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How to record, edit and mix your own songs for free with Reaper DAW

teacher avatar Gabriel Felix, Music Teacher

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

19 Lessons (1h 18m)
    • 1. Introduction Reaper

    • 2. Preferences and configurations

    • 3. Reaper reset factory default

    • 4. Open projects, cut tracks and more

    • 5. How to add a track, mute, solo, effects and vsts

    • 6. Bpms, Metronome, change colors and record button.

    • 7. Recording in a especific bar, Track effect to more than 1 channel, loops

    • 8. Insert a sample or audio and how to reset reaper layout.

    • 9. Fade in, fade out and copy recordings.

    • 10. Automation volume, pan and layout.

    • 11. Compressor and gate.

    • 12. Equalizer

    • 13. Finding sound effects that are actually good.

    • 14. Writing Drums On Piano Roll

    • 15. Render Songs and Markers.

    • 16. How to edit and mix Voice + Acoustic Guitar

    • 17. Editing and Mixing 12 Tracks (Full Band)

    • 18. Mixing Ariana Grande Jazz Version

    • 19. Final Notes and How to Improve Even More!

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About This Class

My name is Gabriel Felix. I have a degree in music from the California College of Music since 2013, and I have been teaching music classes professionally for over 12 years. Today I will explain how my brand new course works.

In this course i will teach you how to record, edit and mix song with reaper. All the step by step!!

You will find lessons about:


*Reaper configurations

*The most important tools

*Virtual instruments and plugins

*How to cut, glue and change tracks

*How to mix a song

*Effects such as EQ, compressor and gate

and several other lessons.

This is an easy set of tutorials. Save yourself the time and effort to figure out this DAW by yourself!

This is mainly for the beginner and who wants to learn to record or mix music in reaper and (or) gain knowledge on how to do this.

It doesn't matter what operating system you have. Whether you're using a MAC, Linux or Windows, I have made sure to provide you with the information you need to start making music.

Feel free to send me any questions you might have on this course. I want to make your learning experience the best that it can be.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Gabriel Felix

