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How To Draw Hands Intermediate To Advanced

teacher avatar Karl Reid, Youtube/Aspiring Comic Book Artist

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (1h 30m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Project Requirements

    • 3. Functions and Fundamentals

    • 4. Step 1 - Drawing Feminine Hands

    • 5. Step 2 - Drawing Masculine Hands

    • 6. Step 3 - Drawing Male Hands

    • 7. Step 4 - Drawing Senior Female Hands

    • 8. Step 5 - Drawing Senior Male Hands

    • 9. Step 6 - Drawing Baby Hands

    • 10. Drawing Summary (Outro)

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About This Class

You will learn how to draw hands with ease and take your beginners or intermediate drawing to an advanced level in no time at all.

This is an in depth tutorial taught with simple principles and core fundamentals that will allow you to make massive progress towards drawing hands at an advanced and with further practice the sky is the limit. 

Principles in this tutorial also apply to other parts of the body as well so this tutorial will improve your overall drawing skill whereas anatomy is concerned. 

The project associated with this tutorial is also very hands on which is going to make you a MUCH better artist FAST. 

So hop on board to take your drawing skills to the new heights.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Karl Reid

Youtube/Aspiring Comic Book Artist


Hello, I'm Karl. I am a Youtube Content Creator and aspiring Comic Book Artist. 

My goal is to assist you to create and make awesome content that makes you smile!

