inner knowing is as the pendulum starts to swing, you begin to anticipate before its wings what the answer is going to be. And so you get, the more you use the pendulum, the Mawr. That experience starts happening. So it takes about 2 to 3 months of using a pendulum once or twice a week, you know, about three times a week. Um, and just ask yes or no questions. You know? Will I get the job offer that I'm going for? Is this a better, you know, option than that option type of thing, you know, and just ask questions where there's a yes or no answer. And eventually you're going to get to a point where you don't need a pendulum anymore to answer the questions for you because your inner knowing will develop to such a way where every time the pendulum gives you an answer, you know beforehand consistently 100% of the time, the answer is going to give you When you reach that point, then you can kind of take the training wheels off, and you no longer need the pendulum. And then you could just kind of ask yourself, Is this a good option for me? Is this a good person for me? Is that somebody I can trust Is that somebody that I can't trust? But this particular tool is traditionally the best tool to develop that inner knowing. So if you wanna have that ability to just know before you know, right, using a pendulum is one of the best ways to do that. And it's one of the great side effects of using a pendulum. Anyone I know has ever used one eventually ends up developing their inner knowing toe a very strong point. 9. Intuition: Your Inner Sight - Clairvoyance: So in this next lesson, I want to talk about ways to strengthen your inter vision. So there are various ways that you can strengthen your inner vision. Also, call your inner sight. Um, so basically, one of the things that strengthens your inner sight is gazing. Any kind of gazing activity will help enhance your inner sight. Also visualization. So, for instance, we've all had moments where you're lying in a field and you look up at the clouds. You look and you go. Wow, Look at that cloud. It kind of looks like a heart. You know, your friends. Yeah, I can see it, you know, And so any kind of activity where you're gazing at things So there's if you can't Gazit the clouds. Let's say there's a lot of different options of gazing that that work so dropping milk into coffee, taking a look at the way the milk disperses and what kind of shapes that doesn't make. That's a great way to do. Gazing another way to do gazing is to take a shallow plate, a plate that has some some depth to it, I should say, and pour some water into it and then put a few drops of food coloring like blue food coloring on top of the plate and watch as the food coloring disperses throughout the water and watch for the shapes. And so that type of activity of watching we're gazing at things can help enhance and strengthen your inner vision. Another one is you could take a friend of mine that I taught this technique to. She took some ink, place it into water. Some think that was for calligraphy and then put in a soda bottle and she would shake it up , poured into a ah bowl of a ceramic bowl. And then she would look at the bowl of dark water as a way of gazing right as a wave of doing scribe ing or gazing. Now another gazing activity is using the crystal, and I'm eventually do an entire course on working with the crystal. But you could take a crystal ball or any kind of crystal, any kind of stone, actually, really, and focusing in on it. And at first you're gonna be looking at those shapes that you're going to see in the crystal. The way the light hits it, the way the shadows hit it, and they may look like different shapes and various various things kind of the way. When you were a kid and you would turn off the lights and you'd see a chair on, maybe it had a blanket on on top of it, but it looked completely different with the lights out. It's a similar thing when you're first gazing the crystal. Eventually, you start to see visions within your inner mind. He starts seeing visions within your mind as well, beyond just seeing visions within the crystal on the physical crystal. Looking at incense smoke is another way to do gazing. So you light some incense and then watch the way the smoke bellows and see. Because he in these shapes within the smoke, watching a candle flame, seeing the way the candle flickers or if you're at a campfire, looking into the flame and seeing what shapes happen. Two of the reasons with this works it puts you in a deep kind of state and kind of trance, which helps your inner vision another part that to strengthen your in division is visualization. So with visualization, you try toe. You could start off with simple things like you could take an orange, you know, and put it on a table on your desk. Let's say you're looking at that orange, and then as you look at the orange, study it for a second and close your eyes and project a screen in your mind and try to visualize that orange as clearly as you saw it with your eyes. Try to see every little dimple in appeal in the rind. Tried to see all the different colorations that were there. Tried to see the way the light from above is reflecting on it. Try to see any any any variations of the shadow. Where did the shadows fall on it? Then open your eyes and see how you did. Take a look and see. Compare what you're inter vision looks like compared to what you saw in real life. Practicing that on a regular basis will strengthen your inner vision, for sure. And when you receive visionary experiences of things, there will be much more vivid 10. Intuition: Your Inner Hearing - Telepathy: Okay, so in this next lesson, I want to cover in her hearing. So Inter hearing is the one that seems the most strange to people because most people think that they haven't