Music Teacher


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1. Introduction Reaper: Hey guys, My name is Gabe prophetic, semi-professional musicians since 2013 and today, I want to teach you everything about remeber. I work refer AAPOR, CSR record in my first album, adrenaline rush and 2009, it's a long time ago. The software is great because it's free. It's completely free and do the same thing as brought to use. Large key pro and sonar nowadays are required. All my lessons, all my online lessons. So if Reaper backing tracks and my songs with this digital audio workstation scores is great for beginners. I would teach you all to stay by stack and we will learn about automations, how to add track, massive tracts, belongings, virtual instruments, effects such as compressors, gate equalizers, and several artists cues that you need to learn to edit, mix, and record or our Rails, your own songs, right? You can check all the lessons below. And of course, if you have any kind of doubt just sending attacks from the blood or from a shack. All right, so see you at my course by way. 2. Preferences and configurations: Let's talk about basic configurations. If you clicking options. For reference, we're going to open your general in basically configurations. And most important thing is device in algae for, okay, so if you click right here on your system, you can select your, your FastTrack for except for my focus, right? How to drive it is right here. Okay. I have another examples. I have another fast tracks as well. So us 600 subtask and fast-track. For now, I'm just using the sound of my DC made a device. You can see what's an able or unable. Okay, So very important. The rest of this things is not so important and it's automatically configurations, so it's not necessary to, to change. Okay? If you want to add a new media device, just clicking mean device. And, and right here at joystick made or as audio device. 3. Reaper reset factory default: If you have any problem with Reaper layout, you just have two options. You can clicking Options, layouts. And you're going to change your layout to right here. Or if you have a huge, huge problem, for example, if I delete mixer or something like that, you can close the reaper. Click here on your Windows. Type reaper. And you are going to find this window right here, Reza reset configuration, shoe factory defaults. If you click here, I'm going to say yes. And he's going to reset all reap reconfigurations array. Going to take a few minutes. And now you have your layout, resent it. So now I have everything back array. So if you raise something, just resent as factory default. 4. Open projects, cut tracks and more: You should already have a good recording. You can clicking File Recent project and you can see the projects right here, okay? Or you can't open projects. So that's been my YouTube fine conversion. So as you can see, we have several tracks. Alright, so few guitars, piano, crash, voice, and a few steps like that. Device is not so good right now. So I'm ready for the singer recording a voice. And so if you put the song, you can unmute in solo a few things. For example, if our guitar just want guitar, or you can solve if you want to just warn you. Now, if you want to cut something, for example, right here, I added this bar so I could distract. So just put your arrow right here. Example. Select all the tracks that you want to cut, okay, N, S. Or we can click with your eye button and split items at coarser. Okay, it's the same thing. However, you should either some mistake, just control Z. 5. How to add a track, mute, solo, effects and vsts: Let me introduce you, report a great software shoe recording and we'll say in the first step is track, insert a new track and you have your channel right here, array. So if you click here, you active the microphone, alright? So volume, mute and solo if you need. Okay, Right here you have depends center. So left and right. If you want to add a few effect, you just clicked right here. Don't click here, okay? Right here. And you have all the plugins offshore River. However, you can add a few plug-ins as well. For example, I have is mixed from Tom track. I have another soundtrack, virtual instrument. This is a drams. He's a drummer. And if you want to delete, just one click with your eye button and delete effects. 6. Bpms, Metronome, change colors and record button.: Bpm, BPM you can select right here. Just one click, then you can change your bpm. Let's check with the metronome. So the terminals right here, controlling the speed easily. If you want to add a nod Track, Changes track, inserting your tracks, same thing, or you can select the track in Control-C, Control-V. And your cup a track, okay, control C, control V. All right. If you want to write the name of the track, just click right here. Okay? If you want to put a few colors here, track for example, if it has a base. And I want to bass track, a red track for example. So click the left button, right button in Track Color and select my track. Let's do it. A blue and a bass tracks. So just do the same thing and key, and select the blue. If you want to record something, you just click Record, right. Q1 to stop it right here. Palsy is right here. Okay. 7. Recording in a especific bar, Track effect to more than 1 channel, loops: Sometimes we want to record