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How to make a 3D model in Blender for 3D printing

teacher avatar Hiroko Matsubayashi, 3DCG with Blender

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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    • 1. How to make a 3D model in Blender for 3D printing

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About This Class

For 3D printing there are several rules.

The model must be watertight and strong enough for the real world.

To make the STL file which is able to be printed by 3D printer, we have to check our model.

This video shows how to do it, and it will be easy to understand.

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Hiroko Matsubayashi

3DCG with Blender


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1. How to make a 3D model in Blender for 3D printing: Hello, I'm here. Tachometer base. I will show you how to create a three D printing fire in Brenda. This video consists of seven parts by the one Bring three D two bucks, but to money for eight but three but going take 88. But for sub 80 by five, you're getting so redefined money by yet but at six Skating but seven making a 58 5 by 1.3 D two books to open the print facility. Two books tracked a bar and user preferences and had owned Select a Mix Butter after row Elected Gona take the tick books off the mystery T two books. Greek on the same user state that bottom and growth did use that wherever and states that window bad too. Money for it it a man imported. Eight. It's a dead. Had two polygons associate it with the no money for it. It's 88 with zero party Emma. One Poor young, 345 or more. No money port. It would confuse Appoint us so we must fix it in object mode like the object on in the tour yourself. Quick on the three day printing border under threat bottom in the three d printing panel. The output stop When you appeared. It shows that no money awarded eight is zero on by the Kontic 880 I made no money for it. Ate it on purpose. For example, the output sub pioneer shows dead now many port eighties, too in the proper Tate window down off the monetary Jerusha modifiers. I go in edit mode quick on the no money pooled edit but, um, to find them or a press control for us or it breath 50 Breast em key off the PC to fix them Creek on the aggerated bottom in the green Nap Soprano If it cannot fix them. Great worry arranged the educated one by one back to three, but Khan take eighties in object mode. Critic on the street, battering in the store shelves. The Arctic put off the bat accounting 88 shows Dio did he that example to show the bad Kontic aged the county is the appropriation off the contiguous. So it means that some aided are not goes banana with at that age it in edit mode, open the mist displaced that by now in the properties Sheriff unsexy their fates. Bottom, No matter. It is important to keep the extraordinary where days in the same direction and it is your hope for calculating the direction on the amount of light with Patrick Press. Receive it from a lump. You contain the high WTI access that point and directly over the normal. This examples height off the axis is 0.1 many Brunei and brought go to from the dog's body and my face and beckoned. The face is the paragon waiting to eighties identified at the bad Kontic 88 to find the body country aided critic on the bad country, aided by them to fix it in edit mode. Director eight. Header in the three day pure window and press a key off the PC district over the eighties and click on the Miss Hannah on District from the pull down menu. Normals under calculate outside Return toe Object mode and click on the story The bottom. Now they are tucked up the bad Kontic a date so it's deal. But Paul Shop, 88 the shop ages a prone to cause a break off the party imprinting after it would bring Did it is to think under project in edit mode. Take the cheque books off the mess analysis in the properties here off and directed types Shop to face It moved a Patrick's by seeing a change off the car at a crew until the car disappears. More than products. Building the people on the people motor should be made. Ian Point. Bad Vibe. You ding. Sorry to play modifier when the mother is not small. You had better Utah 35 modifier Because the certified modifier makes the sick underworld prior to the inner wall, the volume decreases on the coast. Reduce 80 in object mode Creek on the modifiers header in the properties we know and click on the add Modify a bottom cramping the modify eyes menu today there, so you buy industry it. If I modify your bunion, take the body off the sickness and death Steed Justic Temple The sickness. Is there a point? No pipe because the money why I skated at the object. The scare off X and y and the should be one unexpected Bree in the scale of step Bannu. Quick on the upper I bottom in the Properties Windows threat. If I modify a panel in Edit Mode Creek on the diagram header in the three debut We know and the Children mess and bad is it to put it? By whose? But from the pop up menus in object mode, by moving in a sale, you can see that that Cuba had two putts by removing the top phase days. Always not under out of Cuba, you can see the cavity of within by the six skating two skating sites in object. More steak tribute to the altar, in our view, for this model critic on T, apply bottom over to the monetary resolution in the perpetrate. Great on the same handle. Interpret open the window in the unit is a panel director metric and set the scale to 0.1 It means from Mary Matter selected Grease pencil in the tourist centre on Greek on the rural, but your director but great on the first point and move the mouse to the second point virus pressing director mouse. But, um so finished scaring Presti Escape key off the PC about seven making as Esti Air Fire 60 and their object inhabitable area because unsaid acted object were not to be exported. Direct fire at the top. Left Kona exported from the dope. Their menus under Esti everybody, um, check their name Buddha 50 Air file and click on the expert Esti air bottom In the four days off the brandy fires, you see the Ste Mpilo?