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Michael Triana, Be Free. Be Happy.

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9 Lessons (2h 44m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Fundamentals of Muay Thai Part 1

    • 3. Fundamentals of Muay Thai Part 2

    • 4. Fundamentals of Muay Thai Part 3

    • 5. Fundamentals of Muay Thai Part 4

    • 6. Fundamentals of Muay Thai Part 5.1

    • 7. Fundamentals of Muay Thai Part 5.2

    • 8. 1 SIMPLE WAY TO WRAPPING YOUR HANDS 1920x1080 8

    • 9. How to Make a Fist

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About This Class

Learning Self-Defense is just one those basic life skills everyone should learn. Just like cooking, swimming, dancing, etc, knowing some basic techniques to defend yourself can go along way. Thus, I created a quick 5 Class Crash Course of techniques I personally use in the ring.

These workouts can be done at home and with no equipment. I'll guide you through every step of the way and also teach you some simple strength conditioning and cardio workouts! Have Fun and Enjoy! 

"Better to be a Warrior in a Garden that a Gardener in a War" - Sun Tzu

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Michael Triana

Be Free. Be Happy.


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1. Introduction: was going on, guys. My China here, also known as the Iron Boy. I'm a professional boy tie fighter I find all over the world, including places like Belarus, Sweden, Spain, Thailand, Brazil, In here in the United States. I wanna walk me to my five week course. We're going to introduce you to some of the basic techniques that I use When I entered the ring and some of the fundamentals off the art of my tie. I hope you guys enjoy 2. Fundamentals of Muay Thai Part 1: welcome guys to a first class in our course. Let's get started. Feet together and open and close. Jumping jacks. Go jump right into it when you do it. Three minutes, three minutes equals one round. Expressing want to do is one warm up muscles. Imagine you're most like elastic dance. Just like elastic bands. When they're cold, you stretch him. What happens to Elastic Band Intends to rip most of the same exact week. Many people they tend to do long static stretches in the beginning before working out, I intend to do 2030 minutes. Judges, this is wrong. This is gonna major muscles rip. You wanna warm them up with easy movements? Nothing crazy. Nothing harsh. If you want to warm them up war such then doing easy stretch. And then you can start doing your workout reason either through the nose, out the mouth we'll be together. Gonna do jump roping for 10 Jump roping hands to the side, Jump up and down. We're gonna move arms in a circle in motion on athletes, boxers, fighters. We can do a set off for work. Tell this to a few of them first gonna do Just open it up and down, jumping with both feet up and down. No, I Now I'm gonna try shift in the weights, one point in the other. So one put one foot in the other, moving our arms. That circular motion. Good work. Next we're gonna do you gonna do to into two into two and to chip weight. One point in the other revolved through times with one leg two times in the other life. You know, life. Can you just move a little bit back? Few together. Ready? Jumping jacks. 50 seconds. Go. Now you should feel your body a little bit warmer. Your cat, especially from all jumping jacks and all the jump rope. Almost there, guys. Nothing. 30 seconds reading. Second bluff and good work, Actually. Job. Let's move on to our structure. Go with the head. Up and down. Set aside. Shoulder to shoulder. Leg rotation, eyes open. Just direction on the way. Good work. Both arms. Four rotations back. Chris costs Excite hands on the hips. Move to hit locations. Direction of the way half board. Have that go from here. Gonna go to time between elections like this two times looking back, trying to keep her back as soon as we can. Ready? Go back time four, two times back. Give me two more Last one. Keep that back street, actually be together Seeing things ready. Go. Two more folks on the back of shit is again Good work. Gonna open our feet a little bit more than shoulder with We're gonna do a stretch to tend to one side fallacy Chance to the other side Bounce back and forth They have a temple recent towards your foot I don't need to force the movement only what you feel comfortable ? Excellent work. When a walker beat Walker feed walk our beef Go back to our standing from here for lead up . Oh, I need to adjust. Oh, easy stretching. Here's up. When we do our first stretches, you always want to do dynamic stretches. You don't wanna do anything crazy that we don't have any muscles One do any really long, static stretching Do easy dynamic Stretching with a week of your body Telling me to be ready to work out You want to relax The body beginning stretching is not to relax. Beginning stretches should be dynamic. Tell the body they were about to work out after training that you could do big, long, static stretches with you your muscles nice and warm. Nice and relaxed. Then you can do your stretches. You'll feel relaxed and you can stretch nice and pretty good without tearing it. Excellent work. Shake it out. Last we're gonna do you gonna go one hand opposite foot? Try to just touch your foot. Toe, Hand Easy, easy If you cannot. If we hand lower, can I just go a spot as you can? Don't worry about it. The more you trained These'll get touch, touch, touch, More touch One more judge. Excellent of the leg or the arm. Ready? Go! Reach, reach, Reach Two more. Last one. Accident work, Bounds. Going to shake it out. Great work, guys. Let's get started with our techniques from here. When I start with basic fighting stance if you're writing, your rifle will be back. Your lefty, Your left will be back. Boys, I really natural. Just like you're standing the street. This is my funny stance. I don't need to do anything fancy from here. I'm gonna put your hands up, get it, shift your shoulders. You shift your shoulders Just a little bit bored. Just like your armor being relaxed here. Gonna shift them forward, shifting forward this way. You around your back. You ready to fight here? Shift my shoulders forward. Running my back standing tall is up Thumbs touching her forehead This is our highest here back and forth, back and forth when it shipped our body weights from the front foot to the back foot Ship this cold bread on more time on this call back and forth, back and forth So when you keep your rhythm throughout the whole training rhythm back and forth Excellent. From here we're gonna do our first technique. Who's gonna be the jab for jab? I want you to extend your lead hand. Anything doesn't leave is a but And there's a rear being back. Why would she leave in a weird? Because some people are lefty. So the right hand will be in front. I'm already so my left hand is in front right now. My lead are extend and this is a job here, extending when other arm is gonna be covered. The ribs recovery in the temple go from here on when you go back to your fighting stands your defense. Good. Bring them back and forth. What is the jab and extend your arms and come back every job. Freeze extent and come back. Ready? Job brief extend and come back. Ready? Jeff, come back, Jack. Come back, Jack. Come back, Jeff. Excellent Jet. No. Give me three more. Jack. Freezing Jack and Breezy Jap. Excellent work. So one thing with our punches, All right. Our head is always in between our legs. Anytime our heads outside of our legs. Imagine a square. You're any times outside that square ability off balance. So we do our punches. We don't want to leave the sides, right? Always wanted roti. Our torso rotates routine routine routine. All right for that job. But years rotate your torso Your head sees behind your toes between your legs that we have balance and power. Excellent. Next month, you're gonna be learning is gonna call the cost here when I pick up just a foot and a pivot and pick up for just a little bit. But extend that Jack is used a lot to measure. Distance is usually not a knockout power knockout punch. Not because usually are bringing here where we have power. I'm already so I have a lot more power with my right hand. So here I pick up that foot and I cross here picking up that foot, extending across cruelty. Did not Horschel to get that distance in that power. So I get here should decide picking up that foot here and across our rotate my body so that we my body was shifted forward doing that body went forward, pushing off the ground like I'm about to sprint year export forward when it for anything. My elbow is not down is at least to the side. All right, this will keep your shoulder up, give you a little bit more defense. Come back ready When I say cross on your spent your hard when you're freeze and come back to your rhythm Your defense Ready? Cross. Hi, Growth. No Crawford brief. Absolutely. Crawford grief. Excellent. Across a breeze. So do three more more cross breeze. Last one. Crossing. Breathe. So So now we have the jab. Right? And we have the cross actually would have put together. All we're gonna do is his jab protein that Russell cross picking up that foot. Ready? Go. Jack, Cross I already Jeff a cross ready, Jack and cross that foot Jap in quashed. Rotate the torso. One more job. A cross. Good forehand. You want to keep fingers together? Some under your hand. Okay, Don't put it in front like this Or don't put it under your fingers Because you gotta break your hand You're gonna break your thumb. Good rhythm back and forth Last technique gonna do is rear Need the rear need So from here going to be pushing Just like we're doing a cross. Same thing going to be pushing off the ground Pushing what extent That hip tryingto stay this hip bones Because they can't go good. So we're now going to do this movement and extend the hit and come back and stand the hit Boom! Comeback extend. Come back, Hairs up, Extend. Come back. Come back to take that step. You pushing your about sprint about Sprint's right? Same thing, but extending the hit from here. I shoot my knee straight in. Okay. I don't want my need to go up. If I keep my hip inside, my is gonna go up, But one you need to go straight in like a spear that. That's the reason why we extend our hip. You're pushing, stepping that he and come back for balance. You can put both hands to the side, one