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How to plan a video: a process from start to finish

teacher avatar Sam Hainsworth, Digital & Graphic Designer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (12m)
    • 1. Trailer

    • 2. Your assignment

    • 3. Idea Generation

    • 4. Moodboarding

    • 5. Storyboarding

    • 6. Video Creation | Tips & Advices

    • 7. Final Video

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About This Class

This class will enable you to carry out a video project from start to finish.

We will be looking at where to start, from moodboarding, scripting & storyboarding. To creating and developing your video project.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Sam Hainsworth

Digital & Graphic Designer


I'm a designer on a mission to learn as many new skills as possible!

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1. Trailer: Hey, I'm some welcome to our first ever school shop class on how to plan a video from Start Toe Stein. Any kind of video project can be difficult. If not, plunge right could be a struggle to end. Brought into this class, you'll be able to plan your own video project from starts one and you also be creating a 10 to 22nd video. Be the animation off, Look for senior class. 2. Your assignment: a welcome once a massive thanks. First of all, you enrolled into first carbs. I hope you enjoy it. Which is I've enjoyed making it. I can't wait to get started and see what you gonna produce. So the project this class will be for you to create your own tense 22nd video. This could be film animation. Stop motion. It could be whatever you feel comfortable where you don't have to be that experienced in film or animation to do this. You can do this in your iPhone. You can do this basically, whatever you feel comfortable there. Also throughout this class of teaching house a mood board script storyboard, gather Royal Creative Assets video creation. So let's get started. 3. Idea Generation: So the first thing I want to do in this class is to think of an idea for your 10 to 22nd video and then right down the title of your video in the Project gallery below. Your idea could get anything new on such as a day in the life off your Jennet to work how to video. It can literally as broad as you want. You don't feel restricted in the types to get out giving you if you wanted to create a larger project in the future. I think this is a little sample clip of what you're about to pray. You can't think of an idea. Try brainstorming right down a few things that you like. Something that you'd like to explore a little bit tomorrow. Look over peoples were look a book Gartside Just trying its inspiration from anywhere. Would you follow the video title? Put in the Project gallery on right Brief summary Why you've chosen subject 4. Moodboarding: Okay, now we have our idea. Let's go into one of my favorite parts of any project and move on new ball to simply place together a bunch of cool stuff you found. I want to use his inspirations. Part of your project? No. The reason for this is inspiration on idea generation. You might see something on someone else's work that you really want to include our adapt to your own style in your video. Think of move on. It is a quick visual wave prototyping or you're about to make, but by using other people's were. If you give reasons for creating, move on, he said. The general idea. What we're about to create rather than jumping into a blank canvas move balls could be a brochure today. I didn't things like photography, text, video gifts, images and you can get all these sources from anywhere you could have from pitches you taken from a book you've read from Instagrammed this so much that you can find the way I create most. My movement is blazing Pinterest. You can really quickly and easily organize OU bards into certain projects, but there are other tools out less, which is envision. You could just say that on your mark. If you want a toe print amount, stick on the wall. So I want you to do now is create your own move. Bald. It should be a visual representation of what you are about to create your own video. It could be as big as you want it to be. A small as you want. It can come from any social just out in the particular below. Using whatever means you want to convey a photograph. Big piece of paper with all your ideas. It could be a Pinterest board. They could be a vision board. Uh, yeah, that particular below. 5. Storyboarding: No, I've got mood board on a script. Um, we could begin to actually sketch out how our video is gonna look. Sketch, sir. Bards brilliant. I use them now in every project so quick and needs to do. If you wanna go back and edit them, you can let you just rip something out. Our drawer over it's gonna in. And then for now, again, drove just absolutely brilliant. First thing with a sketch store bodies, you don't be in ized. I can't draw all that. Well, most my story body. Very quick. Very rough. But they just get a general idea across what things will look like. You can go into as much detail. Issue one. I keep a simple as you want. Some people tend to do storyboards. Maybe second by second of this. Tentative by 10 seconds. 