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About This Class


These simple videos will break down each and every punch one by one. You will learn how to properly execute each technique, and receive training tips to build a strong boxing base. Videos will include:

- Proper Techniques

- Footwork and balance

- Punching Combos

- Strength Conditioning Drills


1. BEGINNERS CRASH COURSE TO BOXING: was going on. Guys. Mike, Arable here today. I want to welcome you to a mini course to boxing. First. The start finding are fighting stance. I'm already guys. So why write with my right hand? Unimportant? Right foot back. If you write with your left hand, you're gonna put your left foot back. Once you're here. You want to pop your shoulders from here. You wanna pump your shoulders forward and put your hands up? Touching your foreign attention only on the shoulders. Everything else nice and loose. That way. You're not using a lot of energy. Great guys. So that is how you find your finance dance. Let's get started with the course. Enjoy. 2. LEARNING THE JAB: was going on, Guys, my cargo here today we're gonna be learning are jab. Great. So for our Japanese, take her finding stands right foot back if you're ready. Left foot back. If you're lefty, our job is gonna be our lead hands. So in my case, I'm already is gonna be my left hand, which is in front. Gonna start from our hands, appear for my Friday stance, hands on the forehead and all we're gonna be doing that's extending that lead hand all the way out and get slightly turning our torso and popping that shoulder forward. So if I show you on this side, I'm standing the arm and then I'm popping that shoulder forward. Good. This hand's gonna be staying here on our forehead, covering our temple chin and rips. And on this side, where you want to be doing is keeping that elbow towards the outside. So you want You don't want to keep this elbow, wait this out towards the ground. You want to keep it to the outside. What this does It gives you a little bit more power and a little bit more defense. If you notice if I drop my elbow down and makes my shoulder go down and exposes my shin. If I pop it up, it makes my shoulder go up. And it gives me more defense and will actually help you give more power because your mass we're going forward with more affect. More, more effectively. So here. Yeah, and then I come back, my torso turns with my shoulder and come back. You don't want to be punching just like this, all right? You don't want to use Use your arm. You want to use your whole body mass, your whole body to do every technique. I'm here. I'm turning my shoulder, I'm turning. I'm turning my torso, all right, And they come back and I come back. So how does it look on the back? And we're seeing run in front of the bag we want to do is keep the back right in between our legs for my tie, you on your feet, facing to one side of the back and other foot facing. You're kind of like lights on a vehicle. Okay, so I'm kind of having the back or my target right here. Good and boxing. You can go sideways. Okay, But again, and more ty there select kicks. So you want to go sideways because you'll get kicked in the back of the life? I'm here, I'm accepting that shoulder forward, right? And I'm turning that torso for the footwork. But what I want to do is I wanna push with the bag like I wanna push with the back leg. I'm bursting my my body way forward my mask forward here, right? And then as I step, I'm landing my punch As I step, I land that punch at the same time and I come back. I can bring that foot back or after I punch I can bring the other one towards me. So either I can do chap, and then come or I can job and then retreat that port. So again, retreat the leg, Come forward, retreat the leg or come forward. But what you want to do is remember, push with a bag like push with a bag like and that's gonna go for all our punches. Why? Because you won't be pulling your body weight. That's less effective. And it takes a lot more effort. You're kind of sprinting throwing that body. We Ford extending the arm on coming back where you got a little recap. Both the job for my standing precision It's gonna be your lead hand. I'm popping that shoulder forward. I'm turning my torture slightly elbow towards the outside On this side is gonna have our hand covering our temple gin and ribs here and for the footwork. I want to step forward, pushing with our bag, leg, pushing with their bag like and then landing that punch with our step and coming back for our defense. Great guys. So that is how you do a jab. Those are the dynamics. Stay tuned for other tips in training and techniques. 