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How To Edit Videos With Hitfilm Express For Beginners

teacher avatar James Woo, Skills For A Better Life

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

33 Lessons (2h 43m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Where To Download And Register

    • 3. HitFilm Express Settings

    • 4. Overview Of User Interface

    • 5. Minor Changes To HitFilm Express 15

    • 6. Adjust Display Options In HitFilm

    • 7. Start Editing

    • 8. Handling Video Clips With Different Resolutions and Aspect Ratio

    • 9. Options To Handle Black Bars In Video

    • 10. Adding Transitions

    • 11. Add Titles Or Text To Your Videos

    • 12. Make A Video From Static Images

    • 13. How To Add Audio To Video

    • 14. How To Reverse A Video Clip

    • 15. Crop, Pan and Zoom New Method

    • 16. Alternate Method For Panning Motion

    • 17. Create 2 Types Of Zoom Effect

    • 18. Flip A Video Horizontally Or Vertically

    • 19. How To Stabilize Handheld Video

    • 20. Create Picture-In-Picture (Method 1)

    • 21. Picture-In-Picture (Method 2)

    • 22. Split Screen Effect

    • 23. Greenscreen or Chromakey

    • 24. Create Animated Text

    • 25. Animated Hand Written Title

    • 26. Animated Moving Line On Map

    • 27. Text That Follows Movement

    • 28. Create Realistic Camera Movement

    • 29. Correcting Lens Distortion For Action Cameras

    • 30. Adjusting White Balance Or Color Temperature

    • 31. Adjusting Colors Using Curves And Color Balance

    • 32. Create Custom Export Presets

    • 33. Exporting Your Video

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About This Class

Learn video editing with Hitfilm Express. This course will teach you the basics of using HitFilm Express to edit videos.

I teach from the basics walking though:-

  • user interface
  • importing media,
  • cutting, trimming, cutting, joining videos clips,
  • adding text or titles,
  • transition
  • slow motion and speed up
  • adding and removing audio
  • split screen video
  • pan and zoom effect
  • creating a video from static images
  • exporting

For intermediate lessons, you will learn how to create:-

  • picture-in-picture or PIP
  • chromakey or greenscreen video effect
  • motion tracking to create objects that tracks movement in a video
  • animated and "hand written" text
  • animated line and more

I've designed the course so you can start making your video in a short time even if you are new to video editing. Topics are broken into bite size tutorials so you can return to it quickly to the tutorials if you need to repeat it.

Even if you've never created videos before, this course will be able to help you get started and to more advanced editing.

Updated Sep 2021

  • new lessons added (motion tracking)
  • lesson to reflect to minor changes in user interface in HitFilm Express

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

James Woo

Skills For A Better Life


I’ve been an engineer and a business owner. I enjoy helping people with software, videos and online tools.

My aim is to teach you how to Leverage Tech to create Greater Impact in your life. 

Over two thousand people have taken my online courses on Skillshare alone. I believe that anyone can master the tech world with some training and an open mind.

Besides my courses here, there are articles and videos on my website and my YouTube channel where you can learn how to master other software and tools to help you be more effective in your life or your business.

Feel free to connect with me too.