hand to the side, or you can keep your defense and doing here good. I like to do one or two. Think of back. Come back, Come back. Go. So we get pushing extended ahead for you need straightening straight ing Explore arm to the side me and come back and come back. Last thing that we do is that we go up on our foot just a little bit. Just like this. Up on the ball, on your feet. So that way have more extension. We have a little bit more power Here we come back me from that we want to pull your foot like a fit me back, back keeping the shoulder forward, bringing back on board ready me back and come back I'll show you on this side pushing that big your bunch sprints years throwing your body went board You always all the hits and we're doing our body weight forward with speed. And that creates your power here pushing extended hit He come back on the foot point back. Move on that. Come back on that It works. Let's go over our techniques. We have our jab. We have our cross and we have our need. Excellent work, guys. So do some combinations. Have some fun. Great guys. Combinations! We're gonna be doing three rounds with 32nd break 33 minute rounds. Doting second rate find stands the rhythm back and forth, Braddy. And three to one go. First we're gonna do is jab, cross jab, cross jab, cross jab Cost nonstop breathing every punch, every get breathe But but But but But this will give you more power. Well, tightening your core about Here's back to your face every time when he and out one hand extended towards the punch Pivot in that back room for the cross to really that torso keeping your head between your legs. Just turn the torso to get that reach. 15 more seconds. 10 seconds. Well, now we're gonna be doing the rear knee need and come back. Come back breathing out me the arms to the Cyprus balance Pushing pointed that foot on the following your foot Hands back to your face when you call back Repetition guys, the more you repeat that, you'll get out at it. Just like anything. Repetition, repetition, repetition. That's 30 seconds of the knees. I said that hip as far as you can. Your mother should be nice and warm. My accent That hip sparse you can Good rhythm. Shame down. Don't put your seat back. You'll go back, Remember You want through your body weight forward You're gonna combine it jam Cross me Jab Cross me Jab Cross me jab Cross me, Jack Cross me, Jack Cross we, Jack Cross knee torso tour. So me dorsal torch likes in the head. Torso, torso extending, hit torso tour. So I said almost there. 30 seconds. Breathing every hit. Three but green. But no, But But when was there less than 15? Uh huh. Well, well, balance. Well, well, it's time. Go down. Nice and easy. Excellent work. 32nd break reading. It knows after the mouth. Next was gonna be next signal we're gonna do is we're gonna be doubling out on that jobs over. Gonna do it, Jack. Jack Cross And then we'll keep the need with one minute of these. One minute off. Jab, jab. Cross me. Ready in 321 Hands up, rhythm! Go! Jab, jab. Cross. Jack! Jim Growth. Yeah, Jen! Close jab, Jab. Cross Jack, Jack, Cross and back your faith. But you know about. But bikes and that job extend that cross long arms. Well, that's in 30 seconds. Speeding up. Jab, jab. Cross Jab, Jab. Cost me. Die like jab. Jab. Cross explored. Jab, jab. Cross. Jab, Jab. Cross. Jab, Jab. Cross. Jab, Jab. Cross. Jab, Jab. Cross, Jab, Jab. Cross, Jab, Jab. Cross, Jab, Jab. Because one would your knees again ready me and come back to me and come back me and come back. Reputation, guys, repetition me. Come back, you find stands hands the cipher balanced. It's in the hip. Far away. Oh, grain, brain. Each point that foot 86 the hit. I think I need straight forward. Chain down, Gene down when you're reaching Gene down That way. You don't go back 20 seconds. We know almost there. Yeah, breathing out five seconds of these. Is that your knee? Breathe. Breathe. Funny stands. Rhythm. Back and forth. Jab, jab, cross And me. Very jab. Jab, cross And me. Jab, jab, cross And me. Jab, jab. Cross me Jack! Jack! Gloss me. Jab, Jab! Cross me, Jack! Jack Cross neater in that torso. It's in the hit many years. Back up. Always try to keep her defense as best as you can. Greed it out. Coy. Shoulders forward. No! 15 seconds. Speed it up. Jab. Jab me! Jab, Jab! Cross me! Jab, Jab! Cross me! Jab, jab! Cross me! Shake it out! Excellent war, guys going last round last. Well, gonna put it together. We're gonna be doing the jab cross. And me and we're gonna be doing jab, jab, cross in the Follow this as you can do. Women do it as many times as you wish. You can Look at the video. Ready? Three to one. Gonna start with the jab. Cross jab cross. And me. You ready? Go, Jack. Cross lead. Jab! Cross me, Geoff. Cross me! Jack crossed me. Jack crossed me. Jack crossed me. Jack off me, Jack! Cross me, Jack. Cross me Jazz Cross me, Jack. Cross need And he's gonna be sword hip Flex is gonna be sore. So easy. Easy. That's why you want to warm up the muscles nicely in the beginning for warning to anything harsh. So keep that jab cross. Get sending your arms Turning back torso and send in the hip with me. Well, 10 seconds off this combo, I would me jack cost me jab. Cross me, Hansen Side for balance. Go again, Geoff. Geoff Cross Any ready? Go, Jack! Jack! Cross! Jack! Jab! Cross me! Jack! Jack, Cross me! Jab, jab. Course me job, Jack. Course me Job Job. Cross me. Jab, Jab. Cross me. Jab, Jab. Cross me. Jab, Jab! Cross Need not stop. Jab, Jab cross! Niki, that Bella's me reading out. Jack! Jeff Me! Jab, Jab, Cross. Reach Jab, jab. Cross, Reach jab, Jab. Cross reach 3 10 seconds. I agree. Wow, Wait! Uh huh. We way. Well, I'm not gonna do one and one raise with Jeff Cross. Any relaxed rhythm. Jab, jab. Cross me. Relaxed Rhythm. Jab. Cross me. Relaxed Rhythm. Jab, jab. Cross knee. Relax, rhythm. Jack crossed me. Jab, Jab. Cross me. Cross me! Jab! Jab! Cross! Jack, Cross me! Jab! Jab! Cross me! Really? Now job costs me. Jab, jab! Cross me. Job costs need 15 seconds. Jab, Jab Cross! Jack! Waas me. Jack! Jab Cross me. Jack Roth Me. Jab, Jab. Cost me. Go! What guys time. Excellent work. Now we're gonna start doing some strength condition, Force Want to do some sit ups? Crunches When I worked in some push ups, we're gonna sit down when I put Oh, I this these up. Try touch our elbows. Your knees. Are you gonna do 20 of these? Ready? Go one, you three, boy. Five six said 89 Dad More. What to doing? Four by Thanks. 78 No. And wait. Excellent work. We gotta go on her belly's hands when they put him break under our shoulders. When I send her body here ground, we're gonna be pushing up and back down. Push up. Why do we do pushups this way instead of this way? Because when we plunge, we punch from here. But we're not really punching from here. So you want to get that power from this from this position? Ready? So hands under your shoulders where we're gonna be doing 10 of those. Very one to three. Bore. Five, six, seven, eight No, and 10. Excellent work. And these are a little bit hard. You can always go on your knees here, go on your knees. But its ground and back up to the ground and back up. Ready? Back in are still make. We're gonna do three sets of those. So megs up. Ready? 20. Go. One to doing four, but six, seven, eight. No! Okay. What you doing? War? But six said no. 20. Back to the push up that push ups. I'll show you the one who needs this time. Coming. Really? This ready? 10 push ups. Go what? To three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine. Okay, go. What? Going back to her stomach. Ready? No one? No doing. Four. Five. Thanks. Said no. 10 What? To three four by? Thanks. Said eight. No, and 20 last set of push ups Last time. Very go one to three, four, five. Thanks. So eight, nine and 20. Excellent job. Shake it out. We work. Guys. Thank you for participating in the first class off our course. Stay tuned for the second class. 3. Fundamentals of Muay Thai Part 2: Welcome, guys. The second part of our course, let's get started with our warm ups. Hands together. Ready? Jumping jacks go open and clothes. You're gonna be doing one round, Remember? Three minutes of the warm up. Then we get started with our structures. We made knows out of your mouth. Make sure feet together. Back open. I'm together with the then that over. One minute of this. Almost there. Less than 30 seconds. Go from here. Hits the side. Jump roping. Ready? Go! Open down Arms! That circular motion, the shift. Body weight, one foot. Then the other two hops and two months to hawks and two hops. Do one hopping hot, huh? Huh? Or one point to the other. Go up and down on both the Bring it into the nose. Out the mouth joint U go from here. Here's up. But it's there jamming cross nonstop jamming. Cross hands back to your face. Oh, here you can step in place. Stop! Step stuff. Stuff. 14 then the other foot breathing. No, the speed it up. Just a little bit. Less than 30 seconds. Arm should be boarding Nice and loose. Hand back to the faith. Good almost there in time. Great work, guys. Let's move on to our stretches. Hands behind the back feet shoulder with head up and down. Go satisfied shoulder to shoulder NEC quotation. Keeping those eyes open goes his direction of the way Both arms forward a circular motion Both arms back. Cruz cause in front He showed the with hits on the and hit hands on the hips. Hip rotation. Whose direction of the way have forward have back Actually work from here to ties between your legs bound spouse Two times Looking back. Ready? Go two times back two times forward two times back 32 more Last one Go work, Be together Same thing Ready? Go through time Forward True times back Good to more last one Nice work from here. We're gonna open our feet slightly past shoulder with trying to keep our hips forward When I go to times one side, two times to the other Keeping those hips force these locked, ready Go to into do and to good from here. Walk your feet that we don't pull a muscle. Walk your feet up. Nice finding stairs were gonna do it Need to the chest and come back down. Need to the chest and come back down. Ready? Go up, up, up. One leg, then the other Washington place feedback here. But it stands gonna count. One leg, You mean 10 more. Ready? One to during four by six. Seven. Eighth. Nine. Last 1 10 Good work. Shake it out. Nice job, guys. Today's techniques we'll include When I started starting from our fighting stance Hands up , shoulders looking forward, background. When it start doing our hooks, our hooks, every punch that we do, our has to get between our legs. Remember that square cannot go outside that square. Not going to be off balance. So poor hopes. And using that torso gonna be doing hook and hope we're gonna be doing two hooks the hook here. Elbow At least 90 degrees are a little bit higher. You can put your hand this way or this way. This way is a lot safer goes from here. We come back just like a hook going to be turning that torso boom and come back. He's gonna be doing our lead hand. Remember, Lee, here's the one that's in front. I'm a writing. My lead hand is the left is my left hand ready? Go look and come back. Hook and come back. Remember turning torso this way. Ready? Hope? Come back. Look, Come back! Nice. Let's try the other arm. So other arm. Just like when we're doing our cross. Who got a pick up that foot here turning that Horschel picking up that foot Hope Come back hoc! 90 degrees. Are they hand covering our temple in a rip and come back hook Come back to her face hook Come back to our faces at a rhythm here Rhythm back and forth back and forth Shifting our body weight from one foot to the other. Shift body weight when it to relieve Hooking Freeze But he leave Hook and freeze Come back But he lied Hook, breathe Come back Need hook Please come back The hook! Please come back you hook! Frieze, come back! Give me two more hook. Come back! Book! Come back Going! We are ready Hooking Freeze! Ready hook! Freeze! 