10 seconds. It depends. How long is serve are almost works like a to do list as well. And a step by step guide of how your video should work. So once one sees that you can take the are far, you can look bucket references to see how something should work. It's also be a guy for everyone. to look. It's if you're working with someone else on a project you hunted that Sorry about someone else. They quickly just look and be like, Yeah, I can do exactly that's doing so. Some good tips will create your storyboard out to write down notes. It's always a good idea to write down how certain things will look. Think about things like transitions. What little things, Michael. The Count draw sounds a really important when creating story. Bob, don't you think about the visuals are thinking about? Also, music might be playing. What So sound effects might be coming out again? I'm just sharing. You worked a friend. One system they might be ableto give you input are give you an idea that you might not thought them up. Seated that might make sense. Are might. Look, it's just always good. Teoh, prove it with someone else. Before you actually get into the video, remember to look back. You move board for inspiration. You meant that move off for a reason. That's toe reflect how you want your video to look. So always look back when you move on. So now you to create your own storyboard. It could be a detailed are simple as you want it to be. Just remember that 10 to 20 seconds, So maybe just do six or nine square frames like I did in my example, I actually also made a template which is in the project outlines which you can download the news if you print off, just draw you. You started bawling on the right side on. Then what? You did not wait to take a picture of it off, scan it in and then uploaded to perfect Cardiff result of safe. 6. Video Creation | Tips & Advices: in this section of video corrosion. It's not gonna be a technical walk through how to use software such as After effects are premiere. It's going more of tips and advice I could give you. I felt it was actually quite a bit of really good videos on Scotia already on how to use a perfected things up. And if you do well, look at that. And then I have suggested a few below in the about section. But if you don't have experienced this sort of software that you don't have to create amazed automation, for this is his literal just house a plan you video. So if you want to create something on your iPhone, something really, really simple, then it doesn't have to be spectacular. This is more about how to plan for a video. So, really, what advice to give you on this section is when you create any video, always make sure to about to move on, and I've said it before in the story bought. But you should always be reference in your mood bought and you started off script script these three parts that you've planned, so make sure that you move board um, I keep coming back in so you can reference it for visual and creative style. He started. We'll keep working with the script for Howie. Video will be structured, and he said it seven times. So said this before. Don't be afraid to change even here at this stage, even though you edit in and creating it, um, you can always adapt, developed what you've done. If you're not happy with it, then go back out filming. I'll go back in May shouldn't and something that was so keeping, But keep it up until you are. This is a little bit of personal preference to me, but I always find the music and sound effects are. Audio is always best done last. It just helps me focus just on the visuals rather than focusing on other things. And then, once the audio, when I can start to think about how they all work together and just for me, it seems to recall a baron in my bed something that you consider. So what did you finish? Video, I'd say, Is this. Watch it at least 10 times. Just look for mistakes, things that you're with and you'll find after 10 times You absolutely single watching it. So it's best to stand up for 20 minutes, walk away and and then come back. 20 minutes later they were fresh eyes. It's also good assault again. Get someone else in, get into okay. If they export something, are think, think all something could be better. So I always get feedback and people particular stay. My I think united that you've made for that might really, really set you off your apart from announces. So far, the advices Won't you actually rendered video to watch it 10 times over? I know after we just watched 10 times before. But won't you ended it? Just keep watching it. They'll sure to be some tiny mistakes are something that you inspired again summed up 20 minutes. Walk away. Come back, t think Get someone to watch it. Um, get there by Senate, Get that feedback and don't actually submit until you're not understand with it. Like even if different, Don't be afraid to go back in. And if you think that's not working, go back and develop it. Go back to Storybrooke about Teemu body. If you know it's a constantly working progress into your. So would you have the final render a blow to the class project again? Everyone, please give feedback. Burnout says I'm gonna go in there again, giving feedback on and what we love your feedback. If you wanna go back in a minute, Something that would be great. And then just a comment leverage. No, you don't. 7. Final Video: So hopefully we have your own little video that you created with your own move board storyboard script, and you know a lot more about how to plan a video. I really hope you've enjoyed this class. I cannot wait to see everyone's videos below and see the protest of how everything's come together at the end. If you could please leave a review below. I really appreciate. Like, say, this is my first video is probably gonna be a a bit bottom, never presented before Thing is a bit weird for me. I hope we really enjoyed it on and hopefully produce a more video classes in the future. So yet I enjoyed it and thanks a lot for joining.