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1. Introduction: Hi, my name is James and I'm the instructor for this course on using hitting Express to create your videos. I've been making videos since 2 000 nine, and I use a wide variety of your editing software. In this course, we'll show you how to use heat them, express to create your videos better it is for your personal projects or for your business. This software will be able to do that even if you're a beginner and act never created a video Reza Shah, I'm going to cover right from the beginning, running through BU the user interface are things like adding an importing audio immediate clips into Islam expressed, arranging your clips, things like transitions and adding items and etc. Now, if you are more advanced and have some experience, I've actually designed the cost so that you can actually zoom straight into the topics that interest you. You will be in the backside so that you can actually skip around. However, if you are new, I suggest that you actually start with the initial basic lectures first. By so comfortable we will cover some intermediate topics like motion tracking, which is very fun. Things like chroma key, picture in picture and a lot more and less available using his dream expressed, I look forward to seeing you in the cost and I look forward to seeing your videos as well as nice trading. 2. Where To Download And Register: in this video I will show you where to dollar He flim express hit on the world to f x home dot com These are the creators off. Give him express. And once you're on the website, click on the menu here in your notice that this he from express free case we just click on it and you would be taken to this pitch and just click on the new button. Get hit from express free unity sh shared that you are actually downloading. Hit him express. So just click on share on Twitter or share in Facebook. So here for me, something comes up for to throw. You can actually change the message here, but I'm just going to minimize the scream and you need to create an account. Okay? And you can also choose whether you want to receive any special offers. Okay, you can obviously choose. No. Once you feel off things some you can just send me the express down. Luke. Not wanting to take note off is the specs. So these are the system specs. If you want to use it limb, express your apple computer. These other requirements on windows. I understand windows it 64 bit. Okay. In a ram, a minimum or four gigabytes is required. It the bikes is recommended for processor. I tree I five by 70 in the okay work and these are some of the graphics cut. So before you sign up for my costs, I suggest that you download and install give him expressed to try it out to make sure that it works. Okay? And that we you know that if there's any issues 3. HitFilm Express Settings: this video, you take a look at the introduction to his room Express where I will explain some of the projects. I think that's you Go get started. So when you launch, get them, express the this will be the screen that you will see. You have some existing falls over on the left top left here and on the bottom left will be some extra at on packages that you can buy it on pecs. And when you click on any of these buy buttons, you will take you to the hateful and express its website. So we're here. There are some tutorials and most of these are advanced to tourists to create special effects like lasers and lightning as a try. Right. So let's a hero in the word to the project type. So the project type is on the top right here is a little bit hard to see. But when you open a new file, you will also take you to the project type as well and right at the top Easter template. Right? The template. Whether you want to select see you 7 20 p videos, Haixi videos all the way up to four k Uhd, or we can also set a custom template. Okay, so I'm just going to use for Haiti at the new 9.97 Free misperception, right? You can also select different frames per second. That's up to you. And we just like this template there so ways for you to save the template if you want to customize your own template. So we're here automatically. The video written and height will be set 19 to 0 pixel by 100 And the frame rate is there as well, lest the aspect ratio. And you shouldn't need to change any of these settings over here unless there are specific reasons. All right, so let me just cover a little bit about the aspect ratio. Most of the time, you will be safe to just leave it as square pixel. Now, on the after hand that you are using some older video clips, right? Be aware that they could be some that has been called anamorphic video, where it is compressed. All right, where I don't special lenses used on the video and the video is compressed. So you may need to sort of decompressing using these settings So what's the time? Issues should be safe to just leaving at square pixels. Okay, so this temperate this one will be for audio. You can leave it at 48 kilohertz. Okay. All you may want to choose your lower one. So this is actually the standard for most video these days. When it comes to rendering options, you can also leave it there. So I won't cover too much about here. The anti realizing mood. So anti alliance thing is just setting for you to reduce the J Guinness or the picks. Elation off said it off the ages when a video is surrendered. So just know that as you go down, right, the video quality will go up. But the rendering time will take much longer. And you will require more resources on your computer. And yet it to here is a shadow map and three D map sizes. Rick gasto three D modeling for the purpose of this tutorial, you don't need to change any of these. Just know that you said these two highest things. Then the quality will be better. Okay? And then all you need to do is click on the start. Anything button at the bottom here. So click on that and you will take you to the He flipped expressed in the face. I'm gonna expend the interface in the next video and covered distinct one by one. 4. Overview Of User Interface: in this video, we will cover the using the face off Flame Express version 14 on. Our first thing is that you don't see something like this. What you need to do is go to the top of the menu. There's a windows type here and go to works basis. And you can actually reset your workspace. I have actually resettled my workspace, and this is actually what you will see. Okay, Now there are other works basis. We will cover this. I think this video in the next one way I can show you. Now, what are the other default workspaces in Heflin? And what does he say? You actually rearranges some of these windows or panels. Okay, so first off, right at the top here is actually a trimmer window. Okay, you can actually we can actually imparts a media here, and then you will be able to play and fast forward. And I said, try to have a treatment we know. Okay. And on the right here is that we were okay. Was there some menus to? And there's also an export tab at the top as well. Okay. We were going to recently to be later but going down clockwise on the right is actually hold your meters. You can see this. And next over here is the timeline. Okay, where you do most off your anything. Get tracks on video tracks or audio master and etcetera and right at the bottom left. Here is a clear your media, your effects and this controls and set tries all their history. Now let me just quickly cover one other thing as well. Now, if you go to fall in options, you also haven't options to change the interface toe alike more. Okay, now, the default is the dark mood. And most people who are anything video, they prefer to have a dark more. It is supposedly less training on the I. However, if you prefer to have a light more, you can also change that. But don't know that you change it, and I clicked. Oh, okay. All right. From express will ask you to restart his flame express. Okay, Now I'm gonna import some media so that you can have an idea what happens. Okay to the trimmer. And so I'm just going to import this clip here, all right, And, uh, bring this in all I'm doing is dragging and dropping it. And this is where you see the trim window. Okay. And take note that in between the panels, like, for example, between the trimmer and we were that's actually a black bind between. You can actually adjust your window size depending on whether you want it to be bigger or smaller. Okay, let's say between the real and also the editor, you can also adjust this size, Okay? Whether you want to see things a little bit better. All right. So these are some of the basic controls that you need to know. Okay. And then, uh oh, here is actually the play and the post button. And it's for you to do a trim. That trimming is basically cutting off the front or the back of a video clip or any media. And before you drag it down to the timeline and they are some play buttons over here, let's play this. Okay. You can also use your space bar on the keyboard to do that. All right, so this is now playing, and you can actually send your in and out points with this. Okay? This is the set in point Now, if you click it, you'll notice that this bar changes. Okay, if you move here and let's see if I click this, this would be the setting the out point. And you know that this clip has been trimmed. Now, if I once I drag a clip down onto the timeline, then you will see in the viewer. And as you have war with a trimmer, you can actually see whether you want to use the video. Or you can also use the audio alone, or if you just simply direct. Yeah, this click down to the timeline you will be using both. Okay, so let me just quickly show you. Okay, so now you see both video and audio is dragged onto the timeline. And now this is the viewer minister actually referring to looking at things on the, uh, timeline. We're excited here. You, when you are playing it, you're actually looking at this clip on the timeline. When you're using this play buttons, you're actually looking at things in the tremor that we're here in the viewer. It is there are a few controls as well Your selection to translate to the selection to allows you to select things, right? I see you move it. I mean, don't This is your selection toe, okay? And what? This? Okay, let me just go in. Recent, this was transformed. Go to reset. Fit to frame. Now what does that translate to us? Is this OK? Let's see. Um, you are right now. We are zoomed in that 31%. Now, if let's say you went to law either inside the Clipper. Fairly closer. Let's say you're zooming in 200%. Then this translates to is to have you to look at different portions off the frame. Okay, so this is the purpose of the translate to this is a textile. Okay. Allows you to create tax quickly. And over here 12 entry this mosque. Rectangular mass lips must in. We had must be covered these things in the later tutorials and we use mosque. Ok, And here is the audio meters. No, If I play this, you can actually see. Yeah, you can see this to monitor whether you're recording is too long or too soft. Normally, when I'm anything, I tend to turn off this right and create more space on from you in the time line. Okay, so I just want to give you a brief overview and one last thing before we end this video is another workspaces revival. To change it to anything workspace, you're noticed that there's some rearrangements off the window and going forward as we do the lesson here, we will use this editing workspace. Or if you're doing any of the other compositing, then we may change to the compositing workspace. Okay, but whatever this, at the beginning of each tutorial, lets you know which workspace I'm using. Okay, so I hope that you ever a good overview off the user interface, All right? And next we will cover things like bringing media into his claim express. 5. Minor Changes To HitFilm Express 15 : In this video, I will show you a few changes to he flim expressed and this is a keyframe express number 15, that changes are very minor in the user interface. There are three main changes here. Number one is actually the Mask feature over here. The second one is this the tracks like tool. And of course we didn't the effects as a new crop and pan and zoom. And I would just covered things have briefly, just to let you know in case you are watching some of the earlier lessons that have the odor interface, which is he claimed as press number 14. I do know that these changes are very minor and it doesn't affect the lesson and the use of flame expressed our prior to them express 15. When it comes to the mass tool, there is too much that you can select either the rectangular mass or the ellipse mask. And there is a clique, two icons, however, in HIV limb expressed number 15. When you go to this icon over here and you click on and hold it. Now you have a choice of selecting rectangular mass, rounded, rectangular mass that he leaves mass. There's also a polygon mass, n star mass at the US. Any of these mass, you just hold this and then N, release your mouse and then you have the new mass. And if you select this, you'll see that this is rounded mass and you can actually adjust their corner radius. Now there are some other a mask as well. I'm not gonna cover this in this video, but this is just to give you a quick update on the user interface. We here on the timeline, the main change is this trek Select Tool. And this tracks like tool allows you to select everything on your timeline. It makes for easier and faster editing, ok. Again, when you hover over it, you see that you subtract like tool. But when you left-click and hold it, you have two choices. One is the Select tool and select tool. Okay, I'm just gonna show you the track select tool first. Okay, so as you move, once you have selected a tool, you'll notice now that you have double arrows. Now what this tool does is it allows you to select everything to the left of your position or to the right of your position. Okay, now, over here, if I click on this, it's going to select all the clips there is to the right of way I position my cursor, OK, so I select this, I click on this. You'll notice that everything they selected is to the right. Okay, let me undo that. So if I put my mouse over here, okay, and I click on it, is everything that is to the right is selected over here. Again, everything to the right of this point, okay, my mouse or some way here. So everything to the point is selected. If I move over here, is only select things as to the right. Okay? So over here, let's do that again. Everything to the right. Now, if I were to lucky, let me unselect this. Now if I were to select that tracks a light back to evoke the same way by the just affect the tracks on the left. Okay. So let me just put my timeline here just to show you where is the position of my cursor. And once I click on it, it was everything to the left. Once you have selected this, it allows you to move your clips easily. The psyche, quite useful. If you have a large projects in, you have clips that goes all the way off your timeline. You no longer have to hold onto your mouse and select all those things using the normal selection tool. Okay, so let's do this. So I can move all this and easily, okay? So you can have maybe multiple 5-6 number of media tracks or audio tracks. Moving clips become very easy. Alright, so these are the two min changes to the user interface. Now, when it comes to their effects, the crop penance zombies in the effects tab. So it doesn't affect the user interface. And I will cover that in a separate video. So these are the changes in HIV limb express number 15. 