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How to start + create the Ultimate Gaming YouTube channel! Build an Engaging channel! Tips + tricks

teacher avatar Maximus Rigby, Student, YouTuber + Entrepreneur

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (24m)
    • 1. Introduction - The key parts to starting your gaming channel

    • 2. The best and most effective equipment to produce Content

    • 3. Simple + effective video editing software - Imovie

    • 4. How to Live-stream to Youtube + Twitch

    • 5. setting up a YouTube channel - Brand, logo, niche

    • 6. Logitech G29 unboxing + setup | YouTube video to show you more about me!

    • 7. Class Project and summary

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About This Class

Want to start a gaming channel on YouTube? Well in this Class I teach you everything you need to know in order to setup and create a successful gaming YouTube channel.

There are 4 key areas which I mention in this video:

  • The best and most effective equipment to use  
  • Software to edit and upload your videos 
  • How to live-stream
  • Setting up your YouTube channel

One of the big topics in today's class is live streaming.Is live streaming the best chance today to build a following from zero and start a full time business online at home?  Google via YouTube, Facebook, Amazon via Twitch, and Microsoft with Mixer have all made big investments in having their own live streaming service which seems to be suggesting that live streaming is a huge opportunity today that most are unaware of. The ps4 lets you stream to both YouTube and Twitch which are the biggest live streaming services out there!

I would recommend having a ps4 due to the features you get which includes editing software and easy upload and capture features.

Editing software such as Imovie is also used in this video and is something I would highly recommend if your a beginner to video editing.

The Logitech G29 unboxing is a video from my YouTube channel to give you an insight into who I am.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Maximus Rigby

