How to Make an Educational Video Essay

Sam from Wendover Productions

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About This Class

From the guy behind Wendover Productions and Half as Interesting, learn the steps behind creating a successful and interesting educational video for the internet. 

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Review of 'Topic' and 'Research': Would it have killed you to use actual examples instead of uh, erm, err? Like, use a topic you've already made an essay on for godssake! Having watched your videos before the lack of effort in this tutorial is glaring obvious. Yes, I get that it's a way for you to diversify income, but we're paying for content that actually educates, and THIS DOES NOT. Review of 'Writing': Yes, THANK YOU! Examples! That's what we needed. Just seeing your draft in progress answers one of my major burning questions: do Video Essayers write their script as essays or as scripts. What format do they use? So, thanks for this. Will review the other sections as I finish them.
I'm about halfway through the class, really enjoy it so far!