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How To Properly Make A Website With WordPress - Beginners Tutorial

teacher avatar James Stafford

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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    • 1. WordPress Tutorial For Beginners

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About This Class

Learn how to properly setup a WordPress website step-by-step to ultimately drive traffic, customers and cash flow..

Meet Your Teacher

My name is James Stafford. I am creator of Websites Made I have been working with WordPress for over the last 7 years and have become proficient with the platform. I have taught thousands of people how to properly setup their first website with my simple step by step video tutorials.

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1. WordPress Tutorial For Beginners: Hey, it's James Stafford here from websites made easy dot TV In this little video presentation, I'm going to show you the fastest and easiest way possible to get your first ever properly optimized website up published and live on the Internet, set up in a way that will drive quality traffic, more customers in cash flow and all without you needing any technical skills whatsoever. Best part of all. The website you'll have up and running will be powered by the same technology used to power company websites like CNN, Forbes, eBay, The New York Times, Sony and many others. The only difference is that tours will be set up and running for basically pennies. Most people don't know that the exact website building platform that most the biggest company websites are built with is available for free to regular ordinary folks like us. And because this website building platform has been designed for non technical people without a Web master on without any desire to learn programming, it allows for point and click and copy and paste set up. In other words, with this technology will have your first website up and running within just a handful of clicks of the mouse. So what is this Wonder website building technology? It's called WordPress Now. WordPress isn't just used by $1,000,000 organizations because it's so deceptively simple to use. It's also the number one preferred website solution used by millions of smaller retailers and organizations, blog's celebrities and everyday people all over the world. Just like you. It doesn't matter if you're completely new online, where you've been in business for a while. WordPress works fantastically well for everybody, regardless of your business type for your technical ability. One of the main reasons it works so well is that it uses something called a What you see is what you get or whiz e wig editor. All this means is that updating content inside of WordPress is super easy and very intuitive. New pages, content images, videos and more could be added toward press with ease. In fact, if you can send an email, you can use WordPress. But that's not all. WordPress is so powerful that you can turn the website into a membership site. A searchable database, an e commerce store are just about anything else using plug ins, plug ins or snippets of code, which allow you to modify the functionality of your website to do almost anything you want without the need for an expensive developer or having toe learn code. Quite simply, if you can think it, you can very easily do it with the use of plug ins. WordPress also has another ace up its sleeve. With an almost endless number of themes which are fully customizable. You can very easily change the entire look field and functionality of your site with just a few clicks of your mouse. No technical experience needed. In the best part, all this could be done for free. Yes, you heard it. That's right for free. So if you've always wanted to learn how to build your own website, but had no idea where to start when you're definitely in the right place. As a specialist of building Wordpress websites, I've helped thousands of people over the years, just like you create their own websites with the aid of step by step video tutorials just like this one. This particular video to toilets perfect for you. If you're complete beginner and you want to learn how to create a WordPress website from scratch because I'm gonna walk you through the three simple steps to getting your first WORDPRESS website up in live on the Internet, including choosing and registering your website. Address installing your website in getting your website online and properly set up. And don't worry, because I'm gonna break this down for you. So it's super easy for you to follow. And of course, you can pause this video at any point if you need Teoh. So you ready? Then let's get started with Step one, which is choosing your website address. Their Web address, often referred to is Your domain name is essentially where your website will live on the Internet. It's really easy to set up, and to do that, we're gonna head over to a website called host gator dot com. Now there are lots of different services out there that will display your website online. These air called hosting services. I recommend you use host Gator because of how easy it is and how inexpensive their services . So let's head over to host gator dot com now so I can show you how simple it is for us to get your new Web address and set up to be shown live on the Internet. Okay, so over here it host gator dot com. I've been working with these guys going on six years