Student, YouTuber + Entrepreneur


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1. Introduction - The key parts to starting your gaming channel: Hello there. Welcome to today Skill share lesson. Today we're going to be learned about how to create a successful YouTube gaming channel, which is I imagine why you are here. You want to start something new, you want to set up a channel or simply just want to provide the content that you are good at creating to the rest of the world. So today's video go through four main categories which I've written down here for this. We're going to go for it with the equipment I used after four years have been on YouTube of acumen of a 50,000 subscribers. So a lot of useful knowledge to show you guys. So the first minister often is the equipment the console, the laptop on. Then we want the software, all the useful tips, like how to edit on the PS four loads of little details which will help you increase your viewers and following on YouTube. Next that is gonna be held to stream stream is a massive part of YouTube game world of the moments. I'm gonna teach you how to string simply for a few clicks of your controller and finally how to set up a channel and get your overall brand looking good on making people want to engage in it. So that is gonna be today. Still Shell s and guys first on. Like I said, we're going to want to the equipment, so probably you enjoy the rest of the class and see you at the end. 2. The best and most effective equipment to produce Content: It's a lesson number one equipment machine, guys, all my room, all the vital equipment I use when current and future gaming channel. First of all the deaths, the most important part is a right mess at the moment that we just sort out real quick. That's looking a bit more respectable. Every walk in is what it looks like. We'll get a nice picture this from them. This is what my room looks like. But anyway, it all starts right here at the cable, which is where my led lights A. So you can see up here and run away around here, which is very nice, but more numbers in for about £25. Start here. The plug is on. That's for my clock. Don't before about that, this one's on. It also got extended. Kit connected the bottom. That's my ladies there, and this runs away down the side. Here. You can see I'll explain your stuff there. So you've got my laptop power there. Then you've got other, which leads on to another supply can. That's my Ethernet cable on anyone with a few other cables, which is really messy. I know a few of them going to the police station, of course. And then there's another extended kid behind the PlayStation. He's basically just doesn't look his body. I know it looks awful is it is. It's literally there. And then that has the TV power PlayStation power. Um, I think that's about it. And I recently installed Look, the Logitech G 29 which is the wheel pedals under course. The gearbox. It's absolutely amazing. It's essentially a wheel for the PlayStation. I. Did you Cuban boxing on next? So what I'll do is I'll put it the end. A zoo. Last lesson. So if you guys want to see how to box, it will be the last lesson. So the first thing I want to show you guys is that even that count. As you can see here, it's plugged into an extended kit right here, and essentially what it does is it makes you know, wife fight run through the electricity. So is a well, say, 100. It's so much faster. It's simply just plugs in the side of your PlayStation. Like that is one of my laptop as well. It makes you just looks like this one here that is the thing that plug in and essentially plugs in, and it makes the wife by so much faster, I'll show you the difference it makes between normal white fight Ethernet cable. It's unbelievable monitor. Now this and I definitely want to improve. It's just standard. Not a smart one just gets plugged in by the power on that wire that just looking around the back, another hopes. Dear my on the left Here, very simple. Definitely to improve this. It's very important. Remember these guys, you do not need the best equipment to get started. The best equipment isn't gonna guarantee you more success. Essentially, it's the content you curate. So if it means spending a bit more on a better monitor or a better game captured and of course, invest that money. But you've got remember, it's not gonna make you a better content creator in terms of the stuff you produced. But essentially, like I say, don't buy somethin stupid. If you're not gonna use it enough, start off small by the standard equipment first. And then if you get more enjoyment out of it, you start to get more viewers, more followers and, of course, invest more money into it. So as I was saying that even cable is amazing. If you do need faster WiFi, it makes streaming a lot easier, and it just generally makes your playing experience so much, especially if it requires Internet moving off. You got the Blue Yeti microphone, probably one of the best mikes out again. It's quite expensive, once a massively but definitely one of the best. Mike's either used off course. I've got a standard sort like Dr Bob set up for it like a tender off Amazon. Very cheap. This thing s oh, yeah, good Mike is very important for content directors, especially when someone is watching your videos. You want to have a nice, crisp sound that's the microphone and then move on to my laptop, which we'll get into bigger debt later. This is an A separate a team, the Osprey. About 300. I won't get into that later on. About the main concept behind this video is the guy's going to try and make it like mostly based around the PS four, you can make video at 10 produce in streaming so much more complicated, but this is for like, brand new beginners people who you know, just starting the game in channel. So, like I've got my life's laptop there. But I only use that rarely if I want to do like a special stream. So if you just want to string off, the Pierce boy is miles easier, as I will show you later on in the lesson. Last few things you've got standard Tribe. What if I want to film some stuff on my laptop? Special streams, which are used logic. Taxi 9 20 Camera. I've got a mouse, which I rarely use logic again. See 9 20 Shoulder is 80 x keyboard, which I very rarely use on a few things down here. I've got a USB extended, which is very hungry. They just let you plug more USB devices into your PS four, and finally I have gone l Gatto game capture, Which, to be honest, I don't really use. I only use it if I'm streaming gaming on my laptop, which actually capital the gameplay. Essentially, I don't really need that, but that helps log into the host your mind from a TV. You don't need a del gatto for PS four streaming. This is simply if you got more advanced this room off a laptop, that's it. Really. The most important thing you need is a pierce, for I guess it. X marks would also what they have. Very simple, simple, formed fundamentals, most importantly, have myself a PS four or another console. This is how you're gonna get an easy YouTube gaming channel started. Also got to mention the famous PlayStation camera. Let us be well, not in the U. S. B. But it's just