How to Crochet a Corner to Corner Scarf | Kimberly Caldwell | Skillshare

How to Crochet a Corner to Corner Scarf

Kimberly Caldwell

How to Crochet a Corner to Corner Scarf

Kimberly Caldwell

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6 Lessons (29m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Crochet Patterns Basics

    • 3. Starting Corner

    • 4. Adding Length

    • 5. Joining New Yarn

    • 6. Ending Corner

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About This Class

In this class, we will be going over the corner to corner technique in crochet, in which we will be making a scarf. During that process, you will also learn some information about how to read a crochet pattern as well as how to join a new ball or skein of yarn while you are crocheting. 

Meet Your Teacher

Hello, my name is Kimberly and I'm addicted to crochet. Sounds like I'm at some "Anonymous" group doesn't it! Well, if there was a "Yarn Hoarders Anonymous" or a "Crocheters Anonymous" I would be there! But I digress...

Anyway, I love crochet so much so that I thought that I would spread the love and teach others how to crochet. If you have any questions or comments, please let me know!

My other loves besides crochet... I am a physical therapist at a local inpatient rehabilitation facility here in Georgia. I love my patients and the work that I do. Also, I try to stay active in my church. I work with the nursery-aged kids during Sunday School and I sing in the choir. Again, both things that I love!

