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How to get Sponsorships and Brand Deals on Instagram and Social Media

teacher avatar Jun Wu, Social Media Influencer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (1h 10m)
    • 1. Sponsorship Academy Trailer

    • 2. Instagram 2020 Influencer Trends

    • 3. Sponsorship 101 - How do Sponsorship Work

    • 4. Sponsorship 201 - Brand Awareness Tactic 1 and 2

    • 5. Sponsorship 202 - Brand Awareness Tactic 3 and 4

    • 6. What do Sponsors look for? - 5 Parts Visual Resume

    • 7. 2 Things you Must Have on your account

    • 8. Zoom Sponsorship - Case Study - Do Research on your Sponsors

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About This Class

My life changed because of Instagram. 

It's just a simple photo sharing APP right?

Successful Instagram Users know they are building a Community.

And with that community you can get more opportunities than you can imagine. The key is are you going to use the app for fun? Or are you going to use it to get results.

Let take it step by step.

Build your influence and use your influence to work with brands big and small around the world.

I worked in the entertainment industry and marketing industry for over 15 years and have learned from the best.

There is a reason why some performers always book gigs. There is a reason why some businessmen always make sales.

Now is your turn.

Let me guide you through the psychology of being an online life of the party.

Your Instagram profile is the first step.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Jun Wu

Social Media Influencer



Welcome to the easiest and funnest way to learn Online Marketing.

I make helpful and fun courses to help you grow on social media and your online business.

My work speaks for itself. :)

15+ years working in the Entertainment Industry - Model/Actor/Director/Producer

15+ years working in Marketing. Branding, business strategies, and growth hacking.

7+ years as a Talent Instructor - Managing the careers and business of clients

As you get to know me, you will see everything I teach, I put to use myself. 

Find me on Instagram and I'll help you! :)

