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How To Build A Craigslist Real Estate Lead Generating System

teacher avatar Ben Clardy, Real Estate Coach

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (1h 12m)
    • 1. Real Estate Leads From Craigslist | Part 1

    • 2. Real Estate Leads From Craigslist | Part 2

    • 3. Real Estate Leads From Craigslist | Part 3

    • 4. Real Estate Leads From Craigslist | Part 4

    • 5. Real Estate Leads From Craigslist | Part 5

    • 6. Real Estate Leads From Craigslist | Part 6

    • 7. Real Estate Leads From Craigslist | Part 7

    • 8. Real Estate Leads From Craigslist | Part 8

    • 9. Real Estate Leads From Craigslist | Part 9

    • 10. Real Estate Leads From Craigslist | Part 10

    • 11. Real Estate Leads From Craigslist | Part 11

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About This Class

Here's the trouble with Craigslist: 97% of the Real Estate listings are GARBAGE.

If you've ever tried to find a good deal on Craigslist then you already know what I mean.

With that being said, there are still amazing Real Estate deals to be had. However, you need a systematic way of sifting out the overwhelming JUNK in order to reveal the few opportunities that are real GEMS.

It's that unique and valuable ability that my simple system will provide you with.



As Real Estate Entrepreneurs, our businesses are entirely dependent on a steady stream of quality of incoming leads. Without leads - our business dies. Still, there is a very important factor that most people miss out on:

There's a balance between QUALITY and QUANTITY that effects your results dramatically.

Here's what I mean -

  • HIGH Volume of LOW Quality Leads = Bad. Inefficient. Dangerous. A Trap.
  • LOW Volume of HIGH Quality Leads = Good. Efficient. Profitable. Freedom.

You see, it's very beneficial to focus on a smaller pool of leads that will provide you with greater opportunity to profit. As a result, you make MORE money with LESS effort.



I can show you how to build a simple system that will give you a steady supply of HIGH-QUALITY leads from Craigslist, with full-automation, and FREE to maintain.

Using the power of Craigslist and a few other (little known) unique tools, I can show you how to build a simple system that will screen out all the junk, and provide you with top-notch Real Estate leads from the most motivated sellers.

Once your system is built, you can sit back and enjoy a supply of deals that consist of of only the very best available in your market. This course will save you time, make you money, and allow you to focus on only the very best leads in your area.

*** This is the KEY that unlocks your ability to produce quality leads from Craigslist.



Here's why you'll benefit from building your own Craigslist Lead-Generating System:

  • It will screen out all the bogus leads - AUTOMATICALLY
  • It will increase your total count of QUALITY incoming leads for your business
  • It will DRASTICALLY improve your efficiency of processing Craigslist Real Estate leads
  • It will provide you with ONLY the most highly-qualified, motivated seller leads
  • It will help to AUTOMATE and SYSTEMATIZE your Real Estate investing business
  • It will give you an UNFAIR ADVANTAGE against your local competitors
  • It will save you money by effectively leveraging a NEVER-ENDING source of leads



This course is delivered in short, bite-sized video lessons. I will personally guide you through the creation, implementation, and tuning of your automatic lead-generating system.

There are no ongoing costs or memberships involved with my course. All of the required components are free and publicly available. Aside from your enrollment fee, everything else required is 100% free in every way!

The system is simple, elegant, effective, and valuable. You'll be amazed and pleased.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Ben Clardy

Real Estate Coach


My name is Ben Clardy.

I'm a Real Estate Entrepreneur, but I'm a teacher at heart.

I create HIGH-QUALITY / LOW-COST Real Estate courses for my students.

I've made MANY of mistakes in my investing career. One of them that I will always remember is the day that I wrote a $25,000 check to a "Real Estate Guru" that promised to teach me everything I needed to know to succeed in Real Estate. That was a BIG mistake.

I lost an incredibly large amount of money that day, but I did learn something important:

I learned that I wanted to save other people from making the same costly mistake.

You see, it's not uncommon for people so shell out 10k, 20k, or even 50k dollars in order to learn the ro... See full profile