a specific bar, so you need to select your bars and and clicking record mode option number two. Okay, Usually it's an option number 1. However, you in each button option number two. And when you click in record, he's going to record shares that you select is going to help you a lot too when you record something wrong. And we want you to play juice depart that you play around. Now I want to give a very nice shortcut about effects. So let's create a track right here. And the name is going to be effect. So let's put reverb, reverb JS as example. If I want to put this reverb, for example, we learn piano. I can click right here, track sense, Add New San, and I can choose the effect. So the track her in his example, truck number 13, effect. And, and when I play the piano, the piano part, I'm going to have the same effect that I have in my channel called effect. This saves a lot of CPU of my computer. For example, if I want to put these reverb in my piano and drums, revise my flanger guitar. I can do this. True average single-channel array GAS clicker here tracks sands and new track, and select the track. Sometimes you want to listen just a single part. Your music in front is you need to put a few bars loop. You can select the part that you want, k, for example, this piano session right here, and put as K. So just click right here. And Dan is going to rip it. You've got to ensure a bit dry now. 8. Insert a sample or audio and how to reset reaper layout.: If you're wanting to our Jew, to your music sample or something like that, you can click right here, Insert media file, and select the track title one. That's right here. So I have the kick. If your layout is a kind of mass, you can clicking Options, Sam's and change right here. If it does not work, you have a second option. And clicking our search bar and type reverb and choose the option resets configuration. So this is gonna erase all day we're layout and restart the factory configuration. 9. Fade in, fade out and copy recordings.: Let's talk about fading in, fade out. Right here we have a fading. Okay? And how can I create a fatal? Just put your cursor right here and click fades in. Okay? However you can change the type of fate in, so just click with your right button. You have a few examples. Theta is the same thing. It's the same thing. If a cop something, just select your track bar, tell you want to copy. Control C, control V. 10. Automation volume, pan and layout.: If you want to change the volume and just click Ride button. Envelopes in the first option, volume active. And you have the volume right here. For example, if one now, in this part, I want to change my volume. You need to hold control and you have a kind of thanks. You're right here. Okay. If you don't hold control, the pace interests does appear. So hold Control and click. And you can do this type of points right here. Sure raise. You, just hold out so it can change your your volume. Doing this kind of thing. Again, simple like that. Japan is the same thing. So Raibert and she want to remove this. Just select to remove envelopes, visible pan, or inactive. The same thing. You can do the same thing. Very important scene to rape is maximize your windows. So we can click this button right here. Right here. 11. Compressor and gate.: Let's talk about compressors. So compresses right here. The idea here is it's an actual motion for exam for always struck with you at thresh rolled right here. As you can see, the contrast or this far off your screen. Okay? If your guitar and this example. So averaging more than 0.3449, this BOS is compressed. Now averaging more 500 a dispels. He's compressing. Now more than 7.7 is compressed. So the idea here is to put simple, right? If you cannot listen, you're out 0, well, you can't put up kind of volume. You should just get correct here. How to make cut without workshop to make up for you. Okay? Let's talk about G gates, exactly the opposite of the compressor. So you sure, that's putting on, on one option right here. So averaging. So gate cuts, average seen, less than 3 tree that spells. So atrophy, myalgia, Fitbit right here, called a free occurrence less than 23.8 that spells. And it can change data for ideas. 12. Equalizer: We don't have effect cry now. So let's add a few effect just to remind you. So just click right here tracking certain effects. Let's begin with EQ equalizer. We have four bands. Benson, the 1, 2, 3, and 4 k, 2k. Looking pretty sad, you have a few options. For example, just to give you a few, few shortcuts when you are recording a field type of instruments. If an instrument is very low, for example, a borate on old to R or pays or the kick drums. You need to cut a little bit off your loaves fragrance. So like this, you should want to get HIV Americans, the same thing. But we need to work. We found number for your band number 4. Usually I equalise right here, okay, with ADA options set to rebrand the evening. So for example, to a guitar, usually I realized that we finder or marshal. And if you want to change something a few frequencies, I can do right here. As you can see, Marcia has several type of bands. So if you want to add a FuelBand, just do this. Click Add band. And you're going to have warmed more and band Walmart if you want to remove, just select the band and remove bam. 13. Finding sound effects that