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How to Take Eye-Catching Travel Self Portraits

teacher avatar Veronika Konickova, Visual content creator from Prague.

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (36m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Class Project

    • 3. Get Inspired

    • 4. What You Will Need

    • 5. Let's Take The Photo

    • 6. Tips and Tricks

    • 7. Editing Tips

    • 8. Conclusion and Key Take-aways

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About This Class

Photos are one of the best ways to keep your travel memories. However, if you are a solo traveler, it may be hard sometimes to fit yourself in your pictures as well. I would like to show you a few tips on how to take cool self portraits in interesting places, as you might now always feel like asking strangers to take a picture of you. Now you can keep memories of your travels with you in the frame as well. 


This class can be useful for anyone, regardless of your photography level or camera that you use. You don't even need to be traveling right now, you can apply those tips and principles in beautiful places in your home town as well. One lesson is dedicating to finding inspiration around you and how to look for cool places for your self portrait.

I will teach you how to incorporate human touch into photos of nice places, even when you do not have a model around or if you want to be the model in your photo. I will lead you through my process from finding a photo spot and preparing for the shoot, taking the photo itself and to the final editing of the self portrait. You can also apply those skills and steps in different photoshoots as well - you home self portraits, photoshoots with a model and more.


I personally use my Sony Alpha III with 28-70mm/f 3.5 lens and I edit using Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. However, you can use whatever tools you prefer. The important part of this class are your ideas and input, not the tools used.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Veronika Konickova

Visual content creator from Prague.


I am Veronika, visual content creator from Prague, Czech Republic. My main focus is photography, video and graphic design. However, I also do some occasional copywriting and social media marketing.

And what I do besides taking photos and designing new stuff? I love traveling, movies and cooking. I am also currently a graduate student, studying media studies and management.

Let's connect on Instagram (@veronikakonickova) or you can check my website portfolio

