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How to Draw Landscapes

teacher avatar Jasmina Susak, Pencil Artist

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

12 Lessons (5h 24m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Tools

    • 3. a Blossom Tree

    • 4. Deep in the Forest

    • 5. Starry Night in the Forest

    • 6. Sunset in Africa

    • 7. In the Batcave

    • 8. A beach

    • 9. How to Draw an Autumn Tree

    • 10. How to Draw a Winter Tree

    • 11. The Moon over the Sea

    • 12. How to Draw Sunset and Two Dolphins

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About This Class

How to Draw Landscapes with Colored Pencils and Markers

In this class, you will learn to draw landscapes from scratch, using colored pencils and markers. The drawing tutorials are created to help artists and beginners who want to experiment with mixed media and make their landscape drawings more photorealistic.

I will take you through easy-to-follow drawing stages, and include advice on using colored pencils and markers. I will provide many tricks and tips on how to give depth to your landscape and everything else you need to do to make your artwork look like a photograph. I will teach you to draw in 1-point perspective, to draw water, the beach, trees, starry skies, the sunset, and many more.

For these artworks, I use Prismacolor Premier, Polychromos Faber-Castell and Caran D'ache Luminance 6901 colored pencils, but whichever pencil I use, I always mention the colored pencil by another brand as an alternative, so if you have colored pencils by only one of these brands, you can also follow along. Anyway, any other medium can be used to create these drawings: watercolor, pastels, oil paint, acrylic, or whichever else you have and prefer.

Each drawing is created from scratch, which will inspire you to get your own ideas and create your unique landscapes in the future. I will share with you the drawing exercises that are designed to enhance your creativity.

The tutorials included in this course:

  •   A Blossom Tree 
  •   Deep in the Forest
  •   Starry Night in the Forest 
  •   Sunset in Africa 
  •   In the Cave with Bats 
  •   The Beach  
  •   Beach in the Maldives - 1-point Perspective Drawing  
  •   How to Draw an Autumn Tree 
  •   How to Draw a Winter Tree 
  •   The Moon over the Sea 
  •   How to Draw Sunset and Two Dolphins

Join me, and let's create something beautiful!







Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Jasmina Susak

Pencil Artist


My name is Jasmina Susak. I am a self-taught, graphite and colored pencil artist, author of many how-to-draw books and eBooks, innovator and art teacher.

I want to share my drawing skills with anyone who wants to draw because I am convinced that everyone is able to draw; only patience, right guidance, and inspiration is needed.

Take my classes, get inspired and enjoy learning!