are actually good.: My advice for you guys to have a very nice sound for guitar, bass, drums, any kind of instrument is by easy mix. It's a mix is a great software from Tom track. And as you can see, you have a lot of options, and this is true. Okay? So let's see one thing. Let me show you this track right here. Is a mashup. Is Masha between Johnny Cash hurt and blink warnings to meet you. And know that the image of phenomena with the shadow and a grown-up, more the unsuspecting victim of a diabetes. And in the leaflet jacket said, Who are you? And we'll have increasement. Boiler systematic. As you can listen, I choose as nice for almost everything. So Let's check any like sample. For example, voice. Well you can go back and we'll have hairline. I'm curious, moons sites who had Eleusis never transmit obedience. Practice for the future. Go zone saw smart battery. Another example. Guitars, acoustic guitars. Without a fact. So if the fact much bad food group in this example, I acoustic guitar and have a satyr. For example. More reverb. Traps trains guitar. And I have my favorites. Guitar string here. Back to Bayes, have Ottawa law and has several type of effect that it can apply. My instruments. Distortions, a few drags, a bridge, Dr, rock and roll combo, things like that. So usually I use my effects like this. I have is a mix Chu and I have several types of package. Motto, modern pop, rock, rock. But else vocal to box to box. Usually combine and mix for 45 dollars or $75 depends off your preset back. Let's a fairly good software. Usually I recorded my session the best sound as it can record in a very clean sound. Okay, just put effects in a mix. Using isn't makes chew or any kind of paper, VSD. And usually use more isn't mixture. So I just open my track, I click and select what I want. Sometimes I change the knobs a little bit, but most of the case, I just select the type of off effect, right. 14. Writing Drums On Piano Roll: Now it's time to teach you how to write music company on a row. I'm going to run a drums are written as example. Okay, from this, I'm going to use reaper and easy drummer. So track the search view Tron, instrument on a new track. And I'm going to select my drums. So I have easily been around right here. To open piano, dress, hold, control. Your mouse is going to transform to obtain XW. And you're going to write the, the image apart. Ok. Click tries which are left button and you have your piano rolls. Simple like that. As you can see, we have a piano and each node of our piano is a part of our drums. For example. C two is the drum kick. D is scenario. E, C-sharp is one of our single. So each node is one part of your drops. The idea is to write our radar. So let me see. You can close the program. Is going to be easier to read. I read them. So you can change the tempo right here. Greedy, okay. Okay, We have our nice radar as exam, so we're going to close. I'm going to select this part. Lay as a loop. In the best thing. You can change the BPM as well. So near mass sounds perfectly. To adjust the dynamics. You can click right here, or you can select the party won and click right here. This is up to you. Another option is Select the, the, for example, the drum kick cliquish arrived button and note velocity. And you can change manually. After you write down everything, you can change the sound of your drums very easily. Check this out. Going to select the, the is a drummer. I have four kids. I'm going to choose Vintage rock. He's going to load the software. Let's wait a little bit to load everything. And now have a different sound. So it's very easy and bread coach work with meeting. Most of the professional recordings is recorded with meeting. 15. Render Songs and Markers.: If my recording he's completely done, I can render right here. If it clicking File Miranda, I can choose the name. And the directory that I wanted to save. Just click random one file, and it's done. You can select the entire project or the time Teddy cell edge to have a great recording quality. It's very important to select wave as your output format. If you want to search a mark, just you to remember red is the corresponding or the verse or something else. You can select the place teddy want. Click the right button and insert marker. Write their name and you have them mark right here. 16. How to edit and mix Voice + Acoustic Guitar: Now it's time to put some effect added and makes this song, I recorded a cover song, frank Sinatra, that's life, the soundtrack of the movie The Joker. Then you're going to show you all the step-by-step. But first, let's listen this. We have the voice and the acoustic guitar. As you can see, this sounds very nice. Sound is really where our record. So the first step is record your audio. We should good quality. As you can see, we are going to put a compressor and this is voice, okay? Just to avoid shoe stores the sound. Okay, so first step is a compressor. Let me see. This one. Going to put a pre-set vacuum vocal. Pretty sad is okay. So let's listen, choose the voice. Compressors is working a lot. All the things in red is going to be compressive. Today, just one layer, a bit of compression. Looks fine. The attack is very fast to put a lot of the back. Not compressing so well. Most of my attacks, but I like this font. So this is just to control a little bit your