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1. Introduction: Hi, welcome to my class. My name is learning and a more visual content creator. I do graphic design as well as video, but my main passion is photography. For my work, I usually do verdict photography or Burkitt's, but I also really love traveling. I do a lot of travel photography and while traveling a do what this class is about. Journal cell fortress. My, my first started with travel, self progress, and integral of fine on it. It basically just happen that goes through a situation needed it. I was traveling around us on my own at the time about three years ago. And I didn't just want photos of the size that I saw, but I also wanted some photos of myself there to have some memory for my travel. And therefore, I started to take pictures of myself, but not just like sell feed on your phone when you hold the camera in your hand and throwing yourself, but rarely properly on my coma. And it was a very fun process that allowed me to a lot of knowledge here. And you can see examples of my field favorite self portraits that I did during my travels over last two years. And I usually heavy humans. Fun beg, story that I will get to later in this course. Because arrow further makes me a learn surfing. Learning how to take self workers is not online good for having photo of yourself at some place. But it will give you valuable knowledge and skills given for your work goes lower and how to work with composition, how to work in maybe not ideal conditions, how to improvise. And you can apply all those new skills and knowledge that you will learn in this class, even in their portrait session with models and overall in your whole work. In this course, I will take you to the whole process of how I take my self portraits, starting with the preparation. If I wanted to prepare, I will also cover the walk to do. If you didn't prepare photo shoot, then I will take you and I mean, it was spotted at already choose and show you how I work at a location. And after all, I will also got some of my favorite tips and tricks and doing so for breast. And lastly, I will touch a little bit of editing and not my favorite tips on editing portraits that though may differ, looks maybe even slightly better than introduced in reality. So I hope that you will join me for my class. And he didn't even have to be traveling right now at the moment, you can really get the Audio Home down and find a nice place there because I believe did beautiful spaces can be find anywhere and anytime. And you can apply those skills did and breaks wherever you are and just enjoy your time. So hope to see you in the next lesson, VIII. 2. Class Project: Hi again. I think the project for this class is a little bit self-explanatory. Obviously your task is to get outside and they go self-portraits at some places like basically it can be 1 fourth 0, or may be even more photo if you want to feel more creative. And you should just like compose yourself in some beautiful space and try to play with different composition poses. Maybe some tips and tricks that I will show you may be even some editing. And of course, don't forget to boast you bogged down in the project section. So we can provide as a community valuable feedback to each other. Talk about our works and low looking fluorophore. What are you going to do? 3. Get Inspired: Hello again. Okay, so let's get to the process of thinking. Kiara, permanent self portrait. And generally, there are two main ways how you can do it. The first way is the more spontaneous when you're already outside, you see a nice place in your life. Go ok. So my spot, I would like to have a photo here and you've taken a ride their mouth planning. And I will get through this for a little bit later when I will show you my in-process editors thought. But you can also blending our Florida and think about where you want to get how and generally make a blend photo shoot. And this is what this chap curve will be about. Okay, so what I want to plan my photos are generally micro ASO Hall. I look forward, the nice locations align because he couldn't find anything there. And I look mainly at three places, will go and do grommets, Instagram, and Pinterest. Okay, I hear my loft up here with me now and I will show you what is my process of getting inspired. Usually, I'm starting with Google and just type in phrases as what I can see in our interests, places in and then elisa adult location right now and Arthur them in Netherlands. So I would book what I can see in both of them. Okay? And my analytic is to search for a phrase, Instagram of, of places or spot spin and the location. And it goes this way. It will give you usually blogs and are usual SAM, file size. More aesthetic inspiration, I would say than more likely derived that for the place. And this way you can always find also some interesting things that are exempt plus sides of slight summing. I'm Scott schools or whatever. But you can find just like in thrusting sport that can be in a city, it can be nice to street or if the MD in first-in wall or somewhere like Google graffiti or street art that the Bureau of Mines for your fixtures. So always strived to search. Instagram bubbles are sticky work AS well. When I Are they find some places that I like EV-DO location. I am trying to find them and bigger lumps and rehabilitation down more of them are what I wanted to see if the Gordon fled. So I can get easily to this place when I will get already industry and I can navigate there. Okay, and another place where you can look for inspiration is Instagram and Pinterest. You can never walk again with keywords or with hashtags or an Instagram. You can