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1. Real Estate Leads From Craigslist | Part 1: Hello. My name has been and I want to show you how to build a simple system running off of craigslist that will send you only the best deals inside your real estate market. You can focus on only the leads that are a good fit for your business and save your time by not having the waist with all the spammers and scammers and time wasters and such as that that are often found on Craigslist. So here is basically how the system works. You know, one, you can have a Craigslist account set up two, you're gonna have a Gmail account. And third, you're gonna have a website cold. I f t t t dot com Now, what this stands for is if this then that little programming website recon set up these little triggers. That's what kind of a secret that makes this whole little system run. But here is why the system is really cool. If you go to Craigslist and I'm in the Atlanta Georgia, um, market go down looking real estate for sale each and every day, hundreds of new postings go up now. There are good deals to be found on Craigslist, but The trouble is, it takes a lot of the manual effort to sift and sort through all of these listings on a daily basis. So just ah, real quick. Let me let me see exactly how many listings we've got your just today. Today is January 12th and I want to see just the volume that we're looking at today. January 12 50. I'm on the on the second page, third page. Okay, so there it is. January 12th Let's see and I have three pages of 100. So right now it's 1 30 in the afternoon on January 12th and already there's 350 new Craigslist posts. That's just for one day. I mean, if we do the math on that, let's see. So just kind of, ah, stretching those numbers out if we had 350 a day. Times seven is 2400 and 50 new Craigslist post just in the real estate section of Atlanta on a weekly basis. And the thing is, there's deals to be had in here, but men, you know, if you had to sort through 2400 and 50 listings every single week to find those deals. That is a lot of work, and you're not gonna have time to do anything else in your business. But by having this little system doing the work for us by picking and choosing those, Ah, those listings that air just best for our business, we can avoid the other, you know, 99% on Craigslist that aren't a good fit for us. So kind of what you'll experience with this system. Once we have it up and running, we're getting, we're going to set up all the required accounts and we're going to do the programming inside that website. If this then that And then what you're gonna experience on the back end is you're gonna open up this specially made Gmail account each day, and instead of you having to go through 350 Craigslist listings, you're only gonna see five or 10. And they're going to be very, very focused listings that are a good fit for you and your real estate buying criteria. Here's a couple of their little facts about Craigslist Cool website year called Internet Live Stats. What this number is Let's see, 976,704,000 and coming up on 800. What these are are the total number of live websites right now, at this very moment now, out of those you know, almost a 1,000,000,000 websites. Craigslist is ranked number 13 in the United States. Globally, it's ranked 71. Because of that, there is a huge opportunity on Craigslist. But you have to have some kind of edge to be able to find those real estate deals. Because Craigslist, it's so popular. It's just kind of a magnet for, you know, I mean, if you know anything about Craigslist, I mean, if you kind of know what I'm talking about, there's just all kinds of junk that's on there. So by having the special tool, the special purpose built lead finding system working in your favor, you're gonna have an edge over your competition, and you're gonna be able to find deals that your competition isn't gonna have access to. That's the beauty in this system. So without further ado, I'm gonna show you how to build your lead finding system using Craigslist, a Gmail account and a website called If this, then that dot com, let's get right into it. 2. Real Estate Leads From Craigslist | Part 2: Okay, So the first step that we want to do is we want to set up a standalone Gmail account. It does have to be a Gmail account. So if you already have ah, you know, Yahoo RN MSN and Hotmail or whatever. You do actually need a Gmail account for this step. Now, if you already have a Gmail account again that you want to set up a Gmail account to be used specifically for this system. Ah, you want basically all of the pre screened and pre qualified leads You're gonna come into this account, and we want to use it for that purpose and that purpose only. So what we do? Go ahead and open up a browser and go to Google or gmail dot com just like this. And we're going to click this button here at the top, right? That says, create an account. Okay, Once you're in here who hadn't put in your contact information, I'm gonna put in mind. Ah, for the user name. What I would suggest has come up with something. I mean, it could really be anything. Nobody's going to see this account. Ah, but you. But I would suggest coming up with something relating to your real estate market. Uh, inside. Ah, Craigslist. So for me, it's Atlanta for you. It might be, you know, Houston, or, you know, Denver. Whatever. Eso let me say, Let me see what we come up with. Your I'm just gonna call mine. Um, Atlanta. I'm gonna call mine It. Lent. Ah, si, el. Let me make it all in. Lower case Atlanta. See ill deals at gmail dot com list. Let's see if that's even available. I think that it is since it hasn't popped up. Ah, you know, ah, different box and is not available. So let's try that for the password I'm gonna use. I'm just going to use the same thing. Atlanta CEO deals. I'm gonna do Atlanta seal deals. 123 for the password. Ah, Atlanta Seal deals 23 MCA. Write this stuff down for the birthday. Put on your birthday. 1983 real quick. Let me let me stop. And right down this this user name and password before I forget. Atlanta cl deals Atlanta C l d E a l s. My password was the same thing with a 123 So be sure that your logging the way your user name and password just say Don't forget it. All right. I'm gonna carry on and get the rest of us filled out here. G o current email address like that. Prove I'm not robot 765 location. And perhaps a policy of next step of people that works. Okay, it works. So ah says, welcome my new email addresses. Atlanta seal deals gmail dot com. By the way, that in my email address I put CEO for Craigslist. So Atlanta Craigslist deals for Atlanta. Cl deals. So I'm going Teoh, continue to Gmail, Click that blue box. And then now it's going to drop me into my brand new Gmail accounts. Got this pop up here? I'm gonna get rid of that some now. Okay, quick. That X got some other kind of pre loaded email in there. I'm gonna get rid of that. One of the thing that I do that might be helpful to use I instead of doing this primary and social in promotions Tabs. I don't really care for the tabs. What I do is I go to settings. Ah, go to configure inbox. I think and then uncheck social and promotions. Then click save and what that should do. Yeah, it's gonna get rid of all those tabs. Basically, everything is going to come into this inbox and just go into this main folder. I do that just because I don't want the leads to somehow gets spread out across those tabs . I want it all in one place when they're inside the inbox. Okay, so that is it. We have our Gmail accounts set up again. Just be sure that you write down your user name and password so that we can get back in here as we continue to build out our our craigslist, uh, deal finding system. So that's all for this step. Now, we're gonna move on to the next lesson. 