archer, not a phenyl like to do, is to stack of movements. As you can see, it's completely empty. So we need to pass this by year. Is perfect. Graphene lower than 41.1. He's going to cut the sound. You should come back brief and start to sink over again. So the gate snot working this part because she's singing louder than 41, 0.1. Okay, so GAS should cut this little part. Let's check does OT apart. As you can see, I can put a little bit more threshold you might gain. As you can listen, we have interference and a sound. So let's putting 38.2. So now it's perfect. It's just you fix somebody's right. So gate is gestures, this type of details, which voice I put some effect of easy makes CEU. So let's check. Effects. Voice sounded much better than the original. People get. This final whirl keeps spinning. I've been, I've been, I think this 80s rock vocals, it's going to sound nice in this, this Psalm are usually a lag 2 duplicated the track and one effect shoe on track and another effect you are not have tracked. Okay? So my, my voice is going to sound much better. You can see we have a short delay of device. Sounds very nice. I liked it so much better. Now let's add our acoustic guitar, right? So sure, acoustic guitar and duplicated all the tracks. So I have one track and more Chu tracks with the same recording. Usually this type of fade out. As it can listen. We don't have acoustic guitar and is part shares the voice. That's why I brought a fade out school and I claim that sound and sound jazz device as well. Let's put a fade out right here as well. So the steady at cheaper to fade out in this short parts. Let's go to some effect on our acoustic guitar. So compressor. Usually I put a compressor just another more control about our song or music instrument. Okay, so just compressed a little bit. Just a little bit. Let's put a few effects in our acoustic guitar. So churn track is it makes Chou, I'm going to select our guitar. Let me see. So let's choose acoustic guitar. One. Changes a little bit. Check this out without effect. The effect. Okay? So change gears a little bit less duplicated tracks and change the effect. So should a second January to our string. Guitar. As you can listen sound with kind of corals are rating drives sound. The guitar, acoustic guitar number 3. Put some food, some fun with more reverb. And lack the reverb. Some deep. So it seems receiver can change my banner little bit. This configuration plus Jimmy sounds very nice. So let's listen with the voice has changed a little bit of the voice. Sounds. Very nice. So now it's time to apply this type of technique. We are on tracks. 17. Editing and Mixing 12 Tracks (Full Band): Now it's time to edit and it makes a son with 12 tracks. So we have drums, a few guitars, I think is for guitars, one base, truly the vocals, Chu, backing vocals and shoot samples. So Latin me right here. Samples. Simple, simple like that. Okay, It's just click with your left button. Yeah, you can write everything in one. And the first thing we need to do is listen to the song so that was too loud. As you can see, the distortion a little bit. Are recording all the guitars is 0 effects, okay. Today to the amplifier like that without delay, Dr. reverb distortion. As you can see, this is a version of cool for us. Knew somebody by kings off leave. The singer. Very good. However, device was a recording. I phone, so just terrible. Alright, sounds terrible. We need to fix it. But the first thing is separate the tracks by color. We have 12 tracks and it's going to be easier to work with this 12 tracks we've separated by color, so hold Control, click with your left button and the button track scholars sat track 2q2, some callers. And that's Buddha, red color to guitars. Same thing with Lydia vocals. So if our course, Let's put a yellow backing vocals. It's a different yellow that you see. Okay, I prefer to put callers. It's going to be easier for me to added everything. Bayes going to be a green base. So drums, those honors drops. So the first thing, let's listen. The drums. Should the drums I use isn't mixed one by two and track. And I have this vintage Racket is very, very, very nice. They're trying instruments, so let's listen. Sounds very nice. Okay, But usually I like to mix my instruments and revise guitar, bass, everything. We've software call it isn't mix Chubais to interact as well. So this software has everything. So I'm going to click here effects with my left button. He's makes an ad and we have isn't mix right here. As you can see is a meat has bass, drums, guitar, recursion, everything you need to your began. Okay, So we have audio effects right here. Compressors, chorus, amplifiers, delays, distortion, everything. So have a whacked 1, 0, 0, 0, 0, 1, 0, probably or more gates. So we allowed effect isn't mix to do almost 85 percent of my job is a very nice software and my devices by This is an x. So let me see drums. So caution should be honest, I just want a reverb, right? So let me see. Now is nine here miscellaneous. A reverb. Reverb will at least in the sound. Now to MC reverb. Note met batter. All right. But i sound all right. So let's put a compressor. So yes, let's put a compressor, cures compressed a little bit. Array. Compressor usually use this Reaper. Pretty sad. Okay, So let me see snare Roxanne air. As you can see, it's