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How to Make Resin Geode Coasters 1

teacher avatar Art School, Became a better artist

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (19m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. 1 raw material

    • 3. 2 Preparation of color and resin

    • 4. 3 casting resin

    • 5. 4 Unmold the resin

    • 6. 5 Trimming resin edges

    • 7. 6 Paint the edge of the resin model

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About This Class

I would like to teach you how to make beautiful and affordable Resin Geode Coasters. You don't need special tools to make such models and everyone can make them at home. Join me and enjoy making the resin drink coasters

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1. Intro: Hi, I am Jamshid. Welcome to my training course. I would like to teach you how to make beautiful and for flavor, as in George posters. You don't need special tools to make such models on. Everyone can make them at home. Join me on enjoy making the raising showed coasters. 2. 1 raw material: the first ingredient is raising, which we hear use a proxy on Hartner into and one ratio. We also need paper glass to poor reasoning, and the wood and mixer for stealing very accurate scale is also required, which must wait to 0.1 gram. Atomic lighter is also useful bubbling and heating. The reason. Acrylic paint is also needed in different colors. Uh, the most important matter your record is a slight more that is geodetic, and it should be about one centimeter thickness. We also need very thing gold sheet. 3. 2 Preparation of color and resin: first way. Make a job model using raising on Dwight. Actually paint to do these way. Turn on the skates on. Place the paper cup on the scale and sit the continent to zero. Next, for about 50 grams, offers in into the continent. Yeah, then heat the raising using atomic lighter. Not that it should not be in contact with reason. You can also get the reason with the hair, the doing so president will become teak smooth already to mix with the heart, gait said. Escape to zero, adding hard generated half the weight after risen to theirs by a wooden sir steers in an hardener gently for about two minutes, until the mixture is smoothly combined into another paper glass. About 15 gram off a mixture offers in and hardening. Yeah, blend the white acrylic paint to the amount that you see in the video on Miss with 15 grams off mixture offers in and harden. Not that the amount off raising using this is steps depends on the tape on Dimension Off the most. Here we used the 12 by 12 centimeter more dimension, having makes the color with reason, you will be ready for the next step 4. 3 casting resin: first we pull Carless container offers ing inside the mould marching as shown in the video . Okay, - Then he pulled the color Thorazine in the mold center way replaced the gold cheat in the centre off the more using on atomic lighter, we carefully bubbled up from the top off the reason again, like their steps before we applied the remaining reasons to add to the thickness off the center off. Also weigh. Apply some Carless lazy to the gold cheek way. Make straw irregular strips on the surface and remove wobbles using the lighters. Be mosque killing they're raising on the food and mixer. - Now the work is done on believe it on for 24 hours. 5. 4 Unmold the resin: after 24 hours, there isn't. Is Prue paid on may carefully be on more, but the surface after raising, should not be a sticky and soft. In this case, it should rest more. 6. 5 Trimming resin edges: to make the resin model more beautiful. Repaying the edge after work. Three minutes using smoke song? - Yeah , Back after the work is done, we wash the model beats you up and water. 7. 6 Paint the edge of the resin model: cover the work edge with fine golden powder. Andres. To do this, we mix risen on golden powder in a container we have prepared. Be used the painting brush to paint the model. As you can see individual, we address into the powder slowly toe. Have a ticket. Okay, mixture must not be two. News on it should not or flu from age. The video shows that appropriate Ignace Way applied the MR to the eggs gently on carefully. UH, you can apply 18 layer off raising to make it more beautiful. - Take care toe. A waitress in putting remove the resin on blew it after finishing place the prepaid model on a flat surface on bush Brush wheat. Instance. Tina, after 24 hours there is in Model is ready with smooth edges. As we, though, shows ticker models are more attractive. Hope you enjoyed watching this totally. A widow