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How to draw ANATOMY

Damien Barban

How to draw ANATOMY

Damien Barban

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28 Lessons (4h 20m)
    • 1. Exercice with ovals

    • 2. Basics of proportions

    • 3. Proportions of the profile

    • 4. Axis and muscles, part 1

    • 5. Axis and muscles, part 2

    • 6. Axis and muscles, part 3

    • 7. Main lines to draw a back

    • 8. Hips of women

    • 9. How to draw an arm, part 1

    • 10. How to draw an arm, part 2

    • 11. Drawing the chest of a woman

    • 12. Drawing the back of a woman

    • 13. Drawing legs

    • 14. Drawing woman in movement

    • 15. Drawing torso of a man

    • 16. How to draw feet

    • 17. Drawing with a low angle shot

    • 18. Characters in movement

    • 19. Drawing high angle shot

    • 20. Drawing a man couching

    • 21. Drawing a man jumping a wall

    • 22. Drawing a man flying

    • 23. Drawing a man running

    • 24. Men and women's arms

    • 25. How to draw an eye

    • 26. Drawing mouth

    • 27. Drawing a man with arms up

    • 28. Drawing emotions

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About This Class

Have you ever tried to draw human anatomy?

This course is going to show you very simple techniques and tips to do so.

The anatomy is the basics of the drawing of human character.

No matter if you work for video games, for yourself or for any kind of art, you will need to know these fundamentals. Learn how to improve your skill in drawing anatomy.

Several exercices will be presented to you, from the more simple things to draw, to more complexe anatomy drawings.