plugged in to the back of your peers for a PS camera is vital when you streaming. You don't need it, necessarily, boy after the microphone. But really just forgive you is if they can see your face. It's so much more interactive than not having a face cap. So this is what is my laptop for its on the stream and it best give you amazing overlays all on stream labs over yes, very popular streaming service. But this is only for very advanced Remus. I would completely forget about getting a laptop. You just want to start scratched, which is simple on. Basically, you just find Pierce on that you have stream in software and just not as a bunch does this , but it will save you a hell of a lot of money. So I would try and avoid doing this until you get a good enough level, they're able to buy expensive quit. 3. Simple + effective video editing software - Imovie : gay guys moving on to software on the best things to use on the PlayStation the most on the best editor. And I think this is the only one they have on the PlayStation. Might be more, but I use this one all the time. Is the share factory as you've seen such a simple but effective video editing software? So essentially you do we save Eclipse will all be in the folder on Capture Gallery. You obviously do that by pressing the Chevron. Yes. If you captured a moment when we don't do is head down here and have it under all games. Simply God share factory new project. And you couldn't select a team. Does it really matter what you selection right away? The clips will be down here playing for night. So you just selected clips. I want to collect that start. You can name it, do whatever you want to do. You put it in and even has light stuff. That's this is a video. Did not saying that you cannot text. You cannot Second layers. You can do so much, obviously can experiment with it. You can add over ways you can. Actually, that's what makes it so good. It's free all you gotta do it, Get it on PSN stole lots of different other things, like other track to so I can see you could see me now this you think you got green screen on It is unbelievable how much you could do so if you do want a sense, I mean another alternative way. I dio I do record another month Videos is simply going on the past. If you've streamed, gone past, stream on new tube and stuff, and then you can simply just scream recorded. But that is not better. It maintained 10 80 p quality, and that is really effective now. The next method of capturing your videos and ended in them is by screen recording them. It's such a simple thing to there. All you gotta do is have screen recording access on your phone and ready to go. All you do is go and visit you last stream. Most of the videos actually upload a stream highlights, and one especially when I want to get my my my face camp. It's when you save clips on the PlayStation. It doesn't capture your face down, which is quite annoyance. If I want to get my moment, my reaction to something just screen recorded that way. And to be fair, the quality still remains good. And then what? I'll do it. As you'll see. I'm now in my movie, which is one of the best editing outside today on the iPhone. It's free, and I just can see I've created many different project on my movie again. Another simple and it's in software to use. I highly recommend it, even if you aren't doing gaming and that simply just put the clips in, put it together, put some music on and do whatever you want to do. When it's a simple is that that is a nisi YouTube video, just simply screen recording the highlights of a stream. 4. How to Live-stream to Youtube + Twitch : the next look, guys, you have. How do you stream on Twitch and YouTube by the PS? Boy is very simple before have you control the press, the share button and it's simply just pressed. Broadcast game played. If you want to save equipped, of course, it's the same process broadcast game plate on, and obviously you select one of the two now on YouTube. Very simple diva way actually included video. So the PS camera, which, by the way, if you do say clips whilst your streaming, your camera will not be on the video, which is why screen, according to an idea, include the audio, and you can also have a message. Well, you can have the title in the description quality, which is dependent about Pierce Fall crow meat. Yes, prophecies always put nuts in tanks, and then you can do advanced options, guys. Where it gets interesting, you conclude that oversleeping comet you can change the setting up on the bottom left here . Changes even morning change. The position of the right flipped horizontally wise background. Not something I use unless it's the green screen, so you can actually every green screen, which is very effective next. A lot more professional can not already news, and you can change the brightness depending on obviously what sort of fits your room best. Obviously, picks late. Looks awful. You can find your face. It locates face on audio sharing. You can make sure everyone in your party lost recording in new comments of speech is quite quite advanced in such a simple thing. It is literally two clicks twitch. Very similar. Not as much to do you do it in your phone. If you want to edit on your title type stuff title again, you can do only camera settings quality when you stream on twitch. Quality is a lot better. I'm not sure why. That is. Certainly looks like it. The same source. That's it. It's as simple as that. Next, we're gonna move on to help set up, get a good Brian's going. Those of you that don't quite have YouTube account sector wanna go to settings when you want to go to sharing and broadcasts just like this? What you want to do is you want to go toe link with other services, and this is what you click on. One of the services twitch YouTube exception and you seem just put in your log in details and it'll come up. You log in, it will automatically connected. Twitch. As you can see my sets up saying with YouTube, no sign out or do whatever you want to do. Sign in any automatically connected. Then when you upload videos and stuff straight, there are also other things you can do under the sharing and broadcasts or setting their guys. You can change how long the video clip is the minds of 30 minutes playing fortnight in the game quite long. If you're just looking to get like short clips, you continue to a minute, 30 seconds. Screenshot settings, and I use that. But the broadcast acting in that city, camera stuff and then audio. Let's move on to how to set up. You keep making good 5. setting up a YouTube channel - Brand, logo, niche: Okay, guys. So here we have my YouTube channel. I go by the name of player. I feel like that's quite in itself. A unique name on brand, obviously gaming. Were players game in place? Yeah, I guess you get the idea. But it's a unique name to start off with which other side to use. One of my subs made me a nice burn, as you can see. So these are sort of the basic things you need before you start game internal properly, you can customize your tunnel. As you guys know one you do, which is important. Why you have a desktop or some sort of a laptop, you can organize your videos and, most