See full profile

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1. Sponsorship Academy Trailer: sponsorships are just for fun, right? You post a picture of you with the product and you get some likes. And that's it, right? Let me show you what's possible with Instagram. Getting sponsorship deals is a skill you can learn my students. Sanna has a curly hair account. She only has 2000 followers. And yes, she is already being offered cosmetics and hair products sponsorships because she creates meaningful posts that inspires her followers. My friend Michael got a free membership to a gym plus clothing and protein powder because he knew exactly what to say to the manager when he introduced himself. My student, Ada has a fashion account and has been growing followers like Crazy de Sade's because of the quarantine situation. She is up to 11 k followers and look, Clinique, the brand, who has 3.4 million followers, came by her account level comment asking to work with her and my student. Kelly got a deal to stay in the Sunset del Mar Resort in Costa Rica for free because she found the hotels Instagram page and started a conversation in one of the photos Common section, the Bacardi Rum company pay for my hotels, meals, a private tour, free alcohol and a generous paycheck because I was willing to post the's on my account. They were so nice to me that when Puerto Rico was in quarantine, they continued to pay for my hotel for one more week while I prepare to return to the United States. The mackerel magnifique company paid for my flight to Paris because I agreed to post these on my account. The commercial. They're very well and they gave me a commission of the sales. If I kept the photos up for at least a month, the nomadic virtual reality studio pay me to promote their VR service. We spend a week at their studio with other influencers on. We took pictures and videos for Instagram. It was a hit, so they gave me 10 free tickets to share with my followers. Using Instagram correctly is a simple yet powerful skill. I created the first sponsorship Academy with the sole purpose of teaching you how to get sponsorship deals. Let's start by learning the secret of brand awareness. Let me show you how the talk to sponsors so they will want to work with you. Sponsors won't tell you this, but they are looking for five things When they visit your account. I will explain what those five things are and help you optimize your count specifically for sponsorships. I will give you case studies upon case studies showing you exact strategies that brands like you, Nick Lowe and Tommy Hilfiger used to capture people's attention. We will talk about content, curation and copyrighting so that your sponsorship posts won't feel like ads making more sponsors want to work with you. If you are a beginner without any experience, don't worry. I've been there. I will show you how to create content. What photos opposed. What video? Suppose and what I g stories to post to make it look like you have experience getting you your first brand deal. The best part of the sponsorship Academy is that it's always growing because I'm constantly working with new sponsors each month on adding new episodes, sharing with you secrets and strategies in the influencer marketing industry. Let's start building your influence and start using your influence. I mean, that's the whole point of using Instagram in the first place, right? Welcome to the Sponsorship Academy. Let's start getting you opportunities today. I'll see you inside 2. Instagram 2020 Influencer Trends: why 2020 is the year of the Nano influencer. Why the target brand wanted to work with me. Why Instagram hiding likes does not change your instagram game. And finally, how you can optimize your account so you can get better sponsorship deals Who my God is a gram is hiding likes my influence Their life is over people are freaking out So what should you do? Well, you should do absolutely nothing. Hi, I'm June. You're famous Coach, I want to share with you the Instagram 2020 influenced trends that you must know and what you can do about it. The biggest trend in 2020 is that the Nano influencers are more popular now Some are even more sought after Dan Micro or Macro Influencers So why is this relevant? Let me explain Nano influencers are people with less than 10,000 followers. It used to be that these people got no respect. What? You only have 5000 followers Forget you I'm not going to give you free stuff. I'm not going to pay you to sponsor my products You don't have the attention of enough people? That was then. Now big brands are wise ing up. They realize that the reach and engagement of big influencers are going down. They are realizing that when they pay a big account to promote their brand, yes, they will get more eyeballs, but they will get less engagement. And when they pay a small account to promote their brand, they will get less eyeballs. But mawr engagement this happen to me. I was looking for an account to shout me out so I can grow my followers. One account with 190 K followers was charging me $30 for Shout Out. Another account with 300 K followers was charging me $60 for a shot out. Now, if you look closely, you notice that the 300 K account gets about an average of 10,000 likes and the 190 K account they get about an average of 30,000 likes holy Now. Which one would you rather advertise on? The one that has more engagement, of course. And that's what's happening in 2020. Instead of putting all their money into one large account, businesses are splitting their money on paying many smaller accounts for promotions. So what does this new trend means for you. There has never been a better time to be an influencer. You know how hard it is to get followers on Twitter. You know how hard it is to get people to like your Facebook page, and you know how hard it is to convince someone to subscribe to your YouTube channel. But Instagram Instagram is still the easiest social media platform to grow right now. I mean, I just told you that you can be an influencer beings the famous with only 5000 followers. But of course there is a catch. You need thes 5000 followers to like you to really like you because the value of your instagram account is entirely dependent on the relationship you have with these 5000 followers. Check this out. When I was at 5000 followers, I told you that I got messages from companies that wanted to give me free stuff. These companies knew that if I posted something my 5000 followers would care fast forward to today. I'm doing brand sponsorship deals with brands like Target. You know who target is? Target is a big brand they have at these four million followers compared them. I have a tiny account. I'm a nobody. So why the hell that they pay me to post this photo on Christmas Eve? They know that if they posted this photo on their account, it wouldn't get that much engagement. Most people will feel it is an advertisement and ignore it. But what if I posted this on my account? My followers would not think is an ad. They will feel that I'm sharing a special deal with them, even though it's the same photo. Here is the relationship difference. The followers of Target feel that Target is a salesman. The followers of my account feel that I am their friend. That's the big difference, and that's why Target is willing to work with me. This is why it's so important to convince your followers that you are there. Friend. Here is three things that you can do right now. Number one respond to people who comments on your photos and go to their profile and comment on their photos number to respond to people who like your photos and go to their profile and like and comment on their photos and number three. Click on your followers number. Find out who is following you and then send some of them a d. M. With this message. Hi. I just noticed that you are following me and I really appreciate your support. Thank you. I will equally support you and your posts happy face, and then continue the conversation if they respond. I know this sounds tedious and boring and I know that more than have the people watching this video right now will not do it. But guess what? That's just it. No one is willing to do it and you will stand out. If you do. It's the easiest and quickest way to build relationships with your followers. Okay, Now, the second biggest trend in 2020 is that Instagram is going to be hiding likes in the United States Now, why did you inject? Instagram is hiding likes to convince people that anyone can be an influencer. Now, why is this relevant? Let's say you want to become a travel influencer. If so, you'll know that there are some really big travel accounts out there like this account. The account Do you travel has about three million followers When he posts a picture of himself in the pool. He gets 63,000 likes when I pose a picture of me next to the Eiffel Tower, I only get 2000 likes when he posts a picture himself sitting on a boat, he gets 115,000 likes When I post a picture of me trying to save the leaning Tower of Pisa from falling. I only get 1800 likes. If I'm lucky, maybe I should start taking more photos with my shirt off. The