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How To Start A Profitable Wordpress Blog Step By Step 2016

teacher avatar James Stafford

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (2h 8m)
    • 1. How To Start A Profitable WordPress Blog 2016 Step By Step Section 1

    • 2. How To Start A Profitable WordPress Blog 2016 Step By Step Section 2

    • 3. How To Start A Profitable WordPress Blog 2016 Step By Step Section 3

    • 4. How To Start A Profitable WordPress Blog 2016 Step By Step Section 4

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About This Class


Learn how to start a blog and make money!

Blogging is huge right now! Do you dream of running a successful online business which allows you to enjoy more autonomy? If so, you should know that learning how to create a blog will be the key to setting up an online business which attracts the interest – and sales – of customers all over the world!

While the idea of starting a blog yourself, without outsourcing the task to a web design firm, may seem a little daunting, you should know that the process really isn’t that difficult or complicated. In fact, thanks to the power of WordPress, which allows for simple and straightforward blog creation, even without technical skills, it’s actually possible to make a blog in the amount of time that it takes to drink just one cup of coffee!

In other words, mere minutes are all that will be required in order to create your own blog from scratch! Now, we’d like to share some important facts which will help you to put together a truly wonderful blog. Your new blog will function as a perfect venue for online money-making…

Get Familiar with WordPress

Wordpress is a blog creation and management application, which is utilized by millions of people all over the globe. The truth is that you don’t need to bone up on Wordpress in order to make a blog with the platform.

However, learning more about this practical and popular platform certainly won’t hurt. In fact, it’s bound to make the process more enjoyable, as you’ll understand what Wordpress is and how it’s used in order to create different themes, palettes and functional elements (such as web pages, blog posts and Widgets)

Created in order to offer true “WYSIWYG – What You See Is What You Get” performance, this intuitive and user-friendly interface is the subject of countless blogs, tutorials and articles, all of which are available online. Many people who want to build their own blogs choose to watch convenient and entertaining video tutorials in order to gather skills and step-by-step instructions – you can do it, too.

Bear in mind that Wordpress comes with help features which are perfect for newbies just like you. So, it is definitely possible to explore, to learn and to gain assistance while you’re creating your new blog.

It’s As Easy as 1,2,3

Basically, there are three steps to self-creating a blog. You’ll need to register your preferred domain name and arrange hosting of the domain name and website ( is your safest bet for domain purchase, domain hosting and website hosting). Once you’ve done this, it’s time for step two, which is all about utilizing Wordpress in order to create the ideal blog for your needs.

In order to begin with Wordpress, you will need to enter ID information which is provided to you via your hosting company. This will open up your website and allow you to work within the Wordpress platform. The last step is publishing your new website via Wordpress and your hosting company.

As you can see, getting a self-created website up and running is really as easy as 1,2,3!

You Can Make Money Online

Now that you know what’s involved with starting a blog, you’ll be ready to decide if doing so is really right for you. If you do choose to build your own blog, you’ll develop Wordpress skills which will allow you to manage and update your website in the future.

So, aside from the small amount of energy that you’ll need to invest, learning how to build a blog has no downside and it does offer tons of advantages.

Make your online business ambitions into reality. Start your own blog today!

Meet Your Teacher

My name is James Stafford. I am creator of Websites Made I have been working with WordPress for over the last 7 years and have become proficient with the platform. I have taught thousands of people how to properly setup their first website with my simple step by step video tutorials.