experienced it. But as I explain really what it is, you'll realize that you have experienced it in different ways. So one way of inter hearing is when you get a song stuck in your head. So that's your you're hearing it in your mind. You're not hearing it. There's no outer, you know, Speaker playing the song around you. You're just hearing it within your mind. So when a medium here spirits, when you know a medium is talking to spirits is a very similar way in which they're hearing it in their mind. Now you say, Well, OK, well, they're hearing voices, air hearing, you know, people. I'm just hearing a song that's that's very different. And it is. But most of us have had a time. We have an intuition when you hear something that says, Call Susie or call this person in your mind and just those Seiple in intuitions. One of the ways you could distinguish them is they usually just pop into your mind in an unrelated way, meaning you might be doing something like washing the dishes and you're not doing anything in particular. That's interesting. And then all of a sudden, that just pops in your mind. Call Susie, and you might even hear the words in your mind. Call Susie and you call her up and she says, Hey, I was gonna call you. You know, there's something going on and I need to tell you about it. So to develop this skill and enhance it, the thing that enhances the Inter hearing is, ironically, inner silence. The more that you can silence the mind, the more you can differentiate which sounds are yours and which sounds come from somewhere else. So one of the great things is meditation, and a lot of people will say, But I can't meditate. Well, when people say I can't meditate, what they really mean is, I can't make myself think nothing. And I'll tell you a secret nobody can. Nobody can make themselves think nothing is literally impossible to do. How meditation actually works is what goes on is that he's still your mind by allowing your mind empty on its own, So I'll give you an example. So what happens is you sit down and you start to try to meditate and you say, OK, I'm going to clear my mind. I'm going to think nothing not thinking anything at all. Okay, that's right. Clear my mind and not think anything but wait. I'm thinking about not thinking. Isn't that thinking? Now? I'm thinking about thinking about not thinking. Wait, I think I think I've been thinking too much. I've got a clear my mind, clear my mind. And what happens is they just end up thinking more and more and more so the way out of that loop is simple. Place your focus on your breath. Breathe in deeply for 10 seconds. Hold for two seconds. Breathe out deeply, hold for two seconds and do nothing else but focus on your breath. Now what's gonna happen is you're breathing and you're focusing on your breathing. And meanwhile, in the back of your brain, you're going on. I really need to get my dry cleaning. Oh, I have to think about that project that I had to do it work. No wonder the kid's book reports have to come in uh, do I have to get my car detailed now? If you keep doing that, just focus on your breathing. Eventually, we do it for 10 to 15 minutes a day. You're going to get a moment where your litany list that you're running through your brain is done. How you go, I have to do try clean today and you get this moment of silence, and it first will just be a single moment. But with consistent meditation, you can grow that moment to the fact that it's a minute, two minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes, even 20 minutes or more of just absolute silence. And when you get still and ready in that silence, and it is an uncomfortable place at first because you're not used to or accustomed to thinking nothing. But when you get used to it, eventually you start to become very, um, attuned to hearing your own mental voice. So when a thought that says call Susie comes in, it almost sounds as if it's not in your own voice. You literally hear it as if it's somebody else's voice, and you start to identify which intuitions are coming from you, or which thoughts are coming for you and which thoughts are intuitive or intuitive hearing . So meditation is the road, the deep road to developing intuitive hearing. It takes patience, and it takes persistence. But that's the only two things that it takes patience and persistence. 11. Intuition: Your Inner Feeling - Empathy: So for this next lesson, we're gonna discuss intuitive feeling or intuitive empathy and also Seccombe a tree. So sigh comma tree is the ability to pick up impressions off of objects somebody picks up, you know, a teacup, and they can feel impressions from that teacup they can remember. They can see vision sometimes of who owned the teacup before where the where it was purchased. There said two things so intuitive empathy can be developed. And then there's intuitive empathy and the other sense of some people pick up emotions from other people, so they walk into a room and everyone sad. They'll feel that sadness and will pick it up. And they can do that with places as well. They may walk into a certain place where something happened, and even if there's no one there, they're picking up the emotional residue that's still there. So intuitive empathy can be both a blessing and a curse as a Z many things when intuitive empathy becomes too much. That's when it's important to use the energy exercises that I described in the first part of this course of centering, grounding, clearing, charging, shielding. Those are all very useful exercises for to balance intuitive empathy. But if you want toe tap into the value of it, one of the ways you could do that is with Seccombe a tree. So a great way to practice that commentary or picking up impressions off of objects is at any second hand or thrift store or flea market