6. Adjust Display Options In HitFilm: in this video of you take a look at the display options in hip Flame Express, so let's take a look at the options in the rear window. If you click on the options step, you notice there is no option for you to select playback quality. You select final. The quality will be the highest. OK, so as you Eddie, your video and you play back the video or the viewer here you will show you the food quality and you may be a little bit slower as you slept in. The playback quality will allow you to reduce leg, and especially if you don't have a powerful computer. Same thing, the play by resolution. If you won't have a full resolution, then the playback would maybe be slower and you may find him less responsive, so you can at least half off what the post quality is when you post a video like what you see right now, if you do have been pause, then you will show this quality. Of course, you can select a final quality on draft quality, depending on your needs. So you see that video here somehow doesn't look as nice as it should be. It may be just a dissecting showing a lower quality. Now we'll hear the bottom right at the editor here, there is a triangle. If you click on it, you have the option to see the video size. And this refers to the video tracks. I, for example, if I quickly medium the video trade will be larger. Okay. And if you want to have her large, you can has also let you even like you. So I'm gonna change back to small the same thing with the video audio size you can select small, medium and large. When you select lash. Obviously you can see the way forms a little bit better Now notice to see the way form you need to select either start and end or full. For example, if you select none, the reform will not be there. Let's go back to preview more s study. And so that's what you see. If you select started and you'll see these little Misha and the start and end of the video clip, we select for you be able to see the entire thing. And Iraq at the bottom here is actually the master and this master refers to the volume. You can actually increase the volume of your audio. So same as here. Here you are increasing the volume for their video clip. And here this line for the video you're actually adjusting the opacity. So if you reduce it, don't visit, he will be missed. Be transparent. And one other thing Yes, the audio. If you want to change the type of reform you see, you can go to fall goto options and go to general under the reforms you can actually see like RMS MP to you can select a channel list. It's election. Eliciting will be two tracks. It is a steer, a direct. If you select and a composite you would be a single train. You may be harder to see over here. And if you go to RMS amplitude, it may be the easiest one to see as you and your audio with these parts. This Robida extra options in the user interface to think not not in his thumb 7. Start Editing: in this video, I will show you how to do some basic elites in hits them. So let's go and get some video clips onto the timeline. Okay? I'm gonna select this. Yeah, Click here. So I'm just going to play these clipping the viewer. Okay. Did he cite me? She pointed. I want Okay. Yeah. So right when the deer starts to move off, I'm gonna put this as my outpoint, and I'm going to use the keyboard shortcut using Oh, all right, so that's the out point. Let's go back to the front. And I just want to double check my in point, Okay? Just going to back up a bit, and you can actually use the keyboard shortcuts to back up. Com a button is actually frame going back. One frame. Okay, as you can see, or you can also used a tool in the toolbar here, Maybe a little bit faster. Okay, justice the point grin day, he comes up. Okay. I want this to be my in point, so I'm going to set this by clicking this button here. Oh, I can also use I on the keyboard, so I'm going to use I on the keyboard, and you can see the sea state in point. Now, with a clip selected, you can actually use either video used todo or you can use both. And for this tutorial, I'm just going to use a video. Okay, So by clicking on your mouse and dragging onto the timeline, you actually drag what you have trim on the trimmer onto that. I'm like, now these warning comes up. Do you want any consequence to change the clip that you're reading? This merely comes up because their projects that things is different from the video clip. All right, so I'm just going to click. No. Okay, let me just run through, go back to projects, projects and studies for 70 p. And my video clips is at 10. 80 p. That is why the warning comes up. See 1910 80 p. Okay, so this is my video resolution, so you can just ignore it. But if you want to change when the morning comes up, which means hey fling, automatically change your projects that things to the first clip that you'd right onto the timeline. Next, I'm going to drag another clip onto the time lying and this time it is that Olyphant clip here. So I've actually selected it onto using that she must here early on, they mind. Let me just move it to this point here. And this is with the elephant clippings. So again, I'm going to use a video and just write a video on tuna time lying as well. If you drank that click up here, OK? He flew Michalik automatically create us back in video track. Okay, so for the purpose of these, that thes particular tutorial, I'm not going to do that. I just want to show some basic cuts and basic. And it's So now I have these two clips on my on the timeline. Let's Ah, let's make sure that it's probably and let's just play it. Okay, so the clips there was a gap there. So what I'm gonna do is I'm going to, right click this basis and cleaner report get reportedly get so that there's no get. Okay, so the transition happens over there. Okay. I am gonna show you how you can do some trimming on the timeline. Let's say this clip here, okay? I go on the tremor early on. This is my starting point now, assuming I want to just the trim, what I can do is actually move live it. And is I'm going to zoom in using this skill here. And you have a worse I didn't clip your mouth. He changed to a trimmer point. Okay, Those blue symbols that you can see and if you click on it, you move it. You're actually trimming the front of the click. Let me show you what happens at the end of the clip. This is my dream. A pointer. How work he comes up. Okay, so let me Let's do this. One elephant, Let's say, for instance, the living clearly a little bit too long. I want to tighten my Eddie the bit. So how a about the work to the front of the clip. If you have over to the bank, the direction off this trim appointed would change. So OK, let's do The elephant has dragon dropping and it was snapped to the space. Assuming yours Net button is on. Okay, if you snapped but then it's not on. Then you can actually very little So I would have turned us this net option on snapping Missy we just never right to the point where your play it isn located. Let's try this sort of bank. Okay, so this is pointing. The elephant just walks on the frame. They say I want to any day. So again, I'm going to you how we wanted it back. And if I just dragging my mostly we just and ST at that point day, okay? And that is how you can trim your clips using the trim of point This on the time like yourself, rather than if you were So let me just move this now, with this selection to I can actually move my clips. Okay, Forward and back. Okay. Uh, seem, with 11 this, I can clip as well. I can drag this clip to another track if I want to. So you have that option. Okay. Now, next I'm gonna show you this grab tool doesn't drag to is allows you to drag the timeline. Your ideas are very long. Say 10 minutes or so. They allows you to direct the front and back toe CEO, entire video trick. Next one is using the slice too. Thank you. So let's come back toward two here now. slice toe allows you to make a cut in the video. So let's say I want to cut this. All I have to do is just Cuddy's here. This clip now has two parts. If I would cut it. Now there's another part as well. After you have slices, you can actually the ladies and you can do it by right clicking and deleting debt. Abortion. Okay, let me do that. You can also click there, delete key on your keyboard and delete the same as, well, leader section. So this is actually the slice to the next thing I want to show you Easter slice to and slice both the video and audio tracks together. This track here, I have bought mind. Um, hold your track at the same time. So I went to slice this. You can also sell. I gave it the button c on your keyboard. Okay. I'm gonna slice it as you can see the slice happen. Bought on the video and audio track at the same time. The next thing I want to show you is how you can unring your video and your tracks and to do that just rightly on us, like the clip Goto unlinked. Okay. And he was the symbol off this link goes away. Next, you can actually select one or the other. And you can actually really both of this audio and video. And to do that, you can actually, just like what? On you and video clips with your mouse By just dragging it. And then you can just right click again and link it. The symbol comes up. Both of these clips have been linked together. 8. Handling Video Clips With Different Resolutions and Aspect Ratio: In this video, I will show you how to deal with video clips that have different kinds of resolution. Okay, so let me just drag this clip down, up to the timeline. And you notice that this video here is full HD, 19 to 0 pixels by 1080 pixels. Okay, so this is a full HD. And my projects are things is also full HD. Okay, so when you drag your clip stat to the projects that have the exact same resolution, you will see it feels the frame properly. Now, want to drag this clip here down onto the timeline. And this clip here has a resolution of 960 pixels by 20 pixels. And as you can see, when he goes on to the timeline, you'll see that they are black bars or actually black spaces around that image. Okay? And let me drag this image down and this is even smaller at 640 pixels by 480 pixels. And you have discovered situations. If you are using a clips essay, they, you have shot some time ago maybe from an older camera. If you just want to fill the frame. The simple thing is actually to select the clip and then right-click. There is something called transform and you can equally fit the image to the frame. Okay? If you do that, you'll notice that this video is a radius will be stretched K. So this is the actual video here. And you'll notice that this, this image has been stretched because you are telling him to actually fill the frame. Now a better option would actually to heal and transform and fit it to the frame height. Okay? Because we know that if you calculate this, the aspect ratio, which means the width to the height of the video is equally four-thirds. Okay, you will have black bars to the left and to the right. The same thing with this as well. You can actually fit this to the frame height. So this is valuable. Happen, okay? There will be blockbuster left and to the right when you export of mediums of this size, especially this one. Okay, let me undo that. Now when you do a transform like this or when you are scaling your video up, you will lose quality of a new export your video. So you may expect a video to be chunky or have artifacts. So that is to be expected, okay, compared to say, this imaginable here, there are several things that you can do. One thing is that if you have images there at those small, for example, this one here, my suggestion is something to consider. Instead of using full HD for such video projects, I we suggest that you balance it off depending on what is your smallest clip that you are using. You may want to use a half HD. Okay, so at least when you enlarge this, it wouldn't be a stretch so much and you have better quality. So these are some considerations of a balancing. Video clips. We have you have a video clips that have different resolutions. 9. Options To Handle Black Bars In Video: In this video, I will show you what you can do with the extra black bars on black spaces in your video when you are using video clips with different resolution. For example, you may have video clips that are widescreen, full HD or even half HD. However, you may have cliffs data at a different aspect ratio, like for instance, this is for tests and even video clips that are smaller. Okay? Now, first of course, you can transform this to affinity to the frame height. So what you're left with is black bars to the left and to the right. Now one thing that you can do is actually two. Copy this, okay, so I'm just going to copy this clip here. I'm going to use the video and put this on a different video trend. Okay? What I would do is for the video at the top, I will transform it to fit the frame height. And then for the video at the back, I can't even transforming, stretch it to fit a frame. Okay, so what you will see now is something like this, alright, where you sort of have a stretched video at the back. And the next one we can do is we can actually blurry. So let's look for a blur filter here. And they have various types of blur, whereas the fields, our NGO blur, you can use any of this. So I'm just going to use the diffuse and I'm going to put it to the video clip at the back. And then if you look at the controls here, you may want to increase opacities OJ's blood out even more. And you can actually increase the radius of the blur so they becomes even more blurred. What happens is when your viewers view your video, they will see the one there is focus, but those at the back wall via blood out. Ok. So that way, it makes for more interesting video rather than just having say, black bars on the left and on the right. Okay. So let me show you the difference. If you turn off the video that back you will have these black bars. And when you have this lace, your videos will be a matching the bag round robin. You can also use an image at the bottom as well if you prefer a using the blur filter and just copying the claim would be the easiest way to do it. So that's why you can do when you have a videos that are of different aspect ratio and you do not want to have black bars to the left or to the right of your videos at different sections. 10. Adding Transitions: in this video, we would do some basic transitions. Hit them. Let's do a transition between this year and the elephant. Okay? And in order to do a transition, you hit on the world to the effects. Scroll down in effects. You can look for transitions under video. Okay, so there are few that you can consider it. Like he's off motion. White zoom is a truck. I'm gonna show you very common one beaches across these off. And in order to use a transition when you need to do is to say, like this, your mouth dragging on too. The position between two clips. Okay, let me zoom in a bit. I see that the in the same way you just your clips on the timeline using the trimmer pointers. You can also adjust your transition using the trimmer point us as well. So you need to do is have a with a transition, and you can just changes. So before we do anything, I'm just going to let you see how the tradition looks like. Okay, so maybe is a little too shot. So in order to adjust the transition to make it longer, I'm gonna have over and drag it to the left so that the transition is two seconds. I'm going to change this. Partners will great the front, but Okay, so it's about slightly or a second now. Okay, let's try this again. Rights on Daddy's a cross and he's off. Now, if you want to remove this transition or you need to do is to select it and Cleveland remove or delete and the transition will be deleted and both clips will be there as if you haven't done any transition. Okay, so let's try a different transition. Some of the transitions were half under options. All right, beside adjusting the link, let's do a linear. Okay, Yes. You should just track you dead and that this transition is very shot. So this lets me about a second. So let's do a transition. See about doing house seconds, and you can see the time That's your dragon. Okay, so he's almost doing 1/2 seconds. Doesn't have to be exact. And let me just zoom, I'll be so you can see that would be better. Okay, so the white happens from left to right. Okay. Now you look at the controls. You notice that There are two options. One is for direction and the other one is for feather. So 90 degrees this 1990 degrees means is going to be a wipe from the left or the right. If you want to change it to say the opposite direction, you goes toe 270 degrees. Okay, you can you can drag you, or you can also drag to point downwards thinking and the feathering is actually how how hard that line that is going to wipe across the screen. So let me just I show this to you for us, all right? So you can notice that the line is actually pretty hot. Okay, If you want to have a softer line as the transition wiped across the screen, you use this in just a little bit higher. That said, he says for 200 and the best meat is actually to use your eyes to judge redder the soft enough. Okay, that's ladies. So this time you see that that transition is softer. The line is in the hot line between one scene killing me moved, isn't it? So you see, the line is in the hot line. If I would change is over here. Then the lying becomes a really hot line. Okay, Street And the movie here lying is very soft. So depending on what you want to do, you may. But this feathering allows you to do something more sub toe rather than a hard life kids. So these are two transitions that you can try and use. I'm just a little this and there are other types of transitions as well. 11. Add Titles Or Text To Your Videos: In this video, I will show you how to add text to our titles, to your video. And there are two ways to do titles or to add titles into Hitler express. We clip selected. Okay, anyway, you can just click on the tech side menu here. And you can go through the viewer and just start typing some text. Okay? And I'm going to just type say BBDO. Okay? So in order to make other changes to the text, where you need to do is just go to this panel over here with options for the text many ways. And then you can actually select the type of fonts and font size. Let's just constantly need to ensure that your text is highlighted when you change any of these fonts and font sizes. Okay? So let's make it bigger. Let's make