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1. Introduction: In today's tutorial, we're going to be true or enhance. I'm going to take you from an intermediate level all the way through to the advanced level. We're gonna be focusing on different types of hands. For example, may or hands, female hands, young and old hands, differences between them and will pay attention to these details and now allow us to draw more believable, more realistic hands. With that being said, welcome to the hands-on tutorial. Before we begin. My name is Carl Reed. I do a number of different YouTube videos based on topics, so call anime and manga. And just whatever is, wherever I'm feelings, just cool and interesting environments and other bits and bobs on e, on my YouTube channel. That's a color read. I'm also an aspiring comic book IS I will be drop in Mali's about stuff I'm working on on my youtube channel as well. If you're interested, you can check out my YouTube channel as well, just gauge my skill levels. But also, if you're interested in phone quirky content that makes you smile. At the end of the day, I do videos every Saturday in my show intel series. If you're free, follow along, join me. 2. Project Requirements: During this tutorial, we're actually guarantee the several different versions of the same hand. So for each step in this tutorial, we are going to draw each hand a minimum of three times. However, each hand is going to have a slide different variation. Ok? So the Hand won or the firsthand yoga integer and each step is going to be the one that I demonstrate in each step. Then I want you to either pause the video or wait to watch in the whole tutorial and draw two other versions of this hand. Okay? So the firsthand is the demonstrated hand and show Rayleigh hey, demonstrated. And the second vision of the demonstrate hand, your guaranty true, is a senior vision of a hand, senior slash old fishing k. And the third is a younger version of a hand. Younger version. Ok, and we are going to do this for each step in the entire tutorial. Okay? Now this is the first task of the project, right? The next task of the project, task two, is that I want to list the differences between each hand that you draw, okay? So I advise that you actually stop rights in your list. As soon as you get to each steps. Stop, stop, Ryan, yourlist. So say for example, this hand would be male hand. Okay? And then the difference between the Mayo hand and the following step is following step, maybe a female hand. Okay. And then the differences between them may be the Mayo hand is big or bigger and female hand maybe smaller. Right? Okay. That is task two. And I went ICI, continue doing math, Robbie insights tutorial. So you should have a less by the end of all the differences between not only the different step hands. So say for example, the difference between a male and female hand or a male all turned and a young female hand, etcetera, etcetera. So I want you to list the differences between each of those hands, OK. What this will help you do is memorize how they are different and how they are put together. And that will make you much more confident in drawing your different variations in future. Now the third task is to gather all of that information. So you'll have not only your different variations of hands are your three minimum different versions per step in the tutorial, senior version of the hand GO younger version of the hand and invasion of the hand. The I demonstrate in the step, so I make sure you draw that as well. And then all of the differences between each hand, among each, gather all of the information. And I want you to upload it to the projects section in this tutorial. What that will allow you to do is share. Now, this is very important because we want to share our work with others so that we can get feedback, give other people feed back, and we will learn even more from other people. And NEH, visions of hands and their vision of the list that we're guaranteed, right? So make sure you do that and you upload images of your lists and images of your hands, all divisions up to the projects section in this tutorial. And that will allow everyone's share their work, discussed the differences, and learned much faster. 3. Functions and Fundamentals: In my beginnings to intermediate hands drawing tutorial, I explained that those differences in the way the hand interacts and the actually changes a number of different ways depending on what type of actions we're doing with the hand. So why entity to do is I'm going to quickly gloss over that again as it's even more so important regarding this tutorial as we're going to be taken on a 100 and from intermediate to advanced, we're going to need to pay even closer attention to these details. So what I'm gonna do now is I'm going to, similarly to the beginners and intermediate tutorial, I'm going to section off a hand into different portions. So we've got our rest portion here. We have our forum portion down here, and just say forearm here. And our rest portion here. Then we're going to separate our palm at this portion here. Okay. Just like that. And will separate this into a top portion as well. Okay? So going to call this area A1. For now. This area A2 will say, all of our thing is, can be the A3 area. And we'll say of them on exam will be a four in this case. These may change throughout tutorial, but for this particular instance, I want to show you some things so we'll call them as such that forum rest. And then we go into the areas. Ok, so the hand can actually do a number of different actions as I've said before. So during these different actions, a hand actually changes shape quite, quite significantly in some areas. So as I said in my previous tutorial, if you hold up your hand, sort of similar to how these handles here. And take a look at Y0. Performing an action, and the action that I want you to perform, its cadential Fest. So cadential fist like you're really angry, right? So you're really angry, you clench your fist. Bots are one is open it out again slowly. And I want you to say how each beginning to change one she opened it on. Okay. So I'm just gonna give you a couple seconds to do that. And then I went ET close your hand again slowly paying attention to how and where it changes. Okay? Right. Okay. Now when it's relaxed, you probably need some massage hands after all that sensitive. So what we're gonna do is we're going to look at where our hand changed quite a lot. So if you were looking closely, you probably know is that when you manifest your pawn areas here and here, fattened now, tensed. This area here are divide with the top and bottom portions of the palm folded over. And not just that we kind of flattened out here as well and here. Alright. And then our area near the thumb ends of DNA assembly. If you notice the soul muscle just on the knee, the thumb. Appendage. This part will have fun dao as well. So you'll get like a little ball chair. And same on the opposing side except we'll sort of go around like this. Okay. Nap forms is low squeeze hey, like a Botox in a way, I'll be away that lever member as he got low Botox there on the bottom of yarn. You'll never look at your hand the same way. Yeah. So okay. So we've been swiftly on riser. We've got we know is that the hand is changed in several different areas. So yeah, we've got these portions that Fan Dao here and here and here. Then our Han division, palm, palm, top palm. And those three parts are folded ICBA. And then other thing is, I have killed themselves over and over and over again. And once the dawn S, they've then oops, meaningful. With that. They then created that sorts of shape where they've completely sort of folded Eva and clearly did portions of our palm. Ok. And depending on how, how you create