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1. Exercice with ovals: Let's start this course with the first step, the first step will be drawing a character with problems. The oval is a very simple shape that we are going to use to dro our character. This is the first simple step. The first exercise you can do. It's too drove a novel. You can't. It's with the symmetric line. I write it. Symmetry. Here it's in French, but it's the same in English, and the symmetry is going to help you to draw the same forms on the right are other left of the character. It's not exactly the same, but it would. It would help you to draw something quite similar on the side or another. Then we can draw the torso and the arms, the arms. We can draw like this and every steps, every part of the arms of job, with forms like this and for the legs as well. This is a very simple exercise that we can see to help you to draw very easily characters. Now be careful with the arms and the legs. Make sure you don't draw something that is too huge. It will create some problem for a character. It could be different for us. Some characters like help our other very specific you Mel's. But for a normal human being, you have to be careful. The anatomy. This is what we're going to speak about here and that to me where majo face, we can see here that the face is too long. Our could be too large and this is what we're going to to exercise. You can see here various examples off faces, very simple faces, the form of the face and form of the oval. Used dro the face killed play a certain role in drying a funny character are serious character here on drain anouma fees what we call the number phase. It's something that will not create some funny attitude. Are any can off attitude that is not normal? It's something that is a normal face is just something that is normal by which we're looking for When you Joe a coming correct. So the first really can do is to draw ovals again and again and again. You take white paper, you drove. You can do this every day and on white paper you take a pen no matter what kind of fan and you draw again and again until you get a certainty about drawing ovals. That's, you know that could be used to draw your faces. You can see here and drink plenty of I don't care about if it's well done or nuts, I'm not wasting time to take my A razor and to correct very small detail. We don't care. What is more important here is the equipment you have to draw a lot. Thieves will make a difference between, well, drain good are nuts 100 ready here, observation and your skill down how to draw. I mean, when I mean skill. It means that you have to draw a lot and you have to observe. You have to Joe what you can observe outside left to observe people, you have to observe how the bodies are moving and how you can draw them. You have to observe movement. All of this is very important. Observe ation. It's looking at the reality because the reality is the more important thing you have to understand, to understand proportions and to understand how to dress your character, to drove movements to to do something that is really if you are only basing your drying on your imagination, something that could be good, something he could be. Not so good. So you have to two seat to observe human beings animals, and you have to two days a sense yourself on observing lots and then drink on new paper. Then, when you have done enough observation, you can try again. To drop by. Your own imagination is not something like golden rule that you cannot Joe from imagination Off course. You should have imagination, and you have to drop from it. But if your difficulties first you drove what you observed, this is the more important point you observed, and you draw. You spend more time observing than drawing. If you have someone in front of you and you want to draw this person, you have to observe in the lot and drain stand, Mastic, tingle time or do plenty of sketches. There is no really roof, but it But what is important You drove any observance it the same for faces, emotions. Emotions are something very important for characters, especially incoming book, because it will give life to characters. So for the same face here as I can draw six faces with the same eyes on Onley, moving the eyes, Hydro's and enough, and it changed the emotion of the character. This is another existence, he and see that I drove the face of Georgia Symmetry client, and I draw a rough character with only English in and just putting a fast character on the paper. This is another exist site. You just draw something very rough, but that will express emotion fully. I'm not taking care down the anatomy if it's good or nuts. This is a very interesting exercise to do this because you are not always going to be trapped in how the anatomy is good or not, you can exercise, but just writing a ref drove off emotion. Then you can come back to something there even much more realistic. But you have to unlock your imagination and lock your drinks kill. And to do that we will give you plenty of eggs, a sizes and and advices and what's changed. You hear this part off the existence. He's my didn't just pick about this course next to me is something very interesting because you can be a very good cartoonists and even someone was published in a on still doing some mistakes in anatomy. This is why we're going to see everything's like here and train you an example of volume volume. It's going to be very interesting because it will learn you how to draw with nines off someone was working like three D. You have to understand that your character can be draw with trans three D on viewpoints. You have to draw the same character no matter if he's from the profile off in far in front of you, off barking at him from the top from the bottom. So all of this viewpoint have to be really understand. This is here again, another exciting. You draw plenty of faces and you can see here and still working on the ovals and drink emotions over and over and over. I will try to add more detail is lie here and drink manga character, and I will use this longer characteristic that is, big eyes on. To creates even more in perceive emotions. You will find that in the comic creation, you will have to use plenty off tricks like eyes and emotion toe. Make your character's life 2. Basics of proportions: Let's speak about proportions here on draining the face. This face is going to be linked to Daddy. You're the neck and we have plenty of other things. Progressions is something that is very important to make sure that you don't have a character that is not too small to tell who have to to tell arms. And so you can see here that I'm drain a face with the symmetry client. This image reclaim will help you to draw proportions here, this line in the back, in the front of the character. I can draw like this, but it's very risky, too, to draw without good model off proportion not to be enough drilled on how to drove proportions. You can see here that then drink free faces in another one, the nose with neck and this drill. In the 1st 1 you draw the first part of the body and you always turn with head. You draw heads, began it again, and this is the head from the profile of the character, and we're still speaking about genetic forms, not even going into very complex farms. You drove head from the face from profile, and you just have a few elements and you add more and more demons. Hold on. The course is we're going to see how to add the eyes to add the body and all the small details that would make you character looking. That being the character with old elements, the Here's the hairs. And so here on drain more did a sketch in here and right and dream more rough sketch these two kings of sketches values. There is not something that is wrong that this even won. The ref fun is probably more easy, and the 2nd 1 is more detail, but the details will come will become more easy for you to do when it will have done enough . They re fast and rough sketches again. When you can drew, uh, characters like this, we can do several other things. I can spend a little more sign to add new, some details. Next, your shoulder, the back and you can see there is some things we can observe that the shoulder is placed here. It is not a place too high or too low compared to the head. You always have to draw a Milliman compared to the position off another one through the hand. Next, the torso and the shoulder at this place. Observe. Where is the shoulder? Isn't around the cycle at this place? This is another drill can do and drink just this part. This is a character from pro. Fine. Do the head. You do deter so and your job, the shoulder and the beginning of the arm of the arm. Then we drove account up in front of you again. We drove the same elements. The head knows the neck, torso, the arms, the hours no visible. Both arms are visible because the personal is in front. What you can do. It's to put stuff in this video on this picture and drew a lot of characters like this again. This very simple exercise is going to help you to create very natural characters. It's still using over, but we're going to see how to draw muscles and the skin, and soon, later in the course. Then I'm drying red. The more important lines of the character and green, too, Joe. More human, uh, place the body start to appear, and this is why this kitsch needs to be drilled over and over again. Because if your sketch is well done and proportionate, respected. Then when you will draw the human bodies around this catch, there will be no problems