3. HOW TO THROW A PROPER CROSS PUNCH: What's up, guys? My cardboard here today we're gonna be going over our across our rear hand. You guys for the cross again, right? For back. If you're ready. Left foot of your life back. If you're lefty, hands up keeping those shoulders forward. Good hands touching our forehead. Chin down. All right. So, again, with any punch you do, you do not want to put your chin up the cross right across A lot of times, what happens is that we want always overreach. When we do is that we go in front of our toes or we lean to the side or and we need to the side Any time that our head is not between our legs gonna be off balance. So what you want to do is that you want to reach with your torso, all right? With your torso and with pivoting your back foot. Okay. So first, let's look at the top part, the dynamics of the top off the top of our body, and then we go into the forward. So for now, we're gonna be doing our torso again, just like all the other punches, right? We're gonna be extending this punch see, I'm using the torso. So my torture is not like this are not punching like this. I'm reaching with my shoulder and my torso forward off the hand and staying here, covering my temple chin in ribs here and on this side, Just like just like our, Like, our job. Just like our Jack I'm doing here. Keeping this elbow is gonna be facing outward. Okay. Why? Because if I do this, my shoulder goes down and I lose a little bit of defense. Good. Here. It's a popular costs. All right? So, again, for the upper part. You want to be using that torso phone? Good oval facing out, right? Are they here touching our forehead, covering her chin and covering her ribs Head between our legs. Now for the foot work, guys for the footwork. When I do with my cross, this back foot where I do is a pivot it board. Okay, so I pick up my heel and I pivot forward for more time. I actually don't pivot to too much. What? I kind of just lifted up. I just lifted up. Why? Because if it telegraph sometimes a telegraph sometimes and I learned that if I kick like this, right? If I need, like this. And if I pushed like this, keep my foot the same way. Not permitted to more too much. Then it's a lot harder for them to see what I'm doing. I don't know if I'm walking forward. They don't know if I'm gonna go for a kick. They don't know if I'm gonna go for a punch or elbow or any other techniques, so I don't get too much. But it's okay if you pit it more good. So again, we're gonna period that. We're gonna pick up that foot but pivoted a little bit good, but its entire body weight or mass forward with speed, and it will be stepping. Okay, so I'm here. I step year step and I pick up that he okay, I pick up that you and I punched again. Just like the job. Just like many punches. You want to do step and punch at the same time. All right. Going a step punch. Same time. Foot and hand. Lind on my target at the same time. So I again I'm here. Bring them back and forth shoulders for change down. So don't punch and then put your chin back. Come back. Explore. Forward. Back. Elbow was up across is usually are not called puncher. Anything comes from the rear is usually gonna have lots of power. Okay, Lots of Dr also last behind this here. Sometimes I like to put the album even a little bit higher to drive a little bit more mass , and they trump hitting with my knuckles. Good. So again, one really important thing is that a lot of people how I said what they want to reach forward and when they end up doing as they do this so that their head is outside off their foot and they reach and they're gonna be off balance, All right, they're gonna have less power, will be off balance to do other techniques. And then that's the only thing Neto have at that moment. It's that cross that is gonna be less effective as well. Okay, so if you really want to reach, what you want to do is pick up that foot. Great. Turned out yourself. Bomb sent that shoulder. I'm sending them forward here. Sending that shoulder forward for 44 here. I said I just instead of just punching like this like this. I'm sending the forward here, but I'm keeping the head between my legs. Very so I'm not falling over. So here I'm sending it forward. I'm snapping my punches who have snapped in that cross. I'm taking that step. So I'm here with my crossed comeback, reading my cross. Come back all right. Afterwards you can bring both Alexis, which, if you were here, come back. But the most important thing I would say and recommends for the cross is really focusing on the head between the legs. And I know I say this a lot, but it's really, really a point, especially with the cross or the rear hook. Ah, lot of people, they want to get that extra reach. So then they end up going and putting their head outside of this box that will keep your balance, keep ready for defence and other that tax guy. So that's the dynamics off the cross again, keeping the head between the legs, keeping the shoulder forward, turning that tortuous