or garage sale. So if you go to a thrift store garage sale, flea market, pick up in item and then try to feel what impressions you're getting off that item. So sometimes you might pick up an item, and it might feel really cold or might feel hot. Or it might feel light or heavy. Or it might feel dry or damp, where it might feel sticky or even sometimes slimy. So often, items that are in second hand shops are laden with a lot of impressions of energy on them. A quick way to remove that energy from yourself is simply. Go to the nearest restroom and wash your hands and by washing your hands. That's one of the ways of another way to do that for your whole body. If you're picking up impressions, it's just take a shower is a quick way to do that, to remove impressions from the body. But they could be very useful because sometimes if you pick up an item you can you can see if an item has particularly dense energy that it's an item that you might not wanna have. So the other thing, too, is when I've taught people you know, have done clearing for people's homes and those type of things. When you do that, the first thing that people remark always is Wow, It's so much lighter in here because when ah, an energy is very negative, it often feels very dense and heavy, and when the energy is more positive, it feels lighter. So one of the other exercises you can do with Cy Comma Tree is placed your hand along the wall, so find a wall, and then you place your hand not exactly on the wall but slightly hovering above the wall about an inch above the wall. Then slowly move your hand across the wall. And as you do invariably, you're going to find a spot somewhere in the wall that feels colder. Inexplicably, you'll not be able to understand. Why does this one spot feel late, do you? And if you test with other people, other people will often experience that same thing. That there's a dead spot somewhere in the wall where it just feels inexplicably cold. So now you have a brief overview of a way to benefit from intuitive feeling or intuitive empathy and using a little bit of sai comma tree. 12. Intuition: Augury - A Forgotten Skill: So in this lesson, I want to talk about Aw, Guerry. So what? I've taught intuition in person. This is the section that I usually get the most feedback on and workshops. And this is a place where people go. Wow, this really can change the way you see things. So all Guerry is the interpretation of signs and omens. And so when people think about signs and omens, they think about like, you know, seeing a spider in the morning or started turning things like that and it can be that. But in everyday life we encounter a lot of signs and omens. So, for instance, printed signs. So imagine you're in a placement where you're thinking about asking for a raise at your job . Um, and then you walk down the street and you like, you stop and you think, Should I ask for a raise? And then you look up and you see a sign that literally says, Ask a printed sign that says, Ask So things like that happened. And I remember one time I was thinking about a project that I was working on, and I was they had for the New York City subways these signs that were from the MT. A. That said, If you stay to the right of the passageway, you will reach your destination Well, people were standing in front of the sign and I was sitting, and so their heads were blocking parts of the sign. And so when I really looked up my name being sage, the only thing I could read from the sign was Sage, You reach your destination. So sometimes actual printed signs can give us messages. Another thing. Another section where you can get messages is overheard conversations. So you might be thinking, you know, about somebody that, Oh, I need to tell that person about something. And just as you're thinking that somebody walks by, a woman with a cellphone is's, you should definitely tell him and just keep walking. And the only part of her conversation that you hear is you should definitely tell him, you know. And so those little overheard conversations can really change the way we see things. Another section is songs that your singing to yourself. So there's that song Happy by Pharrell. If you find yourself singing a certain song, pause for a moment. Think about what's going in your life. Think about this song that your singing and wonder how those tube connect. And often you'll find that the songs that you find yourself singing have a connection to what's going on in your life at this time. So that's another way that signs and omens present themselves to our tours by like the songs that we sing. Another thing that can happen is random thoughts so often when you're doing a mundane tasks , things like washing the dishes, ironing folding clothes. All of a sudden you'll be in a state where sometimes you're not thinking anything. You're just thinking about folding clothes, and suddenly a certain thought will come into your head like I should call Susie or I should go down down that store downtown. And when you follow up on these things, you'll find that you go down to that store and suddenly you find that book that you've been looking for or you find that that that particular thing that you've been searching for and you just this random thought that came to your mind while you were just doing washing the dishes ends up being significant, so paying attention to those random thoughts, particularly the ones that pop into your mind unrelated. So you're thinking about, you know, calling somebody and so forth and so on. And then all of a sudden is thought to go to the store comes into your head that something to pay attention to. Another one is things on television, on DMA movies and radio and songs they're playing in your actual environment. So you're at your job and in a certain