off proportions again, another character and I can do again and again and again the same he and drain the character with Head Symmetry Plane and I'm counting. Seven R. Eight depends. Characters tour nuts points with a space that equals Teoh Sign is equal to the head. It's seven time the head. Then you drew Tercel that counts for two heads, and you will see in this example how I'm drawing very proportion ated character. This firm is going to be here and then on placing the knees the first part of the legs and then it signifies you can see here a more detailed explanation of the drain on this part. Don't make sure there is no too much space between the legs and the wise it will give you. It will give the feeling that he's been too much time writing and horse, and that he got kind of an attack problems, so make sure there's enough to space respect the space on showing you here. Then right now for the fit. I'm just doing something like this going into too much detail is it's use less and the end d Hence, when the character is just waiting like this, hands at our level do the red line. I drove at the level of the other links during the hand in more and just reduce the site of the the size of the head a little bit because to be to So now we have a character that these Morris proportionate. Off course, we can do something even more detail. You can erase what is not doing well. And right now you can take your white paper and drill just the creation of this character like this. 3. Proportions of the profile: in this video, we're going to see how to draw a character from his profile with First, let's do some exercises about during the character from the front. I'm giving you again the different steps to draw a counter from the front I woodrow, a couple of chemicals, still with some very simple geometrical forms, and, uh, it will. It will remind you how exactly have to drop your proportionate character. This progression will be used for the counter. When we withdraw its from his profile again, I show you some it recline that will separate your character into parts. He would count approximately seven heads to make sure that the proportions are correct to his full torso and then one hand from the parts and the rest for the knees and the legs and again another one so you can see that they tried to drew faster. You have to draw very fast with you. Do your exercises, trying to be as fast as possible. It's kind of drill you can do. You drove very fast and you don't erase anything. Just drove in, drew plenty of characters like this, and it will be very interesting, so to Drew only the head on the torso and with the arms. You draw only one part of this character. You can take one paper and drew several characters very fast, with only the head from the torso sometime and adding some expression just for fun and sometime can add. Some Romans are train to to draw someone with Fats are nuts. But this exercise to do over an American is giving you a very basic character and to respect this provision. So now, on drawing head the neck and I will start to draw the symmetry Klein. But look at the form. It represents the symmetry plane, but also bones in science and body of the back. And now I'm drawing the back and the front of the character. But we are drying the profile here is the back. He is a shoulder and you have to respect the distance between different direction. Your shoulder is very center, this at this body, and you have to respect the space here because your sugar has a kind off volume. You have to respect this. Then the banks times like this neck. And now you can see that here I knows and it would be approximately even. And he's Of course, you can prove this. This kitchen you can drill with this exercise. You drill with joining this character with the end the next and the back and the same as user exercises. You do it again and again and again because when you will be more way become easy for you to drew that sketch, then you will be able to add some movement in the arms. Probably drum or detained in the character like more hairs on some details in the eyes in the face are closes. All right. What you see here is, uh, basic sketch. You have to work absurd this sketch and droit again and again do It's a lot of time and make sure that your character to be a nuts like this. You if you're doing this like everything, character with no profession, stuff it's and do this exercise 4. Axis and muscles, part 1: we're going to see here how to construct your character with missiles. The missiles are very hard to put in the character if you don't really know that the anatomy of human beings. But this drill is going to give you some tips to to do it very easily. First, I drew the character with normal technique with a symmetric line for the end, for the head, for the torso, and we're going to find some some que points that were had. Us, too. Build up the character. So we're going to draw on Lee torso, head, torso and arms. He are the shoulders. First I drove on Lee, the key points of the character with marks. These marks are these point representing the shoulders and the different angles. You can see that his shoulder should be smelled. The other one. Make sure you don't have a shoulder that's not shorter than the other one on the order of character is going to be a kind off weird. Then I take some measures here to make sure they do. Torso is going to be with missiles, but not weird. You have to respect some spaces between the neck in arms and all the elements composing your person. So here I'm drained some geometric forms that could help you to build this. Can't You can take a look at this and just put your video and pose and compete. You can copy this every step on drink here, step by step to help you to create a cart. Then there is here. There are cardinals missiles and in blue and drink this part that he's in the middle of the Thompson in the chest, the end of the torso. And you can still use the symmetry trying to help you to draw that and to make sure that you have the same approximately with the same sighs from the left, the right of the dorsal and the cure you Your character is too thin because the red area is not limit the on the dorsal. You have additional parts on the rights on the left and off. This should be quite seem out. What you see here in this video, this is a very strong man. It's not a thin man. It's not someone who is not, is never doing sports. These guys very strongman like a superhero. If you draw a superhero. You can use this technique with this red, green and blue parts toe. Help you to drop your super here. Then you can work step by step to resize some parts of the building that is too are too large. Then you can separate the work. You are doing the steps you will do with the 1st 1 That single one, the third for and forth and feet. You have five step you can respect here to make sure you're not missing anything. 5. Axis and muscles, part 2: The next point we're going to see is to drove the character from the profile. But with all the masses hand, we draw the senator's plane from that profile. And then we drove, as we did in the previous video Tarso with very simple form. But this time we add some additional form. The red one is going to be the front part of yourself and we find again the same green parts and we have here in blue, his shoulder and the different part of the arm. Make sure you back is respecting this curve. Here's spin boom off. The character is not going to be very straight, is following a curve like this and the head is going to look at this direction. So if you respect this game things, your character is going to have a human attitude, not a very rigid attitude. You can drill by dring rapidly. Some sketches of this I'm drink very fast this to make sure that they can have their beats to draw correctly. The correct you can see you can do the same and this time you had a movement left arm. So this movement can be added once you are more confident in your skill in drying character from the profile, and then you can continue with other drills again again every day you can try to draw your character some characters. That's what I think is the advice I can give to you to draw every day, even if it's only for 10 minutes, you drop a little bit. Did any of the Big Troll missiles and there We stopped to add a little bit more details, especially on the form of the Bernie you had. I'm going on and actual Iran's. That's very important. You have to check how much space it takes a village. Then we have these. This is another exercise we can do to get more tips on how you can drove and the more precise in how it can draw in respecting proportions. If you are in your hand here in the next, it's still very strongman with large nick on dreams. The detail is the the face, and you can see I'm working surgically once the left side and right side shadows and hairs , and this head is giving me some some points and what can help you are sowing drain with the details to use very thin lines off inclines to help you to create some shadows taking splits to dro and more indeed, a face will help to help you to draw a character. For instance, when you draw your character, the final size of the head is going to be very important. Because if you stay at the stage off sketch when you go from the sketch to a detailed face , you can see some time to lose some material. All you euros, um, head is going to shrink a little bit because you erase detained. So this is why this is important, too, to have good vision off what will be the final size of your