it a 120 days of BBDO in ma'am. Okay. Maybe not a hundred and twenty million eighty. Okay. And you can change the color as well. Can say there's choose, okay, we'll leave it as white, or maybe we just choose orange. So now the Texas orange in color k. Let's go back to the Selection tool. The selection tool selected. You can move this now. To sum, this all orange doesn't look so good. Now, you want to make some changes to the tax. You have to select this text again and then go and change the color. Let's change it back to white. Looks less here. Okay? So this is the first way to do the text. And you can actually adjust this text layer, the length of it. The normal way you would adjust video, video clip or another clip. So you go and change it back to the selected two. Then you see the baby deal with mom over day. And once the player moves over to the n, the texts disappears. Okay, So this one way to add text and titles to your clip, you can just move it around. You can also just hire deleted if you don't want this text. So let me just delete this text. Now the second way to create titles or texts is to use or to create a composite shot. And to do a composition, you go to Media. Click on New, and click on New Composition shot. Okay, so here you are given the option to name your composition. So you can name it or you can leave the name as it is. So for battle, a way to identify what is it, you can actually just put that text and I'm going to put in say baby deer. Okay? So the template, if they choose a template and this template refers to the video frame size, okay? You can choose something bigger or smaller, it doesn't matter. So let's stick with the full HD. Export the video here, and add the duration. This is the duration you want your composite shot to be. You can change this later on, doesn't matter. But I'm going to shorten it to say just 10 seconds. Okay, thanks. Should be shot. And here you have your video, okay, for example, the high-end width, the frame rate, etc. So you can just leave it or just click on match timeline. You mesh the timeline, similar, sample it. So the composition is used for many other things and one of it is being taxed. So we will cover the others in the video, okay? Now if you go to the other ones, there is other options here, for example, for k motion blur, just leave it for the time being, okay? And just click on Okay. Now you will notice on the edit, the timeline, there's a new tab opens up and this is your composite shot. Okay? Basically you are actually creating media in Italy, mess press. Okay. So next, what you meant to do is to click on the green button and click on New Layer, and click on a text to create a new text layer. Okay, in the viewer window, you can just start typing our texts. So let's do the same essay, the video. Okay? And that's all right. Let's go back to the Selection tool. Now you can actually move these texts around. Okay, We did this a viewer. So we just leave it as it is. And Hebrew word to the editor timeline. Okay? And you notice there's nothing there. So the next thing you need to do is to go to your media and grab this, okay, this is your composite shot. Drag it onto your video. Okay. So this is now your baby deal with mom. You can actually move this down to wherever you want it to be. So the same thing about changing the colors. And the phones can do the same, except that when you want to do the fonts, this time, you have to go back to this side, this tab here with a composite shot in order to make changes to the text. So let's click on the font again. Let's highlight this. Let's change it to say, let's do Georgia and these may be less, change it to gray instead of white. Okay, so let's head back over to the editor. When you change the text in a composite shot, the texts on the editor timeline also changes. And then of course you can adjust the length. We can also trim this off. Okay, you can trim it like a normal video clip. You can also slice it and delete that section did not want. Okay, so that's about new texts with a composite shot. So the composition allows for greater flexibility for doing other things. Okay, but this is one way that taxes added into your video. 12. Make A Video From Static Images: in this video, I will show you how to create a video using static images, photos. So I have some photos here, and all you need to do is just too great your photo to the timeline. Okay. One thing to consider is that usually for tools, the resolution of the size is much bigger compared to your video frame size. So this photo resolution is 4600 pixels by 3000 plus pixels. So is much larger. So we did. You can actually reposition your photo all. You may want to just, uh, fill it to the frame. Okay, so that's one way you feel it to the frame. You notice that this photo has been squashed. Okay, so about the option would be to city to the frame with they way. Your photo will be proportionate, and it depends on your height and weight off your for those. Okay, So some photos are ready, wide screen, and you don't need to do that. We're training out there, but we're here. So this photo is also larger. But I'm gonna leave it this way. And I could actually just a movie, and I'm gonna drag this photo Now this photo here, the size is smaller than a video eyes. I need to resize it upwards getting by. But this photo is my screen 16 019 The resources seems like an actually use feet to frame. Okay, so basically, that's a lot of the risks to creating videos using static images, and you can adjust your the length of each photo, each image using the trim pointers as you would be. The video so are you need to do is to have away, and you can actually adjust it, drink it to adjust it okay, and things like repeal. It also works for photos as well. If you want to add effects, transition between one for doing photo works to save me as well. Good Teoh. That's low for cross these off between one photo it now there and place it between toe for toe. So to images and then using the trim point this you can extend it. There are longer transition, so that's all there is to creating video using static images 13. How To Add Audio To Video: In this video, I will show you how to add audio to your video in hafnium express. So first I'm going to just drag my video down onto the timeline. Okay? And this is the video here. And these beauty or have some background noise as well. So let me just play. You may be able to hear it, but if you don't, that's okay. I'll just engine noise off the car going up the hill. Alright. It's not that loud, so it doesn't matter. Now to add the audio track, what you need to do is to right-click or were the master and then insert a track and you have a different audio track. Okay? So I have audio track here. As I click on it, you can see in the tremor is all just the sound wave. So I can drag it down onto the new audio track here. Now next, if you went to a balance of the cell, you can actually adjust the volume. Now these are audio track is actually pretty loud. So just going to try to put it say at Columbia to the controls and adjust a level here. Say minus our bow, 14 jazzy bells. And let me play it, okay? Okay. Now, if you do not want to have this audio here, the sound that came together with your video. There are two things you can do. What is the easiest, of course, is just to mute the audio so that our y's do you mutate, you will hear the background sound anymore. You're just here. Those are audio from the second track and it is audio can be music. It could be your voice over. So that's how you add this audio deck. Now alternatively, you can actually unlink the video, okay, by right-clicking and a link this. And then you can get it of this audio if didn't want, by merely deleting it. Okay, so I'm going to delete it. And so now what you are left to it, it's just the audio and video track. And this is how the final trig books look at Sunlight, that audio edit. And that this is basically how you add audio into your video in it limb Express. 14. How To Reverse A Video Clip: in this video I will show you how to reverse a clean hit film. This is just a clip off the elephant to re basically go to effects. You can search for temporal and time reverse if you can't find what you need to do is you can go to the search box. You can also search for time. All such for Revis. Okay, I dragged that effect onto the clip and you're done. So let's play the clip. So that's all for reversing a clip in anything. 15. Crop, Pan and Zoom New Method: In this video, I'll show you how to use the crop pan and zoom function in if limb expressed. And this is actually a new function in Albany available in helium expressed in 15. Now prior to this, there is also another method I show how to create a pan and zoom, and that is using the composite shot. However, with Hitler expressed 15, you have another method to do it, which is a clay much faster and simpler. Okay? Now, I'm going to enclose my tremor window and close my audio mixer panel as well. So there is more space and that will be useful when he goes to look at the control to use this crop penance zoom function, all you need to do is go to the effects panel and just type in crop. You can also look for pan and zoom and then drag it down to the video that you want to have to pan and zoom. Okay? Now we this crop Planum zoom function until very important is that you need to select the clip and then click on the Effects, which is under this control panel here. Click on the effects, and then you will see that there is two buttons that pop up. Either use the crop function or use the pen in zoom function. Okay, I'm going to cover both. So in terms of cropping, once you select crop, you have a white box that tends out and allows you to, you can resize this box to see how far in yuan to crop that video. Ok, so it's pretty simple basically. And you can actually move this box anywhere you like on the frame, right? Basically you are practically done. And you can notice this is the original clip. So once you click on it, the video is actually already cropped in. Alright, so there's nothing much there is to it. However, let's go back to crop and zoom. You can actually control the aspect ratio. Now, for most video, you want to follow the timeline, okay, so that would be the easiest. However, you can control whether you want to use the original aspect ratio, whether you want to use a square, ok, so you have the choice to control that. If you use the custom aspect ratio, you have extra menus that come down, that drop-down menu. And if you click on it, you have, you get adjust the width and also the height. Okay? So you can do that. So most cases I would suggest that you just probably just stick with the timeline and there would be the easiest way to do this. Crop. Next, let's look at pan and zoom. Now when it comes to penance zone, you have two boxes. One is the green box and then the other is the red box. And you have the lying in between. Okay, these two points. Now let me just make this smaller so that you can see this better, right? And move it over here. So the green box denotes where the, the pen will start and the red boxes where the pad with n, okay. Let me move it over here. And it may seem a little bit laggy. And this because of my computer and I'm using are 4K video clips. So that's where the leg happens. Less, ladies. And you can see that the video clip is cropped it, and it's also slowly panning across the frame in the video. So that is with this pen. Again, you have the option of selecting the different, different aspect ratio, okay? Now, if you want to reverse it, you can also reverse it. So you reverse it. The retinal green box will be swapped around. Now, one thing we knew and to create a zoom, it means that your boxes have to be different sizes. Okay? So for example, right now, does my Redbox is smaller than the green box or there will be a slight zoom. Now, let me show you what happens if you have a much bigger zoom, okay? So unless, for example, we're going to append from, let's say, going to Pell from here to here. And I'm going to reverse it. So painful on here and into the fire. So first, I am going to make this box small, and then we will make this box larger here. You'll see the fire. So let's do this and see how it, how it looks. So now you have a pen and a zoom effect. Remember, originally zoomed into this section. So that's basically about is Now another thing that I want to add is that you see this white box and moving. That actually shows you the movement of this pen. Okay? So the pen is moving from this point to this point. Okay? And you can actually move the center point in R2 to see where the motion is. Now, one other thing you can add keyframe to it, okay? So basically once you are, your playhead is at a different location other than the beginning or the end of the video, you can add a key frame. And the keyframe allows you to change the position of that movement. And you do that by clicking on the keyframe button and then moving this white box, okay? When you select a keyframe or white box comes up. So you can actually create a movement this way and then avoid. Now for the purpose of this video, I'm going to exaggerate and movement so that you can see things better. Okay, I'm going to add another keyframe. So I'm going to move this the other way. Okay, so like I say, I'm exaggerating the movement. Okay? So this is how it will look like. Okay, let's play this. So it's moving in the shape of a W. Okay? So if I can show you how the movement looks like, you will be I clicked following this line here, moving up, moving to the side. Okay, so that's basically about using pen and zoom and adding the keyframe. Now if you want to remove a keyframe, all you need to do is to click on the white box and then click Delete key frame. If you want to lead another keyframe, you need to select this first. And then d, that key frame, and then you will follow this path day. Now, one thing we, this autosome is, is that if you select this, okay? If you do not select this, then you see that it is actually the light bars and you select what the zoom you're telling him to automatically zoom in so you don't have to do it yourself. Alright, so if I were to move it to the beginning, and these are like this. And if I come back to here, you notice that this is what is a Canadian zooming section. If I do the autosome allows you to see that it is actually this path that you are zooming in. Okay? So this all when it comes to the crop pan and zoom function in heavily expressed. 16. Alternate Method For Panning Motion: this video will show you how to create a pain in the Flame Express. Now, I am using a static image for these tutorial, but you can actually use a video, and it works the same way. So, first of all, when you need to do is to move your play it to the position where you want your pen to start and go to controls and click on transform. Okay, You were used a position and click on the button to turn key frames on. Okay, so next you want to move your plate away, you on your pen to end and move your image or your video from there. You were here, and I just it with the pain. All right, so that's all you need to do. So that's ahead. Back to the beginning of the video and let's play. All right, so that's all you need to do to create a pen in his thing. 