point is, it's discouraging, right? You see this large account getting tons of likes and you start feeling self conscious of your own photos. One way that instagram make money is by being a go to place to find influencers. When businesses look at these two posts side by side and see the numbers they think to themselves, this guy is an influencer, and this other guy is not. However, if instagram highs the likes now, the two posts are about equal in status. Judging from the quality of the photos, both can be influencers. So what does this new trend mean for you? Well, guess what happen when people had their likes hidden, people started to feel liberated. They felt they were no longer being judged by their posts, so they started to post random things. Whoa is a graham has hidden your likes, but your likes are still there. It's just hidden. You are still judged by what you post the things of them. Algorithm still keeps track of how many likes comments, bookmarks, shares and views you get because remember, you are still judged by the algorithm when you post something on Instagram is just an AB. It's not a human being. It doesn't have feelings. It doesn't know if this photo is good or not. It looks at the engagement you get to determine if issues show it to more of your followers . This is the quality scale that the algorithm looks at shares, bookmarks, comments and likes. This means a comment is worth more than alike, and a bookmark is worth more than a comment. The algorithm also looks at the number of views are post gets, how fast you get them once you posted it and how long people stare at your photo or video. This is why instagram hiding your life should not change your posting behavior every time you post something, you are still judged by instagram judge by your followers and judge by strangers who are considering following you. That's why you are supposed to be posting good content content that is aligned with your brand all the time. No matter if people can see the lights or not, you might be thinking, if people cannot see the exact number of likes you're getting did, how did businesses determine if they wanna work with you or not on a sponsorship deal? Now this is a long topic that takes a lot of time to explain, but I'll give you the basics besides your engagement, a business visiting your instagram account looks at three things. Your niche, what you're posting and how you are posting it. Your niche is what your account is about, the specialty that you are claiming to be knowledgeable about. If you are posting about female fitness, a female fashion brand, my still choose a female fashion, a counter work with instead of you because fashion and fitness are in different niches. Number two What you are posting about is the actual photos you are posting the products you are promoting. Is it a prestigious product. This is why I tell my insta famous model friends that if they want to work with Tommy Hilfiger, they should be careful what they pose our instagram. Because if a Tommy Hilfiger representative visits your account and see you always in a bikini and promoting your body and promoting underwears those no matter how sexy you look, the representative will wonder if you really know how to model or promote riel fashionable clothing. They will look down on you and not want to work with you. And finally, the third thing that businesses look for when they decide to work with you is how you are posting things. Do you actually know how to do promotions? Are you just posting a picture of a pair of sunglasses and saying, hi, everyone By this, follow this brand if that is how you promote things businesses and probably wouldn't want to work with you. But if you wear this and glasses and explain why you like it and tell a little entertaining story about it, Dan, you obviously know how to promote things and businesses will want to work with you. Here are the action items in this episode you need to convince your followers that you are their friend to immediately build a good relationship with them. You can do this right now. One. Respond to people who comments on your photo and go to their profile and comment on their photos to respond to people who liked your photo and go to deal, profile and like and comment on their photos. And three. Find out who is following you and then send some of them a d. Him with a simple greeting. Instagram is hiding likes. But that doesn't change your instagram game. Stay focused and continue the post good content that is in lined with your brand. If you want to start doing sponsorships, be aware that businesses are watching. They look at your niche, where you are posting and how you're posting it. So stay focused and optimize your account. Okay, 2020 is the year of the Nano. Influencer is the best year to becoming so famous. You just have to focus on building relationships with the people who are following you. If I have only one thing to share with you in 2020 it's just that the value of your instagram account is entirely dependent on the relationships you have with your followers. Because if you have that, I can guarantee you you have so much opportunities, more opportunities than you can imagine. 3. Sponsorship 101 - How do Sponsorship Work: Hey, Happy 2019. I just got back from Europe, got this Italian jacket for free book the macaroons commercial got invited to try some exotic black spaghetti, got another shirt for free and even got a discount off of an Omega watch. All of them was done using sponsorship deals. Sponsorship deals is when a brand or a business pays you or gives you free items in exchange for promotion. You help promote their products to your audience. In this episode, I want to show you how I did it so that you can do it too. If you want brands to sponsor you and give you free stuff, you have to know what they want and what they're looking for. Okay, so what do you think is more important followers or engagement followers, right? I mean, it shows how popular you are, right? I used to think that too, but guess what? Brands nowadays can't more about engagement. You know, the mountain likes and comments you get on your posts. In a study done with more than a 1,000,000 influence or profiles, data shows that as followers increase, engagements decrease. This makes sense, because if you have a small group of people made up of your friends and family. Everyone is going to like and comment on your posts. But as you grow and have thousands and even tens of thousands of followers, not everyone's going to interact with you. Brands love accounts with good engagement. They love working with positive people with a unique voice that their followers listen and respond to. We already know how to create and use our content for maximum engagement. So let's get some sponsorship deals. Okay, so now that you have decent engagement, how do you get sponsors? First, make sure your profile is presentable. You need to show sponsors that you know what you're doing, and you do this by posting different products, preferably you with the product and starting a conversation about it in the caption section . When I did a virtual reality commercial for a Tech brand, I posted this photo and asked my followers which game they would like to play scary zombies , killer robots or evil aliens. And I got a lot of comments. By doing this, you are basically showing sponsors that you know how to promote things. Second contact brands that would actually be interested in your profile. Your profile has a niche, a specific category, and you should contact brands within your niche. A makeup account who post Onley makeup tutorials were contact a makeup brand for sponsorship. But what have they wanted? A sponsorship deal with a jacket company? Well, they would need to convince the jacket brand why their makeup audience would be interested in that jacket. A fitness account should have no problem getting sponsorship for fitness related equipment , diet products or gym memberships. But if they wanted a sponsorship deal with a mobile speaker brand, for example, they will need to justify why their audience will be interested in the speaker. Perhaps it is a great item to bring to the gym or take with you to the park where you plan to exercise. See, it's not that hard. You just have to make that relationship clear to the brand you are contacting. Third, contact small brands first and build your credibility. Don't start off contacting name brands. You will most likely get rejected, do a little bit of research and look for brands that are new with a small following. This particularly works well. If the brand you are interested in hasn't less followers and engagement, then you. Then you can tell them that you can not only help promote their brand, but there is also a good chance that similar your followers will start following them. Remember to tell brands the benefit of working with you and lastly use industry terms instead of just saying, Hey, can you be one of my sponsors or hey, can you sponsor me? Which makes it seem like you are only interested in getting free stuff? Say something like Hi, where you be interested in having me as your brand ambassador? This