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How To Breakdance For Beginners Mini-Course

teacher avatar Emeroy Bernardo, Dance Instructor | Health Coach | | Author

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

17 Lessons (1h 43m)
    • 1. Intro to Bboying

    • 2. Brief History of B-Boying

    • 3. Warm Up Moves

    • 4. The Groove

    • 5. Indian Step

    • 6. Kick and Twist

    • 7. Salsa Rock

    • 8. Basic Top Rock Routine

    • 9. The Jump Down

    • 10. The W

    • 11. CCs

    • 12. Six Step

    • 13. Coffee Grind/Sweep

    • 14. Basic Footwork Combination

    • 15. Pilot Freeze and Baby Freeze

    • 16. Routine 2

    • 17. Routine 1

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About This Class


Learn the most athletic dance in the world with just a few moves and routines! After teaching over hundreds of students, competing, and performing for 10 years, you can trust my experience in showing you the simplest method for learning how to breakdance.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Emeroy Bernardo

Dance Instructor | Health Coach | | Author


       Emeroy is a professional dancer and entrepreneur based out of Los Angeles, CA. He has been dancing since the age of 8 and has been teaching since 2004.

    He's danced and toured with international companies such as Culture Shock, Antics, and Movin' On Up Productions, performed for the Los Angeles Rose Parade, LA Sparks, and the LA Clippers, and is a two time City of Alhambra B-Boy Champion and a 2017 Prelude Las Vegas Champion.

    When he isn't dancing, Emeroy runs a digital marketing agency called Vision Paradox. They've successfully helped musicians and tech companies build their online platforms, build their email list, sell out shows, and gain millions of views on their content. Their goal is to do th... See full profile

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1. Intro to Bboying: What if everyone hemorrhoid here? Thank you guys for downloading my mini B boy. In course, whole purpose of it is just really give you the gist off. Learning how to break with not that many moves because it's a delusion of a lot of dancing is that there's a whole bunch of complex that they gotta get with. Reality is just a few basic moves that you can get and really getting it down and learning how to switch it up in terms of putting it together. And you got yourself a really good free so and I don't know what I'm saying. You may not make sense right away, but you'll definitely see it once I start to you. Because once I start teaching you the moves, it's not just a matter of movies. It's a matter of hiking switched the pieces together to create this one whole cohesive dance that is pretty much B boy and B wine in your style. Eso little thing about me is that I have been breaking since 2005. I used to be competitively. I also used to teach it over it at studios, and I now I just prefer doing it over for shows, street shows and just for fun, simply because I found it more fulfilling to help others gain confidence through the art of dancing. And it's just pretty much one of the reasons why I'm putting this video is because I believe that dancing is one of the ultimate forms of self expression. But a lot of people are so tentative or so shy in terms of going on dance because they think there's a structure or they think they might look stupid. So I figured, Why not teach people a simple guideline of being able to express themselves through the guideline of be born? And then eventually, maybe they might branch off to some other form of self expression. And it was The whole point of this course is freed. Under 100 B would not a lot of moves, but enough to make you look pretty damn good and to to help you build that sort of self confidence and being able to express yourself because of my press experiences, wanting to practice it at home or at the Parker at your old local gym. But when you actually go out to a situation where there is dancing are situation where other layer Actually, if you're planning competing in the situation we're competing. It's a whole completely different sort of mentality. So it's being able to take what you're learning and being able to translate it everywhere else, not just in a comfortable space. On third, you're gonna get in pretty good. Be boys shape. At least if you follow the drills. I give you a new practice every day. Pretty much of what I'm giving you the guideline. Everything else is gonna be up to you. I'm not going to say is going to give you the ultimate, the ultimate body building sort of figure. But what it is going to give you, It's really getting demand you to use all parts, your bias. I'm just going to require the lady's gonna require arms, shoulders, abs, everything. So think of be bowing as this year, an endurance runner going really, really fast. Then you see them all of a sudden stick of freeze, which is which requires a whole bunch of strength that they become a strength athlete we're after. Then go back to footwork. So enough of the introduction, Let's get on to the first move 2. Brief History of B-Boying: whatever on Emma Roy here, Your mini B boy course instructor. I'm actually recording this because I read Don't like how I sort of rushed through. How is talking about the brief history of B boy when I first recorded it? And I know through a lot of the course, I'm pretty overexcited and what I'm teaching in a sort of rush and what I'm saying, So I hope you understand me throughout the whole course, but yeah, a brief history about be bowing be blowing is a part of the four elements of hip hop. The four elements are, of course, be bowing. Emceeing de jing and graffiti. It's broken down into four parts. It's started, you can go. It's broken off into top rocks, top rocks down rocks, floor worker footwork freezes in power moves. And this course generally is going to be focusing on just the 1st 3 Power moves is generally Widmore. On the advanced side are an intermediate, more advanced side and be willing, generally danced to hip hop funk and definitely to a lot of break beats. And it started off in the 19 seventies, around the around the time when the hustle was pretty popular or so the early seventies James Brown it all started off with. That is one track. Get on the good foot, and by the time that I got really popular in the streets, the idea of battling was already pretty popular. So on, ironically enough, the good foot was a pretty good battle type of dance. So they started actually incorporating the good foot in those battles, and by then and eventually the good food was eventually coined. Coined. Be bowing or breaking, and it generally how you think about it is be boys or be girl. If you're a girl that watching this, it's short for Brick Girl or Break Boy, because they they be boys or breaker break. Girls were known to dance on the brakes of the beat, but the father of hip hop DJ Kool Herc actually knows, coined it as another way is sort of causing a disturbance. It's generally another term I learned for from it Is that you, these people it was these dances dances pretty much found in a place where there isn't a whole lot offered to a lot of these kids and everything in the area at the time. So it was pretty much a lot of people who were reaching a breaking point in their life or their just broke or things like that, or they just needed something Esso's sort of makes. That's the sort of term that I've sort of embodied, that whole coming from a place of being broken and then moving on. But finding this one amazing piece of, I guess expression to be able to be completely honest with yourself. And that's the one I've I've I identified myself with more so than just dancing to the brakes of the beat, because, I mean, I'm pretty sure that a lot of us have come to a point in their lives some of at least one point that we just feel like giving up. But then we find out one thing that inspires us to keep pushing through breaking really came into the streets more so when gangs are starting to use it to fight over turf was actually the youth another and gangs they do. What they would do is that the best breaker in their crew about of the other best breaker in their crew and they would battle it out for turf or for respect, or someone was just being disrespectful or things like that. But generally, just because they were dancing it out didn't mean that would stop a fight. Sometimes their fights would break out if they couldn't win. Who doesn't wanna win? But But I think in my personal opinion, was a great way toe, a better alternative compared to drugs or compared to actual actual fighting and violence. So why not just battle out for turf instead of actually having to shoot each other of how was or how it is now? Generally, the old school type of breaking was more of the top rock in the floor work kind of stuff, and then that remained popular until about 77. And then that's where the dance itself was being considered old and played out, though it's considered old old school still like in 2014. But, yeah, around 77. That's where was being challenged to evolving, to grow and then cruise like rock steady and, ah, New York City breakers. They were starting to add more acrobatic moves, or which is more known as power moves. Now, with head spins, the windmills, the hand glides the back spins. They started adding more than acrobatic stuff, making breaking more relevant again. So in the nineties, be blowing pretty much, uh, was played out. The eighties is pretty big, has got really commercialized, and even nowadays, the idea of being called break dancers. It's pretty much an