far. She came for that reach elbow towards the outside a little bit higher and again, your defense on this side covering the temple she and rips your God. Stay tuned for other techniques other punches, knees, kicks and other fancy things as well. If you guys are enjoying the videos, please subscribe to my YouTube channel, the arable experience from you on Facebook and on Instagram as well. And let your friends know Let your friends know if they think If you think that they can benefit from the training from the tips that I give them dieting and other things that I do is just my experience and I can help them as well that let him know. And you guys can Adam to the group. Thank you guys for washing. You guys are awesome. 4. HOW TO THROW A LEAD HOOK: with some guys. My caramel here today we're gonna be going over our elite. Hook your guys So gonna start in our fighting stands again? We're for back, Right foot back if you're ready. Left foot back of your lefty. My lead hand is my left hand. So we're gonna be doing our lead hook with all our punches again. We're using that torso, but specifically especially for that hook. You really want to use that torso for more tire, right? For more time. You want to keep that foot planted? Why? Because and what time we use kicks. So if I turned that foot like this, which is great for boxing, and I'm gonna get a kick in the back of the leg where soft and I'm gonna get really injured if the person keeps kicking me, they're actually just one good kick and really injure me right here. Have more muscle, and I can take that kick. Good. So we're not gonna be prepared in that foot what we're gonna be doing looking at the top part. Hands up, right. They're gonna be using that torso torso for lots of power, keeping that chin down any time. We're punching with our chin up. We're losing lots of power. Okay? You want again? Make that your body mass. Go forward towards your target towards Europe pointing towards the partner you're going for . Okay, so here, I want it. Turn right. I want to turn, and then I want my elbow to be 90 degrees. Okay? You don't want to do this. You don't want to slap. You want to slap here? You're doing a hook. So slapping is different. I can slap my point to the side, pushing to the side for a kicker to do other things. But for now, we're doing that hook boom Jewish That we could do the hook is this way, Or you can put sideways like this. All right, I use both dependent on the opening that I see. However, this way is safer. OK, this way safer. Our army is gonna be 90 degrees here. 90 degrees. All right. Not down. Good. You could put a little bit hired. If you wish again on this side are on the hand that's gonna be stuck toward forehead. Covering our temple are chin and our rib. And then I'm keeping the head between my legs. And here just turning in, coming back turn and I come back, folk and come back. Hook, come back, Hook, Come back. Of course, you can do hope to the body or hook upstairs right now. We're gonna be focusing Hook to the chin. Here. Come back on back. Good. Now four footwork. Okay for footwork. It's gonna be similar to the Jap A rank and step in hoc and come back good or get studying with both Come back. But the idea again is to keep that head between your legs. And you really want to use that tour. So you want a phone? You want to go right through your through your target so you don't want to just tap here, right? So here's my target. I'm here. I hope I want a boom. I want to go right through keeping that had stuck here and here. So that way I have some defense. I go food, I go through my target book goes rhythm here, back and forth. Talk, uh, close that. This this good on this side of Rachel lead hand? But not I turned to lefty stance on my leave here is not gonna be my right hand and not my left so I can use that torso noticing that my foot was planted on the ground. Boy boy, time for boxing. You can turn that put you configure it. But for moisture, you never want to give that back of delay so you can get kicked, right? You want to keep your plants in here that year. Of course, there is sure, folks, and there's wrong books. It just depends how far you extend your arm. Okay, so and you always want to hit with your knuckles. So sometimes you're really probably people end up slapping good, which is a little bit less damaging, a lot less damaging. You always want to hit with your knuckles using that torso here, E used that and then do my hope go. So that's that dynamics off the hook again. The upper and the lower limbs stay tuned for other videos on other techniques and how to do them Well, if you guys are enjoying the video's police, subscribe to my YouTube channel, the ambo experience, follow me on Facebook and Instagram. Stay tuned for more and thank you for watching 5. THROWING THE REAR HOOK: was going