a fest, didn't actually go a lot lower than that, sort of around this region as well. And, but for the sake of this tutorial, I want to include every density you can see African and how that has changed in different locations, let's say. Right, so a 100 changed significantly and not HGS firm creating a fest as well? No. So our bone would've come over this direction as well. And I would have even amplified in this area. That saw the muscle bulge. So because our hung changes and it's so versatile, It's important to understand the specifics of how hand works, moves, operates, you know, and changes. And once you do, that will make your drawing of hands so much more believable because there'll be replicated what is actually happening in real life once you do, once you do these actions with your hand. Now bear in mind. It's actually, even, even with advanced knowledge of this, is going to be extremely difficult to replicate. A Hansel. And I say that because hands very so wildly, it's actually very incredible. I if you look at your hand and, and you look at someone else's hand, and that's within your family. Your name is, you know, pretty pretty big differences, right? The may there may be a lot of similarities too. But then if you look at someone outside of your family, you know, maybe from a different culture, etc, etc. You know, they, they change even more and then they change again even more. With age. They also change even more depending on what type of occupation or actions are persons doing on a daily basis. So the way that hands can change is wildly, you know, it's IS absolutely massive. And you'll notice this the more you pay attention to that as well. So when drawing hands is also important to know the, unless you're drawing from reference and you're making your hands, you know, specific to the reference. If you're drawing hands, just say on the fly, your main aim mostly dependent on what you're doing it for. So say for example, you are drawing for comics or you're drawing for illustrations or et cetera, sexual books. You know, the list goes on. What your aim is to create a believable walking hand. Okay? So that is, and again, I'll say it depends on what you need to do. If, if it needs to be totally realistic, you know, you're drawing from reference. If your conveying a hand, then what you need to know is draw from the knowledge that I'm about to give you in this tutorial and create a believable lock in hand. Okay? Because the hands, hands can just vary massively. So that's your main aim. So no, no in the future when you're drawing hands to distinguish between those two ru, or you join a realistic hand, whether it can be no sort of room for error in nutcase, draw straight from reference. Otherwise, your job is to create a believable look in hand, in which case, still look a reference. But it may not be in the same pose and maybe in a totally different process, etcetera, etcetera. Or you may be drawn off a fly, but your aim is to create a believable look in hand. And with this knowledge, you'll be able to do so. So certain actions create different results in a hand. So when you're tensing, your going to be bulging in these areas, when you're relaxed, then these areas is a guarantee of flattened out. You also sort of get a bulge in and around this, this rich dependent on what actions you are doing. And it also depends as to the level of detail you go in and see when you join your hands as well. So this is totally yeah, at your discretion. Or if you're drawing force on one, then, you know, there's going to be some compromise between you are not persons and tastes and their discussions as well as your urine. Okay. So just wanted to go through that quickly because that's very important to know that behind can perform a ton, an absolute ton of different options. And it changes the shape of the Han massively. So with that, we're going to move on to drawing different hands and looking at the differences between different demographics. Like I said earlier, you know, female hands may or hands, young and old paradigm. So let's do this. See you in the next session. 4. Step 1 - Drawing Feminine Hands: Okay, ladies and gentleman, right. So first one of the session. Okay. So without further ado, we're going to get on with off fest hand. And on this one. We all working on a female 100 schools and why I think up a frog and mindful. So we are waiting on a fema hand. So what we're gonna do is we're going to pay attention to how this dephase room of a hands. So female hands. Let me just create this Seconds, Right? Right. I think we should go with a nice green on s. So main differences with female hand. And actually before I get into that, let me just say that again because hands vary wildly across the board. Female hands, some PMO hands can actually look at male hands and vice versa. Again, it all depends on sort of genetics and what that person does on a day-to-day basis. Okay, so keep an eye on what Bob we're gonna focus on, let's say, feminine, masculine traits within hands. So across the board, usually if you're drawing female hands, you'll adhere to certain rules and make your hands look a certain way. Same for a future and male hands centrifuge join young hands and old hands, but there is room for crossover with each. So keep that in mind. Now, with this particular hand. I've got a frog in my Franco Barry and he's not leave it. So sorry about that. Right? So with the female hand, females hands tend to be more defined and solved, pointed at the end, right? Not too sharp. B will not look into create like spines or anything like that. But what we are doing is we're sort of accentuating and that's so, you know, that's sort of rounded points it shape. Yeah. And fema hands are actually going to be more very sort of sorts, Lee Angela, if that makes sense. So you see, we've got these very, very so kids. Okay. They also guaranteed to be thinner, right? Survival is drawing a mail phone, sort of in the same, sorry, mail bomb in the same sort of pose. That's going to be a lot more sort of guessed. Ok? Because just again, across the board, thus solve one of those roles like guys, may Johan's tends to be theca female hands. Mostly. Okay. That's not always the case for my sleep. Right? So let me just get rid of this. So voxel 0.8 curvature. Those apply as well to the binges. So the more delicate and spindly. Ok, and obviously there's real there's room for plan about on these. And again, it depends on what kind of character you're created. So say for example, then you do an illustration. You don't a female character and you join a which right? Now, usually, when people draw, which is they accentuate the sole female, vega. We've gotten hands a lot more. So they extend the the indexes, sorry, the appendages. They make him even more spindly and even more points. A yeah, and then you get like seven different types of effects. So bear in mind, that's also isn't LLC Keep in mind but without going on a tangent, Yeah, Female hands, a lot more spindly be, the soul of each. Appendage is less than males. Law more points a, especially if they've got like an a diva nails on the ammonoids and makeup and OMA kinds of Iraq. So depending upon the terminology and all the rest of Zara lobar. Yeah. And that starts with your last what you're going for with the female hand. Okay. So you don't want to be if you join female hand unless she's very powerful, has masculine traits and loss. And women can be powerful. But in a way, physically, they usually have thicker girth, the fingers and hands, unless they've been doing some thin in their day-to-day. That has made their hands like that. Okay, so that's more of a masculine trait. So that we can, we can do a female hands just like that. And it's very, the very slim, slender and delicate and attends