Thank you for taking the time to look at my classes. Again, if you h... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hey, everyone, it's Kimberly. And in today's video, I'm going to teach you how to make this corner to corner crow shade scarf. The corner to corner technique is probably one of my favorite techniques. Um, it's very versatile. You can make many different types of things with this technique, but today will be going over how to make this scarf. Also today, I'm going to teach you a little bit about how to read a crash, a pattern. Most crush a patterns have a lot of the similar information. So I'll tell you a little bit about how to read through a crow shape pattern. And finally, I'm gonna teach you a little bit on how to transition from one ball of yarn to another. For instance, if you run out of yarn with one ball and you need to add, start with the second ball, I'm gonna teach you how to transition with that. All right, I'll see in the next video 2. Crochet Patterns Basics: the first thing. I want to talk to you a little bit about this. How to wreak rochet patterns and just go over some of the information that you may see in your crow shape pattern. So the first thing that they're gonna include are your materials that you need. So for this pattern, we're gonna need about 380 yards of a worsted weight yarn. We'll need a 99 or 5.5 millimeter crash a hook, and we'll need a yarn needle. Also, most patterns will include a level of difficulty. So this is telling us that this pattern is easy. There are four different ones going from beginner to experienced. Also, a pattern will talk about the gauge, so gauges not critical for this project. However, if it is something like a sweater or a hat, you want to make sure that you do a gauge swatch so that you can ensure that your item will be the correct size. If you're not sure on how to do a gauge watch, you can check out my other video. Kirsch A. For the absolute beginner, where I go over how to do gauge swatches Of course, the pattern will tell you the finish measurements of the item that you're crushing. So for this scarf, it's gonna be about 6.5 inches by 58 inches. The great thing about the corner to corner technique is we can make this scarf as long as we want. We can make it as what as we want. But if we're gonna follow these directions, this is about the finish size that will get the next thing that you'll usually see in a crush. A pattern are different abbreviations that you may see in the pattern. Um so this also will help you kind of know what type of stitches will be in the pattern. So, for instance, we're gonna be using a chain in a double crush. A. So that's usually a good indication of the different type of stitches that you'll be working and then most patterns again, we'll have a notes section, so this may give you special instructions for different things. But for this easy, simple pattern, all it's telling us is that our scarf is made by turning. Rose worked on the diagonal, says sometimes the next will give you how to do a certain stitch if it's one that you may not, um, the commonly used to, um, or it may give you special instructions on, um, various parts of the pattern. So always take a look at the notes before you get started. So here is the actual pattern for the scarf. Again, this is worked in rows. Um, and so as we go through, I will be posting what road we're on. I'll post it on the screen for you so that you can follow along. All right, so let's grab our materials and we'll get started in the next video. 3. Starting Corner: the yarn that I have chosen for this crush A project is unforgettable by red heart. Again, it's a worsted weight yarn has a really nice, um, color change here, which I think works pretty well for the corner to corner. I think it looks really nice. I am using the cooler air Liam again. You can choose whatever you are you would like for this project again. As we go through, I will post on the screen the directions as we go through the pattern. All right. The first thing tells us to chain six. Okay, so there's my six. So for row one, it says double Cochet in the fourth change from the hook and the next two chains. Imprint to seize. You see, there says the three skip chains count as first Chain three space now and throughout says we get through that will make sense, um, as to what we use that for. But right now we're just gonna chain D. C and the four chain from the hook. So 1234 And in the next two chains. Okay, so that first block their box stitches is your row one. All right, then it tells us to turn. We're gonna turn our work, and we'll go on to road to Row two. Tells us to change six. Then we're gonna double Cochet in the fourth chain from the hook and double crow Shay in the next two chains, you already got 123 or double Crow Shea in the fourth chain from the hook and in the next two chains. Pattern then tells us to in the chain three space from the previous row. So the space right there, we're gonna work. Slip stitch, Chain three and three, Double crow. Shea, it's any time you see multiple stitches written together in parentheses. What that's telling us is that we need toe work, all of the stitches in the parentheses. We're gonna work all of those and one stitch. So for this part, it tells us to do in the chain three space, we're going to slip stitch Chain three, and then work three double crow Shea. So you're working all of those stitches into that one space. Hurry, Then it tells us to turn. So this block, this block right here is a row one. This is our road to right here, so the next instruction is for row 339 So any time they include multiple rows, it usually just means you're working the same thing in each of the road. So for through three again, we chain six and then I'll double Cochet in the fourth chain from the hook. So 1234 And in double crush A in the next two chains. Our next instruction says in each of the chain three spaces across, we're gonna work our slip stitch chain 33 double crushing. So and so currently, we only we have to change three spaces. So H run, We're gonna work our slip stitch Chain three in the three double Christian. Okay. And then again in this chain three space, we're gonna slip stitch Chain three three, double Kirsch. Okay, so this is row one, Row two and row three. So again we turn. I'm going to do one more row for you. If you're working as we go, we just go to road nine. So currently on row for 123456 Again, you double crush a in the fourth chain from the hook. Then we're gonna double Cochet in each of those two remaining chains. And then we're gonna do our slip stitch chain 33 double cruciate across in each chain. Three space. So slip stitch, Chain three and three. Double Karshi. If you are not sure on how to do a double Cochet, you can check out my other video, crush A for the absolute beginner. And I go through how to do the stitch for you. Can we slip stitch? Chain three. Then we do three double Croshere. - You recommend it to our last woman. OK, so that's our row for way. Take a look at it in the SOS Row One road to Row three Road for the pattern tells us to continue through row nine. So I will go ahead and let you do that and then we'll join back on Roatan. 