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1. How To Start A Profitable WordPress Blog 2016 Step By Step Section 1: Hey, it's James Stafford here from websites made easy dot TV, and in this video, I'm gonna walk you through a step by step tutorial of exactly how to start a profitable Blawg, even if you're totally new to starting an online business, are on a shoestring budget and have no technical expertise whatsoever. Plus, I'm to discuss why blogging is absolutely crucial for growing your business successfully online. And as a bonus, I'll show you some of the best features and benefits from big name blog's like mashable dot com, CNN, TechCrunch and damn delicious and show you exactly how to at least your own blawg two. You're gonna love these goodies. Honestly, if you've always wanted to have a stunning blawg, which makes you a ton of money and didn't know how, then make sure you stick around because the end result is gonna be totally worth it. This'll video is perfect for you. If you're looking to establish a profitable online business and don't really know where to begin, I'm literally gonna take you by the hand and walk you step by step through the entire process. You fully understand the nuances in the concepts being taught this tutorial is really gonna be a game changer for you, especially if you've been poking around in the dark, not knowing what to Dio. You're finally gonna get clear on exactly what makes a successful, profitable blawg. And even better, by the end of this video, you'll have your very own amazing blawg to Not only are you gonna learn how to start a profitable blawg, I'm gonna take this a step further and shoe the secret sauce in the exact steps we used to Turner visitors into raving fans and ultimately paying customers. Grab up in your thinking cap. You're gonna love this. So let's take a peek at the blawg we're gonna be creating Woo. This is it. This is the block that we're gonna be creating in its killer will be using a totally free WordPress theme called 2016. It's fresh, beautiful, and it's the perfect theme for blogging and it could be viewed on any device. Not only does this theme look clean, simple, sophisticated and sexy making this ideal for just about any business or enthusiast, but it's also got a ton of options to enhance its functionality, making this perfect for anyone serious about making money online. I totally love it. And so do thousands of other WordPress users. In fact, it's currently were presses newest blogging theme available so you can feel rest assured and confident in the knowledge that you'll be using a proven platform for blogging. One of the key benefits of this theme is that it's fully mobile, Responsive, which means it's gonna look just is great on a tablet or phone as it does on a desktop, allowing your audience to connect with you wherever they are. Another key reason why I love this theme is that each year, WORDPRESS releases a new version of this theme, ensuring its up to date with the latest technology trends, keeping it fresh and relevant. Plus, it's set up in a way to breathe life into your content. It's minimal feel and functionality is really designed specifically for blogging and is equipped to bring your content front and center, really capturing your audience Content marketing is huge right now, and this theme is dialed in tow. Insure your contents stands out. This simple feel increases readability and helps with the user experience. It helps to ensure your content is the focal point. Ah, bloggers, dynamic, it's a living and breathing extension of you or your business. 2016 is the perfect theme to ensure your content is focal. So watch closely, because in the next few minutes I'm gonna share with you in just three easy steps using my proven W T C system on how to get your business started online with a killer blawg, that not only looks amazing, but as everything you need to help you support your goal of building a successful business online. I'll get you up and running in a snap, and I promise you're gonna love it just so you know that you're in the right place. This video is totally for you. If you're just starting out online or you're an entrepreneur already online and you want to incorporate blogging in your business model toe, elevate your business to the next level. Now you may be wondering why you need a blogger at all. And the answer to this is very simple. Blogging. Is that one of the best ways to establish your credibility and authority, educate your community and build a personal connection with your audience all at the same time? when it's done right, blogging can help you build your audience and encourage them to become lifelong customers with you. The thing to remember is that people online are usually searching for solutions to their problems and blogging about the topics most relevant. Your audience is what's gonna help them have confidence in you, your products and services. Blogging is essentially about building the know like and trust factor and short you're more likely to buy from someone you trust. Not having a blawg and just relying on your website can actually make it very hard for you to build your brand in your presence online. You see, unlike a website, which consists mostly of static pages that more or less stay the same. Ah, Blawg has content, which is updated on a regular basis, meaning content is always fresh and relevant, and therefore giving visitors a reason to return to your blawg repeatedly plus blog's allow your audience to comment on your post. Creating engagement. Engaging with your audience is in awesome way for you to build a relationship with him so you can understand what they need most and help provide solutions to their problems. Another huge bonuses that Google loves blog's to the fact that Google search algorithm is based on delivering the most valuable and relevant content to the needs of users. And this means that Google will always boost content from blog's, which are fresh and relevant and most of all, engaging. So while your website serves, Maura's an online brochure that talks about you, your products and services. Your blawg is ultimately focused purely on helping your audience, and that's a win win for anyone searching for anything relevant to their problems. For example, if you sell skin products or blawg would have tips on looking after your skin and could answer specific skin concerns, and some of your post would also recommend the products you sell over time, people who are looking to resolve their skin issues will be far more likely to purchase from you because you've already built a good relationship with your audience. Done properly your block and position you as an authority in your industry where your audience can come to you for solutions and will trust you enough to buy your products and services. The single biggest advantage of a blawg over a website is that allows you to connect directly one on one with your audience by encouraging conversation, engagement and ultimately building trust. Hopefully, you can see why blogging is essential for the success of growing your business online. So now that you know why blogging is so important, how exactly do you start a blawg? One of the best ways to get started with your blog's online is to use something called WordPress. WORDPRESS is a simple Web building tool, which allows you to have your own blogger website up and running in less time than it takes to make and drink a cup of coffee. WordPress is something that many big name Branch used to propel their business Ford. So in this video, I'm gonna go through a couple of major blog's and show you exactly how you can incorporate elements from their blog's into your very own Blawg, too. So the first block I want to show you is mashable dot com, which you may have heard of. It's the leading blawg for news information, and resource is the immediately obvious thing about this. Blawg is that it's very much dependent on a ton of images which can take your blawg from being boring toe beautiful instantly, so I'll be showing you how to use images to really make your blawg post pop and drive a ton of traffic cheer. Blawg. The next Blawg is CNN news site. Now CNN uses video and many of its stories to keep things interesting and deeply engaged with the use of video. The US such a great addition to any blah because you can use it to share tips. Resource is do tutorials and just add a different dimension to your content. This is definitely something I highly recommend, and I'll be showing you had add video to your post later on in this video. Another killer feature that you're gonna need is the one right here that you could see on techcrunch dot com. The social sharing elements on TechCrunch are one of the best standout features of this blawg, because this is what helps with getting your content consistently shared, potentially going viral. And that's crucial. If you want to ensure you're getting a ton of free traffic to your blog's, I'll be showing you exactly how you too can add this awesome feature your blawg and get a ton of free traffic. Okay, the final feature wanted to show you can be found on the dam Delicious blawg, which is a very well known food block. Now, this might be one of the most important feature, so pay close attention. They've got a simple opt inform on their home page to consign up to have recipes delivered straight to your inbox. I'm gonna show you exactly how you too can add this often form to your blawg so you can begin to start collecting email addresses. And what this allows you to do is start to build that relationship with your subscribers and ultimately turned them into paying customers marketing your various products and services. Plus, I'm gonna show you a few other need elements that you can find on many big blog's to ensure your blog's set up properly. So it not only looks awesome, but also is highly profitable, too. I'm super excited to be sharing this with you because I know it's gonna really help you get started in the fastest and easiest way possible. You'll be able to set up your blawg and have it published on the Internet minutes without any technical skills whatsoever and the best part is, it's gonna cost you almost nothing. As a specialist in building blog's and websites using WordPress, I've helped thousands of people who knew nothing about the Internet or how to get started online, get up and running quickly and start making money from it. It's the perfect place to start, even if you've always wanted to have an online business but didn't know how. All you need to do is follow along with me. All it takes is just three simple steps. So let's dive right in now as a small disclaimer before we get started. The concepts I'm gonna be covering in this tutorial are a little bit more involved, but nothing that you can't handle. Even if you're a complete novice, it may feel a little challenging, but the end result is gonna be totally worth it. And me is your guide. You're in a good place now. If you're scared, that is awesome. That means you're ready. The only way to get past the fear and overwhelmed is to press Ford and get started, period. Joseph Campbell said. The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek. I love that quote. You should be pumped or literally steps away from getting your products and services in front of your audience. Okay, awesome. Let's dive straight in. Let's get set up with hosting. This is Step One, and this is where your blawg will live on the Internet. This is really the only money you'll need to spend in this tutorial, and it comes in just under 10 bucks a month. It really is a small investment to get started with your blog's and have your business live online. Now this video tutorial is based on my proven W T. C system, which is designed to be 100% foolproof. I'll give you a look over my shoulder, walk through of everything you need so you can confidently get started online. If you can send an email, you can start your first blawg. All you need to do is follow along with me. Getting started online consists of just three steps, which was follows. Step one is picking out and registering your blog's address, which is also known as your domain name. Step two is getting started with WordPress in publishing your first ever blawg, and Step three is getting your blog's online so it can immediately be viewed by visitors on the Internet. You'll be up and running in just minutes. So let's dive right in with Step one, which is buying the domain name. Your domain name is the name of your blawg address, for example. Mine is James b Stafford dot com. Once you have your domain name, you're going to need a hosting service. You're blawg basically has somewhere to live on the Internet. Hosting is crucial to getting started online and is no different to you moving into a new home and letting people know where your home is. So when they search for you, they know exactly where to find you. So don't be scared by the idea of setting this up. As long as you follow along with me, you'll find it really easy to do. As I said, hosting only cost around 10 bucks a month, just a small investment to keep your blawg live on the Internet. It's super easy to set up, and to do that, we're gonna head over to host gator dot com Now. There are lots of different hosting services out there, but I've always gone with host Gator because their customer service is pretty awesome. They know where press under available 24 7 phone and chat support to deal with any issues or to answer any questions. Plus, I've been using these guys going on seven years now without any real problems. I really believe host Gators, one of the best hosting services out there. And just so you know how confident I am in them, I use host Gator to get all of my clients set up with their blog's, too. So if you want to take advantage of host Gator, I've got a special coupon code for you. This will knock off 30% off your hosting to get you up and going saving some. Just be sure to enter the coupon code. WordPress hero at the check out. Okay, so what you want to do is click on get started now in the middle of the page, then select, choose a plan, then select a hatchling plan. If you only want one blawg. But if you're planning on, have multiple blog's. Then I recommend you go with the baby. Plan is this will give you unlimited domains toe work with So from the drop down, select monthly. If you don't want to get locked in anything and then click on order now you want to register a new domain name now. Hopefully, you've really thought about this and picked a good domain name such as your business name, your brand name, your personal name, things like that. If the name you want is not available, keep drilling down and using different oil extensions such as dot com dot net dot or gore even dot TV. We use websites made easy dot TV because we felt that was appropriate, considering our website is primarily video based. So ultimately pick a domain name, it's gonna work best for your blogger business. Once you've got the right one, go ahead and add to cart. Be sure to review your order and if you're happy with it, simply interning your payment details now. One thing you'll notice when you review your order is that it will have added on a lot of additional extras, which you don't need so you can just uncheck the boxes under hosting add ons as these air all gonna cost extra in the coupon code box. Inter WordPress hero to save 30% off your entire order. Be sure to validate it. And it will bring the cost of your hosting right down. Go through the rest of the process, just fall the instructions, and I'll see you back in a moment. Okay, I'm back. I've confirm my order, and I'm now in the thank you page. Awesome. You've successfully completed step one in our three step process of setting up your blawg. And hopefully the first step was a piece of cake for you. Okay. So onto the next step, which is installing your actual blawg onto your domain name again. The whole process is very simple. And you just need to follow along with me and you'll have this installed in no time. You should have received a welcome email with your blawg information. Straightened your inbox. If it doesn't arrive, check your spam box. If it's still not there, give it some time. It should arrive within about 10 to 20 minutes or sooner. You're going to need this email to help set up your new blawg. Go ahead and find the email and open it up. I want you to pay attention to the information inside in particular. Have a look at your user name, which is what you have selected. Dearing purchase. You'll also need to make note of your password. I suggest you copier password, then click on the sea panel link here. It's easier if you right click and open this up in a new tab. Okay, so now you want to enter in your log in details that air from your email you received. Once you've logged into your C panel, you'll see a page, which is full of different icons. It can seem a little scary, an overwhelming don't be scared. It's actually really straightforward in. To be honest, you're not really gonna need to know what all these other things are until you get a lot more advanced. So don't worry. Right now. All you need to do is scroll down towards the bottom, where you'll see a section called Software and Services. You're looking for the quick install icon. Go ahead and click that once you click this, look at the bar on the left and find WordPress under the section Popular installs. You want to click this and then click on install WordPress. Now you'll come up with a form asking you for some simple information you'll need to add in a really good email address where you can receive incoming emails. You'll also need a good block title and fill out the name of the person will be maintaining the blawg for you. It could be your name or whoever is looking after your blog's for you. Also adding your name and then click on install WordPress. Wait a few moments as your new WordPress Blawg installs. As soon as this is done, it will give you the details for your new blawg. Here, all you do is copy the password as this will be your password for your new blawg. The user name will be whatever you selected during set up. Okay, so now you want to click on this link here, which will take you to the log in page of the dashboard of your new WordPress blawg. When you click on the link, you're most likely gonna hit an error. And it will tell you the blawg isn't available. Don't panic because this is absolutely normal. All it means is your new blawg takes a few hours toe fully replicate to the servers, so I'll be back as soon as that is done. Okay, on back. And just to remind you that you should have received an email with your log in details for your new blawg, go ahead and click on the link to the dashboard or log in page, which will end with a ford slash WP dash. Admin right. Click on the link and open it up in a new tab. Then all you need to do is add in your log in details and voila, you're in. Okay, so this brings us to the end of step two, which is installing your WordPress blawg. Hopefully, the process was straightforward and painless, and not at all scary. This is one of the primary reasons that develop these video tutorials to show you that starting your very own WordPress blawg really isn't hard when you follow along step by step . Okay. On to step three, which is getting our blawg live and ready to go 2. How To Start A Profitable WordPress Blog 2016 Step By Step Section 2: awesome. Okay, this is the WordPress dashboard. This is the area that gives you a general overview of your blawg. And this is where you could begin to customize and start to build out your blawg before we get started. You can always access your blood by clicking the home icon right here. I would suggest that you right click this link and open it up in a new tab. This way you have a point of reference in terms of edits and changes were making as we press through the tutorial. So let's take a look at the block. This is what the blawg looks like out of the box. Not much going on right now. But don't worry, this is gonna be one killer blawg when it's finished. So I'm gonna show you how to properly set up your blog's. So that's it. Has better user functionality, can be found online for your products or services, and ultimately runs faster and smoother. So let's get straight into it now. The first thing that we want to do is get rid of some default content that comes preinstalled on all WordPress blog's this way. We ensure our bloggers unique and completely fresh and ultimately optimized for our individual content. So what we'll do is head over two posts and then all posts. We want to go ahead and trash. This is his hello world. So go ahead and click off Tick offers his title and then move the trash and then apply. Perfect. Then we'll head down to pages all pages and do the same thing here. Sample page will take offer says title moved to trash and then apply. Okay, Perfect. Now you may be wondering what all these things are. Don't worry. We're gonna cover all these concepts in depth throughout the rest of this video. So now what we'll do is head over to appearance and then themes. Now, as you can see, wordpress comes pre installed with the 2016 theme. This is the theme we will be using with our new blawg. And as I said, this is the best WordPress has to offer in terms of blogging right now. And it's wordpress is default theme. I love it it with its mobile first approach in classic take on a modern blawg design, it's the perfect theme to make your content really stand out and shine Sounded like a 2016 jingle there for a minute. Anyway, let's press on, Let's head down to settings and in general. Okay, before we go any further, I want to explain. Really? What a wordpress theme is. Alright, Some people get confused by this. So think of a WordPress theme like the closure wear and pages post in other elements. Like your body parts. Really? The theme serves as the field functionality and look of your WordPress blawg. So we're gonna approach this wordpress blawg build out in a natural way. So you fully understand how all the bits and pieces fit together. So by the end of this, you understand all the concepts that we've covered, and I'm gonna do my best to explain each concept by explaining what each one is, why you need it and how it's set up properly. So I encourage you to go through this video once, then go through it again to apply the concepts, ultimately learning what you've applied in practice. All right, I've given you a little pot of gold here, and there's a lot of little Jim sprinkled throughout this video, so be sure not to miss any of these little guys. All right, so stick with me. By the end of this, you have a killer blawg that set up for new subscribers, customers, and ultimately to make you money. Okay, let's edit some of these setting. So let's head up to site title. Now, you can name this your name, your business name or something that's related to whatever your blog's about tagline. Put something kind of fun in here or something that specifically related to your products or services or your block. Here you go. Our dreams come true. Okay, so this right here, do not change this. These two do not change this by any means. Put in a good email address in your a good contact email address. So any war press updates, you'll get notified through that email address. Okay? And everything else looks good here, so we'll save changes the mojo down to writing. And for now, everything is okay. And here we'll come back to this in a bit. So reading for each article and feed. Let's do summary. You can play with this and you'll see what I'm talking about. We'll put summary for now, save changes. Okay? Now let's head down to discussion. Now. This is your WordPress and Blawg comments settings. Now where press has done a really good job with the default settings, I feel like, but the one thing when you look at here it says, email me whenever. So whenever someone post a new comment, you'll be notified through the email address you provided earlier. So make sure that's a good email address, and I think everything is good here for now. But as you move forward with your blogging based off your preference, you can adjust the settings, so I encourage you to explore this a little bit more. So I didn't make any changes. So But if you do, be sure, do you select save changes down here so we'll head down to Perma links now. This is extremely important. We want to change this to Post name. Now, What this is going to do is enable us to be found online through our various posts and pages. So each time we create a new post or new page, it's gonna be named whatever we name that post or page. So, for example, we might have James b staffer dot com ford slash contact US R Ford slash consulting or services. You get the idea. So whatever we name that page or post, we can get indexed in the search engines and ultimately found online. And this is vital so we can get good traction in the search results and is really good for search engine optimization. So make sure you make this change. We'll go ahead and save changes. Okay, Now that you have that saved, you don't wanna pay close attention. You love this. This is where the rubber hits the road and really makes WordPress the ideal platform for blogging. We're gonna install some plug ins. You're probably like, what is a plug in plug ins or just little snippets? A code that extend and expand the functionality of the WordPress Blogging. They're super easy to add. And I'm gonna show you these little guys right now. Okay? So now what we'll do is head to plug ins and then add a new. Now, I'm gonna get you set up with my favorite must have plug in to get your blawg found online and start driving quality traffic to your blawg. Turning visitors into subscribers and ultimately paying customers. So get ready. You're gonna love these little guys. Now, this is the WordPress plug in dashboard. This is awesome. Because you literally confined just about anything to enhance your blog's functionality. Thousands of plug ins are available here. So all you do is just type in what you're looking to enhance and boom. There it is. It's that easy to say. We wanted to at a podcast or music tour. Blawg. We could just type in in p three. Pretty cool, right? Or how about we wanted to add our YouTube videos? Tower block? Or how about we wanted to have our blogging multiple languages. Pretty awesome, right? So I encourage you. It's very powerful. I encourage you when you have some time to go through this and explore this a little bit more based off your specific needs. Okay, so the first plug in that we're gonna add is called WP Super Cash, and they just go ahead and press enter and search for that. And this is it right here now, without getting too technical. What this does is basically speed up your entire blawg. This is really important to have the search engines Look at low time of logs and websites as criteria for a viable source of info is people are on the go not wedding, wanting to wait around for a slow blogger website. So this is going to speed up your blawg so you gotta have this. So what we'll do is go ahead and click on install. Now, activate plug in. Then we'll go down to WP super Cash settings and then all you need to dio is cashing on, recommended in an update status perfect. And then you can go ahead and test it. Great. It's all set up now, So we'll head back to Willian's and then add a new Okay, so the next plugging that we want install is Yost s CEO. So it's why oh s t s e o which is search engine optimization. Go ahead and enter and search for that. It should be this 1st 1 right here. We'll go ahead and install and then activate the plug in. Now, what this little plug in does is pretty amazing and helps people ultimately find your content online. This means you can choose how your content will look on Google searches when people look for it. People will see a snippet of your content and choose whether they want to click on your blog's or not. So it's crucial this is set up properly so you can be found online for your specific products in services. I'm gonna show you how to set that up right now. Okay, So what we want to do is head over to S CEO and this is the Yoast Seo settings, and we will click on titles and Metas. And this is super easy and really awesome with what this does. So we'll click on home page and this right here is your blog's title minus James Stafford. And this is gonna pre populate in all your pages and post. It's basically a little template in the meta description. I already added this. And James Stafford's blawg is a fun little destination where you can begin to create your dream blawg. And you would add in basically a brief description explaining which your blog's about. Think of it in terms of a book's title right here. Your home page in the books description. Real simple. Go ahead and save changes and that's it. I'm gonna show you what this looks like on a page I set up. Okay. Before we do that, we can close out all these notifications up here. And then let's head to pages and then add a new page. Okay? So don't worry. I'm gonna show you how that make pages and posts in a bit. This is just for demonstration purposes, and you want to pay really close attention here because the reason why I'm showing you this is to make sure your content is found online for your various products or services. Okay, so this is extremely important to get right now, what I like to do is create pages and post that are really focused around one main keyword . Okay, so we will type in contact us. And as you can see in the Yost s CEO editor down here, it's just populated that. Okay, now, this is what it's gonna look like in the certain to search results. The Google search results type in a focus. Keyword. This is what we're telling Google in the search engines. What? We want this post have you recognized for? Like I said, this is ideal for search engine optimization. And as you see it, bold ID that. Okay, so that's what's going to show up in the search results so people will see that. All right. And then from there, we want to modify this meta description area. Now, you want to make this compelling? You want to force clicks, you want people toe. Want to click that link because it sounds interesting or fun. So I'm gonna type in, create your dream blawg in three simple steps. Now, if your business allows forward of your blawg, you can type in a phone number. I mean, sometimes people are just looking for things very fast, as you're probably aware of, and they just want the path of least resistance. So whatever is gonna be the easiest for people to get in touch with you for your contact pays it page, at least. Okay. So just to reiterate, if you click right here, this is a rendering of what the Post might look like in the Google search results. Okay, the focus, keyword pick the main keyword or key phrase that the poster pages about this is gonna help ghoul recognize what you want this specific page to rank for, so people can find you online. So the major benefit of this is for search engine optimization. It's gonna help index your content according to what you want your pages to be ranked