head before to draw the rest of the body. You can see here that even erase Dooney sketch cycle of the head. The body will probably be be too much. A big It's not much, but it could happen. Probably not here. He could work, especially in comics. Incomings were enough respecting old and actually you can see very strong man with their lot off missiles, even missiles that doesn't really exist. But you have never diss have to respect position in the global form of the body. Only one character, like please, having probably ahead that is too small compared to his muscles. But this is a kind of monster, so it doesn't really counts in first place, trying to respect more or less the normal human proportions you can see here again, said Blue area of the shoulders, the green around. It's going to be your arm jumping on Harry out in yellow and red area in a way, should missiles and this sketch here Can I ask you to really get your the parts of the body ? You have to be careful when you drove mrs. You have usually four or five parts. I can't this part with cars to make sure you can really see exactly the parts. You have to be careful. Then when you draw a face, is the profile men? Then I drove Skitch off Daddy, I am particularly blue final lines of the character and we will see that's from the final lines, which will represent the true birdie and the sketch. You have a kind of difference. This is exactly what I was telling you. If you minutes ago you have to shrink and Robitaille the head. So your friend get arrested, The body he raised which is not necessary. And then it will give you. If you work like this, you have to work on your character from the top to bottom and not being only focus on the head to realize too late that your character is not proportionate. 6. Axis and muscles, part 3: in this video to see again a character. But things time will take a different view of this character. We're going to see this character from the 3/4 view. It's another difficulty you can have enjoying a character because you will see some more beside, for instance, right side, then the left side. But you still see both this of this, So be careful how I'm drained. Step by step this car. I'm still using this mythical line, but the 3/4 view is something that could create you some difficulties, which is something that has to be handled because older character in the coming book will usually be presented on three Quetta You. It's not usual. That's a low character present and from face, our from the back from full profile, usually from three quit so you can see Theis side I'm hatching is less. There is less visibility than the other side now in blue. I'm going to add some lines are going to be more detail off the head, the neck and torso, and you will see that we can gives the idea that one part of characterising to be in the dark and the other part in the lights. It's a good example to understand tree Quetta character, and in addition to that, I have to add the some muscles as we have seen before. And as we are going to see in other videos, District quarters view has to be work no matter if you take a picture or a real teacher, are you? You take drawing someone else like you do here with this video. But you have to work and to read in distant. Where do you put the missiles? Because has there is no more symmetric lions as we have before, when your character was from Rose on the favor from face. You have to see that that, for instance, this lane we can see the back of the character. You know what them drink here in red in a, and this thing will be different than the other one on the other side. So we can. You can learn this by, Of course, looking at this video are looking at some other anatomy courses, but this is also with experience because you have to remind where are located. Every muscles and hide of two drove them shadows a year. It was a thirst approach off the the tree. What's current? You will have to use this view a lot. So make sure you understand his first principles. And again take your paper to Cuban and drove its again and again and again the same parts of the car. So we used to do in the previous video. But this time we see them on on this trick with triquint of you. 7. Main lines to draw a back: we're not going to see how to draw the back of the character. This video is going to show you a lot of detains about back and every muscles of the back. Not every of course. I cannot say every muscle, because there's plenty but much more important ones that will allow you to to get a back looking like back. So just look at this video and have no much commits to do because all the Kamins necessary are already you can find them. In the previous videos, we're going to use a symmetric line, a sketch, and we're going from very rough sketch to more detailed illustrations. We're not going to the total finally administration, but we are very having to be near to it because all the main lines of the sketches will be present. And you will see that if you look at this video and reproduce from the paper every steps of it, you will get more improvement in new in the way you are going to drop back of the carrot again. The back of the character is usually very complex because you have plenty of missiles, so I hope this video is going to help you. Toe has more deep understanding about how you are going to work in it. 8. Hips of women: Now we're going to draw a lopsided posture offer woman in the comic books you usually have . Very nice girl is my girl on Have a very specific way too to suppose there, buddy, And the love sided posture is going to be one of them. So where do start this drain with normal sketch was very simple. Ah, forms. We have a kind of being here and this bean willing to trust for me in a very six c girl that is having this love saving Mr So bigger from the hips. The character. This is what is going to give a very sexy attitude that the character, because they have to go that way while the other eggs mean on the other way. So, in reproducing what I'm doing here way will be able to to drill this kind of pose and ah, this kind of attitude. Because if your feminine characters is not having in 60 attitude and that she's just standing on your foot on their feet like a man, it we not going to be very nice. So observe every lines on drink here anywhere, going to drones character, step by step. So if you have any doubt about something that is done here. Just go back and the video and looking it over and over again. Something I'm drinking with fast so you can make sure that you understand what I'm doing by going back in first on the video and now you're done with the sketch, you can add some lights and some shadows. Why, using light and shadows right now, while the sketches even not completed? Is it just to give you a first view of the of these shadows, giving some volumes on your character? You can see that it gave something more to your six attitude, and, when you will use the color, are only doing sketches. These shadows technique is very useful for you to to give more, more, more feeling that the character is very having this is having a very six attitude and is really female them on finishing this catch with kind of thinking, which isn't the re, which has been rough, but it doesn't matter. It's just to give you the first vision of how you can finalize a sketch, and you have to make sure than when you're doing the thinking, not using too much ref lines you have to be have to use very smooth France. And this is something that you can exercise them, too, because it will be part off the reasons, if yes or no, your characterize being done correctly on that. So from the the few altitude, very soft attitude you can do on the drain will depends on the sketch on the thinking on the shadows, and everything will contribute to use a 60 attitude your character may have. 9. How to draw an arm, part 1: the arms of the character is also something that means to be addressed precisely. You have in itself several muscles in the arms that should be known and when you draw them , drove perfectly. Of course, the arms is going to be what is more transform in a comic book character. But there, without thinking about the superheroes that have very strong the arms wagging just to see the main lines off are we started something. There's simple. And then when you will be more, ah, when we could be more easy for you to draw a normal harm, then you will be able to add some missiles and Joe their big arms like you can do on superheroes. Then first used. It was very simple Geometrical farms and usual. And you, Joe, these lines you separate your arms in serum Pont's and there is no more to say t to observe how arm is done, and the lines and dry here is a easy way to draw a normal arm. We are not going to speak about the hand. I'm just having a hand here bit something we have to see in some other videos. We're concentrating on the harms here. So you separate the lines. You can add some additional lines here and you can see that this part you will have some, even if you don't have to job and fully and I can doing here being very she magical view of the arm. But it represents more rest missiles, these missiles. We have to be more or less days according to if the character has a lot of muscles or not. Now I'm raising this for Gates on back with the normal arm. So make sure that your harm is in two parts and, uh, one key parts of the arm is eval. The elbow is going to be a point where you are missing too, curve a little bit. And then with the previews details, I'm sure you on how to separate