makes it look like you are more sincere. It would also help greatly if you can explain why you want to work with them and how much you love their brand. Remember, the best brand deals are made when both parties received mutual benefits. Brands don't just want to give things away for free. They are taking a small risk, a small investment, hoping that you were effectively get their name out there. If you can prove that them you can do just that, then you will receive brand deals with ease. Here are the action items in this episode. Once you have a polished profile with good engagement, first, make sure you have a few posts where you are recommending a product. Sponsors will be looking to see if you know how to take photos with the product and how to start an interesting discussion about it. Second, contact brands that would actually be interested in your profile. It should be in the same niche. Otherwise, you have to convince them why your followers would care. Third, contact small brands first and build your credibility. Find small businesses that has less followers than you and promote your profile and your influence to them. And lastly, use industry terms. Like Brand Ambassador, you always want to appear as a professional and not as someone who just want some free stuff in conclusion. Have a Polish profile, have a specific niche, have good engagement. And finally, research and contact sponsors is pretty simple, but does take a little bit of work 4. Sponsorship 201 - Brand Awareness Tactic 1 and 2: it is 2020 and you have built your account up to at least 5000 followers, and you are starting to receive brand sponsorship opportunities. So what do you do when you get a d m or a comment like this one? Thank you so much for liking my business post. It means a lot. I will love to send you a free mini facial just to say thank you or comments like my team wants to send you a product from us as an influencer. Send over your details so we can chat. People start freaking out there like, Oh, my God, I don't know how to convince my followers to buy your product and my followers don't buy your product. You wouldn't want to work with me again and no one will want to work with me again. Oh, my God. What am I gonna do? And blah, blah blah? Oh, my God. Stop! Welcome to sponsorship 201 We are going to get you your first sponsorship deal with two magic words. Brand awareness. A lot of beginner influencers don't know how to talk to sponsors. They don't know what they can offer them and they don't know how to help sponsors sell their product. Here's the secret that I learned early on as an influencer. When speaking to a sponsor you don't offer to help sell their products, you offer to help them create brand awareness. Brand awareness is you letting your followers know that a certain brand a certain business , exist. That's it. There are four main tactics in brand awareness that advanced influence or used one. Sell the fear of competition to promote the brand, not the product. Three. Extend the deal and the perks and four Use other brands to make yourself famous for free. Let's cover the 1st 2 Right now we all love action figures, right? We got Roble car figures, powering your figures, Terminator figures and bat mobiles. Huh? What? I'm not a geek. What? You never play with toys before? Whatever, man. Anyways, let's talk about how my friend Spencer worked with Hasbro to create brand awareness. In the last episode, we talked about why a brand like target would want to work with me. It's because I had at least 5000 followers who cares and listens to what I have to say. Now let's talk about the how How did my friend Spencer get a sponsorship deal with one of the major toy brands in the world? To put things into perspective, Spencer only has 14 K followers and Hasbro. Hasbro has 274,000 followers. This is how David conquered the Goliath and secured on. Awesome deal. Well, for one thing, Spencer takes beautiful action figure pictures. That's his specialty and collectible toys is his niche. His account is absolutely beautiful. However, what do you think? What happened? If he d m the Hasbro and asked for sponsorship, how do you think Hasbro would have responded? You are right. Hasbro would have ignored him. You never contact big brands directly. They will ignore you. So what do you do? You go where the action is. You go where they are, hang out and make them notice you. This is why my friend visits all the major toy exhibition events like the biggest one at San Diego. Comic con. He post photos and videos of these events on instagram and a lot of his followers tuning to see what new figures are released each year. If you collect action figures, you will know that brands like Neca and hot toys dominate the collectors toy market. Their figures are so detailed that they are not even considered toys. They are considered collectibles. But what about the Hasbro brand? In the toy industry, Hasbro is known as a toy brand. For kids, the quality is mediocre at best. Take a look at that Hasbro Captain America compared to the Neckar Captain America, the neck a figure is more realistic, more detailed and has more articulation. Now take a look at the Hasbro Optimus Prime figure compared to the hot toys Optimus Prime Holy Crab. In comparison, the hot toys Optimus Prime looks like a supermodel. It is obvious one is a collectible for adults, and one is a toy for kids. What some people may not know is that Hasbro also makes high quality figures to like their Star Wars toy learn. These figures are pretty detailed and can be considered collectibles to. In fact, Hasbro has a smaller brand called Hasbro Pulse. This is their instagram account. You can see this account is smaller than the main account. With only 94.5 K followers, this account is not general toys, but toys for collectors. See, they even mentioned that in their bio, Hasbro posts where fans come first. And that's how my friend got the Hasbro sponsorship. He basically struck up a conversation with Past Bro Smaller Brand and explain to them about the competition they are facing. You think Neca and Hot Toys R Hasbro's only competition? No, there are even more brands out there that creates amazing collectibles. So how is Hasbro? Paul is going to survive. They need to let the toy collectors industry know that they exist. And that's why they work with people expense. Er, in fact, these photos were taken by him to promote Hasbro toys. He is basically creating brand awareness for Hasbro, reminding people that Hasbro is not just a Children toy company. They also make collectible figures to. And if you look at his captions and stories, you'll notice that he never tells you to go buy these toys. He never tells you to go and follow Hasbro. It is not his job to sell Hasbro's toys. He simply gets free figures and gets paid to promote Hasbro brand awareness. Powerful right tactic. One of brand awareness is to let the brand you are working with? No, they have competition. If they don't work with you, then they risk being overcome by the competitors. They risk their brand not being seen or heard. Now let's look at another example. When I was in Thailand, I visited the Korean town there and got a sponsorship deal with the Egg Sandwich restaurant . Since some of my followers live in Bangkok, Thailand, this local business gave me a free sandwich and paid me to post about their restaurant. Now I didn't even take a photo of the sandwich that I ate because I didn't even like their sandwich. It was too salty and had way too much MSG. But I had to pose about it. I mean, the restaurant already gave me a free sandwich and paid me to post about it on Instagram, so I had to do it. So what did I do? I used tactic to of brand awareness, which is to promote the brand, knock the product. I am not going to post about the sandwich and tell my followers that I liked it. That would be bullshit. So what did I do? I posted about the brand instead, and in this case their location. I noticed that they had a giant egg photo booth in the back of the restaurant. So I told my followers Hey, look at this place. This restaurant has a place where you can take fun egg pictures. Did I tell my followers to go by the sandwich? No, it's not my job to sell their damn sandwich. My job is to let my followers know that this place exists and get a conversation going about it. I simply posted these I G stories and said, Hey, what an interesting place. What do you think? Hey, just so we're clear, you are not going to go tell that restaurant that I didn't like this sandwich, right? Oh, my God, You're so giving me hell today. First it was my action figure collection, and now you are blackmailing me. Whatever, man. Anyways, my Thailand followers were intrigued by my post, and many responded to me by D m, even my followers from the United States joining on the conversation and said things like, probably one of my favorite foods about the burst all over your head. Your stories are fun, eager to read every time you post and another, GM said. I will make some scrambled eggs now because you put my mind on it and then I let the restaurant know. You see, people are reacting positively to my post. People now know your business exists. My job is done. You now have brand awareness, and if they are ever in the area, they might check you out. Many influencers make things complicated. They feel pressured to sell products and give sponsors unrealistic. Expectations and guarantees. Don't make it complicated. Here are the action items in this episode when you are having a conversation with a small business, just tell them straight up. Tactic one. You are a new business, and not many people know who you are. And plus, you have competitors. Your customers Onley know about your competitors, but not you. I will help you grow your business by telling people who you are. I will give you brand awareness and tactic to tell them that you don't help them sell products. You help them sell their brand. You will let your followers know what you think of their brand and start a conversation going that will generate visitors and leads. Never, ever feel pressured to sell a product for your sponsors. It is not your job. Your job as an influencer is to create brand awareness. It is much more important to keep a brand name in the mind of your audience, then to sell one or two products. Now, do you want to know what tactic three and four is are seeing the next episode? 5. Sponsorship 202 - Brand Awareness Tactic 3 and 4: Welcome to sponsorship to 02 You are probably here to learn about Tactic three and four. All right, let's get started. Tactic three and four of brand awareness is three. Extend the deal and the perks, and four use other brands to make yourself famous for free. That's actually how my friend Michael got a gym sponsorship deal. He noticed that a new gym opened near his home. So he visited the location and told the manager that he has a finishing INSTAGRAM account, and he is willing to post about his experience going to this gym in exchange for sponsorship. To show how sincere he was, he showed the manager he already have a 62nd video of himself working at this gym, and he published the Post in front of the manager Dan. He showed him how some of his followers started liking the video. The manager was impressed by Michael's positive attitude and gave him, ah, one month free membership Right then and there. Now guess what happened next. What would you do if you're Michael? You are going to go back to that gym and use that free membership right now. What are you gonna do when you're back at the gym, you are gonna post more videos of you working out on Instagram. And that was what Michael did. Every time he went back to the gym. He posted about it. It was so simple and yet so effective. He even gave me a few of his free passes to the gym so that I can go and help videotape him . He wasn't telling his followers to go buy a membership that would be too pushy. He's simply posted these videos every time he went to this gym and his followers became more and more familiar with Does Jim Brand? The management was so happy for the social media attention that they recently gave Michael a six month free membership and some protein powder as a small gift. They were trying to convince Michael to visit their gym, often because they knew if Michael visited the gym, he was going to post about it and guess what happened next. They gave him a trophy. Yeah, I asked him, Michael, why the how did they give you a trophy? And he said well off their new brand Ambassador, I told him, but it's not like you want a competition? I mean, you only get a trophy for winning a contest. You'll get a trophy for posting workout videos and you were gonna work out anyways. It didn't matter which Jim you were going to. Marco wasn't happy about what I said, and he's not talking to me right now. Maybe I should have kept my thoughts to myself, and that is Tactic three. Extend the deal and the perks. If you are proactive and take the initiative, sponsors will reward your enthusiasm by extending the deal and giving you even more perks. Okay, now let's talk about Tactic four of brand awareness Throughout these brand sponsorship episodes, you probably noticed that I have taken on a business minor toning, right, talking about contacting brands, building relationships, using the fear of competitors, selling products and so long. That's because I teach these concepts and more, in my things, the business course tactic. Four. Use other brands to make yourself famous for free. Here is an example. One of my students has a makeup account. I told her to research what is trendy in the makeup industry right now, and she discovered that magnetic eyelashes is a hot item now. So then I suggested that she reach out to small businesses who is selling the product and ask for sponsorship. She found 14 brands and sent out 14 collaboration requests. She got back three that were interested. She didn't know what to do next. Which brand should she post about? I told her that. Oh my God, how awesome. You have three brands wanting to give you free products. Use that to your advantage, post about all three and do a review. So that's what she did. She compared the three brands side by side and said something positive about each one. Now get this. I told her to title the video. My top three favorite magnetic eyelashes. Do you know what this does? First, it establishes her as an expert on makeup. Hey, she had to be if brands were giving her sponsorship deals. Second, this trendy item is what people are searching for. Only Instagram, and if she can do an honest review on it, then she will get a lot of attention and followers and three each of the brands that shipped her free products would be happy about the promotion. Why? Because they were happy to have made her top three favorite list. They didn't need to know how many times she was rejected from other brands. All they needed to know was that they made her top three favorite list. This tactic is using other people's products, other people's brands to make yourself more famous. And it's free. Do you know what I was happened? Even I was impressed. I'm so proud of her. She got a lot of attention from posting about the trendy product by doing a review that she turned her hobby into a business. She started buying magnetic eyelashes at wholesale prices, created her own brand name for it and started selling her own product. It's simple. You create brand awareness for some small business. You get attention and get new followers. Now people trust you, Dan. You create your own brand and start selling your own products. This was a brilliant business move, right? She basically tested the market before she invested in it herself with her own money. Clever. Here are the action items in this episode. Learn from my friend Michael. Tell your sponsors that every time they give you a free product or access to your location , you will post about it. This will encourage them to keep giving you perks. Hey, if they want more traffic and they have to keep giving you perks or pay you and second learned for my business student, do reviews of different products to get attention. You are basically using other people's products to make yourself more famous. And once you get enough attention enough engagement, you can consider creating your own brand. And why shouldn't you? You are an expert in your niche. After all, this tactic allows you to test the market for free before investing it yourself. Don't make sponsorships complicated and don't give sponsors on realistic expectations. Use the power of brand awareness to prove to them that you are a smart business person, and then they will trust you and give you the deal. It's that simple 6. What do Sponsors look for? - 5 Parts Visual Resume: Isn't it interesting that sponsors would never tell you what they're looking for? I mean, you find a brand that you really want to work with, and you send them a d. M. Asking for collaboration. They come to your account, take one look, and either say yes or no. If they reject you, they will never tell you why. It's frustrating, right? I have been working in the marketing and advertising industry for over 10 years, and I spent the 1st 4 to 5 years being rejected by so many different brands that it just became a blur. I was rejected by big brands, small brands, established brands and brand new brands. It got so bad that even when I offered to promote a starter brand for free to give them free publicity free traffic, they turned me down and actually said, No, thanks. The worst part is when someone rejects you and would never tell you honestly, why, why they didn't want to collaborate with you? What part of your account was turning them off? Looking back at all those experiences now it actually makes sense just like a job interview . If you were interviewing someone, you wouldn't give the interview e the answers to your questions, right? You would expect them to know what they're doing. After years of working for sponsors and creating content for them through trial and error, I finally figured it out. I finally figured out the five things that sponsors are looking for and no has nothing to do with the number of followers. You have brands and businesses. Look at your instagram profile as if it was your resume. In a few