insult. A lot of people in the hip hop community or even the the people community don't like being called a break dancer, even though it was one of the terms. But considering how it was a point word that dancing was being an hip hop in general is is being milked for just money just didn't ring well for the whole movement of what is hip hop and yeah s over the people community. It just got small. It died out. It was considered old and around. It was pretty much challenged for staying alive. And it was a guest. In my personal point of view is at a point of being challenged to evolve again. So pretty much just went underground for a long while. A lot of people still do it, did it, and then and now, coming from my own personal standpoint, I think it started blowing up again around early two thousands, Um, early two thousands, especially since I started seeing it more. I started singing a lot more in terms of movies that commercialization again, and I again from personal standpoint, things started blowing up after the movie. You got served just like around 0304 because that's when the battling in terms of my experience got really big, especially than my me and my friends on and the whole new style came out of Trump's. So at that time, krumping versus breaking or krumping versus locking krumping versus popping was a style battle and things air blown up from there. And now, in terms of a dancer's perspective, it's way bigger. It's such a huge improvement in terms of dancing being irrelevant to on be bowing being relevant, because now they're these shows. So you're thinking, as you see the whole bunch of town dangers there. America's best dance crew. A lot of my friends competed. Their one ah lot of them have actually won even its lead to another creations of other shows such as, uh, what is the show? The one with those celebrities, the former celebrities I don't really watch that show. But, you know, I think you know what I'm talking about. Yeah, So as you can see, that be bowing is not just but not just coming back in terms of commercially. But events are huge. One of the biggest events, be boys some. It happened, I think, last summer over downtown L A. Where I live now. Where? Downtown L. A at Pershing Square. And the whole point is that they're trying to bring open this community up to the public. Because you go to these jams to these events. You got people from all over the world coming just to be a part of it. When I went there, you would just see people from dancing from different from different countries. Korea, Sweden, Europe, Japan, Africa. You would see them dancing alongside with you. And it was a trip. How, uh, how different now? How different? How how this dance and has movement of hip hop and be bowing. We went out through the world, and it's and these events how all these people, all these cruise, just come out for this one event and or not and what they would and you would see this such amazing town of creo versus USA or Europe verses South America just seeing the different styles that they bring in, how they evolved the Dancel as well as exciting. And you could see me starting to talk fast. And how exciting is we just me recalling those events. And yeah, if you have never been to a jam or an event, I just you go check one out. Some of the best ones are freestyle sessions Be Boys Summit. They just happen to be the ones that I like going to an A couple, and I know there's I went through the history bringing fashion so many people that that I haven't gone to mention off like Afrika Bambaataa, DJ Kool Herc, I mentioned briefly, there's crazy legs. Jo Jo, one of the original founders of Rock Steady. There's a lot of a lot of history, so I suggest if we want to go deep into this, this dance and the whole movement of what is hip hop guys? They're just checking out other videos, such as the freshest kids. Um, I'm like from getting some of the moves, I know, but I'll give you Ah, list of resource is that you can check right into this video so you can go check it out yourself and, yeah, enjoy and be a part of this whole movement. And I hope you guys enjoy this many course, even though it's a few moves I hope you guys enjoy and I catch you guys in the next video. 3. Warm Up Moves: so whatever we share with you, some quick, warmer moves that I tend to do in terms of in terms of getting my students ready and get getting myself ready some simple, warm up moves in terms of getting myself ready, footwork and a couple of simple stretches that you can do yourself because, like I said is, even though this is dancing, it's a one of probably one of the most athletic dances there is. So the way I treated like a sport, I warm up. I stretch before going because I said, this dance can be pretty demanding towards the body, especially you never done it before. Also, the first thing that I always do before I do any dancing or do any of stretching and they do a simple warm up. What I do is pretty much do we start doing hops because this is a lot of this. Dancing or terms of how I was trade is that I start off my feet and being able to move it, I guess, allows me to move quicker. So notice I'm staying on my toes, getting that part of the body warmed up. Notice I'm not my heels into it. This sort of to help condition you, especially when you start doing your moves or the top rocks and everything else to start being quicker. Because if you have the extra hill down, it's like 1/2 2nd That brings sort of potential slow you down and personally for me. I like being able to move quickly, so notice I'm on my tiptoes. A lot booms off injuries on that part. It's another war movies I do. I like searches. Okay, just to get that rhythm. And I generally do this with music. And once I go back here, I go back to sites side and I like actually giving it a little rhythm. So fearless in the music I go. 1234562467 So that's a simple warm of you can add other things, too, like simple butt kickers to get the cabs going high needs to get hips going, arms active. Those a couple of simple stretches. And of course, when it comes to be bowing or is dancing in general. But I personally think that, uh, stretching is one of the most important things, whether you're doing any sort of sport or dance. So I wanted stretches. I'm not going to go through an entire stretch routine, but a couple My favorites are wide leg stretch. Get the hamstring is going, My folks on each one on the right side, left side and I like doing this. I call it the Spider Stretch for my kids. So what I do is I turn my feet out, bring me but damn close. I can bring my my elbows behind the knees. Okay? And I'm pushing my hip out, opening up the hips and isolated. So I pushed one side and then I switched to the other side, then come back up. And even together, this is a very quick stretchers, a whole bunch of structures that you could do. Okay, you and the commerce and slow triceps swishy. Since you're gonna be activated a lot, a lot through work, other side on, grab it back. It is super just really breezing through this. I suggest that you do at least 30 seconds of each stretch, OK? And other more floor work, type of type of warmups is getting this sort of get your bounce going because this is definitely going to be your position when you started doing footwork a little later in the videos in the course, So we're to be coming from this sort of position. You want your heels to comfortably you want your butt to comfortably sit on your heels So I don't wanna be doing this into a super low squat. But you want to be, too. And it is now getting into warming up your knees, your lower body in terms of getting pretty footwork. This is a very important world that you want to do your heels. When you go down to this squat position, you want to make sure, but is sitting