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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (10m)
    • 1. Trailer: How To Design Your Creative Workspace

    • 2. COLOUR

    • 3. LIGHTING

    • 4. MOOD WALLS

    • 5. SPACE SIZE

    • 6. STORAGE

    • 7. SURFACES

    • 8. Your Creative Workspace Design Challenge

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About This Class

This course is for: Artists, Designers, Illustrators, Crafters, Letterers, Photographers... those needing a great creative workspace.

I have been running my own freelance design business for over 10 years and I work from my home studio. I believe that designing your workspace in a way that supports productivity and inspiration will only add fuel to the fire of your creativity.

In this course, I go through the various different aspects of your creative space:







I share proven methods to make your space feel larger, the colors that will stir up your creativity and what desk surfaces are trending...and more.

Join me and lets build your dream creative space!


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Melanie Greenwood

Designer & Founder of Vision City Studio


Welcome to the Print On Demand Course for Beginners!

In this course I am going to teach you how to create your own Print On Demand Products using Printify.

"Print On Demand" is when you add your own art or words to a product (shirts, hats, aprons, mugs etc...) and add that product to your online shop. When a customer buys the product, your print provider prints it, packages it and ships it directly to the customer for you. This eliminates the need to carry large amounts of stock and spend the money up front. Hence the name "Print On Demand". It's a wonderful thing!

In this course, you will learn:

1. Why I Chose Printify As My Print On Demand Provider.

2. How It Works! (5 Steps)

3. Pa... See full profile

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1. Trailer: How To Design Your Creative Workspace: My name is Melanie Greenwood, and I'm the designer and founder here at Vision City Studios. In this course, I want to focus all on the importance of designing your creative workspace, that it inspires you and motivates you as you're working on your creative projects. So say you're an illustrator, a hand Lederer, a designer. You know, all of these types of projects need a space that we're gonna inspire us and motivate us. So the colors we choose, the surface textures we have sense. We have different colors we have on the walls. All of these things affect us in our mood and in the way that we pursue our work. So I want to take you through a process of really identifying ways that you can create your workspace that works for you. Everyone's gonna be different. But I do believe that if you take a bit of time to really create your workspace and to make it all your own, that's only gonna add to your creative process and add to your final product. Maybe you're in a really small apartment and you don't have a lot of space. He's have a tiny corner, maybe have a huge warehouse. It doesn't really matter the amount of space we half that we do have space to be creative, to be inspired and to really get into a zone creatively. So I hope you'll join me in this course. As I walk through the process to create a space that you can be proud of, you can call your own. That's your creative space. 2. COLOUR: color is definitely the number one thing that's going to affect you as far as your mood and the way you feel in your creative workspace. The number one most popular color when it comes to creative workspaces, actually white, which, believe it or not, is not a color at all. It's actually the absence of color. I think that people choose white because it's actually more like a clean slate. It makes us feel like there's more space. There's more open air around us. It's really good in small spaces, and it actually makes us feel like we can start fresh every day. It's almost like looking at a blank piece of paper every day and then being able to color it and be creative on that piece of paper. It's sort of like that when it comes to being in our creative space. So white is an excellent choice. If you want to have a fresh, clean feeling, you want to have the feeling of open air, open freshness, something that is new and fresh every time you walk into your studio. The color green has been proven to be a great color for brainstorming something about the color green actually triggers us to think creatively. It's also a great blend of a common color. Because it's such an earthy tone, it actually reminds us of the earth of green grass and things that really ground us mentally. So it's a perfect combination of inspiration as well as calm. Another great color for creative space is actually the color. Blue blue is shown to be a really common color as well. And if you're somebody who likes to be in tranquil, calm environments as your creative blue would be your best choice. If you're someone who needs a bright, punchy color to keep you focused and productive, your color is definitely orange. Orange, with its Citrus tones, literally wakes us up creatively and mentally. It keeps us focused because it's so bright that it helps us to not become quote unquote sleepy. As we're working on our creative projects. This is a great color if you have to work late into the nights and you need to stay awake as you work there, you have it. He's the top colors have been proven to increase creativity and production in your creative workspace. 3. LIGHTING: letting is an integral part of every creative work space. Natural light has definitely been proven to increase energy and productivity. Something about that vitamin D just does us good Pendants and chandeliers are a great way to light up in overall space and also add lots of personality and style. Tabletop lamps are a great way to create a moody vibe. Decorative ceiling lights and wall lights add charm and whimsy. It really depends on your personality in this one, so go ahead and let your creative space. 4. MOOD WALLS: mood walls airplay when my favorite part of any creative space there reveals so much about the artist and what they're inspired by at the moment. There are amazing when you're working in a group because it helps everybody in the group stay on que, no matter how long the project runs. It's also a great place to post your previous works so that you'll remind yourself what you've just worked on, and we'll actually challenge you to grow and to actually do a better job on the next project. Not only do mood walls look amazing, but there are a constant source of inspiration. There are absolutely no rules when it comes to building your own mood. Well, so go ahead and build a wall that really inspires you and reflects your style. 5. SPACE SIZE: all space sizes can work. It really just means you have to be creative When you're working with a really small space , It's really important to use the vertical space for storage supplies, mood boards and calendars. This will make your entire space feel larger and also feel like a really creative zone within your house. In large spaces, it's important to create task zones by positioning furniture, rugs and arts. Each area has a purpose, no matter how big or small. Every space can be used to make your art area your happy place. 6. STORAGE: having great studio storage is all about having quick access to your art supplies and also having a really cool, beautiful place to put things away that is also visually inspiring. Here's some great storage solutions for your creative studio. Colorful mobile units, paperclip hangers and metal spindles, open front cabinets, print drawers, brush hangers, D I Y nail hangers, multi use perforated wall mounts, jars and prince lots labeled wicker baskets, colorful Tupperware and last but not least, bright colored cabinets that are modern and fresh. These are just a few ideas to get you going and thinking about how you can create solutions for your storage. 7. SURFACES: choosing surface textures. Fear creative space will definitely bring it some instant personality. One of the growing trends that is not going anywhere is reclaimed wood. This is a great choice for your desk or for any other surface in your workspace. Reclaimed wood has ICO friendly value you can recall. Arise it, sand it down, create new patterns with it, you name it, reclaimed what is here to stay. And it is absolutely a growing trend. Glass desks are also a great option for your studio space. They come across light, modern, fresh and feminine. They're perfect first, small space because they make the illusion as though they don't take up any floor space because you can see right through them, so a glass desk might be a great solution for your space. You could also go for a variety of different fabricated materials, including chipboard and other types of imitation woods. Ah, lot of times he's the type of desks that you could find in retail stores all over. They're really inexpensive, and you can get them in a variety of sizes and colors 8. Your Creative Workspace Design Challenge: Now that we're almost at the end of this chorus, guys, I want to offer you a project and a challenge to create your own design space, your own creative space. I want you to think about all the things we've gone through. This course so far are one thing, but lighting different types of surfaces. Textures, colors, mood boards, displays, storage. What kind of mood do you want to create in your space? Is gonna be very airy and fresh and light and cool tones. Or is it going to be more moody and candlelit and darker? It really depends on your style. I want you to create your space, take a photo of it and post it in the project section. This is gonna be a lot of funds, so we could all see each other's creative space and get inspired by each other. So please go ahead and post your photo of your studio space and share with all of us to see