song comes on a certain moment, right? That's something to pay attention to now. Another one is coincidences that when something starts happening, coincidences, synchronicity is and patterns, so something starts happening over and over and over again. You see a certain animal all the time, or you see a certain number in a recurring way, like there are things that they call angel numbers, and you can look them up online. The various angel numbers So angel numbers are numbers like 111222333 So if you find yourself waking up at 5 55 every morning and then getting home at 5 55 every time you look at the clock, it's 5 55 and you keep seeing this number, looking up that angel number and finding out what that meaning is important. Also keep running into a certain person over and over and over again is a stranger somebody you don't know. But every time you're on the commute, you see this person. Sometimes nature is trying to tell you something. What lasto while you're you're running into this person. So that's something else to consider away that signs and omens come into our everyday life . Lucky things that you find are also important to pay attention to, so we know, you know, finding a four leaf clover. That's a sign off luck. Finding a coin could be a sign of money. Finding a button can be a sign of friendship. We find a button from a coat. I'm so finding a pin that's another one. That's a sign of friendship. So the thing is that for me, the things that I find often our have strong messages for me. So, for instance, there was a situation that was rough a job, and I came out of the out of the job and I went, Thank you, God, you are always looking out for me just that moment. It looked down and there was a bead from a necklace that had a word printed on it. And the word was always I picked it up and I put it in my pocket and I put it in a little mason jar that I keep it home. That has a lot of these little signs. Another time I was working on a project and I said, God, I'm doing everything that I can. What more could I do? And I picked up a button that was like a like a a button with the design that said giving 100% and had a little frog on it And I thought that was pretty funny. So I've had many moments like that where what I find has deep meaning, and then one of the other things is signs from nature. So if you look at this leaf that's in the slide, it actually has a little heart inside the leaf. So often nature will give a sign. So if you're thinking about something in a gust of wind comes up just as you say a certain word or, you know, you look into the clouds and you see a certain symbol also animals. If you start seeing a certain animal over and over again, like at one point, there's an animal type of bird called a grackles, and I we really didn't have them in my area very much then suddenly I started seeing them everywhere, Um and so that was a particular meaning for me. So what? I've taught workshops in person on intuition. Some of the students get a laugh out of this one. So this was it was a pretty funny situation. So I was working a job at a coffee bar and I was in my twenties and it was just thought, Hey, well, you know, I feel like I've been in this job for three years. There was no logical reason to leave the job. Everything was going well. I was liked at the job, but I was having this very strong feeling that I need to go that I need to quit this job and I didn't have anything per se to jump to. And I was like, Wow, having this strong feeling and I sat back and I was outdoors and I said, Huh, I wonder what I should do. Just at that moment, a leaf from the tree that was above me falls off the tree, slowly glides down and lands onto my lap, and I pick up the leaf. And I was like, Okay, Leaf, when was that mean? Oh, leave, leave! So it's like, Oh, it's a leaf, you don't have to leave So it let me know that I needed to leave. So I decided I put in my notice. And then about a week after I put in my notice, was he an audition for a Anak Ting job because I was working as an actor as well, and I could never have gone to that audition if I was working. And I said, Oh, let me go to this audition and that ended up in a three year continuous acting gig that I did, and if that Leaf had not fallen on my leg, I probably would have stayed in that job. But because I left the job, everything worked out well because I listened to the signs of the universe was giving me 13. Intuition: Special Dream Messages: so in this next section, and I want to talk about dreams. So there's basically four types of dreams. There's dreams that we get that air from real life. So an example would be You're walking down the street and you see somebody walking a big dog. And let's say that you have a fear of big dogs and then you go to sleep at night and you've got this big dog in your dream, and your subconscious mind will try to add things from your everyday life as into your dreams as a way of working through those issues. So about 1/3 of the dreams that you have will be those type of dreams, then another third of the dreams that you have will just be kind of nonsensical dreams that just blur into different, different, different sections. But then there's another portion of dreams that I call highlighted dreams. The highlighted dreams are dreams that seem hyper real, where when you're looking at something you can not only just nothing looks two dimensional , everything looks almost four dimensional. It's extremely vivid when you have a dream like that. Ah highlighted dream. Those are the dreams to pay the most attention to, because those are the intuitive dreams that seemed hyper real. There's also re occurring dreams. So if you have a recurring dream of something over and over again that something to pay attention to something that's called a