How to Improve your Audio Recording

Gary Hiebner, Sound Designer and Composer

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6 Lessons (30m)
    • 1. Introduction to Audio Recording SkillShare

    • 2. Setting Up Your Track

    • 3. Recording Audio to a Track

    • 4. Punch In Recording

    • 5. Using Multipe Takes and Audio Comping

    • 6. Recording Multiple Tracks


About This Class


In this class Gary will go through how to record audio into your digital audio workstation (DAW). He'll give you advice on best practices when recording audio into your computer and also how to get the best audio recording performances

You'll learn the following:

  • Setting Up a Track to Record to
  • Recording Audio to a Track
  • Using Punch-In Recording to record in new parts
  • Recording Multiple take and Comping these takes
  • Recording to Multiple Tracks Simultaneously

After watching this class you'll have a much better understanding on how audio works in a DAW, and the best way to record your audio parts in