How to Design High Converting Landing Pages in Sketch for Beginners | Daniel Korpai | Skillshare

How to Design High Converting Landing Pages in Sketch for Beginners

Daniel Korpai, Product Designer

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12 Lessons (1h 47m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Elements of a successful landing page

    • 3. Finding inspirations

    • 4. Basics of using Sketch

    • 5. Installing plugins

    • 6. Creating color palette

    • 7. Choosing fonts

    • 8. Designing the landing page

    • 9. Designing for mobile

    • 10. Class project

    • 11. Finishing

    • 12. Bonus: Dribbble workflow

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About This Class

In this class you can learn how to combine design with business thinking and how to create a high converting landing page within Sketch using the newest design techniques.

My name is Daniel Korpai and I’m an independent User Interface and User Experience designer. I tailored this class specifically for beginners and intermediate designers who would like to learn how to use Sketch and also how to improve as a designer by connecting design with business goals.

After a short introduction we’ll discuss the most important elements of a high converting landing page and I’ll walk you through how I work on each of my projects from the initial idea all the way to the execution. Everything will be step-by-step, without any shortcuts or hidden secrets. I wanted to create a class, where you feel like you sit next to me during the complete project and we design together.

In this class we’ll create a complete landing page for both desktop and mobile views within Sketch application using the latest tips & tricks.

At the end of this course you’ll have the opportunity to create your own landing page design for your business or idea and I’ll be here to help and navigate you along the way. 

I can’t wait to see you in class and start designing together! :)