90 degrees. Come back Really? The hook picking up that foot. Come back Ready? Hook Pivoting the torso Pivot in the foot. Come back hook Come back Hook Come back Any three more hook. Come back. Well, come back, last one hook, come back. I drink going back and forth next month. We're gonna be learning of your upper cuts so often. Cut all our punches were you start turning torso the uppercut. All we do is just we slightly use our legs a little bit more where we better legs and then just pop up. So again, we're gonna use that torso. We're bending the legs, using that torso keeping. I had invited me to relax right in the middle. Good. From here. You know, maybe drop her hand down. All right? If you dropped too much, you got your defense gonna suffer. So here is drop a little bit with both. Here's then offer Cut is the uppercut went straight up right into their shin here, Africa. But this will be tuition. You can do uppercuts, right to the middle of stomach as well. Right here, uppercut. Good again, Arm 90 degrees. I'll show you from this side. You're turning the torso bending the legs explode up uppercut. Head between between your lights. Here, try. Oh, okay. Turn Same thing for the other side. Pivot in that foot picking up that foot so I can return to this side to the arm we're gonna be using. So I'm going to use my right arm, so I'm turning to the right arm. Good. Bend those legs a little bit and then I explode up Well, and I period that foot and I extend the arm. We'll show you on this side, but it turned towards the I'm gonna be using bending those legs from here exploded up, living in that point here up. Okay, good. So they do nice and easy when you do five. Decide five on the other side. Ready when it frees them. So turn bend elex explode up. What? Ready? Turn on the Lexx explode too and freeze. Many turn three trying on the legs. Four turn and elex five Good. Other arm ready. Turning towards your right or your left of you on Ready trying. Bend the legs explode up. Ready? Turn from the legs A little bit. Food up your try, Ben. Export up number three trying Ben. Number four members don't forget about that foot Anything. This will be your side. You want to pivot that foot? Two more about going one more If we'd out. It always other him up for defense. Excellent. Going to work. Last technique we're gonna be learning today. Gonna go over other knee. Okay. So hands up when you do a step need So just like you're here and stuck me aside Sound's gonna step with your relate step with your leg And then when I extend that hit hit good. So again we're gonna be doing this movement hit That's breaking down the movement Hit I are gonna be going to this sign Gonna be shooting on you straight in here Step using that hip pushing like we're about to spring Hands to the side me and come back, Come back So one more time Ready, stepping rate Pushing our hip Pushing ahead, I'm sure the side me step step good. We gotta come back Toe are natural stands You can stay, Lefty. I'm a radio since they left the or your left that you can say righty, but most of time you want a master once transfers. So when my kids are trying to master my right my racing's first because I'm writing. So I'm gonna step back back to my radio stance And from here I fight. So again, step right when it extend that hip your arms to the side. But But about two steps ready. I'll show you from this side here when you be stepping, Remember? Here I stepped right from here, extending the hip, but onto the side. I mean, step, step your this I now ready. Stepping forward, Stepping forward. Good. Excited. That ham. I need step. Step. We're against you is in essence, move. Ready? Go. Step, knee step, step. Stack me that step that name that step. Where you going to do fine. Just like that. Ready? Go. Step, knee step, step. Step, Knee. Step, step. Step me that step. Two more step knee step, step, step, knee. Step, Step. So are three techniques that we learned today are gonna be our hooks or the arms hook. Oh, uppercut! Uppercut African and our other knee. Okay, Charlie, me Step knee step, step. Nice work. This Put those into some combinations. Who are the first combination? Here's up. Biting stands is gonna be hooked. Hook. All right, Hook, hook. And they were gonna add the stepney. So again, follow along as fast as you can turn in that torture for those folks stepping knee step step gonna be doing doing violence. Three minutes with 32nd break. Hands up, rhythm ready. And go. Start with hopes. Keeping your head between your legs. It starts in the turn in the torso. Picking up the foot from that of your hook. Go the speed up hook. Oh, hook! Oh, hook, hook. Good work. Hook, Hook, hook. Okay, you have for a minute. Speed it up. But reason up. Reason up. You know, less than 30 seconds now during that torso during that torso, the faster you turn that torso more power you're gonna have. Breathe. Breathe. My mother here. Oh, for your faith. 10 seconds. Well, three seconds. Go from here. We're gonna do the step. Need comeback ready, nonstops! That me? Come back. That me. Come back. Step, knee step, step, step. He stuff stepped your normal since set me step stuff. Step, knee step Stuff that any steps You're trying to keep that shit down that we don't fall back . Stop! Stop! Nice and balance going. There you go. I really step. Step keeping those shoulders looking forward So it hands up all the time. Go read Step and me go a step in the stop Step me that stuff me and come back Two steps home coming back Always your natural stance No arms to the side for balance Excellent work . Good. That's pretty together. Hook, hook step, knee step, step going on Stop Hope Hope said me Step, step, poke, hook, Set me step, Step Ho ho said he Since that Go go breathing with every hit down Its with every hit the balance When your head between your legs goes up Step 30 seconds breathing Speed it up and step set back to normal. Go up 10 seconds. I was there. You breathing well? Uh huh. Going to one excellent extermination we're gonna be doing saying, but with uppercuts doing Oper upper that knee step step are one minute of uppers. One minutes of stepping me and then one minute off Upper Upper Stepney go. Breathing, breathing. Five seconds. Ready in 321 Hands up. Ready? Oh, a little bit away from your face. Could do. Sure. Uppers. A long operation to try to do some long offers? No. Uh huh. That no. Oh, my Well, uh, about Bob said to back to your base, but about? Well, reading up less than 20 seconds. 15 seconds. Let's go. Well, he's in the torso. Well, uh, go a rhythm back a board Repetition. Ready Step. Knee comeback. Ready? Go! Me Come back! He come back. Come back! Go! A woman Lets go one minute of this. Oh, you already 15 seconds in step. Well, that set control your steps of a Don't fall for when you're stepping. Step, step, separate step sets the rhythm balance. Well, well, we do now. I have more power. Oy! 15 seconds. 15 seconds to put this together. Stop, step, Step me that step. I mean stop! Step me that Go Bring them back and forth. Upper upper step, knee lead. Upper beer offer Stepney steps that lead upper were upper step he staff Step the opera were offers that me stuff Step good. Speed it up. Two operas upper upper step Need your upper upper income back your normal stance Upper upper Set me step Step You're last in 30 seconds. Almost there. I'm gonna come back No, 15 seconds and speed it up. Good. That's that upper stop set up open I mean offer open need back justice offer upper work it out nice The last round. We're gonna combine them together, going to start with our hook. Oh, that me. And we're gonna combine the upper upper step knee. Remember? Wolf with combinations going to start with the lead hand, so are leading is gonna be doing the hook hook, then me. So needed here. Offer offer. Look, look. Oh, look. Book. Oh, look. Okay, Okay. No. Okay, look me. I lied. Rear me The rear name the rear needing and decide the rear. Mean would extend that hip. She down. Happy through your legs. Turn that torture for those folks for those punches. Good hook. Oh! Oh, Well, well, well. Me. Oh, cook me almost there. 10 seconds. Repetition, repetition as much as you can. Well, make your techniques perfect, Roy. Perfect repetition. Try your best. You're uppercuts. Ready? Upper upper step e upper upper That me Upper Upper. That me Upper Upper. That me upper over. Stop me, Upper upper. Set me read enough. Stop! Step every time. Coming back. Do that. No more stance. If you're writing right, he stands with you right back. If you're Lefty left with that, you don't know You know stuff expenses. You can 15 seconds reading up. We'll be ready to put it together. We're gonna do one in one. My Uh huh. Go Ready? Going back and forth Going to start with a hook hook Step me, Come back and upper upper Stepney and come back. Hook! Hook that me. Come back Upper, Upper that he come back Hook hook Ni, come back Upper upper Me! Come back! Hook me! Come back! Oprah over me. Come back! Hook, hook He come back off for over me. Come back less than 30 seconds and spit it up. Upper upper knee, Come back hook hook over upper me hook. Oh, me upper upper name. Okay, so upper upper Look. Oh, me upper upper time. You award guys to the extreme conditioning when to start with some squats. When do 20 squats feet are gonna be showed the with with squats? The most important thing is that every time I bend down, I'm gonna try to buy back of strangers. I can for balance completely hands out and our knees never pass our toes. So when I squat down, these never go in front of our toes are back a shirt as we can and then back up. You can go, Louis. 