now. They're affordable. They have live 24 hour chat support and phone support, and they know WordPress. So if you have any problems whatsoever with your WORDPRESS website, give him a call on will help you out. So having said that, let's just get straight into it. So we'll select view Web hosting plans here in the center of the page, and we can go with a hatchling plan. The only difference between the hatchling plan and the baby plan is is that you get unlimited domains with the baby plan. If you ever wanted toe add additional domains to your plan, you can do so with the baby plan. The hatchling plan is fine if you're just trying to build one website for now, so we'll click on order now. Okay, so now we're going to register a new domain name, and hopefully you've thought this through your business or whatever you want your website to be about. So I'm gonna go ahead and type in the name of the business and building the site for just serene escape and you can drill down. I've always gone with the dot com, the dot net or the dot org's whatever you're comfortable with ultimately, so there we go. So then we'll go down and select the hatchling plan. And then I've always gone with the monthly package just month to month. If you want to, you know, pay for 24 months or 12 months or 36 months in advance. Go ahead and do that. So whatever, you're comfortable with their and you can. This is just basic information in terms of setting up your accounts to select a good user name. Security pin. Interesting billing information here, and I'll do this here in a moment. So the hosting at Elin's you won't need any of these. So you can unsolicited all of these, and I'll do that here in a moment. What I want you to take note of here is the coupon code. Right now, this is their pre populated one, it says snappy, and I will go ahead and type in if you use this. If you choose to use it, you'll save a little bit of money. It's WordPress hero. Validate and that brings it down a little bit. And from there you can insulate all of these and it will drop the price down significantly . And there we go. Pretty basic guy. So from there we will just create our account. And what we'll get is a welcome email from host Gator with our log in details toe access our domain and from there will build out our WordPress website. So I'll see you back here in a moment. Once I received the welcome email. Okay, Shortly after you finished the check out process with Host Gator, you will receive a welcome email and what we want to do is collect our password and user name. So a copy the password and we'll click this special link here. And this will take us to our C panel where we can begin to build out our WORDPRESS website . So click that link and go ahead and enter your user name and password. Log in. And don't let this overwhelm you. We're looking for one thing only. Here we scroll down to software and services and we're looking for quick install. It's this little stopwatch looking icon with an arrow, so we'll click that that icon and we go over to blog's software and click on WordPress. And just look how easy this is to get a word, press website, live online, click or press click. Continue. And we're gonna put in some details here for us to receive or log in information to our website. So put in a good email address, a block title, and all this could be edited later inside the WordPress dashboard. Install now and it's that easy. Wait a couple minutes and we'll have a live website online. Okay. And keep in mind sometimes the website. Once you click this link here to access the log in page, it won't be available. And that's completely normal. So don't let that alarm you. It takes hours sometimes for the new domain to propagate. So just be mindful of that. So we'll click this link open link in new tab. Make sure you collect your, uh, our copy, your password. And this is the WordPress dashboard. This is where we make all the edits to the site. So what will do just to see what the site looks like? Well, click this little house icon appear in the left hand corner and open this link in a new tab . Okay, so this is what your WordPress website looks like out of the box, and I'm gonna show you how to clean all this up, are actually properly set it up for the search engines and visitors in a way that it's indexed according to your various products or services toe where people can ultimately find you online. And that's here to come shortly. What? WORDPRESS comes pre installed with default content. This is found on thousands of wordpress websites across the web. What we want to do is erase this content so we ensure our website is unique. So what I'm gonna do is erase these three things the post, the page in the comment. So I open these all in a new tab and just go ahead and trashing. It's well, trash that trash that sample page and then trash this comment. So I've just refreshed the dashboard and now we have, as you can see, at a glance, we have no preinstalled content. It's all gone. So we have a fresh WordPress website to work with. So what we'll do next is head over to settings in general, and now we can see what? Here's our site title. Serene Escape. We want to get rid of this tagline you can just remove. This is this is preinstalled content as well. Here's our U. R L R A domain name, Serene escape dot net our email address and this looks good, so we'll just keep everything as is, and you save changes. If you've made any changes, then we'll go down to writing and everything