comfortably on your heels. You want to come into this super most position come up here because that way you can easily do sort of, uh, things like getting tow hooks. Now we again. This allows you to move a lot quicker on one wayto be doing a lot of balance and weight shifting a lot. So one thing that you want to be able to do is do this sort of simple. It's really easy balance exercise that I do with all my students when you're first starting out is that they do sort of this way, Chip. So they reach not so much right behind around here. Almost like the diagonal of your shoot on a sort of pusher. My hip up or driving put Dr Mining is down. And then come back up to the squat position. Drive my knees down. Reach for that. I guess Lower left the left Dagnall And down that way you start getting used to this sort of which, which, if you can, you see my hands is generally how I've been trained. So I had my hands constantly doing something. Okay. And no motors hand positioning as well. Uh, in terms of your hands, you can either go Whole hand is perfectly fine. You're first starting in terms of ideal extra height in terms of moving faster. Same thing with the tip like you do tiptoes. You want to try to bring it up here? So this is something optional that you could do. This is something I wasn't exactly comfortable when I first started. Well, what I did is I stretched like this every single day, doing like this on every possible service that I could just be on my desk in college doing this just to really stretch it out. So that way I could have the extra height because here again, like I said, we were doing the extra boom boom sort of idea dancing a top started something here because we're really just making a lot harder for us to get up compared to here, where it's already half the jobs already halfway done, I got his boom compared toa do it like that. Okay, so that's one way. That's another thing in terms of hand positioning and warm, every bite in terms of balance now getting your feet a little stronger. So if you can't sit like this in a long time to get up and check it out, okay, that's perfectly fine. So in terms of getting your feet stronger in terms of your dancing, I do simple Russian drills pretty much, if you know what Russians are like the whole sort of thing. Anyways. One way to start building your strength in terms of that is simply stick one foot African user hands if you want to. Okay, one had one foot out at a time so you can start seeing like so often about their in so other foot now and then. You guys are progressing into one leg at a time, okay? And then you could start progressing into it's sort of kicks, which is get it starts speeding it up because the better you in terms of moving around like that, it's actually gonna help support you in terms of your feet being able to move around quicker and better. You have balance here, the better. You can catch yourself in your moves. So I hope that makes sense. Used these warmups, especially before you do any of the dancing. That's important. I don't You getting hurt in the middle of learning all this course because that means I hurt you. And I didn't mean to. I'm sorry. And who is next video Now we're going to start on the next moves 4. The Groove: So the first thing we're showing you is the group The last thing I want to do in terms of any of this standing still super stiff and super whack and super lifeless. Because the thing of the group is this if you're fashion or anything about the group is pretty much the may not fit. Or if you have a very fashionable, significant other think of the group is the main outfit. Everything is just an accessory. It just makes it look that much better. So without the group, So the first move, the one of the first moves, I'm gonna be showing you something called an Indian step or two step so pretty much it looks like this and you see him like I'm grooving along with it. Now let me take that grew about okay, we're trying really trying not to group here, but it could look super super sit Okay. And one of the people, the types of people I generally find you have a hard time transitioning into this style is generally from People have a classical standpoint from ballet or jazz because they have more upright sort of position off operate tapas style, but This one is sort of more lucid, but more relaxed in upper body. So how you want to go, but your group is, think of it is a first off. Relax your upper body with some people are super tense or super chill. So having relaxed and what you want to do is almost like you're almost leading back. Well, kind of looks like a very quick one. Like almost like dodging someone, slapping you in the face what, most times a lot faster. So we're gonna go one, 234 Okay, so you'll notice that I've sort of hitting bending my knees Didn't back. Okay, Sort of this motion at the best of all you want, but there's no need to be super fast right off the bat. Take your time and learning and re listen to the music. Share the how to do that a little later in the course. But you're going to be gone one to three four, but 678 See that? And then once you start getting used to this, okay, this part is problem. Most boring to a lot of people that first starting. But if you really want execute the dense and give it some, I guess, flavor in terms of actually getting it done getting in and make me look good. Group is important. Okay, so again, just go through it again. You get the idea, so keep your upper body. Relax. Go. So lean back. 12345678 If you're born in the nineties era more, a little bit more Lewis of some of the new Jack. But anyways, that's it. That's about it. Do one more time for you guys going 45. My arms. I'm not too worried about the arms because this isn't This is only a part of the dads that we're spending to you. But anyways, 12345678 Well, so that's simple group. Practice it and don't get too caught up in it. But it's important that you have a really good basic group down, especially if you're gonna be. If you're especially gonna be showing up just off some friends or anything else if you're gonna be performing or have a battle home. Anyways, I catch you guys in the next video 5. Indian Step: All right, So first movement teaching you is something called the Indian Step or the two step. It has, ah variety and insists, especially since this dances. So all over the world now, names may have gone changed up along the way. But anyway, is the way I learned the name I learned it's to step or Indian step. So we're gonna be doing if you were to start off with your right leg is my left your right . So we're gonna be taking this right leg across, sort of stepping it over to the diagonal. Most common mistakes that's people step to the side or to the front. What I want you to do is sort of a combination of both Goto Dagnall What I want you do bring the hip out as well and sort of arms coming. So like a ah little pastor, does this sort of cross our T bar bringing up It's almost, like come out and grow. Okay, This is a general default place. We're going put your arms eventually. Once you get used to it, you can start searching it upto anything else. Okay, but you pick my nose, but anyways, you that's a general place where you want to go from from here to add contrast in terms of your move is that you want to come back down here just how I was trained. Bend your knees across the arms, okay. And almost like you protect yourself like a boxer in terms of how again, how strained and goes from a very big move into a small move. But it just makes the next move that much more dramatic. Gay food to give it huge contrast. Boom, boom. See that? So get that. That's important. Yeah, So pretty much when you step out here. Boom, hip out. Big Arms gave a general mistake that people tend to do is they do this sort of really ugly bath thing and what most people do when they're scared doing moves for the first time. They do something really half past and looks way worse than it should be, so make sure you commit to the move. That's one thing that's huge in terms of dancing. Did you commit to the move and actually and you do it the proper way? Because if you feel stupid, you're probably doing it right. It's a dance okay from here. You back down here! Same thing on this side. You step to Dagnall. So not straight here and not up in front. The agonal. Push the hip out nice and big. Okay, boot, Come back in to that sort of center place. Open Boom! This is one to one. Two. OK, one to so step hip. Open whom? Step? Hip open. Protect us up. Well, remember peopling I started off in? It was continuing. Practicing the Indian step. I go on facing this way so you can see you how my feet are Boom nice big boom Back in the news bent Nice contrast. Boom! True Boom! Who now facing the 45? 