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1. Intro: 2. Tools: Okay, let me show you what I'm going to use for days drawings that was used this paper by for Briana Bristol. It's very thick and durable paper, and I use it for both colored pencils and graph advances, and I'll abusing Prisma Color Premier Color pencils. These are wax based color pencils, and I also often makes them up with the current dash. Luminous, which are also likes paged so they work well together and they can be blended together. So they are both high quality, professional great color pencils. And so this pencils are really soft and their colors can be easily spread on the paper. So both luminous and Prisma car Web space and there were good for blending, burnishing layering. So prison color Premier provides talent off 150 colors, which is a really great deal because the more callers you have, the easier job you will have. I will be using this. The markers by unit Posca. I like any Posca markers because they're really high quality markers and bake, and this marker is chisel shaped, and when you bite in one, it won't have any Inc and its step. So you just push it downwards until you see that it has failed and then you can use it. It is very good for coloring the background. It's a bit more expensive than the chief markers, but I think it's better to buy one distin 23 bad quality markers for the same amount of money. So if you want to make your work enjoyable, I recommend these markers also have blow one and, of course, white. Also choose shape and smaller dip This one about one millimeter, I think. And I also have, uh, watch in gel pen and jelly roll so you can purchase any of these things were very good for adding highlighted bards, like very small highlights over the drone areas so they can be easily applied over the colored pencils. And I'll be using good drawing compass and a roller. 3. a Blossom Tree: I want to draw blossom tree. But for that I need some colorful background. So here you can see the tools that I'm going to use. I have Folic Ramos and Prisma color Premier and I have also Unipol Scott Watch marker and black for marker, and I also have a Wide Inc gel pens, so I don't want to make it, actually to photo realistic or something that can be finding nature but kind of known fictional or similar. So I started here into top using dark red by following Promus. But if you have only Prisma color, primary can use Tuscan red or Crimson Lake. So the goal is to create smooth Grandin's between the colors from dark red to cream. And and we can achieve that by adding brighter and broader colors. A sweet shade disk I downwards. So I start with the darkest a few off the red, and here you can see how large area want to call her with this pencil and I press harder under up, and I just breast less unless Asai shade downwards and I'm going to cover this lower area with the next pencil. Okay, so the next scholar should be a big broader than the previously used Dark red, and I have choosen crimson Lake Vipers. Kohler Premier, if you have polychrome is you can use deep scarlet, red and same here. Just go over the lover area of the dark red and breast very hard and then colored area as much as you want. You can see how much I call her and just press but less in the lower area. So the goal is to make the edge between these two colors invisible anti created flowers, Graddy in transition. But of course, the lines and the edges can still be visible. You can see in my case, but it's not a big problem because these scholars are similar and now we can continue the same. Just choose the broader Hugh of the red Pencil eso I have chosen Scarlet Red by Pollock Rama's. But you can use Scarlet Lake or popular read by Pres McCullough, Premier and same here, go over do previously drawn area and just color. With this pencil downwards, - I'm going over a bit. Just gonna read, too. Make this great in transition more flawless because we can still see the clear edge between did to Hughes, so I just want to dark in this upper area of this color. Now the next one can be permanent, right? - Okay , - and now in the Hughes should strive to the orange red colors because we want to end up with yellow colors. And that means that the next area should be drawn with pale vermillion by Prisma, Color premier. And if you have folic Rama's dark cadmium orange is pretty good for dist or orange glaze because these colors are reddish orange, and now I want to use yellowed orange. But Bruce McCulloch premier, if you have polychrome owes, you can use orange glaze or cadmium orange and just same here. Go over to previously drawn area or its lower part and draw a horizontal strokes downwards , - and that we should start using yellowish orange. And I used yellow orange but Spanish oranges, also the same similar or sunburst yellow by personal color. Premier. No, it's the next schooler I want to use, just mean by per cynical or premiere, and you can use light, chrome, yellow by folly grimace, and we're almost done with color in the sky. - Here we can use some broader yellow such as counter yellow by Prisma Color Premier for centuries Lied Yellow blaze by following promise Here we can apply. You have broader que off the yellow which is Dhekelia low by Prisma color for mirror and if you use public promise, you can start using cream and now we can start coloring the ground within any black tool that you have you can use. This is my old radio and I. I used a blank pro marker by Vince Vince ER in Newton. But nowadays I prefer you knew Posca markers, but this one was also good. But you can use anything that you have but can create absolutely black color. And now I just want to blend the edge between the ground and the sky but with the black color pencil by Prisma color Premier by adding some grass and some plants like this at random, said the edge between the ground and the sky shouldn't be clear. We have to blend it somehow. In this grass is pretty good for death, - and now we can draw some crease. I want to draw only one, but this one I want to make bent and to cover the whole picture and I'm using a chisel shaped to marker, which helps me to create bigger branches and also very tiny brunches. Depends on which side of she's a deep I use. And of course, the tree should be thicker next to the ground and then thinner and thinner US. We draw the branches away from the ground, so just a random. Just drop them anywhere you want, - said this one branch also should be speaker. And then you can see I'm just continuing by making into thinner and thinner. You can draw two trees, one under labs and one on the right side for in the middle one wide tree. It doesn't have to be like this, Okay? And now we can apply some white dots at random. I'm using a unit. Posca made in line for this and and just created Bunches of wide dots anywhere you want. Of course, next to the branches like this, I want to create small groups off dots like 567 and sometimes just one off course. You can create bigger pedals and I just want to add some off them over the ground, some fallen petals. And now I want to create smaller does by using unit possible wide marker a 0.7 millimeter. So it's step. It's quiet smaller. So I just go all around these bigger dots. Okay, that's it. So now here you can add some animals or one Chinese tree, whatever you want, or you just can leave it like this. And I hope you that you like this tutorial and that you have created something. They're good and to enjoy this. 4. Deep in the Forest: Okay, let me demonstrate for you a simple example of how to give a left to your drawing and this image. You can see my digital attempt of the kills, and I just want to show you a few rules that you have always took flight your drawings if you want to give a depth to your landscape So there are a few rules that we have to follow . For example, the closer two objects to the viewers eyes and the more colorful it is because the objects fade when we're moving away from them and the closer two objects to the viewers. I clear it ISS because the objects lose of the sharpness of their ads. Also, we're getting away from them and you will see a better example in the drawing that I'm going to draw now. So I want to draw deep in the forest. Also, we were standing in the forest and looking out of the forest, and I want to draw the trees using French Grey by Chris McCullough, Premier, because they are manufactured and more Hughes. So we have actually six the ones. So I start with artists from the viewer's eye, and I use French great, 20% for this. So these trees should be the meanest because they are far away from the viewers and they are also on the edge off the forest, which