How To Start A Successful Travel Blog From Scratch | Mike Rush | Skillshare

How To Start A Successful Travel Blog From Scratch

Mike Rush, World Traveler, Author, Entrepreneur

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9 Lessons (41m)
    • 1. Welcome How To Start A Travel Blog

    • 2. Step 1 How to pick out a travel blog name that is amazing and everlasting

    • 3. Step 2 How To Set Up Your Blog

    • 4. Step 3 Learn How Your Blog Works

    • 5. Step 4 How To Make My Website Look Beautiful Instantly

    • 6. Step 5 How to Get A Logo

    • 7. Step 6 The Essential Plugins

    • 8. Step 7 How Can I Make Money Blogging

    • 9. Next Steps and Thank you!

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About This Class

Do you love to travel? Do you like blogging and sharing your experiences with others and want to learn how to make some money as well? This course is designed for beginners that are looking to start a travel blog. You will learn 7 steps that will help you go from start to finish creating a travel blog. You will learn how to pick out a name, how to set up your blog, how your blog works, how to make it look beautiful, how to get a logo, the best plugins, and how to make money!





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Mike Rush

World Traveler, Author, Entrepreneur

Michael Rush is an avid world traveler, loves adventures, building businesses online, meeting a variety of different people, dancing, foodie, and has an overall love for life! Over the last decade he has traveled to 23+ countries, over 40+ states within the USA and been on many crazy adventures whether it's shark diving off the coast of South Africa, exploring temples in SE Asia, staying over 3 months in Brazil for the Olympics, or drinking beers with his brother at Oktoberfest in G...

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