3. Real Estate Leads From Craigslist | Part 3: Okay, so at this point, you have your Gmail account set up, and what we want to do next to get is ah, get you set up with a Craigslist account. So go to your web browser on your computer and head to craigslist dot org's. Now, uh, once you're there, you're going to see a a home page that looks a lot like this, Mrs Craigslist. Now worth noting is you might already have a Craigslist account set up, but if you do, you do not want to use that same account. We actually want to set up a fresh and new account to be used specifically for this real estate lead finding system. Now, what you gonna do? You're going to actually use thes same law again as the Gmail address you just created. So what we want to do, we want to go to my account over here on the left hand side. And at this bottom option here, where it says create a Craigslist account, we're gonna put in the email address for the Gmail account that we created in the previous lesson. So in my case, my account was Atlanta CEO deals at gmail dot com. Now again, you put in your ah, account user name here at this point and then kicked Click this button that says, Ah, create account. Okay, so the next ah thing you see here is it says that an activation link was sent to your Gmail accounts. I'm gonna open up second tab here, go back to Gmail, and right here in our inbox. Waiting on us is the Craigslist activation email. So I'm gonna open that up and inside the email, there is a link to click, and we're gonna click that activation link inside our Gmail account. That brings us to a screen on Craigslist where we can create a Craig's List password. Now, my suggestion just to keep everything simple and easy to remember is to use the same password that you use for your Gmail account. You know, it's not not necessary, but that's what I'm going to do just to keep everything simple. And in my case, mine was Atlanta CL deals. 123 Let me take the second time Atlanta see ill deals. 123 You see, if I got that submit password in law again. Now Craigslist is telling me that I have successfully created a new password for the account, and I'll use the new password. Next time I log in, I'm gonna click this little link that says continue to my account. I know. I got a terms of use screen. I'm just going to click the I accept button on terms of use. And then what you're seeing here on my screen is your, uh Well, it's It's my home page on my Craigslist account. I'm gonna go ahead and close out this. Ah, second tab up here. It's not necessary. And ah, that is it. At this point, we have our Gmail account created. We have our Craigslist account created, and we're done with this lesson. Ah, From this point, we're gonna move on and get you set up with your i f t t t dot com account. And then after that is when things were going to get a little more complicated. But that's all for this lesson. We're gonna move on and get you set up with your last account that's needed to build your real estate deal finding system. Moving on to that next 4. Real Estate Leads From Craigslist | Part 4: Okay, so at this point, you have your Gmail account set up. You have your Craigslist account set up. Now, the last component that we need to get in place before we can start programming everything and getting all the pieces in sync is to set up an account for you at i f t t t dot com. And again, that stands for if this than that. Okay. So head to your browser more, more time type in i f t t t dot com. And this is what the website looks like. Once you're here, go to the sign up button on the top, right? And you're gonna put in an email and password again. I recommend using the same email and password that were used for Gmail and Craigslist. Just so everything is consistent that way. If you know one law again, you know them all. So I'm gonna put mine in, Which is Atlanta. CL deals at gmail dot com in my password was a l I'm sorry. Split limb. Start over. A T l e and ta, uh, seal deals. 2030 I think. Let me see if I did that. Right. Okay, that must be it safe password. Okay, so head to this Web site you're gonna put in your user name and password. You should be seeing this screen. I'm gonna click that. Ah, I'm sorry. I'm gonna click this big blue link right here. It says click this to get started. So I'm going to click this looking that and then I'm a quick this one over here. Then click. Continue what this is doing right now. It's kind of walking you through a little automated, simple tutorial of how this works and basically what this is showing me right now. Is it saying, get an email if there will be rain in your area tomorrow. So this is a really cool website. Basically you there's a There's probably unlimited different recipes that you can make on this website and what a recipe is. It's a combination of a trigger event and then basically what you want the program to do when the trigger occurs. So what you're seeing right now on the screen, it says if there's rain in my area tomorrow, then it will send me an email, and that's just one little recipe that you can set up. What we're gonna do is we're gonna basically do the same thing. What we're gonna be using Craigslist and Gmail. We're gonna be telling Craigslist if we see an ad that has a particular keyword in it or ah , particular price range or something like that, then we want to be sent an email with that lead that's going to give us an alert. So that's basically how this system works. But at this point, if you've put in your user name and password for I have t t t dot com and you're seeing these follow up steps, um, then you have successfully enrolled and set up your account for I have t t t dot com. At this point, that's all that matters. We just want your account set up. And then once you have this set up and squared away, that means that we have all three of our components that we need to build this system and those three components being your Gmail account your Craigslist account, and I have t t t dot com. So at this point, we're done. Um, we're done setting up the necessary accounts in the following steps, and lessons were going to be bringing all the pieces together, said that this system will work and bring us in those high quality leads and screen out all the junk. That's the meat. That's the beauty in this system, so we're moving onto those next steps in the next lesson. 5. Real Estate Leads From Craigslist | Part 5: Okay, So in this lesson, I'm gonna show you how to make a recipe using I f t t t dot com Just ah, just kind of bear with me through this part. I promise you, this stuff is actually very, very simple once you know how to do it. But if you've never dealt with any of this program and kind of stuff before, it might sound a little complicated initially. Okay, but getting into this, what we need to do is again go to i f t t t dot com If you need to sign in. Go ahead. Do so. So I'm gonna click the sign up link. I'm sorry. The sign in link and you can see my computer saved my log in details. Storm's gonna quick law again. I'm gonna be brought to this page here. What you want to do now is you want to go up to this tab up at the top. It says my recipes and what you're here, You're going to go over to this big blue box kind of in the middle that says, create a recipe. Now you're gonna click. Ah, this big blue link right here. That says this and we're going to choose what's called the trigger channel. So again, the way this works is if this then that So basically, we're choosing You know what comes first? In this case, what comes first is a ah, and ad popping up on Craigslist that triggers the recipe. So the Craigslist ad comes first. So what you want to do for step one? This trigger channel, there's there's all these different channels here. You can search their if you want, but what I'm gonna do, I'm just gonna type in Craigslist and Craigslist comes up right here. You're gonna click that? Ah, right here for step two. Sometimes these triggers have multiple options. In this case, there's only one option which is new post from certain. So you're gonna click that it's gonna move on to step three. Now, what you can see is there's a bar here where you can put in a U R L search results. Here's where you're going to start the programming step inside. I f t t t dot com, which are also going to need is another tab. You're gonna want your craigslist account open, so I'm gonna flip over to my Craigslist tab here, and I'm gonna go down to the real estate for sale section and we're going to run a search now again, in this video, this is just a example. This I'm trying to kind of flesh out how this works, because in the following video, we're going to start, Really, you know, doing a lot more programming with this so that we can set up the system so that it screens everything for us. So this is just an example what I'm gonna do here, I'm gonna go up to the search bar here, and I'm gonna type in a keyword. I'm just gonna type and motivated. Okay, So just the word motivated, and I'm gonna click Enter. And Craigslist just ran a search for all of the ads that have the keyword motivated inside the ads. And these are the search results. Now, the search results right now are not important. What we want to get is this u r l appear and you can see right here at the end of the