seconds of skimming it, they can tell if they want to collaborate with you or not. These are the five things that sponsors look for when determining a collaboration with you . This is your five part visual. Resume your aesthetics, your image, your past experience, your personality and your promotion ability. I am not going to go into super details and spend hours explaining each one and overwhelm you. That's what the rest of the courses for this episode is. Just to introduce my proprietary formula for attracting sponsors to you, for thing is athletics. As they skim your profile, sponsors were asked, Does your posts look random and do you have a brand of theme? This is not a must. But more often than not, it helps. For example, if you were thinking of giving a sponsorship deal to the person on the left or on the right , which one would you pick? You probably will pick the one on the right, right? Why? Because it looks well put together. The account on the left looks a bit random, as if she was just posting for fun. But if you look closely, you will notice that is the same person. It's the same account. This is my student, Sheikha. Her account used to look like the one on the left, but after she discovered the importance of aesthetics, she transformed her account toe one on the right. And that's how she got the sponsorship deal with the skin care line, As you can see and because the skin care brand color is yellow, she found a few objects around her house with also the yellow color and published it around the sponsored post, which better incorporated the brand into her feet. My friend Fianca has a makeup account. Even though she only has 9000 followers, she is always doing sponsorship deals. How come? Well, just look at the aesthetics of her account. It's so polished, right, and I'm sure you notice a pattern. She always has one column, dedicated toe eye makeup, and that's usually where Cheap publishes her sponsored post. Let me find one of the deal she did. Let's see. Okay, here's one. It's pretty right. And when you click on the common section and find her caption, you'll see that she tells you which brand she's promoting this time. And when you click on the mention, she is promoting the brand makeup studio Amsterdam, which has 30 K followers. Remember, if Janka only has 9000 followers, and, yeah, she's promoting a 30 K account. This is an example why you shouldn't be intimidated by brands that are bigger than you. They also want to work with micro and nano influencers to, and when you scroll through this brand, you can see they posted one of Yonkers picture with links to how to purchase the product that she was promoting for them. My student, Julian also has a particular aesthetic. He is a writer and post about his writing journey. You can see a particular pattern as you scroll through his feet. This column is about the different inspirations he gets when reading. This column is about his writing process, and this column is dedicated to books he is promoting to his book club. You can see how easy it is to promote an account like this to a sponsor, right? You can simply go to a brand in your niche and say something like, Hi, I have a specific section of my account where I recommend cool products to my followers. I think your brand is a good fit. Would you like to advertise on my account? Of course, Your aesthetics doesn't have to look exactly life Younkers or Julian's. Your style is your own. Just make sure to have a style because, hey, there is practically a spot. Reserved. Are your account for sponsorships? The second thing that sponsors look for is your image doesn't matter what your issues. There is a specific way. You're presenting yourself to your community, your physical appearance. Lots of people think you have to be physically fit, perfectly toned and basically drop dead gorgeous. To be able to work with brands businesses. That's bullshit. In fact, I wrote an article on Quora showing a case that he will instagram influencers get more sponsorship deals there? Ftv models? Why? Because influencers, arm or riel they're more relatable and they actually care about their followers. At first Grand, you would think that the FTV models are more popular, right? Well, you may not realize is that people who follows FTV models are only attracted to them on a superficial level. And it makes sense. Let's say both are promoting a mobile speaker. They are asking you to buy their sponsors speaker. Who do you trust more? The girl you follow because you think she's hard or the girl you follow because you like her inside and out. And you know she wouldn't lie to you or her community just to make a quick buck. And you can only gain that kind of trust from your followers if they know what you physically look like. There are lots of accounts with good engagement and followers, but sponsors don't want to work with him. Why? Because they hide behind their contact. It's all quotes or it's all tips or it's all curie. The images that doesn't belong to them. Um, who wants his account is is they Are they even real sponsors need to make sure you are a real person. They ask, Do your followers know who you are and do your followers like your image? Here is one of my students are account. Catherine posts about her resin, our work, and sells them on Instagram. And from time to time she does sponsorships promoting different products that she recommends her students used for the artwork. If you skim her account, you noticed that after every couple of her art posts, she will post a picture of herself. Why? Because she is consciously reminding her followers who she is and why they should care about her and her artwork. My student, Marisol, does this as well. He is a spiritual coach in Brazil, and there's constantly invited to different paid events as a guest speaker. His feet is filled with different project he's working on and different clients he is working with. The main thing that keeps his account consistent is his face. Whenever a sponsor checks out his page, they know exactly what the account owner is and that he is liked by his community. The third thing that sponsors look for on your account is past experience they are asking who have you worked with before and that your followers engaged with your past promotion. Now I am not going to spend much time here. I don't want anyone to think that the only way to get sponsored is toe have experience. It's like trying to get a job. You have tohave experience to get the job, but you have to have a job to get experience. It's ridiculous, right? It's like this never ending discouragement cycle. And I don't want you to feel this way to prove that you can manufacture experience. I made another episode showing you an experiment I did where I started a brand new account with zero followers and started posting and using the strategies I'm showing you right now . And when I got to about 1000 followers a message, a bunch of travel agencies and ask for collaboration on, one responded that they were interested in working with me. They offered to pay for Puerto Rico Hotel stay for free in exchange for some sponsored post isn't how crazy Anyways, watch out for that episode. I'll tell you exactly what I did 7. 2 Things you Must Have on your account: now that we covered. The first reports of your visual resume is time to talk about the last two things that sponsors are looking for. These two are must haves, and I have to stress that you have to have these two things. If you want to work with sponsors, they are so important to sponsorship deals that thes two parts make up the foundation of the star. Hence the two lakes of the star. The first thing that you must have on your account is a personality. Sponsors will be asking, Do you have positive attention? And are you interesting or entertaining? Positive and negative attention is something that no one really talks about. But I think you can get as meaning. Negative attention is influencers who have a lot of followers but have gotten them through , posting about controversial topics, mature content or doing pranks like the example I gave in my case study. Working with the zoom brand Ah, you to influencer was posting prank videos of him hacking into different zoom meetings and harassing teachers and students positive and negative. Does it always react in a non spontaneous characteristic? Theo Theo. Okay, I'll do my laundry after class. You're not Not about, You know my role. You're in a different class. No, I've been here all semester to look at. But remember you, it's OK, so we're all obviously smoking at home. I smoke too. It's okay. He got five million views on lots of followers, Yes, but no legitimate sponsor were want to collaborate with him in the long run, A positive attention Influencer is like my students saying that she has an account with. She posed about her curly hair. Sounds simple, right? But what makes her stand out is that she is always posting her interactive and fun personality. She is like a cheerleader for people who have curly here. Do you see her posing with that motorcycle? She is reminding her followers that people with curly hair has the confidence to do exciting