missiles of the arm instead of drink. Very normal, like they read precise lines. I should say you just you can add some hatching to represent these. Be careful to do not add too much hatching like this, because otherwise it will give the feeling that your character has some for It's probably already too much chair, but it was just to give example, you can see ending some tests on the side of May white people to make sure that my brushes not too two large you can see and doing some example of hatching and the his acting could be correct. I'm using them on the drain. Okay, then. Another example this time is going to be something more details on the what arm would see it's a this example. You can follow it step by step by drink on your white paper and you will see that training over and over again. You will be more confident in using the technique and just teaching you. I leave you with this video and just drill it with and every parts. I'm giving some notes here. 12 went to because when you Joe, you always go from one side to another and I will give you shortly more details on drawing body, you know, with all the elements with the legs, with arms, with her head and so on in one full exact size. But right now you just exercise the hand, the harm arm, and then we will be able to do the rest of the 10. How to draw an arm, part 2: in this video, we're going to learn a new technique to drove arm. This time I'm going to go deep in the details of the vessels of the arm. So be careful off every step on drink here and try to reproduce this arm from the beginning to the end. Also, make sure to really be careful in every last details. You will see that once the sketch will be completed. We are very small details and every details are very important. So this is one technique and teaching you here. You will see that were used hatching to complete this sketch to make sure that we're going from a very rough sketch to something that is going to be very detail and very realistic. So observe what I'm doing here and take your white paper or pen and try to reproduce every state on drain here as a tell you pregnancy. Where now, studying to use hatching. I'm doing and giving you an example hatching here on the side of the white paper. This is what you are going to use in this exercise. Make sure that the hatching is respecting the light and the dark, where you have hatching. This is usually where you have the dark side of your heart. If you have right, you just left the space white and more. You go from this dark side to the white side, you use less and less hatching. Now we're going to review another technique to create shadows. This time, we're not going to use hatching. We're going to use gray values. This great values can be added with some ink pen seal. All raise computer techniques. This is the same theory than for hatching, meaning that you have a sign that he's in the dark and signed. That is in the in delights. So you decide which part of your arm going to be darkened and the other part that is going to be in front of the lights and you use your great values. With this viewpoint, you will see that that would use here a software computer. 22 draw great values, and I'm changing the sign. The size of the brush is amusing to make sure that I can dro every shadows between vessels the final step. Once sure shadows are done, you can add on the shadows hatching if you mixes techniques It will also give something very interesting because you will have some things. Both that's techniques wants you using them with some skills, you can create an additional techniques above another one, and it will give you more realistic has speak for your arms. 11. Drawing the chest of a woman: this video is going to show you how to draw a willing chest. This could have some difficulties because usually we don't really know where exactly. We draw this part of this part of the chest and this is going to be handled with techniques . I'm teaching you in this video first on dring Rough sketch. As usual, it respect the same rules than for the previous video. The torso of the man. And this is we're using symmetric line and different lines. With this one thesis time, you have to be careful of dune curves of the line which are a big difference then for the man, the anatomy of the woman is quite different and you have to observe exactly the line and drink. Respect every steps I'm showing you and he will be able to draw again some some funeral carrot. - Once you are done, the creation of your rough skitch, Then you will be able to add some more detains. I'm done with this first and we have to end some and in red I'm heading some lines that would be closer on the final lines of the body. We were living the sketch attitude to more realistic. You drink on the main lines on the did buddy and adding some additional geometry clients informs, - then , once this is done against you, that they can erase some lines to nuts, perfectly drunk have to. We have to make sure that it's not too much larger to just two large. Otherwise, it would be not very natural. And now I continue to drew the line through he raised drug in until I feel comfortable with , uh, the lines and form of the day until you feel something is well done. You have to erase and do it again raised meeting in until you feel that now it's good you have to change it anymore. - Once we're done with this catch, you have to complete it with some DJs like you. You're raising the unnecessary lions and only keeping Teoh the lines that be a visible by the person we're going to see your ears. Kitsch are to keep the lines that would be useful. The person was going to ink your drain or for yourself. If you are the person reasoning two inch drain. Now we're not going to speak about thinking we're going to speak about putting shadows on this wondering arms are head were just for accusing on this part of the body and the shallows are going to be various full to creative looms. And you will see here how I'm using the shadows to enforce this volume as the volumes of the of the form these funeral character. Now you're done with the shadows. You can see that if I wanted to add some and movement other basic exercise here to continue to progress. For instance, I can add some movement like on the head of the arm here, another one here or I can move the harm and it will be the same for the legs and in movements. So I heard the exact same. Gave you some new tips to improve your skills. 12. Drawing the back of a woman: this video is like the other ones. Previously, I'm going to show you the first step of the sketch. Then we're going to think a little bit lines and add some shadows. While looking at this video. Be careful of every steps I'm giving you as you have to repeal use. We can reproduce on a paper. Are computer software with your graphic tablets every steps and giving you here? Listen, look at this video. Watch carefully every step and exists as yourself in reproducing every single state on giving you narrow use. Catch is completed. We add some thinking for the main lines into that were permitted to then erase unnecessary lines again. The blue lines are the construction lines, and the black lines are inking off course. If you are doing with normal tools like conceal really Pence's like paper and some, you have to use a blue ink pencil and then you raise it with the Raisa and New can use China Inc to do the black thinking you can see on the screen. The final step is going to be the shadows. As for the other videos, you can use a softer computer and are you can use normal techniques. We spend CEO others and you decide which part of the back of your character is in front of the lights are in front of the dark. And from there you decide how you place your shadows. If you look at this example the light cool. Come probably from the right and you will see that I will place the shadows to to give this volume concept, but also to enforce the i d of the form of the body. 13. Drawing legs: we're going to draw the leg off a man. This leg will represent old main muscles composing the leg, and we start with the sketch. So we start with the line, which is a symmetry Klein, and we're going to end a d N foot knee and we were piece by piece, the necessary parts too good and function in late. So if you look at the construction of this leg, we can see that I'm using very straight lines like if it was a robot. But when we add the thinking of the leg, well, smooth the lines to make sure we are with the leg of a human, not Roberts on something, or someone who is in metal or in he has. You have to work the line in the end to make sure where the lines are not so straight. So a leg is very peculiar because you have the two sides of the leg that are not similar. It's not like the torso off men you have to separate. Of course, the name with the symmetry client bet the left side and you can see is different from the right side. So observed every details and every lines and drink here, give you a first view of the drink of the length. Then if you this late is the right one of the character. If you draw the left one, it would be the same technique. But in the rivers you re less and the lines of the left to have been the rights. And so now we're good. With the principal lines of the leg, we can add some hatching. A team is going to give some additional details and shadows to enforce the lines of the muscles. We can add more lines and more hatching, but be careful to do not use action technique everywhere. Otherwise it quickly it would create a kind of fear effects. It's not