means that they get more life. And I want to creates a tiny space here in the middle kind of path, or something like that, that I want to draw any trees or this area or so called glade so you can leave a space predict late on the left or the right size or not to leave on all. So you don't have to do everything the same ice I do. And of course, the randomness is very important. Some of the trees should be drawn closer to each other, some of them for order from each other. Some of them can have some branches and leaves like this. If you have Polly crom ous, you can use farm graze ornament, cool grays and also you start with the brothers. Okay, so the next layer off trees should be done in darker hues. Amusing A 50% French gray here. If use bolic dramas, you can use now warm gray three or four. So this is a big, darker dawn, then previously used one and and here we have to draw the seeker trees and also at random. Whatever you want, you can see that I'm drawing this one next to D broader tree. So these trees that were creating with French grave 50% are closer to the viewer's eye, and they should be darker and thicker. So just a random at some branches, wherever you want or leaves like this. Okay, so in the step, I want to use a French grey. 90% to drop trees are found closer to the viewers. I and these trees should be quite tinkered and do previously drawn trees that we drew with French break 50%. But of course, some of the trees can be thinner. The most important is to draw them at random, not to make everything the same or symmetrical. So you have to press very card with this pencil to feel the fiber of the paper, and now you you already can see that the brightest trees appear farther from us. Okay, Now we can add one more layer of trees, which should be done with black color pencil, which means that these trees get no light and ah, there should be this biggest because they are the closest to the viewers I'm and just keep it at random and let's draw the ground and digress. Using also black color pencil, you can use even a black marker, - and now you can see that the broadest trees that we drew into her beginning appear far way and a glaze in the middle appears illuminated and, of course, always draw some branches wonder trees in the ground randomly. You can dress some say, let off the animals which live in the forests, which is the year or wild, big sore, even birds. And no, we can color the background chosen cream for this part in the middle because I want to draw kind of sunset sky or something. But it can be blue, and you can use part of blue and then apply just darker and darker hue of the blue so he doesn't have to be yellow. - I want to continue with eggshell next to this cream area, and I also go over the brightest trees you can see because I want to make the edge of these trees blurry, which will make them appear even farther because the object in the distance and large distance are all this blurry. - And now we should color to buy ground with huge that is darker than actual, which is pretty difficult to find us a manufacturer pencil. So and that's why I want to apply light number mildly and to go over it with eggshell and I just continue next today previously shaded area. So I saw him shading the sky towards the left and the right size. I just make them darker and darker, and here in the middle of this glaze should appear illuminated. If you have Polly chromosome, you can use new good and go over. It would warm one or two. So does the best combination for distance, and now it's the last step. We can color the background on the left and right sides, and I use dark brown and I want to go over it with an eggshell because Dar broom s free dark. But our plan eggshell over this. So next time you can use cool grace for the trees, and then you should just some. Now he was a blue. For example, powder blue Asai mentioned for the mid area and for a while, it lake for the darker background and so on, and so tried to experiment with different colors and shapes. But the rules that we applied in this drawing should be considered, no matter what kind of landscapes you you draw or pain. 5. Starry Night in the Forest: I want to create a drawing similar to this intra with a bit brighter. Let's first draw this kind. And here I want to create the color gradation smooth gradation between the blue colors from dark to light. And I start here at the top using middle Kabul blow huge by current ash, luminous and a press very hard in order to feel the truth of the paper because I want to make it very smooth. And so, if you have Polly commas, you have a nisi job here because there are the three manufacturer Nance's off Saleh Blue. So life Taleb Low, Middle Saleh Blow and fellow Blue, which is the one that you have to start here with the darkest one and then just create that Grady in transition between the Hughes. So the goal is to make the sky darker, a top and in the left and right top corners. And to make it broader and broader, all sweet draw downwards. There was the center off the bottom of the paper. So that's why I'm going a bit downwards here on the left side. With this mental, I found this pencil very good for the sky. But If you have Prisma called Premiere, you can use China Blue and here else I'm finishing this area. You can see that I press the last one last because I'm going to continue over this area with brighter que. I thought this is important one. Creating Grady in tradition. You can also choose any other fan till, for example, some while it or reddish it doesn't have to be blew, it can be even greater, or whichever you want to use can use some orange or brown defenses. But the point is to draw the upper area and the left and the right corners to make them darker and then gradually to add broader and broader pencil. Draw downward and automated corners even darker. I just want to go over them with Prussian Blue by LA Minnows. If you have personal car, can use medical room and as a mention, if you had followed promise you just start. Start with fellow blue. I can just hear the top of it just darken this upper areas. If I started with this mental, only discolor would appear to dark. That's why applied it over this pencil because then is two dark like this. And now I want to continue with China blue. But Prisma, color Premier. And here also, I'm just going over the previously shaded area to make them to blend them together to make the edge between them invisible. And you can see that China blue is just quite broader. Same here. Just go over D bottom area of the previously drawn section and blend the colors to get her . And here just color more on the left and the right side. I'm in lower the big orange like this on the bottom of the section We have depressed last because we're going to continue with the brothers bank tour and to go over this part which is now but where I breast less and now also next you can use broader if you look I'm using Jenning Kabul blue by lemons. If you use polychrome is you can use light Allah blue And if you use Prisma color premiere , you can use blue violent lake here and also just go over the previously drawn area and tried to make the edge between this to Hughes invisible to make that smooth gradient, I thought you can always go back to the previously drawn areas and use the pencils that you use there and go over them with Brother Hugh and then use the same pencil again. And this way of blending that will make that Grady in transition flawless. And you do that until you were satisfied. Course, it doesn't have to be perfectly flowers, because this guy is It doesn't have to be perfectly smooth. It can have some clothes or anything, and here also ended lower area. You just press, lest we can continue with even broader Hugh off the blue, and I use a light probable also by aluminum's. You can still use life Ella Bleu, but first less and less, and you can finally blend it with cool, which call great one or two. And if you use Prisma caller, you can use Blue slate or lied Saralyn blue for even part of blue. - And I was the last step in creating great in transition of blue colors. I want to use the broadest Hugh off blue, and this is part of blue, and if you use polychrome owes, you can still apply life Ella Bleu very likely, and blend it with white and also like overblown by Aluminums and then blended with wide. Because this area here at the bottom can be very bright. I know we can create some threes, so I actually want to create the pine trees. You can create any order kind of trees. It doesn't have to be realistic, and you don't have to go into details just like this. Some branches you can see that I'm using a chisel shaped black marker, and