12 345678 Okay, so, uh, again. So if you're so to how to combine that with the groove and actual move, it's sort of almost weird because you have combined them both. You may 1st 1st start off super stiff like this. Just totally cool, But don't get stuck. There Eventually start adding that bounce to it. Boom, boom. One and two and three and four and 56 and seven and eight K. Destroy that, like two more times just to give you get the feel of it. So remember 1234 but 678 now doing it slowly. Okay? And one and two and three and four and five and six and seven and eight. Its speed that up a little bit. And I'm not doing your music here. Technical difficulties on the system, but more about what we have. So we're going here. 6781 2345678 Cool. Now it's a little faster because most long, most break beats our little faster goes 12345678 Cool. So that's how generally you generally want to progress your speed and progress. A lot of these moves, especially if you're trying toe you're learning for the first time because a lot of its, uh in my personal opinion that learning any dance can be pretty difficult. It can be sorry. Easy is just are simple is just getting it with the music and fully understanding its essence is is difficult. So again you see these moves simple, but now incorporating it and really understanding and really body ing it isn't a whole nother level. Okay, so the next we're gonna be talking about kicking twist, break down how that goes, and in a couple of the moves after that, and then I'll show you a simple top rock combination that you could do on your own. 6. Kick and Twist: All right. So another simple top for you. Something called the King. It was probably one of my favorite top problems. They do it a lot. So kicked Twist. Okay, is what it looks like. Don't worry about doing keeping up with the right now. Okay, So pretty much is you kick this Break that down right now, So we're gonna kick your right foot or your start your left foot. Okay? Sorry, Mr. Set up. You're gonna kick your right foot, Boom. Gonna step on over this way room with that same foot as you're gonna as you walk this foot over on the way. I was trained us and makes it easier for my kids as you sort of passed the ball or soccer ball that way. And then you repeat boom. And to that regular position, we're gonna kick and hey, that's safe. What is there? Twist? Okay, so you're right pushing behind your left at that now, going back in reverse. Boom back. Okay, so again, just think of it is right, because with the right step of their right now, step your left hoof. Okay, So you do that a day a little bit more of a rhythm going to one, then to okay my arms. I generally have it like running group, so I have to go run step. It's a like a neutral run. Run. Okay, Some people like this for dramatic Batman, but I like like, keep me like this. Came my arms loose so I could do other things as well. Okay, so we're gonna go kick one and to the other side, you know? Go. I'm gonna come back. Transit transition to the other side. Excuse me. I'm gonna kick right. Are sorry. Left. Okay, so from here, what you want to do is have this motion of a circle organist. Go back toe around and kick to the front. Okay? Kick with your left step of their left. Step there. Right. Okay. Almost like you're patting that volume. Cool. So, coming from that this position again, you know, switch back, left, left, right. Okay, So it's do both together. Can you gonna go? Right? Right. Left that right. Same pattern. Other side. You helped back onto the back foot here, you kick at the same time. Last thing you wanna do this don't do this. It's no Okay, you want to break through your knees meaning bend, Bend your knees Don't do this. Only monstrosity. Okay, so this site okay, we're gonna use step and kick at the same time. Kick and please again, kick and twist kick and puts cool. So it's going nice and slow. Try to keep up with maker. If you're doing that, what you're going to be doing starting with the right go one and okay to one and to one to one and to cool. So now it's picking up a little faster if you can. You? That's generally the challenger, Every dancer. Because not every song is super super slow, not dancing Slow jams here. So what we're gonna be doing over to the right one and to one and two One and two and one and two and one and two. And what? Kick, kick and passed. Kick and kick, boo. Kick boot. So that's it. Simple kicking twist. Next we're gonna be going over is simple sidestep, or it's also known as the sauce Iraq. Depending on how you wanna sort of groove to it on, That's about it for kicking twist. And after that, I'll be showing you guys a simple combo and how to combine all the moves and how you can sort of create your own sentence. And this is how I like to think about your own interpretation of the dance cool so catching the next video. 7. Salsa Rock: all right, so this step we're going to be going over is the salsa step or the sidestep. Because the way I learned two ways you can do is you got to do a step, okay, but the other way, I like doing what's called salsa Rock. Is you at a hip, too, to make it more. But But if you add a little bit more flavor to it, So in terms of what flavor means in terms of people, communities more style, more Manasse more, uh, make it look or in a sense, so because this is a super stiff, they got your your own sort of personality into it. That's a lot of players right there. So what, you're gonna be doing arms first? So I want your arms to be active when you're dancing, so it's not super doesn't look like a river dancing or anything. You're gonna be reaching one and two OK, one and two and one and two and one and two. So what? I want you to think in terms when you're counting with the music is when when you come out straight, when you're on the street is a is a whole number one. When you come back and on your aunts, your hands are always on in the sort of position on the end to and one and two not out of the group. Okay, we're gonna go one. It's almost like you're a zombie. Okay, one and two and one and two and one and two, and reach. Well, okay, so I'm exaggerating. House right Has to be. Doesn't have to be super straight. I'm going halfway when it because a lot of times the music is really, really fast. But when you're doing it slow, try to exaggerate the Morgan. Exaggerate the better. Because when you're actually going full speed, if you're doing small, your moves are gonna be a lot smaller in full speed. So if you're dancing small, you're gonna dance smaller. So you're dancing big, slow, You're still going to keep. At least that's a little bigger. Compared Teoh doing this, if that's making sense. So we're going to go one again, adding the group one and two and three at four, 56 and seven. And okay, so if you hear