beer we drink. This is still a human. This hatching technical also be used to represent where the light is touching character. Then, when you're done with the hatching, we can think about using gray values. It could be an end with the software are in the traditional techniques with Great Inc and so on. But here I'm showing you with software so I can take gray normal gray, something that's not too close to to do black, and I'm using it by enforcing the areas. I have already work with matching techniques because, as hatching is re present ing the dark side of the leg. We unforeseen with the great and you will see that it will and first more volume of your leg, and it's giving you some very good tip, too. Give more your eggs. Something more realistic in the final part is thinking you can add some ink all around the dirty, and it will be a final point to your sketch because you will not need any more of these blue lines around your drying. So you finalize your sketch with this thinking, and you will see that you will not do too much hatching. Do less hatching with with ink, you can follow all the lines of a chain you did so far, but you will be very soft in the engine, inching very small lines. Otherwise, it will really give some fewer has beckons not no no what we're looking for and look at this video until the end to see and the final reasons 14. Drawing woman in movement: Let's do something more complex Now we're going to drove a woman in movements. When we start to speak about movement, it means that the axes were used to to reiterate eyes for the creation of character are going to move as we previews Previously seen in other videos, you have the next nexus for the shoulders and different other points that are used to create the proportion of the character. Now these points are going to move, and I'm going to show you here how you can move them to make sure that even if your character is moving, used to keep proportions, use then could see that we're almost done with this catch. And we created free lines, shoulders and probably in the middle of it are so and so on. So these lines could be it could be in other positions, but you can see that it could help to create some movements. These movements are giving life to your character, and each will show a natural position. So when you're done with creation of this lines in this character, you can erase his construction lines and then you will be a go to think your camera what they can sue just to you is to draw this pose over in a very, like all the exercises that can give to you. It's a quantity that is very important when you're driving, especially when you use movements you can see on the red on the green. Here, the lines I'm drink, they're moving in different directions. And this is what happened when the body is moving. You have several lines. You can draw for the legs, for the body, for the arms, and so even for the head. So what kind of exercise you can do is to take a picture and to determine where all these lines and just draw on the picture. The lines each well give you more. It will existence you to have more certainty about the position of these lines and how they can intense your your character and proportions of your cat. Then, when you are done, you can start to think you're a bit and alone. This These minutes I'm going to show you how to think, But this is my thinking star. You can have your own. It's not necessary. Need to be similar to what I'm doing. It just an example about how you can go from the sketch to name can carry. - This is the example is going to show you another kindof movement you confined and how the body can be moving different ways and how you can, Joe this Just look at this example and see how it works. This is the same technique off what were just seen that this is a different exam. - Then we're done with this example. You can see there is also the direction where the body is going. This is very important. And you can also see in this character that we have the lines of the shoulders and some others like the symmetry climb that are moving in several directions. In very simple your buddies movement, the lines are in different Girish. 15. Drawing torso of a man: Now it sees the torso off a man in detail. In this video, we're going to see from a simple sketch to finalized Inc. Uh, Skitch, I mean sketch because it will not be a total finalized drawing when nuts, yet done with color off the final version off Honey Boo character were just accused on on the anatomy. So this video is going to show you every steps off the sketch, then from their simple forms to human firms with thinking and hatching techniques, these videos and exercise take a white paper our work with the euro graphic tablets and reproduce every step to get some of the same approximately the same torso and the end of the of the course. You reproduce what you see and you drove your own. You're on drying on about this torso and the message ills and every detail is this exists as can be done many times. And if you feel that you are missing something, go back on the video at the step you didn't get and do it again 16. How to draw feet: We're not going to see something that is quite difficult to job. We speak about defeat, how to drove feet. This is a question that I asked the refund by students and as many very good cartoonists, even when they're already working into there are just career. Have still some difficulties to draw. Started in this video, we're going to see how to draw a fruit. This foods I'm doing here is composed off 1234 parts. This part should be a drew, one of still the others. You can put this video and stuff and Onley drill to buy. Drain this. What? What you see here, This sketch with the first part up to the fourth power. When you are done with them, you can go to the next stage. She's more detail foods. Now you have to see that it's not when you draw a character, the foot is not necessary. Something very important. What you need to know is just to draw something that is pretty realistic, not something very detailed. You never see a close up on the feet on or the foot of someone. If you look at the foot of a superhero, When your radio coming book, you will never see something very detailed. It's we really doesn't matter. But if you don't know how to drop foods, you would probably do. Sever mystics that we tell to your cartoon in something quite and really are badly done. It will be a mistake that will be observable, like the reader of your. So here I'm giving you some tips to drove fits when you are done with, drink this catch. Then you can start to drove food from different angles from the top from the bottom from several angles. The best exercise you can do is to take a picture off fruit, for instance, your own foot and eggs inside yourself to droit over. Never. This is the best drill can do here. I'm just giving you some tips, some things that will make your drink or easy, but it will not replace a dream from reality. So enjoy the end of this video and trying to draw foods and feats. Andi from several angles, you can see that I'm drinking foods from the bottom like the current was working on the ground of last, and that she was below is less The last part of the video is showing you how you can draw the food off the woman wearing spacey, thick shoes. You see such choose our just changing a bit arm not sorry, the leg of the woman. It pushed the leg to the tough and push this side of the foods down. So when you draw boots on shoes and song, just be careful about how the shoes is created at it would change the orientation of your foot. 17. Drawing with a low angle shot: here is something even more difficult than the other videos this time our game to work on the low angle shots character. This will be a woman that we have to drop with this low angle shit were first starting with the head, and we're going to dro several lines way are very similar to what we used to do now. If you did all the dresses mention in this course especially and that's me. Then she's going to turn her body in Century lets. It could be difficult to to draw our to understand how she what she's. What is your position? If this is badly done, this low angle shots is going to be a deep in additional difficulty, but sometimes very commonly used in coming book to give some more poor fool feeling. For instance, someone was watching you from the both That could give you the feeling that you are small and she's big things kind of stuff is done with such shut. So here is how we have to imagine the shuts you off and we're on the ground and cheese above you. She's walking above you or something in this, so you have to work. The character we situated at the ads should not be to launch, and you have to wear the proportion accordingly to these shots entering. Who here? Several tips, too. Help you to understand this and to give you more ID's about how you can joke such a character. - Okay , then, just get she's done. So this should be a bit more difficult. You could have more difficulties. Tools. It's possible it's not common to draw such a character that has the other video. You have to drill it again and again and again. And once you're done, then you can start to do some thinking. The thinking is something that I usually do. At the end of this kitsch is especially for my video of training, because it gives a final view off what will be the drink off course. It's a very rapid thinking. It's not. It's not the thinking I will do for a final commingle page, but just know, overview off what could be a character with. So I'm I'm thinking this character and you will see what I'm careful off. - Okay , now the thinking and old. Most done. It's not a perfect thinking, but you can see that. For instance, as the camera is close to the leg, the lines of the like are thick, and it is important to give an impression off of the shot. Then I can use some hatching to give the the volumes of the character. You can see that on the side of the character. Skitch knows you. You don't drove and knows we to black hole. It's not like this. If you do like this, knows of your character, we looks like the nose offer P. So you don't do that. You just suggest with small details, knows of character, especially if it's is with this with these shots. So once you are done with that, you can add some details and club isn't zone. But this was the first approach off how you can use the low angle shots. I remind you, the low angle shots it's like in the cinema. It's like if you was sticking a piece to camera, putting it on the floor and looking, looking on the character with walking a both the camera here, I'm adding some gray values to complete doom. The volumes of the character. This is like the all the videos where we used these techniques. This is the best techniques to explain rapidly how you can work on volumes, anatomy and missiles and swollen. 