girls are keyword motivated. What we want to do, we want to grab this entire u r l and copy it to our computer. Once you have that you are ill. Go back to I f t t t dot com and paste it right here and sign this. Ah, this Littlefield. Okay, So that's what we're gonna do When we get into this next programming step, we're gonna run a lot of searches, and we're going to set up a lot of these recipes, but this is just the example. So drop your search, uh, dropped the Sorry, the girl inside this Ah, this field here and click the button that says create trigger. All right, so the first half of this is done Now, we've got the craigslist side of it set up. Now we want to tell it what to do whenever a Craigslist ad pops up with that keyword in it . In this case, it was motivated. So now let's work on the second half. Now click the the word here. That's ah, it's a link. It says that and what we wanted to do whenever the system it's the, um, the trigger where the Craigslist ad was posted with keyword motivated. Now, what do we want to do? Well, we wanted to send an email to our Gmail account. So again, we're looking at all these different little icons. We could scroll down through there and find Gmail if you wanted to, but I'm just gonna type female, and then this little icon pops up. You're gonna click that now? It's got, um this little step here. I think this is just a one time thing and what you want to do, we want to connect our Gmail account to i f t t t dot com. So click this button that says connect. And, ah, this secondary box pops up here and what you're gonna do, go down to the bottom and then click the little blue button that says allow and then that's it. Quick, the boxes says, Done. And now we're moving on to the next step. Okay, so now we're on step five. Now we're going to choose an action against. Sometimes there's multiple options here. In this case, there's only one, and the option is to send an email. So we want to click that now. Step six of seven. We want to tell it to what email address. We want the email sent, and in that case, it is the Gmail account user name that we set up initially. So in my case, my Gmail addresses Atlanta CEO deals at gmail dot com. Now you're gonna put in your Gmail account that we set up for this system into this field for the subject. We can just leave the post title there. Ah, for the body were just gonna leave all this stuff, um, alone and then at the very bottom we're going to say create action. So the only thing we're modifying is this top field that says the to address for the email , then go down the bottom and click, create action and then that's it. Finally, the last step Step seven of seven, is to create the recipe. And you can see here in this little box is still knew exactly the recipe we created. It says, if a new post from search you are ill from Craigslist, it's basically says if a Post, you know, occurs with our keyword in it, then send an email from Atlanta seal deal gmail dot com. So we're gonna receive an email with that information whenever the Craigslist ad is posted . So click this button at the bottom. It says create recipe and we're done. That recipe has been created. It saved now from this point forward indefinitely. As long as you have these accounts open whenever somebody places. And Adam Craigslist, in my case inside Atlanta and it has the keyword motivated, we're going to be sent an email and it's gonna pop up in our Gmail account. So this is still a very, very basic example of how this works. We're gonna build us out further in the next lessons, but I just want to show you this steps that you need to go through in order to create a recipe and hopefully kind of flesh this out a little bit because this is this is the basics of the system, Um, and then what we're looking at here, the screen, it's This is basically the details of the recipe we just created. It gives it an I. D. Um, there's the title of the recipe that right here there's a big bubble section that says Trigger again. This this is the craigslist half of it. And then there's the next section. Down is a big, bold section that says action, and this is the Gmail section of it, and that's it. There there's this update button at the bottom. But that's just if you change something with with the recipe. So now if you go back to this tab here that says my recipes up at the top and click that you're going to see this right here, this big blue, blue and purple box this is, you know, the recipe we created. So again, you know, don't get too bogged down with this. I know they're kind of might be some questions about you know what steps I just took? Um, I promise you, once you make a couple of these recipes and you kind of get in the rhythm of setting up the searching Craigslist copy in the U. R l bring it in. I have t t t dot com, you know, saving the recipe, and then we're gonna do it again. We're gonna go to Craigslist, we're going to create a new search, and we're going to bring it into f t t t dot com. We're going to create a recipe. We're what we're gonna end up with is a series of recipes that is fetching all of these leads just the ones that we want and it's bringing it into our Gmail account. Then we're gonna do some things on the back, and that's, you know, really makes everything work well together. But anyways, this is just the example video of how to build a recipe within i f t t t dot com I using your Craigslist account and your Gmail account. And that's all for this video. We're gonna flush this out more and do some more programming, which I have t t t dot com in the next lessons. 6. Real Estate Leads From Craigslist | Part 6: Okay, So in this lesson, I want to show you the difference between a broad search recipe and a detailed search recipe. Now, the best way to do this is just to give you an example. So what I'm gonna do, I've logged into Craig's list and I have navigated over here to the Atlanta section, and I'm going to go down to the real estate for sale section beneath housing. Now, in the previous lesson, we used the key word motivated. So I'm going to do the same thing here. Coming, type in, motivated, and I'm going to run the search. Now. What you need to pay attention to is the u R L up here. You know, you've got all this stuff appear Atlanta Craigslist, search all these things and then right here at the end, you see the keyword motivated. What we've just run is a broad search using this term motivated. So all of these ah, postings that you see here have the keyword motivated with in it. Now, the difference between a broad search in a detailed search or a detailed recipe with an i f t t t dot com is that in addition to the key word. You're also going to add in additional criteria over here on the left hand side of Craigslist. So just for instance, let's say inside your market you might put in the keyword motivated and you got I don't know. Let's say you know, 10 post back. You know that's really not that bad. But let's say in a different market you might put in the word motivated and you got ah, 100 responses back. Well, in that case, you might want to tune up that search or that recipe a little bit more by adding in some additional criteria. Either that, or like in your market. I know Atlanta, You know, everybody wants at least three bedroom, two bath houses. So if you wanted to screen out all of the you know, one or two bedroom houses or the one bathroom houses, this is another way to do it. So, for instance, for the price, if you wanted to do something like you know, 20,000 to 50,000 and you wanted on Lee at least three bedroom houses and at least two bathrooms. And let's say the square footage of you know at least 1000 the no greater than 2000. Now, if we run the surge, pay attention to how the U. R L bar changes up here. Because now you know I'm gonna scroll back here to the end. It still has the keyword motivated at the very end. But you also have the price range built in. You have the bedrooms and baths built in, and you have the square footage built in as well. And as you can see, also the previous search had, you know, a lot of different search results. This one only has five. Now, this is what's important in this whole system. There's a lot of flexibility in the ways you set it up and how you can tweak it, tune it to your own liking. Uh, I'm not suggesting that you use either a broad search or a detailed search, but I'm explaining that this to you just so that you know, you have this level of control. You have, ah, lot of functionality year and a lot of different ways that you can tune this system