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How to Make Your Drums Stand Out [FL Studio]

Juan Araujo, Producer / Coach / Content Creator

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3 Lessons (22m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Actions Behind Your Music

    • 3. Leave a Review / Outro


About This Class

FL Studio

Welcome to this class, here I'm going to teach you how to take your drums to the next level in FL Studio. These techniques and topics are key and basic to know when it comes to placing your drums and will indeed help your production.

Class Objective

Don’t worry if you never have done music before let’s get the basics and leave the complicated part for later on. The main objective of this class it's making you comfortable with the sound of your drums and giving you the confidence to produce alongside a community space where you can feel free to ask questions and share your ideas and doubts in the process.

What I do need?

You’ll need FL Studio, Speakers a Computer and being willing to learn. After the class you are going to be making hits, bangers.


1. Intro: Hello, my name is 1-0 and I've been making bit for a couple of years now. And in this class I'm going to teach you the basics you will need to know about how to get your drums to the next level. A lot of people really don't know what to do when it comes to grams in their production. So if you're part of those people and nobody really taught you how to do things throwaway. Piece of glass for you has omega drops, knock here, whatever you wanna call it, fuel, make things a lot easier. 2. Actions Behind Your Music: Okay, let's begin. Is a rainy day outside. So it's a perfect day for my commute city on a stain in the home and luck down before actually starting to make music. We're going to change 44 to blight. Okay, we're going to file new from template and I recommend are presently like working with an empty template. You know, it's a is here on Amgen bladers. How'd you break from? Nothing we're going to stuff from scratch on. If you don't want to be doing this every time you were going to make a deal, simply just go here to a change the foot and play it on. Go out here in miscellaneous. That a product. The fortune plate on default make therefore template empty one. Okay, that's it. No, let's begin. I had a meaty on a full kids with a melody to make the point. OK, I'm going to be making the drum from scratch so you can see what I do to my crops for making them sound puncher. I'm making my drunk from scratch because how you later rounds martyrs martyrs a lot. Because if you're drums are all over the place, you want send us good. Never. Because the veto won't actually be good. Use Runs go like crazy but the other way around. Crazy. Good, but crazy bad. These ones were a lot harder for somebody to hop on your vita or amen for use like it man thing is divided you create with your music. I think that I would live keep for Tallinn. Okay, so that's something you got. The melody you got is really unimportant. Step into prints off the music making. I got this. Look, Melody here on NFL keys, you go like this. I like it a lot. Starting with this, it's going to make things a lot easier. Jewell don't have to make these yourself music. Use a collaborative process. Or if you find loops on Internet, many packs and Internet, you can worry with our people to send you loops. Or you can find this around once you get a vibe that I usually get it with an instrument, we can start a building or drums browser, different nation of sun, snow in days. And if you know where to go because you have a good block or anything years, let's start simple. Okay, I want to start out in my son's. Let's see the some selection is some make or break if you get a good sound. Did you really other classes? You can close the course ragout here and tell you this. You had it sounds. It's pretty much 80% of the work because if there's some sort of something good in the beginning, you really don't need to data much afterwards. Okay, are good Kik I go away. Does those things make records? Let's bring Once you do it, let's go Simple. I really like the song, man. Everybody corrupt over this way Don't got any your Eggar and keep said This is not punching and you want to make a drums? Punch these miners because you make Didn't simple like to step parent. If you don't want to get complicated, give me space Rapper He can sing He can go. I like to gain the way Am Okay, let's go with the base. I like to go right after it though. My hats I would like to go in my great Okay, so let's find one that I like. Okay. I like the we're going to right, clean and cut itself. He's going to make or about this stuff every time with brazen, you know, with it you see, or a guy gets cut every time we press and you note, pump out everything. We bought a new agrarian there. It shuts. If we don't have the zone, it's going to be a mess with multiple Seo explain at the same time with the base is mostly one note of the time Cut itself. Make sure he's starting on shake its own. I was start as you go see Went up when a place that high hats and I was moving It is not her here started Volume knows it's important to mixes you go. If you were an immediate like me, you're going to search for the root note and you're going to press other would note. So you're a great yes, in key on how these notes are really, really low. It is going to sound a lot money. So we put this around five. Five is the father space Careful studio were around thesis base of five. Those are probably going to so much clearer on the vase when we using a reassembles like I'm used to right now before you actually play winning Too shaky or Gray is on tune because sometimes a guy's not are in the phono off of a studio, which is C. The Rays are playing in d. E. So when you play see you are actually playing E because the before Notre for a great