Siri's dream, very few people have those. But a Siri's dreams mean like if you're with some friends in the dream and then you're about to go onto a boat and you're at the dock and then you wake up in real life the next night you go to bed and you're with those same friends again and you're walking in the dock and then you're just walking onto the boat, and it's like a continuation with the dream just continues where the last one left off, a different type of dream. And then the other thing to think about is for recalling your dreams. One of the things that can help is keeping a dream journal, so a dream journal is basically you could have traditional one, which is like a composition book that you get a store and whenever you know when you wake up, even if it's in the middle of the night, you grab a pencil or a pen, and you write down as much as you can off your dream. Another way to do that is to simply use your phone and use the notes section or use the record section and just talk your dream. Just the process of talking through on your phone on recording as much of your dreams. You can remember that process of doing that over and over again will enhance your recall of your dreams. Another thing. There's an amino acid called El Pianin that helps with enhancing the ability to dream. So some people who have they're not getting any dreams at all. The natural source of healthy Anin is actually t my coffee and tea, but with T, both black tea and green tea have a healthy inning, and even some herbal teas like peppermint have healthy inning. So if you just start drinking tea on a regular basis, you'll start to notice like, you know, drink a couple of cups of tea every day for two weeks and you'll notice all of a sudden your dreams of becoming very vivid again. So that's one of the things that help. And then, lastly, for lucid dreaming for lucid dreaming. This is a technique that I learned for lucid dreaming years ago, and it's really probably the best technique I've come across. So it works like this in everyday waking life. When you're up when you're walking through anywhere where there's a doorway, so you're walking into the door into your bedroom, place your hand upon the side of the door frame, stop pause and look around the room and ask yourself, Does anything look out of place? This is in waking life. Then let's say you go into the living room. Stop pause. Look up. Put your hand on the doorframe, look around and see if anything looks out of place. You have to do this practice for about a week Now. What happens is if every time you walk through a door frame into a new room, you stop. Put your hand on the doorframe, pause and look around to see if anything looks out of place. If you get in the habit of doing that, eventually you're gonna get in the habit of doing that inside your dream. And then you're going to see, you know Ah, pink elephant or something unusual in the in in the dream and you realize, 08 this is a dream. Once you recognize that you're inside a dream, then you can kind of focus and start of start to tryto to focus on various things and see what you can change. That's the basics of lucid dreaming. So just the doorframe technique is probably the most reliable. This is the one that I've talked to students, and they've got in the most success out of it. So there you go. So you have four different times of dreams. Dreams from real life highlighted dreams. There's recurring dreams, Siri's dreams. You know, keeping a dream journal can help increase your you're dreaming as well as using the doorframe technique to increase your lucid dreaming. 14. Intuition: Special Intuitive Exercises: So in this next section, I want to talk about some exercises that you can do to develop your intuition. So I ran for many years, a circle in New York City called the Intuition Circle, and people would come and we would do intuitive games. There's the little games that you can do and exercises that you can do to enhance your intuition to. The first exercise involves marbles, believe it or not, so you don't lose your marbles. So the thing is, is that you have marbles of different color. Usually you start off with just two colors, so you have white marbles and red marbles. Red marbles themselves convey, get difficult to get unless you buy them online. And so I would suggest you start with white marbles and black, and then you start off with, let's say, 15 white marbles and five black marbles, and you put them into a bag, and what you do is you close your eyes, reach into the bag, and then as you pull the marble out with your hands closed, try to guess before you open your hand. Which marble you have, which color, Whether it's black or white, it starts off with two colors, right, and then you can gain two more colors. But just doing that on a continuous basis, it helps to enhance the pre cognition, the ability to know beforehand. Another one is called the Envelope Exercise. So this one is basically you get a bunch of small brown envelopes, and these were the ones that are about the size of, ah, playing card, and you can put playing cards inside them, or you can put various notes inside them. So let's say you have five of them, and one of them has a note inside it that says yes, and then you can shuffle them around in such a way where even you don't know which one has the the envelope in it and has has the yes in it. And then put your hands over the various envelopes. And do you can feel and get a sense of which one do you think it might have Just here you're placing your hand in the air over the envelopes to see which one might have the one and you keep keep keep on tracking. This is ones that these air solo exercises you can do on your own. So another solo intuitive exercises to use a deck of playing cards. So the first thing you