How To Create + Sell Digital Products on Etsy Today | Tatiana Ambrose | Skillshare

How To Create + Sell Digital Products on Etsy Today

Tatiana Ambrose, 52 Classes Helping You To Be Creative

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21 Lessons (1h 40m)
    • 1. Top Benefits Of Digital Products On Etsy

    • 2. Top Reasons To Start On Etsy Today!

    • 3. Tatiana Ambrose Your Instructor Introduction

    • 4. Getting started with Digital Products on Etsy

    • 5. What is your shop's end goal?

    • 6. What will your shop be about?

    • 7. Getting Ideas For Your Digital Products

    • 8. Digital Product Photos

    • 9. Creating Your Product Photos Example 1

    • 10. Creating Your Product Photos Example 2

    • 11. When You Still Can't Think Of Any Digital Products...What's Next?

    • 12. Creating Your Etsy Shop Profile Logo/Icon Photo

    • 13. Your Etsy Shop Banner

    • 14. Opening Your Etsy Shop with 40 FREE listings

    • 15. Creating Etsy Shop policies and announcements

    • 16. Promoting Your Items With 0 Followers Online

    • 17. Setting Up Your Shop For Success

    • 18. Setting Up Your Shop For Success Check

    • 19. Optional Etsy Tools For Listings

    • 20. Support To Your First 100 Sales On Etsy!

    • 21. Conclusion To This Etsy Course

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About This Class

Learn how to create & sell digital products in your Etsy shop!

This class will teach you how to make money selling digital products on Etsy.

In this class, Tatiana will be sharing her experience, tips and secrets with selling digital products online on Etsy. We will go over:

  • How to find a digital product niche and look at what's already on Etsy.

  • How to create digital product photos without any photoshop software.

  • How to make sure your Shop has a consistent theme and message

  • How to increase your chances of having your first sale with your newly launched Etsy shop.

  • Strategies to ensure your Etsy shop is a success.

  • Give you 40 free listings (normally priced at 20 cents/listing $8 in value) to test out your digital products in your Etsy shop today.

  • The best community to join to connect with other new Etsy sellers working towards their first 100 sales on Etsy!

  • Inside look at existing shops to break down what is working and what can be improved so you can make sure your Etsy shop is top notch!

Let's get your first Etsy sale selling your very own digital products!





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Tatiana Ambrose

52 Classes Helping You To Be Creative

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