I used it to create this poor's until branches like this. So it's a very simple drawing, but I hope that it can give you some I there's that you can create something else or your own unique aren't groups. You can see how easily we can apply markers over Koehler fences. Of course, you can add more details if you want. So here in the middle, I want to create very short trees, - and I just want to call her fear, also the ground to make it completely black. And no, we can create stars over the sky, and I use a Wide Inc gel pen for Chinese stars. As you can see, just some lines one over another like this random and you're among the branches kind of glossier and just a random, smaller and bigger. Some of them should be very close to each other, like a group of stars, and some of them can be like separate legal standing along. And I want to hear to use a secret tip, I found this. Uniforms come on markers quite easier to fly over the color pencils, and I just want to spread to raise some glossy nous with Want a job done? So if these markers bring any false girl, Very good, because that's the wide in Japan and jelly rolls. They really they pick up the materials, the color pencils and it's deep, and it's stuck somehow, and you can use it pretty good. What their new brand new. And after that, they get her some Boston and generate everything, and then it's quite difficult to get that ink out of them. That's why I really like you know, Bosco markers. You can see how big they are like this just among the branches. You can stop here if you want, but I want to draw a lot of stars, and so it doesn't have to be photo realistic. I want to make it kind of fictional, or rather not that realistic. So it doesn't have to be like the same that we can see in nature. Okay, I want to add some more even here, or the brightest blue hue at the bottom of this guy. You can add some. Why dogs. They will be still quite visible over the light blue pencil. - Okay , I home to enjoy this tutorial, and it's really find it very easy to practiced and that you have created something interesting and that you enjoy this tutorial. 6. Sunset in Africa: Okay. Now I want to draw sense it in Africa. And the first thing is, I want to cut the circular piece of paper to place over my drawing paper and to draw around it with the fried ist. Hugh, uh, yellow. And so it left to caught out this circle or a piece of paper? No, I just want to place this paper where I want my son to be found somewhere here. I wanted to be quiet, um, above the ground, but not too much. And I just want it to color with cream by personal Clark Premier Also, you can use green bipolar Kromer's and just draw around it like this. - And now it's a continuation to this. To the cream pencil I want to use Cannery Yellow by Pres Mikel Premier can use line Crow meal of bite folly Promus They're quite similar. So the point is to make the colors darker to apply darker and darker colors as you work away from the sun. So around the sun to have the brightest colors and then just he was darker and darker colors. And now it's the next caller. I want to use Jasmine. You can even use egg shell or sand. They're very similar rentals. And if you have polychrome, most can use Annapolis yellow at these air. Very good pencils for this sauce. A continuation. Just go over the previously strong area a bit and and press very hard to great to cover the paper completely and, um, to get rid of those white dots of the paper. - And now I want to use kind of Rielle again to go over just mean and actually the edge between Connery Ella in Jasmine to make to blend these two colors together and to blurry the edge between them to make that flawless Grady in transition between these two colors. - And now let's continue with Jasmine, and I'm one here to cover a larger area towards the last side. And because I want to use the broader colors next to the ground, they know here I want to use sand as a continuation to jasmine and same here. Just go over the previously drawn area bit, and I just continue to call her doors the edges of the paper. - So , as I mentioned, we should use darker and darker. He was yellow or lie Bron and I think the next one can be yellow ocher and also by Polygram US and just continue over descent. And now we can call or completely to the left and to derive sides of the paper. Now, before I continue coloring the sky, I just want to It creates some Sylhet, all the lines of the animals which have to be absolutely black because we can't see any callers over them. And I want to draw on elephant on the left side. And I want to draw for this year off on the right side of the picture. And somewhere in the middle, I want to draw a tree, not over the sun, but a bit under right side of it. But for now, I just want to draw the Elefant or actually the shape of the elegant. And I want to drop that on separate piece of paper like this. And then I want to just cut off the shape of the telephone. End of place. Over. This is my drawing. And to color the inner area. Okay, it's something like this, and now I can cut it out. So I actually recommend that if you're insecure about the shape of the elephant. If you don't want to myself, you're drawing first. Create the outline on a separate piece of paper, and then just all this line. It's over. You're drawing before you apply black marker because, as we know, it can be erased. - Now I just want to place a year and to color this in your area with a black marker. - And when I removed the paper, you can see how it looks. So I guess, still make some changes on this telephone. But I actually can't erased, but you can draw any other animal. And as I mentioned, I want to draw his year off on the right side of the page. But I need a higher drawn area because I wanted Roger up over the finished background, and it's still not high enough. So now, as a continuation to the lastly drawn yellow ocher, I want to use Brown Walker 50%. But women's. If you have prisma color, you can use Golden Road and you have fully crumbs. Try the mix brown poker and light yellow ocher, and now, in this step, I just want to cover tiny area over the yellow ochre or actually above the yellow ocher because I want to leave this space for the darker colors were darker brown colors actually . - Okay , now I want to use brown poker by aluminum's. All right. You can use it also by Folic Ramos Burn Oakar and seeing a brown by Prisma Color is also very good as the next color fucking Now we can add darker hue above it and I have chosen Mr Be Stir by Bolic Rama's for just that Eso refuse first Kohler light on birth is very good for this sport. So it it should be a bit darker hue brown color And now we can feel the rest of the paper using dark brown and in the corners use dark number And of course, if you have a leak Ramos you can use burnt sienna and burned number No , I want to draw giraffe on the right side of the paper that saw germs are usually about double taller than the elephants. So keep this in mind When al funny you're you're off. Now you can draw the outline of the giraffe on the separate lease of paper. But this time I want to draw that without any other paper but there, directly here, my drawing paper. But you should check up some reference bottle order all lies. I just want to draw it. Here was this. So everything should be black, the whole shape and in your area of the drug like this. - And now I want to draw a three here in the middle or actually a bit on the right side between the sun and a drop because I don't want to cover the sun there would treat. And, um, I was Jesus shaped black marker for this. And of course, this drunk here has to be speaker. And then we just have to create some branches thinner and thinner as we draw them away from the trunk. So here you can't really fail because no matter how your branches turn on, the truth will still look good. Also, you don't have to drop it in the same area of smiling. You can drop it on the last side or next on the edge of the favor, or you can draw. You can't even form a the trunk and drawn branches coming from an edge of the papers of can draw it differently. I don't want to add tiny branches over the top off these big, thicker branches that's here summer along the branches at random, and now we can draw some leaves. And here I use a thick black just a shape marker game and the whole side of the flat, the flat side of Jesus shaped marker, because I want to create big leaves and I just place the tick off it to the baker like this . I mean, I just touch the paper with this It, you know, that's kind of shape of the leaf, and I just want to fill the whole area of the crone this way, and I just change the position