stuff. Even though she only has about 2000 followers because of her personality, sponsors are sending her products for free. Also right. My friend Sean builds movie props and sells them on his instagram page. He builds prop guns, helmets and costumes. He has sold so many of his props and was even commissioned to Macon aliens power loader wheelchair for a sweet handicapped girl for comic con. So why is he getting all these opportunities? And why are sponsors providing him with the materials used to create the modes for the props? Because Xiang is full personality and he makes sure his followers and sponsors know it. This is a video of him with a new prop helmet he made walking around his studio. He makes prop building fund, and because of his fun personality, people care about him and what's going on in his life. Personality is one thing that gets people to like you followers and sponsors alike. Can you imagine anyone wanting to sponsor him if he hid behind his work and only posted lifeless props? My other friend, Gabby, is a showgirl in Las Vegas. Her instagram page is about her life as a performer on stage. Most performers post about how beautiful they are or how successful they are. Not Gabby. Her profile is focused on promoting her personality. Here is her introducing the famous Wayne Noon to her followers to get them excited, and another is her giving one of her fans a shout out on stage. This is what makes Gabby stands out. Instead of promoting Sexy, which is very superficial, she promotes fund. Ever since she did a sponsorship deal with a cupcake brand, she started learning about cupcakes and eventually created her own brand called Showgirl Cupcakes. Now what this cupcakes have to do with Showgirls. Her personality bridges that gap, which allows her passion to become a business. The second thing you must have on your account is promotion ability. When I first found out about this, I was like, I don't know how to promote things. Where do you even go? The Learn about it. Don't worry. This is why we're here. I simplified this process down to two questions. When sponsors are trying to figure out if you have promotion ability or not, all they are asking is, Does your posts look like boring ads? And do you know how to start conversations? That's it simple, right? Let me show you how this works. One of my sponsorship buddies is a little girl named Simone. You probably wouldn't believe me, but she gets more sponsorship deals than me. Seriously, this seven year old girl is a master in getting sponsored. It's almost like every week she's working with a new sponsor. What is her secret? Well, I just told you her promotional posts don't look like boring ads. This is her promoting a facemask brand. And instead of her just saying Hey, check this out. Go on. By this, she draws your attention to a block posts that teaches you what type of facemask. Usual wear. It's relevant, and educational sponsors love it when you can teach your followers about their product again. When she was promoting an app that allows you to share resource is like food with your neighborhood, she didn't say, Hey, download this app. Use it to share your resource is no one would have said yes or even cared. That's why she worked with the brand to come up with an incentive. How about every item you share? You get a $1 credit added to a Whole Foods gift card. They worked out a deal with the whole food marketing team, and now Whole Foods is a sponsor of the APP sponsor. Sponsoring Simone say that three times faster. Sounds funny, right well is true, and Simone posted a picture of herself holding the incentive. The gift card instead of the APP, which worked here is her promoting another brand this time a bed sheet with collaboration with Amazon Prime. This was how she captured her followers. Attention, the caption read. I'm not playing that all day. I'm working. Simone was really serious this day. For some reason, she got to take home one of the sheets and has been sleeping great. Why Simone talking about herself in third person? Because she is seven years old, her parents runs her social media accounts and negotiates responsive deals on her behalf. That was started to make sense. Right now, her abilities are more believable, right? If she was doing sponsorship deals by herself, she will be hosting this episode and talking to you and not me. Another part of emotion ability is your ability to start conversations with your followers . Here's my example. It was fun but very stressful. Collaborating with Bar Khadi, the rum brand. They were so serious, no nonsense and didn't like my sense of humor. In fact, they rejected most of my content strategy proposals. Here's the situation. I had to pose a picture of myself holding onto the cup with their logo and with their and with their brewery in the background, the problem was it was Monday. Now, how the hell am I gonna promote this to my followers, people are drinking coffee. People are not drinking alcohol. It didn't make any sense. So I thought long and hard, and I finally came up with this solution. Now you tell me if you like it or not, instead of saying hey, follow bar Qadi, Click the link in their bio and by their alcohol online. My caption read Happy Monday whether you are sipping coffee to jump start your day or sipping rum to slowly easing to the week, Let's have a great week together. Just don't drink them at the same time. Hi, basically made drinking alcohol is somewhat relevant to my followers on a Monday. As long as you are being entertaining and not obviously promotional, your followers will respect that. I know the humor is a bit corny, but it worked and I got a lot of comments and started a conversation. Sponsors don't like seeing influence or saying things like, Hey, follow this or hey by that because they know that doesn't work and gets on everyone's nerves. If you show that you can start a conversation and make your followers forget they are looking at an ad. You will be an asset to their business. Here are the action items in this episode. Don't worry and don't be overwhelmed. Print out the what do sponsors look for PDF and the company worksheet and fill it out. We will take it step by step and make sure your account is optimized for sponsorships. The key is to be aware of these five parts that makes up your visual resume. Once again, don't be overwhelmed with all the details that was covering this episode. I just want you to be aware of the things the next time you post on instagram or on social media in general. By adding these five components, it would dramatically increase the value of your account, making sponsors want to pity you and give you free stuff. 8. Zoom Sponsorship - Case Study - Do Research on your Sponsors: opportunities will come when you least expect it. The question is, will you be ready If someone hands you the contact person of a brand that you really want to collaborate with? Will you be ready to speak with them? Row By the end of this episode, you will, even if the person who hand you this opportunity is your mom. Ever since the quarantine schools around the U. S started shutting down, my mom is a professor at a college, and yet her school shut down as well, and now she has to move everything online because she is the head of the margin language department. She was approached by a marketing representative from the Zoom Company. Zoom, just in case you didn't know is a video conference software used by schools and businesses to host lectures and meetings during the covert 19 pandemic, the company grew so much that they became the most downloaded app, beating Google hangouts and Tic tac. One day in March 2020 the Zoom app was downloaded two million times, with 300 million daily meeting participants by the end of April 2020. After test driving their software and finding a user friendly. My mom started working with the Zoom Representative to host her online class lectures here is her showing my cat to her online students. During one of those lectures, during one of her meetings with the representative, she told him that her son, which is me, was the influencer and might be able to help them promote the Zoom brand on social media. The representative was interested and agreed to speak with me about a possible collaboration. Now I know what you're thinking, June. You've got the sponsorship deal because of your mom. She got you the marketing persons contact information and you got the deal. Because of that. Let me share a secret with you that will help you understand how sponsorship deals work. I have been working in this industry for over a decade, and I can tell you that getting in touch with the marketing people of a brand is not difficult. I got a chance to work with Target because I found their marketing contact information on their corporate website. I contacted the press department and started a conversation I got a chance to work with under armour because I struck up a conversation with under Armour Smaller Thailand Bridge From a direct message, I sent them. My friend Michael, you remember from the last episode, got a sponsorship deal with the gym because he simply walked into the gym and found the