do is you have the backs of the of the deck. Each card. You take one card at the time, look at the back and just try to figure out whether it's red or black. Whether it's, you know, read being hearts or diamonds. Black being spades or clubs, right, then take it one step further. Go through the whole deck and try to guess the suit of each card. Right. Then you can go through the deck and take all the the court cards out and just leave the cards from one through 10 of each suit and just try to guess the number of each card. So whether it's 123456789 10 you could try to guess the number of each card. This is if you don't have GSP cards and DSP cards, also called Zenner cards. Z E N E. R. You can usually order them from a magician's store, or you can find them in magic shops. Often you can order them online, but GSP cards have the five symbols, right? And so you can try to see if you can guess the five symbols as you play the cards together . I believe more than 20% is considered a great result because people will get 20% right without without, you know, even without into an intuition. So that's that these air four different ways. You can practice your intuition on a solo way. Now you can also do exercises intuitive exercises with a partner with a group. So taking the same red marble technique, let's say you have 10 people in the group, right? You have one red marble in the in the bag, so you have nine white marbles and one red marble. Everyone reaches in for a marble, holds their hand out with the marble that they have, and then one person in the center walks around and tries to see if they can figure out who has the red marble. Mind you that the people haven't opened their hand yet themselves, so they don't know if they even have the red marble. One of the intuition, intuition circles that I was doing, there was one girl that was actually from Russia, that was unbelievably uncanny with the ability to t find the red marble almost every time. Almost every time she was able to do it, it was amazing. Another 12 is sending colors, so you have a you and a friend sit across from each other. You decide on which colors you can send usually the seven colors of the rainbow red, orange, yellow, green, blue into go and ah purple. And so you try to think of a color I'm in. Send in your mind that color to the person, and then they'll they'll take a turn receiving and then you switch. Then you try to receive the color that they sent, and you could do this with a group, sending the entire group sending colors to one individual and one individual sending a color to the group and these these exercises. The color one is it's a little easier for people to pick up on. I've noticed because colors very visual for us. Then you congratulate to the next level, which is sending a number. Pick the numbers from 1 to 5 to start off with and then go from the numbers from 1 to 10. One person be the sender. Another person, Be the receiver or the entire group sends one number to one person or one person sends the entire thing, the number they're thinking off to the group, um, and then and you could do the same thing with sending a symbol so you could take the five symbols of the SP cards. The wavy lines, the square, the circle, the cross, the star and have the entire group pick one symbol to send to one person and see if they catch that that intuitive symbol, and then you move on to the next person or have the one person send that intuitive symbol to the group and see how many people in the group can pick it up. Or individuals could do that one as well. From from with partners and then the last is you congratulate to the same thing of doing playing cards. You know, try to send the color of a playing card. The group sends it to an individual. Individuals hands into a group trying to do the suit. Try to do the number so these air different ways that you can practice intuition in solo. You could do it with partners, and you could do it with groups. Is there lots of different exercises 15. Intuition: Course Conclusion: So congratulations for finishing the course. So in this course, you learn the energy exercises of centering, grounding, clearing, charging, shielding so you can focus your intuition, restore your intuitive balance, clear your negative energies, charge yourself with positive energies and shield yourself from harmful energies. You learned about the pendulum and developing your inner knowing. He learned about different gazing techniques, inscribing to develop your inner vision. You learned about your intuitive hearing and meditation. You learned about empathy, insight. Com A tree. There's two intuitive senses that I didn't mention, and one it's called Claire Aliens. So, Claire aliens is when you smell a perfume in the room and you're smelling something in the room that's not actually in the room, right? That's clear aliens, and that's a rare skill. Not everybody has that ability, and another one is clear. Gustines, where you have a taste in your mouth like where you're tasting something, a salty taste or ah, sweet taste, and you're you're having a taste in your mouth. That's not existing. They're not eating anything that produced that taste. But those are two additional intuitive skills that some people have you learned about Aw Guerry and all the different ways that signs can come to you. Through printed signs and overheard conversations, TV and songs and nature coincidences, patterns. We talked about dreams and highlighted dreams and the different types of using a dream journal and lucid dreaming and you learn some intuitive exercises. So there he goes with thank you for taking the course, and I would love it if you could give it a great review. You know, wherever review in general and I'll be doing war courses in the future. Thanks a lot.