me counting between one and 21 and 21 and two are paying that or I'm going up to eight. It's pretty much the same idea, also, just to clear that up. Now, adding the feet going to kick one. Okay, kick one your left leg. Okay. And cross it over. Okay. To you bring it out to the site. General is called a potter break. So pretty much the same essence, but in terms of B. Bollinger adding that group. Okay, So, aside from that normal move your adding up group to it. Okay, so we're going one good to okay. Now, adding arms, you're gonna go one and to Okay, let's try that. Let's say two more times on the other side. Okay? One and to last 16781 and two. Now adding the other side. Okay. And one Casey, this and one. Okay. I don't want you doing this sort of swinging kick again. Breaking through the knees and kick and in and kick gang. So from here, one and two and one and to and one and to and one and to cool. So you start seeing seeing the pattern a little bit. So we go breaking through here, they're going to go reach, boom, cross in. Everything is inward out. Okay, Huh? Reach. Come in. Come out. Okay. One and one and two. Another three and four, but six, seven and eight. Course is picking up a little bit. 67812 three and four. Five and 67 and eight. Cool. Slowing down a little bit. One. Reach. Cross out. Reach. Cross out, reach cross out. Okay, Reach cross out of getting confused a little bit. It's perfectly fine because it's a lot of their doing positions that your know your body is not used to sort of brain is really trying to get the rabbit's head around it. So it's OK if you're confused. It's okay. If you're feeling a little frustrated, it's OK. Just keep on going. Keep practicing, and you're gonna get better. I'm not saying that the whole courses for you to be able to learn the basics and you're not going to be master right off the bet. So keep that in mind. Okay? So I didn't start out perfect. Every world competitive avoidance are perfect. Not the dancers and step up revolution or step up. It's not a perfect they started at ground zero, just like you don't compare your Chapter 22 your Chapter zero Chapter one. So chapter zero anyways. Kick boom out kick, boom, kick pull out. Go one and two and three and four and five and six and seven and eight. Cool. Getting it a little bit better. Let's go pick. Let's pick up the speed a little bit more. 6781 and two and three and four and five and six and seven. That's generally about how fast you do it. And I hope the breakdown really helped out. So again, I know I'm gonna repeat myself a lot, but I really want you to understand how your body is moving in terms of this, this whole move looks looked intimidating before, but breaking it down into smaller pieces makes it easy. Same thing we're doing here for the whole concept of people are breaking smaller. Move for this whole big thing of be bowing and making it smaller chunks for you guys to sort of understand better. Okay, so get arms kick come in out and kick in and out. Cool. So next move. Starting next month, the next video I'm gonna be telling you about Excuse me the next video I'm gonna be sharing . Do you? How to combine all these moves into a simple, many routine on how you can sort of mixing and matching is to create your own version of top rocking so you can start being creative on your own. And, yeah, I can't use it next video. 8. Basic Top Rock Routine: cool. So just like that, you got your own basic top rock. Uh, before I get actually puts him? No, actually, actually charged music because I want to show you one more combination in terms of top rocking. Uh, it's tried music, plastic camera, but catching a bit. All right, so finally got music working on. And here's how we're gonna Jerry, go. I you hear the temple three fat 1245 For now, But I like to do because with backing materials along for a lot of people is that I like, I like to sort of walk it through. That is lower Temple. Everything we just learned in terms of Indian step salsa rock into the kitchen twist Walker that at a slow tempo, they were to bring it up. Okay, so six, 78123 and four. If that's a little too fast, get slowed down a little bit more. 78 one. Do three, 45 Uh huh. Seven. Okay, so here it's pretty much longer. Every sort of every other beat going to want to the way I want to start out with the way I envisioned this, the way I work the way it works that I want you to understand each as each part of the move . But not so much for any sort of older thinking. Well, once you start going into it a little faster, it becomes having okay, so and execution of the moon, it's the little things that really make that really make up with death. So let's go same a little faster. And then we're gonna take speak. 612 at 345678 So simple. Five, 65678123456 And now, that's why that's why I like taking it. Slow time medium. No, actually, Pick up the tempo again. 556 What? On two on? Three, 45676146 Okay, so that's about it. In terms of how toe start off with music slow that supplies for all the moves, not just when you're doing an entire routine, but that applies for everything in terms off in terms of not only just a single, but this applies in terms of really understanding the music so you can fully execute every everything well and not look super lost when you're doing it, because less because I've seen the fear in people's eyes as when they when they go into a cipher and they sort of get overwhelmed by not only the environment but by the music because they're so caught up in their head of how do the moves. So the reason I have you break it down and do things step by step is the more Eakins Air Drilling drilled it and understand each section of the move, the more it will become habit. And that's exactly want for you guys. So I know I said, I do one more combo. So let's do one more. Let's go start off with a sauce, Iraq to a kick and twist. Now we just did that. There's no sauce, Iraq, Indian steps or to reverse it. And to kick it to us. Okay, so the jet, my general thought processes What sort of works at that current moment? Last thing I wanna do is, like, sort of look awkward doing dancing. So what I like doing is so starting off the sauce Iraq one. Okay, starting with your left side one and two sauce. Iraq into the Indian step by just right. So one and two is a perfect position for me to go back to India. Step three. Okay. Four. Okay. So I like going from left to right. I almost went this way. Some reason. See that awkward thinking my might sometimes happen. Okay, so one and two and three and four to see that. So cool. One at two. And three and four. Going to the kicking twists off to your left. Five and six. Okay, it's a little bit more. So remember Peter Selves five and six. Let's finish it off. Since your foot is in the perfect position as a pivot, use this as a spent five and six is a little bones for seven keeper foot there. Eight. Okay, so the last thing I want you to do is this okay? What you want to do is use this, put most of weight here and sort of drag this other side of you to the front. Cool. So going from Okay, So self 01 and to and three and four from here, kicking us. Kick five and six. Make sure footed staying down there. Not up here. Okay. You can do this year, just but not for this purpose. So from here you want. Okay, So, um again, 6781 and two. Good. 34 Kick and twist Hibbitts boot. And it's actually finished with opposed clothes. So you're not just I'm here, Okay? So finish it off with something sort of basic. Freeze, OK, itself from here. You wanna go? But now it's a sort of finishing at this period at the end of your sentence. Cancelled by six. Saying thing one and two and three and four and five and 678 Cool. So pick up Temple that would actually tried music. 