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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (10m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. The tools

    • 3. Where to buy mockups

    • 4. Uploading your mockup into Procreate app

    • 5. Working on our mockup

    • 6. Your project submission

    • 7. Final thoughts

    • 8. Bonus1

    • 9. Bonus2

    • 10. Bonus3

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About This Class


Today we are going to learn how to use your ipad with mockups. 

We all are using mockups for our business. We need mockups in order to get professional images for our products, designs, artwork and more. If you own photoshop than it is very easy for you, because most of the mockups can be downloaded in the PSD format. But what about those that are no artists or designers. Not everybody own photoshop. So those that are not owning photoshop usually have to pay designers to do this job. 

But now there is no need in that. You actually can do all these work using an iPad. That's it. So simple. 

In this short class I am going to show you how to do just that.

Meet Your Teacher

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Viki Kloper-Weidenfeld

Teaching creativity using iPad


I am a self taught artist and designer. The world of color and shape inspires me as I continue to grow and gain more knowledge and skills.

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1. Intro: everybody. My name is Vicky and not an instructor on my particular activity. And today we are going to learn how to use your iPad. Weighs more cups. We all are using more cups for our business. And we need more cops in order to get professional images for our products, designs, outwork and more. If you own for the shop, then it is very easy for you because most of the work apps can be downloaded in the piece de format. But what about those that are no artists or designers know not everybody owned for the shop , so those that are not on for the shop usually have to pay designers. Toe does that job. But now there is no need in that. You actually can. Does this work using your iPod? That's it So simple. In this shot class, I'm going to show you how to do just that. And for the final project, you will pick up and walk up that you want to use for business or your instagram account, or whatever else you need the book up for and just using your eye. But you will produce a professional image out of that moke up. So if you want to learn that, please click on the intro bottom and I will see you in the class. 2. The tools: So, as I said, we will use an app it for working bees markups. That is the only hardware that you will need for the class. You'll need an iPod that has an updated operating IOS, and we will use an application called appropriate for the Markham's. This application is usually used for drawing and sketching, but since the less and that it is possible to import PSD files, there are clean to procreate. That is why it is so simple to use this up for the markups. So police prepare your ipads and Donald appropriate a link for the dollar these under the video. 3. Where to buy mockups: Before we start our work, we will talk about where you get your markups from. There are a lot off only sources also free and paid. I prefer to buy my mockups from a side called create Market. So let's see how it works. The markups that I usually use content an iPod or the iPhone since my artwork and designs are made on these devices. So I want to present my work professionally. But I don't own a good camera and also can't make a good light from taking the images with my smartphone. So I use markups for this purpose. I will go and buy this welcome for my use, so you can see when you go and buy the smoke up and download it to your device. You will be able to use 26 fully auditable PSD files directly on your happened in the next video. I will show you how the smoke up looks like when you open it as a base. They file on your weapons 4. Uploading your mockup into Procreate app: after you opened your pipe in and then what Broke it up. You are ready to start working. Please save your paste. If I woke up in a convenient place for you to rich, it might be on iCloud account dropbox or photo up on your iPod. So let's start working. Open, procreate up. If you are using it for the first time, you will see a gallery off three or five images. Your future work will be saved in this gallery to in order to start a new work, press the plus icon on the top, right press import. And then you will be taken to a screen where you can choose where you saved your mocha. I said it in my photo up. I will choose for those icon Oh, put us and choose mind woke up after it opens, go to the layers panel and there you can see what layers building your markup. Here you can see that there is a lair for apple pencil L. A. R for the screen and base and the shadows so you can actually change each individual layer 5. Working on our mockup: We want to change the screen there and to insert her own artwork instead. So let's opens the screen folder. The top blue layer is how our image is supposed to be after reimported. Now I will show how to import your image and how to transform its appearance. Go to the icon on the top left sign, then go to insert and enjoyed fled image. Choose from your artwork. The image important? Well, it's selected now. You need to transfer me, select one of the corner circles and press it for a second and then move it. The corner. Where is the blue screen is positioned? Don't worry. The colors don't match perfectly. Now. Choose the blue screen there. Go to the transform tool and use automatic, very impressive blue screen. It will be selected. No need to inverse your selection by touching this icon. So now the background off the blue screen is selected by selected. Go to your artwork player. Choose a razor icon with the hot air brush and just goal and the rays around your artwork. So now you're artwork. Layer is the same shape as a blue screen, and your image is ready. Now you can explore this image as J pick or other image format for father used 6. Your project submission: Please look for a welcome that you want to use for your work for the project off this class , please upload an image off your final results that you got using the Mo cap. 7. Final thoughts: Thank you for taking this class. If you find this class helpful, please leave. A review. Also would like to hear from you if you have any questions regarding using the iPad for creativity that will help me a lot for constructing future classes. Have a nice day and you in the next class. 8. Bonus1: 9. Bonus2: 10. Bonus3: