How To Sing! Improve Your Voice Daily | Deanna Kangas | Skillshare

How To Sing! Improve Your Voice Daily

Deanna Kangas, Professional Performer & Voice Coach

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7 Lessons (27m)
    • 1. Welcome To The Course

    • 2. Things You Really Need To Know

    • 3. Understanding Pitch & Rhythm

    • 4. Vocal Warm Ups | Why and How

    • 5. Choosing Your Repertoire

    • 6. Finding Your Unique Voice

    • 7. Congratulations + What's Next

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About This Class

It's all well and good to learn vocal techniques to 'improve' your voice, but if you've never done any singing before - how do you even know if you have enough talent to sing in the first place?

Join Deanna Kangas, Professional Performer and Founder & Director of Adelaide's largest vocal studio Voicehouse, as she answers the most popular questions new singers have and gives you all the tools you need to know to start a regular and effective singing practice. 

Watch this before learning any vocal techniques to avoid confusion and countless hours of wasted practice time... all without the anxiety of having to sing in-front of someone you don't know!