on, guys, My caramel here today I'm gonna show you how to throw their rear off. Great guy. So for a rear hook we want to be doing is focusing on our torso and focusing on pivot in that foot our head again between our legs for balance and for more power as well. So I'm moving my torso this week. This is the hook. This is the Hook and amp. Emitting this foot just like this. But my head stays right in the middle. My head does not go past my other for two. If it goes past this put, I'm gonna be off balance. All right? If anything, if I feel like I really wanna I really want to turn that That torture a little bit more than I do is just take a little bit of stuff and then just open up my base and that we have balance and I have the same power or even more power. So what I want to be doing is here shoulders forward or finance dance or read him. We doing that hook, We're gonna be turning that foursome favorite that What? But come back, Come back again here without without the step. Come back and come back again. We can put our hand this week or we can put it this way. I like to do both, depending on the open that I see. However, this way is usually a lot safer. Look into the body and we can do the head right now. We're gonna be focusing on the head. OK, so I'm here turning that tourism. So as you can see on this side, right, my elbow is gonna be 90 degrees, 90 degrees. My shoulder is not in like this has extended over. Good. My foot. Right here it's Pivot it, It's pivoting. And then on the other side, my hand covered my temple chin and rips here. Good. So I want to be using that torso from one pivoting number to keeping this hand here and elbow up again. You don't want to be putting it down like this. We don't want to be slapping. That's a different thing. You want to slap to push your point to the side into a kicker right now, we don't want to be doing this to really focus on putting that elbow right here. Hi or you could put a little bit higher month and come back. Come back. So how does it look when I'm striking on the back, striking a target? I'm taking that step. I'm taking that stuff. Should I'm opening that base, making sure that my has between my legs and I'm using that foursome. I'm using that torso. I'm going right through my right to my target. Here. I will write to my charge it. I'll show you on this side as a lefty. Amusing that Forssell paper in the backcourt taking that separate footwork That right now my target right through my target. My head stays right between my legs. Good. Get I go right to my target. Right. Go, guys. So duels are dynamics hold their rear hook the upper body, turning that torso, elbow off, hand covering temple gym and rip. The bottom part is gonna be pivoting that back foot and taking that step. Come back, Boom! Come back. One last thing. Try not to drop her hands when we're punching. A lot happens a lot. We tend to drop and then punch takes longer. And you you end up telegraphing your technique from here. All I do is just extent. So it goes from my forehead and go straight right into the punch goods from here. Go slow motion. And then I'm turning that torso, but in a hit and they called back. Great guys, Thank you for watching. Stay tuned for more tips on different techniques. 6. GUIDE TO THROWING AN UPPERCUT: What's up? Guys like arm ball here today, we're gonna be going over our leave. Ah, break I so for uppercuts. But I'm going to her fighting stance. Break for back. If you're ready, left the back of your lefty. Gonna be doing our lead hand for the uppercuts. Where you want to be using a lot is your legs a little bit more into the other punches. All right, I'm using those legs, but I have dipping down completely. So what? What I'm doing is using the torso just like the other punches. I used that torso, but then I bend my legs just like me. Then from here, I explode up, and then I reach good. So I show you from this side when I'm doing this, I'm using that torso from twisting that torso. I'm bending the leg slightly, and then I first up just like I'm kind of jumping, okay, but without the gym. So here and then I first up here, I burst up my elbow is gonna be facing straight down your to that way, my palm is gonna be facing towards me, and my punch is gonna be going straight up. All right, So you want to be aiming for the bottom of the ship? You can do uppercuts also right to the stomach, right to the solar plexus. But for now, I'm gonna be aiming for that shin here and explode up keeping those hands for defense. I turned that torso. I paid my legs, and then I explode right up. So how does it look on the bag? Okay. On the back. A lot of times when we're trying to hit back on, we do that uppercut. At the beginning, we kind of just miss because going straight up. So what you want to do is you want to go a little bit in, All right? You