defined. You can have a lot, you can have a lot of fun with hands in general, female hands, you can make him feel even more expressive and feminine ways our fill the fill the females can be very expressive with their hands. So you tend to be able to sort of converse a lot with female one poses. So I to identify them, which is very interesting to play with and, and explore with. So yeah, and then bearing in mind, obviously, we've got our Pais here. The way is sort of similar to how we did it stop. So whether handy subcontracting. So no S again, we've got this bulge coming through here at the base of the hand. And this is a more muscular region. So that Stalin's approach. Quiet bed. Like we just, like we just discussed in the previous. Okay. So bear in mind. So bear in mind these these main things. Female hands also. I will actually get into that later on in the video. But if you're drawing of a yeoman DO female, that their hands are going to be quite, the hands are going to be quite spindly, but not to spin the disk is going to be like a really nice shade. There's, there's a lot of fine balance, too delicate balance to the year1 and make them cheat then you definitely don't want to make. And so you get the babies all wanna get our fine so spindly, pointed and rounded shape at the same time. That balance when you join your female hands. Okay. And again, that's totally open sea. In either circumstance, what is what is she doing everyday, et cetera, et cetera? How do you want your character to come across? Or are you drawing from real life, in which case, use your reference or, you know, it hits a specific I'm sort of sort of they're not hard rules, but it depends on what you're trying to convey. That this is definitely the very feminine so of aspect here. And that's conveyed through three these traits. So delicately spindly, rounded, rounded ends but pointed as well. And yeah, it's just nice. I love joy below hands. One my favorites. Okay. So I'm just trying to think if there's anything else to be said about this one. No. So I think I'll just Ryan down. So one then h, then h, And as another n and m. And we'll say rounded points. We'll say delegate law can be in surveyed a number of ways, but biophilia conveyed will mean appropriately in this. And we'll say, not very good. Okay? Right, so now we're gonna move on to a different hand. And you will soon see the differences between the chain. Okay, so we're gonna move on to masculine hand and straight away or maybe some differences. So in the next session, See that. 5. Step 2 - Drawing Masculine Hands: Okay, ladies and gentlemen, welcome back. We have our masculine hand. Hey, by the way, all of these hands I truly personally from reference. So they are they are very accurate. If the law SRE for any reason, it's because obviously I've taken out and I've taken out the detail that would solve the strap for the points that I'm trying to convey to you is once, once you understand these principles, if you like, then you'll be able to apply them across the board with your different hands. And then you'll be able to add the necessary amount of detail, which is totally to your discretion or whoever you're working with. Discretion or compromise between by the VA. So yeah, betai mind. Right. So this is our male working man's hand. So immediately, you know, is from the previous difference, previous pheno hand. And this hand is that the less hand or the finger is, is much more, much more than all-female hand. Okay. So if I go packets or fema hand yep. And then we get back to you on Oh, let me go back to a working man's hand. And good is much more SO di, di can email hand. Slim, slender, delicate. And then we'll go on working man's hands, which is the appendages on much more, much more guilty data. Ok. Now, also are mainly in the reference, the nails were quite exaggerated them quite long. Just, just an ibis why they live are actually dies from reference. One of the things in iOS as well is the joints on our working man's hand of very, I won't say exaggerated because they often referenced. They are very prominent. Yeah. And on top of that, not only are the joints very prominent, that the area between the joint. So say for example, the NAACP O'Hare and the Naoko haha. This region is very, very Fund. And same here. And same on all the fingers but to different degrees. Obviously the, the the index and the middle finger and the ring finger, or a lot more than the little finger or pinky. Some people call them. So his fingers are actually very muscular. So it's not just a case of has been, has been good. The the actual shape in-between the knuckles is very pronounced because he actually has, I mean, everyone has muscles on effing is bought. These are much more developed. So that's why he has this sort of shape with each appendage and each finger. Because those muscles are very developed. So it's not just good the is, his fingers are, are very muscular as well. So bear this in mind dependent on what type of character an illustration, x actually you're trying to draw it because that may, that may be part of a part of what you are incorporating in their ok. Also, the hand in general, with males they saw of the surf width between Herron Hare tends to be a lot fatter as well. Okay. And greater. So if I was to look at, it's difficult to tell with this this image evolve female hand here. The, the, the sort of base region. Let me just draw a hair. The soul palm region of the female heartened and amine is on three core our ankles well, so this is quite difficult to share oneness book by drawing here that so of region on the female hand is this sort of shape, right? It's quite slim. It's quite slim and slender like the rest of the hand follows that same pattern. But with all male hand, haze is going to be a lot RCA in this region, right? Compared. So it's going to be thicker FAFSA, however you want to say good idea. And in, in the sort of palm region, right? So if I was to draw the hand in a slightly different position and its fingers or say like right. The bar. When focus so much on the fingers at the moment. Just roughly, right. His palm region is actually going to create an arc. Why? Because he, he's a sort of working man. So his working man's hands are going to be very muscular. So even this palm region, there's gonna be a lot of Mosul. The soul, bulk that out a bit and makes it appear fatter and thicker in and denser. Okay, compared to our sort of typical female archetype, where those muscles are as developed, they are there, but they are developed in your typical fema oxide. So this palm region is going to be slump, is not going to be escaping. Okay? So bear in mind again that these, these are going to be the two differences. And I'm talking about a typical archives. I'm not talking about the sort of the sort of women or men tend to do different types of daily, daily chores or exercises that changed a handshake. So if you're doing your, like your heroic characters, that performing heroic work, they're going to be like, most likely, they're going to have hands that look sort of like this. But then you say, say, for example, is a strong female hero and she's very physical and, or law kinda stole off. And, and she's like humanoid. She may have like hands like a masculine handled, but there'll be feminine shaped if that makes sense. And also be a mix between the feminine shape. Bikes in hay. And with most, with a lot more muscle added, if that makes sense. Right? But then say, for example, you would draw and say superego. Cbo is just powerful all around. She's just because she draws her on garlands comics here. But because she draws a powerful new zone and all that kind of backstory on law canister. They've the craters have decided. Right. She's not yet. She's not like your bodybuilder