looks good here. So no need to change anything here. Then we'll go down to reading 10 Posts is Good, And then I would select summary here, breach article in the feed show summary and save changes. Then we'll head down to discussion. And this is the comments. Everything here is good. I would leave this unless you want to turn off comments I would leave. Everything is default for the time being. Then we will go down. Teoh Perma links. This is very, very important, and actually, it's It's now set to Post Name, which is perfect. Post name ultimately is going to show. So say, for example, it was serene. Escape dot net ford slash landscape design, Newport Beach This indicates to Google or the search engines. What? This page is specifically about toe where visitors confined you as well. It's just that it's a very clean way for people to find and the search engines to be able to find what your content is related. Teoh. So all this looks good Will go down to WP super cash. What this does is make Europe your WordPress website run faster. And if you have simultaneous users on the site, it helps with that as well. So it's not bogged down. So this is really gonna help up the speed of your content load on your pages. This is a very, very good thing, and this all looks good as well. So this is the website that we're building. I want to show you how to properly set this up for visitors. The search engines. So it's optimized where your information can be found online for your various products and services. I'm gonna show you how toe at a lead magnet to your website, which is really exciting. It's a great way to stay in front of your leads and prospects to communicate them through email marketing how much you had to add a YouTube video to your website. A Google Maps widget. How to add a WP socialize er plug in my five must have plug ins and I'll show you how to properly set those up toe where you can get even more traffic to your website and stay in front of your visitors and prospects, and I'm gonna show you how to add a photo gallery, just a lot of really cool goodies that I'm pumped to show you. So make sure you take great notes and let's get started have built a WordPress website for serene escape. In the past, we've decided to update it as we really like the features and benefits that this responsive theme provides. So we're back over the WordPress dashboard. Now we're going to do is frame our website with specific categories related to our content , and we do this by adding categories. So what we'll do here is go to posts and in select categories, and this being a landscape design firm, I will probably use landscapers. And what I do toe find categories that people are searching for is I go over to the, uh, Google keyword planner and just search for this on Google. Make sure logged into your Google account and select this right here. And what you're gonna select next is search for new keyword and ag group ideas and you want to put in a route keyword that's related to your products or services. So I'll just type in land scape. Er, get ideas. So landscapers landscape being commercial landscaping, landscape contractors is perfect hard landscaping. So what we can do is create content related to these keywords, and we'll turn these keywords right here into categories on our website. And this way we can distribute content that we know people are searching for. So you get the idea. So what we'll do is I can copy these and just add these What? Well, I'll just go back over here and then I'll show you how to add this real quick so we'll just type in land and add new category, hardly escaping. There we go. So now we can do is add a content under each specific category this away. It creates a nice organized website for functionality for users and the search engines. Okay, What we're gonna do next is really exciting. We're gonna add plug ins to the website and then change the theme, so it's gonna change the entire look of the website. So let's talk about plug ins for a minute. You're probably like, what's a plug in? Well, I'm gonna show you. The five must have plug ins to properly optimize your website for the search engines and visitors. So you don't want to pay close attention to this and get this right. So basically what a plug in is, it is it extends the functionality of your WordPress website. Okay, so let's head over to plug ins and add new. The 1st 1 we're gonna add is the all in one all in one seo pack. And there's a lot of these out there. This is this the one that I've always used it and I'm most comfortable with. So this is the one that I'm going to add here now to search for ploy ends, and we'll just add this one install now, and that's it. So and I'm gonna show you how to set this up. So we'll do is activate this plug in all in one s CEO general settings. Okay, so pay close attention to this. All right? This is very, very important. Okay, We have our home title in our home description. Okay. Think of the home title as a book's title. Okay, so what we've done is typed in serene escape, Newport Beach landscape design firm. What? We're telling the search engines and our visitors that this is exactly what our website, or what this page is about. Okay. Our home description is like the books description. It's a brief description of what? The website where the page is specifically about. So I have a small, summary, serene escape. Landscaping provides everything from small landscape innovations to complete design. Okay, so let