want to go a little bit in? I'm bending as you know what? It's also my back would actually pivots for the lead hand. Okay, John, bending around Venice from getting that torso, and then it was just a little bit. I pick up my heel and then I go home with straining. All right? If I go straight up like this, unless there's a ball back, you're gonna miss your gonna miss the bag. Okay? You're gonna scrape it up. So it is a ball back. You can hit it right on there. Okay. Right on the right. On the bag. All right. But right now, I don't have a ball bag, so I'm slightly going just like this Former going in like this into into the bag rate into the target here, my other arm is gonna be staying to cover, just like all the other punches. My ribs, my chin and my temple. So here, Ben, I'm sure you on this side training that social spending or spending those legs here, but and then I come back to my feet. Great guys. So those are the dynamics off the lead. Africa Stay tuned for other techniques and other tips for your training. 7. REAR UPPERCUT STEP-BY-STEP: was going on, guys. So today we're gonna be learning the beer uppercut. But the view upper government take your fighting stance right for back. If you're ready, left foot back in your lefty again, we're gonna be bending those legs just like the lead become going, depending those legs, right. And then I'm bursting up worst enough, turning that torso towards the hands that I'm gonna be punching with. So this case is gonna be my right hand, because that's my rear hand here. And then I burst up here. I burst. So you notice that when I'm turning here, I'm not really pivoting anything, Okay, Especially for more time. You don't want to pivot your front foot because you'll get kicked in the back of the life. So right here I'm just turning my torso to the step to the side to my right side and unbending my legs. I'm bending my legs and then for here when I'm doing as I'm bursting up When I burst up, Then I pivot my right foot. So here then I pick my right foot and I punch on this side my elbow facing down my palm facing towards me here on the other side covering the temple, the chicken and ribs. Here, as you noticed, my shoulders popped forward and then I come back to my face. I turned right. I'm turning here on the night First I turned to torso bend the legs I first forward, I'll put down palm facing me defense on this side and my foot pivot. So how does it look like on the bag for our? Because if you don't have a ball bag, then you want to go a little bit string just like this. You want to go past the target like this? Good. Gonna get that police station. So from banding here, Good. And then I'm bursting up for the uppercut. Good for their view, uppercut. And then I'm going almost rating. Okay, Almost training that trajectory off the punch would be boom here. But I hit here, so my punch will stop there. All right, so here are bad upper proper copper during that foot, keeping the head between your legs. Right, Lex favorite and again, you want to snap your punches giving the acceleration times that mass giving you that power ? Great guys. So that is how you do a beer offer? Got stay tuned for more tips and techniques 8. LEARNING THE BODY SHOT: is going on, Guys, my here today, we're gonna be going over our body shop. So the body shy guys is a great tool to use to put your appoints cardio down to lower it down and to also put him down as well. I don't know if any of you have every guy hit in the stomach as a little kid or as you get older, but you can't breathe. If somebody catches you in the stomach. Good, you can read. They're trying to grab your grab your breath. Well, that's what happens when you're fighting. Have you get punched in the face? You don't not somebody else. Usually they get really mad at you and they really want to take your head off. But if you punch him in the stomach, then they can't breathe in. All they want to do is get get that oxygen, and that's why it's a great, great tool to use, especially if you hit him and deliver a lot of people. They get ahead in the liver. You see boxers or fighters they're walking around, walk around, and then also they drop is because they got hit in the liver. It takes a little bit of time to the blood accumulates. And then then the pain is just too much and you just drop. So how did we incorporate that body shot? How did we do that body shop? We do the body shot. There's two ways to do it. There's the hook, and there's the other. So when I do that by shot turned that poor soul turning that trust, I want Bangles needs for the opera cut. And then I want to go up with my palm trees and meat and that I know motion here angle motion. Your livery eyes delivers on the right side. So the livers on the right side, I'm already so maybe using my left hand to hit that liver have delivered