female side. So if you look at her hands, her hands will be like, and it's a cool female, very feminine, very slim slander and all that kind of stuff. You will see a hook down like that, right? So this is our main, has plenty of crossover between, but she still has incredible power, brute force, etcetera. So it all depends on what you're trying to portray in edu comics, your story or, or is it very, really, is it like, very life-like? So there's so much, there's so much range. And this just yet, you can just, you can just play about so much with that is it's ridiculous. It's actually, that's another reason why it's actually so difficult to draw hands because there is that much crossover and then start much of a difference if you pay attention to the details. Okay? So that is all working man's hands. So the main things to take away from the, you know, the sort of gray females. More muscular, more pronounced. So say for example, joints, etcetera, more pronounced, but not too pronounced. And again, it's a fine balance. It's a fine balance. And you'll have to fill out some times like, I mean, you can draw from reference and I would always recommend map if you're drawing just walk or fly, you can feel it out and you'll have to lock it engage. So if soil, does it convey, what you wanted to convey is a realistic and is it, is it portraying? What you want it to portray? Is this say in strong hand is SN, strong, masculine handle, strong female handle, delicate female handled delicate male hands. Does how you need to approach it dependent on whether you're making it look as realistic as possible or not. So it's totally, totally up to you. There's a lot of, there's a lot of freedom with a okay? Right, so with that, we're going to move on to our next hand now. So how type? Next session, See that? 6. Step 3 - Drawing Male Hands: Ladies and gentlemen, so on this on this portion of the tutorial, we're gonna be focusing on the not so masculine and OK. And we'll just say normal actually, because this type of mayo hand is is basically hand mail handlers, not as Mozilla. Okay, so we've got our joints here and the muscles stole less though. Some are pronounced but not as pronounced as all muscular hand is a. So second, right? Yes. So we've got our joints here at different locations in the finger, specially on this one. And yeah, the muscles are pronounced but not as pronounced. Okay. And this gives us our masculine failed with our hand is still goofy. But obviously not ask. And obviously the depth if you were to solve this wave, right? So if we taught, so the palm of the hand, when be as thick as all working man's hand as well. So I mean, if we switch between like you can instantly so see differences. Oh, yeah, there we go. Gone. Masculine hand, very masculine hand. Very strong, powerful working man's hands, superhero like elements of mechanics. And then we have masculine hand. But obviously it's not as masculine. Snow was working man's hands, you know, strong and powerful take. So basically it's like a working man's hands, down, way down. Okay. So again, on our Mayo hands online, be female hands. The tops or not is the very rounded. They solve hold more square like shape, if that makes sense. So if you were to take, let me draw this. Anyone here, if you'd take a sorry Baba. If you take a cube, let say, put the islands off of the fingers. And then round out a cube within a different color. And then round out, and I misled. Round out the cube with in it. Then we saw a gap. All masculine, so of things shake, saw flight, rounded, cuz it got a bit more thickness to the feminine hands would probably be like Achille. If you like, a thinner cube. Yeah. So when we round off, feminine hands are feminine things. Sorry. They've got more of a pointed shape is a I see how I sort of like more small pulled out is like the, the, the keep are, is yet one cube like and then we solve rounded out just that female thing is they're much thinner, more so of spindly and delicate. Typically. Okay. So vast difference with opinions. Male to female and male. Solved no moron. Male working man's hand. Different thicknesses, different goods and different levels of muscularity between the fingers and the joints. So obviously are working man's hand, these areas are going to be much faster, much more pronounced. So the joints. But on our sort of normal male's hand, we can have those details less pronounced. Okay? We still going to have the sort of rounded cubes. This is not going to be too much, but it's not going to be too low. It's not going to be two. So two delicate, otherwise that the hands become postdocs look more and more feminine. You say because there is a soul, feminine beaches. Okay? But bear in mind again as Locke crossover. Bob. Normally, if you are trying to portray masculine hands, it hits the side. And if you, if you want, it's a soul. Portray more feminine, handsome, beggar. He also leads to decide, okay, this is different traits, different, different traits in different shapes and different strokes or know if anyone was actually I'm revealing my age anyways. So yeah. So events to the differences, that is the main differences ok. Between Nice types apartments, right? So hopefully at this point, this, this a lot, this is sort of, I wouldn't say, theoretical information because it's definitely very practical. You will be using this in your joints a lot, especially if you're a comic or a store or an animator, etc, etc. You really need the notice inside our unpaid sanction dependent on myokines looks like. And with final and epi doing things like that, you'll most likely be relying on references, then it's not too much of a problem because you are going to be true in a reference lifelike, you're going to be paying a lot of attention to them is always good to have reference about. Just so that you can refer back to these archetypes if you like. And these trades between masculine, feminine, human, old, etc. etc. Right? So, yes, definitely important. Either weights have reference. But if you're drawing on the fly with these amine ID, this myself, I, I, and I just draw characters hands on the fly. I feel the, you know, if, if, if I'm paying real attention and I want to portray things with the hands, then i will refer more to these principles. Power from just drone on fly. Then I'll draw a hand without much detail depending on one dominant for Normally I would just, I would just go straight and just, and just, and just hit bows. And I did tensor paid more attention to my fema hands because E D needs, so do that. You need to pay attention. So that's all fine balance to portray that delicacy of a feminine hands, typical feminine. And so I will usually do that and pay attention a bit more human female characters. But my, my male characters not see much of a challenge for me personally. So it depends if I'm drawing some delta is more realistic or has the, you know, there has to be accentuated and features as really important focus. Then our CFO, you know, these principles will play a much bigger power and might orange. And I feel that everyone else should sort of do the same. It more depends on what you're trying to convey and the reasons you do what you're doing. Okay? So that concludes our differences between male, female and working, working hands. We can get on to the next session and we show Checkout some the name another, another principle because there are so many Hollywood cipher that we hadn't over that direction right now. So I see that. 7. Step 4 - Drawing Senior Female Hands: Okay, ladies and gentlemen, welcome back. We are Turin, a senior female hand. And you know what? When, when I was starting out with ANOVA kinds though, and lectures would be like, I know, let's draw something interested and the poet bowl of fruit are in front