use the place that function. And you can look either for the Maimon delegation of general, the name of this video I FERPA them. Or you can vote for the specific thing that the origin may be found. You're into Google search and NORC for this specific spot, like I could do with Cuba house. Here, you can already see what other people believes that. And you can get inspired worldwide, different angles or places on the spot. They choose the Daguerre photos and mine. See some inspiration for your poses or the angle that you would want to choose for a photo. Also, the seeing pictures of other people. You're going to get an idea of how this looks like and where you have a need to stand or bogey of trifle do make a photo of you. And then Pinterest is a great way to make the mood. Gore isn't have to be connected to concrete place or you are at now or wherever you wanna go. But it can be more like a mood Berman's poses and composition that you can now use lift your feature. No ONE self-portraits, but also portraits in general. Because it can give you an idea how other people have done very stupid. Last but not least, you can get always inspired in real life. You can always try to look around you where you're on your way from schoolwork wherever. And you might just find some interesting spotted the heaven. Realize that it's there before and knew my finger will. Some cool photo that you might read there so early, look around you and you'll find gray spaces. Again. Get air and get inspired. 4. What You Will Need: Hello. In this chapter, we will talk about deals and basically everything you need to take your self-portraits. Obviously, the most important thing is something that you can take photos with. It can be a camera or your phone. I have iPhone seven, which doesn't have the best camera anymore, but on the other hand, is always in my pocket. And if I feel spontaneous at ingest user, but I mainly use McNamara and which is Sony Alpha free. Here is the big crop it becomes I'm currently using rate for filming. And it's choice a use mainly the lens, the Plenty four millimeters to 70 with F frequent five, I believe it's Marina wasn't Juan and I can zoom. I think we're good for journaling. It's the most universal because he can take the best variety of pictures. And other great thing for taking self-portraits, strike what. That's going to be your self-portrait best friend because it's super useful. I use mainly my big tripod amongst so currently use now for filming. So here is a foolish of how it looks like. It can be adjusted to different highs and swirl grade is kinda lightweight, so arabic and with me, I also have this vouch for it with just so I can easily dart around on my shoulder. But on the other hand, it's still pretty bulky. And if I'm traveling dispersal by plane and an always take it with me because it's not fit in the Korean. So I also have this small tripod is kinda like the variation of the guerrilla bibles that you've been really turned around, put on of spans or whatever. So it doesn't have to just stand like this. But you can roll it boiling or wherever. But you can be also very creative and it's fits in whatever backpack you have because it's very small. And under great fame for baking sells burgers is remote, gone broke. That can be oily. Your lifesaver. I have this small one from Sony and it has one, take a photo button and then the second biome or bottom. The great thing is that it will focus for you before it Dataflow. But on the other hand, the first thing is that you cannot be too far is omen for like five meters, so not the best. But if you need just more far away, most cameras also has the format that you can download and currently units to see myself filming. So you can see yourself there. And then you can also push the button for starting the video or baking the photo. And that might be very good if you need to stay more far away. Lastly, ask hurdle I could bonus item is to have a phone us. Those are rarely optimal for self portraits, so you definitely don't need them. But if you plan to take your photo online, very sunny day. The hes like the normal UV folder. Or if it's very sunny and you plan to include either Scott or water in their photo. It might be good to have one of these more darker photos to element and the sunlight a little bit. Definitely not something unique, but if you have them, it's very useful option for certain that of photos. Again, to conclude, the unearthing URL really is something today here, photos with tripod or remote counter or more likely voters, but very useful if you have them. If not, nothing happens, you can still take yourself portraits, but you might need to get more greater. 5. Let's Take The Photo: Hello, I will take you with me, Take one of myself. Purpose as a music might demand for shooting gear is a block from my phone. And since I'm in Netherlands, unfeasible and cycling to my location. And this is it, this is the all the haven in Rotterdam. The arrested belongs work. And this the wheat, the host, which is very interesting buildings. It used to be one of the highest skyscraper in Europe. And also, I think this is very nice. You, it could be also when they used person photo era like the fans that could be used by well, maybe some other dying. Thus now I'm near for this. Q Klaus. Ours is a very interesting building in the center of firstname that says this interesting piece of sky. Different, it's cubic structure is if a lot of different spots and locations that wakes a world wide variety for photo-sharing. But this is the spot that I chose, a chosen defending on the inspiration that took firms from Instagram, bows and arrows like the center. And here is another