compressing. Jurors gears a little bit more, right? Okay. Sounds nice. In the end of the mix, we can change this bar. It's going to be, we have a few guitars right here. When I record a song, usually I put the name of the instruments. So does want music. Clean guitar. Chose this clean guitar. Let's put a few effects. Think reverb going to sound very nice. If you click right here, you can't repeat just this part. Ok. Select the bar. Like this effect. Sounds very nice. All right, Let's choose this one. All right, however, let's put a compressor. Just one thing. You have two options to create effects. You just click, we've got a left button and add a effect, or you can create a track, Am I subtract? So tracks in certainly aux track, that's called Master effect. All right, So Marston, Monster eat and add the effects you want. For example, it's compressor. So there's one. And you can click right here. So we're going to add it to this track and annual San Master track II, and it's Dan. Alright, so we have the volume of your compressed array here, right? And if you click here, you have the, the, uh, second, again option. This type of thing can save our off processing CPU. So it's up to you. You have two options to boot effects. Like to put compressors in most of the tracks. Just maybe sometimes you play too loud. So compressors going automatically fix this kind of problem for you. So let's do the same to the Arctic channels. Let me see. Another option is to have another guitar genera here, playing guitar China. So let's choose a delay. Let me see. I have a few nasty laser here and just need to remember the name. Problem. Whoops. And drag this layer. Max effect is this rate m guitar won. So another thing, you can copy the facts just click which are left burden and in your track. So I don't want to same delay. So let's put an IRA fact. As Dr. very soft to drive. Nice. Music, guitar injured, exactly the same thing. Better if delay. So maybe we have a problem. Let's listen. Vasco, this guitar. We can put a fade out right here. Okay, so let's, that's less modes going to be, let me see. Bucket right here. So let's put a fade out right here. So just to, just for us, we have here on the left button. Oops. Now here, here. And you're going to find a fade-out effect. If you want to chain the wave, just click with the right button and you can change. I think this affects not going to work. So let's change. Spread as a friend saying. And if it does effect, and another one. Let's match that and try this one better. So it's going to be Carlos guitar. Right? Now it's time to edit a base. So let's listen the base SI. So let's put effect, have several base layouts. So that's listen. Listen right here. It sounds very nice. Just put a compressor. Driving rough days. Just to remind you guys, compressors is great. Fix problems when you play too loud. So I just latch read compressors to automatically fix this type of thing, right? My bass sounds very nice. All right, let's begin with the voice. So device we have a issue about the iPhone. Alright. Well, we find a problem right here. As you can see. It started out audio. So this is a proud parabola. So we need to cut this part. Just select the party one. Breast, s, oops. Right here. Breast as. And you can change the volume is too loud. You can train the volume, painting phase field, places. I can see you have any kind of problems. Here's a too loud here. To love. Winning should change the volume as well. So as you can see the wave, it's too big. When compared to the other part. So just do the same thing. So let's do the same thing. Traduce warmer here. All right. Now it's time to add effects, compressors to fix device. So let me see vocals and drag this effect. Marijuana. Similar. As you can listen, we have a rough background eyes. This one is a better one for usually like to require the same vocal tracks. So one trainer, I put with a dry sound and Arabic channel. I put it with reverb sound. So we can copy the same effect and add a reverb. You know, much better. Put compressor, modern vocals, compressor lot to fix volumes, problems with the volumes of the iFont. So this is the idea, right? Not a thing we need to do is to put a gate so I clean the background eyes. So let me see here, for example, everything. Under my 18.4. It's going to mute the sound. So let me see. Now. Merge k. Now it's nice. So averaging less 42.6 is going to Mu the cell. Cleaner sound. As you can see in this bar. You cannot listen. The background eyes put a little bit more. Skirted. Skirting. Most, I think 75 percent of the background eyes. Let's check if our part right here. The phase. The phase. That is the idea. All right, So we just duplicate it as our channel groups. Or you can cut this part, okay? But I prefer to put a gate is faster. Fairness. Last COP, the same effects. Chew the backing vocals array. I have true backing vocals. Exactly the same effect. Just press Control Home and choose good effects should our channel. Alright. So you can listen the iPhone background eyes, but sometimes it's just impossible to fix everything. That's why it's very important to record all your instruments, voice, guitar, drums, and everything correctly way. Okay, So before you record, make sure ever free is working. Nice. Have buyers plane, right? In our equivalencies working and please avoid iPhones