of you. Yes, traumatic for me to go back to Droid enough will because there was an apple in the rough that I had had support the apple and I haven't drawn the stove. Is just going to describe a Canada Apple lots and be fair actually, yeah. Draw an apple. They wish there was a trauma. Loved, has never been one of those guys is like, oh yeah, I find incredibly interested in each diagram, right? Anyway, level ran, I digress, right? So what we're doing here, and I'm just going to pick a nice green. What we're doing here is we are drawing the female. So senior hand. So what you tend to find the principles that are involved in excess of that, the so feminine traceless. Let's go back to a feminine ha, yep, well, first time. So the, these traits lining the finish, finish, the rounded, the delicate, and a not very good earthy, all accentuated in all the female hand, right? Similarly to how we have on normal male hand. This is working may own hand. Because in our working male hand, the, all of the masculine features accentuated in each, each of them are enhanced. So you've got, like I said, in the actual, in that portion of the tutorial, you've got enhance muscles that very pronounced solely the joints, etc, etc. And the male and female hand is when senior female hand, sorry. All of those feminine traits. The urn hair definition, rounded points, delicate. Yeah, no, very guilty. Again, are accentuated along with C, seemingly length. Ok. Now the fingers on actually longer on an older females hand. But they appear so because what's actually happened is the sort of muscularity in between the joints has decreased. And sometimes what can happen is the joints can actually. Swell. So what actually happens is ironically, the appendages and deblocking more likely United sort of traditional bookstore is where they were portrayed. A which fingers to be like this in a long spindly joins, a accentuated etc. etc.. They end up being a lot more like bar. Ok? So again, it's going to be even more delicate. Even then r, you will give some more leeway to the joints. And at the ends of the thing is they're going to be even more pointy because there's not as much muscle as well as when they were younger. Ok. Thus is graded or yeah. Yeah. There's just not as much Usually. This is typically right. Obviously. Again, this disconcertingly is considerably changed. That because of that, you end up getting this shape, the female elderly hand, right? So it looks spindly and more pointing. Right? So this, the sort of joined accentuation doesn't just go for the knockoffs, Herron Hare. It also goes the same for hair. They're much more pronounced. The shapes are there, knock-offs, really pop, really pop out. Because the musculature in around the thing is, has become less. Okay. So that gives us 4x. Shame on what happens is because of the fingers are actually longer because of that, because the muscle is less. And this is even less than of a younger females hand, right? These fingers tends to look longer, but they aren't actually. They stayed the same in the females. Span. But a lot longer because the musculature is less as less good with each finger. Okay. And because the musculature is less when the they do shapes with a hands-on actions with their hands. And regions like the fatty portion of, just underneath the portion of poems, right? They will be less pronounced again because there's less musculature that right? So see we have all younger female hand here. Very pronounced when she does the action because it's more muscular cheetah. However, on old female, because there's less, even though she's doing this type of action, that these regions ten. So look flatter. And flatter. Okay? Actually be flatter. Okay. As actually going to turn out that Jack Weber, I'll save you guys the pain. This is not a place, but I call this is not the place. Right. So that is how that is how the Senior, all the female hand is going to look based off of those principles. So again, go over those who say less. Last muscle. Say thinner. We say flatter. Was a point t. They appear longer. Boats. Then no. Notes. And colon and MHC? Not right. There's a lot of a lot of us in a senior. What am I doing? Moscow isn't anyway. Avalon Nazi people, I need my I need a certain amount of tea daily. Okay. Or was a store making stupid areas lava? I mean, what the hell? Right. So yeah, there's love, as in the old female, say thinner, flatter, pointy. Okay, they pay longer than not last muscle. And now it's how you portray. And that is the difference in how yeah. Yeah. And how you portray more female older hand. Okay. And that's the difference between female younger hand. Obviously more muscle, very delicate, very feminine features are accentuated. Hey, with an older females hand. Okay. Right, we still have more. So hold tight bounds I with the next session, I will see that. 8. Step 5 - Drawing Senior Male Hands: Okay, ladies and gentlemen, welcome back. We are working on are older. May Johann now? Ok. So the differences between the male, older hand and the female or the hand are actually very, very, very, very, very similar. And so the same, same principles as the female Han Solo of apply but to a lesser degree, okay? Because this is sort of like sort of like a downgrade. Shall say downgrade. Anyway. Yeah, you get what I'm saying. Anyway, I will show these principles in your understand if you don't know ohms and ready. Okay. So again, if we focus on the in-between areas of the fingers, you know, and then we compare that to working mankind. Massive difference. Massive difference. Okay. There is not as much muscle, so it's not as pronounced. However, if we compare our male, older hand, so are female or the hand, there is more muscle in those regions. So overall, the archetype and the principles between a male and female hands stays the same. Males usually have more muscle so the fingers won't be asked then as a female's web, Yong Guo old, right? Maybe a young female will have more musculature, more, sorry, alongside the lollipop, more musculature than actually got arrival time than potentially an older male. Now this is not always the case. Again, there's a lot of leeway depending on what they both do on lead dailies okay. Boats. And usually that can be the case with varying degrees. There's like an age range usually and obviously dependent on how well they take care of themselves and what they do day-to-day. So on our mail hand, we have the musculature, its debt boys less, right? It's less. And the joints design a nice blue. The joints are accentuated because of that. Right now. It's not so much the DJ is not so much just the musculature is less. And sometimes when I see people that joins can actually swell. Okay, GTR and different conditions, mainly like things like author I is and can actually swell these. And increase the size of the joint's OK. Especially the narco areas and it can actually form a hand like quiet law lane, you know, hopefully one day we're able to reverse or even cure some of them live. But I mean, if you look at pictures on the internet, you'll see how how vastly again, hand changes with people that suffer from arthritis. So that is also something to bear in mind, like different conditions can also change the shape of the hand. The honor principle, eve, even like, you know, solve relatively healthy or, or, or, or even, let's say not very healthy. Elderly person, elderly male, the musculature is going to be less than joints are guaranteed to be accentuated. We still have the same shape. Here, is going to be like a rounded box. This region doesn't really changed too much on a male. It may get a little bit points here. You know, they still what type of shape? And again, that's because there's less muscle gets points here again. So it'll have that type of shape. Right? So