to your liking. So, you know, I'm really familiar with the Atlanta market. Uh, and I set up my searches in my I i f t t t dot com account a certain way. But you depending on your market, uh, you might want to use either a broad search by using just a keyword or using a detailed search by putting in additional criteria over here on the left. So the purpose of this video is just to explain to you the difference between the two Now, as we move on the lessons, What I'm gonna use is just the broad search as we build out and, um, program the eye of t t t dot com account. But just always, you know, keep in the back of your mind that you can, uh, always put in these detailed search criteria parameters. If you want your results to be different that so Ah, that concludes this lesson. And we're gonna be moving on to the next ones from here, which is programming your I have tea, tea, tea with all of the keywords, and that's what we're getting into next 7. Real Estate Leads From Craigslist | Part 7: now we're going to do, we're going to start really building out your system. And we're gonna do that by using lots of different keywords to set up lots of different recipes by using searches within Craigslist. We're gonna grab the URL inside Craig's list as a result of the search, and we're gonna bring that girl into i f t t t dot com to create the recipe. Now, the key words that were going to use air coming from the list that I have attached to this lesson and you have access to 75 of the best keywords for finding motivated sellers, we're gonna be going down through that list now. They're 75 keywords there. I'm not going to go through all 75 but I'm going to go through the 1st 5 because the process is exactly the same for each key work. We're going to do the same exact thing. So you're gonna kind of understand how this works by just going through those 1st 5 All right, so without further ado, let's get into this. You're gonna need open your eye of t t t dot com account and Craigslist. So right now, inside. I have t d t I'm gonna go to my recipes and I'm gonna get this 1st 1 set up. So here's where the process starts. You're going to create a recipe. You're going to click this. You're gonna type in Craig's list, which is the trigger channel. You're gonna click new post from search now we need the U R L So this is the point. Brianna, look at your list and get that first keyword. So the keyword is need to move. So what we're gonna do is go to Craigslist. Now, remember to stay inside your target market. Mine is Atlanta. Yours is, you know, whatever it may be, so just be ensure you're inside your markets area of Craigslist. So once you're there ah, you're gonna get a real estate for sale. You're gonna type in the keyword need to move and then click search. Now, you just need to grab this u R l from the top that was returned. And you can verify that because now I can see the search term here in the U R l bar. So grab this entire you're ill and copy it and then paste it inside i f t t t dot com Then create trigger. Now click that now we need gmail. Then click. Send an email. Now you need to put in again your Gmail address that we created initially Atlanta CEO. Now this is mine. Atlanta seal deals gmail dot com and create action. Now, here's one thing you need to do on this final step. Step seven of seven. What you want to do here is as you can see, it says recipe title is the name of this bottom box instead of all this, you know, stuff down here, get rid of that and type in the keyword. Need to move, and I'll show you why. Just here in a second. Excuse me. Create recipe. So the recipe was created. This is the page for this recipe we just created. Now let me show you why I suggested that you talk to key word there at the very bottom. When you go to this, my recipes tab appear at the top. As as you can see by this large text here, my recipes beneath each recipe, unless you have the key word listed down here, you're not going to really know which recipe you're looking at. So that's the reason I suggest typing in the recipe at the very bottom box in step seven of seven. Inside the process of setting up the recipe, that's it. We're done with the first keywords. So I'm gonna go to my list. I'm checking off the top one, and the next keyword down is squatter. So I'm going back to crazy craigslist. I'm simply gonna type in squatter Click Search. I could verify that by looking at the ah, the URL bar up here. Now, this is an interesting one. This is something worth taking into consideration. As you can see, I typed in squatter and I click search, but no listings came up. Don't worry when this happens. All that means is that the key word that were searching for here is very, very rare and seldom used. It might mean that you'll never see a post with that keyword in it. Or it'll mean that you know, when you finally see opposed, you know it is going to get email to you. But I mean, this is a great keyword. I mean, the only person that's going to use the keywords squatter is a private owner that has a squatter staying in their house, so they're going to be motivated to sell. So if you see you know, a the results come up in its blank. Don't worry about it. Just use this same exact process. You're gonna copy this? You're ill. Go back, Teoh. I have t t t and we're going to create a new recipe. Click this. Find Craigslist. New post from search When pasting the URL, as you can see here, it says squatter. Create trigger. Click that Gmail, choose Gmail. Choose. Send an email type in your, um you are, Ah, Gmail address and then create action. And then the last thing again get rid of this text here in this box and type in, in this case, squatter and then create recipe. Now again, I'm gonna mark mine off my list because I know I got that one. And then I'm gonna go to my recipes and then we can see the two week curated. We've got squatter. We got need to move. Let's do another one. Create a recipe. Now, the key word I'm gonna uses illegally. So find Craigslist. New post from search now We need the URL, So I'm gonna type illegally. I apologize. Let me let me Let me be sure I'm spilling illegally correctly. Yes, I Yes, I am. Hump sorry for that. Just wanted to be sure. I'm spelling this word correctly. Okay, this is another one that doesn't have any search results. Don't worry. Just grab that you are ill and drop it into I have t t t click that. Choose the action channel, which is female. Send an email, type your email address, create action, and then get rid of all this text and type in illegally create recipe. Now, I'm gonna go to my recipes and we'll see three recipes right here. All right, so let's keep building an out. Let's get the next one. The next word is no power, so create a recipe. As you can see, you can move along pretty quick at this Once you kind of get into a rhythm. Craigslist. I have no power. Grab the URL, drop it into you. I have t t t click that cheers team mail. Send an email type in the to address, create action, and then drop the key word into this text. box, no power and create recipe. And then we'll go to the my recipes tab and check out that one. Okay, so we got no power illegally squatter and need to move some. Check that one off the list. All right, Just one more together. So this is the process that you go through and you're going to do the same thing with the entire list of keywords. And if you can think of any other keywords that you think might be relevant to your market and the kind of real estate deals you're looking for, feel free to use those keywords. This this. We're just starting to kind of rough in this system. But this is the process to get I f t t t set up with keywords that you want. Okay, So the final keyword let's get this one done, and then you can finish the rest on your own. So the next word is estate. So we're gonna go to create a recipe, click this and then for the trigger channel, choose Craigslist, choose new post from search, and then we need the URL for the key word. Whoops. For the keyword s state copy the you are ill. Paste it into the box and I f t t T and Click create trigger. Now click the big that for the action channel. Choose Gmail and then send an email type in your email address. Click the create action button and then finally get rid of this text and type in your keyword estate and then create the recipe. Okay, that's it. So now let's look at the my recipes tap again. So we should have five recipes set up and that's it We have. We were showing all five we have. We have a state no power illegally squatter and need to move now