importantly, make sure if you get a nice logo that stands out, this one I designed by myself. But as you can see, just get the basics of the YouTube tunnel. Done. Get customized channel. You can change all you still cycles. You can see you can change your town a lot. I mean, if you have to just get a few pictures off the Internet. But like I say, you can change this. Make it a lot harder than what needs to be. Obviously you get better, but make sure these are simple. They replicate you and they stand out massively when people are searching for videos and stuff. And then, of course, finally, videos. All I hear you want to make sure these like in order to get more views and followers, you on video to stand out. You want them to be different. You want you want, definitely want a blood consistently. This is the video I did of the G 29 boxing eso. I put that like I say at the end of the class, if you guys want to see that, obviously I'm sitting on all right amount of subscribers. It's like it's nothing much. But my main channel, as you can see here, is like a football soccer based channel, which has got a lot more. But this is just something I do for fun. And I thought I share my expertise of you. So So yeah, in terms of getting a Brandon stuff, the main thing I would say to is find a niche, try and stick to a certain game. I mean, it's difficult because they're always changing, but definitely, you know, If you go in for a game and channel, keep with the game and stuff. Don't start doing football videos in the next video because then the date people going to subscribe to you for what you're good at, what your niches. So in this case, minds Fortnight Thief for you know it's loaded, different game videos. But if I was to post a video about under No, let's say make up. The people who were subscribed to me are not here to do the makeup videos here to watch the game. So that's probably one of the best tips I could give you. Get your niche, stick with it and be consistent. 6. Logitech G29 unboxing + setup | YouTube video to show you more about me! : Yes, guys, welcome back to another boxing last time didn't know box and it was a joke. Baggage. But as I'm coming up to my 16th birthday, I'm gonna take driving lessons and I'll be driving anyone inside to order the logic Tech G 29 which is essentially steering wheels and pedals on a gearbox for the PlayStation. So, first of all, with the boxes, anyway and then wailing Oh, wow lies heavy. God is expected to look anyway, of course, so far about a good experience. Nothing they sold just us. Looking at it is a bit different. Wow, quite a lot of stuff in here you go manuals for the wheel. Wow. Oh my God, sure, you are expected to last of all titles, While which are the heaviest golf clean design wines? Even a yes, the quality of logic Techies. Unbelievable. Just look at that. It's math. Listen, it's unbelievable. The gearbox, of course. Right? So let's get this onto the desk, which is quite busy right now. Let's say right, so we've got it also pedals a sit nice name on the desk in the Jeff. It's perfectly for the wheel, all fit on by basically a clamp, just like Mike. Just the last step is obviously what you do is you connect a wise. It's pretty complicated enough to see it, but I've got a USB extended here. I believe this is the one that goes in that should have connected. It must not least on mother that city. Oh, she's moving just most of your senses. Wow, it's gonna stiff Johnny without how it's really hard basis the next day, and I tried actually working it with this need for speed, but it's too old. So the latest one that needs to be heat you speed payback, which I got for free with your access and it doesn't actually work. But before I show you some gameplay, this is the bomb part of it. I wanted to show it. It's quite complicated. This is where all the wide one through this is connects to the pedals down there. That's the power input on this oneness via gearbox. Yes, it's self explanatory when you read the instructions, and obviously just like this is a clamp on. And then these things you push it down and then you just twisted up. You'll see a clamp news up with. We'll put that back on some gameplay. Okay, so it's also wives were all over the place. Got need for speed running on first impression. It's amazing if you do want proper reality. Drive next, very just from Saks in. It's really good at doing that. So I'm gonna plug it in and show you guys some game for those viewers were a lot of hard to connect. It is very simple. I just block us, Obviously connected. All in explode. The USDA. It's been disconnected. Look it in London. It'll obviously calibrate itself. Give it a few seconds and then press the PlayStation got here as if you're only control of smoke it and you're in. I'm currently drifting apart. Great, so you could say I'm still working on it, but I get probably loads of stuff on it. But like I say, it's amazing. So if you're looking to get one, go for it. I want to get six. These guys are nice. Yes, a one first, there may be a series of flipping, even Dr. So it's been a few days now, and I've been playing on this quite a while, but it's so fun to that highly recommend getting one. It's just so really stick. And if you do want to see some real life, so in the last piece of text, if you do want me to make some, make some in depth reviews on different cars, different games, let me know in the comments down below, and I'll see you next, guys. 7. Class Project and summary : So it's all the technical stuff. That is it from me relative on this guy's. The main thing with gaming is having fun. If you're having fun, you're most likely going to get better a game you're going to improve on. People will generally want to watch your content if you're good at it. So if you've been practicing for a night for a while, that one of the most probably still is the most populous game out there at the moment. If you've been playing it for ages and I want to start a game until just simply upload it, just load streams. The most important thing is getting yourself out there. Don't be worried about what people think. Get your stuff out there and enjoy yourself. Then day Don't for if you're gonna force yourself to do it, you're not going to get fired. Just stop that. You've got want to enjoy it. You just got want to get stuff out there about caring what people think in the day. If your content is good enough, you will reach more people. You will gain more followers, subscribers, etcetera, and that is how YouTube works. Just enjoy it and get yourself out there to thank you for joining the class. I hope you've all enjoyed it for the project of this class. Guys, I'm going to get set yourself a few little different things you can. It's not nothing. Specific book. Send me a picture of you set up on my YouTube or leave a comment what you thought was best about this video. Another thing I could say is slink me. You first ever stream you set up. You know, they just send me anything to do with game and set up or any progression you've made. And that's it for me, guys. I'll be back with future lessons and I'll see you all in the next one. Thank you very much. Peace.