of the people. The marker. I just earn it. They're going to see because I don't want to make every leave the same. You can make some leaves stand out of arresting, but keep them stick to some part of the tree, or you can even draw some falling leaves. It's not anything even birds flying bird. - And now I just want to add some small leaves or time dining branches, using even thinner marker here all over the crown and also some of the animals used to sit in the trees, allowed birds, monkeys and so also can drove them to over the branch. For this, these horizontal branches almost closed until branches. And now I just want to draw the ground here using the same black marker, every confused black color pencil, anything. I was black that's simple. Just right under defeat of the elephant and giraffe like this. Now we can use some finger black marker or even black or pencil to draw some grass because the ground looks to flat now and it's gonna unnatural. So we have to add some grass, - and now I just want to create this the highlighted area off the ground I would hear directly under the setting sun. It's kind of illuminated ground, and I go over with cool gray 50%. - Now , as a final step, I just want to create some stars here in the upper area to drawing, using a wide markers and then in gel pen. And here, also among the leaves, a swell so bigger, smaller where we want. I hope that you enjoy this tutorial and to they have created something. I would like to see your results and see with next tutorial. Bye bye 7. In the Batcave: Okay, so I want to drop the but gave us if we're standing inside of it and we can see the part of the sky and I want to draw the walls of the cave all around and the sky a visible here in the middle, and I start with having here at the top using genuine Coble Blue by current Daschle Amina's . But you can see I have off lined where I want to. The edge between did walls off the cave and skied to be. And I'm just covering a bit this line because I'm going to card that with marker later. So it is important to draw only horizontal line for the sky. And if you use fully Kromer's, you can use middle follow blue or tolerable here at the top, and then you just use broader Hugh, which is like a life ella bleu. And if you use prisma color, you can start with China blue, and I just want to press very hard here to feel the fiber of the paper completely to make it very small. And now here the top. I just want to add a bit of middle Kabul blue hue to make it a bit darker here, here at the very top. So just use darker hue off the blue for the top to go over this, which is Bree bright. So the point is to make it very dark at the top and broader and broader as you draw downwards. It's kind of furs. After Sun said and won, the bed soon arrived. There's I started, ah, active lives and flying so we can drop them in daylight. But still I want to make them visible. That's why I needed to make the sky visible as much as possible. And now I continue with same pencil values, genuine Koval blue and I just wanted to dark and it's a bit more with middle couple blue hue here, this upper area in tomato smooths Grady in between the dark blue and broader blue. - I know I'm continuing a big more with General Global Blue, and I want to feel actually the rest of this guy, the visible part of the sky. With this special, - I want to add a bit of violet here of the bottom, and I use ultramarine violet just so big toe, add a hue off it to the lower area of the sky and how I just want to brought it up with the light cover blue by a woman eyes. So if you use Prisma Kohler, you can use Potter blue to brighten up this smaller area. And if you use public promise, you can use life kala blue because the lower area has to be a bit brighter. - Now I just want to call her all around with black marker. And I used this one geezer shaped eight millimeter wide by unit Posca and I just want to call her the walls off the K like this. And I just school over a bit over the blue area so it doesn't have to be like this or Samos mind just something like this and just feel the paper all around the sky. You can even use a black color found so but you have to press very hard to create that absolutely black caller. And so it's quite easier to do with marker particular with this a big marker with big deep . Why tip? So it's pretty faster. Okay, here on the right side, I want t o leave the sky like this. I want to. They draw any walls around. I just want to make this edge between the walls and the sky like this, like a curvy with some. So I want to make kind of some Iraq's tiny rocks. There was a boom, that air standing out of the wall, and here on the right side, I just want to Korver distance, upper area. It's a key, and also this edge between the sky and this black hair. There shouldn't be straight, but rather you can create some tiny rocks or glass whatever. And now I want to create some illuminated, tiny or bigger rocks here in the inner part of the keep. So the parts that receives some light from out there and just read random all around, and I use cool, great 20% for this. Just imagine where delights would hit the rocks in the parts of the wall like this, so some of them to make them appear illuminated. How was school grade? 10% here, that's a bit brighter, so I want to make it broader assess again. See, you can easily apply colored pencil over the marker, and you can always eliminate it if you make some mistakes just go over with black band still or again with a black marker just like this at random. Some longer rock some tiny areas like this to make them look illuminated. That's the point. So actually, the light would hit here, next to the edge between the sky and in your cavity of the this cave. So the lie would it eliminate these parts of the rocks and not inner part? So here, next to the edge, I don't want to make anything illuminated and not even too much in the upper area Butter outta here, on the left side, in tow in the lower area. You hear against say that I want us to decide to make much broader because I think it would be more illuminated than the rest Here . Also bit under right side just of the top of this, that there's a wall like this. I use a wife pencil here and now we can draw some beds, all order sky. I'm in flying beds and, uh, actually only the shape the field shape off the beds and some of them should be bigger, which means that they're closer to us, and then tiny tiny like this one, which means that they're far away from us. And so a lot of different sizes and different positions, just a drawn them anywhere you want. You can also use a black color pencil, but it's quite easier to apply. Black marker. Well, this one marker is running out, so that's why I suffer a bit with this. But I have all niches or shaped black marker, and that's a too big for creating these tiny beds and also this tiny beds, which are flying in a far away from us. They don't have to be dot black because the well projects in a larger distance or always broader, so they're actually never completely black. - Okay , here, also smaller and bigger at random. Just retained them. Don't make them or in the same position. No, I want to draw here the shape of the best man, but you don't have to draw this shape. You can draw some animals or anything else or feel it also with the beds. So I just want to create the shape of the Batman and, of course, to feel the whole area with black marker. So it has to be completely black Here , here, I want to make to draw his legs. Us. He is standing here, and I just want to feel the rest of this in our area with a black marker. Now, let's just fried and topped the edge all around him because it would be a bit illuminated just over to imagine here his back. But here, the inner part should stay absolutely black. - And now we can and some stars with a white marker. Just apply some thoughts anywhere you want. - And also, I want to draw the eyes of these bigger bats with with a wide marker, just two dots over their heads like this. Now, let me just add more stars. - Okay ? So this is a simple drawing. I hope that you enjoy this tutorial and that it was wasn't difficult for you. And you have created something interesting and see what the next story 8. A beach: Okay, let's draw a poem. Three on the beach. Here you can see the reference bottle that I will be using, but I have changed a bit. I have enlarged the palm tree and shadows the cast shadow over descend. And so this is my old video, and I have only time lapse. And I have slow it down just to show you how to draw this. And I use Liar, a slim group. And so that time and this vessels are free, good and creamy and can easily be spread over