Sky B, and here we go. Okay, I was very lucky did there was actually no one around me was her account, so I didn't have to be shy. And this is my set of edges, the big tripod. And you can see that I put my birth right, and so I could go get it. And this is how my selling books like a slicer, I choose the central composition and I prefer vertical photos. So this wire put my camera like this, and I was ready. So I went up to the stairs, run, run, run, run, run. And I also took my remote control. So when I was in the oldest theorems, I can just easily Dutch the remote control in. It will take a photo of me near you have a food age of me. First checking my phone for the imposition, then putting the remainder and jumping because children could begin. And of course, again and again and again. And then I took my laws, I was satisfied. And slots and bargain thing, make sure that the earth nothing behind you and me or leave it clean. Okay. And this is the final photo or an edited and error like it also, The first is that I do this ealier note at the same day, and this is an R frozen I took at the same spot above, either edited so much you can see the signs. Those are two more photos that I took a few rounds but at a different location because as I said, there was a lot to see again. And while I was editing this video for you, I also took a trip to and then another ledge city. And I took this self portrait there and arrow like it. And I put it here because I wanted to show you that you didn't need any fancy fuels with a gear. So portraits, I also did my setup if I can even call them, of how big the photo I just put my camera on nearby village to this nice wall that I like. And to have it a little bit more higher ideas quota My airplanes kidneys under the lenses. And yeah, that's how I took it. I also didn't use any remote control. The gospel was to four forget, and I couldn't use my phone because I get this all the dime. Soil water would just use the ten seconds self timer. I don't, I run to the wall. I focused and gives you this very basic boast, but I like the minimalism into picture. And that was it super easy as was done in like five minutes. And I can go on. Okay, so see you guys in the next chapter. 6. Tips and Tricks: Okay, so you just saw how I do oneself portrait here in which the dam. But I decided that I will also like to show you some of my previous photos and some stories behind them. Again. So as I mentioned previously, every single photo will teach you something, some new scale, some knowledge. Really, with every photo you are getting a little bit better. So this while software gross so good because they really improve your work. And I would often show you some of my photos at early gave me some Lawson and it can be like my personal dips and drugs based on so this first photo of the Never Give Up signed is in Washington DC. And I think that it all started with this photo. I feel that it was basically the first self portrait related. And this all for bread was extremely spontaneous. I just, I was just going back home from my workplace. And I saw this sign and I was like, okay, arrow one a photo with debt. I Ghana also like my outfit. But I had all of my fall. I didn't even have made them around with me. So I put my phone on like fans adjusted with my chief gifted I had ever for me. And then Ram also you can see that it was white, faraway surveyed on within seconds to run to the wall. Both. And I think it enough, we're nice and still to this day, we're proud of this photo. And I didn't have anything with me. I didn't have an even camera, tripod remote, nothing. I just use my iPhone, put on fans and it worked out. So really Egan just improvise and it will work up somehow. This another photo is a similar case. It's taking much whether it was taking this year in the US, and I also didn't have a droplet. I just put my camera on the pebble mill was there because this is wall of one coffee shop. And it worked out and previous learning pseudo-inverse to satellite super traveling the governance is like mice or theory. But I didn't have anything but sediment demand just roll away, would have come out on a table and took a photo. Here is some more photos of my setups that a random like do even when i is my old camera, you don't know. I'll see that. I just put my Gomorrah wherever and dry do with little bit higher roof, something good I had around me, like the book or even in this case, we will some newspaper with a font on a squid that wasn't even my newspaper. So rarely, you can make tripod from everything. To move on. This is my very favorite photo. This is actually high school in one of the American cities. But it gave me major Harry Porter wives. And therefore, I decided even to go for vandalize, inherit border in Spark outfit, final voyage of cosplay. And therefore my next wise to choose the correct outfit. I think that if you put some thought into your outfit, it can really make the pitch or even better. I think, especially for this photo is super suitable. But even for generally for the photos, it's nice too. Think about what your bearing I love to go for just all like everything that goes does basic where my favorite colors and I feel very comfortable in that. But generally I think that mental cars might be very nice because they obviously don't take too much attention to you. And the person can also focus on what is around you, which is basically the idea of Chrome photos. While on the other hand, I think that even with some goal for outfit, it can be very nice for some maybe the ancient photos and yeah, just try to put your outdoor into your outfit. But ERS matter photo that is also considering it outfit. Even