me show you what this looks like in the Google search results. So I've typed in landscapers Newport Beach. Now this right here. If we look a, um howls dot com This right here is his Newport Beach landscape. Architects and designers. This is the title tag, and below this right underneath the your l or domain name. Find the best Newport Beach, California landscape Architects. This is the meta description. What the all in one Seo pack is going to do for you is create this. It's gonna properly optimize your pages and website for the surgeons and visitors, so your content can be found online for your products and services. This is extremely important that have added some keywords in here, as you can see. And you can put in several keywords related Teoh the page or website. Okay, see open link in new tab. You'll see it up here if you look up top. This is our title tags. Serene escape, Newport Beach Landscape Design firm. You see it up top here. That's what the all in one Seo pack does. Good stuff. Okay, now, on to the next plug in. So we'll go Teoh at a new plug in. The next plug in that we're gonna add is the Google XML site map. And what this plug in does is it tells the search engines about your content and will significantly help index that content. So we'll search for plug ins. So basically, it's like a map to your website. Install that, activate the plug in, and that's all you have to do for that. Okay, so the next plug in is S e o friendly images. This is actually really cool what this does. Is it optimizes all your images according to what your page or post is about to say. For example, you have a page that's about landscape design, Newport Beach, and then you add an image to that page. It's gonna tag that image with landscape design, Newport Beach and the idea is that you can get in front of more targeted traffic for people that are looking for images in the search engines. So let me show you here. It's just a great way to get in front of more opportunity for your products and services. So if we go Teoh landscape design, Newport Beach and then we search for images and then we just click on Exit this image right here, visit page, and it's going to take you right to that website. So again, this is another great way to properly optimize your content so you can get in front of people that are looking for your products and services. The next plugging that God is the Google Universal Analytics plug in this plug in is vital . It's going to show you a ton of great data in terms of what's happening with your website daily. It will allow you to target online visitors. Measure results of various marketing campaigns. Customizer site for greater exposure. Evaluate traffic flow, Improved user experience. You can drill down by demographic and see your ideal customer is it's It's incredible. So I highly recommend that you install this plug in on your website and to set it up. It's It's pretty basic you would head over to If you don't have a Google Analytics account , go ahead and set one up arm already logged in and you would just take this. Ah, think it's your account number. Copy that. And you just basically, I've already installed the plug in you head over to the settings and then just add that, uh, that account number there and then save changes. But if you'd like to really learn how to use Google Analytics and take advantage of this plug in head over to websites made easy dot TV and learn how to do that. Google Analytics is very robust, and there's a lot to learn. So this will get you started, though, and the fifth must have plug in is WP socialize er, and this is a awesome play in to share your content with friends family people that are looking for your products and services. So it's, you know, you've seen those links before our income Web pages where it says share. Now there's a little Facebook where to share with your friends ST your Facebook icon and this this will do that for you, so we'll install that super easy to set up. You just activate the plug in so settings and you'll just go down to settings, and you can adjust it according to what you want. And there's some tutorials on here on how to properly set it up. So that's that. Those are my five must have plug ins to properly set up your website for visitors in the search engines, so make sure that you you do this. If anything, when you're starting out with your website this way, or your content is indexed properly for the search engines, it's set up correctly so that when people are looking for your products and services, you are found online and you're not just in abyss out there lost. And if you don't set this up the way that I've shown you, you're really just kind of in the shadows to be honest with you. It's very, very important. Teoh set all this up properly. For those of you that are looking to build out an e commerce website, there's a killer plug in called Wu commerce. And if you search for woo commerce and this plug in is just awesome, if you're really looking to build out a full on store with your website, you can activate the plug in. This is outside of the scope of this tutorial. But if you'd like to learn how to really build out a full on e commerce website using this plug in, you can learn that over at my website. So that's it for the five must have plug ins. You know what? I tell you what, I'm trying to keep this tutorial under an hour. There is one other plug in that is absolutely awesome. And I tell you what, I'll show you. Ah, that plug in