17. Create 2 Types Of Zoom Effect: in this video, I will show you how to create a zoom effect. If Lim now there two types off zoom. In fact, I'm gonna show you both. 1st 1 is an instant they nest. Zoom. So I have a clip here on my timeline. What I'm gonna do is I'm going to use to slice too and cut it. Never knew. Create another cocky. So now there's a center section in this clip. Next, I'm going to the control step and go to transform. And I'm gonna use the scale function. I'm gonna use about 135%. Okay, not because this is a skill. Both the X and the why or the height and the width has been a lot. So he was killed the same amount. Okay. All right. So this is how it works. So next I'm gonna play the video for you. Okay, so this is a pack off instant, then? Yes, Zoom, I'm going to delete this and extend the click back to its original length. So let me show you a different type of zoom, and this time zone slowly zooms into a scene. And for this, I assume you don't need to clip. What you need to do is go to controls and go to transform. For this second type of zoom, you're gonna use key frames, the turn on key frames. Click on this button for the skill. So you're gonna create us key frame, and this will be at 100%. Okay, so you're gonna move it to a point where you won the zoom to happen. So again, I'm gonna put it at 135% gonna have 135%. And then after that, at a certain point, I wonder if you do too. Go back 200% normal. Zoom. Okay, so let's take a look at it. So, as you can see, that zoom happens slowly, all right? You use the Zuma in the viewer. You see, this happens all right. How much the frame is actually so meaning to So that's how you create is only fact in his flim 18. Flip A Video Horizontally Or Vertically: this video will show you how to flip a video clip horizontally as well as medically. So with the clip selected, are you Need to do is go to controls, click on transform and go to the scale and rotation. So in order to flip this clip to the other side you need to do is go to the skill and typing my next 100% in ST way. The clip will be flipped. Let me reset. That you need to do is just go to transform fit to free. Okay, you can also reset his back 200%. Now, if you want to flip this clip along, the horizontal exists. Why you need to do is go to the rotation, and with the percent here, click on 180 in the clip will be flipped across. The horizontal exists. Okay, so that's how you do it. If you want to rebuild the back, you can also just 0%. Or you can also just click on transform in feed to frame. So that's how you fit the clip either on there but it exists or the horizontal exists 19. How To Stabilize Handheld Video: in this video, I'm gonna show you how to stabilize video clip with Flame Express. So you see here on my timeline, you have a clip that his hand, hell, and he kinds of more for little bit. All right, so first off, I'm gonna change this to my workspace to the compositing work space. It will give me a little bit more space to work with. Okay, So it's just that some of these panels have been rearrange. Okay? Still relatively still the same. Okay, so be the clips. Like Tell what you need to do is to click and make combat. It shot Jessa. Just click on. OK, Okay. So next what you need to do is be the clip selected. Open up the many here and on the tracks there's a green plus button click on insert tracker . Two things changed. You should be taken to the track panel as well as under the rule. You should change over to the layers tap. If you are on the we were tap, then the this will be the arrows that you will see that you would normally see. But on the layer step you notice that there is a tracker now. Okay. So, Ray Box and as well as a green box under the tracker, there are two types of track that you can choose where there's a single point or double points for position and skill as well as the rotation. Now, I'm gonna choose double points, because under the handheld kinds off the camera kaizen rooted a little bit. All right, so now you choose double point. There's two trackers on the screen right now. Okay, so the next thing that you need to do is to zooming take a closer and your select Shantou. Okay, You can actually just click on one of the trackers and move it to a point, Okay? Going to move from the point to somewhere. Hey, flim used to track that movement. Okay, so I'm going to zoom in for their sexual today. Hand to move it a bit. Okay, switch back to this election to So I am going to tell he flamed to use this as a track point and when you are selecting your track points while you want is to have something, there is high contrast. Okay? So that it's easier for the track to do his job. So the red box is where the feature that he friend is gonna look. The future is whatever's on the video. So it's going to look for this square here, and we did the Green Square or the green box him. Flynn will look for this item here. Okay, This movement is pretty small in this particular video, so it shouldn't be difficult for him. Flame to track. Okay. Next, I'm gonna put the tracker to another site. Okay? This second trigger, I'm gonna put it to the other side of the building just like that and move it to this point again. Is going to be somewhere there is. The contrast is strong, Mickey and I can't be resized this box as well, if you want to thank you So you can do that as well. And I'm going to zoom out corrective skill two feet. So it's gonna use these two points to trattner position as well as the rotation. Don't let any of these things like, for example, there's hardly any contrast on things that's moving. For example, the leaf. Then it would be hard for him to track. Okay, So once you're done, go back to this track by No. Here and click on track forward. If you most tracking dependent a language. The clipping may take some time for the track to finish. Okay, so we are done over there. So next on the step two is applied to the layer. So under the purpose on this transformed, change it to stabilize. Click on rotation as well, and he don't apply. Okay, let's get back over to the editor timeline at Hibbert. Wanted of you Attempt. Okay, so let's skip the feet. Okay. You can't leave. Zuma would be this smell. So this is what his name is gone. So let's just play. This was okay. So basically, visa clip has been stabilized. The last thing that you need to do is actually to skill this image up so that to feel the frame. Okay, so I'm gonna skill this site. You can press the shift key on your keyboard and drive this corner out with dr each other cultural to feel off the a space that is empty. I'm gonna reposition this because of their bottom in the right. You're just all right. Totally Mitt. Let me just coming back again and Let's play this again. Okay? So now you have a rock steady shot, That's all with stabilizing a clip. Did he blame express? 20. Create Picture-In-Picture (Method 1): in this video, I will show you how to do a picture in picture picture in picture video means that there is another video on top off a video, and we will be using more than one track in this case, we were used to tracks. So I have a clip here and elephant on my timeline. Really? So I'm gonna use this in place this video on threaten Me too. So now this frame on this video clip is above we do train number one. I can't let me move you. No way. So you can see the elephant tracks be hanged so they meanness figure back to free him. So the first week to do between picture is just to resize at the first click. You can resize it with afraid here by selecting this to resize Or you can also be the clips like that. You can also go to controls, go to transform and go to skill can scale E c. So whatever assent dish that you didn't Yeah, okay, in this just tell you that. So you have picture in picture in your video. Let me make it smaller. See? 30%. All right, so that this picture in picture and let me just play for you. So this is a simple example off victory. But you're now what if, for example, you find that this frame or this video clip is too large and you want to actually just show the person on the video be the top clip selected click on make composite shot. So if you're gonna make a compass, the shot and I'm gonna call this assemble picture in picture croaked. Okay, so what I'm gonna do is even apply a mosque. And I want Scalea smaller because I want to have the mosque coming up the same. So with eclipse elected, he didn't do the mass to. And when the user rectangular mask and I would have must that you did, I want Okay, so that is done. And I'm going back to my editor timeline when you create a composite shot. Hey, flim creates the media here. So simple. Picture in picture toe cropped. And the symbol is this way. When it is come visit shut so you can notice on the screen here now that this place has been cropped out okay, when only the person speaking is there so I can move this. Whatever position that I want. See at the corner here. Okay. So let's please. Okay, so this is a very simple method off doing between picture. You can also put a fix image or where this is the same method. Okay, uh, it is a video or study mission works the same way. 21. Picture-In-Picture (Method 2): in this video, I'm going to show you another matter of doing between picture. And this time we're gonna place a little clip into this frame. Okay, so we elephant clip at the bottom here I'm going to do now is to place this clip on top. I'm just gonna use the you deal here. It's on top, and I want the elephant clip to play in this frame here so you can actually do something creative if you have a window or a television, you can use this to create the effect and again within a used of mask. And at this time, we're gonna mask out the center here. So what you need to do is to create the composite shot. Okay, I'm a colleague. Frame okay. In with the clips like that. You again on this freehand mask. I can get three types of moss is a rectangular mass political mosque. Lips, muscle, rather are. And freehand must. I'm gonna use the free hand mask because my four door frame is slightly out off position is what really horizontal. Let's do it inside the frame so you can see better in. You can actually drag it. You know the masked Okay, get changed the last point. Okay, so this is a mosque, and I'm gonna invite this by clicking on this button here because basically, I want the outside area, so I'm gonna You know what? That mosque let me just just a little bit more. Okay, so this would be a rough mosque. That's heavy. It would edit the timeline. So now you see, basically, there's a whole cutting to them video clip, actually. Right. So, listen, about the mass death, I'm gonna hide this. I want to make the elephant clipper the smaller, okay. And I'm gonna skillet. So let's skill this Sing in a skillet to say 40%. Make sure the high end witness killed the same way. Then I'm gonna lock it. I would turn on the top of the cliff, begin to have a look. I can see the underlying layer. So let's adjust this layer. They live in the okay. And that's ladies. So this is a second better off creating picture and picture effect 22. Split Screen Effect: in this video, I'm gonna show you how to create a split screen effect. It hit him like a clip of the elephant here. So I'm gonna create a split screen where there is a different video clip on top and I'm going to select this clip. You basically it is just heading a mosque and you're gonna use this clip and click on mitt compasses shot. Okay, so I'm gonna rename this split, okay? You can need me. What? Everyone doesn't matter. Okay, so you just do that. And with the clip selected, I am going to apply a rectangular mosque. Okay? Firstly, me is a mob it Okay, so we knew Zuma. It means that you can actually apply the mosque or the way outside of the frame. So I went to must be site, and that's about it. Let's go back over to the editor so you can see, you know, Yeah, this effect here. Okay. Okay. On one side of the screen, you see one click and yet in sight. UCB have a click. That's all you need to do to create a split screen effect with that film 23. Greenscreen or Chromakey: in this video, I will show you how to do crew marking or green screening in hit films. So I have a clip here that is flim in front. Off blue screen is just me talking. So in order to do the effects, they're actually a few effects you can use. And you can actually search for King. Go to the search box and just typing King. You will find that this chroma key. OK, but that is, uh, Peyton on. Okay, that's also a color key, the friends. Right. And there's also under the preset. There's a blue screen key. Now, Blue Skin Key is actually a combination of several effects and gonna use this. Okay. And just going to drag on this on Tuesday clean. This is actually that you just wait to do green screening. If you have a green screen, then you use the green screen key. Okay, let me just turn on their white. The year at the bottom. Okay for you to see. All right, let's go back to their controls here. So the blue screen key actually consists of three effects when it's the color difference key. Yeah, this I met cleaner and spill removal with that kind off met cleaner and spill removal just to see how is the color difference key Look like? Okay, you can expand this in the Klingon you met to see if this a proper removal of all the screen day. And if this way looks Libby different, you can actually just turn this off and create the right leader and put it on at the bottom video. They say, for example, on video clip number one so that you can actually see what was happening at the ages, because for blue screen or green screen, the issues off the color spirit tends to happen at a just around things like the shoulders on the head. And for now, it's like he looks pretty OK, but we can zoom in to take a closer look. So it seems that there's a little bit off colors beautiful here, and let's turn on the colors. Euribor and I think there is a little bit off a reduction, and this also turned on the Met cleaner to see how things look like. Okay, you can actually increase the pipe, so there's not much you can just over here. One color spew. But if there is some adjustment you can do especially for the smooth and feather, I'm gonna show you how he looks like. That's Gill Beck, the fit for the Met cleaner. When you go to smooth the small settings mix the age of the key smoother. But if you do it, this is what you would see. Feather makes the age of the key softer. If you always do it, the each becomes too soft. Chuck strings the age off the key. It's strings in a defying manner. So for all three of the same things, what you want to do is to adjust it to get a well defined composite. So you get justice depending on your video. Click. If you have a pretty decent green screen of blue screen, then with the right lighting, you shouldn't be that much of an issue. So using the chroma key effects allows greater control as compared to the color difference key. Once you are satisfied, Me, the king, What you can do is actually to replace the background with something you like. For example, you can just replace it with a white pain can nursery places we'd see not only yet You can replace it with any image. For example, this image will here. Okay? And they I am in the rice view. You can also replace it with you. Do clip and I can resize this layer here. So that's how you dio chroma key or green streaming video with Flame Express. 24. Create Animated Text: this video, I will show you how to create some any Make the tax Some simple and elegant animated text Like what you're seeing here. So you can use it for your intro videos or for your truth, or even like a logo at the bottom of your video. The first thing that you need to do is go to click a new compasses shot. Okay. And this is my compass. He shot number two. So I'm gonna call it any meeting text takes two, okay. And I'm gonna set the duration for five seconds and leave the for full HD video. Okay? The rest is all right. So just click, OK? Next. What you want to do is to create a new background, Leah. So I'm gonna select blame, and I'm gonna collect create that blank the grown okay and click on this color to get a black background. Okay? All right. And the next thing to do used to I'm just gonna create that new text Lee yet. And this wouldn't be well before my top layer text, and I am going to select 700 by 200. Okay? Okay. And I'm just gonna create this and piping text he noted to select the funds could do this text tap you insulate the phone size, right? So I am going to say may be used open, sons. And for the top me a text. I'm gonna use a bull so we can adjust this a little bit later. So my text color is going to be a white. Okay, So, uh, okay. And you know that the center, the text can you to sit like this and then send that this year? All right, so that's my probably a text. I want to change the color to something different. Maybe I use See a little bit radio color. Okay, so that's my enemy. The top. So let me rename this and was gonna call it next. Any meat, it. Okay? He's just one. My reference. You can name it, whatever that is suitable for you. Okay, so next I'm going to create a layer to create the line, so I'm just going to create a new layer, and it's gonna be a plane. So this plane, I'm gonna put this s blue line, and I'm gonna change. Use a blue color for the line, something brightly. This Okay, so now you're Julia is above your tax, so you can see anything. Now, what you want to do is to turn off this rear visibility, okay? And then the blue line Lear selected Click on the rectangular must use a must to Okay, we're gonna create a must and let me zoom in a bit. Okay? I'm gonna create that mask. Yes. So that I can see the blue line. Okay, so that's it. And if I turn on the visibility again for lying his day that this Duma be to see how it goes and just collected for the time being Okay. Looks good. All right. So I wanted to be exactly readies Texas. Actually, the lines a little bit too high, so let me just move you down a bit. You said you did it. Okay. Next, I am going to any make this line, okay? And I want the lying to, uh, slow off, expand. I'm going to click on this lying here, go to transform, let me move you to be transform, and we can use the skill function by key framing. Okay, so I wonder Lying toe appear somewhere here. Okay? So, first I'm going to adjust their line so that there's no line. Okay, maybe just move that when freedom. So no lying and then lying. She was up. So I want the line to be full. Maybe say around. Okay. Somewhere here. Worry about this. We can adjust. Really believe that. So just, uh, zoom in a bit. Okay. So here, I'm gonna click on the skill, but and I'm going to unlock this skill so that any day exits affected. So at this