for, and also what they're specifically about, your pages or posts. So you want to make sure this is set up properly and some take some time to think about. Really, When you're making a post or page, you want to know exactly what that page is about, or what that post is about. Make it real tight and focused. You can always make more pages or posts. We'll go ahead and publish the page and there you go. And we'll come back to this a little bit later, creating pages and post. But this was just for demonstration, so you could see ultimately how the search are the Yoast Seo plug and works. Okay, so time for our necks plug in. This is another nifty little plug in by Yost, which is Google Analytics by Yost. So what we'll do is head back over to plug ins and then add a new and in just here in the search plug ins type in Google Analytics bios, and that should pull it right up, and here it is, right here. This is a super powerful little plug, and this plug in is pretty cool because it allows you to track exactly how many people have come to your blawg, where they come from and what their browsing behaviors like, which is very useful, would try and understand which kinds of content is most preferred by our audience. So it's an easy way to understand how people behave when they come to your blawg ultimately let you make better business decisions. For example, you might find that your you know, your website, subscribers or customers spend twice as long on reading post about tips so you can use that information to your advantage by writing more post with tips in them to keep your audience more engaged. So we're gonna go ahead and install this right now. So click on install. Now, activate, Plug in Perfect. And we're gonna go down to Google Analytics Bios settings. Okay, Now, if you have a Google account awesome. All you have to do is sign into that because we're going to just need a little piece of code in their toe. Activate this and get this set up. So within 24 hours, your blawg can start to collect data. Okay, so there's a little bit more work involved here, but real, real simple. If you don't have a Google Analytics account, I'm gonna show you how to set that up right now. So if you do, if you don't, either way, you can fall along with me. It's real simple. And I'll show you how to get this set up. So what we're gonna do is head over to Google Analytics. And all this is is Ah, just google dot com forward slash analytics A n a l y t i CS. So we are going to create a new account. Then we just want to verify our email address. So wait for that verification email, and then you'll click the link in there, which I'll show you how to do here in second. Okay, so I've received my verification email. You're gonna go ahead and click on this link, and this should verify your account. Okay. Awesome. Now we have access. It will go back to Google analytics, and then we'll just click on sign up. So once you've signed and you can copy this code right here or authenticate it through the plug in. Okay, so once you've copied your code, you're gonna head back over to your website, and then you can click on authenticate your Google account or manually entered in. So let's go ahead and select. Authenticate your Google account, Go and accept. Go and copy this code, and we're gonna go back to our website and copy it. And you have to make sure that you're still logged into your Google Analytics account for this to work pasted in here. Save and authenticate code. That's it. Now, your Google Analytics account will start tracking data on your website, and this can take up to 24 hours. Okay. As you can see, my count is now connected. Okay, Awesome. So we'll go ahead and save changes and we're all set 24 hours, maybe a little bit less than that. You'll start to see data Awesome. You should be in a good place with your Google analytics set up. If for whatever reason, it didn't work or technologies not working, we have to press on. I have an awesome video over my website that covers this specific plug in and Google analytics, so you can go take a peek at that later. But right now we need to move forward with the rest of this video, so I have a bunch of killer goodies to go through. So let's press on. Okay, on to the next plug in. Let's head back over to plug ins at a new And they were in a search for a plug in called list. Bolder. And this is made by the guys over APP. Sumo, our sumo me and actually can see it right here. This little bad boy is awesome. This helps you capture visitors to your website through a pop up or lightbox, which make sure they subscribe your email list and come back for more. This little plug and has been responsible for doubling my website subscribers. It's killer. Basically, the plug in detects the exact moment when the visitors about to leave and immediately displays a pop up asking for the visitors email address. You probably seen those before. This allows you to continue the conversation through email with your prospects and keep reaching out to them. And this is really what you want to do is stay in front of your website visitors and start that conversation to build a relationship and create customers. So let's get this little guy set up. Now. Go ahead and click on install. Now activate plug in. And this is super easy to set up as you're about to see. Then we'll go down to sumo me So you quite literally just follow these instructions. We gotta register account. So what we'll do is click on this little crown icon here to register your new account. Just put in a good email address and a new password, and you're good to go. Sumo store list builders what we're looking for. And, as you can see, they have a tunnel, little tools and APS that you can use with your website right now. Let's just go ahead and set up a list builder. Okay, cool. We're inside the list. Builder dashboard. Now, let's go ahead and click on free. This builder is now installed that easy. Let's go ahead and click on open. Let's just go ahead with the free list builder. Okay, So this is our dashboard to set up our list builder campaign basically to set up the light box. So it displays on our website, which is a little pop up. And I'll show you what that looks like here in a moment. Okay, let's head over to design. And this is our lightbox, our pop over. And I'm gonna show you how to set this up. This will display when someone tries to leave the website. You've probably seen these before, but what we want to set up now is a call to action. And what a call to action is. It's quite literally a call to take an action. The action you want people to take could be anything. Download an e book, Sign up for a webinar, get a coupon attended event, get a free consultation. You're quite literally asking for someone's email address in exchange for a piece of value . Okay, so I've gone ahead and fill this in, and this is our little pop over. Explain each and detail here, So I've created a headline and this is says free website, Master Cici. Now, what this ultimately is is basically a little lead magnet, and a lead magnet is a piece of value in exchange for an email address. So you want to create kind of a compelling offer that is going to speak directly to the pain points or solve a specific problem of your blog's subscribers. So we've done that here with our website websites made easy dot TV, where we've created a website Master Cheat Sheet, the secret sauce we used to create profitable websites and blog's Yes, send me my free cheat cheat now. So this is what you want to create something tight, easy that can be consumed pretty quickly. That's a strong piece of value for your community or your audience. So what we'll do is go ahead, and once you have this filled in, go ahead and click save and then we want to go to display rules and you can mess with some of this stuff. It's real straightforward, but the behavior here, So I have it on manual right now. It'll display after five seconds, or you can put it to smart, And what this typically does is when someone tries to leave your website or ex out, it'll pop up. But I just wanted to get you set up. We actually have quite a few videos covering all of these little tools in more depth and that's really out of the scope of this video. But you can explore those a little bit further, so we're all squared away with this. Somebody go ahead and got a manual. Just you can see save and let's take a peek. It what it looks like and should display about after five seconds. OK, so there it is. Now you can have this displayed after five seconds, or you can use the smart feature, whatever it play with it, see what your preferences are, and we'll talk more about how to set up a lead magnet and what that specifically is. So you can understand that you can create one for your blogging your business. So that's here to come. It's really easy to Dio. Actually, you're gonna love this. When we start adding Postwar Blawg here, I'm gonna show you the exact steps we used to turn our blog's visitors into subscribers and ultimately, customers using our proven W T C system and how everything comes together to get the most out of your blawg. Okay, we're back in our dashboard, and now that we have our email pop up set up, we have to connect it with an email service provider so we can begin to collect email. Subscribers send and receive emails. And to do that, we're gonna head over to mail chimp dot com. This is a free service to start email marketing. It's awesome. It's super easy to get started, and I'm gonna show you how to do that right now. Okay, so we're over here at mail chimp dot com. That's m ai L c h i m p dot com and this is where we're gonna. It started with email marketing, and in case you're wondering why email marketing? Well, it allows you to deeply engaged with your website subscribers in terms of your products or services. This is awesome because it allows you to stay in front of them with timely information specific to their interests. Toe ultimately establish trust in a lifetime customer, and we're gonna use mail chimp because it's free for one. It's super easy to get up and going, and it's just a great service overall, so let's get straight into it. Okay, go ahead and click on sign up for free. Okay, then go ahead and go back to your email and make sure you activate your account with a special link in there. So I'm gonna go ahead and do that, so be back in a moment. Okay? Go ahead and click on. Activate my account. Okay, Go ahead and just put in some account information here. Okay? Got all this filled in. Just go ahead. Make sure you fill all this in and then save and get started that easy. So what we have to do now is create a list, so we have a place to store new contact. So what we'll do is click create a list, then create a list right here, and then we'll fill out this little form. I've already filled this out, and what we'll do is name. Name it. Something appropriate because our new website subscribers will see this. So I named mine James B. Stafford, as you can see, and then enter in a good default email address. I'm using supported James, b staffer dot com So I can send and receive emails from my actual domain name, which is more professional, and I'll show you how toe get this set up in a moment. Next, enter a default from name. So who the actual email is coming from. I'm using James B. Stafford. Then remind people how they got on your list. Just intern. Something like you're receiving this email because you opted in at our website and then put in your domain name there. Finally, go ahead and save, and that is it. So go and save Perfect. Let's head back over to the list builder dashboard so we can connect List Builder to mail chimp. Okay, so we're back over in the list builder dashboard, and what we'll do is head down to services right here on the left, click on male chimp and then just click Connect and then you'll go ahead and log in. Awesome. It's connected. Okay, that's it. So we'll head back over to our dashboard, so as you can see, it's connected and then we'll just save it. Okay, so we have one more step to do. We have to head back over to mail chimp toe our new list and set up a sign up form. And that's super easy to do. We'll head back over there right now. Okay? If you click on the little monkey will go back to the home screen, then click on lists. Then select your list. You set up, then select. Sign it forms, and then a second. See, it says, please verify your email address. So that's what we have to do. Now, In order to send and receive emails, we have to verify our email address. So we have to head over to R C panel. Now, if you recall with me initially set up our blawg, the C panel is how he did that. Okay, so what, you're gonna look forward? You're welcome. Email from host Gator and that has your c panel link. So it would look something like host gator dot com Your account info. Now, for some reason, will have this anymore. You, you know, got rid of it. You can reach out to host gators chat support, and they get you set up pretty quickly with this email again. So it's no big deal, so you'll click on your control panel link here and then make sure you grab your password. And, of course, you are user name, So we'll go ahead and log in. Okay, Great. Now we're gonna get this set up pretty quickly, so this is very easy to do just follow along, step by step and you'll be in a good place with this. So all we have to do is head down to email accounts, and then I'm gonna name it support at James B Stafford dot com and just put in a password and then create account. Perfect. Then we'll go back to home and then we'll head over to Web mail. Go to secure Web mail, log in and I always use squirrel Male. It's they're all pretty much the same, and then we just put in your full name here and then your email address, and that's it so you can send and receive email from here. Now, this is kind of a hassle, because you have to log in and out of your C panel. I preferred afford my email from this account into like a Gmail account, and that seems to work really well for May, so I'll show you how to set that up right now. So we'll head back over to R C. Panel will go back to click on the home icon and then go to where it says forgers and they will add, afford er and then just type your email address and then Ford it Teoh a good email account that you prefer. I'm in ad border. Okay, so we're all set up now we're gonna head back over to mail chimp and verify our new email address. Okay, so we're back over a male chimp, and we need to verify our new email address. In order to do that, we're gonna head back over to lists, click on our list, and then sign up forms, and then go ahead and click on Verify domain. And this will send us an email verification. And we just want to enter the verification code, and we should be all set after that. So I'm gonna wait for this email and then I'll be right back, OK? Perfect. I have my verification email, and there's two ways to do this. You know, we can click on verify domain access, or you can just copy this little code, and I'm gonna copy the little code since we're already logged in and just put this code in and verify the domain. Okay, guys, we are all set. We can now start to send and receive emails through mail chimp. And this is where things get really exciting because you can really build a huge list of email subscribers and start communicating with them with your various products and services , and start to build customers and relationships. And this is how you start to to really scale up and make a difference online with your business. Okay, we're back over the list. Builder