90 degrees. You need to go lower than that. If you can go for it. But make sure you're back of strength and your knees Do not pass your toes your squat and back up. What backup? Gonna be 20 doing 20 of those, and we're gonna be doing our core work. Ready? Go Squat and up. Squat and up to three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine. Then one to three, four by six, seven, eight, nine, 20. Excellent work that they're doing our court for court this time. I'm gonna go. I was down body wanted. Try to keep up. Just like this. Good. From here. We're gonna go be out and we're gonna be doing want me to her chest, and then we're in a switch, right? Just like we're doing a bicycle. We do. You're just like riding a bicycle, keeping that chin tuck, keeping your back straight. And your stomach engage. Ready? You're gonna come one leg. Be doing 20 of those. Ready. Let's go. What? To three, 45 six Said Okay. No. 10 10 11 You three, four. But six, 78 No. 20. No. Gonna be doing three sets. Oh, back to our squat. Ready 20 squats. Go! One, 234 five, six, seven, 89 10 one to three, four by six, seven, eight, nine, 20. Work back down. Ready. Be doing our core. Ready, Bicycle! Go! What? You three four by six. Savvy it? No, I 10 one You three. Four But six said. And 20 very up. 20 more squats. Ready? Really? Then go What? To three, four, five, six. Savvy eight, nine 10. Backstreet one to three, four, five six, seven eight No. 20 Last one down last 20 Doing 60 squats and 60. But schools ready? Go. What do? Three more by six Said eight. No. Last 10 1 to great four. Why? Six said eight. No and 20. Excellent work. Let's stand up, huh? Shake it out. Great work. Thank you, guys for participating in part two of our course 4. Fundamentals of Muay Thai Part 3: welcome, guys to the third part of our course. There's get started with a warm ups. Yes, together. Rennie jumping jacks is go open. It goes breathing. We're always woman off the muscles. Just elastic variance. The same warmed them up. Then we stressed the mouth. Get ready for a workout. 25 more seconds. I was gonna start adding in punches. Ready. Funding stands in 543 to one. Fighting stands from here. Job coughs nonstop. Jack Roth, about your face breathing, uh, head between your legs. Turning that torso, guys. Already it has changed from jab cross to hooking. Hook, hook, hook, hook, hook Every time him back to my face. So a little recap of the hands incorporated in a warm up I pivot living. You mean that torso ready. I want uppercuts. Uppercut, Uppercut! Every time over Open. Nice and easy especially You can nice and relaxed this bugle by seconds accident from here feet together. But it put our knees up. Loanees. When I say go, do high knees. Ready? Go high Knees pumped in easily. 10 seconds already. Three to one. Loanees loanees, Relax. 10 seconds on. 10 seconds off. Ready 321 go. I need go. Relax, Little knees. Oh, you can put in years only when you feel comfortable. You don't have to go to high ready. Last one I need is 10 seconds. Five seconds in time. Great work, guys. If he had the back head up and down, we'll start inside. Children, A shoulder neg. Rotation eyes open this direction of the leg. Both arms forward. You're both arms back. Excellent. Hands on the head open If he showed with hip rotation. Since direction of the way you're half board have back. You're from here to time between your last chance looking back. Ready? Go. No need to force the movements. Is gore. You feel comfortable? Give me two more. Last one. Excellent work. Feed together. Ready. Same thing two times. Down to times back. Ready to go. You. Two more. What? More good work. Open your feet. A little bit. Boring. Shoulder with good hits. Four. I'm saying two times one side to change the other side of scope. Jenna. Keeper needs blocked here in the temple oval down. You remember from your walk your feet preventable in any muscles. Now it's finding stands ready. Needs to the chest and back to her fighting stance. Hands up. Ready to go. Up, up, up! Yo, do 10 of these. Come on. One leg. Ready? Go. One to doing four. But six, seven, eight, nine and 10. Good work. Nice job, guys. Awesome. Today's techniques are gonna include that elbows. They're going to recap our knees. So it's somewhere. Find stance, rhythm back and forth. Remember our shoulders forward, back around stomach. A little hollow standing tall thumbs touching our foreheads rhythm back and forth. Would it be moving and shifting our body weight from the front foot to the back foot? If you're writing right foot back if you're left. You left back. Excellent From here. But I start with a lead arm elite arm, the one that's in front. I'm gonna start with that elbows from here. Lead arm. It's gonna go palms out. It's gonna go right to our chest. You can put your palm out or you can make a fist. But make sure the powers fate of your palm is facing outwards. Are the hands going to stay here for defense? And then we're gonna rotate Our told. You just think you are doing a hook. Rotate the torso, keep the head between your legs. Here, rotate the torso and then come back. Get him down. Rotate the torso. Come back. A little secret for the lead elbow. Little secret is that you, pivot? Actually, you back for you Just let it loose a little bit so that weight makes it easier to turn. Makes it easier to turn and come back. So if you see, it looked kind of lifted off a little bit year. Come back. I have to say up because closure rate, close range. If I can help my opponent, so can he. Or so can she. Year elbow come back, turned the torso. Come back, Turned the torso. Come back. Just let your foot loose and just turn the torso and your foot with pivot by itself. You're also gonna do $10 when a freezing and come back Ready? Lead elbow ready one. You will come back to a breeze. Come back, Do you freeze Going back board by six seven eight nine Antony, go on work So different Taxes up types of elbows. There is horizontal elbows. Which ones were doing right now? Horizontal one line with spears. Elbows, elbows coming down. Good. I was coming up for now. We're going to start with the horizontal elbows. Now, this is the real elbow hand up. Bring them back and forth. Same thing into the chest, palms facing out of the hand, covering your forehead in your face. And then we're gonna be turning our torso given in that foot, just like we're doing the cross. Or just like we're doing the beer hook here and the chest pivoting the torso, your opinion, that foot and then we come back. Make sure always hand in between your legs. It's very important. If I do this, I'm gonna be really off balance. Can be falling over. If I do this and you just turn, I'll have power and I'll have balance. You're so again here, into the chest. Palm out. Turned the torso, people. That foot. You're gonna do 10 of those ready? And just pivot the torso. That's one. Come back. Ready? Two into the chest. Mama. Eyes three four by six, seven, eight No one more time. Excellent work. Recap in Lee's gonna include those in our combinations. Remember? We're doing our knee. Were pushing off we're extending that hit were sending that knee forward, not up forward. So we don't want to do this when extend ahead, forward one of the ball, our feet, Hansen said, and come back to the rear knee and says I come back for the view need and then we're doing our Stepney step with a rear foot, remember? So we're gonna step with your foot Me Step step stepping with that your foot step shooting that hit forward shooting the knee forward. Step back, Step back. We work, guys. Here's up. Rhythm back and forth. So again, three rounds with 32nd break in between first combination. We're gonna be doing his jab for your knee and then add up leading elbow. All right, so ready. Hands up. Bring them back and forth. And five, 43 to one When it started, just with jet in the along Job me? Yeah. News through that. 30 seconds. Well, at on the elbow. Mm. Job. Well, Jack, you 15 more seconds, Jack. Jab. Mm. Really? No. Breathe out. Uh, three seconds. So this at the elbow so we can do the job and then lied. Elbow. Very jab. No lead. Elbow. job need oval Jack need oval Jack Leadoff. Double Jack the elbow Jack me by seconds. Yeah. Oh, both Now is to the knee and the only So me an elbow. Oh, lead available. Oh, they ego elbow. No, Fallible. Oh, you fallible Oh, algo Well, l a ball. 30 seconds at the Japanese. Jeff. No, An elbow. Jeb? No. Oh, Jab elbows, Feet up, Jack. Elbow Jack! Oh, Album. Yeah. Mm album. Jeff Album? Yeah, and I'll go 30 seconds knee and I've only ready an elbow. An elbow? No inaudible. Mm album. Elbow elbow. We don't know. Album. Hubble turned out torso by seconds. Give me one more Gold is at that job. Job, elbow Jack. Fallible Jack. Fallible Jack Room. Oh, yeah. 0 15 seconds. Me an elbow, Jack Al books And that hit for that knee. Oh, yeah. L a Ball Jack me and noble time work The shakeout Next combination is gonna be gem cross with Step me Step, step Gonna add their rear salable All right, But we're gonna be breaking it down. But it started first just with the jump across Stepney. Good. And then we add on the elbow. So remember when during our elbows, turning down torso, keeping the head between your legs ready And 321 jab. Cross that me Come back and that's it. Jab cross! Step me. Come back, Jack. Cross Step me. Come back, Jack Roth, E come back! Give me 15 seconds more of this. Well, at the elbow. Breaking down the techniques. Good. You five more seconds. Switching now that Hubble the last one was And that elbow So Jack crossed that need steps that were horrible. Good job cough Stop E step, step elbow Jack Cross Any step Step album? Yeah, cloth that E