point, I want the X to be 100%. And I wouldn't move forward to where the lying first appears, and I want this to be at zero. Okay, so now it's I That's a video place that lying opens up about it. Okay? Life. Okay. So I'm just going to collect the Langley Air Force. So this is how the line work. Okay, So next I am going to create another text layer and at this time is for the bottom layer text. Hey, you text, uh, leave the size inseam. Okay. And we moved his dollar bill. So for this text layer went to rename E est. Get fixed. Okay, So click on there. It is Let your selected Cleveland takes too. Okay. And again, this is the text. I'm gonna type the first and adjust the phones later. All right, so that's going to change the colors in size. I went maybe a bit, Dr. Color. Not fully white. And let's use a different phones. Let me you see all this straw boater looks looks good and reduce it to the smaller. So looks good, Because I need Of course, this needs to go down a bit further. Still too high. All I'm asking, honestly, you see how it goes? Okay, maybe this to be low risk. Okay, so that's, uh I see how it looks on in totality. Going any Me the rest of this text. So first miscue is two feet. Okay, so first off, I want my okay. Let me just Hi. This I'm gonna move. This lady acted about them. Does it really make any difference? But I just want you to look better, Okay? So I want my Bottomley a text to appear after the line is fully out. So with the editor for the composition, I'm gonna move this. I want to trim the bottom the yesterday piers later. Okay, So when you have Pierce after the line is done, So that's the first adjustment. Thank you. Now, for the probably A text I wanted to feeding. All right, so here. So let's hear around here. So I'm gonna open up this leader and go to that transform, and I'm going to put a key frame for capacity. So he had a passage. He's 100%. And at the beginning, I want capacity to be at zero. Okay, so now that this takes place, this will be this totally attacks work here. Okay, so that's what I want. And then at this point in time, the blue line should start to appear, so I'm gonna just a blue line. Okay. Looks good. And then let me just left this. And then this is where I wonder bottom layer texted Start appearing. So let me we treat this forward, okay? And we're gonna any me This okay. After the lying appears, I want to text the bottom. Leah texted dropped down from the top. So on the one need to have a slight bunks. So I'm moving it forward here. Okay, so let's say this is where I won. This will be the final position off these Bottomley. A text. So again, drink. Transform. Okay, this will be using the position. So here, I'm gonna set that key frame. This is the final position. Okay? And at the beginning, at this point, I want the position to be here to be up here. He didn't. Okay, so that's one point. So I see Moves down both down, right in and a day. Okay. So because I want the bounds, Ms means I want this position to happen faster. Text of for Down. Faster. Yes. We'll be sending out a key frame here, so no text drops. Don't trust it. And I wanted to have it. Sort of had banks. So movie that begin slightly and let's see how it goes. All right. Looks pretty good. Okay, So let me just Zuma and let's play from the beginning. See how it goes. You may need to adjust this a little bit more. Okay, so it seems that this is falling a little bit too slowly. No, the effect that I want. So what I'm going to do is I'm going to select all these key friends, and I'm gonna move you forward so that if it happens faster, Okay. All right. So he looks good. So that's how you do this? Let me guess. But it's under the timeline so that you can see this. Okay. And then you can actually just fade out this animation. Okay, If you want to say you can just Eddie feet, you want to buy going to effects, we're going to start going to transform. And over here, the opacity could be 100%. And then over this Lear, the city goes down to zero. Okay, so here your idea. Justin, you're on the timeline. You're not adjusting under the company shot. Okay? That's how you create an immediate text in Give them express. 25. Animated Hand Written Title: in this video, I will show you how to create handwritten text like what you're seeing right now with the Flame Express. So first off, what I'm gonna do is I am going to close off some of the panels of the windows that I don't need for this tutorial. So I went most base. Something's going to close off the meters, the trimmer and also the audio mixer. OK, so the first thing is to create a new company shot, and I'm just gonna leave the name as it is, okay? And also the duration. Okay, so just leave it at this, and the compasses shop taps comes up. So the first thing I'm going to do is I'm going to turn off the check about background, and I want to have a black background so that it helps me to see the text a little bit better. So go to the compasses shot here and create a new layer and click on new text. So at the Texas a year, I'm just going to type something here, and it's gonna be my name. And of course, this is too small. So let's go to the text. Step here and change some of this changing 230. Okay. And let's isolate a different formed. Okay, so the type of phones is depends on the phone says on your computer system. So I have you on my screen. You can try and other type of phones. That doesn't really matter. Okay, so next I am going to changed. He says Ville changes time timer from his players. Time to display of frames. And to do that, what you need to do is just how with this and right click with your mouse and just change this players frames. Okay, so next, what we're gonna do is we're going to zoom in so that we can see this probably. Okay. And the next step is to use this freehand mass to and in essence, but we're going to do is begin to mass, create five different masks, too slowly, slowly on mass. This word here. Okay, so with the with this new text layer selected, I'm just gonna click some points here. Okay, so that's the mosque. And next, What you want to do is click on this to open up the menu for the transform on the most and click this twos said the key frame for the path. Okay, so in essence, we're gonna create a part. As it moves along, this must will move to unreal. Let this. Okay, So let's move on to five frames down the road and that zoom into this timeline a bit. So at the point of five frames, we will move this month. Ricky. So this is actually kind of tricky. And this tutorial is actually a bit time consuming just to warn you so at five frames and we start to move at this point. OK, so at the beginning, the masses like that. So it's five frames is showing half the characters lettuce and that's moved to say 10 frames under dance for him down and you will unveil this. The case of the netted J is kind of tricky because there's this cross coming down, so I'd want to cross to show so early on. So this means I have to hide this. Okay, so let's see how it goes where they hikes it probably. So OK, you notice that that the fee frame year this kind of looks OK that this so this part here doesn't look so good. Okay, I'm revealing too soon. So which means at the point of five frames, that should move it off a bit. And Heidi is better. Nike. So let's zoom in photo and used a hand tool to drive is down. Okay, so this is free number. It s so not doing too well. So the letter unveils this way. This is six five frames is there? So let's go back to number 10. Give free. Number 10. Should be higher up. They should be. How Europe. Okay, so it looks all right. So, Doctor, let's move to 10. Freedom of 15. So train the free number 15. I want this part of start showing up, ready the top at first and then at the same time, this shows the spot to come. Now. Okay, then. A frame 20. Obviously. Visual. Come down further from 25 more. This is a lot of it. There's a handle to grab this. Let me zoom in that 200. So this friend 25 so kind of movie Dad frame 30. Okay. Frame 35. So what you want to do is to create the effect that if somebody is writing this thinking. So I would have to move these down and then maybe more and frame 40. This is very jeez form. Okay, so let's see how it goes. Movie. Okey looks. All right. Okay, so that's for the letter J. Then. Then we're gonna repeat it for the next Let non next characters. Okay, so now this is the first mask. You and next we'll create another mask. And this is for the letter A OK, so we just give it to the for the frame number 45. I'm going to create a second musk. Okay, So, again within their this can create a master and you notice that there is thistles. The first mask over here You can read rename this. Some gonna rename it, Master that j okay. And they here would be moss desh a Okay, just for your one reference. Okay. And this is 45 so let's start moving down. Okay? So the character a will start somewhere here, which means I'm gonna have a letter strong move. That really so I'm just going to do it. This wafers. Okay, so this would depend on individual letters and characters. Okay, So again, make sure. Your transform party set year. Okay, so first ease. Nothing. Okay? And unless moved for him, 50 in a study on reading the e, then free and 55 and so on There, so far. Okay, so the tricky part is too slowly. Move this, move the mosque key and then change it. All right, De Sabari, You're not that difficult, is just that it's time consuming. And you want to make sure that somehow you're the way you move to correct this. You don't unveil something. Okay. Too early. All right. So let's try decency. Okay, so despite it doesn't look too well, this so frame sixties. All right, So 65 review continues to unveil the E. And the trick is a cute to have sufficient points to give you the flexibility to move the Masaru. Okay. 65 to 70 75 frames and then leaky frames. Okay. And then at 85 frames, this character starts to come down, right frames. Thank you for life. Okay, so let's lower the character A how it forms. It's not It's not perfect yet. Some here, it's not perfect. Okay, But it's OK. So death a and the rest of it is the similar. Okay, so I'm gonna close off. Must a and then No, who's not this menu for the mass Jail must a okay. And then create the next mass. Okay. And so on. And so far. Okay, So we have done unless we name this to must dish this. Okay, so now, um, that's a replay this and see how it looks like that Zuma hopes. Okay, Does it in points there? No, really, she didn't. Well, okay, so that's how you create the handwriting phones with him. Flame Express. So this easier? I know. I need to do some corrections. Okay. Is showing, even though he shouldn't show. Okay, this party's on hidden. So we did some Paris here. You go back to e. And I go back to your path here, okay? And zooming and see why this partisan hidden properly. Okay. And this you move along, you can just go. Move, move, move from Okay, so oops. Key. Okay, So these parties in fully heated, I may need to zoom in further. Okay. To this point at ease and hidden, this is still for the letter e. Okay, so this this is very should start freedom 1 65 Ok, so 1 65 isn't totally hidden. So which means I have to move this point to make sure he didn't complete. Okay, okay. Lets Zuma start from here. Is this must hopes stewed a can, you know? Okay, No longer day. So that's how you do some corrections. If there's any errors, that's ladies again. So if you want things to move faster but you can do is to go to the beach masculine and changed the key frames here. Okay, you can zoom in to your timeline. Thank you. And sort of move these points to the forward. Right? Maybe you into movie a few frames forward so that the text will pay faster. So here you can actually movie. This is moving by one frame. So move it by two frames, move it by three frames. Okay, And that's how you just a speak. So let's play this again. That zooming. Okay, I just like the other characters. But if I want to move it foot faster, I would just do the same thing. And once you're done in order to put this compass he shot to the editor that you need to do is to go to your media. Okay, move this to the any part. All right, So let me just put a video down there that's going import some media, baby. Dear baby deer here, minus all the audio. Okay, so I'm gonna put the composition on this lying here. Who's right? Concedes a will. It's kind of dark, but let me move this to maybe twist a point here. Okay? They can see this now. Right at the bottom. 26. Animated Moving Line On Map: In this video, I will show you how to create animated map or map animation. They show a line travelling from one location to another. So the first thing that you need to do is actually to get your graphics and to get a map. Okay, so I'm going to use Google Maps, and this is what you see on screen. You can use other maps as well. Or a map that's already been prepared, either JPG or PNG or even, you may even create your own maps. Now, now that you have your map, what I'm gonna do is I'm going to do a screen capture. And I have a software called SNP and sketch, basically this office building to Windows. And it just allows me to take a screen grab of the image on screen. Okay. And it allows me to see if that nasa image. Now there are other software that can do that. So it's up to you. And I'm going to save this as my original, Okay, I'm just going to call it the original map and save as a PNG. Okay, now next we came close this map. And you should go to a website called Pixlr. Now before I go to the website called Pixlr, you can use Microsoft pinned to do a line and let me just quickly show you. So this is Microsoft Paint and I'm just going to open the map. Does now met or regional. And the lessee, I wanted to draw a line from Kuala Lumpur to somewhere in SA bar here. Alright, so first I'm going to choose the gesture line, and then I am going to go to the line size. That's choose the line size and I pick a color. Then move your cursor to wherever you understand your line. And then go the drag and drop it to where you run your line to end. That says I'm a here. Okay? So basically you can actually just save this image and use it. Okay? Now, I'm not using Microsoft Paint because I want to create some academic line. I am just going to use Pixlr, Okay, but let me just see if this has so far. Let me save this. Save as PNG as well. So I'm going to call this as the straight line, straight line till the CV. Okay, and I'm going to close it. Now. I'm going to use a different software called Pixlr, and this is an online software that is free. All you need to do is to come to BI, go to advance Pixlr. And first we're going to do is to open an image. We're going to use this met more regional. This is a map that you saw just now. That is why we need to do is to draw a line monkey. So go to the left here and click on draw. And go to the top here there's a brush case, I'll click on this. And basically I won my softness. You can see the line is a bit soft and so-called is big soft. This is actually a brush and make sure that it is a distinct line. 40 pixels is too big. You can change your size here, okay? Or you can also change the size here. I'm going to use, say, five pixels, all right? Or you can also select your size here, give five pixel, ten pixels. Alright? There's, okay. And then here is the my color k. So this is my color line. So if you want to have a different color, you can select changes to say blue and just click on, okay. Okay, however I won my line to be re case. I'm just going to read and pick on rape and click on ok. So you see this, you can actually switch between y n R3 by clicking on this or any other color, correct? So now that we have selected our brush, we have selected the size. You have selected our color here, we can start drawing the line. I'm going to move my house. I'm gonna move my mouse over to Kuala Lumpur. And I'm going to draw a line, okay, before you need to add another layer and an hour to hear layer as a new layer. So this layer is where the line is, where we're going to draw the line and cave. You're not going to draw on the map itself, but we're going to draw an a layer that is transparent, okay? So you can draw the line where the straight line. Now this line is a hand-drawn so it kind of moves and it's okay for the, the thing that you want to do. Now, however, if you are not happy with this, you can undo the array. So let's undo that. I say I want to do the line this way. Doesn't really matter. So in a sense, it looks a little bit more realistic. Make sure that your layer is still selected. Next, we want to go to eraser. I guess I like the Eraser. Again. We can go up to the top here, change the softness, change size by key and click on OK. Now we there erases selected not because the line is on a new layer. I can actually erase the line here, okay, every dyad affecting the map at the bottom, okay? Now if I selected this layer here and I erase, this is erasing them below. Alright. So I'm going to undo it by clicking on Edit, Undo, right? So with