Dashboard. There's one more thing we have to be sure we set up properly. Okay, so what we'll do is head over to services male, chimp and see right here. It says mailing list. And it says Do not push toe list. We need to be sure we select the list that we created earlier within male chimp. Do you remember? Glad. Select that and save changes. This way. Any new subscriber that we receive will be put on that list so we can start email marketing and communicating with our subscribers. Okay, so now you should be all set with the initial set up of male chimp with list builder. If you'd like to learn a bit more about a really ramp things up with male chimp, we have an entire video. Siri's dedicated to email marketing. But for now, we need to press on 3. How To Start A Profitable WordPress Blog 2016 Step By Step Section 3: okay on to one of my next favorites. Go ahead and click on Sumo. Me, which I'm already here. Then we want to click on the little Crown icon up in the top right up here. Then we want to click on sumo store and then we are looking for share. Go and click on that. Now, this little guy is awesome. You get up to 20% more traffic using this little tool. So basically what share does is it makes it super easy for your visitors to share your content to their friends, family and others. The more people share your site content, the more viral traffic goes back to your side. Ultimately. So basically, people can, like, tweet or even pin your content through the use of social sharing buttons. Put it this way. If you don't have this tool, you might as well be invisible. You'll find it so much harder to get any traction without a social media presence, so this little tool will help address that issue. Okay, so let's go ahead and get this set up. Click on free, then click on open click on the free option. Okay, so that is it. it's installed, so let's take a peek at what it looks like on the site. Awesome. There it is. Now people can share your content. Okay, on to the next plug in, we have to head back over to the sumo store, so what we'll do is click on ex out of this, go to the dashboard, then click on Sumo me, then the crown icon and then sumo store. Now this little tool is awesome. It's a game changer and it's called Welcome at It displays a full screen called Action that shows when visitors land on her blawg. It inserts itself at the top, your content, making sure not to block any visitors. If they want to get straight to your content, they simply scroll down and welcome. Mat disappears. So it's the first thing that your visitors are going to see when they hit your blawg. All right, there are countless ways to use. Welcome at you can use it to collect emails with your lead magnet, directing your visitors to a popular blawg post getting your buyers to a special sale you're throwing that day. So they're countless ways to use this little tool, and that you have to get this set up right now. So go ahead and click on Welcome mat. Click on Free. And here's some examples, actually, right here. Click on open click. Continue and then we'll go to design. And this is really similar, in fact, to how we set up the list builder. So here's what we'll do. We'll put in our headline familiar and then text perfect. And then all we do is go ahead and save that. Okay, couple things we got to do real quick before we get this working. So we gotta make sure series has paused up here on any of these little tools with sumo Me. You've got to make sure this is active. Okay, so we'll head down to behavior. And this you can edit the behavior of welcome at that. Looks good. Display rules that looks good. And then services. You got to make sure you connected with male chimp, remember? So they will select her list. We'll go ahead and save. Go ahead and close this out and watch how awesome and powerful this is. OK, close this out. There you go. So whenever someone hits your blawg, this is what they're going to see first. This is incredibly powerful so they can scroll down. If they're not interested in Boom, There's your blawg. Okay, we're back in the tsunami dashboard. If you're wondering why we're adding all these little tools or these email often forms, it is absolutely crucial that you get your blog's visitors on your email list. This way, you can start to build trust, relationships and ultimately, customers. You need to write that down underlying it. Frame it if you have to. Whatever it's gonna take for this to sink in, this is crucial. If you're not doing this, it's most likely your visitors will come to your blawg once not likely to return, you need to connect the re mail to continue the conversation and build value based off your visitors specific interest. This way, you can leave subscribers wanting mawr looking forward to your next block boasts. Okay, so now we're gonna add scroll box and another little tool called Smart Bar. We got to get our blawg dialed in 10 Xing are blog's subscribers. Okay, so let's head back to the Crown Sumo Store and then we're gonna add Smart Bar. This is exactly what we've been doing. So click on free, open, continue design and then right here, create a profitable blogging. Three simple steps and then, for the subscribe button, I'm gonna type in, grab my cheat sheet, go ahead and save this real quick saved services. We need to connect it with male chimp grabber list. Right here. James B. Stafford. Save it and it set up. It's active, as we can see. Let's go ahead and close this out. And actually, one more thing you can customize this. Or was it smart bar? We'll head back. Teoh display rules are Where was it behavior and this That shows that you can pick it the top of the page. Since we already have our welcome at Let's put this at the bottom so bottom of the page and then save it, close it out. Close this and then let's take a peek. There it is right there at the very bottom, so you can put this at the top or at the bottom, whatever you're comfortable with. And, of course, all this stuff you can add it, your discretion, whatever you're comfortable with without in these little forms. But the more that you have, the more likely that people will subscribe because it's kind of forcing them to look at your little cheat sheets or calls to action. Right? So you can create a little pdf or word document. You don't need to think about this in terms of being a complicated thing. Ah, lead magnet is really simple. It's really tight. It's a piece of value that you're gonna give in exchange for the email address. So don't get overwhelmed with creating this. I mean, I started out with just a little tight word document explaining a solution to a problem. And what you do that you start to build the know like and trust factor, which is invaluable here, blocks prescribers because that's what they're coming to you for. So once you give your subscribers a little victory, they not only start to believe that they can do it, they start to believe that you can help them do it. That right there is where you really start to build traction in trust and scale up online. Okay, now we're gonna add scroll box, and actually, you can go right over here to that, like on click on Sumo store. Just another way to get to the sumo dashboard and click on scroll box Free, Open. Continue. And then we've been through this before, so click on design and right here we're gonna put in your headline. Okay, so I've gone ahead and filled some of the sin. So I put 50 brilliant Blawg Post ideas and then right here will put for your next article and then for the called action or the button. Grab my ideas. So that's a Little league magnet. 50 Brilliant blawg post ideas for your next article. Graham ideas. We'll go ahead and save this, okay? It's saved them will head to behavior. And this is going to trigger when someone scrolls down about 40% of the page or post. Okay. And you can adjust this your liking so you can select in bottom, right? Top left, etcetera. And here's what it's gonna look like. And that's exactly what it will dio pretty cool, right? So we'll close that out. Go ahead and save it. Okay, so now we are set to jet in 10 x are blog's subscribers. I'm excited to show you all this stuff, so hopefully you're starting to see the power in it and why you need to start to collect those email addresses and build your email lists. You should start to build a relationship and start to market your products and services through your blawg. So pressing on let's head back to the WordPress dashboard will go ahead and exit of this. That had dashboard, and what we're gonna talk about now is categories in the importance of categories and why you need them. Then we're gonna talk about post versus pages why you need post and what pages air used for . So let's get straight into it. This is extremely important that you take the time to think this through and have a solid foundation of categories for the rule out of your block content, ultimately ensuring good user functionality for your blawg. Okay, so let's head over to posts. Then categories now think of categories in these terms. The categories you create become the skeleton of your blawg, clawing in both readers and the search engines to EC structure and content. So taking the time to use categories correctly can boost your exposure in the search engines. I raised the average time on page of your visitors and provide an overall better experience for your readers. So has said you want to ensure that your categories were organizer content for your readers . Therefore, keeping them on your blog's longer with related post and more content specific to their interests. Okay, To illustrate this, I'm gonna head over to the website to meet Easy Blawg and show you how we've set up our categories. Toe organizer content. You go and refresh the pick up. There's a pop over in our categories. There's one of our lead magnets here. Let me show you the categories real quick. And like I said before category's gonna help with a better overall user experience. They're gonna keep people more engaged and show people related post so they may find something they didn't even know they were looking for. So let's take a peek right here in our categories. You can see them right here in these little numbers. Next to these categories are the posts. So all of our post or organized for each individual category, as you can see here. So say we wanted to go to starting with wordpress, and here you can find all of our articles, videos in different pieces of media specific to starting with WordPress. Okay, and let's head over to converting traffic into sales again. All of our post related to this category. And as you can see, there's a variety of post in this category, and it's a really a great way to expand awareness in terms of your expertise and help your visitors find more of what they may want. You're blonde becomes really powerful with related post when set up properly with categories, so your visitors and subscribers may find stuff they're not even aware of. And this helps to further engage them as well as keep them on your blog's longer leading the search engines. No, you have a viable source of info on your blawg, ultimately sharing your content and improving your exposure online. It's a win win. So before we start adding our post, we have to add or categories, and to do that, we're gonna head back over to the websites made easy blawg, and I'm gonna pull some categories from our blawg. They pretty much apply here based off what we're doing. So let's head back over there And here are categories all we're gonna do is head to boasts and in categories, and this is very straightforward. OK, so we'll just this 1st 1 converting traffic into sales. Go ahead and copy this and pasted in the slug. The slug is just a girl friendly version of the category. Okay, and then go ahead and add new category. And it's that easy. And how this works is is that when we create a new post, what will do is will select the specific category that applies to that post, and I'll show you how that's that's done properly here in a minute when we had at our posts . So we'll add our next category. Optimizing your WordPress site. We'll just say we're pressed blawg for this. Copy this, paste it in and then add new category. It's good and grab another one. It's too starting with WordPress and content marketing and one more and it's that easy a new category We're all done for now. Okay, perfect. Actually, one more thing. Let's change this uncapped ago rise because you can't delete this. Let's edit this scroll down and then update here in the bottom left corner, we'll head back to categories. Okay, Perfect So when we start to add new posts and then we apply the specific category to the Post, you'll see them right here in the county area. And you see the slug right here. The girl friendly version of the category. Anyway, OK, so on the posts now, this is where things are gonna start to get really cool. We're actually gonna start adding content. Our posts tore Blawg so you can see how this all comes together. And I'm gonna show you how to add the categories we just talked about. And I'm gonna explain briefly. Really. What a difference between a post in the pages. And I kind of I think answered that. But really, pages are mostly static, which means they stay as they are and rarely change. Opposed is on the other dynamic. As I said, Think of it like this. A post is being updated consistently, either with new comments or new content that's actually being added to that post. It can change whenever, whereas a page is pretty much like your contact US page or Services page or privacy policy . Those pages air never gonna change their pretty much there and setting for yet So that's the difference between the two. And now we're gonna get straight and adding Postwar Blawg. So we're back in the WordPress dashboard. And now that we've got our blawg optimized and properly set up for visitors and the search engines, we're gonna get started with posting our first set of blawg Post. I really want this to connect with you and sink in. If you get this dialed in, you're gonna have one successful blawg. I'm not just gonna be posting a bunch of garb league Ouk like you might see another tutorial videos. Rather, I'm gonna post intentionally. The aim is to provide posts that are full of actionable value so you can clearly conceptualize how this is done properly. The Siris of post I'll be posting explain the exact steps we use and how to create a successful, profitable blawg. So pay attention. You might want to grab a pin your thinking cap because we have some goodies that you won't want to miss. So if you're just beginning with your blogger, have been at this for a bit. Navigating the online landscape can be challenging. One of the most common questions we get is how to turn blawg traffic into customers for most side owners, gathering traffic and be awfully difficult, not to mention turning them into actual buying customers. But I want to let you on a little secret. We have seven super simple steps that can truly transform your online business. We call it our W T C value funnel system. This is the same exact system we use not only for our own sites, but also for our clients to get them set up properly and drive quality customers to them are W T. C. System is broken down as follows w is for website or blawg. This is where I'll help you get your blawg live on the Internet. T is for traffic. You learn how to properly set up your blawg to start driving quality traffic to your blawg and lastly, sees for customers. I'll show you how to make your blawg conversion focus. You'll capture the details of your new