here in a little bit will leave. That is Ah, bonus plug in. So stay tuned for that. Okay? Things are about to get really exciting. I'm going to show you just how powerful wordpress is as we're gonna change the entire look and feel of our website with just a couple clicks of the mouse. So what we'll do is this is currently what our website looks like. Okay? And we're gonna head over to the dashboard and then go to appearance and in themes and I'm gonna search for Ah see Aditya, add a new You can search for this. It's called Responsive Responsive Theme. Sometimes it's in the popular. It's usually there, and I will go ahead and activate it right now and check this out. Guys, there's the new website. Very, very powerful. So what we're gonna do next is build out this side. We're gonna have a custom logo. We're gonna add Ah, Google Maps widget. We're gonna add a YouTube video. We're gonna have some pictures and about us page all really cool stuff. So you're gonna want to take some good notes here. So you might be asking, why did I choose this responsive theme? Well, responsive theme is it works with any mobile device or any environment an iPhone tablet, PCs, desktops. ITT's great for that. Plus there's a ton of support for this theme. It's very, very clean, and it's just very easy to work with so I'm gonna show you how Teoh build this out here shortly. My favorite thing about this theme and probably the strongest benefit of this theme is the call to action above the fold on the home page. This ultimately allows you to send someone straight to an email, opt in form where you will collect email addresses and this is vital for your online business. So this right here and of itself is worth using this theme alone. As you can see, the site looks a bit different. What I've done is added a search bar and a YouTube video in the widget area. What a wordpress widget is. It allows you to add content and features to your WordPress website, and I'm gonna show you how to do that right now. So we'll head over to the dashboard, go down to themes and then go down to customize and you'll see just how easy this is to make these changes. So then we'll go down to which its home widget one and I've added, as you can see, this search widget right here and we can remove this and then add widget to add various widgets to this widget area. So I'll just go ahead and add that search feature back there and later I'm gonna add a Google Maps widget there, so you'll want to pay attention to that as well. So we'll add widget. Okay, then we'll go down to home widget area three, and I will remove this and show you just how easy this is to add a YouTube video. So we'll do is add widget. And then we're gonna add this text widgets, or you can add an HTML which will allow us to embed a YouTube video. So what we'll do is head over to YouTube some over YouTube. But I'm gonna grab the embed code from this landscape design Newport Beach Video. If this is serene escapes video, so I'm gonna do is head toe share and then in bed. What I'll do is grab. It's in bed, co, but I want to make sure that this is the smallest. You can even do a custom size if you'd like. So I'm just gonna grab this, copy all that code and then head right back over to Thea Dashboard Widgets area and then just go ahead and enter that in bed code in there. And as you can see, it populates in that widget area. So what we'll do is we'll save and publish. And then here's our site right here. There you go. Okay. Next we're gonna add the Google maps Widgets. What we're gonna do is head over to plug ins at a new search for Google Maps. Widget install. Now activate the play in. Then we'll head right back over to themes customize widget home. Ah, widget to drill down there, add widget, select Google maps widget. And what we'll do is address, which is put in our dress. So I've gone ahead and put in serene escapes address here, and I'm gonna just this size to make it look a little bit better with the site. So I'm gonna do to 75 by 90 and you can play with this some to your liking, and that looks pretty good. So we'll leave that so it doesn't close this and saving publish and take a look what Thea site looks like now. And it looks pretty good. Just a quick tip here about plug ins and themes. I get these questions a lot when it comes to WordPress there, so many options available out there, and you'd be very, very surprised. So if you're ever looking for a specific theme, say, with regards to your services or products, you can just type in examples of those services or products and then just type in WordPress theme afterward, or WordPress plug in and you'd be amazed at what's available. Just for example, you say your site. You wanted to have it in two different languages. You could type in Spanish, plug in WordPress or say you're looking Teoh. Have a plug in about You wanted to add music to your website. You could type in music. Plug in with WordPress. So there's just unlimited resource is out there in terms of plug ins and themes that are available. Just type in, uh, the solution that you're looking for along with, you know, WordPress theme or WordPress. Plug in, and usually you'll find something. Okay, so now I'm gonna show you guys how to add a custom logo, change this image and edit this call to action area. So what we'll do is head over to the dashboard, then go to appearance theme options and go to logo upload and then we'll click here toe at our logo. We'll choose the file stop serene Escape