step Oh, go, Jack costs Step, step, step Abu Jack Roth that you album Jack Course Set me step Step elbows And I just want to step three in the AL Boast that me Come back! Oh, well, that me going back Oh, go That me Come back I'll go That he step Step abu that the step step Well, let's pick it up That he step step album. Go do that. 30 seconds. Oh, go said e step. Oh, that e stop stuff. Oh, that an album. Let me come back. Oh, that he combating the torso oval that e come back take or an elbow? Oh, in five seconds, we put it all together. Oh, from here. Jack, Cross. That needs step. Step over when you go, Jack, Cross step. Eat that Step elbow jab. Cross that E step step Oh, Jack squat That that step rear elbow junk costs said he stuff. Step rial will go, Jack Cross step e that step Global Jack Growth that he step Rio Lesson 30 seconds. Reading out the speed off just a little bit Me Stop stuff. Oh, jack cloth that me Step, step. Oh, go work, guys. Less than 15 seconds. Step. Oh, John cost e some stuff. Oh, give me one more and I'm good work. All right, so now we're gonna put together. So first combo, remember, is jab, lead elbow. Second combo. Job growth that need step, step. Other elbow were available. All right, so first round, First minute, but doing Jeff Knee Lee, double second jab cross Stepney and we're already and go Jack me V double jab. Really? The elbow, Jack. Mm, Yeah. Mm. The repetition guys and the John. Do you think a little past job? Elbow pass, Jack. Oh, going boss job. L will take a little path, Jack. Oh, there we go. Job me. Oh, well, we do now, Jack L. A. Ball keeping that torso term. We do that elbow. Oh, it's in that hip. No, it's good work. 0 10 seconds. We're gonna be switching our combination to our second combo and Allah go over them back and forth. Jack, Cross that me Step, step real elbow. Really? Go, Jack. Cross step knee step, Step Elbow Jack off. Step, knee. Step Step. Fallible Jack. Growth, That e sub step. Oh, Jack, Cross that the step. Good, Jack. Cross knee step. Step elbow, Jack. Cross step E Step at your natural stance to the elbow. Jack. Cross step, knee Step, Step fallible. Go away. And how Bo jak cross reading out less than 15 seconds. Oh, John Gloss Stand e Step fallible, Jack. Cross that step Step and Al going back to common Number one. Ready job. Nie lei, Double jab The elbow speeded up. Jab me the jack. Leadoff! Jack need up with less than 15 seconds of this combo going to our second Kabul room lead Job me the fit. One more in there, Jack. Lead number two. Jack costs that the step. Step we elbow. Go. Jab, Cross step, step, step. We're go, Jack. Cross seven E. Step, step. Re elbow. 15 seconds. Road work reading out. Give that pause. Oh, well. Pause, Jab. Cross Last one and we abu go work bones off. Shake it up. Actually, job guys to the extreme conditioning. We work it on our corporate. So mountain climbers, some squats and a plank. Good soldiers get start with squats. So again, back to straight as you can. Your knees don't go in front of your toes. Since you're sitting on the chair, right, you put your hands out for balance and come back up and come back up. All right, We're gonna be doing 10 20 then 30 seconds of the plank ready? Fall along, specials you can bury, go 10 squats and come back. Going back. You keep that back. Street war five, six, seven, eight. Not in 10. Go. We're gonna be going down here in climbers for your hands on the ground. Arms extended. Lex, go to your chest. Right When I come to your chest, then you switch. We're gonna be coming. We're gonna be only come from one leg. Ready? Go. Which that's one that's too 34 five, six, eight. Right. 10 10 1 Who? I agree. Cool, but six Credit. Hey, no. And 20. Good work from here. 32nd plank. Ready? All bow down back street. Gordon B. You're facing up, if you can. 30 seconds old, old breathe. When was there? More than halfway. Three seconds and time. Good work. All right. Gonna be doing three sets to try your best. Ready? Back up for squat. Ready? Go Tense. What? One to three. Four by six, seven, eight, nine and 10. Going back down. Five. Ray in front. But you know when climbers 20. Ready? Go What? To three, four, but six. So hate No. 10 more. One que three, 45 said eight. No. 20 actually. Work everything straight. Elbows down. Very blank. 30 seconds. Bill breathing. Make sure your bus not too high or too low. Everything nice and straight Core. Engage. We just relax. Well, a 10 more seconds was there. Well Oh, well, well enough within. Let's go and time. Excellent work. You're the stick. A little weed. Really? Really. The standoff ready? 10 squats. Last round guys. Ready? Go. One to three. Four. But six, seven, eight No, in 10. Go. Last one of mountain climbers. Hands down. Ready? Try your best. Ready? Go. What, you three boy? But six said eight. Nine. What to? Okay, four, But thanks. Said eight. No, I 20. Nice work. Ready from here. Playing 30 seconds. Arms ready. Built. Last plank. Last point. Hold tight. My core. There's the last round. Laugh. Exercise. Push yourself breathing back straight. Don't let your buckle down. Don't put your butt up. Bogus. Your 10 seconds. When was there? Five seconds. Hold, Wolf. Huh? Time. Excellent work. No, Go on this. Stand up. Now shake it out. Excellent work, guys. So as you progress in our course, each video is gonna get a little bit harder with the strength, conditioning, straits conditioning and our combinations again. You can repeat the videos many times. As you wish. Thank you guys for participating in completing our three of our course. 5. Fundamentals of Muay Thai Part 4: welcome, guys to the fourth part of our course that they start with a warm up and together. It's time with jumping jacks. Ready? Go Warming up the muscles. Today, we're gonna start going into some kicks. We went into some kicks in, working a little bit more defense. Everything. Its nose out the mouth. 30 seconds, 15 seconds. Be ready to go to your fighting stands. Oh, fine. Stands in three to one. Ready, But it stands rocking back and forth. Good. Some with that punches. Jab, Cross jab. Cross non. Stop. Back to your face. Make sure your head between your legs turning that torso for your punches. No. Gonna be switching toe uppercuts. Ready. Switch uppercuts. Moving those arms. Shifting your weight from the foot from foot to the back foot. Kind of marching in place. Well, that's it. You are such two hooks. Hope he is back to the face turning torso. Make sure your head between your legs. I already three to one. Gonna start. John broke. Uh, John Probe arms inside circle. Emotion already high Need from here. I need I need 10 seconds. We gonna ultimate doing high knees and jumping rope. Go back to jumping rope. 10 seconds on tens. Accuse. All ready. High knees. Go Tell where he feels comfortable. It doesn't have to be too high, but you want a woman of muffles. John broke last 1 12th go. I need relieving breathing Last seconds. Three to one. Time is he had the back head open down. Set aside. Go a shoulder to shoulder NEC Rotation eyes open destruction Both arms rotate forward, rotated back crisscrossing front You're handsome Hit feet shoulder with hip rotation This direction Half board in her back actually good from here. Two times between your legs. Two times looking back. Ready? Go doing times back. Give me two more. Last one. Your feet together. Same thing. Ready? Go. Two more. Last one go from here. Open up! Hits forward. Go to attacks to one side, two times to the other right back and forth. Make sure your knees I locked your hips reflect forward. Excellent work. Walk your feet. Walk, walk, walk Ni From here by stance Needs to adjust. Ready 20 come from one. Let go. One to three four by six, seven eight, nine one To during four by six seven eight nine in 20 fighting stance going with of your leg touching are opposite hand brandy. Go five times one to doing four and five. So speak Ready. Go one to 34 five years, which beat one more time. Radio One, do you? Three. Four more five. Did your feet Radio one to three four and good. So thank you. We work great for today's techniques, but include some defense and gonna start working under lower limbs with their kicks. Goes still hands up, rhythm back and forth and can't remember shoulders forward standing tall head between your legs, hands touching your forehead rhythm back and forth from here First technique we're gonna learn is gonna be or first thing need for defense. It's gonna be simply our shield. All we do when we're getting punched or we're gonna do is running closer Arms just like this. All right, so here we have open where we're boxing, were fighting the personal attacks us. Then we shield up just like this. Of course, there's always gonna be some openings, but this is a very good shield and is a very good defense to have for punches from here. You shield up here. Put your elbows talk, then. All right. You don't want to bend down like this. Good use. Become a target and you become to compact and easy to hit you. If you want to keep looking, break in between your arms here, right. You want to keep looking so you can counter. For example, I'm fighting here. My opponent's does a jab cross, for example. I shield up bump, bump. I bought the Jack cross, and then I answered back. So this shell is not to be too. Just keep all the time. This you gotta answer back because then you become a target, right? You become just like a bag punching back. You don't want to do that. So you want to shield up. You want to keep your eyes open so you can block do other kinds of defence and then you can counter. All right, so it's a simple, simple technique, but it's effective. So he just called your arms and open, close and open, close and open. So that's the shield. So open and shield up close, you know? So when I say shield, I wanted one. You tapping your four comes together. So try to tax reforms together and then open back up When the shield together shield together, make sure your chins down shield together, she'll together. We're gonna do 10. Ready one. You're too nice. Three, four. Good, but six rhythm. Seven, eight, nine. Time actually job. Pretty simple. All right, so when you start working on her cakes, first take I'm gonna learn is called the teeth. So the teeth is used just like our job is used to measure the distance and to put push are pointing away good. So here on the lift up my knee to my chest and then I'm gonna extend my