the paper. And they're pretty good. Cheap, but good pencils. So we start here at the top and we draw on Lee horse on the lines all the time, and we drug them downwards with same pencil. If you have prisoner color premiere, you can use China blue or covered group blue for this upper area. And if you have Polly commas, you can use Stahler blue or middle Saleh blue for this. Okay? I just want to strengthen the outline of the palm tree with a black pencil so that I can see the position of it under the layer of blue pencil. And now I some coloring over this, uh, branches. You can see that they're still visible through the coat off this blue pencil. And now, as you draw the sky downwards, you can start using light fella blue if you use Polic Rama's. And if you use personal color premiere, you can use known photo bloom for Blue Lake and just try to make the edge between the two blue colors invisible or actually blurry, or to create that great in transition between the two blue colors. Because this guy should be broader next to the sea or next to dick. Arise on, - and now I just want to dark in the upper area with darker hue off the blue, also by Larrys grow slim because the upper part of the sky should be quite darker. And then I want to brighten up here, this lover part with white pencil And, of course, that's most ingredient is very important to make the colors flow into each other without any clear edge between them. And you can achieve that by changing the pressure on your pencil. No, the next thing we can shade or actually cooler the trunk of the tree, and you can use a form great colors. For that, the upper heart should be broader. DNT lower part because the upper part is more eliminated. So use, for example, 10% by physical premier or farm one or cold one by polychrome most. And in the lower area you can use warm gray 50 and now let's dark and these branches off the palm tree with the dark green. You can use a bit of black here in the middle or in the lower area, and now we can call her the branches with some brighter hue of green. I'm using the grass green for days and here also on the right side. We can draw then forest and I use some drug blue, too. Draw the decline over to horizon. Now we can draw the sea using non photo blue by Prisma, color premier or, if you have fully promise, you can use light fellow blue and just leave out the white area for the waves for the farm off the waves. I know we can blend the edges between the white and non photo blue with a white pencil and just add some blue dots or tiny areas over the form like this. And now let's up at some highlights over the branches using a spring green by personal color. Premier, you can use light green by police dramas. So just here in the upper area and I just want to dark and in this area in the middle with a dark green again. And now let's drop the sand with the beach Beach by Prisma Color Premier But Polly promise there is no such color. You can mix up the cinnamon and warm great to achieve this color. And, uh, - and now let's create a cash shadow under the foam using a beach sienna. So this is actually the shadow that is cast by the form over the sand. And now we can draw the guest shadow under the tree. The shadow, the discussed by the pond tree like this Still using beach Stana, you have folly, Cronos. You can use for our number or even brown occur, and now we can draw some birds here with black pencil smaller and bigger flying birds 9. How to Draw an Autumn Tree: Okay, let's draw a simple treat and let's start here with the trunk at the bottom of the paper, and I use dark number. And I also want to draw visible areas of branches because some part should be covered with leaves and, um, just a random where we want them to be visible so we can draw thicker, drunk or thinner. And, of course, the branches become thinner and thinner. Else we draw away from the trunk. Now I just want to feel the whole trunk with the same pencil. What a simple step. And here I just want to call her toe in her area here, in the middle and on the left and the right size. I want to press a press a bit last because I want to broaden up the left and the right sides of the trunk because I have imagined light source coming from the left and right sides, and I just want to draw some more tiny branches. And now let's blend the left and right side of the trunk with white, and you can see how it becomes brother now, so it looks kind of illuminated from the left on the right side, and this way we will give the trunk the round shape eso it won't look flat. If you want to use the front lights, you can just a dark and delight in the right side and, uh, make it broader in the middle. - And now, since we can apply the bright colors over the dark colors, we have to start with the broadest would have brightest color that we want to use. And because when we use pain to recruit, league are all oil paints way start from the darkest the cooler, and then we apply brighter and brighter. When the first layer dries up, we can apply over that brighter colors, but when working with color passes, we can do that. So I think is the best to start with the broadest color and then just to add darker and darker. So I want to start with the brightest color, and I used jasmine for this. And of course, the brightest leaves would be found over the top or in the upper area of the crown, and, unless amount off brand leaves would be found in a lower area off the Krohn. So here in the upper area just draw a lot of Brian leaves. The cannabis stick together next of the branch, but like this among the branches. So here I don't want to go much into the details, but you can draw leave by leave like perfectly. But I don't want to go much more into details. And actually, I want to draw the tree in autumn, where the leaves are yellow and ready Iran and brown. But if you want to draw the only green leaves, you just start with the brightest, the cue off green, and then just apply darker and darker, que off green usefully crumbs. You can start with ivory or cream. If you want to draw green leaves, you can start with light green, - and I want want to add the hue darker dent Jasmine, which is Spanish orange. If you use polychrome owes, you can use light chrome yellow, and I just want to draw among dude previously drawn leaves said This cooler is just a slightly darker than the previously applied Kohler, and now we can start drawing more leaves into shadowed areas and last into highlighted areas, and this will apply for every following color pencils that were going to use. I know we can use Golden Road if you use polychrome as you can use light yellow walker or dark nut Lis Oakar and I applied this, uh, caller and between the groups off the brighter leaves, you can see so here, also next to the branches us. If these leaves that I'm coloring now, we're deeper inside. And I started blind. More leaves here in the lower area. I know we can start using the bride you over the brown, such as seeing a brown. And now let's draw the leaves with this pencil. I'm wonder groups of the brighter leaves again and, uh, here in the lower area, much more and just a few leaves over the highlighted areas. So mostly here in the shadowed parts, you can see that I just scribble with my pencils. So I'm not going into details. But as I mentioned, you can go much more into details If you have patience. To draw one by one leaves one by one and to make them super detailed. I just want to show you to structure and how to build up layers in order to achieved The deaths were drawing and to give the tree the shape to make it look last flat. And now the next Hugh off LeBron. It can be dark brown, but Prez McCall premier, if you use polychrome owes, it can use a burnt number or even burned seeing. And here in the lower area, we can apply much more of them and also in between the groups off the broader leaves. And also like Slayer, we can use even darker hue off the brown, which is dark number Bert personal color. Premier. I also fuse Bali. Comas can use a while, LeBron. So let's draw a bit here in upper area here into deeper Barnes Nice to the branches like this. So this is actually the the last layer you can even use Black Bansal introduce. But I think it's a to know during Brown is enough. You know what? We can add some a few off red leaves to make the three kind of more colorful, and I use Carnell Lake where does leaves just a few leaves here and there and just drop them all around the cone randomly where you want it could choose any 100 Hugh off. Read off reddish orange for this step. And now we can answer green leaves because there are always some green leaves on the autumn street left and I used