logo, upload that looks good and kind of crop it to your liking. Perfect looks great. So now what we'll do is change this image on the home page. So we'll do is head back over Teoh appearance and what's going to theme options. And then we'll go to home page and we'll head down to featured content. So we'll add media. And this, you can add in a YouTube video year you can add in pictures, so what we'll do is upload files and there's my image. And if you go over here, you can edit the image. I want to do full size because it'll crop it down automatically to like 4 40 by 400 something, something like that. So you can either edit your image by yourself or it'll do it for you. Insert into post save options, and now we have a new image on the home page. It looks pretty good. So now what we'll do is edit this headline and sub headline and call to action area so we'll go right back over to theme options and then home page. Okay, I've gone ahead and, uh, change the headline the sub headline and added a lead magnet in the content area. I'll tell you what that means in a minute. So we've added custom landscape design. If you can dream it, we can build it and the content areas. Be sure to take advantage of our complimentary consultation for your design needs. And then I've added a call to action saying free consultation. So what we're trying to do here, ultimately is stay in front of our prospects. So if they're interested, they'll take advantage of the free consultation by entering email address, and we'll direct them once they click the button on the home page right here will say free consultation. So the idea is that it takes anywhere from like 7 to 12 touches before someone makes a buying decision with you. So we want to stay in front of those prospects or leads, and we do this by email marketing to them so we can drip, drip feed, content, Teoh our prospects or leads Ah, three email marketing. And this way we can stay in front of them and we're providing value by adding a lead magnet , which is something for free, and they'll opt in to our email address and we'll be able to communicate with him by email . So ultimately, the free consultation button will be linked to this call to action. You are l where there'll be a contact form where someone could put in their email address, which is also known as an opt in form. Okay, now I'm gonna show you how to upload an image to a post and then take that image or the HTML the code of that image so we can add that image to a widget area. So what we'll do is head over to post and then add a new and it will select add media upload files, insert into post in the bottom right hand corner here and then what we want to do is get the code for this image. So we'll select text over here and then copy all of this. Then what we'll do is head down And you remember we went Teoh appearance customize, we can leave this page. We don't need to save it. Are this post? Scuse me, Then we'll head down to widget once it will remove this and then we'll add, if you recall a text widget where we can add in HTML and then we'll just put in that code and there's our image and I want to center this image. I don't want it on the left like this, so I'll show you what we could do. This isn't easy work around, so what we can do is just cancel this head back over to posts at a new add media. Since we've already uploaded it, we can just select that insert into post. There's Arco, but what we can do is go to visual and then we want to center the image. So we'll go to this a line center. Get the code for that. If you can see right here, it's a center. It's just a easy work around, so you don't have to edit the HTML. So then we'll head back. Teoh customize under appearance. Leave this page. You don't need to save it of this post. Scuse me. Go back to the widgets area. Remove this at a widget text. I don't like the way that turned out, so I'm just gonna remove that. But now you know how to add images to the widget area. All you do is go to a poster page, insert the image, get the HTML code for that and then come back in and then just place it in a text widget and that's it. Remember the WP socialize er plug and we talked about earlier? Well, here's another cool thing that we can do with the widget area. So what we can do is we can go to Let's just delete this search, which it add a widget. Go down to WP socialize er, add that and then we can put in a Facebook like box. Serene escape doesn't have a Facebook page yet. So what I'm gonna do is grab mine the URL from my page, the Facebook page, and then just put it in this Facebook page URL field here. So we'll go up to the earl. Copy that head back over here. Put this in and there is what it looks like So you can add the WP socialize er widget and have it on your home page here that looks better. So well, save and publish. So as you can see, there's plenty of cool things that you can do with the widget area. Okay, so now I'm gonna show you how to add social icons to the site. What this site will ultimately look like in different viewing environments, whether that be a smartphone, tablet, PC or iPad that I'm gonna shoot had had different pages to this site. A contact us form, a bunch of goodies to comes to stay plugged in. So in the dashboard, Now we'll head over to so we'll head down to appearance theme options, then head down to social icons and click on that. Then you add in your various social media outlets, so I'll just plug in mind for the time being, save options. And then