and the rest of hit on that side. If you're a lefty, you have to use your rear hand. It's also gonna be your left hand, but it's gonna be in the rear side when you used that one hit deliver. So again, how do we do it? We turn that tours with Bendel's like slightly and then going at that AG. No motion here for the uppercut on the bag. It looks like this I turned using that social explored with the uppercut. When we do our hope, we turn and we explored But to the site here for I love to use the uppercut for deliver shot with my lead hand You're exploiting banning those legs Keeping that other hand stuck to your forehead, covered your temple gin and rips I'll show you on this side I turn here if you're elected. Gonna be using your your right arm here for the the body shot Good And there's also by shot with the rearm and I'm using my right arm. I'm only gonna be hitting the rips because deliver is on the right side. So here for good Okay, slightly bend my life just to get that body So how do we incorporate this inner combinations? One way to do it. It's just to do and up, down, up and down motion. Or you can hit two time's up and one time zone. One of the first combinations that a lot of Ah, a lot of a spider's murder. It's just a simple jab, cross and then body. So we do Jeff across. And then from here were Journey five show you again. So it's a very simple combination is a very common combination a lot of parties used, but it's a great way to start, guys. So that is a little introduction into the body shot hope you guys enjoyed and hope to see you guys next time. 9. 3 BASIC PUNCH COMBOS: was going on, guys? My garden boy here to the I'm gonna shoot three basic punch combinations are very effective and flow together. Very well. The first combination gonna be doing it's a simple jab cross. And they hook up stairs. Jab, cross hook, also known as 123 Now, when it be using that combination and make a little bit variation all, we're gonna be doing its job cross. And now, whenever you doing the body shot. So again, Jack, cross body and self headed upstairs when I be it in the body, third combination gonna be doing is job across the body. Focus there, Jack. Cross the body and hook upstairs. Great guys. So if there's a three punch combination, very basic combination, but very effective combinations One of the first combinations that I learned how to use when I started fighting. Hope you guys enjoy. See you next time 10. 3 BASIC FOOTWORK TECHNIQUES: going on, guys. My here today we're gonna be going over three basic foot works for boxing when it take our finance dance. Right foot vacuum already left the back of your lefty. I'm gonna show you Hear from the side First movement going to be doing is more forward and back when I want to move forward I'm pushing off the backboard I'm opening my stance And then I bring my foot with me when I moved back I want to push off that front foot, open my stands and then come back You don't wanna step and dragged your foot You don't want to step and dry your foot It takes a lot of effort Makes it hard for you to move I want a push Bush push, push off the back foot Pushed off the front foot Makes it a lot easier Lots more to move Second movement we're gonna be learning is moving side to side Same thing when I move side to side I'm pushing and opening my stance And then I fix my stands I pushed aside I open my stands And then I fixed my stance You don't want a crisscross this way there's gonna be off balance and same thing you don't want to stop and then drive your foot. You want to push here? Push Bush Bush push opened That stands. Fix it Open stance. Fix it to keep your hands up. Going for and back I push, I put Go inside aside I put sideways I put sideways now to third What we're gonna be learning is just rotating our body are rather opponent So I'm here My point is in front Then I want to be doing a shuffling around My 40 years is a great way to gain some angles So I'm fighting fighting here I'm punching, then a protein to decide Well, Tyne here nice guys. So does a three basic foot works for boxing. So a little recap going back and forth Pushing off the front foot here every time, pushing off the bag for pushing off the front foot, going side aside. Push, push, push, push And then rotating. Shuffling around your point. Great guys, I hope you guys enjoy Stay tuned for more techniques in tips and training 11. BUILDING POWER ( STRENGTH TRAINING): was going on, guys, my cardboard here. So today I want to show you some strength conditioning for boxing. So it's very important that we work on our core and we work on our upper strength as well as our lowest stream. So we're gonna do a set of combinations set of exercises to strengthen our body. The first we're gonna be doing It's just push ups. We do a push up. However, we're not gonna open our hands sideways like this when it keep our elbows tucked in so you can do a set of 10 push ups aside, 27. 