6781 and two, and three, and four and fuck at 678 Gold strike a little faster rate in terms of time. 56671 and two and three on four at five. And 67 Hey! Hey, woman time. 67 Kick on. Set boots on 9. The Jump Down: the example. Another one is called the jump down. Okay. What you're gonna be start what? It looks like it is this up and hook. Okay, so it's almost like a super Mario jump into hook. So what, you're gonna do it such a over to your site, So it's easier fitting on dance. Is he gonna step on to your left? So you're right. Okay. Right. You're going to use this foot sort of jump up, up like you're doing a skip, and you left the foot. That left leaves is the 1st 1 to land, Sir. Get us to go left up boots. See this? Still up? You know, step. Okay. Now, almost like we're doing the coffee grinder. Going to sweep this foot around to hook Who? Okay, so it's sort of a 12 three. Okay, here you go. I'll start four, starting with this leg. So we're doing top rocks and go one to three and four. Okay, so let's try that again. 6781 23 four A woman 67 What? 234 Gasol's. So showing you how you can come by go from the top rock using the get down into the footwork. So boobs within the context of everything itself Iraq's kicking twist and I want to do is go back down my footwork. Okay, well, everyone, come back. Let's get back up. That's but you don't see sees CC. Who? So you start seeing it so you see how I can go from up transition down. Come back up, transition down. So it's not just a general general format is top rock for free Top Top rock. What freeze General guideline. But there's no way to be. You need to be attached, but that's a basic start off like top rock footwork. Freeze. But, you know, I just sort of broke that rule to top down, up and down just to finish that freeze for this sort of easy freeze. And, yeah, that's about it. In terms of two. Basic get down for you. Not too much overwhelm you guys because this is a mini course. So, yeah, I can see the next video for footwork 10. The W: are one thing that I sort of raptors are set up from the previous videos is get downs. It's pretty much transitioning from your top. Going down to your foot work that way is not an awkward like you're so you're doing top top Rocks. Okay? You're not like, OK, I'm gonna start doing footwork now, so get down transition moved from tops to your top rocks, your bottoms, uh, bombs, your footwork. So I'll teach you to basic ones that I like doing on. That way, you can start that. You could start incorporating into your dancing. So the 1st 1 I'm gonna be teaching is calling the W K. Generally was telling w because it was a way to say that you're wack. Okay, So what you're gonna be doing is simple. I generally at a sort of a back hop pool, okay? And the same time like X one and the same time to go back down into sort of a cross this down drag pushed my knees down, almost like the warm up that we did. Boom. Okay, is the W. I guess we're gonna go 12 Okay, so that's a that's one type. Would get done that you could do so again. It's a simple I'd like to do a hot back. 12 Okay, More so you can see huge, huge quads. So generally, this is I come here. I'm not here to long than a soldier. Two different moves. So generally so. From, say, you're doing Indian steppe. Super chill version food w Then I saw W so boom, you see? 11. CCs: So now we're gonna be talking about footwork and some I'm gonna be teaching you three basic footwork moves. I'm gonna be teaching you six step, which is, I think, the ultimate foundation of any which is like the base of all footwork moves, CC's and coffee grinders. Three super easy moves. But you can again, depending on how you executed and depending on how much you can mix and match it, you can really you can either make it look really new fish. Or you could make it really something really look amazing. It really depends on your execution. How well you can vary and often is back down to how well you practice it and how well you've made into a habit and really ingrained it. And, yeah, really body gay. So if you haven't watched any, if you haven't watched the to the warm of video, I suggest you do because it gives you a great way to start building strength in terms off getting used to being on the floor. Because if you're not used to this position for a long time, then you're gonna have a hard time doing footwork because you're definitely feel in your knees. Okay, So watch the warm of video. It's really going to help you build the strength and build endurance and especially the balance that you're gonna need for a lot of these dances. Okay, so first off, I'm gonna be learning. Is the Sisi OK? On the warm of video, I showed you how to do Russians. You'll see why it's so important to have that kind of balance. So first off, we're going to start off with. I have just in your startup with your right. Okay? One day. Get strict. What? You can do it. Never have both hands or one hand. I'm gonna keep one hand just before this for this particular part. Okay? You're gonna reach out here, and you're gonna sort of turn trying to get on the side of your tiptoe and at the same time , keep this leg bent and bring up okay? I like bring both hands up. Keep it up. Sort of position. You don't want to do this, Do this. Do this like, almost like you're doing temporary. Okay? Keep Britney's almost together, arguing and being a little dramatic, bring it up a little bit more, more European style okay from there, so think of it. So you're already gonna be sitting. This is gonna be your first Pretty much your basic first position for your CC's. Okay, so say you're in sort of doing your footwork. Footwork, kick boot from here. Down. Okay, so bring your left foot back down to its original position. So that means you're but it's sitting right directly on top of it. Switch, switch. Okay, now you're left. What is out? You know, bring it over to the other side down. Okay, Then you switch again. Switch switch. Okay. Bring your hands over to this side. Kick it up. Down. Okay. And generate. The switch isn't really that slow. Okay, So what you're gonna do when you do it is a Okay, so that's how fast it really is. But for learning purposes. Down switch switch. See, that's General, if you haven't seen warm up, that's what being able to switch out and have it sounds important. Oh, down switch. Okay. Oh, down switch. Okay. 12 at three. 12 and three. Okay. So now bring it up a little faster. I'm not expecting you to be able to do this. footwork immediately. Fast. Especially since it's probably less than 10 minutes to learn this. It's gonna bring it up a little faster. Going to go. 123123 Okay, so you noticed, Boot? I'm here. This is initiation for this. For you to speak to. Switch who? Initiation switch. Okay. Oh, initiation switch. Okay, so now, once you start bringing altogether, okay, Okay. Lost. Bouncing. So that's generally a CC. You can pretty much one of the basic moves It looks. It's one of my favorite moves because I just I love that simple scientist side and this sort of this motion low. For some reasons, I feel pretty cool doing it. But that's one of the basic moves. Practice it in terms of getting a one move at a time. Then we'll start doing music once we start putting this all together. Cool. So catchy goes in next video 12. Six Step: All right, now we're gonna be learned 60. Probably one of the most. The most fundamental with that link up to every other move that you can think of in terms to be willing to step three step seven steps. Baby loves a whole bunch of moves out there, but I'm keeping it limited to this certain amount. So you're not overwhelmed. Okay? So I'm a huge on making, taking the small stuff. I get the small stuff, that small amount that's gonna make you look good in the long run. Okay, so what we're gonna be doing okay, is first I'll