block visitors and turn them into subscribers and ultimately convert them into paying customers. You're gonna love how this will transform your blogging to a customer cash machine. With our system, you can say that you finally found the road map to master a successful business online. Let that sink in. You finally found the little pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Using our system is described in these next seven steps, you can truly transform your business online forever It did for us, and now we want to share it with you. So here's a quick overview of our system. What we've put together is our step by step W T C value funnel system that essentially turns cold traffic into riel, buying customers in just seven steps. The best part is is that each step is done very simply without needing much experience it all the steps are as follows. Number one blawg, post number to lead. Magnet number three often form an email marketing automation number four lead page and thank you. Page number five trip wire number six profit maximize ER and up sell offers in number seven . Return path. Now, this is the flow chart that leads cold traffic further along the path towards becoming ah, high value paying customer. So you're ready? I'm gonna show you our system while adding seven posts toe our brand new blawg. Each post will detail each step of our Siri's. Not only am I gonna show you how to properly get started with a blawg, but I'm also going to show you each of the seven essential steps. One by one, re refer to these steps. Is there w t C value funnel system? Because it gathers a large amount of coal traffic in at the top of the funnel and then funnels them down towards becoming a riel buying customer. I'll show you how to add this funnel to your blood. By the end, you have taken your online business to the next level. So get ready. You're in for a treat. So let's get ready to add our first post and will do that by heading over to posts and then add a new. Okay, Awesome. This is where we create a post. All right, so the first thing that I want to do is draw your attention to a couple of things right here. We're gonna title the post, and as you can see down here in the Yost s CEO editor, you see, it popped up right here. Okay, we went through this. Just wanted to bring your attention back to that. And here are categories. And for this one, we're gonna select starting with WORDPRESS. Okay, great. So let's go ahead and publish this post just to save what we've done already. Okay, Okay, Perfect. Now that's done. Now I'm gonna head over to our folder that has everything we need to get started with creating our block. All right, in terms of content. So let's head over that folder now. OK, here's our folder. I would highly suggest that you create a folder like this. So you have everything nice and organized, and you can literally plug and play when it comes to setting up your blawg. Here's our header image. Here's all our posts and everything that we need to get started with our Blawg here. So it's nice and tight and organized, and we're gonna have this entire folder on your blog's You can head over there and grab it . I'll show you here in a bit where it's gonna be, but this shouldn't you know, if you if you're interested in this, it might help you out just to see for demonstration how you can set your is up a swell. Okay. Before we get start with our first post here. You want to become familiar with the Wiz E wig editor, which is this area right up here. Which means what you see is what you get. Editor in this area is often called the Wizard wig editor because it functions produce a result on your screen that's very similar to what the end result will be. Two. You're in user. So if you've ever used a program like Microsoft Word, then you'll find using the editor super easy. The buttons along this toolbar allow you to format text very easily. You can edit text by highlighting a word or phrase and then clicking the buttons to apply the formatting to your selected text. Okay, you can also add hyperlinks super easy, and I'll show you how to do some of these things here in a moment. But I encourage you to play with this area right up here, and you get a feel of how it works. It's very, very easy to dio Now. If you look up here to the top right, we have visual and text. Visual is what it's gonna look like basically on your blog's post. The text is the HTML area. This is where all that kind of garbled goog and HTML is. You're really not gonna have to worry about this too much. But you'll see. I'll show you an example when we start to post what it looks like. Okay? Just wanted to draw your attention to these thes things. You have a feel of what you're doing with inside the was the wig editor or inside. You're creating a new blawg post, and the same applies for pages as well. Awesome. Okay. Are you ready? We're gonna grab our first post and start adding content to our blawg. Now, for those of you don't have content yet, you can either grab the content that we have is a template for your block just to get started. You want to just get started, get some momentum going, get your blawg up, get that moment. I'm going. You always add to it later. All right, so that's important. Just to get started, or I'm gonna give you some killer resource is right now to get started with some blogger articles for cheap. You can go to an already pulled these up five or dot com for five bucks. You can have blogged articles written, great service. I got started with these guys at one point, so you just type in Blawg article and pick and choose to search by rating. It's killer. You can go to up work. This is another freelance service blogged articles. There you go. Pick and choose what you want. Another one alliance dot com. Okay, just type in blogged articles, so there's plenty of resource is to get this done. So there's really no excuse now with the resource is available to be able to get your blawg up and going all right. And like I said before, if you just wanna pop in some content real quick, just images, whatever it needs to just get the ball rolling, get that blawg up and get some momentum going, Then you can start to build upon that momentum. Okay, so that's what's important. So anyway, let's go back to the post. All right, cool. So let's head back over to a content folder. Grab our first post. Pop it in here. You're about to see how easy this is, so let's head over there now. There's a category up, their starting with WordPress already selected that here's the Block post title, and then here is the content with just copy it and paste it in. We have it selected its standard for format. That's fine. And then go ahead and update it. And let's take a peek. What it looks like if you post perfect, let's head back to edit Post. Now we're gonna scroll down, and we have some images tat in here. So image 11 publishing option box. So we head back to our folder. Here's our image. So what we'll do is go ahead and race that now our cursor is right there with the image should be. And then right here with his ad media. Look how easy this is to add a picture cheer block post Add Media will select files desktop post one and in this one and then choose that. Perfect and alignment will leave it at none because the cursor is there, but you can select left right center. You can adjust the size right here. If need be, we'll leave it as full size, and that should adjust it accordingly. We'll see if we have to make edits to it. We will, but it should be OK. Actually, we'll go ahead and leave it at medium and then insert into post. Go ahead and update it. Amel view Post. And I'll show you how to disable this for a specific posts. This welcome mat. Okay, We want to make this a little bit bigger, so we'll do Is go back to edit post. Now, all you have to do is just click the image and then click the pencil, and then let's go to Let's try large. Okay, that looks a little better. Update it. Cool. That looks good. Update here on the right and then view Post. Perfect. Looking good, right? All right, cool. So let's head back to edit post. Okay? So now what we're gonna do is set a featured image. So we'll head down to the bottom right in the click set of featured image, then select files, and then we're gonna upload this thumbnail. Choose that. So go ahead and set featured image. And there it is right there. And this is what's really gonna breathe life into your blawg posts. So Okay, let's go ahead and update it. And let's view post. Okay, So after we finish our block post. I'm gonna show you how to tighten up this block. Tore. It looks just amazing to re clean up his navigation, and it just looks dialed in. So don't worry. We'll get to that. But let's head back to edit post, and then let's head down to our Yost s. You and I just want to show you this real quick focus, keyword here, we'll just type in block post, and then let's go to our description will type in. You see how it highlighted right there? Block post are focused keyword blawg posts. And right up here. Like I said, this is great for being human friendly, but also for the search engine. So your content is indexed according to what your pages specifically about. So that's important. So we'll go ahead and update this. All right. Killer First block pose dialed in. Let's move onto the next one 4. How To Start A Profitable WordPress Blog 2016 Step By Step Section 4: Okay, Now I'm gonna show you how to add six more Blawg Post so we can really get the hang of it. What's cool is is each of these post I'm gonna show you happen to be each of the next steps . That detail are seven steps system. So once you've got your blawg up and running with new articles and valuable information for your readers, you need to offer your audience even more high value content. You can provide that high value content with a lead magnet, and that's the post that we're gonna be adding now. So a lead magnet is simply a piece of valuable content in exchange for visitors. Contact information. All right. Offering a lead magnet is much more effective than a simple subscribe to my blawg button or sign up for my newsletter. Those were so bland and boring. There's no specific value given, So why would someone want to subscribe to that? Okay, with this strategy, you will entice your visitors to be willing to provide their email addresses in exchange for something of high value, all for free. Here's the thing. Collecting email addresses is an absolute must in today's world of online business this sooner. Here, ableto build a list of emails. The sooner and more powerful your sales funnel will become. Now they're ton of ways to offer lead magnets. We cover 12 of them specifically on our vlog over websites made easy. And you can take a peek at that when you have some time. Okay, so we're gonna had two posts and then add a new and then we're gonna head back over to a content folder. Post two, grab the word document a copy. The title of the post. My back over. Grab the content real quick. Okay. What was our category for this? It was optimizing your WordPress blawg. So it's like that. Then we'll go down to rs CEO settings, and then focus. Keyword will type in lead magnet. That actually looks pretty good there. I'm gonna tighten that up a little bit and type in. Okay. I went ahead and type this in lead. Magnet created irresistible offer to maximize subscribers. Okay, Looks good. Got that. And let's go ahead and just update this real quick are published. Excuse me and will keep it as format standard. And now we're going. Thio added some images, so we'll go ahead and highlight that. And this is image to one. Go and delete it. Add media upload files, select files. Choose that. Okay, And this is an example. An image of a lead magnet, and we'll leave it at full size. Excuse me. What? Change it to full size and then insert into post Nice. Okay, then we'll go down to we have one more image. Go ahead and highlight this on delete and add media upload files, select files. And there it is, shoes that perfect. And then, with full size and an insurgent opposed Nice, I'll see what that looks like. Weaken, Move this weaken. Center it. Let's see what it looks like if it's centered. So we'll click on the pencil and edit and we'll go with center and then update. We'll see what that looks like. So we're going to update this and then we want of you post, so we probably want to center both. So we'll do that now. So head back to edit post. Let's center this So we'll click on this the pencil and then we want a sinner right there and then update. Okay, looks good. We'll update this. All right, Looking good. So then we'll go back to view post. Nice. Okay. Start to look really, really good here. Now, these are just some examples of this is what you don't want to do for a lead magnet. And this is what you want to do? For a lead magnet, you can see the difference. This is just No one's gonna do that. This is a lot more compelling right here. So, anyway, you have some time. You can take a look at this article, but let's head back, Teoh at a post and we're gonna add are featured image. So set featured image. We'll go to upload files, select files and then we just want to click on this thumbnail the guys. Were you seeing how easy this is? It's just brain dead. Simple. It's so easy. Dragon drop. It's the easiest thing ever. So then we'll, um, select So that looks good. And then set featured image. An update looking good. And then view post looks awesome. Okay, let's head back to edit post. Okay, so we're gonna go onto blawg post number three, But before we do that, I'm gonna go ahead and head over to sumo me, Go and click the crown icon and we're gonna go to welcome that. Let's go ahead and pause this for now while we're setting up her blawg, okay. And then make sure that you would pause it when you're ready. Now for advanced set up and how to get these really dialed in specific to your needs. We have videos covering all these little tools so you can take a peek at those at some other time. But for analysis, go ahead and pause this so we can set up her blawg and we'll head back to posts and then at a new. So once you've got your lead magnet created, you will need to have a way to deliver it to your readers and gather their email addresses in exchange. That's where our next step comes into play. Once you've created your lead magnet, you can offer it to your visitors using an opt in form, which I've been showing you with all the forms we've been creating with sumo me with your new subscribers contact information, you can link your email service toe automatically send your new subscribers their lead magnet without you lifting a finger. All you have to do is set up your email service to connect to your opt in form so they can perform this process for you. If you're not sure how to set this up properly, don't worry. We have you covered. We have this all over it or blogging our website. And you can take a peek at that a little bit later. So for now, let's get straight into adding or next post. Okay, so let's head over to our content folder. I copied the title and in the category, converting traffic into sales. And we will do for a focus keyword, then far description. We'll grab it over here. We just pulled this. Okay, Looks good. Now let's grab our content Now. We're at our images. Upload files, select files perfect. And then insert into posts. Will do. Full size center. This looks good. Update it up. They are published. This take a look at it real quick. You will view post. Okay, let's head back. Click on edit post. All right. You're gonna love this. We're gonna add some video