foot out. Okay? So I lift up, I extend this hit. I pop a little bit forward. We'll all the arm. I put down one of my put down for balance, although I keep up for defense. So here I t Sometimes we can t keep with our arms bulls on defense teeth and come back. We keep a little bit more of our defense. Good. But at the beginning and teach this way is nice because it helps you a little bit more with your balance again showing you on this side. I picked up to my chest. I picked up. If you noticed. I don't step, so I'm not stepping and keeping great. I used takeoff. An i t. All right. I just pick up an I T. But the lead team is usually it's not usually always gonna be the shorter teeth here. Deep has less range. Right? And are your teeth has a lot more range You can see Have a lot more range So I keep forward . All right, so for the real teeth seem thing I I push from the ground, right? I send my hit I cut down the arm here I teach and I come back. I keep and I come back He come back when I extend the arm. Good. So again, lead deep. Nice for your teeth. You're from the side. The team remember is putting up here, right? Well, no step Your teeth t are going down. Same harm Seem like tea She you're giving doing to two teeth. Then relax. Ready to teams go t tea and come back to your fighting stance to teach Go team She was gonna be doing 10. Number three t number four t team number five Team six. All right, seven. Okay, one and 10. Go work. All right, so that's the teeth. A little bit of the cakes. So recap we have our shield. Good. When our first defense shield touching reforms together, making sure we can see to that little gaffe keeping our eyes open right then we have a lead t and the beauty Good. Nice for guys that's put into some combinations, actually, but it stands rhythm back and forth again. Three valves with 32nd break. Our first combination is gonna be jab Gonna use that shield. And then when an answer with Africa cross and then at the knee later on. All right, then. After you do a job, Jack won t too. Keeps ready. And three, 21 Go. So 1st 1 again, Jack, shield upper crosses on when you foreign already. Jab shield, upper cross. Go! Jack. Jill, Upper cross. Good work, Jack. Shield Upper cross. Jim Shield over. Cross ready. Jeff Shield. Upper cross. Jeff shield. Upper cross knife. Jack shield upper costs. Go. Breathe shield. Upper cross breeding out. But well, you're 20 more seconds. No, your eyes No, no, no. Uh Well, um my my go on reading. What you doing? Rear knee ready Here NIH and come back Your need Come back with a recap of the knees Got excited That hip on one side for balance Good Going on the ball of the foot reading ction down Keep that balance nice And second Just do the other knee That me so ready from here Step knee, Step to the step Step that me Stop! Step that me. Step, step, step, knee step. Step me though. But you go back to finding stands. 10 seconds, But it's in that hit last Need rhythm back and forth. Ready Gonna do jab She'll upper cost beauty home Ready? Go Jab. Shell up across for your needs, Jack Shield up across me. Yeah, She'll upper cross knee. That's me doing this. 45 seconds. Read it out. Well, no, but good work. No, you go. But now, but little tree, but 15 seconds. No. Uh, well, but three seconds. Well, hey, time. Go bounce it out. Go work. Next combination would be doing is gonna be Jeff Jeff Leedy, who we're team about and then finding stands. All right. Make sure when you do your teeth when I extend that hip, extend the headboard comeback, extend the airport, come back and I need your chest. But on current balancing arm Seem like ready in three to one. Let's start with jab, jab. Just elite E Jack. Jack? Yeah, Jack. Jack needs all right job, Jeff. People take you a little bit, you grab your balance. But the warning, the more you practice, they're stronger. You'll get. And there. But you'll get the technique. Jack, Jack and cheap Jack. Jack, push him away. Job. Jeff, push him away. Jack. Jack! Okay, Jeb. Okay. Yeah, Yeah. You Yeah. Jet he No, right. No, no, But no, That's 50 seconds. So you're Mormon, but about no right last one Oh, rhythm Back and forth Now when you deepen tea, bread and gold et won't leave. What? The team? Really? Hey, by this, there's G okay. Do you? Hey. Okay by Okay, keep. I mean work. Keep see. Okay. All right. One kick. Other cutting the arm down. Team armed. Seem leg deep. I mean, do you do you he almost there thing. Your hip flexors might be a little bit sore more. All right, But until you develop those muscles and your hips. One more, Bring them back on board is gonna put together. Ready. Geoff! Geoff, The teeth! Your teeth! Good again. Job! Jack, Leave! We're jab. Jab me! We're job! Jack! The Freer Jab! Jab me! Freer job! Jack the Chief! We're t 40 seconds when was there, but well, but from. But pick up those legs! Well, to the chest deep Jeevan, come back. Keep keeping that chin down for balance. If you put your chin back, you're going to go back trying, trying your chin to your chest every time, do you? Well, that's one T. Nice work. Oh, you know, Excellent job. That's why we're putting it together. So again, 1st 1st combination. Jab shield over cross second combination Job, Jeff Beatty, and be your teeth. Make sure touching, touching your forms for the shield. Extending the hips for your teeth and coming down the arms ready to one rhythm back and forth. Bread jam shield Offer across me. Nice again. Jab shield up across Jack Shield off across me Jack Shield Upper Cross Need to speed up job defense. Answer me. Job defense answered me Good job, defense Answer and go about. We work jobs. You Jack Shield, huh? Now? No, but but one more. Go on. What? All right. Same combination job. Jeff Lee T three or T v Jab, Janet Leigh t were teeth job. Jack Lee were job Jack. Lead were job. Jack, leave rear Jeff! Jeff Lee Freer job! Jack Lee. Freer, right? No, my the stomach or chest level. 00! 10 more seconds. No, but by seconds of this combo what last one? No good. Going back to coming. Number one Ready Job shield Opera Cross need Speed it up Job My job shield Jack Shield. 15 seconds, John. Your best coffee and the best you can. Repetition What? Three seconds? Go Number two Ready? Jack? Jack! Jack Dee Dee Job. Jeff G Q Jack. Jack! Right. My one more. Oh, actually, John time. Nice job, guys. We worked with the calm both today we're gonna do a little bit more cardio, combining with some squats. So finding stand's gonna be doing one minute off, keeps good. And then in between, we're gonna add gonna be added our squads. All right, so here's up. One minute. Eek. 32nd squad, one minute teeth. 32nd squad. Alright. Bring into two rounds of that. Ready to go deep. Do you team feed good water. No stuff. Petition the hip flexion might get a sore. Please put as far as you can. Breathing, Breathing. What do you have with their excellent. 15 more seconds. Jump right in and tour squats. Ready three. You one. Good. What? 30 seconds nonstop. Make sure your back is straight. You can keep your chin up. The health. You drinking your back, so don't look to the ground. Mutual with seconds going back to the teeth. Ready? Funny stands ready. Go. Do you kick? Okay. On the arm Repetition. Excellent job, guys. 30 seconds, like or do you think? Let's not those legs. Plus in 20. What? Every time I come back to a fighting stance from there, 10 seconds by four. Green to one last 30 seconds squat. Let's go. Make sure your needs will pass your feet. Your toes. 15 seconds. When was there? So sometime? 32 one time. Good work, guys. So now this finished with a little bit of core work and gonna incorporate some push ups. So we're gonna be sitting down from here. We're gonna put ourselves in your courts precision right here. Said a decision. But now what we're gonna do is gonna be dropping one leg. So you have a 90 degree angle just like this. Good. You're gonna turn to the side. Gonna be doing obliques. You're gonna try to touch your elbow to your hit. All right? We're gonna be doing 20 and 20. Ready? Go! One to doing more by six. Said eight, nine 10 one to three more by 678 No. 20 s. So we're gonna trying to do the other side. Yeah. Dropping one leg drop. The likely this. Go turn your body, but your one to do it. Four by 67 Hey, no. What? To three four by six. So eight No. 20. Excellent work. We're gonna shoot for 20 push ups again, doing the best that you can try to go. Just the ground. You go on your knees, or we can go on your feet. But just make sure you try your best. Trying to stop ready 24 shelves. Ready? Go one to three. Four by Thanks. So eight. No, that 10 more. What? Here. All right, More. But see Said 89 20 good. What? All right. When we're out going, you're a police. Ready on the sides already. Go. 12 do we? 45 67 eight. Not 10 1 to doing, boy by 678 No. 20 Tried. She insides. Ready? Saying then go. One, 23 boy by 678 No, Ted one to doing. Or by 678 No point work. Last set of push ups Trying her best. Make sure you're going to need you having a little bit of trouble while you need trying to stop. We're gonna go one. Do you? Three, four, six. So eight. No good. What way? Four But 678 by and 20. Excellent war guys. Great work again. Have you having trouble keeping up? It's OK. While you build up your strength while you build. Build up your technique is try your best and have fun. Which is the most important Thank you guys for participating in the fourth class in our course 6. Fundamentals of Muay Thai Part 5.1: welcome, guys. So fifth part of our course today we're gonna be working on are tied kicks and blocking with our legs again, Hands together. Gonna be starting with our handy dandy jumping jacks. Be ready in 321 open and closes guilt time. When we know those legs as best as we can to get ready to start kicking, we're gonna be doing one minute of jumping jacks one minute off intervals off high knees and jump roping. And then we start doing some punches. Get the whole body nice anymore. 20 more seconds. 