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How to Bake A Perfect Cake Roulade Everytime

teacher avatar Fatima S

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (15m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Ingredients & Preperation

    • 3. Basic Vanilla Genoise

    • 4. Chocolate Genoise

    • 5. Orange Genoise

    • 6. Baking

    • 7. Removing Cake From Sheet

    • 8. Assembling Cake

    • 9. Overview

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About This Class

This online class is for beginner and seasoned bakers. We will teach you to make a very easy, but seemingly extravagant dessert that is sure to impress everyone. In this course, you will be introduced to Fatima's fool proof recipe, tips, tricks, and techniques that will teach you how to whip up an amazing roulade in under an hour.

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Fatima S


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1. Introduction: I will introducing all of my tips, tricks, secrets and techniques on how to bake and prepare and assemble the perfect capable. Be prepared to please everyone and to get all the compliments that you've been wanting and most importantly, please, your own taste buds. Thank you. 2. Ingredients & Preperation: As for my eggs, they I put them here in warm water. It's actually kind of hot, not exactly warm. And we need this because it's not practical toe. Have what a warm eggs at all times a room temperature and the general he's actually needs eggs that are slightly on the warmer side. Our second basic ingredient is the sugar. Uh, here I'm using vanilla sugar because I always have it on hand. I have a vanilla piece of vanilla pod peace and here, so I'm just going to take it out. Do we need 2/3 of a cup of sugar? Our third basic ingredient is flour. I use one cup of all purpose, the fourth basic ingredient. It's salt. Here. I use the fourth of it, of course, kosher salt. I find it's very flavor for the basic vanilla. Of course, we need vanilla, and I'm used half of vanilla pod for the this is three tablespoons of melted butter uses the very end. I do not use it in basic vanilla or and even Ally actually, just use it in the chocolate, and it's really just option. I use it on the chocolate because chocolate tends to be less moist. Obviously, we need measuring supplies, and I have this silicon spatula for folding. It's been in my flower and an offset spatula for spreading back for one of my techniques. We need a 13 by 24 inches kitchen towel. It's going to be very helpful of measurement. I'm not sure about it, but it's about so we need this baking sheet I have. I think mine's is about 11.5 inches by 15 14 inches and parchment paper. We're going to need to line. It does not have to be perfect, but if you're a perfectionist, just go ahead and take the time. 3. Basic Vanilla Genoise : we're going to use these eggs. They're warm there, out of the water. Go to track each one separately into this bowl because I do not want to ruin my entire batch. I'm using four large eggs if you have small ones that use five. I'm putting in 2/3 of a cup of sugar onto my fork, and I'm using half of vanilla bean pods, which I'm adding. Now we do not have a freshman in love. Please use vanilla extract. Taste even better. Who are putting it onto the machine? You had a nice mix, so you don't have any shippers thinking from the bottom. That's why you know everything is well is incorporated. I'm going to put this into my machine now. You do not have. You can use a hand, but you just need to be their hands on. I started on low for about a minute and 1/2 going up to medium and then for another two minutes valve are too high for their time, and this helps to not have a huge air bubbles in the batter's here. It's been about 3 to 4 minutes, and it's mixing, and it's like it's done here. So I'm or in my flower onto a wax paper so I could actually instead of folding support right batter, it's I find that it actually operates a flower much better than I would if I was. I love the machine. It's the flower Premier seconds just so get it in right now. I'm just scraping around to make sure everything is incorporated. I just for a couple of you do not have a machine. You're going tactical. This is a technique around and then go out for in all of your beautiful batter into the prepared in line. No, Once you pour it in, take your offset spatula and spread it and tried to get in. And if you're having trouble, don't worry. Practice makes perfect. You don't mess with much because you will lose. So this is the basic vanilla. It's out of the oven to see how I take it out of the sheet and our move parchment paper and how I fill it and prepare it. Um, I have videos on that for in the remainder of the course. I will discuss it more and show you exactly how I do it. So stick around for now. I'll just show you the beauty Kyle product 4. Chocolate Genoise : for this cake we're going to begin? Asked her. Usual our eggs and onto that at our sugar. And of course, it's four large eggs and 2/3 of a cup of sugar again, and then I give it a good mix. Don't need to add any delivering this time. You want absolutely can. And then I'm going to start mixing it while it's mixing them both to talk to you about the difference. What I do here is instead of these, a long cup of sugar arrives at a welcome with flowers. He's nice. Half a cup of all purpose flour and half a cup of cocoa and then 1/4 of a teaspoon of salt . Um, now that it's almost done mixing home to do the same procedure with my flower added in as it's mixing a little golden, it flew everywhere but doesn't matter and for the butter. Remember, I said, I will use it in the chocolate. I just added in right before or right after you take it off the mixer and folded as you get the remaining flour, and this will ensure be nice. Most cake, since chocolate cakes tend to be a little dry thing is baked chocolate. Jenna Louise. I'm going to fill it with vanilla butter, cream frosting and chocolate ganache. 