grass green for this step. But any other que off green is also good. If you use polychrome owes, you can use permanent green or or even leave. Now let's draw followed the fallen leaves under the tree and using the same Passos that we use for the crown something the same order that we did for the crown and we should draw more leaves here in the middle around the trunk and less and less also, we draw away from the trunk. Okay, like this. So this is a simple drawing for beginners to practice. And if you really want to make a super realistic tree, you have to go into details. The trunk is pre okay like this, but leaves you can make them more realistic. Drop down one by one with well sharpened pencils and you can also draw some background. And I hope that you enjoyed this tutorial and see you with the next Dorial. Bye bye 10. How to Draw a Winter Tree: Okay, Now I want to draw a winter tree or the tree covered with snow. And just let me show you what I'm going to use the US always for Brianna Bristol paper. And I'm going to use just six color pencils. School Grace by Prisma color Premier So if you have Polic Rama's, you can use cold grays or even warm grace, and I will be using a unit Posca markers, black warmth and gray. Okay, I'm just going to skip this school gray 90% because this is too dark and I just want to start with 70% here at the top and, uh, keep drawing on lee horizontal lines. So we are now actually drawing the sky, which would be quite darker in the opera area. So I want here to create a smooth grading from dark, great to light gray. And these cool gray color pencils by Prisma core premier are very helpful in creating this because there might manufacturing six years, So we just have to use a brighter embroider Hughes as we shade to sky downwards here. I'm just want to kind of finished this section with cool grey 70 and I starting out light into pressure. Start with a heavy hand and then just losing to pressure on your pencil. I just want to limit into Doster. Use this brush for makeup and here I start pressing less and less because I want to continue over this lover area with the next Goler, which go great 50%. And this way I will create that great in transition. And now we can start using cool, great 50% and just go over to lower area off gray 1970% and press very hard and tried to make the edge between these two colors invisible to make thes two colors flow into each other so that great in transition is important. Here and now we can start pressing less and less year the bottom of this section, this cool gray 50 for sun area. I just want to go back and to feel some areas to dark in some lines or two brought in them up here I'm using again school grades 70% to dark and some areas that seem to be too bright in order to create that gradation of the great colors flawless, so you can always go back and change something. If you make it too dark, you just go over again with cool, great 50%. - And now let's continue with a cool great 30%. So this is the broader hue of this going great and just go over the lower area of the previously drawn area like this and press very hard So saying with each pencil you Priss very hard at the top and you go over the longer area, the previous the drawn area. And then you just pressed less and less issue drunk onwards. - And here again, I just want to use it. Previously used the core pencil go over 50% to improve on this gradation of colors. - Okay , now we can continue with cool grade 30%. And now, after drawing a bit, I can see what are my great in transition Is the flawless enough and it's not. There are a lot of difference between the two sections. I just want to feel, and with previously used cool gray, 50% and now you can see that it looks quite flourless and, uh, the gradation is smaller. And now I just want to continue it. Teoh Cool. Great. 30% and start pressing less and less. - And now we can start using cool, great, 20% a second generation do this and we have one more left that's done percent and just go over the lower area off. Cool, great, 30%. And here I just want to mark the ground. You can see it just created a horizontal live tomorrow, the edge between the ground ground and the sky. And I want to grown to leave absolutely white. It's kind of snowy, So in this gaze the sky will be much darker, done ground. I just want to call her here under right side of the paper to feel in. - And now let's call her a bit more in school grade. 20%. And now we can complete the sky with 10% go great, 10%. And I just, uh, draw above the cars until marked line that I created where I want to discard to end. And of course, I just go over a previously drawn area. Cool, great, 20%. And where I see it, the if something should be brighten up. I just go over with this. That Brian pencil. - OK , now it's time for the tree. But before we draw the tree, let's Ah, draw the cast a shadow, the shadow that treat casts over the ground because that's quite easier to draw now and then to apply marker, I mean to draw the trunk over this guest shadow and over the sky, then to draw the tree first and then to go around with the school greater percent and to create a cash shadow. So it's quite easier now. And here, of course, we have to decide how wide are our crown of the tree. We want to be so and to imagine how big shadow it would cast. So I'm just created here in the middle of the paper, and I started Kuwait 30%. And of course, the cash at a would be the darkest in the very middle and should be broader and broader as we shade it outwards or actually away from the tree from the trunk. And now let's just blended with the cool great 10% and just keep the drawing horizontal strokes like this. - And now let's go over it again with cool, great 30% to blend the colors, and particularly here in the middle now. Now we shouldn't shade much farther from the tree, but here and the very middle or weak are going to draw a drunk. So, as I mentioned, cash shadow should be the darkest in the very middle. And that's why we can use the cool gray 50%. Now, here after conceding a very middle off this cast shadow, Uh, here, I'm going to draw drunk like this. This what the cash shadow should be would be actually the darkest here. Of course, we can always change that later on. But for now it's important to create it somehow so that we can drop with or it with markers . OK, and now let's draw the tree. I'm using this geezer shaped a marker black marker by Munich Posca and I want to draw the tree here in the very middle, and I want to draw free a wide trunk. Um, man, this wine, we can always wanted it later. And just like this, some branches. And now let's feel the whole in her area of this drunk carefully. So there's markers by unit Bosco when applied over the color, pencils can be easily removed, so just relax if you make some mistakes, you can eliminate down which your nail. Or if you have an Exacto knife or even with the color pencil, you can easily remove these markers. And while what? And even when they dry out so they're very good, so you don't have to think about that. You don't have to worry you to skin. Draw whatever you want. You can always say erase of the series, anything to draw with markers if you apply them or the color pencils when you apply black bands. So a black marker over the paper, of course, you can raise that. And so here. Of course, these branches closer to the trunk have to be a wider or actually seeker, and then you should draw thinner and thinner branches. Us. You draw away from the trunk, but here you just can't relax and drop them where we want. As you can see, I use the white side of the cheese or shaped marker for for the trunk a thick branches, and I use its thing side for with thinner branches. If you have thinner marker, you can use that you can even use Kohler fences, but that's quite the good toe, apply over the color pencils, and it's like easier. And of course, you can use any other medium for this drawing for this painting, or we can call it How are we want? - I know I just want to brighten up their left underwrite size off the trunk to make it look around, actually, so I have imagined light source coming from the left and right sides. I'm using a gray marker also by only Posca, and I'd go over the edge and I stop on it with my finger to make it kind of blurry and, um, here, awesome left side and it just stop on it, too, to make it to blind it. Actually, you could say it's kind of like painting or something, so you can also use color pencils cool gray, for example. - I was a black marker when I, uh I have applied too much of the gray marker, and then I topped with my finger to blend them to get her said. The point is to make the