pay attention to when you're doing now. Okay. Same for the thumb. The thermal get thinner. But not too ridiculously. Then it depends. And same Head Fi epoxy former ended up being blown by Paul, the thumbnail. That'll actually star. Let me take this back. Oh, actually starts to become quite flat. Yep. Again, less muscle. So it'll be like quite pointy. All right. And lastly, the amine, it depends on how far you joined down button. Maybe stupidly, I'm assuming you're mainly focused on awkwardness of the rest of this leader rested, pioneer, and the depth, if we would go in forward, say from the screen through the hand, the depth of the hand is not going to be Aztec. And the girth here, like the cross-section, how y-bar is, is also probably going to be a tiny bit less. Ok. Tiny bit less. Because the muscular areas here and here will be flour and less so. Okay. So we shall say. Point here. Okay. We shall say enter flatter. Not as guilty. And potential will say larger joints. Or at least they appear larger because there's last morsel. The, again, say for example, your character or even, even in your reference or person in particular, may be suffering of rice or something else like that. Those joins could potentially actually be larger in the swollen. Ok. So they are going to be very pronounced features that austenite grain pronounced. Each is right. So that is the difference. Okay, so there is a difference between our older males and this is all the females have. The same principles apply in i. Points here, not as much, more as much with the male hands. Again, less musculature, but not as much as I would. A female hand typically joins pronounced and accentuated, Same with the female ham. Probably again, maybe not as pronounced. So say for example, the female had, say for example, offer. So someday my lab. Be huge or in an old character that did not, may be an occasion females hand. Say her joints would actually be larger than the male harm because the pronounced features and the actual potential for the joints, the swell, swell, and increase in size. So that would be when the female had will be different or match OB much more pronounced than a male elderly hand joint. Why's okay. Right. Thinner area across the palm and flatter in terms of the palm area, again, G to the Muslim being less. Okay? So those are the differences. So with these principles across the board, you can kind of, you can kind of like use that pattern. And it's sort of like a slider. Okay? So with all of these things thrown in a barrel, you can kind of slide between phi1 and phi2. Pointy and rounded. And joint size, increased joint size nor most ohm or less muscle. So if you think of it like that, then you're, you're using those slide is to sort of, um, so a game of finance in a way you're using a slide is to sort of feel out and flesh out your character's hands based on who they are and sort of what they did in essence. Okay. So get your headsets on because it's game time right? Now. What we're going to do is I haven't actually drawn reference for, for the very young hand. But using these principles, what we are going to do is basically guarantee Sherry. Yeah. Well, yes, we use the older hand is the opposite, if you like. Like a very young hand. Okay, so next session, I'll see you over there. I'll type. 9. Step 6 - Drawing Baby Hands: Okay, ladies and gentleman, we are going to have some fun with this one. So what I have here is r and on male older hand, right? And, and what we're gonna do in a playable game, we're going to turn this into a much younger hand right side, you're actually quality are in their hardest grew work. But awareness may be a very bad idea. So principal wise, we're going to we'll send as nc, like maybe a little baby hand, right? So principle or is what we're going to do is draw around it and using our principles. So what's actually happened is the muscle. We're going to have quite prominent Muslim because babies do have shrunk grips of these muscles when babies born are actually very, very developed anyways. But on top of that, and you have what's called baby fat wish, which baby? Pixel pretty quickly. So what tends to happen with like say thoughtless babies, etcetera, etcetera. Is thing is the actually look very key. This o or rectangular. Yeah, there's no, there's, there's a Fab if say shape at the ends. But when a baby's got baby file, it sends look by law in AI because everything's, everything's fall and fleshed out. Right? So if you, if you look at the the the soil differences, OK. Actually I'll do the other laser. So we're going to have these bits over here. So already you can see how and drawing say baby or toddler hands wherever makes a difference. And I feel that it's going to be same principles with a and a little girl. And to a lesser degree, snot, listen, this is not a v as and as volume.'s. That will have as much volume, sorry. The again, that can that can vary depending on how much the baby has. Baby the baby has the tongue tongue twister in there somewhere. I keep coming across a lot of those today actually. After untangle my tongue of the tutorial. Right. So so that's what tends to happen with a baby sign. Right? So can you see the difference already? Like once you've added the diaries of musculature principles in PLOS, the baby file. You do you get so of a Masanga paper fight hand. And last week we drew that over the top of all the hand. Right? So you've got your you've got your baby hand. So this is why I may learn these principles, will allow you to, will allow you to draw your hands a ranging between females and males. Yeoman owned working hands, non-working hands except etc, etc. Like a cytosol of slider principle. And yeah, so there you go. You've got your baby hand. And if you look at the difference, right? This is basically the this was basically when I was explaining about the joint spin, pronounced etcetera, etcetera with the elderly hands and all that kind of stuff. Lidar, there is still in there, right with the baby's hand. Obviously, what they are going to be much less pronounced. Why? Because you have musculature and you have that baby fat on top. So you don't really know cause for babies hand ongoing to be rapidly pronounced. Because the baby fat takes care law. Now most n knockoffs damn chyle per se and be less pronounced because the baby far. So these things that you need to sort of think about and pay attention, see when you draw any hands. We take these, these principles to minds. Then you'll be able to draw I intermediate to advanced hands on the fly. Again, I would always recommend reference depending on where you are, probably won't always recommend reference, but the latter half, some reference handy. But then again, that's been playing sounds wacky, screw on fly. The noise principles will allow you to draw a believable hand from any age range, two different sexes and effectively, Okay. So bad, all of those in mind. And I think you'll do quite well on your, on your hand drawings. And with practice, you'll take your drawing from intermediate to advanced. Now, I could go and see, I think I will guarantee some detail with a few tiny areas and in order to wrap up the whole tutorial. But other than that, I think there's principles are enough to share you way you need to go with it and what you need to DCT convey realistic slash believable hands. Okay? So I shall see you in the next session. And I'll talk about a sort of loss fine tidbits in details. And then I think you're ready to go away and just practice and you can always re-watch the video and draw along with me. And I'm producing awesome heart's. Okay. So I will see you in the next session. 