4. Adding Length: Alright, So I've actually completed road nine. Enough started Roatan. I'm almost done with Road Tune. So Roatan starts out the same way is right. Three through nine. So we do our chain three. I'm sorry. Chain six, Double crush A in the fourth Ching from hook and then in the next two chains. Then it tells us in the next eight. So 12345678 We're gonna work the slip Stitch Chain 33 Double Cochet. And then Roatan tells us to slip stitch in the last change three space. So the reason why we do that and we don't do a full block is because this is the whip of our project. So we could keep going, and it would keep getting bigger this way and bigger this way. But it's a scarf, so we just want this wide. So we've ended it here, but we're going to keep growing it lengthwise. So that's Roatan. All right, so we're gonna turn our work, and Row 11 tells us to slip stitch in the 1st 3 Double crush A. So those three double crush A you just made We're just going to slip stitch in the top of those, Okay? And then row 11 continues in each of the chain three spaces. We're gonna work the Slip Stitch Chain 33 Double Cochet. We're gonna work in each one of those all the way to the very end. You're gonna work it in the end as well. All right, so that's through 11. So again you slip stitch Chain three, three, double Curuchet. So again, you work that same group of stitches and all of these road 12 through 73. For those rose, what you're gonna do is you're just going to repeat road 10 and 11 to grow the length of your scarf. So again, rose 12 through 73 tells us to repeat, rose 10 and 11 31 times. Again, The great thing about this type of pattern is that if you like your scarf longer, you just repeat it more times. Or if you would like it shorter, you just repeat it fewer times. I will say, if you go through a row 73 you notice that your ending on row 11 if you decide to add rows or subtract Rose, you just want to end on row 11. As you're repeating Zehr Roatan Row 11 or 10 row 11 You just want to end on the row 11. After you do your repeats, then it's time to close up the corner to corner, so that's what we'll go over in the subsequent video. 5. Joining New Yarn: So before we finish up the scarf, I want to show you how to change to a new ball of yarn. So here I have the end of my yard and I need to join the next ball of yarn. So what I'm gonna do, I'm gonna make sure I give myself enough of a tale toe weave in. And once I start once I end with this and start with this one. So what you're gonna do is you're just gonna do the next ditch so I'm gonna start my double crow Shea. But instead of finishing my devil Cochet with this yarn, I'm gonna drop that yarn off to the back and I'm gonna take my new yorn my new ball of yarn and drape it over my hook to finish that stitch. You can see it's kind of loose that you may just have to pull it tight a little bit. So then I'm gonna continue working with my new yarn And what I like to do is kind of work over those tales. Pecanha hide. I'm a little bit, but also to keep him in place. Okay, so I'm just kind of working over those tales and then you can keep going or you can just drop them off to the back. So we've in later. So that's how you switch from one ball to a new ball. And so I'll just keep I keep going now with my New York and again you're you're your tails here in the back, and again you can weave those in later. 6. Ending Corner: said The last thing I want to show you is how to finish up the scarf. So I'm not again. I'm not gonna go through all roads to row 73 but I did finish up on a row 11. Repeat. So if you're following along, I'm doing right 74 now. So it tells us to slip stitch in the 1st 3 Double crush A. So again, we've turned our work. You're gonna slip stitch in the 1st 3 Then it tells us to each Inc three space across Up until the last change space. We're gonna work the slip stitch chain three three, double crow shape. And then we're gonna slip stitch in the last chain three space. So we're gonna work that all the way across. Except for this last one, we're gonna do our slip stitch so again to visualize we're closing that that corner up like this. So I'm gonna do my chain. Sorry. Must slip stitch. Chain three three. Double crash A. And essentially what you're doing is you're decreasing each of the rose by one block to make the corner, so we're no longer adding blocks. We're just kind of taken one away to finish the corner. It's the name cornered corner to corner again . As you practice this technique, you'll get the hang of it, and you probably we probably won't even need to look at a pattern. Um, it's really nice to because you only have to chain six. That's the longest that you have toe make a chain. So that's really nice. I just wanted to do this row for you so that you can see how it's it's closing that corner . All of the following ruse. You do. You're doing the same thing. So for Rose, 74 through 81 you're decreasing. Eat robot one square. Okay, so we made it to our last change. Three space. So again, we're not going to continue. We're just gonna do our slip stitch and then turn. All right. So again, rose 74 through 81 is the same. So we're gonna slip stitch in the three double crush a And then again, we're gonna do the box. The slip stitch Chain 33 double crush A up into the last one. And again in this last one, you're gonna do a slip stitch only. So then you just keep working it smaller and smaller. So show you on the one that I've already made how that works out. Sorry, it sexual. She was here. So you just keep reducing it two yet to the very last one. And again, this last one here is row 81. If you're fought long, the pattern you could add a border, if you would like to. I kind of like this. The way this wave the way border goes, um, you could add friends if you wanted to. Um really, It's up to you. This again. This pattern is very versatile. Not really like how this yarn, the color changes on the shorn. So thanks for joining me for this class. I really appreciate it. If you have any questions or if you need clarification on anything, please do not hesitate to contact me. All right? Happy Cochetel.