10 seconds. Be ready to jump right into my knees. Ready into one. Ready? High knees. Right. And do one jump roping doing intervals of 10 seconds. Switching between jump rope. And I need ready. I need look ready. Jump rope When those dogs in that circle emotion Such high knees. Last one of my knees, John Broke. That's when the jump rope in five seconds Me ready? And you're funny. Stands when you jump. Jack, Call Jab. Cross. No, Stop! Hands back to your face. Well, I speed speed it up a little bit more and give me five more seconds. Where to be stretching two uppercuts. Ready? Which are precut. Excellent work. Buy more seconds. Switching to Hope, Buddy Rich. 20 seconds of hooks. Good. Turn that torso. We're always keeping that head between your legs. Have that balance are 90 90 degrees. Turn that torso when you punch with that hook in time. Hands behind the back head, Open down. Well, aside. Aside, Shoulder to shoulder negotations. Eyes open. Destruction of the way. Both arms forward. What was ours? Back Kush closet. Brunt. Open your feet. Shoulder with hands on the head. Hip rotation for his direction. Half board it Have back. You're from here to time. Between your legs. Two times looking back. Ready? Yo, given that back straight. When you go down, give it more. Last one nice feet together. Seeing things ready. Go, Go! You feel comfortable? Give me two more. Last one. Excellent work from here. We're gonna open up our feet. I mean, sure, these are love hits Ford two times. One leg, two times the other going back and forth. Give me two more nice work from here. Gonna walk our feet, walk our feet. Nice work from here. We're gonna go to finance stance hands up rocking back and forth, and we're gonna go one knee than the other two are. Chest, you're counting One day. Ready? Go. One to during four by six, seven, eight. No, it said one to three. Four by I think seven A nine and 20. Go on. Keeping her funny stand's gonna put one arm out. Our lead arm is gonna be out. Real leg touching are ready Are here and ready to go. Five times. One to dream four and five. So you speak very same thing. Go. One you during four five year old switch. Ready. Go one to doing four. Five last time switching. Go one to doing 45 Excellent job, guys. Check it out. Go work. Find stance Rocking back and forth. Remember shoulders forward standing tall, your arms fingers touching your forehead. I was rhythm back and forth All right, so they would be working on blocks with their legs Block block. Good. And then, are we your kick? So here, cake phone and then come back. All right. So walking with their legs as you noticed, You've been doing this through all your warm up throughout your stretching. All right, And more ty. Big limbs block big limbs. Right. So if I see a kick coming, but I want to block with my legs. All right. See you, kid. Coming this way. I wanna block with my legs. All right, So bring out what we're gonna focus on is being mindful, Especially that we step back to our fighting stance. All right, so when we block, we want to step back to refine and stands from here. We're ready to counter from here. We're ready to have more defense as well. Good. So you don't want a block and then step here or block on that step in a parallel stance gets from here. You have no defense. You have a lot of opening, and you cannot counter. By the time you fix your stands, your opponent or your talk is gonna be gone by then. All right. So here your need comes to the chest, comes back down and just comes back down in your fighting stance. Second thing is that we put our like up right or left is gonna be 90 degrees here, 90 degrees degrees walking. You don't want to put it in this way. You don't want to put it in like this because they're gonna kick right through. They're gonna kick your other leg or they can also sleep us well. And the third thing, I just want to point your foot down here. Boom like between your arms created just a whole shield up and come down. Come down to your fighting stance, Come down to your friends Stance. Good accent. So that's it for the blocks again. You've been doing this this whole time while doing your warm up and stretch is so it will be a little bit easier. Do it for bring them back and forth. Now we're going to start working our kicks kicks are a lot more complex and have a lot more things and to adjust in little aspects of them to make the kick as perfect as it can be. Good. So important thing. Just like all our hits Oneto throw our body wing forward. So one communist state that people always we are doing our They didn't want to step and then they want to drag their leg. Don't wanna pull their body weight to kick. All right, What you want to do is wanna push your sprinting push pushing the head forward push like you're sprinting and you will naturally take that step. You will naturally take that step As you get more advanced, you learn how to step in in the place or you learn how to step backwards, right. But for now, we're gonna learn how to use step forward in a little bit to the side here, Boom. You're going a little bit to the side. I'm All I'm doing is just pushing, pushing him about the sprint. And I naturally take that step. You're naturally take that step, extend the hip. Good. Other thing is that your arm same arm seem like just like you're doing the teeth just like you're doing the knee, right. Seem arm seem like it's gonna be cutting down on it's going this way and be cutting right through good. And then the last thing you're gonna meet putting up on the ball your foot just a little bit, Okay? If you're doing low kicks, you wanna be planted on the ground here looking up. If you do a middle kick, you want to go up just a little bit more on the ball of the foot and going high kick. Then you go up even higher. Good. So for now, trying to kick us high as you can, but no higher than waist level. Good, John. Your best here again, pushing off the ground, pushing it and something that hip board right. And then turning the arm because we're gonna be cutting it into three pieces. All right, but it break it out. Three parts. So first part will be pushing. And then taking that step than natural step second part gonna put onto the side. Third part gonna kick and cut down on her arm across scene where they're kick full and then going to be stepping here. So again, we do our kicks, right? We want to go right to our are our target. Good. So when we're doing our kicks, it's just like a baseball back going right through. You want to cut right through your partner or right through your your opponent here? Target whom I stepped right here. Nice and balance from here. I can block from here. I can come back from there. I can still fight. OK, good. So whenever doing five wraps here breaking it down into three steps. Good. Ready some number one. Push on kick that come back right to push natural step arm kick as the nice three bush arm . Okay. Is that four push arm kick That warm war and five push are kick instead. So when we do it kicks You want to put all that together and make it look smooth? So that way you have power and you don't work as hard because you have that momentum. You're pushing, right? I'm pushing forward already. Have the momentum coming for you. Have the momentum coming then look like my arm. I'll let my leg go. So let's put this these to the blocks and our kicks to some combinations. 7. Fundamentals of Muay Thai Part 5.2: for combinations. Guys is up. Bring them back and forth. First combination. We're gonna be doing his jab block. And for your kick broke Stuff on board and calling back, going right through our target. All right, so again, Jab, block. And they can't be ready in 321 Let's go. Job. Take right block. Kick right through. But, Jack Block, Gig Jack Block. You don't know Jack Block. Jeff. Love Kick Jack. Luck kick I Jeff, look. Gig coming back. Nice and balanced. Jack Bluff. Kick coming on the arm. Go less than 20 seconds left. I mean, you know. Oh, come on back. Come back. Give you more, More, More. No. Coming back when doing our block ready? Made a roadblock. Make sure again. That was stepping back to our fighting stance. Going done. Not in a parallel stance. He is up. Just needs to a chest. Everything else should be kind of be sitting still. Go ahead. The last movement's you do, the more efficient you'll be. Eyes year stepping back to fighting stairs during seconds. Breathing hands up. Don't drop the here. Oh, almost there, guys. Pretty. We were gonna be coming back to that Jab the book for your kick. Ready? But his dance again, Jeff. Block! Kick! Good. Come back! Yeah! Block! Kick! Come back, Jack! Bluff! Kick! I work, Jack! Bluff K Back! Job Luck! Kick coming back! Yeah! Look! Kick from back! Jack, look. Gig, balance! Jack, look! The master! That technique Massive combo. Jack, look! Kick, Jack! Block, kick! Jeff, look! Kick during the arm! Jack, look! Kick sprinted! Board! Jack! Blush kick! Nice work, Jack. Block, kick! One more. Look! Look! The body ready? Humble number two. All right. He's gonna be doing Geoff cross hook putting their punches in there. We're block back to her funding stance and then again pushing onto the side kick. All right, Good. So, Jack, cross hook, block, Push, kick. Push right away. Ready, You'll? Well, instead down. So, yeah. What were your block? Step port. Okay, Ready? Jim? Cross hook. Look. Thank you. No, it's nice and easy. Jack. Cross hook block. Hey, Kick Good. Yeah. Cross hook. Look, a kid. Freddie, Jack, Hope. Look and kick a little bit faster. Jab, Cross hook. Look. Okay. Seeing the harm. Jim, Cross hook book. Okay. Who is best is you can hand front Jack Cross hook book and give you one more. Yeah, Cross hook. Look. Okay. Going back. Just to the blocks. Ready? One leg, then the other one leg another. Sure. Going back fighting stance. Here's up. I just need to the chest. No extra movements. Efficient. Your leg. That 90 degrees. 3 30 seconds. We're going back to a combination jab. Cross hook block with the rear cake with your leg. 20 seconds free than in back to that fighting. Stance. Balance. Keeping your head between your legs. Ready? Rhythm. Back on board, Jack. Cross hook were block a kid coming back. Jab. Cross hook for your book. Hey, kid. Coming back, Jack. Cross hook. Look. Okay, a little bit faster. Jab, Cross hook. Look, Jack. Watch, hook, Look. Kick. Look. No. Okay. No, no. Cut down the arm. Seeing arm. Same leg. Just like the deep. Just like the need. Well, I speed it up less than 10 seconds time. Take, you know. All right. So last round were together for his ground breaking the breaking it down again. Jack the block. Were you like cake and come back. Good. 2nd 2nd a minute, Jack. Cross hook, look and kick good. And then we're gonna be doing 30 seconds of each one ready on its stance in 321 1st company a kid? Yeah, Look back. Nice and Jack the block Kick around on Jack the block Kick coming down the arm. Jack the block! Thick the arm, Jack, Look! OK? Oy, Jack, look, pick chain down. Don't back, Jack, Look, pick this kick. It's high as you can. Jack. Look okay for no higher, then waist level for now, Jeff. Look, Jack, look. Okay? Is trying your best, Jack, look, kick. I'm in that jack. Look thick. Oh, bring them back and forth. Ready? 