30. Whatever feels comfortable for you whatever level that you're are at right now. So, for example, we'll start with 10 push ups. My elbows are gonna come in and not out. So I do. 10 push ups one to 34 by six, eight. Done. And 10 from here. This started doing some core work. I'm gonna go on my back. I'm gonna put my legs up, and I'm gonna touch my elbows to my knees here. I'm gonna try to keep my niece locked and just put my upper body and tried to touch my almost to my knees. So let's do a set off. 20 one to doing four. But six said eight No, 10 more. One to three, four, 56 Set. Eat nine Toy. Now I'm gonna do are a police side aside to get that rotation in our power get so when a touch are opposite elbow through the opposite me So I'm gonna touch in touch, touch in touch Trying to keep our lease locked up there and just moving our upper body. So from here, we're gonna do 20 once again. Ready? Go one ju story four by 67 89 10 10 1 to great four by 67 eight No, 20. Now, this work a little bit on our lower APS And we can do simple like exercises just like this . We're gonna go on our backs. We put our hands behind our but and now they do leg raises. When we do these leg raises, want to keep your head up? You want to put it down like this because this makes you curve your back and we don't want to hurt your back when they use just your court likes nice and straight gonna go up and down, Up and down this to 21 to three. Keeping the head up. Four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10 10 more one to doing Phil. Five, six, seven, eight, nine in 20. Going again. Guys, you can put the numbers up taken, do 20. You can do dirty. You could do 10. You can do 50 but I try to do sets of 50 and then I try to do sets of 20 for my push ups. So from here, we're gonna go back to our push ups. When do 10 projects, for example? So 10 again. One, 2345 six, eight, 10 number. Keeping those elbows in because from here is where we fight with elbows in. Here's what we throw our punches. We don't do our punches like this. Good. You want to get the power from here, and then you do to reset. You go through the sets. You could do this at the end of your workout. I usually do it at the end of my workout. After I do pads after I hit, do sparring hit back. Then we do our strength conditioning us fighters so you could do this at the end. Do you record Do your upper body strength and then when you keep it nice and simple, get out like slices strong with some squats were door squads will open her feet at least shoulder with and that want to squat down just like you're sitting on a chair. The most important thing is that you keep your back straight. Number one and number two that your knees do not go in front of your toes, so I'm sitting down. If you want more balance, you can put your hands out good. So let's put our hands out just like this. Feed Children with. Now I'm gonna sit down and then come back up keeping that Backstreet Sit up. Sit up. You don't have to go all the way down. You can go just 90 degrees and then come back up. So it's through 20 of those one to three for by six. Some in Backstreet eight nine That 10 more one to during four but 67 eight, nine and 20 great guys. So So. Those are some basic stream conditioning exercises that you can do to make yourself a little bit stronger. Great guys, hope you guys enjoy the boxing course and please stay tuned for other courses that will be put enough. Hope you guys enjoy. See you next time. 12. BONUS: CARDIO TRAINING: going on, guys? My arm right here today. I want to show you a bonus off how I increase my cardio with the following job. Feel free to join me. First of all, you're gonna need a timer. Put three minutes on the timer. I cannot load this for free on the iTunes store or the play store. Put three minutes on your phone within 30 seconds of ST punches and 30 seconds off wanking . If you have a bag, you can use the bag. If not, you can use some dumbbells. That's not a problem. So you have your timer, turn it on stony seconds. Punching back and forth back just seconds. Push that cardio expend. But the second we're gonna point. Do you want to keep that back? Nice and straight? Corn. Nice and tight. 30 seconds. And then go back to punching. So do we to one up. Quickly, quickly. 10 seconds. One. In fact, we're playing 30 seconds breathing cornices street back nice and straight, but for three to one off. Quickly lunching again. I can't have You don't have a bag. Clothes, usually dumbbells. There's no second. You want to put your cardio seconds. Good five, Boy. One last point 30 seconds. 15 seconds. Cool, guys. Hold. Oh! Eight seconds. 543 to one in time. Great guys. So that is one girl that I love to do to increase my cardio.