5. Orange Genoise : again for eggs, 2/3 of a cup of sugar. And since this is a variation, I'm going to just this orange and do not just the white part, just the orange bright, vibrant color part. And don't listen to people when they say you need is testing gadget for your Citrus or whatever. I'm just using this box great for everything. Basically eso simplicity. Please don't think that you need all the expensive machinery and gadgets and things that marketing people try to convince you to get the zest of one orange. I'm going to put that into my eggs and sugar, and once I do that, I'm going to give it a quick mix with the whisk Bright before Toronto machine my sifted flour with 1/4 of a teaspoon of salts and putting onto the parchment paper, pouring it onto the eggs as they are mixing again for just a few seconds now going to go ahead and scrape besides folded in your remaining flour. And once I do that, I want pour it on to my find a 10 and then spread it as evenly as I can, and once, like I do that, I'm going to put it into the oven is the baked orange Generali's. I'm going to fill it with strawberry in orange sauce to compliment the orange cake to see how well it just wait until you force. 6. Baking: baking The cake is a kind of sensitive process, so we just need to cut you keep an eye out for the temperature and for the timing. If we undercook the cake, it will fall apart into teeny tiny crumbs as soon as he tried to flip it out of the 10. And if you overcook it, it will be dry. It will not fold and it will fit. Just feel like plaster. And that was not very good. And I promise you that both have happened to me. I feel like that The easiest cake toe undercook is the chocolate one. But it is also very easy to overcook or undercooked. Any cake, Really? So we're just going to keep an eye out for them. The best temperature I find is 370 degrees Fahrenheit for 7 to 11 minutes. I admit I have a really, really bad oven, and the temperature goes down really suddenly. So I have a really hard time keeping up with the temperature. But, um, the best that I best temperature that I find is 370 I keep an eye on it and make sure that it stays at temperature. Otherwise, it will go down in temperature really quickly. I don't do not open the oven door. This also applies to a genuine cheesecake. Just give it 7 to 8 minutes before you do open the oven door and then you can touch it and you will feel if it's springing back slightly, then it's good if you feel like it's sticking onto your finger or your finger might sink in . If you put in a little bit more pressure than it still needs more time again, 370 degrees for 7 to 11 minutes is the best time. 7. Removing Cake From Sheet: I'm using a small paring knife to cut the cake off the sides of the sheet to remove the kickoff. Besides, and once I do that, I'm going to take a wire rack and I'm going to place it over my cake as it's in the sheet. Please use of admits, because this is still very hot and you have to do it as it's hot. Otherwise, you won't have issues too dry. So now keep one hand under the rock. I recommend they keep your stronger hand, your dominant hand under the rack so you can hold the weight of the cake and then you flip it over and the sheet and then very slowly, start removing the parchment paper from the edges from all edges and from the corners. Once you get it off of the edges in the corners, a just very easily p little way. I mean, you can see here I'm working on the edges one by one and making sure that I'm not pulling off. Take and then put your travel on top. Leave X leave extra. Uh, leave Ah, long piece of the towel. Tee off to one side as if it's here I have excess, and then you just remove the wire. After you put the cutting board on top of the town, flip it over. Now you remove the wire rack and you take the excess part of the towel and roll this up as it is still hot. Just roll it up and set it aside until you get your feelings ready. 8. Assembling Cake: for filling and assembling the cake. I'm going to use the basic vanilla on a week to show you as an example here on both definite with a strawberry and vanilla sauce that I need. As you can see, I try to use ingredients and flavors that complement one another. Since my junior eases vanilla flavored, my sauce is vanilla flavored as well, and also it is in my favorite favorite cake. And now I have whipped cream, which I whipped myself. Please do yourself a favor and just with yourself, and I'm going to spread it on. So with a small parent knife, I'm going too very, very slightly. Score the cake. I am not going all the way through. I'm not even cutting halfway through. I like to call it scratching sometimes, Um, and this is long help to get a really nice pinwheel in the end, when you cut into it, now I'm going to start folding. I'm going to fold over, and I'm not going to her pressure or too much pressure on to it. But I'm going to fold it firmly. I'm going to make sure that everything is tucked in as I move and I'm going to very slowly and move from one end to another to the middle. Make sure I'm trying. I'm getting it is even as possible. Take your time at this point and just just make sure you get a firm taking. You can see since we use the towel. It's not sticking, and there is There is minimal, minimal cracking here is you see, which is which is beautiful. So now that I've done that, I'm going to cover it with my towel and put it in the fridge to set for, at least in her work, he tried to come into it. Now it could just just breaking. So just put it in the fridge, let it sit, and it takes much better when it's cold and then we'll be ready to serve it. 9. Overview: throughout this course, I have shown you what type of cake makes the best cake roll and how you can choose and prepare all of your ingredients in tools for a successfully delicious outcome. For the class project, choose your favorite generals recipe from the course or come up with your own variation. To is a complementary feeling in share your delectable creation with me and your fellow classmates in the project section. I hope you enjoyed this course and took a lot of information from it. Remember that you can use all of these tips and techniques for other things as well. In the intro, I introduced my two secrets to coming up with wonderful baking, and if you remember, they are simplicity in love. You do not need all kinds of expensive gadgets and pools and machines. Use what you have. Make it with love. Think about how happy you are going to make those who those you love with whatever you are baking, and it will be amazing if you have any questions or comments. Please comment, and I will answer you a soon as I get into my in box, and I really want to think you for being such an amazing student. And don't forget your class project. I cannot wait to see your creations. Thank you.