array. However, I choose this song exactly because of the iPhone. Okay, it's nice to teach you how to fix, or at least try to fix this type of thing. Okay. So let's I'm not going to change my samples, okay. She has a reverse symbol. Alright, the surface, very nice. I'm not going to change it. Let's, let's work with our our pan cakes. So you have your PAN. Let me choose one straw-man. One. You can put left or right. Let's change a letter. Usually I'll actually send the song and change everything together. So let's go. Yes. Hi. I think we forgot one channel and effects channel. I remember the idea here was to put a reverse effect. So we see reverse. You can type in reverse right here. And who give their options. Next? To sound crazy. Okay, that's good. A fixed, Fair, nice idea. So let's listen to a song. Much barriers in it. Now it's time to Brex a lot, as you can see, apply most of the techniques we learned. Now, of course. Okay, so now it's time to practice. Let me know if you have any doubts. Thank you so much. 18. Mixing Ariana Grande Jazz Version: Now it's time to show you what I did to record and mix 34, 35 Jazz version. So I record this song, great singer from Brazil. Check this out. It looks very nice, isn't it? I recorded version remotely and I mix, and I'm going to show you all the step-by-step, okay, the first thing in data was I have for shadows to voice in tree changes, to guitar. To be honest, I just have one single change of voice and watching agenda guitar, but I like to duplicate my change those, to change the pan. As you can see, one of the voices is 38% my left, and another force is 45 percent my right, and another voice is 61 percent my right. Okay. I like to do that because I can, I can put few different effects. For example, here I use close glucose is a very nice effects. You can find on isn't mixed. Chu Qi is another one. I choose, air, every vocals. So let's listen to this separately. Just a voice. So, um, again, then there's appears in the end of the song and had us is 16-bits. Nice. I liked. And to mix my songs. So I owe my vocals. Channels are in red. So you just need to select your channels, hold control, and click on your chance. Click Russia right button. And you can't track color sat tracks, and you can select the carrier 1 k. If you want to put this type of icons is very similar to, to change caller's address. Select your channel, click to the right button in track icon. And you can choose the ICU you want, right? This helps a lot when you have heard several instruments. And so vocals is rad, guitar is blue. And another thing that I like to do. Is add a few markers. So here's a verse. Verse two cores, one, rock bits action. Let's see, walkaway session. Here's the verse, verse, chorus, bridge and everything. I liked him to add as Marx and is very simply select the place you want, Liquefy button and search marker. You can write the name and click. Okay, and it's done. You have your mark right here. Okay, simple like that. You can change the color as well. So let's put a green marker. Okay? So every feature help you during our session. Usually I like to add a compressors. So let me see. Is the latest January is compressing sugars a little bit of the voice. Sometimes when people recording music, singing are playing, superman, dig a little bit excited and they can sing too close to the microphone. I'll play, choose strong. Okay, That's why compressors going to help me a lot. And the songs was really well recorded. If I just add a few, he's a mix plug-ins to sound a little bit better and fix a few steps. So let's listen to the song. Doubt any effects. Let's listen in our effect. Was ReLu buret card on the bridge. Usually I don't like to add so many effects. For example, compressors, gates, VST instruments, blew kings, equalizers. Usually I use my sound before the recording. I said everything before I recorded a song. That's why my editing process is so easy and fast. Okay? So this is my main advice for you guys. Set up everything before you record, okay? Equalizer and instruments in record the song with the sound you want. Remember, Reaper, VSDs, plug-ins. They are just huge compliment a little bit your sound. Okay. Don't think they can can do miracles for you. All right. Another thing I did was with my and so let me see. No, it's not here. Here. Okay, it's here. Check this out. If I select the channel and oppressed be, I'm going to open my band channel, okay? So dispatch channel lets me isolate just this shadow. As you can see, my sound has the middle, okay, so here's an amide, the center. But during this part is going to left, during this part is going to the right side. Okay? So you can draw like you want, right? Just hold Control. Andhra type of things going to add a few surprise moments for your audience. So sometimes I like Chu, Chu change a little bit my PN. Remember about this shortcut is you save your off time editing enemy and sing songs. 19. Final Notes and How to Improve Even More!: So guys, this is the last class of our course and I hope you enjoy it. Learn about reaper and let me know if you have any kind of thoughts. All right, I'm here to help just type your message through the platform of shadow and a few free to suggest me new lessons for this course. I want you to prove even more and I need your help. So thank you so much. See you later.