to our blawg, which creates so much more depth and engagement and right here. It's just super easy to Dio See this little link? We'll just copy this link and you can do this with any Your YouTube video. You just go over to YouTube, grab the U R L and then pop it in. So I'm gonna copy this. Okay, now that that's copied, we want to head over to format, and this is the post format type and click on video, and it's that easy. So watch this. I'll delete that. There's a video copy this. We'll delete both of these. Paste it in boom that easy. Very cool. We'll update the page set to jet, so be sure if you want. Add video. YouTube video. Just grab the URL. Make sure it's a video post format type. Update that bad boy on view post and you're good to go. So you've set up your email service toe automatically. Send your new subscriber their lead magnet. Opt in offer. Now it's time to really die. Elin, where you're sending new traffic or your newly opted in traffic using a lead page. This helps to ensure the quality of your subscriber by qualifying them with a specific lead magnet or called action so called action is like a get your free consultation sign up here , sign up for a newsletter, get a seven day free trial. Just sign up here. Things like that. Now, if you recall, are welcome. Mat is really a lead page. It's very specific, and it's very tight. There is no other distractions again. I'll show you that real quick just to illustrate the point. Okay, So real quick. Let's click on the crown icon. Welcome that A NPAs it. Close this out, close this and then viewer site. And there it is. So when someone lands here, you get this is a lead page. It is very specific in terms of what's being asked. So if someone puts in their email address more than likely, they're pretty hungry for this solution. So you know exactly who you're speaking to. So your your lead magnet and follow up emails. You're gonna be speaking directly to this solution or problem, and you'll solve that. And ultimately, what that does is that once your subscriber is able to accomplish that or solve that problem, they they start to believe in themselves and from their start to believe in you and That's where things start to shift. Your subscribers start to turn into buying customers because they start to believe in you, and that's where it gets really exciting. So let's proceed at our next post, and this covers lead pages and actually more tools. We used Teoh set these bad boys up pretty quickly. So see, let's go back Teoh dashboard and then posts at a new Okay, so let's add our next post. But before we do that, I'm gonna turn this welcome at are pause it real quick and let's head back over to our content folder post four. Moving right along here Categories. Optimizing your WordPress blawg pace that in We'll leave this on standard for now. Optimizing your WordPress blawg Focus. Keyword is the page putting description. It's crab. This in your description. Be sure to if you can get in the focus. Keyword looks good. All right, Now let's grab the content, okay? And we have one image. It looks like no videos this time add media going a little bit faster here because you guys probably have the hang of this, but it's good to reinforce this information. Like I said before, you want to encourage you to go through this entire video wants to absorb the concepts and go through to get and apply. What you have learned this Wales. You know, stick to you and sink in. All right, so we'll upload the file Select files and Lipsitz Post for. Okay, Here it is. She is that insert into post and publish it in the more view post. Now, check out this image. Look how cool this looks. Now, look, it might look a little bit odd, but it's supposed to. It's really supposed to bring your image. Read a life. You see how it takes the full with here. So here's your content. And this is really what 2016 is designed for is to bring your images in your content front and center and focal. This is what 2016 was specifically designed for in terms of a blogging platform. Now check this out. See how the image of just according now that is awesome. So what? No matter what viewing environment, that image is gonna change Really cool. And that's 2016 right there. That's what this theme does. Anyway, you get the picture, but you can always adjust this if you'd like, but I think it looks kind of cool like this. I'm gonna leave it. So we head back to edit Post. So now we're gonna set our featured image. So click on set Featured image upload files, select files thumbnail choose. And then in set, featured image and an update. Perfect. Let's view post cool. Looks good. Let's head back to edit Post. Okay, We're all set with this post. Now again, if you want to learn more about lead pages, the tools we use to set this up and automate these things, you can learn that over. It's on our website. So let's go on to the next post. So let's go to at a new And before we get started, this puts just to give you some context in terms of where we're at now, we want to take the opportunity to really make the most out of our new warmed up subscriber and direct them towards a trip wire opportunity. You're probably what's a trip wire? This is where the rubber hits the road and where we turn our hungry subscribers into buying customers. Ultimately, get ready. You're gonna love this. Okay, so Let's head over to our content folder post five categories. Turning traffic into sales. Step five Trip fire. Let's go ahead and copy that Paste This in will leave the format at Standard and then head down to her S CEO. This will be trip wire and then for a description, okay, and then for our categories, converting traffic into sales. So let's head back and grab the article and then paste that end. It looks like we have a couple of images became. We'll add that now. So remember that the real goal of the entire funnel is to turn your traffic into real buying customers. So far, we've simply turned our traffic into leads subscribers, not customers. So here's where the trip wire comes in. So just so you're clear on what a trip wire is. A trip wire simply an irresistible offer on an inexpensive, low barrier offer priced usually under 20 bucks, that exists on Lee for one sole reason to turn a visitor or subscriber into a buyer. So trip wires exist a fundamentally alter the behavior of a visitor. They do this by encouraging your visitor to take an added step of commitment and actually purchase something from you. So when a visitor takes out their credit card and hits the buy button, there is a huge transformation that has taken place in their mind. Even if the price is low is just $1 you've pushed them toward a point of micro commitment. Ultimately, once they've raised their hand and purchase something from you, they're a lot more inclined to purchase something from you again, as they have just become a customer. This commitment is far greater of a commitment than simply given up an email address, which is free. For example. The key here is to offer something of such incredibly high value for an insanely low and irresistible price. You may be offering something at a break, even cost or even, in some cases, ah, loss. This in effect, acts as a loss leader and cultivates future buying habits for higher ticketed items. So hopefully that makes sense, and this doesn't sound too overwhelming. Ultimately, you just want your visitors to raise their hand and start buying from you, and the trip wire is the most effective way to start that process. So now let's go ahead and add our images real quick. Add media Select files post five Full size insert into post came We have one more had media upload files, select files. Go ahead, insert into post. Okay, cool. And for some reason, or county converting traffic into sales. Looking good. Let's go ahead and set our featured image. We're just about done with this post upload files, thumbnail shoes that perfect looking good. And let's go ahead and publish the post. Wow, I just about forgot these images that we've added. I love him, and it's really important that you add compelling, really, really fresh fun images to your blawg. OK, but here's another great tool. I cannot believe I forgot about this. Let's go to the Sooner Store and let's go to image share free open that's installed. And this is a great way just off the cuff. See, close this out close. This look at that and that. Awesome. Now you can share your images. So if you have killer images on your blawg, it's this easy to share him on Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook. I love it. Now that our bloggers built out, some have to surprise plug ins that I want to show you guys and it'll make more sense in terms of context of why I've waited for this. But let's go ahead, Teoh dashboard plug ins, and then add a new and they're gonna search for SCE. Oh, go ahead, install this. Activate the plug in and let's make sure this is all set. OK, Perfect. Now what this is going to do is right now on our page, the images that we have right there. There's no criteria in terms of what those images mean in the search results. So, you know, sometimes on Google search, you can search for images. What this is going to do is title your images according to what? Your pages title or your post. So say, we have trip wire on one of her post. Our image is going to be named trip wire. It's another awesome way to get more traffic through your images and really make sure your posts are dialed in specific toe. What your content is about. Now we're gonna head back to our little friend Sumo me hit the crown icon, Let's go to the store and you guys are gonna love this one, especially if you're just starting out which most you guys are blogging. So this one's called Discover. Go ahead and click free open. So we'll head back down to I see incoming traffic That looks good design. And I'll explain what this does in a minute. Let's just set this separate quick language. All looks good in here and share content. Okay. What is the number one most important thing for your blawg? How much traffic you're getting, Period. More traffic equals more followers equals more customers, ultimately equals more money. Simple, right. This little tool gets you free traffic to your blawg every day. It's called Discover and itsumo Mies newest tool. It's dead simple to set up. Basically, once you had discovered your blawg, your readers get great recommendations for other content. Your site gets featured on 100 50,000 other sumo me user sites. It's killer. So we're gonna set this up right now. It's really easy to dio. So what we're gonna do, it's pretty much set up now, so we'll add a new content link. And this is how you build credits. Okay. And we'll just grab this link right real quick and basically you just pop in links or as many posts that you have those links in this area and it gives you credits so we'll fetch link info. Looks good category. You can select a category here that's you. Internet, Telkom, subcategory optional and will rate. This is G and then save it and it's all set. Perfect. Now we want Owen. Pause this. Remember, it's active, and this is what it's gonna look like. Okay, so we'll close this out and you can see it right here. I'll refresh the page, and here it is pretty awesome, right? Very cool. So basically, the more links that you add, the more post that you add into What was it? If you go back to, ah, Discover and then share content. So the more links that you adhere, the more credits that you'll get So addle your blawg post, the more credit you'll get so people can share more of your content. Okay, great. So it's time for next post. Let's go to let's close this out, then had to posts and then add a new okay before we have this post. Let's take a step back for a minute, see what we've already done. We've created a block post in our lead magnet, opt in form lead page trip wire. Now what? Now we've done the hard work to qualifier subscribers to be warmed up toward our brand and products. Now you have the opportunity to pitch additional products and upgraded products in order to maximize your profits. The strategy is what we call up, selling a profit maximizing, and we're gonna jump into that right now. So both up selling and profit maximizing have one primary purpose. To offer our customers additional products in order to benefit, enhance, supplement or improve upon their purchase or experience. Kind of like it McDonald's when they say, Would you like fries with that? Or would you like to supersize that Or when you're at the movie theater and they try toe up , sell you tickets to an enhanced ticket like IMAX or three D or safer? You know a membership website where you could pay monthly at a certain rate, or if you buy annually, you get it a lot cheaper. There's just so many different ways to up sell and profit. Maximize your specific products or services in this post that we're about to add right now , details that. Okay, so let's head over to our content folder. There's the title of selling a profit maximizing in content. Marketings that category, paste that in their leave this standard content marketing R S C o. The description will put, you know, the two key words Looks good. Now let's go ahead and grab our content, our images. Who's six? Wow, we're just about done, guys. One more image at media. Awesome. We're done with this post. Perfect. Let's go ahead and publish it. No, we're not. We gotta add the featured image and then update. Here we go. You post. Wow, We're almost there. The last thing that we want to cover in this process of what we call the return path this is a simple strategy to director existing leads in customers back to certain offers to try another attempted selling to them. Now, this is a killer strategy that is very fundamental to our sales funnel. Through using the return path, we hope to increase the number of transactions from each of our existing customers. Thes customers are also very likely to take an action as they've already raised their hand . And I've already shown interest in what we've offered this far. This means there 10 times more likely to buy from us again. They just need a reason and a way to do so. That's where this step comes in. What's awesome about this is well, using email marketing to direct traffic back to our warm customers with additional offers, they may be related to an offer they've already purchased, or maybe a new offer altogether. Here's the thing I really love about the return path that could be used for two main reasons. You can use this strategy to continue selling to existing customers by offering additional offers for your own related products and services. Or you can redirect her leads back to offers Inter funneled to help them turn into actual customers by suggesting them to take an action. Okay, so let's go ahead and add post seven. So let's head to our content folder categories. Converting traffic into sales. Let's grab the title. Let's go to Dashboard post and then at a new paste in the title. Believe this at standard converting traffic into sales Focus. Keyword is returned. Path sat in a little description that looks good. Let's grab the content and then we should have. Looks like an image. So add media upload files. There it is. I want let's leave it full size suit that insert into post. Okay. And then we'll set the featured images. Well, upload files, select files set featured image. Awesome. We'll go ahead and publish it. You post. Very cool. Okay, Awesome. We've just added seven belonged post or new blawg and a bunch of killer tools to get your block dialed in for traffic subscribers and