18. Characters in movement: we are now talking about characters in movement. We make the character being alive. To do that, we're going to review a couple things that will help you to get this movement first. We always start with head. Even if you are now used to draw characters, you have to start with and especially because this is the key point. This is a start point off your character. And if you want to make catching movement, you have to start buying the head because old, the other key points of the body stuff with the end and its position then from head, you can draw all the other key points like the shoulders, the legs, knees. And so So in this example, I'm going to draw a can off ninja doing your very rapping movement off jumping and kicking and kicking with his leg. So what shits and be careful toe old little things. I'm heading on the legs and how can create this movement. - Then I'm working on the on the arm. This arm is done in a very specific way because you can see that the hand is in the first first place. And if you're for instance your your hand here. Then the end is green in front of the camera. So you drove your hand like this and the end is behind and he sees this behind aspect that needs to be working out, and you have to be careful off such positions. This is very important because you cannot have a personal in character with flat in the legs and the arms can go in front of the character. For instance, Here the foot is going behind the character and all of these techniques to get the arms and the legs in front behind the bunny are very important and needs to be studied. I'm giving you some examples. You can a copy and drink again and again again. So this is it will be a first step to get this done and get these FX done here again. I'm just working in green, an example off a sketch off character that is moving. I'm just using very rough sketches. But already you can see you can fiddle. There is some movements. Here is another example. This time it would be a girl that is jumping with his punch up to the sky. This is giving. Also a very and very rapid movements like you can find a lot of movement like this in the comics where we have superheroes, fighting's and shootings with superpowers and so on, So this it would be very important to you to know how to draw them. So in this example, you will get some additional tips to know how to get this movement alive. And to use the legs position of the legs against knees here is just in front of you and compared to the rest of the body that is a bit behind, so be used to have to use some movements like this. For this example as well, you can put the video on stop. Enjoy stepping. It would be very helpful for you to improve your joining technique. Then, when you're done with the thinking, we will speak about this movements we can see, and we can feel that the movement is going on the top. We have really this feeling off movement here. This is what is more important, but it's important to respect the anatomy of the character and the movement. If the movement is getting your honor to me, skimpy and that very well done. It will not be very professional. So now you have to understand that movement is something that could be exercised with some very simple drills like you can draw something very simple and just exercise yourself to draw the movement. You can see that I'm using very, very, very simple characters. But you can see that the 2nd 1 is more alive than the 1st 1 The 1st 1 is very stuck. The other one is moving. This is this line. This is his room. That is very important and you have to remind that this is more important. 19. Drawing high angle shot: in this video, we're going to see the high angle shots again. It's like the low angle shots. This is a big, tricky to drop, because when I try to do it, we have regularly anatomy trouble. I understand I had the same and this is the thing, is what I'm going to show you. It's this video. It's some tricks that will help you to counter this problems. First on, drink, head and on drink the shoulders. This is the first point that are going to be insight the head, the top of the head and the shoulders. Then you draw this kind off. It looks like whiskey bottle that it would be, in fact, the body of the character. This is why you have to be very precise and in drain slowly. When you start with high angle shots, you have to put the knees, and you have to drew your character in such a way that we really have the feeling to be on the top of the character, not to have the character with a dwarf or with having a tummy trouble like very small legs . If your eye is making you believe that the character has a kind of trouble with his legs is because you missed something in your sketch. This could be done very easily. For if you need to exercise in this. If you, for instance, have the tree of three D program where you can allude Freedy model, then you can turn the model as you want, and you can draw him from this viewpoint. So during all this video on being treat to show you all tips, then, um, using to draw the the character from this angle, Then I will add some details and work even more in the details. And at some, the eyes, the hairs and insulin. - Okay , Now we're almost done with the sketch. We can see that we had several part of this catch any. We can really feel that there is this high angle shots. This is what we're expecting. Off course is not perfect. We can have several mistakes here, but the main idea is here your sketches already almost done, and you can refine it So as you can have a character that is moralists from that we can understand. The character is seen from the top. - Okay , I try to correct some things and what is important that we're not too much going at the left or the right of the character. We're not going too far, meaning that if the shoulders will be two hours off the legs too large, it would be nice to me mystics, even if it's not perfect, it works. You can have character, and I the eye of the reader off your coming will not be stopped by something wrong in this character. This is what is important. Then, by drain over and over again, you will be more efficient in your drain off this shot. 20. Drawing a man couching: Now we're going to see a pose off. A position off came off ninja. He's crushing down, and this poses going to ask some attention from you on observation about how the legs and arms are positions. First of all, we create the head and we're going to create all the mess ALS and the shoulders and would see that such pose is more or less complex because it required that you understand where the hand will touch the ground, while the foot is also touching the ground that in the same time the character must not be looking like a frog and something we're missing something because the legs seem to be too shirt off the arms too long and song. So here is a video that is going to show you some interesting things to control, destroyed and to do not be in this trouble. When you drew such character, this was giving you some tips on the on. Creating character is crushing on the ground. It's akin off Ninja night such polls, because it's very efficient, and in addition to that, we are working with the missiles of the character which is getting us back to the first videos and this course, a bounce and that to me. And so this is mixing some complex pose and the vessels. So it is very good to complete this video. You're going to think this character as an exercise you can draw again. This character that's you can also take all the pictures from Internet, are on magazines and comic book and try to draw again. This scared, especially when they are in very complex attitude. 21. Drawing a man jumping a wall: these video isn't a good I'm going to show you every step off, man jumping above a wall. This video is showing you this so as you can drink again and again and be very more confortable, read the movement. This is directly linked to the previews video where we had a movement with a ninja Are the video before where we had some movement when we start to talk about the movement of the characters So now look at this video every step of the video and ah, juried respect every step and go back on the video if you have difficulties. And if you have any question, can also ask me a question about very specific point way, - way , - way . 