though it might seem like a very simple outfit on spending and the end of one island on 3G. It's actually very basic Florio and don't like it that much. There's nothing interesting about it except that I twisted my ankle like five minutes before painting this picture. I didn't follow the pain while I was taking this picture yet, but I could defend louis could felt the pain like few hours later and then two more weeks while I was in Fiji and I couldn't do anything that I put a walk. So please choose your outfits also the safe and appropriate for the situation. Because I wear flip flops, 40 slipper rocks, which was terrible decision and I would never do it again. So not only consider your outfits to new grid for the photo, but also to be safe. Always remember that safety comes first. And this last photo is also considered to be outfit my eyes because id then the brighter one for meds like Riverdale bikes and they retro us small city. But why I chose it for is make sure in the bigness of the alphabet. But of the focus. I feel this photo on my old camera in Wolfson super focused and will surely adding cooled of defocus into post-production. And it's very visible. I like to bite on the photo LID memories I had fit this photo, but it is not the withs photo and everything. So therefore, I think it's important to focus on the sockets just to have in mind that the sharp photo is always something you want to go for. And therefore, remote control is something that can really help. You. Didn't have a remote control or define the goals my old commanded and even had one. But they, remote control is really lifesaver. You can see that at this photo that I also took on 3G and I already had my new camera, the Sony Alpha alarm. And use the remote control that always focus on you. The four takes the photo and it's a game changer, a role like this picture I roll like the why, how it Thorpe and does everything about it. So you can see on those detectors that furthest also Rowan matters. 7. Editing Tips: Hey everyone. In this last part, I will show you a few of my favorite tips and tricks and editing. I will rarely covered total basics of exposure wide villains and so on. Because I think there is a lot more, better and more focus versus on daddy, even here on sculpture. So I'll just give you a few of my tips on how we make the corporates even better. I chose two of my photos that I'm not because I clicked germ cell for birds and it's not firmed it in-house as I showed you before. But I think that those two still nice examples on what I want to show you. Ok, do the first thing is especially for the photos that are more like a PLOS as this photo of me. And it's how to deal with skin blemishes. How will do good up close, which is, and here you can see a my forehead and I have a little bit of different colors. It's actually brambles. It's just the different pigmentation that I have on my forehead. But I can very easily get rid of this. I can just choose this constant in either Euler or Photoshop. And he, either one is actually chose the latter. But I have and very easily just by clicking, I can get rid of the small spots. And it's a small thing. But especially if you're editing photo of yourself that usually makes you more comfortable aboard a photo. So I like to do there. Also, another way how you make your skin walks or bit smarter is to choose the brush and put detector and little bit of clarity down. And then just basically brush the parts of your face or skin, like early wherever on your body. So you actually, wherever you want in a row, gives you a little bit more of this smoothness of game. Skin. Use. Make sure not to give due floating tour or dual clarity because that tends to look very unnatural. Now I can go up both doesn't seem that much, but if we proved on your far away, it looks better. Also, another of my favorite things to do is to play with the HSL or collaborating and it used to be thrown at him split domain in the previous version of y term. But it's basically the same thing. To start with the HSL US operation moments. What I really want to do, especially for author photos, is to put the green hue or the more towards need yellow. I mean, not a big fan of green columns, little more included, a preferred more worm green. Also as this is supposed to be like auto photo, I will also put the yellow Stephen a little bit more to the orange side, but I have to be careful. I'm blown. So. My hair would go diversity yellow side as well. And the vague wave I add even enhance more the awesomeness of the third row. I can play them. The color grading would put a little bit of dermatomes. More words do orange, but really just slowly at a usually him not to wild with those maybe all width of yellow in the shadows. Only. Realist Wiley, I'm not so sprays to DC New circles. I prefer the wines, usually for the highlights. Some fix some cold core like a wide blue. Yep. I'm very happy about this result. And another thing that I really like about playing than the previous iteration and Romans is to change or what, a bit of my skin color because I, so you can see I have a tendency to be to the orbit more red or pink in my face is just the way my fate natural logs. But I'm not the biggest fan of it. So what I realized I can do about that is to put the you that you offer it a little bit more. Work. Shrew-like, maybe I'd go plus one. Dean fairly is okay for this photo. And he didn't already see that my face looks much more B in nature or orange skin color as other people we have. And also read Erich and also the orbit of the red saturation in the down. But I want to be very careful with this because you can also see that red is the color of my