left and underwrite size the brightest and here in the middle to make it darkest and then in between these two colors to make that grainy in transition. And now I just want to eliminate excess this with an Exacto knife. This is what I was talking about, That we can easily eliminate a marker when we applied that over to color pencils. And as you see, it just couldn't eliminate What? I don't want to be here. Here. I just want to shade a bit with the Black Lord pencil to make the edge between the black and grade light gray but blurry, or to make some kind of casts shadow here. Okay. And now it's time to draw the leaves chords with snow. And I start And I want to start here in lower area with less illuminated leaves. And I used this marker gray marker by any Bosco, the same marker that they used to here for the trunk to highlight the trunk. It's like one millimeter thick, and I just, uh, top here in the lower area. Order lower branches like this all around the branches because it's ah better to apply gray areas first, grey leaves first than white, - and we can add a bit of them here in the middle of small, so wherever you want and now I want to use a white marker. This one is also chooser shaped white marker by unit Posca. Eight millimeter thick. The same like was that black that I used for the tree And I start here over degree leaves that I just created, and I wide go just over the branches everywhere, so just create smaller, bigger leaves and very want along off them. And as I mentioned, if you make some mistakes or don't like something you just eliminated with an Exacto knife or what, your nails or even with any color pencil. And here, also in the opera area, the lower areas of these branches are groups of trees. Should be big, the darker. That's why I want to go over with the great marker and I just stop with my finger. Teoh blend these markers to get her so this lower area has to look a bit darker and the upper areas have to be the brightest. And now I want to use this inner marker by onebraska 1.23 millimeters to create gonna smaller dots and leaves like this. And now again, I want to use a chisel shaped marker, - and we can also creates some fallen leaves here, over the ground and in the air. Even order trunk anywhere you want. - Okay , that's it. I hope that you enjoyed this one. And thank you so much for watching, but 11. The Moon over the Sea: Okay, I have created this reference photo frosting photo shop, and I just added together the moon, the sea, and I just heard some stars so that we can have some orientation and let's get started with the moon. It just outlined a perfect circle so you can draw around it and, uh, and also, let's start with the sky. You just have to color with the black caller. Just leave between the black color and the moon, the offline of the more. Leave a bit around this for the for that glossy nous, or how to say that the part are under moon that is shiny, actually, but it's still the part of the sky. But it's not the dark, so we're going to call her death later on. This is actually my old radio, and I have only time lapse, and I just try to slow it down and to explain. But this is pretty simple drawing, so I want you to practice with this one. So I use Prisma called Premier black color pencil, which is very creamy and soft, and we can create very good blank caller. Just you have to press very hard to feel the tooth of paper. And even if you have some of those annoy wide dots in this case is having good because they will represent the stars. Okay, so now it's enough off the sky for now. And here, as you can see, I pressed less unless, as I draw downwards. And now let's draw this shiny circle around the moon using warm gray 20% and drove very carefully here next to the moon to preserve that perfectly around shape of the moon. I'm using a blending stump here just to blend the edge between these two areas. And now I just want to go over. The previously drawn area can use warm gray 50% here if you don't have blending stump, but because this section has to be a bit too doctor, and now we can draw the craters of the moon that familiar face that we can always see. Just take a look at the reference photo that I showed the very beginning and draw the same , and so I start, actually with broader protections. Now let's draw the creators. I'm into darker craters using warm gray 70% so there is no much to see When we draw from reference photo, you just have to take a look a diff reference photo and to draw what you see. And now I'm using a black car pencil for the darker sport. And now let's collar the rest of the moon with warm great 10%. And now I just want to build loved amid stone and I press were lightly with long grey 70% I still feel that this area around the moon is too bright Star just want to darken it with long grey 70% And now I just want to draw the base for the stars with cool great 20%. So wherever I want to draw the stars with a white in job and I want to, uh, create that glossy nous are under star so that they want us to be white on black. And now we can draw the stars with a white Geltman and also draw them over this area around the moon over this shiny area around the moon. It will make it look transparent, and I just want to dark in some areas here with a warm gray 70% and that we can draw the lower part of the sky because that has to be a bit brighter because it's gonna eliminated from the earth from the seat. And I use a warm gray 90% here and here in the lower area next to the sea. I press very lightly, and now I just want to blend it with warm gray, 70%. And now we can laden this Ah, lower area of the sky with warm, great 30%. And now we can draw the sea. And I use a black pencil here, a press very lightly. And I go over with the warm great 20% here. We have to make it to the much brighter right under Dimon to make this gun a reflection of the moon. And here on the left side, it has to be my darker. And that's the last stuff. Weaken. Just caller this Hell time. He'll here with the black Pantelis. Pretty simple step. And I hope that you enjoy this tutorial. An thing is so much for watching 12. How to Draw Sunset and Two Dolphins: this time I want to draw two dolphins and sunsets, and this is the reference photo that I'm going to use. So this is a pretty simple image for practicing. So let's do it. So I just want to offline did dolphins first. And, uh, there's nothing else that I want to create for the sketch. I'm coloring the sun using the cannery yellow and a breast three hard the *** small structure. And then we can draw the lower area of the sky using magenta. And, uh, I pressed very hard here in the lover area next to the sea to def arising. And then I press less unless I say color upwards. If you have Polly crumbles, you can use Pink Carmine for this. And now we can color. The rest of the sky would just mean and just go over the previously drawn areas to blend them together. And, of course, you should draw on Lee horizontal lines all the time when drawing the sky and later to see us well, if you use polychrome owes, you can use Annapolis yellow for this even cadmium yellow, and now we can see also I'm going over them Agenda that I'm blending these colors together , and, uh, and now it looks and you can see how jasmine is a bit darker than the sun than the cannery. L love that I used for the sun. I know. Let's color a bit around the sun with the yellow ocher. For if we have fully Promus, you can use light yellow Oakar or dark Neapolis. Poker just made this son a bit more prominent this way, and now I'm using light number to create little tiny clothes around and above this son he used fully Kromer's. You can use a route number or brown Oakar. No, let's call her the whole area of the sea. I'm using jasmine for this, but you can also use send or any other pencil. If you use public Ramos, you can use cadmium yellow for this or Annapolis yellow, and it is important to draw on lee horizontal lines and never vertical or cross hatches, and here also draw around the shape of the dolphins. But you can also draw word their outlines a bit inside of them, because the sketch lives will still stay Wiz herbal, as you can see under the layer off this pencil, - and now we can create darker waves using yellow, ocher or any other similar color. You can use Annapolis yellow by fully comus or light yellow ocher is even better. - I just want to dark and hear this area with light number. Right now we can feel the shapes of dolphins with the black pants off. You can even use a black marker on it or anything else. - Now we can shade their reflections in the water, but only partly. And you can also use black pencil for this. - Okay , that's it.