that note, so whole we turnaround breaks your right leak at it. Now, dear editor or control, eat right here We go to the beach regions here and as you see my mike, a great it's in tune because it's in C so I don't need to do anything. But if my wife were all let's see, e didn't wanna which is not in tune so I can show you a letter here he's one. Durell, you're going to find a lot of figures like this who are a little bit more Mr with multiple notes. India friend in different fragrances. Self. What I want to do here is no matter. You know, you see the space if sharp, but as you see, it just takes a little space in the spectrum. Meanwhile, e taste that takes the more space you're going to write the note who have more space in fragments. So it's eat in this case, if we were to turn is that way, we're No, it's an e. So we go right here we go to the miscellaneous functionally section on. We see there would note it's a C but how does sound? It's in e. We're going to put the note in a We've got a right click, you know, See, the A M U c make sure is in E Now it's soon Know everything. We Prius C on the key. Word is going to play. See, I know e. So you turned your egg breaks is really quite simple, you see, in which know that a great is and you put it right here. So when you present or in the keeper or in the general, it actually plays right now. Okay, you're going back to they way. I was here. You were right. What are we gonna do to make this a little bit more puncher? Is control A To select all the notes on? We're going to press OSCE key and the mouse where up. So we against into the velocity, which is the strength in which all the notes plate. We're going to make the note. Lay the strongest they can wolf, so we can change the volume from here. If it's too loud. As you can see my ego get low frequencies, medium frequencies and it's really loud. That's how you going to does make heats. It's a sigh. Spins a go away. I want to be a living You a drum kit On the break page of this classic A graph sounds another thing you can tell. I got sprays. I haven't done anything. I used to like the bass notes off the immediate on a lead up play. I could live that. So it is. I really don't need to make any other adjustment. What if you want to make our judgments you want to, but an extra guy here on there. It's important to leave space for the artist because when the sons are too messy, I like Boom, boom boom boom Room seven starters can get lost. Is it? Okay, this on super No book. Where do a rap? I don't got space, but you need space for the rapper. I could go like Yeah, I'm going to live this way because a lot how it sounds. Body felt. It comes to space. The artist get room to breed now the kid When you're using a key, you kick. Who plays well with a great so they don't clash. I copied by here control C control we'd base of Oh, I'm going to may. You know I love that place, but I want to kick to be in the same frequency Always. I want to keep to be in the same note. I'm going to do control a out. Okay? And you probably got this like this If you want to limit it to one key just like I did you're going to press clean right here about here. And you're going to Maltese under this just in to see on your breast. See, you wanted to be just in one. You were note and then notice. See? Simple. So if you got like this, you go see I want This is C. Yes, it that's it. Good. But I like it this way sometimes, but you can be chopped the kick so it moves in frequencies. You restive on the up arrow key and he's going to move up the notes so make sure. Just, like knows, control a on she far with you down Arrow went to chief notes was here. I guess they like you there are here. I don't know. Why would I like how it sounds There It's really up to your taste and how it sounds through your ears. Yeah, that's one thing you can do for making the kicks. You know, punch on how you see, I got the velocity of my kicks on the way up to So they are heating as hard as they can. Okay, let me addict club quick. You just see untrained on my kicks and breaks Play my collapse, they go Boom. They're playing each other. They're giving. I'm taking back. If I want a club to hit a little bit more she co you can goto pregnant. You did fix big story it and you can up the bus a little bit. I like my beat right now. You know is real simple. Be because I'm just trying to show you you only to do a lot using it. Good sounds praise a likes in tune your bass tune So everything is on the same pocket. How Everything is understand pocket. Everything is going to sound good anyways, no matter how you put it. You know, no matter if you put extra keys. Not if you put extra collapse, everything is going to sound good. It's really simple bit for something cohesive on its sounding good. What you can do is you must sleeping as hair like me, because in a lot of mixing tutorials and muttering, Pretoria's cleaning these bad because you're clipping these about it because you're starting the sound, your going above the limit. But music there's within the rules, and it sounds good. This story that leaving out away your musical taste is your art. You know, everybody could say This is Wyke and they're OK. It's fine is like that is your opinion. But if I think this is fire on an artist thing is fired. That's all it takes, really. You're really just trying to build your taste. You're just trying to find yourself what we can do stuff, this foreign clipping about keeping the sound we like off clipping. But we like that distortion. What we can do is after we made the beef, let's let this be this finish. He's made that putting this finish, I'm just going to out here on the master. I freed itself. Cleaver this is she's go. Everybody used this. Everybody knows of artists And if you are new probably if this is going to be one of your biggest friends in FL Studio because when you're making really just worry about the vibe that