10. Drawing Summary (Outro): Okay, ladies and gentlemen, we're gonna do a quick summary of basically or different hands. And then we are guarantee wrap or the lost bits and bobs. Okay, so, yeah, without female Heinz, they are finished, roundish, delicate, Not very good, earthy, very feminine. There is created, there is feminine features, especially the 0.8 and sort of, yeah, very delicate fingers shapes as well. Okay. And this is opposed somewhat by the muscular Chia in the male hand because there's usually more there's been more of a bulge in between the joints on the fingers and ends. Almost more rounded. They are less than the female hand. Okay. So the desk with a wider OK, where's fema Ham? Has a thinner OK. And then working mankind. A working mankind has tons of accentuated features, sort of muscle, bulk DO, joins. Again, more prominent and thicker. We have a thicker palm region. The depth is Decker as well. So yeah, there's a lot there's a lot sort of enhancement. This type of handle working man's hand compared to our normal man's hand, right? And then once we go to o, all the females hand, last morsel point here, then I'm okay. And not makes the appendages seem longer, but they're actually not. Okay. The areas where the muscle would Baltimore is flatter because again, as last morsel. And yeah, they pay a lot more delicate because because of all of this, right. This is also shared with our old man's hand, psycho baby handle or old man's hand. Okay. There's still some muscle web. A lot less. Joints are pronounced. Again. The fingers all points here. The rules have less or more rounded than our older older females. Hundreds here, right? The depth and width. The depth and width, the vol, or hand here is going to be flatter and not as, as wide as all working man's hand on one side. Okay. Joins a more pronounced etcetera, etcetera, and can be enhanced even move by certain conditions. As I mentioned before, example authorizes actually, etc. and those joints can actually swell. So it depends on what you're drawing, how you join your character and all that kind of stuff. Same as with our female hand areas. That would have been muscular, more muscular. And we'll get some oh my Gaza, we're gonna have to practice a 100 times off the t soil, right? Areas that would have been more muscular. Right? Again to be much more flat, much less pronounced. Okay. Now that all of those principles, all of those principles that we went through, all of them flipped when we draw our younger hand. So the younger you joy in your hand. The sort of more Moscow muscle or Mike, I really apologize. I didn't know where it actually out. Right. The more muscle and you know, as, as you join thoughtless and things are going to have that baby fire as well. Chicken sandwich, which makes the Heinz look much younger. Okay. So keep that in mind. Also. Things like no calls won't be as pronounced. So that also makes your hands lock younger. Thus that sort of a general across the board like for example, female features aren't as pronounced. That makes females look much younger in general. So it's the same principle with our hands like you will not have really sharp pronounced logos on scribble and a little bit here on a baby. Okay. If he do, thou make your baby or toddler look older, hands wise, etcetera, etcetera. Ok, so these are all things won't want you to pay attention and say, now if I am taking, take this on. So the other details are one, THE pay attention when needs pay attention to when you have that little connective tissue that depending on certain policies. Now their minds shaped the eagle again, is sort of like that. The soul of dust, the dust shake irrationalist tendencies that connected them. The main region. So when you're drawing certain places, you're probably going to help amplify that particular post by demons and things like this are dying figure connective tissue there. You have the same sort of like webbing in between the fingers and things like that. Right? Obviously going to have the knuckles dependent and a negative B sharp or not, depending on what age your, your character is, your joy. Okay. Depending on the posture of your hand, you're going to get fattening in this area and this area. So the fight issue of when the thumb is okay. That also applies on the other side. So the back of your hand as well as the front of your hand from palm, as well as the back of the palm, but also applies. Okay. And then obviously if there's less muscle depending on how old your character is, the sort of tendons will be more prominent. Obviously if you're doing, your baby dies details when really shy. Right? So there is the differences, there is the main differences. Now, obviously you can, you can make it as detailed as you like with the hands or not. As I said in my previous video, how to draw hands begins to intermediate. Jackie, are if you haven't and struggling to draw, struggling to draw the, the, the soul volumes or shape of your hands in general, does a really good video feed a tribe? Obviously this video is assuming your intermediate level and your'e mitigate to advanced. So definitely check that out. If you don't feel that the Europe to this stage babies are up to the stage. A Nazi Turiel definitely bring you up to the stage. Those details will be added in depending on the demographics of your, your character. And obviously the reference that you're drawing, and the detail, the level of detail that you choose to take care of this li are your discretion. And as I said in my previous video, if you're drawing things like comics, et cetera, you're going to be drawing these thousands and thousands and thousands of times over. So it's important to balance, okay, balance your workload like yoga and across a hand. Okay, so if you draw every level, Dembo, every little detail, Moore's law kind of stuff like that with your hand. 1000 times is just going to be an absolute headache. So pay attention and you're going to tone down some of these things depending on what you need, what you need to day, okay, so that's the most important thing. Overall, gas, these principles apply to every day. There is a sliding scale between all of them. That was mentioned for is what were you trying to show? Are you doing this as a one-off RPs reference or are you trying to do as realistic as possible reference, ideally, phone Lenin process. Yeah, you probably want to use some reference in there as well. But these principles than you can then all learn pickup takeoff and then do urine thing with enhance reference or not. Okay? If you're doing comics, definitely tone down these web pages. Whether you doing younger or older characters because you're going to be doing thousands of drawing. And same, same with animations, 24 drawings per second. Okay? So you want to take it easy dependent on what either horizon. So that was just my level. Warner. The dash. Dash should definitely help you take your hands to the advanced level. And you should already be at the advanced level once you put these principles into practice and manage just the Marv, DMR detail that you want to add and see your hands. Okay. So, ladies and gentlemen, that concludes the tutorial. Let me know what you think of the tutorial, Avro, my YouTube channel and thus our color, red color read on ICI laminitis pop and just, yeah, just pop your thoughts in the comments or an whichever platform you via a lesson. Yeah, amino, end and follow along as well. I do ideal also for insurance house, every side a new cost of Jordan's on the fly and so forth. So I hope you are able to take this knowledge and apply it to your drawings and come up with some really cool coherence. Yeah. Let me know in the comments what your, your thinking and even if you draw your hands from this tutorial now, I'd love to see them are really what the homeo and laminar as a color read guys take care, spent so much foil. And see for the next sensorial tika.