22. Drawing a man flying: here is another existence. This is drawing a character that its flame. We're not going close to what we can expect from you as a cartoonist working on coming. This character is very similar to what we confined with such characters like Superman. Look at every steps and enjoy yourself. Have a good job. 23. Drawing a man running: here is another exercise. You're going to see every step to draw a character that is running this time. This character is going to be in a very detail with eyes, hairs and so on. You will see that the heirs we have Sefton on movements and cloth is we have certain woman to so pay attention to what you can see as details like the McCarthy's movement position of the arms the next, and it will give you more difficult polls to draw. But it would introduce you in something very, very complex. That is the movement of several parts of the character. So observe what you can see and droids and go back in the video. If there's anything you don't understand, I hope you will get some you will find it's easy to do and otherwise no problem. You can also go back to the other previous video toe AARP. You turn distant the anatomy parts. You didn't get it way 24. Men and women's arms: I'm going to explain you. What is difference between drying the arm off man and arm off foot woman? The difference? It's a small with very important because you cannot draw a woman with the arm off men of the why it would be some. It would be something weird. Here is the arm off, man. This is a common arm off commingle character with muscles, muscles and way. We can see that he's powerful. He is strong. You can see that we can already see muscles everywhere. And this is what we have seen in the previous video that drying arms. And this time we're going to has Bill this one the arm of the woman for a complete to draw this one. I drink the end just doing the army itself. Okay, so we have No, they're almost done with its. You can see that we can see, like in the video missiles on the current and then installs to draw the woman. It will be the difference. There will be. It would be less strong and less with less muscles. And so you consider difference. And this is a very big difference, because otherwise if you mix If you give to women the arms off man, it will very be a big problem of anatomy. So be careful and you draw such character. And on the size of the arm and the quantity of muscles you add to the arms off a woman, right? I wish you mean man in French and thumb, which means female French that I think you got it. Okay, so this is difference on. But it was a very sharp video just to explain it because we didn't explain yet before. Just be careful off that difference. 25. How to draw an eye: here is a technique to draw a knife. This technique is using comic book, but not something in that way. This is a very realistic technique and going to teach you here. Why this heuristic techniques? Just because when you stopped learning drain you first learns realistic technique and then you transformation it too, to to focus on the coming book techniques. So this first step is going to show you do no my techniques with the with the over and for inside and then the different parts of the ice, and you will see that it's very simple that you just have to respect them. I always also add a white bowl inside the I to give a light in it. And this little night is making your character life This. We often say that this very small light white light inside the eye is giving intern giving life to your character. This I is a right I'd of your character. So if you have to draw its again if this is if you want to draw the left one you can Compean, that's this one that you have to reverse its so as can be, it can be understood that you have left eye on the right time drinkers some days and then I'm thinking with the all the details and especially this we can say that is the I offer woman because if you as it is a realistic illustration on, you can say that every man and and the woman as such characters take run the eyes, they have eyelashes and incoming book. We'll see that men have less. I'm I should woman. Okay, then I complete the thinking and you will see that the results will be a interesting I just at some very thirsting details with the thinking. And, ah, much were down and you can do it again and be more confident in drawing eyes. This is a rare sick I repeated again this realistic one. And while drain coming book, you will have less do taste to it. But it's good. Nevertheless, to know how to Joe in detain such parts. This is really by the eyes of the emotion of the character is communicated 26. Drawing mouth: that is also something that could be hard to draw. Sometimes we had some key. Sometimes we have some details that make the mouth looking like pretty weird. So here is a video that is going to show you some tips to to DWright easily. First we start. Of course, with Face Onda. We are going to add the mouth and you will see What is it? Technique amusing. This is a very simple thickness every time I try to find them or easy techniques to to use because myself, I hate to learn something that is too much difficult when I see something difficult trying to finally the easy way to learn it and to teach it the first you can draw a line which looks like this. Then there's only days around, but not too much. And what is what could be less easy? It could be the lips of the current for the man. You just drove the lips very roughly. You don't go into too much detail. You will be in. You will go into more much for details for the woman. - Here are some examples off nothing. You can draw this exercise you can do is to copy all the cane of mouth. I'm drink here from different angles. You ever Susan sizes off lips and deploy the face of your character. But you will see that I'm going to show you some also tips to feel the details of the lips in such a way that we can see that there is some some volumes in its okay. These examples were very similar to what you can find incoming books. So I hope you had more and distant ding of how to draw them and continue to drill and to draw very still, ises Very, uh, can I say lives? That how this time off coming books by using black ink and are just defensive or raise your templates and also look at pictures and observe how the least down and copy then drove in 27. Drawing a man with arms up: here is another example. Off a character. You have to draw this character. He's having the hand like if the parties was arresting, it will do to give you another angle off character with all the muscles. So look at this video, copied, copied the character and exists as yourself to dry again and again give you it will give you some other view off how the missiles can be draw on how they work with the movement. 28. Drawing emotions: this last part of their anatomy is giving you a short review off the emotions. Now we have seen the anatomy, different tips on anatomy and the movements, and how to be more efficient drying. The current is now. You can add some emotions on your characters. For instance, we have to draw the the hungry and the guys were happy. And soon we're going to review here some ideas and tips on how you can add emotions on the faces of characters. First, here we can see the emotions is based on the eyes and eyebrows. These elements are their importance and read only these two elements. You can change completely. The English in you can see that I broke here is changing a foreign edition. The orientation changing itself is something very strong to to give another Russian to Jennifer and emotion. Your character is surprising and is very angry, and he's crying. All the emotions are worth with details of the face and our intention. I bro the eyes, the mouth and so you can see here civil example. I have a night and draw the eye. Brian. This and we can drove in another way and I got the larger and I broke going up and you can see a difference already here again. Another example and we have with the same eyes, almost semis. We have different emotions. Of course. When you are drinking, he looks you forced emotions, you exaggerating. You have to exaggerate emotions and get the eyes relaunch and I grow with very strong direction. The are down to make sure that the motion is very understandable. I'm giving you now the last example off a character that is going to be to have some emotions. I'm during the full face and add to her emission with the eyebrow. Oh, and the eyes and enough. Then we'll change it. And this time she will be angry. You can see that the difference with the eyes they're important because you can see that if I draw a night here with my bro, it would be the same eyes. But with a song, slight difference. And if I do the same eyes almost ice, we'll get something quite snow. But with another expression, another on emotion. So the steps you have to respect first die bro. Then form of the I Siggins. So here are all the data I can give you to improve your during off anatomy character faces . And so again, when you draw character, don't forget to create very and thirsting emotions. Draw a lot of emotions toe. Learn how to create efficient emotional character. This is very basic things to know, to make sure that your character is having came off life and that make the reader of your coming book really involved in the story and very interested to contain, to read and to be interested by the characters.