ultimately, customers. Hopefully, you see just how easy this is to get started in the range of options that are available to highlight your content and bring your products and services front and center. By using our simple W T C funnel system, you can truly create a raving community of subscribers and ultimately, customers. I'm pumped for you. You now have everything to get started to create a profitable blawg. So now we're gonna get into some fun stuff going to customize the look and feel of our blawg. So as you can see, if you click on James Stafford, this is gonna take us to the home. Excuse me. The feet of our block, which is going to show everyone of our posts. And the way of Blawg functions is that the poster shown in reverse chronological order. In other words, the latest or the newest post are gonna be shown first. Right, So we have the steps, seven steps, six, obviously, the way that we've been doing this. Now what I'm going to do is change the order of the post by editing the published dates. I'm gonna do this now. So our bloggers in sequential order in terms of our seven step W T C funnel system. So in other words, you see, step one step two step three, etcetera. So I'm gonna do that right now. I'll show you how to do that, too, if you like. Toe do that for your block. So we'll go to dashboard posts and then all posts and then all you do as you can do quick at it. So if we go to this one quick at it, well, let's just take a look here, Quick at it. This is our latest one, and I'm just gonna change the dates. So Step one is the latest or the newest post. So that would be like today's date and step seven would be, you know, last week or something like that, You get the idea. So we'll change this one. Let's say okay, And then we can update this. Go ahead and update it right there. And then step one, we get it, will do today's date and then update it. Okay? And then weaken viewer blawg. And now, step ones up top. See how easy that is. So I'm to go ahead and edit the rest of these real quick so they're all and sequential order in terms of our WT C funnel system. So step one all the way to step seven. Okay? They're all now in sequential order, as you can see. Now let's take a look at the blawg. Looks awesome. Step two, Step three. Perfect. Looks great. Now what we're gonna do is add some read more buttons to streamline the blogging and prove user functionality. So this is not all these. Not all this copy. Okay, so we'll do that now. 5. How To Start A Profitable WordPress Blog 2016 Step By Step Section 5: so we'll head to its click on block, post one and then just edit post. This is really easy to do. So what will Dio just enter and then add in a read more tag, That's it. Update it and then let's go to see that see how much more tightened clean that looks so much better and kind of a cool thing you can do Teoh to approach this is that you can leave people hanging. You can leave, right? Some have some compelling copy or content and then, like, have it dot, dot dot Then continue reading toe where it makes them want to click that link and see the actual article. And that's a good way of doing this to kind of tease people with some good content. Somebody go ahead and do the rest of these real quick. Okay, great. We got all this set. As you can see, it says, continue reading on all these and I recommend you do this. It just cleans it up. It makes it look a lot better. Okay, Now, what we're gonna do is edit this widget area, and if you're wondering what a widget is, I'll explain that in a minute, and we're gonna add some social icons are social channels and we're gonna add a header up top. So some cool stuff to come here and we're just about done with this. So it's looking really, really good anyway. So let's head back over to the actually just customized right up top here, and I'll go through these real quick, But let's go to the widget area and this is our main sidebar on the right side bar over here. Okay. And what you can do is you can rearrange these. You see that it's pretty cool in all widget does is just, basically, extend the functionality of your WordPress site. Okay, let's go ahead. Say we wanted to get rid of Meta who don't really need that will just remove it. It's gone. So we say we want recent posts. What's due to seven. Just in terms of our system. Okay, Perfect. And you can adjust this according to what you want. So we'll close that and search field up top. Let's go ahead and change that recent comments that looks good. Then we can save and publish. Let's go back site identity. Okay, Side identity this is our site. Title the tagline and then you can do you know the site icon. This is the little tab that you sometimes see. The browsing tab, that little image that's there. So let's go ahead and select an image upload files. And here is that it says by 5 12 by 5 12 is recommended. Let's go back to WGC Funnel, and I added something just kind of fun here. So we'll select that and thats down will save and publish and then head back colors. Now this is where you can change the entire theme. Are the color of your, Ah, blogged. Pretty slick, huh? So we just go with default in the background color. We'll get rid of this black border around. I want to just to keep it really clean. So well with White Save and Header image at a new image. And here's the dimensions it recommends. We'll upload select files. I love this image just a really fresh and clean image, and this was actually perfectly set up for this blood already saving publish and then widgets. We are set it and that's all good. Everything is good. That's it. Let's close this out. Refresh. Yes. Look how awesome this looks. Love it. Oh, I almost forgot. Check out the little guy. Seem right there. Pretty fun. Yeah. Okay, so now what we're gonna do is add our social channels. So we head back to dashboard from head down to appearance and then menus. This is what is known as a custom menu will name its social create menu, and then we want to select social links, and then we'll select save menu. We're gonna head to our content folder cause I have all our links linking to our social channels. So at this one Facebook, I had to menu head back over here, add to menu YouTube to menu and one more linked in, then add to menu. Okay, Perfect. Then we'll save it. Saving you. There weren't a head down to all right over toe widgets and then content bottom one. We're gonna put in custom menu, and then we're gonna select our social, and it's that easy will save it. Perfect. We'll close this. No, that's in there. So that'll be in the footer and look real clean. And they were gonna add and our sidebar custom menu and We'll add this right below the surge. Same thing, Social, and we'll put right here. Connect, save. And that's it. Let's take a look. And then down at the bottom. There you go. Now we have our social channels. Okay, so now that we've finished all of our post, we have two pages to add. Pages should be used for your about page contact US page and Services page. Things like that. Pages are static, which means they pretty much stayed the same over time. Whereas posts are dynamic, they can change any time there. Two pages we need to include in our menu bar. They are the about page in contact page. We're gonna add those now. Okay? First, we're gonna add the about page. So we're gonna head over to the dashboard, then pages at a new, and this is the exact same process when adding a new post. So when creating your about page, you want to take some time and think about this, Okay? This page gives you a chance to describe what makes you in your business unique. You have the opportunity to describe your core beliefs while communicating your true personality that lies behind your brand. There are many ways you can do this from including your mission and vision statements, adding your personal bio and company story. You can include your core values or simply statements about what you do and why you do it. Be sure to include the name, your business, any members of your team, your own personal story or the story of your business and how it came to be. Also be sure to include what makes you an expert in the given topic and what your main purposes for your business. So let's go ahead and add our about page its head over to our content folder. Okay, okay, that looks good and perfect. That's it. It's going to publish. And actually, I want to add a little image. So, Adam, click on Add Media Upload files, select files, and I'm gonna put it's full size and alignment. Let's do to the far right insert into page. Okay, let's see what that looks like Update and View page, and I actually want to make this image a little bit smaller, so we'll head back to edit page. Click the image little pencil, and let's go to medium size Alex. Good update it. That looks better. Update and then view page. Okay. Yeah, that looks a lot better. Okay, Now let's head over to new page right there. And this is our contact page. Okay, So here's some things to think about when creating your contact page. Your contact page acts is an open invitation for your audience to reach you directly with their questions, comments or concerns. Many businesses simply choose to display their phone number and email address. However, in many cases, this is the page that has a lasting impression, as it's the last point of contact before making a big purchasing decision or even reaching out. So therefore, you want to be sure to continue the overall feel and voice of the rest. Your blawg adding your contact information, such as a business name, address and phone number, should be included. If this does apply to your business, it's also extremely important toe. Add an email contact form. Okay, that needs to be added. If someone sends you an email, they're probably pretty engaged in Hungary in terms of what you're offering. Also, now that you have their email address, this is a great way to continue to market to them in the near future. So we're gonna add the contact page right now. Okay, So let's head over to our content folder. Title it contact. And then here I'm actually getting going to show you guys how to add it. Some links in real quick. So we go back to our there's our social channels and I'll just pop this in so we'll just copy the link. This is very easy to Dio, and this is Facebook. Highlight Facebook and then see the link Click that paste it in open link in New tab. Always like to do that, an ad link. And there you go. It's that easy to have links are clickable links on your pages and posts his twitter. And this just brings up another point, too. You never know where people prefer to communicate. So having the social outlets here and your you know, your email address and contact form phone number, the more than area because I get emails are points of contact all over the place. I prefer the email, though absolutely over anything else, and we'll add a contact form pace that in at a link We'll go ahead and publish Just a minute. Sure. We save everything and then back to our friend Sumo me It's click that we're gonna add one more And these things are just so easy to do Will go to the store We're looking for contact free, Open Continue design That looks good for now and then. Of course, we want to go to settings and you can select an email address The best email address here. Okay, display rules and then add a show rule. We only want to show it on our contact page. So we'll do ford slash contact and that's it. Save it. Saved A Now it'll show as you'll see on our contact page. Okay. Didn't show what we gotta do. One more last thing. So we'll click this contact form and settings our layout. Excuse me? It will add. Just click right there. So it actually shows in the page, okay? And then save it. Close this out, and it should be there. There it is. Okay, so now that we've got both pages complete, we need to add them to our Balog, The home page here. We're gonna create another custom menu, which is gonna be our primary men. Used to where we can show our pages up top here in the navigation. So I had to menus the easiest way to get there, I guess. And then right up here, create a new menu and they're gonna name this primary and then create menu. And then we'll add these to add to menu, rearrange them Primary menu, saving you Perfect. Here you go. Okay. Now I want to talk about something that's gonna bring more depth and character to your blawg. You know, when you're browsing different websites or blog's, you may notice that many users have a picture next to their name. In the comments section, these pictures air called avatars. WordPress, however, uses a specific type of avatar called Gravitate Ours short for globally recognized avatar. Unlike standard avatars, gravitas follow you around the Web and automatically appear. When you post a comment on any WordPress cider blawg. It's essentially like adding a profile picture to one of your social media accounts. It creates a personal touch to anyone who views your page and a personal touch any time you comment on another WordPress, blawg or site. Since blogging in the WordPress community is, by its very nature, a personal living and breathing thing. Adding an image by your name adds that personal touch and a lasting impression for your community. So let's add. Our gravitate are now. We'll head back to our dashboard. Then we'll go to users and then your profile and then you want. Stewart says. You can change your profile. Picture on gravity are you can right. Click this and open it up in a new tab, and then you want to create your own gravitate are I. Just use a good email address. Sign up so you'll receive a confirmation email. You want to click the link, which I've already done, and you'll want to go ahead and just activate that it will go ahead and activate that link , and then you just want to sign in. You don't have any image yet, so we'll add an image by clicking here, upload a new one. She's file. We'll go back to okay, then we'll go to next. Looks good, g perfect and that's it. We're all set, so we gotta move my profile. So now we can put some information in here. I'll just go ahead and okay, so let's head back to our blawg and check out the changes. Can one ahead refresh the page and there it is. Perfect. Now we go to our blawg, check this out visit site, and then we'll click on Blawg Post one, and it should be right there. And I know why. It's not. We're gonna make that change right now, So we'll head back to our dashboard. We're gonna go down to settings in discussion. And it had all the way to the bottom and see right here It says mystery person. We want to change that to gravitate our logo. Save changes. Perfect. Then head back and let's take a look at the post. And there I am. Looks pretty cool, huh? Awesome. Okay, let's head back to the blawg and look on the other posts. So if you go to step two, just that personal touch all these little touches just adds so much more depth in character . I feel like Teoh your blawg, and it leaves such a good impression and really helps cultivate community. Wow, that is it. Congrats. If you made it all the way through to the end of this video tutorial. I know this was a lot to take in and absorb. And I appreciate your time watching this. I truly wanted to put together the best information that I know of today to start a profitable blawg. It's now your turn to apply what you've learned. Remember, Education not applied is useless. Get on it. This was a lot of fun to make. And I hope you find the value in this so you two can start your own profitable blawg. Stay tuned for more goodies and be sure to toss me a like a comment and a share below.