2nd 1 Jab, cross hook were block. Boom! Your cake found. Make sure you step back. And that's final stance after the book jab. Cross hook for your book. We're kick or petition Ready. Geoff, Cross hook. Look, your kick. Come back. Jab. Cross hook. Look. Okay. Oh, Jack. Cross hook book. You kick in 30 seconds, Jack. Cross hook. Look free. No, no, no, no. It's worth last one. You're coming back to her first combination. Jeff, Lead block for your cake. 30 seconds. Just go. Speed it up. Not the arm! lesson from seconds. No problem. Number two, rear block. We're kick Go to speed up. Uh huh. Fun frieden out. Who work What? One more kick About that it. Nice work, guys. All right. Those were the combinations for the fifth part of our course. Go work kicks a little bit more complex, so I might take you a little bit more time to develop your kicks, Develop your flexibility. You make sure after you train you can do some static stretches from hip structures, so it makes it easier for you to need. Makes it easier for you to kick. Good work, guys. ST. Conditioning. Today, we're gonna be doing a 30 2010 workout. The first when we're gonna be doing a story squat so again, Gonna open up right back straight sitting dollar guessing on a chair, right? Needs Don't go past your tools. Arms in front, Open down. Oh, I'm doing dirty squats or I'm gonna doing to to sex to sex. So 30 squats after 30 squats. We're gonna be doing 20 lunges. So again, when we do a lunch, right? Just like our our squats, our needs don't want to go in front of our toes, so I want to step great. I want to stop. And I want to go down here and back up. All right. You don't want to slam your need to the ground either. Do you want to slam? You can kind of touch if you wish, but better just to get close to the ground and then back. Back up. All right, so then you'll step with the other leg. Right? Then you go straight down, Right knee doesn't pass the toes. Good. And I go up. You don't want to go in the street like this because you lose your balance. So make sure, just just just like your funding stands, you have that gap in between your legs and your head in between your legs as well. So that way you go down and then back off. Now back up, and that is a lunch. Good. So we're gonna do in 20 lunges, and then we're gonna be doing 10 Burpees going. So Burpee's again, We're gonna be going here when I go down, building to the ground and then come back up here Now, John, go. Gonna be doing 10. 10. So Dougherty squats 20 lunges and 10 Burpees. Alright, so ready! And three to one Going to start with our squats here. One to three, four, five, six said. Eight nine 10 one to three four six said Eighth nine. 2010 more one to three four. But thanks. So eight. No dirty going into lunch is ready to go now. One down to during more five. Thanks. So no done. One to three, four, five, six So eight No 2010 Burpees Ready? Go down, Billy To the ground. One scalability for the ground to three four. But six. Your bust, sudden. Eight. Nine. That one and 10 take a little breather. Ghosts are gonna be doing to set Ready set number two! That's what I know one do Doing four far. Thanks. So eight No done. One to three, four, but six, seven, eight, nine, 20 times One do three board by Thanks. So eight, nine and dirty going. Lunch is ready. Go! One to three, boy. Fine balance. Thanks. So, eight No, 10 more one to three. Four by six. Seven Hey, no! Last one 20 Burpees Plattsburgh pieces. Go! What? Oh, do O three up. Four. Fine. This eight. No, and time. Good work. A little breather reading to know how to the mouth. All right, let's take a seat. Let's do some core work from here. We're gonna put put arms his under, but when extend our feet Good. We're gonna do like races. Make sure you're neither a lot going to go up and then back down. Oh, and then six inches or so from the ground down, your gonna be shooting for 20 trying your best. You're trying your best. Try not to give up 20 as best as you can, And then we're gonna be doing Ah, plank. Good again. We're gonna be doing two sets. So 20 and then 32nd plank Ready. Hands under the butt. Head up. Ready? Go one to doing four. These love five Safe. So eight, nine, 10 times more. One to doing four by thanks. So, eighth nine 28. Great work, but go on our elbows. Backstreet for engage. Ready? 30 seconds and go. Everything that's in tight. We know, out of the mouth core tight, everything street. No, but up. No, but down. 10 more seconds. Well, no one was there about seconds and back to our leg raises Ready. Little breather. Legs out. Ready? Go last 21 to three, four, six, seven, eight. Mine 10 time or what? To four legs. Look. Five, six help! Seven A. None. And 20 down. Ready for a plank? 30 seconds. Quick. Very still. Hold last plant. Last push. Breathing, breathing. 10 seconds and time. Excellent work, guys. Go take a seat. Thank you, guys. Thank you, everybody, for participating in our beginner's course or fundamentals. Beginner's course. This is the fifth class stay two for intermediate courses and much, much more. Thank you guys for participating again. If you like the courses, make sure you give it a life. Make sure you follow me on Facebook and instagram and any questions Feel free to shoot me a message. I'm glad to help you guys out and your life seller end in your routines of train. Good. I'll give you all the tips that I do as training diets and much, much more. So say to thank you guys 8. 1 SIMPLE WAY TO WRAPPING YOUR HANDS 1920x1080 8: Hey, guys. So today I'm gonna be going over on how to wrap your hands. I'm gonna be showing you actually, the first way that I learned how to write my hands. There is many, many, many ways of doing it. But the most important thing is that you want to wrap. Um, you know, we're gonna protect your wrist and you want to protect your knuckles. Good. So the beginning. I know I used to wrap, you know, make my raps just like this. However, now I do it backwards because it's easier to manipulate when I do my hands. So we're gonna undo it. You're gonna do it, gonna grab this part off the Velcro, and then we're gonna be start ruling it. Excellent. So now we have it with this part up. Good. So this little hook goes right on your thumb where it goes right on your thumb. And then, as you can see, this part has a groove, right? So this groove goes on the bottom Good on the bottom. Many rest will say here like this part goes down. But if it doesn't, you can just go by the group. The group goes down So I put it down this way, See? And then I start going. That's are going around my wrist. So I'm gonna go around my wrists, let's say four times, for example, four times. So now I start going, right? Right. So my thinking I like to put a lot on my wrist and not too much on my knuckles But it's a matter of preference preference off how you like it As you train, you learn what feels more comfortable for you. So I go to that pinky I go under all the way across And now I'm gonna go and make a Naxi making the X on top of my hand I'm making X go all the way And then I'm gonna start working on my some So I went all the way around and then I'm gonna go again all the way around all the way here. So I go all the way One circle on my thumb. Now that I'm on top here, I'm gonna go across all the way to my pinky again and then start working on the knuckles. Good. So let's say we do around five times on the knuckles again. It's a matter of preference off How much you want on knuckles and on the wrist. Go. So I go here one time here, too. Three for and five. Good. Make sure that the wraps are not bent like this. Good. Everything is nice and flat and straight. Once I'm here, I'm here. Good. I'm going to go all the way to my wrist again. So, you see, I kind of pull it to my wrist. I'm gonna go halfway around the rest halfway, and then all we're gonna be doing is just the middle finger, just the middle finger. I'm gonna go to one side of the middle finger, and then I'm gonna be going all the way around it and making one more XY and making next. And I'm gonna make a fist just to make sure that my hands are mobile and I can make that fist right. I'm gonna go here. Good. Once I'm here, then I can just finish at the wrist. I go around. So again, I like a lot of the risk. Not too much in the knuckles. Good. And then have the Velcro and goes right on top. You got You got your reps with one finger here. I like to make this, like a book here. A little bit bulky. I opened it up because it allows me to grab something, and I feel really comfortable doing that. Good. So again here. One around. I hope you guys enjoyed it. Thank you for watching. 9. How to Make a Fist: with some guys. So right now I just want to show you how to punch if you have no gloves on. Okay. So I'm gonna show you how you should put your fist. All right, so we do our punch. First of all, you want everything to be nice and street. So you wanna punch like this? You don't want a punch like this for a second. You want to be punching with the knuckles, All right? You want to be punching with, especially these two knuckles? We should the figures wants and have the most support thesis knuckles only go to hear these knuckles all the way. We hear you have a lot more support. All right? I end up always punching. There were these two or the story, but you always want to end up. We're here. Good. Your hand. All right. Your hand if you notice my thumb is not out. Good. My thumb it's not in here is not in here. Because if I punch, I'm gonna crush my thumb and is not in front because same thing by punching across my thumb right here. Good. My thumb is right under, and I make 1/5 So I make a first year on making nice and straight good, not curling up, down, not curling up like this. Nice and street doesn't matter from hooking good or doing going for a straight punch When Uppercut doesn't matter, I make sure that this risk is nice and street. So again, a little recap is restrict. But thumb under fingers together, like this thumb, right under good and then punching with these two or these three knuckles.