the top layer selected, I'm gonna continue erasing partner my line to create a dash, right, so you can see what's happening. Okay, so now my line has been mice, straight line or solid line has become a dashed line. So what I want to do next is to go to File and Save this. Alright? And I'm going to save as PNG and name this as map. We dashed line, okay, and download this. And less, saving. Alright, so my have my memoir, regional map of metal dashed line. Okay, and we are done with this. Alright, so next, I am going to close this website. We're going to go into a heavy mass press. Now with the map that I have done this now I'm going to do this, the original and the dashed line, okay? We can also play with the straight line later on. Let me just drag him as well, but I'll show you a little bit what I mean. Okay, so next, what you want to do is to drag the original map on to video trend number one. Okay, so let's see this a bit too short, less, oh, about two seconds. Let's make it say about law or our 55 to six seconds long. Now with a dashed line, I'm going to drag this n they sit on to track the upper track, our video track number two. Let me just say, let's just transform this to fit to the frame, frame height. Okay, that looks all right. And the bottom one as well transforming to the frame height so that the map with the line is on top, okay, if I hide this, you can see the men at the bottom, so is exactly the same. Now the next step is actually to create a mask. So select the, the map on Tottenham or image on top. And here says select the mass to rectangular mass and greater mass over here in case I may around there. Next, what you want to do is go to controls and opened up this section for the mask quote to transform and make sure you, this transformation is under the mass Section K naught this transform, right? So this one is transforming the clip, but this one is transforming the mask itself, okay? Select transform for the mask. And then what you want to do is to move your playhead somewhere, here, wherever you want. You're lying to start moving. Okay. So so far things happening. All right. So let's move it somewhere here. And the blades are ME here. You're going to keyframe the skill as well as the position. And then move your head to somewhere here. And then with the mass, select it and click on this selection tool. And we will change the size and the position of the scale of that mass. Ok, so let's just move this here, somewhere here until the lie is fully by Sean. Okay, if I may here. Alright, so let's play this. Let's move this back. As you can see, this is what's happening, right? The mass is actually expanding and actually revealing the line below. Okay, so let's play this. Alright, so basically that's how you create an animator. Lime him, he plum express. And this effect is very popular or made popular by Indiana Jones and thus movie. Now, if you were to use the straight-line, okay, let me just move this. You can do the straight line as well. So it's the same. Let me do it over here. So this is a straight line that was done in Microsoft Paint. Frame height, okay, and I'm just going to copy this. Okay, let me just drag this down to the original map, to the one below again, so it looks the same. So this is a straight line. And then the top tray by so let's transform this to fit the frame height. So now if I were to highlight the top track, you will see this water map. If I activate the trek or videotaped too, you see the straight line. Ok? So we can just do the same for this again. And this time you will be a straight line. Just click on today rectangular. So you get the idea is actually the same. The software that you use to create this line doesn't really matter. It's more important that you get this technique right. So this line would actually move this way. But that's how you create a Indiana Jones style or a map, any mission using hippie and express. 27. Text That Follows Movement: In this video, I will show you how to create some texts that follows the movement of person. So in this video, you will see this person holding the phone and he's walking across the screen. Again, it's been structured by someone, okay, and then comes onto the other side. So I thought that is, looks quite interesting. K2, some text on the screen, the kinds of follow his movement. Okay, so the way to do it is to first click on the clip and make composite shot. Okay, so I'm going to create a composite shot n to the movie, the clip. Click on. Okay. First of all, why do you need to do is to create a trackless. So you click this clip and open up the menu and select, insert tracker. Click on the green button here to insert a trigger. And then let me just move a little bit smaller. So in this case I'm going to do double tracking points. And you'll notice here w triggers came up. So let me just, okay, let me resize this a little bit. And let me zoom in slightly. So what I need to do is to move this triggers to the LSI and I went to scroll the side here. Okay, grab this so you can move the frame. So now go back to select a tool and select one of these triggers. And the more that tracker in 11 of it, I'm going to track his hand. And I want to expand the size a bit so that the tracker will have an easier job. Now, if you look at the screen closely, you'll notice that the hand is actually moving quite significantly. So it will be difficult for the tracker to track a. Let me just move this way. The hand movement, because of all the colors and other end. And these kind of 1, one tone moraine is, in this case, sometimes things are a little bit easier to track. For example, if you have a phase where the eyes and the nose and the mouth is clearly defined. Or when you have something real is for example, this car here at the colors is very extinct, so it's easier for the tracker to track it. So let me move the second tracker or, and for the second triangle, I'm going to track his arm a. So it's going to be difficult because there's no side distinct shape, color. We can help the eye tracker along. Okay, so let's go and zoom out a bit. Scale to fit and run the tracker forward. So the trekkers top n, yes, kinda lost this trick. So let's zoom in a bit and go back to that and help the tracker log. So I'm going to move this guy here. This is on this side. Can you can also track frame by frame. So this is where the person is blocks less, move on. One more frame n. Let's move the tracker back to the original position. Let's move this forward. Let's see if that check is missed again. So let's do it again. Continue and be done. So I'm going to zoom out. Ok, So we're not done. Let's move the trigger. Kb the two points so close I might have missed mix the two triggers. Mr. 20 triggers SI. So let me just grab the screen in the full wave. It KVL going to the end of it. Is. This is not so crucial for these situations, so he's all right. Is this the end of the screen? Yes, we add n of the screen, so let's move. These points are made here. Okay, so that's the end for the trigger. So now what you need to do is I'm going to go to the New Layer and click on a new point. Ok, so I'm going to rename this track point. Okay, So let me come to here. So we're back to the tracker. And I know the layers here. Well, you Andy do now is to select that checkpoint. Okay. These trig primary first of these Treg point at me. Okay. So while we are doing is to link that triggered to this checkpoint and click on Apply. Okay, go back to the viewer. And you can see here. Okay? So when it came to that point, this arrow here is now attached to this k. So this is how it works. So what you need to do is to create a new text layer. So click that inset text in that text selected, I'm just going to type something here on the screen. Okay? So this is in a text layer. That's a mess that up a little bit. So now I'm going to move this text layer two is our May here. Alright? And I'm going to link that text layer to that point. Okay? So now as I move these including the steps are binned up. Each of us taking a step, we kind of go down a little bit. So that's how we do it. It'd be better. You can actually change the text, gimmicky the SV and look into this box right here. So maybe the textbook person's face forward. So may hear EGN if you want to attach a layer to the point, you can also do that. So let's do that. I'm going to do a new layer, and I'm going to call this as a new plane. And the plane will be gray color. And I want it to be semi-transparent. So let's put up a 150 over there. Okay, So this is the new layer. And then what I'm gonna do is I'm going to mask this layer, master gray layer. So let me just so that you can see this better, okay. I'm going to mask this layer. Ok. And make sure the mask, the text is immersed in mostly. Okay, so it shows that way. And then of course that Lin also I want to check into this tracking point. Okay, So now we did it. So this how you create a text that follows a person. So this is in combination using motion tracking as well as text. 28. Create Realistic Camera Movement: in this video, I will show you how to create a realistic camera movement. Perhaps call handheld camera shots. Okay, So why would you want to create such things Were going to make the scene more interesting. Sometimes you could be recording yourself and you're using a tripod. But you want to make it as if somebody is shooting or recording your clip. Handheld. So that is why you want to create such shots. Or you may have a scene like this. So I created this. What I call a magic snap to shoot this seem the only way to duty is actually to use a tripod. Okay, so what happens in this scene is there in? It's never finger. I change clothes. OK, so this entire video is shot using a tripod. So right now, I'm going to introduce some camera shake to this clip so that people will even be more intrigued how it's being made. Okay. And basically, the idea is to copy the movement from one video clip, OK to another. So I have another video clip here called Kobach room and hell, So it is just me shooting on something on the war, and it is handheld, and that's this small movement. And what we're gonna do is to copy this movement into this clip here called the Magic Snap toe. Make it look realistic. OK, so first, I'm going to change the my workspace to the compositing work space. Okay. And in the media here, we're going to create composition from the bathroom hand. Hell. Okay, so let's go and create a compass he shot. I'm going to call this, uh, come. Okay, so the next thing we need to do is to and let me just move these dollars. Well, I'm gonna move this clip down to here as well, and I'm just going to turn the layer, visit ability off toe open a tracker. Click on this button. This button here on the right here, their recent green last button on the tracks at a tracker. So what we going to do is to add a single track point. So basically what you're telling him from expresses to track this point. What we need for this clip is just a single point. You don't double point. If you create a double point, then there would be two trackers. As you can see there. So and let me just zoom in a bit que zooming more Can you can want to move this tracker here to this point and I'm gonna track this movement. Okay, so for this house, shots, when you want to do is to shoot something that is easy for him to track became maybe something with high enough contrast. O r a point. OK, so there we hit him. Has an easier job to track it. The green box here. But the green square is where you're telling him Flame to look, okay. And the risk ways the feature where his flim is tracking, so is smoking for this feature here within the green blocks. OK, so once you're done, what you're gonna do is to just leave the matter to optical floor. And you can just trick on this track. Forward button. Let me just Zuma. Okay? They stopped the train, so just continue. So you would take some time for he think toe track this movement, depending on your clip and how difficult this scene the convention, when you want to do, is to shoot something that's easy for, or use a clip him can track easily okay. Something that high contrast. Okay, so that's done. So what we need to do is come back to this track point here when it comes to a little a year. So right now, what you want to applies to apply it to the magic snap of the year and click on apply. So right now, I'm going to come back here, minimize this train, and I turned on the layer visibly t for them magic snap and turn off the visibility for the bathroom. So if you go to the viewer now, okay. And that's, uh let's go back to the front. Have you ever wish you that it's next can change in a blink of an eye? Maybe, but most things in live there, boss here made a black bus on the bottom and also right here. Okay, so to fix that, what I'm gonna do east to zoom in a little bit. Or you can adjust this a bit for such terrible effects. If you can shoot your video at the higher resolution than they would be better. For example, shooting four k and creating a video using 10. 80 p. So he has some space to sort off. Move around anyway. It's just toe zooming. So let me just go to the at the time line. Now I'm going to the bathroom. Handheld. Come can move the composition shot to the editor. So what I'm going to do now he's to go to controls could transform and skill e una bit say , about 5 to 6% my trying 5%. Okay, and that's see that's any Okay, so this part there is still some Really there is bar, so I mean it. Zoom in that bit more. So that's tried 107%. Muti's down with it, So basically that's idea. So if somebody is watching this, there will be really interesting. How was this trick done? So this is how you create a realistic movement. Give him express. Using the motion tracking function 29. Correcting Lens Distortion For Action Cameras: in this video, I will show you how to correct for lens distortion, especially if you're using an action camera like a GoPro. Or maybe you're using some lenses which are very why or fish islands in case so it's very simple or you need to do is go to the effect step and lawful action camera time in action under whop You have action Kim Lens this thought. Okay, so you can just select that and drop it on to your kids. And next under your control on effects opened up the menu day for the action came lens distortion. And the simplest one is actually to just select some of the previous the presets. Okay, whether you go, bro, keep treat blasts or try. Okay, go pro for you can select any of this preset and straight away. You'll notice that once I put this in your street and some of them that this had distortion straight. We okay, so compared to here, the same timing the click you notice. Now straighten up so much more. But Mia's straighten a little bit too much show so you can actually back off a little bit, do you? You don't mind some some slight distortion, but you want to see more off the images, More things on frame. For example, the origin of click here you know, distant shadow. Here come. Is there such a big gap mirrors here there is less again. So basically, this effect actually would have sort of zoom in and straight and some of it and trim off the ages. So it's very important to ensure that your reverses checked if you and check it. You don't notice that this is really there's been corrected for and he thinks that off. Crop this off again. So you took click on that. If you can, you can also use the other process if you like to see, which is the fact that it's best suited for what you're going for. The center. Here, you can move things around and really change. Change the center. Okay, if you want more certain section okay, off course. Then introduce other kinds off distortion so you can play around. We did to have some assembling, so you have some form of control way. We should just do you want to see more? Okay, so that's all for the action came Lin's this notion 30. Adjusting White Balance Or Color Temperature : in this video, I'm gonna give you some ideas about using color temperature as well as white imbalance. So let's start off with color temperature. Now. They are not off effects in terms, off color correction things that auto color auto Contras and until I was. And some of it works quite similar. It's just that the interface in adjusting the color or the fine tuning is a little bit different, so we will cover some of these so less cowbell color temperature. Okay, now, to use the color temperature if you need to do is to select color temperature and dropping onto the click and you go to the controls and the effect step. You'll see that the color temperature is there, and you have some process that you can select and as well as a temperature skill at the bottom. If you have used your smartphone or even camera, you'll notice that your camera either color temperature or white balance that you can send light. Okay, so most cameras can be happen. Hotel more and sometimes what? The moat that is a shot in. It's not exactly the same as the effect that you're after so you can