if you look to the bottom right hand corner the side, that's where you'll see them appear, so will refresh the page. And there you go, and then you if you click, those will take you straight to this page, so check this out. This is what the response of theme does in different viewing environments. This is what it would probably look like on an iPhone or smart phone. And this is critical if you take a look here where we have the free consultation. What we're gonna do is add a link to this and I'm gonna show you how to do this a minute toe where it takes you straight to Ah, contact us form. And this is if someone sees this on an iPhone, this is what they're going to see. Just enough information and just enough value to be able to say, Hey, listen, you know, I want Teoh see what this is all about, and they'll click there and go to a contact us page. So that's ah really, really important to have this optimized properly. Okay, I really want you to pay attention here, write this down. Underline it several times, whatever you have to do to make sure this sinks in, because this is very important. So what I've ultimately done here is created lead magnet and what a lead magnet is, as I talked about earlier. It's providing something of value for free in exchange for email address, and we have some basic information here in terms of what Serene Escape does. This is a great way to start a conversation with our prospects or leads by email marketing to them, staying in front of them ultimately stimulating business. Okay, I want to give you another example of a lead magnet. This is the home page of my website that I've been using for probably two years now, and it's worked really well for me. What I've done is provided something of value in exchange for an email address, how to properly set up your WordPress website and Dr Loads of traffic and customers with their step by step video tutorials. This is a great opportunity to really over deliver value through your products and services in exchange for an email address, ultimately starting a good relationship with your prospects. So what we're going to do now is at a contact form, and we're gonna accomplish that by adding a page to our site. The first thing what we'll do is add some content to a page, then install a contact US form plug in, then add the contact form to that page. So what we'll do and I've already done this will head over to pages at a new page, and you just select that. And then I've already gone ahead and added some content to this page so and you can do that through a war document or no pad. And here it is right here. And I've titled the Page Free Consultation and then just added some content. And over here you can see page attributes and you can select how you want that page to ultimately look and feel. And I'll just leave default template and we'll go ahead and, uh, published this page. And as you can see, here are Perma link, which we talked about earlier with the Perma link settings. It says serene escape dot net ford slash free Consultation is is great for S e o purposes for proper search engine optimization so people can find you online. So what we're gonna do next is add a contact us form to this page by adding a contact us plug in as well as, ah, taking out some of these social icons. And I'll show you how to do that here in a minute. So we'll go back down to edit page. We can disable this and that update. It's the WP socialize Review page. Then we just have the scrolling one on the sidebar. Now, what I'm gonna do is get rid of this sidebar on this page here. So it's just a clean page. So we have our content and then we'll have a contact us form right in the middle of the page here. So we'll do is go back down, Teoh, over here to edit page. Then we'll head over to page attributes and let's go to content, actually full with Paige. No sidebar. Update that view page and there we go. So we're back over the dashboard now. What we're gonna do is at a contact form to our page. So we need a contact form plug in. So we'll head over to plug ins at a new, and we're looking for a plug and called fast, insecure contact form. You know, search for plug ins fast and secure. Contact formal install now and then activate the plug in. Then we'll head down too fast and secure contact form settings, and I will erase that welcome introduction and then make sure you have the right email address in here. This will notify you when you have email. So when someone inputs their email address so mines. That's correct for me. And what we'll do is copy this short code right here and This is what we're going toe input on our page, so copy that will save changes. And look how easy this is to get a contact form on our page. We'll head back up to all pages at it free consultation, and then we'll put in our short code right there and then just update the page and then view page. There you have it. Now what we're going to do is link are free consultation page. By copying this, your l appear to this button, the free consultation button. So we'll head back over to the dashboard. So then we'll head down to appearance, then theme options, then select home page and then just inter words is called Action. Your l just paste in that you are ill there and then save save options. And now if we go back and refresh the home page and we click the free consultation button, it should take us right to that page. Perfect. Now we're gonna add an about US page with a contact form in the sidebar widget. So l