again. Those were just five identical examples, you know, same exact process, but using a different key word. And we created five recipes, and these recipes were going to go out and search Craigslist and send us the results anytime a adas posted that has that keyword within it. So at this point, what I would recommend you do is carry on with this exact same process and go down through that Lester keywords and get all the recipes set up. I mean, ultimately again, depending on your own preference and your market and such as that, your probably gonna end up with a range of 75 toe under keywords or even Mawr. If you wanted to be, you know, more thorough or maybe less if you wanted fewer results. Or maybe you're focusing on just a specific kind of property or you're looking for a motivated seller in a very specific situation. Again, there's a lot of flexibility in the system, but what we're going through is the general steps you need to take to get your system built . That's it for this lesson, and we're moving on from here. 8. Real Estate Leads From Craigslist | Part 8: Okay, Now I'm gonna show you how you can use filters to screen out the results that you're getting inside your Gmail account. So just to kind of put this all together again, what we've got is craigslist, I f T T T and G mail. Craigslist has all the post for the real estate listings. I f t t t pics, the ones from Craigslist that work for your buying criteria and sends it to your Gmail account. The trouble with that is that I have t t t it's it's only doing what you tell it to do. It's going to make some mistakes, even though some of those ads and listings have the right keywords in them. Sometimes things aren't gonna be quite right with the results you get in your Gmail account . But the good news is that even on the back end, do you have some control in What you can do is you can monitor the results you're getting in your Gmail account, and based on the results, you can set up a filter system to screen out the ones that don't fit. So this is basically how it will work. Right now. I'm on Craigslist, but I'm going to go over to the Gmail account where the leads air received. And as you can see, I mean, I have, um for the point of putting this video to lessen together looking at i f t t t dot com Actually, I've only got a handful of these recipes built. 12345 Ah, By now, you probably haven't least five, Probably more like, you know, 75 or 100. So your results are probably much greater than this at this point. But for the sake of this video, this is really all we need. But once you look at your Gmail account and you see the results you're getting, you can look down through all these and you can see the one. Basically, you can see the ones that don't work for you and determine why they don't work. And usually the ones that don't work. There's gonna be keywords that we don't want. And what we want to do is we want to basically take note of those keywords that we don't want and set up a filter for them. Ah, a prime example is this very last one that came in. It says special offer to the right person. Are you the right person for this special offer? Do you have cash to invest? This was a ah, a post that was placed in the real estate for sale section. This is a spammer. You know, They might be, you know, a legit person or whatever. I don't know, but they're posting this ad in the wrong place, and we don't want this and our system. So here's this is an excellent example for us to set up a filter to filter out this kind of ad coming into our system. So this one actually makes it really easy. Hears the words. You know, you could really use either one of these. You have the words special offer or you have the words right person. Either one of those do not apply to the kind of real estate leads that we're looking for. So for the case of this ah example, I'm going to use the words special offer. So just remember that once you've identified a key word that you want to rule out with a filter, you go over to this little settings tab inside your Gmail and you click settings and you go down again. Toe word says Settings. Then once you're inside the settings menu, you come over here to the area that says filters and blocked addresses and you cook that tab and then right here in the middle of the page, you're going to see a little link that says, Create a new filter and we're gonna click that it opens up this little box here and what we want to do is there's a couple different ways you can do this, depending on how you want to filter it out. But if you remember in the subject of that email that we didn't want, it said the word special offer. So let's just get rid of those emails that have the word special offer in it. So go down through the subject. SEF setting Ah, and type special offer what you have that in your gonna go down to the bottom right of this menu and say, Create filter with this search. Click that button and then finally, you want to tell the system what to do with it when it encounters a message that, as that word in it and I'm gonna tell it to delete it, because I don't want to see it. Uh, also down here at the bottom, there's a little check box you can click that says, apply this filter. So toe one matching conversation. So if there is a message in your inbox that has that term in it special offer, it's going to go ahead and apply this action to that message. So I'm gonna I'm gonna check that box. I also have the one checked for deleting the messages, and I'm going to say create filter. Now, we're still in the settings area, and you can see right here there's little, you know, check box next to it right here. I'm gonna leave it unchecked, but this is the filter we just created. So in the subject, when you see the word special offer, Gmail is automatically going to delete that message so we don't want to see it. And that is essentially how you set up filters. How you want to think about this is you want to start looking at the results that are being produced from Craigslist and I have t t t dot com. Look at those results and find out ways that you can tune this system because building it is just one part of it. The what's really going to make it work and fire on all cylinders is how you tune it, and you do that by on one end of the system setting up. I have t t t in a way that reflects your market and the kind of houses you're looking for. So you do that by using the right search terms. And if you remember in the lesson where I talked about creating a detailed recipe, you can put in, you know, the price range in the square footage, the bedrooms and bathrooms, and such as that. So that's how you can tune the system on the front end and then on the back end, you tune it by setting up various filters to screen out the the post that do manage to get through. So when you have the front end working correctly and you have the back end working correctly, that's when the results that you're going to see our only the listings that are a very, very close match to your buying criteria and the kind of house deals you're looking for on Craigslist, and you're also not going to see any of the junk. You know, sometimes you know you some some junk ones, we're going to sneak in there and what you do, you just use that as an opportunity to further tweak and tune in your system. So that's kind of how it works. Let's see if we can come up with another example here again with it. With this being so fresh and new, we don't have a whole lot to look for. But let's ah, let's see what we have here where we can set up another filter. I think I have have one right here in this 1st 1 I'm gonna open it up, and I'm just reading through this message right here. I'm looking at this message. What it says is we offer a nontraditional lease purchase, meaning you pay a small deposit and rent the house, you know, blah, blah, blah. But suffice it to say that this is not what we're looking for. So we want to get rid of this kind of message coming through in our system. And here's how we controlled on the back and again we're used the filter. Ah, one word that we can use here is small deposit. Again. We're not hurting our system on the front end because if you can imagine trying to get in the mind of ah, motivated seller, What kind of motivated seller is going to use the term small deposit? So by getting rid of that search term, we're doing nothing but but helping our system. I'm trying to think of what else we could use here. We could do any of this. We could do nontraditional lease purchase. I don't necessarily want to rule