actually correct it here using color temperature. So if you look at the preset here, this is a scene that actually looks a little bit kind of washed up. The shot from the camera is just created this kind of effect. Okay, now, first off, I'm gonna use preset and you'll notice here that the precept is blue skies, candlelight cloudy and try. So let's select blue sky. You noticed it. Entire screen now looks kind of blue and may work if you are trying to create a season, may be trying to create a season or a scene that looks of bluish. Now this all looks a little bit too blue, so you can actually go to the bottom of the skillet about them and kind of a justice sliding a little bit to the left and make it a little bit more realistic. Now, if you are going all the way to the 10,000 Calvin's, maybe it will work well for things like Arctic, and you can actually push it all the very further right all the way to 13,500. But you can actually adjust this scale further to suit the color the year look that you're after and b six this. You can also try the presets. I see daylight. Okay, so this is a key quite close to the original scene to test your effect when it's applied versus benefits. No, you can uncheck this. Okay, So is on changes a little bit more greenish. And once you apply the effective, I need to be a brighter. So maybe this is somewhere around here. Now, if you want to create a warm or seen, you can choose say, maybe tungsten. Okay, so now you get an effect, which is somewhat like auto. And if it will be too much, you can raise it up. It will be using this skill. Okay, so this is using color temperature effect. Now, you can also use a similar effect. So let me just do this first. Checking this you can also you do use a similar effect. My using white balance to at justice. So I'm just dragged the white balance over to this clip here. And then you open it. You see that this colors adjustment is different and there is also a color picker. Now, this color picker if you selected you can actually drop it on any part of scene that you want. And they usually it's for you to select the proper white balance. Okay, so what you want is to select a point. And sometimes in some video clips, people should something that is gray or white piece of paper that shows that it is right to help Different expressed. Decide whether it is actually white. Okay. And that's actually adjust the color balance. Okay, Now, if you put the color picker to somewhere, there is not why, as all you can actually create the effect and again the effects similar to adjusting the preset in the color temperature. Can you notice that this figure here's have changed and the scene is slightly more yellowish and orange G? 31. Adjusting Colors Using Curves And Color Balance: this video, we will cover a color correction in a greater detail. I'm gonna show you brightness and contrast. So I'm just gonna direct brightness and contrast into this clip here and under the controls and the effects. If you open up this brightness and contrast effect, they are some presents that you can use again. There's a basic contrast flatten and heavy contrast. So let's select basic contrast and notice that the contrast is actually changed. Now, if you go for heavy contrast, this is, in fact that you will see Okay, now, it may be a little bit too strong, depending on what you're after. And it may work for some. Seems so. Let me just check that. So to me, I feel that heavy contest is a little bit too heavy. And you can also change it by flattening it. Okay, that's how the phantom looks. And this kind of a washed out look over there. Okay, so now be Sykes using the presets. Obviously, you can also change this so sometimes it works well, but there's also a different effect. They give this, give you more control. So let me just on check this brightness and contrast. What I wanted to show you is using curves. Okay, Now curves give you greater control. So let me just break the curse over to this clinic. And if you open up this curves under the controls and the effect step, you'll see this cuffs. And this is a graph basically okay. And this is actually a straight line. And I do think, Look, that the channel is RGB, which is red, Green blue means you're gonna just all the channels at the same time. There is also greater control just in the raid the green, the blue, and also the Alfa. But we're just gonna cover RGB for now. OK, so let's make this scene brighter. And in order to make the same brighter, you can t use your mouse to select a point and create the point for that for this curve here and the first day that you push this cough up, the brighter the scene will become So if I were selected, This is how the original scene looks like and this selected This is how it looks. And with the curves, you can actually place more than one point. So let me just pull these down by selecting another point. And you notice now that the docks have become darker. And here is where the kerf is, whether bright, passive become brighter. So because it gives you greater control of us A say brightness and contrast. And you can not only just control the brightness, but you can also control individual color. Okay, you can place a whole lot more point as well. Okay. And on relatively go crazy if you want to. Okay. But usually it's a limited on do that. Usually people go for something was calling as kerf gave you. Look at this curve is that he looks like an s. And this is how it goes. Which means when it comes to the dock, pollings were reducing it. And when it comes to the bright points were increasing the brightness and you can see the seed now is so much more a year. Okay, Chris, this high contrast effect very similar. So check it is like you very similar to having a high contrast over there. You can make you adjust individual color says, Well, let's say, for example, being to have greater blue when you select the Blue Channel you are given a new line which adjust the blue colors exclusively and maybe do the same thing. Or you can also create a decoy. Why? Because in but the S curve looks like this s well, okay, so there's a lot of things that you can experiment with. So let me just reset this and to reset it, you can just click on this to restudy back to the original, and that's good to argue being reset it back to here. The one of the things that you can use instead of used adjusting the color on the individual channel is that if you do not want to get too confused, you can combine a color balance with curse. OK, When you open up the color balance effect, there also process that you can use. You can use a cool scene. Okay, so the scene becomes cooler. Okay, so this is the only you know. Okay, this is the real injury origin. Oh, this is cool. See, this is with the kerf apply. You can also create a warmer sea to create something like summer or autumn. And if you want to go finer control, you can go to the shadows and justice. So your notice that under the warm, the rate balances higher green balances up blue. This minus or negative has been reduced same in the mid tones as well. Read this higher, increased by 22 Nike and see Mr Highlights as well. So you have a better idea of how you want to adjust your color balance. 32. Create Custom Export Presets: in this video, I will show you how to create your own export presets or expert ended your export presets. Okay, so let's hit on the world to the export tap here. And here are the presets. Okay, so there are actually two sets. The first set is that in presets that come together with them express. And there's this are most commonly used presets. And there is also one that we just close them being presents. There's another one, because cold user presets which I have created, for example and I want to export media for smaller half hasty off Instagram I have it. Ok, well, when I'm making my cause us, I have my presets s. Well, so how do you create your own presets? Now, there are two ways to create your own export process. You can click on the top right button. We're here to create a new preset, but once you click on it, you be given the choice whether you want to do it for MP four video image sequence or even audio video in the leaf, FBI or quick time. Okay, you can select anyone on this, so let's go and click on it. And you have these new export preset that you can create for yourself for give it a name if you like to. Okay, so let's see. I'm just goodness test nameless test export preset. Okay. And then I read a You want a video? You. Now, if you and check this audio means you would just be video without audio. Or you can also create one for just exporting audio alone. Okay, Now, there are all these other things that you can select whether you want to keep the dimensions from the source, change the frame rates and etcetera. Okay, Then you want, including variable be written and etcetera, OK? As well as the code act. Now, if you're not very sure how toe about all these different different things, then I suggest the best thing is not to create a preset from from scratch, but use one of the building presets. Okay. Like for example, let's say you want to have something a little bit different, but you went to sort of like use of the basic presets from YouTube. Okay, so what you can do is to right click on that on, then edit that preset. Okay? so edit preset. So this is a YouTube and you'll notice that the name here there is, too. Okay, version two. And let's say I'm gonna create a YouTube. But I wanted to be seven to NDP. Okay? And at a sudden frames per second. Ok, so unless changed it to say 60. Okay. And give you the name at 60 f. B s. Okay. And here you can actually change the comment. A smell. Okay. Hey, 64 less changing to 60 frames per second. This comment is just for your own, for your own use, so that you know what it is about. Okay, since we're doing 7 20 pm gonna change it to want to zero in 7 20 Okay. So uses. And then we won't select this because we wanted to be ah, half energy, which is 1 21 to Israel by 7 20 p. Keep the aspect ratio. Yes, Frame rate. Now, if you want uncheck this and you want to change it to, say 60. So, like this. All right, so the experientially square, you can leave things alone. The profile? No, The next thing is actually the target. Beer it. Whether you want to have a lower quality, you can actually lower this. Okay? I find that about four. That's fall argument's sake. We're going to reduce it to say it's 11 megabits per second and the maximum very last changes to trail. Okay, so you can actually set the beat rate for the quality that you want. And that means that you have just smaller small file sizes, and maybe the quality will reduce a little bit. Okay, Now here the Sam Paredes from the source, and you can actually change it. The sample rate for the 8000 Hertz was 48,000 kilohertz and the beer it as well. So the beer it makes is on in 1 92 K B. B s. So that's all you can do. So some for it, I think the best, exactly. Just to check it and keep from source. So now everything is okay, and you and the safe a copy. So I'm risk innately unsafe. And when you go over to the user presets, Okay, you notice that this is the new YouTube preset. And then you have all these things. You can see the resolution. You can see the frame rate and other comments as well. What? You have done this preset, and you want to make this as the default. You can set your default piece preset here as well. This Okay, so that become your default preset. So that's all about creating your export process with him, flim express. 33. Exporting Your Video: in this video, I will show you how to export your videos with him from express. And I wanted to show you a few things. Number one, your export tabbies over here, right at the top. Off your you work. If you can see the export tap open, that means on the window and and export, this has been turned off. Okay? So you can actually turn it on the windows and export and click on that. Okay, so you click on it. There's a few options that you can see. And over here there is a queue, and there is also a tactful presets. Okay, So the presets are here, whether you want to export it to you to or PNG sequins and other things. All right, so let's get back to them. You work now. I'm gonna export that. This shot few seconds from my timeline. Now, before you start exporting, there is something that you need to keep in mind. Now, if you click at the back here, there is an icon that opens up these three men. You okay? So the 1st 1 is the export now. Second is said to Q and before preset. Now What you want to do is actually to set your default preset. For example, YouTube 10 80 p HD vim you or maybe you and exported to other things like, for example, YouTube to 1 60 ultra high definition. Okay, so we will cover the presets or creating your own process in another video. But for now, I just want you to know that they are these presets. Okay. Wish you need to set. Now, once you have said that preset and then you have an option whether you want to export now to the Q. Okay, Now, when you export now, it means that you're gonna export immediately. You won't be able to make any changes. Okay, Now, when you add to a que, that means that you can actually create several projects and then one by one to the Q. And let's see, you have queued up about 45 projects and then when you want to take a break, then you can actually ask his flame express toe export all those 45 projects that you have added to the Q. Thank you. Now, when you export now you're exporting immediately and depending on the computer, that you use If you continue anything in May slow down. You're exporting. Old exporting may slow down your anything. Now, under either one of these menu, you have another option, which is to export the in an hour area or to export the content. Okay. Now, when you export content, it means that you're gonna export everything that's on your timeline. So where they had to cure export. Now that you have these two options, exporting the in and out means that on the timeline, you can adjust like something that you want to export without exporting the entire content . Okay, so let's say, for example, I'm going to send my in point here using this button here. So you notice that this part here has been greater. Whereas this part here is still on the light, agree? And if I move my play it to somewhere here and send my whole point. Okay. Now, if I were to select export in and out means Hey, Flynn were just export from this section two this section off that video clip. If you're exporting content, you export from here to there. Okay, so for the purpose off desire to tour, I'm going to export by adding it to a que exporting the contents. Okay, so its export the full content because approximately 10 seconds long. Okay, so straight away, it is cued up. OK, let me just open this further. You can see it more. And you will notice that this is a kid. A name off the far. If you want to open it, you can see it. Okay. The preset duration, the progress. And if I scroll to the right and this is the far right and we're here, I can change the name of the father. So I'm gonna just select this click on it, and I'm gonna say that this is a sample a spot sport, and see his wishing to OK and click on safe. So this is now saved. But the export haven't started yet. Okay, Now, let's say for example, now I want to make some changes. I'm going back to them, You're And now I'm gonna export this. Let's say I want to use the cliff for a different project. Or maybe I'm using it as a trailer. So I'm gonna select the front of this. I'm gonna set the in point and then just somebody here. I'm going to set the whole point. So again, this time I'm going to export the in in our area. Give it today like you. So now you see that these two cliffs has been queued up. Okay, the default is off. Any file from history, Miss Editor. So I'm gonna changes, and you can actually change it to another directory as well. So I'm just gonna call. This s a simple trailer que in clear and safe. Que The export hasn't started yet. Okay, now this is the default preset. Now, if you want to make some changes, you can change it here. So let's say you want to change it to very much in 10. 80 p. You can do that. When you're ready. You can actually just start exporting, click on start exporting and export most that. Okay, So you were exporting sequence here. You can see all the presets, but this you to the former video audio settings. And you can also see the duration off the export depending on your computer that you have and the types of edit and as well as the food dish in your export time, could be pretty fast or pretty slow so you can see the once is completed. It will continue on to the second export. Okay, this is much faster because it's it's just very shot. Now what's it done? If you click on it, you will take you to that directory. So let's click on this. He will open up to this directory the simple export in the simple trailer. So let's take a look at it. Okay, so So that's all about exporting your projects from him, Flame Express.