you're going to, you know, worrying down much about distorting the Masters channels. So you just put this on the Master Channel itself Clipper, so it prevents your track from sleeping by our in this torsion. I'm pushing down the well every time the missing. Which that level. Let's see. Let's hear about the elements after beating if you want. Let's see you want to take to mix in a little bit more off order. Let's like out tissues. Just click and drag other way down so you select everything. Let's go to the mixture. So like an empty space. Right click China ruling Bristol Channel starting from distract achieved Contra el you can do about. He's going to put or sounds here on on a mixture so you can see it. 11th they're hitting individually. You see, leveling these hair because these are mostly leveling as you want to go. You just gotta level your stuff and go on and on and you can retouch stop here and there. And that is what we're doing. We are just reduction stuff and seeing where they here, if you can see my kick is hitting a little bit below the a great on anyway. Still loudest element all my bit. I like you stuff. That way Mother Time is going to be another way. Just go for feeling numbers that would have just much levelling before I lose the threat. I like my going to be the highest. It allowed us element on the truck. You need to have a main sound. I'm build stuff around that for me and for most people. Is that right? So I've been around a great kick. It's a little bit below bigwig, the high heads lowered and a great melody. It's low to our on it, a narrative eight around 18 more or less. I can lower a little bit more than a high. Heads wanted to clap just into intermediate himself. It's in a medium spot because you want to clap to heat but not as much as the key or a great. But you wanted to be a slow as the high helps so much of the time. Doesn't want to be the way you're going to be mixing your bits. You need to pick the loudest sound, the sun. Do you want to be showcasing more beer soon around? It lets you want to take your mixed game. Step a both. It's never here. Okay? After you made the feed, you think a break you go for Why you watch a little bit of Netflix, probably at while because my flick is going to be using your ears. You need to rest your ears a little bit to hear about it. Sound you have. I'm just trying to building down. You can use Detective. Well, um, off your speakers and turned that very long down. I'll makes with about dot away, if you're mixing at low levels, makes you probably going to be buried because you're because you're not going to be with a lot of loud things that were going to full issue into thinking they're something great because we as humans, we like to think that the louder the better. So when you're mixing at low level, it's helping you with that. Just allowing are the volumes amazing this way. We love Valium, but in the fighters. Well, we don't want to do that from here. Ali is not from here. You know why? Because thes he's traders these air carl feeders gives. You didn't notice a beginner's course so that this are after the sound calms in. Okay, so everything you pot in here Adia faces you company here like cooperated. The stuff cleaver here are going to be after the sound leaves the mixture. No, before they're not going to be on the source of the sound. The source of the sound are here in the senate. Iraq. So if you want to Mr Lowball, um, you most likely I wanted to grab this sound, um, lower into volume from here, which is the stores. If it's allowed books, let's say the clap. If he's still out here and started and 20 down here, he's still going to be so damn high. I'm distorted because he's already started. I just started the club with this boost is distorted as hell sound There the region of the sound is distorted. Don't it doesn't matter that we but he's like now that they've been finished because it's going to be started. You are just not going toe here it because it's too low. But you want to find a good balance off the sound you want to sound to be in a good level. From here. I want to send to be in a nice level somewhere you makes here. It's just perfect. At some point, that's it. Dishonestly stored it on the source. It doesn't matter how you how much volume to take down here, because it's still going to be the story you need to fix. Sounds on the source. If he gives bad front of sores, is going to be bad. It doesn't matter. You can try using, please. You're gonna try whatever about it. There's just so much that you can do wonders here before moving to the next chapter. When you're making your beats, you should cut the lows on a melody, and it sounds that doesn't have low when it or I'll is not such a loan. For example, if I could allow here are on 70 Harris or 100 hairs and every keys, which is going to be or instrument on a clap out of high heads, which they're more meat. High fork use sounds or kick anyway, are going to have that space for they alone because they are selfish they don't like to share. So, yes, I could make you try it song a little bit clear, just in case. And it's really in for the class. After you made a song here for the loops you gave Abdullah idea started, it's going to ask you for their talent files. You know it's going to ask you for the stamps. The individual track sounds on engineer. He's going to change. Your mix is going to add stuff is going to caught stuff. So if you are to worry about how you make sure beats stop worrying ahbd your beat game, find good sounds. 11. There, what a time! Your mixes are going to improve a lot. You wonder focus and things one by one, you are the best beat maker on Eric. Yeah, let it hardly makes better. Do a little bit off engineering 3. Leave a Review / Outro: That's over now. Thank you so much for the Guinness glass. I will appreciate if you make a review off the chorus on that. Encourage more people to join, so you