lips. So I usually don't do that much. Just like a bent wire over subgroup. If the lips are just tiny mirror. Further pearlite being more pink designer, that's okay with me because I'm male and in my face not to be separate, but I think that this is good. Again. So for this second photo within, they're basically the same thing as we learn that the face you do with the background as well. Sunburns, the background. Just, it's not perfect and bamboo is very hard to find some perfectly patient. I wouldn't even say that. It's impossible. Even though this was shot in my room. You can see that behind the roses, they're like boards of the wall that early but quite a bit building and it doesn't work the best. So again, you can just choose the groaning spam and you don't have to use like wood. Once bought us I done with my face. But you can even draw with dad. And it's all over r, over one of the current. And it will disappear. Especially with like very clean background AS this a white wall is very easy to go over stuff with girls, do governing works, very Braille. Also a York omental have set on, he'll not blown because dead, well bland and foosball, it's even better together and it retain much more adventurer. Okay, so this is a very easy way how to clean up. You can use this technique to either, if you're shooting outside of reconfirmed travels and portraits, you can use it to clean up your space around you undermine you might, maybe some prep, so perfect sine or some people Annenberg round. But remember that the more basic background this, the more easier it is. But it also works very great on places, the chess grass to water, trees. Although staff that have a lot of small details and if you just like for a place, these different parts, it doesn't look too obvious, so that is a great thing to do. Here in the Photoshop. I have the final picture that I do in the QM house. And I can actually show you where I'd done the changes because I think that the first lens, it's not so obvious. Also on the other hand, is not the best repetition. Warm, but I think that for like just having to myself portraits, it's okay. There was a sign here behind me, a seek and maybe you remember from the footage, I get rid of it because again, the brick wall was going do good space further and say, good flown. The other bars. I also done idea here which do planted was there because I didn't live in remember water was in the background, but I run with a little line, gives you this y eight glommed, this plan over there. It's not the best. But I think that at the first glance, a bass. And if you prefer to work in Photoshop, there is the clone stamp AS well, is this one. And this one works a bit differently. And we'll put it a little bigger so it would be more stigma. Can, yeah, and here you have to choose first the part that you wish you can do with holding option, choosing ornithology, this break, and then you can just look for it somewhere else. Or if I would I don't know what I can glom nearly If I wouldn't wanna get rid of these reflection in the window, which I don't think it's necessarily, but I might want to do that. So I will just like blown this part where there is no reflection and just go over all the white reflection in the window by throwing in. Or, yeah, I think that this do in Photoshop is even more powerful. Although for most of this stuff, I'm fine with just using writer on which is for me personally more buffer. And I prefer to do, do call corruptions there of low, of course you can do it in Photoshop as well, but I think this is all just about preference. So yeah, I hope if you like some of these steps and you might use them to even little bit more enhance your photos. And especially if I think for the background corrections, it's grade because the locations are Fargo perfect. And especially if you are shooting on your Ireland, India self portraits, it might be we're a bit stressful to keep everything in your eyes that if there's anything that you might want to get rid of and then uploaded in editing. And it's an easy way. Okay, so see you in the last bar. By. 8. Conclusion and Key Take-aways: Okay, and this is the end. I hope that you enjoyed this class. Finally, I have a few key takeaways that you can have in mind when you will go up and think yourself portraits. Number one is narrowly, do get inspired and tried to go for a track and not give up and give it a few tries. Number two, bright but, and the remote control is your best friends. It will make everything much easier for you. So arrow Edelman them but you can always be obeying operator if and when triplets from whatever. And he is the self-bind groundswell, number free who were important, always stay safe and look out for things. Safety always should come first before baking a nice photo. Number four, have in mind the basic photographic rules like decomposition and focal point, because it will always help photo to be in a nicer. Number five is thinking about your photo while you are shitting. You should even maybe thinkable the editing like Warner level things that he might get rid of during the editing purchase. And where are the bigger thing you did? You might want to try to get around while shooting. And finally, number six is to have fun loader. And remember that ever self-portrait while learning something valuable and giving more skills. Prayed since everything for me. If you have any question or know that you can ask in the discussion below. And of course, if you will take some of the self-portraits, Don't forget it. He posed in the project section. So we can discuss devoted. And indeed you worried looking like, okay, I'm rooting for it for your photos. Again. Bye.