manager and my student. Kelly got a deal to stay in the Sunset del Mar Resort in Costa Rica for free because she found the hotels instagram page and started a conversation in one of the photos Common section. Finding and getting in touch with the marketing people of a brand is not hard. But what you say during the conversation might be just What do you say to them once you have their attention, what do you say in the conversation to convince them to work with you and pay you and give you free stuff? What you say ultimately determines the deal. Okay, let's get back to the zoom deal. Before I spoke with the marketing contact that my mom gave me, I did research to prepare for the interview. You see, getting a sponsorship deal is like applying for a job. If you want the job, you have to do research to prepare for what you're gonna say during the interview makes sense, right? This is how you can prepare Step one. You need to find the brand you want to work with on Instagram and evaluate their presence. Step to you. Research on Google. How the company as a whole is doing and step three from the information you gather. You come up with a few things you can offer them if they decide to work with you. Okay, let's break this down and start with Step one. Find the brand on Instagram and evaluate their presence. We are basically looking for strengths and weaknesses of their account on Instagram. This is zooms. Instagram Page was their strength. They are verified with a blue tick. It makes their account more official. Okay, What else? Um actually, that's pretty much it you can see here. Zoom is a $42 billion company and yet their INSTAGRAM account is rather mediocre. They only have 35 k followers. Their bio is just a description of the service. Nothing that explains why the product is different or unique from others. They only have a total of 35 posts. Their account is pretty new As you skim through it, the posts look random. It doesn't tell you a cohesive story of what their brand is about and why you should care. It looks like bits and pieces of things just thrown up there. That's why they are also getting poor engagement for someone with 35,000 followers. It's interesting that they are only getting about 447 likes 267 likes and 365 likes on their photos. Now this is not an episode may to criticize zooms instagram account. Anyone can be judgmental, and that wouldn't be helpful to you. What I am doing is showing you some of their weaknesses so that you have an idea of what you can offer them. Now check this out. They post short tutorials that get about 7000 views. But when they post a user generated content, especially entertaining ones like this C g I baby created by someone else, they got 12,000 views. Do you know what this means? Their account is lacking content, interesting, inspirational and entertaining content, and they are absolutely hungry for it. Okay, this is step one now. Step to research how the company as a whole is doing here is the thing. Looking just at a company's instagram page is not enough. Why? Because it's not objective. Do you remember how successful of a company zoom was, how they were the most downloaded app with two million daily downloads, or 300 million daily meetings, or how their company is worth $42 billion? Well, I dig deeper and guess what? I found one company zoo. It's facing a backlash of a series of security and privacy lapses. Google is banning the popular service from its employees devices, citing security vulnerabilities, the Hill reports. Google bans use of zoom on employee computers due to security concerns, CTV News reports. Not a safe platform. India Ban Zoom for government use and the Guardian reports. Singapore BANDS Teachers using zoom after hackers post obscene images on screens. Now we know what the Zoom brand really cares about. What they're even afraid of being seen as an unreliable service despite being a successful company. There are viral videos of people hacking into zoom classrooms and harassing teachers and students, making cynical, disruptive jokes, recording people's reactions and then uploading the videos on Tic Tac and YouTube so that they can get views. Look, this prankster has a whole series of crashing random zoom classes, is getting over 5 to 7 million views each. He basically records himself finding a link to the classroom, signing up, pretending to be a student and den positive and negative. Does it always react in a non spontaneous characteristic? Okay, I'll do my laundry after class. You're not. You know my role. You're in a different class. No, I've been here all semester. I'll have to look at. But remember, you'll It's OK, so we're all obviously smoking at home. I smoke, too. It's okay. I don't If you were a student trying to learn, how would you feel if you were a teacher trying to run a class online for the first time? How would you feel now if you were the CEO of Zoom? How would you feel there? That's it. Now you know how to speak to the zoom representative during a conversation. You now know what to offer them because you understand what they're going through. I explained to the marketing person that I understood how important their public image was . My approach, the content Curation is positive with light hearted humor. I post inspirational stories and entertain my followers never at the expense of the sponsor . This is the agreement I had with Zoom. In exchange for compensation, I will publish three posts on my account two photos of me using their product and one viral video. Here is the content strategy we finally agreed upon. The first Carrizo Post was about me holding up the iPad in a zoo meeting. However, the caption was not. Here's the zoom product and go download it. Dad was sent like spam. Instead, the story was about my ING security is going online while having quarantine hair. It first read quarantine hair before the zoom meeting. At least I know how to shave. Okay, Ready for the zoo meeting? Wow, I'm not the only one who needs a haircut. And the last picture is a superimposed image of some people with horrible quarantine hair. By doing this, it actually told a funny story and made using the zoom product relevant and positive at a time like this. The second carers opposed looks similar, but had a different story. I told Zoom that people enjoy seeing how things are made, how we made this ad. That's why I got a behind the scenes photo from the photographer doing the photo shoot and told this story. It started with the final product and then read. I feel so lonely pretending to talk to people. Not really there can't wait for this ad to be published, so I'm talking to people for riel. I also made the caption meaningful and told everyone that I understood how it felt to be lonely during quarantine. This post helps humanize the zoom brand and reminds people why brands like Zoom exists, allowing us to stay connected with our friends and family. And finally, the Fair Post was a 3.5 minutes collection of the funniest viral videos having to do with video conferencing. Because I knew Zoom was very sensitive about the negative publicity that they were having. I made sure that the collection was lighthearted and positive. It wasn't as easy as I thought. Collecting these videos. Many of the viral videos on the Internet about video conferencing were making fun of Zoom, and those videos obviously could not be used. So after watching hours of video, I finally came up with this 3.5 minute compile elation and submitted it to the zoo marketing representative for approval. Once it was approved, I posted it, and I have to say I was quite surprised by the result, even though I was limited by what I was allowed to collect. It did better than my viral video about the toilet paper means and the corn team names and name a sense. My followers and visitors felt it was relevant, entertaining to what I was sharing about the zoom brand. And they felt like they were part of a video conference adventure and enjoy seeing thes posts show up on their feet. I gave the Zoom brand what they were looking for at a time like this. Positive publicity, and that's what you need to do as an influencer. Tell sponsors you have the ability to bring your followers into your world and create an interesting story for the brand you are promoting. Here are the action items in this episode Finding and getting in touch with the marketing people of a brand is not hard, But figuring out what to say is, that's why Step one, you need to find the brand you want to work with our instagram and evaluate their presents . Step to research. How the company as a whole is doing any trendy information about them will be useful. And step three from the information you gather come up with a few things you can offer them and present it to them during the conversation. I would have never known what does say or come up with those lighthearted and humorous content for Zoom. If it wasn't for the research I did on them. I did research to figure out what their company was looking for, and I presented what I could offer them based on what they were looking for. Okay, let me know if you have any questions and all right onto the next sponsorship deal.