out the one that says Lease purchase, At least for me. I don't, um, in my mind, sometimes motivated sellers whenever there pressed to sell their house and they're searching for options to get rid of it. They will entertain, at least purchase. So in, in my case, in my market, I want to keep that search term. So that's why I'm not. I don't want to screen out leads least purchase, but But you may choose to do so again. A lot of this stuff is up to your creativity and how you want to control the system. What? I think it's safer for May is using this term small deposit. So I'm just gonna I'm gonna copy that small deposit. I'm gonna go in the settings. I'm gonna go over to filters and blocked addresses, and I'm gonna create a new filter. Now, that term was not in the subject line that was actually in the body of the email. So instead of putting that filter in the subject section, I want to put it in the body section, or this area that says has the words someone. Ah, I'm gonna put small deposit right there, and I'm going to click, create filter with the search. And as you can see down here, the bottom it says also apply filter to a matching conversation. It's referring to that, um, to that Ah, email we were just looking at. So I'm gonna check that box, And I'm also going to tell the system what to do with it when it encounters more messages like that in the future, and I'm gonna tell it to delete it, and I'm gonna create the filter. So here we have two filters that we just set up, and if we look back at her inbox, that message is gonna be going. So just like that, Um, now, again, the the priority at this point, once you have your front end put together, isn't It's not necessarily refined, but it's put together, and you you were going to start having these e mails coming over into your Gmail account. Priority at this point is to start screening these messages. Excuse me, screening these messages and setting up the appropriate filters to refine those listings on the back end. Now, I don't have a you know, a list of words that you can use for the filters, and the reason for that is simply that you know it on the front end. Its simple to have that list for motivated sellers. They all kind of say the same thing. You know, whether it's, you know, they their house has been vandalized or they're moving or going through a divorce or they inherited in a state. You know, you have the same words a lot on the filter side. You don't really have a lot of those same words. You just have to look at these results and and put some thought into it and pick out the ones that just simply don't work for you. And when you encounter them, set up the filter. And at that point, you never have to worry about that keyword again. And the more you do that, the more refined the system is gonna be. So you know, from this point, that's what you want to focus on. Look at your results, set up your filters and continue to refine and refine the system. And it's not gonna take long after you do this for a little while. Maybe, you know, a week or two and you're gonna start seeing what you're gonna start seeing is the results and your Gmail account. They're going to get better and better and better. And the junk is going to start disappearing and, you know, dropping in volume and what you're gonna start sitting is those motivated seller leads. That's all that's gonna be left. And that's what you're working towards this point. So look at your results, set up your filters and work on refining your system. That's all for this lesson, and we're moving on 9. Real Estate Leads From Craigslist | Part 9: All right, So let's talk about this real quick. What is the end result that we're looking for with this system? Well, what we want is between the functions of I, F T T T Craigslist and your Gmail account. What will you want is to log into your Gmail account, you know, every day or whenever you schedule for yourself. And when you open it up, what you see are only the leads that are a close match to the kind of real estate deals you're looking for and the way you get it. There is again a couple things you dial in I f t t t with the right keywords that you're looking for in the right criteria. And then based on those search results and based on the emails that you're getting in your Gmail account, you must further refine those searches by ruling out of the ones that don't work. Now that's really the most complicated part of this whole system. Because I can't tell you which wants to rule out. It's solely based on the results you get in your Gmail account in your market because you might find, I mean, there's all kinds of reasons you might want to rule something out. It could be just something that's completely outside of your search criteria. It could be that, Ah, somebody's putting postings in the wrong area of Craig's list. Or it could be the wrong kind of seller. It could be, you know, a consultant, a wholesaler, a realtor, middleman lender, any kind of people. When you get those ads, you want to somehow find the word inside those results in your Craigslist account and rule those out. But you're just looking for those private cellar deals. If you're anything like me, you know you're looking for just those deals for private sellers. So you got to constantly refine those search results. Now, it doesn't take that long to do. Once you set up all your keywords in i t t t dot com, you're gonna get a lot of results back in your Gmail account. Now it Honestly, you're probably gonna get a lot of junk, but you gotta you gotta refine those results. The good thing is, once you rule out a keyword using your Google filter, you're done. You only have to do that one time for that particular keyword and, you know, once you roll out, you know I'm looking at the page here, You know, once you rule out Ah, I don't ever. For instance, I see this one here that's in Northeast whole County. That's that's Ah County near Atlanta near my market. Once I rule out all the listings in Hall County, I'll never get him again. So you only have to do that one time. So just think about it. Is a little bit of a process, a refining process that you have to go through on the back end. It might take you a week or maybe two weeks to really get it where you're getting dialed in search results. But, ah, it'll kind of be a never ending process. But it will get more and more and more refined. Ah, and then on the back end, you know, instead of having you know ah, high number of listings that you're ruling out, you're just gonna have some stragglers popping through every once in a while that you have to create new filters for but by and large, the vast majority of the results we're gonna get our only those from the kind of sellers who have the kind of real estate properties that you're looking for. So that's the end result that you're working towards that. You just open up your Gmail account and you have a small number of listings that are very, very close to the kind of criteria you're looking forward you're interested in. And ah, that's it. That's what we're working towards here. That's the end result of your system. That's all for this lesson. Let's move on and talk about some final things and then I'm gonna leave it with you. We'll talk about that next. 10. Real Estate Leads From Craigslist | Part 10: Okay, So from this point, let's talk about how you can best leverage your time and your system to produce the best results and the way to do that. Just Ah, the most broadest sense possible is to focus on what you're best at, what the best use of your time is. And as a real estate entrepreneur, the best use of your time is putting deals together with motivated sellers to be talking to the really hot, highly motivated sellers and working those leads and negotiating putting those deals together. That's the best use of your time. Now you gotta have leads. Of course, any real estate investing business does, but again, celebrity time. The best thing you could do is put somebody else in there who can work those leads for you and to find somebody who could do that. I have a couple different websites that you can look up to find some help, and these people usually they're referred to his virtual assistants. Now you could certainly find somebody you know in your neighborhood or your town or family member, anybody like that who can help you with this stuff. But outside of those people, virtual assistant can be a really good thing. Now there's some websites out there that you can go through that you can kind of You can shop for a virtual assistant. Basically, you can check out how much they cost and see what their work experiences and qualifications and such as that. I want to show you a couple different websites that you can use to track down a virtual assistant. Now we get the certainly isn't something that you have to do within this course, but it's just kind of Ah, little, little add on less and just something that I recommend that you, um, that you explore when you get to that point and want to start, you know, bringing on some help. Here's the first website it's called up work dot com. That's u P W o r k dot com. This is a good Web site. I actively use this website right now. I actually have to virtual assistants right now helping me with various things, and I found out about them through this website and ah, this website also has a lot of functionality where I can kind of track how they're working . I can see screenshots from their computer as they're working on things for me just so that I'm I can be certain that there, you know, using their time wisely and they're doing what they're supposed to do. So up work has been a really good website for me. Another one that is highly recommended is this one called searchable dot com that z i r t u a l dot com I have not used this particular website, but from what I hear, it's another one that's very similar to up work on. And I've heard a lot of good things about this one as well. So this is another one that would be worth exploring. Ah, whenever you find yourself looking for a a really solid virtual assistant now on the probably the you know the most cost effective and cheapest into the spectrum is this Web site called Fiverr. You may have heard of this one. Ah, basically, the um, the premise behind this website is you can get all kinds of things done, and the the most common rate is usually about five bucks. That's why it's called fiber dot com. I mean, you could you could get a website built or have somebody work on some graphics for you, Or do some Internet research or work on spreadsheets, all kinds of stuff on Fiverr. But, uh, you can also find a virtual assistant on fiber. They usually charge, you know, three or five bucks an hour, that kind of thing. So you go on Fiverr and just type in virtual assistant. You'll see all kinds of stuff. A lot of these. I mean, these top three here, you know, you get for five bucks, you get three hours of virtual assistant work. And if you let me just I'm gonna quick on this one because there's kind of this little rating system here like this particular virtual assistant Service has a rating of 4.9 out of five. So and then you can read reviews like this and kind of get a feel of how, you know, reliable. Somebody might be Or, uh, you know, if they've if they've done anything specifically pertaining to real estate, that kind of thing. But, you know, not necessarily trying to sell. You want using these services by any means. I mean, you know, I'm just trying to tell you that Eventually he will reach a point where you'll find that it makes more sense for you to just stay focused on the things where your time and your experience and skills are best used. And typically ah, for us real estate entrepreneurs, it's, you know, the activities that contribute to our bottom line and that spino putting deals together, buying houses, selling houses. That's the best thing for us to focus on, you know, working leads and, you know, such as that is kind of outside of that scope. So eventually the best way for you to leverage your time would be to get somebody to help you work these leads. That's the point of this lesson. These are a few different resource is you can use to track down a virtual assistant when the time is right, and ah, yeah, um, that's really all for now, I've got one more final lesson coming up. We're gonna have just a few parting thoughts, and we're gonna get into that next 11. Real Estate Leads From Craigslist | Part 11: So this is the last lesson within your course. At this point you have. All of the resource is the instructions that you need to build and, most importantly, to tune your system over time so that the end result is that you would log in your Gmail account and you would have a small quantity of highly focused real estate leads. You know, all of them are coming from Craigslist. But what the system is doing is it's screening out the 97% that's junk and leaving you with just the 3% that's, you know, good, high quality, focused real estate leads from motivated sellers, of course, that you know that 97% of 3% of those were just, you know, random numbers that I'm using. Just to say that your system will screen out the majority so that you're left with just the few gyms that are relevant to your real estate investing. There's this. No, the purpose of this video is just a kind of plant a seed in your mind, because I want you to kind of think outside the box a little bit about how a ah separate system very similar to the one we built here could be used Ah, for purposes of networking and connecting you with the heavy hitters inside your real estate market. And here's what I mean. We used this three part system to, ah to provide us with focused real estate leads, and the three parts were I have T t T Craigslist and Gmail. Now what if you set up you know, new accounts and built a completely stand alone system, but not designed to provide you with real estate leads, but instead designed to connect you with people within your market that basically could enhance your business people, such as other real estate investors or wholesalers or private lenders? I mean, there's there's a lot of different people that could help you in your business. Um, you know, the ah contractors could be another one. Were real estate attorneys. What I'm trying to say is, What if, instead of building a system around the keywords designed to find motivated seller leads, what if you built a separate system that was designed to find just, for example, sake, private lenders? Well, you can do just that. It's It's basically a copy and paste system that you would build. Only you would replace those motivated seller keywords with keywords that are relevant to private lenders and just, for example, sake. What if you used instead of you know, the motivated seller keyword like, Ah, you know, bad tenants or vandalism or need to sell fast? You know that kind of thing. What if you replace those with things like private lending or investor funding or business capital or fix and flip funding? You know things along those lines that would farm those private lender leads from Craigslist, send them to your Gmail account and then and Gmail. You set up a few filters that screen out the junk, and you're only left with legit private lender leads. And then to take it a step further, you could plug in your virtual system to get in touch with those private lenders, the kind of pre screened them and determine if they're legit. Private lenders and what you would be left with is a contact database of the the um, the serious and capable private lenders in your market. That's one example. So maybe you're not looking for private lenders. Maybe you want to connect with all the wholesalers. Or maybe you want to connect with, um, you know all of the realtors in your market to try to get expired listings. You know something along those lines without getting too convoluted. What I'm trying to say here is this three part system that we set up to provide you with focused, motivated seller leads. You can set up another system that will provide you with whatever kind of lead you're looking for within your real estate market. Private lenders, Realtors, wholesalers, whatever the case may be. So I just want to let you know that that's an option if you want to kind of expand your horizons a bit because I know one of the most beneficial things I've done my real estate business is I put a focus and really connecting with the the rial players within my market . And an automated system like this is something that could help you leverage your time and energy take advantage of those contacts. But at the same time, you have a system doing the work for you, and you're not having toe, you know, manually track these people down. Anyways, that is the parting thought and with that the course is concluded. I hope you enjoyed it. I hope this system is something that can really benefit and enhance your real estate investment business. And I wish you the very best and your real estate investing success again. My name has been I hope you enjoyed the course. I wish you good luck and take care.