be comfortable in this position. Okay? I'm gonna call your position or position, okay? We're gonna start up with the hook, okay? That's where balance is gonna is going to serve. You okay? Gonna catch yourself here at same time, going to go one. Okay, so that's what you want to do is sort of kick out and same time hook is your first step one . Okay. Now what you're gonna do is bring this left foot to to the left Dagnall again. It's not directly behind you. That's what the hugest mistake a lot of people do is brand to that diagonal. I'll show you behind view in a bit. Okay. So from here, you bring your left foot out. You make sure you're on your tiptoe here, too. Now. You sprayed your feet out. White here. Three. Okay, bring your left foot to your right hand. Okay, so here, Not not to the right. Don't do this. Okay, here. Okay. Four. I gently put my hands on my hips from here. You're gonna bring your right foot behind your knee. Five. Make sure your knee is still facing the direction of the front gate. People tend to do this. Okay, five during the hook again. From now, you're gonna bring your left foot up, okay? And noticed. My hand is up. Don't be doing this cause you're getting your own way. Thank you. Six. Okay, calm mistakes. I see people do okay. And we turn here in terms of the second step of telling you about people. Do this back. Dagnall out now. Cool. And again calm this. Take off from here, turning the need going to the fifth step. And another one is from here. They tend to keep your hands here like it's glued you do this, making it harder for themselves here Now, how do you expect to get back into your first position? Getting so from That's like I bring this up, opening myself up. Get back in. So if you're not doing this, used to that again, go back to the warmups teacher. It's going to give you the strength you need in terms of the sort of kick hooks and sort of Russians things like that. So again, do that again, walking it through this time. Six. It took one back of Dagnall back, right Dagnall left foot to right hand. Boom, right foot left knee. Whom? Okay, and now going back to the freshman. There it goes. Six. That's so cool. Walking through a little faster, you notice it's a little tough to explain and doing the same time going through a 678 go 123456 Cool. So 5678123456 In General Temple with music. When you go really fast to go. 1234 Yeah, now we, since denting or B boy or that's your doctor goes eighths. It makes it doesn't make sense to stop 1 to 6. That's why I go 123 and float before who. So now it's go a little faster. 6781 23456 Again. 6781 I love 612346 Well, so that's about it for the six. That Mr Up one more time fast. I know it's gonna be challenging for you. Challenging, free, especially you're doing for the first time, but encourages. Give it a shot. You let your body experience what it's what it can possibly do. I didn't take it down. Hopes of 6123456 Well, so again, you notice how why it's important about my tiptoes, why the extra inch of little inch of space is important to move quickly. And if you watch the warm of video, why, it's important to have good balance and on leg strength because you're Anyways, that's there for the six step next video. We're gonna put everything into it really easy piece of choreography that you can practice at home Anyways, uh, that's about it. In terms of the six simple catch you guys in next video 13. Coffee Grind/Sweep: art. So next we're gonna be learning is coffee grinds Very easy. Movie lives just like this. OK, so Okay. So looks difficult. Really isn't. Once you learn how to break down goes and you can just practicing on your own again. Make sure your knees are strong. Our warmed up or on, Did you get the balance? Will look down. That's you can watch that back in the form of video. That's important. Especially if you can't withstand this kind of if you especially don't have kind of bounce me on your tiptoes me on your knees on for this lot. Okay, So what we're gonna be doing, I'm stronger on my right. So it's taking clear lift. So, uh, what we're gonna do is bring your left. You bring your right. Depending on what you feel comfortable with. Bring it out here. There's a great position of how to get started. What you're gonna do get is swing this around, keep a nice history. Don't bend it. Okay, Nicest. Straight into a hook. Okay. From this point, you're gonna come onto both hands, almost like you're jumping onto, like, a donkey kick or something. And then you come back to that position. So it's like a swing. One hook to jump three out of four. Okay, really working it down into that. Okay, so one hook to jumped. 34 Okay, let's try that one more time. Okay? So, again, one book to jump 34 Now, let's bring a little faster. Six. So it's going. 123 Okay, So quick notes on the hands. I'm bringing over Catch catch. Now we're ready for the next. Now what you could do multiple once. Just do so. And you can do the other side if you choose to do so huge on being able to do things on both sides. That way you're not stuck. You're not living yourself. Just one direction or one way of of being able to dance. Okay, so let's try that one time slow and then one time pretty fast, I think. Get the general idea while I break it down. Uh, had 67 It's when one hope to jump three out of four. Okay, Now, going fast. It should be a 112 12 Okay, So, 567812 67812 Cool. So gently. That's it. If you're feeling interviews Chicken, I'm starting to feel it. Okay, so that's a simple coffee grinder. Be careful coming up because you might get a head rush. Just a quick sweep hook. Jump onto your hands. Come back to the first position. Okay, That's how the coffee grinder will start. I'll show you how to combine it with all the other foot work in. Just a couple more videos. Next up, we're gonna be learning how to do the sixth. 14. Basic Footwork Combination: All right. Now, we're gonna go into putting everything together in sort of routine fashion. So you can start being ableto put these pieces together into one cohesive dance that is footwork for break dancing. Or be willing to use me. And it pretty much forget Well, how we're going to start up. We're going to go with a six step to a coffee grinder. Two cc's so separate moves, and it's pretty cool. And seven moves it a pretty cool because it's these moves that you can actually repeat more than once, like three million copies rounders if you're a newbie. But if you're more advanced and battling, that's not gonna be that cool. But anyways, we're gonna start off with a six step that's actually get right into it. We're gonna start up for the six step. So if you've been practicing the moves that actually be come off a lot easier to you now, so start up with going one to three 456 Now you're in prime position. Noticed in the six step, you sort of almost going to the same position as your coffee. So after you do your six step do coffee grinder, and finish it off the hook. Get You're going to go. You're gonna go coffee grinder and then finish With whom? Who So it's, uh it's combined those two real quick Before we had two cc's before. So 676 Step 123456123 Okay, now, until the off in terms of rhythm music. So from here, I'm gonna extend my foot out. Go this way to my species before actually do it as I'm doing this extended and I reached out and go. So it's almost like one move or is a quick but data. Okay, so from here, this hook kick up. Yeah, Switch Oh, down some switch and that's it. Okay. Before we go into a freeze or anything else Cool. Six step 16 coffee grinder into CC's. So it's strike. Okay, but 67 go. One, 23456123 Okay, CC's down switch. Switch up, down. Cool. So let's do that one more time. If this is natural class and ask you any questions, but no. So you you'll see that everything is just a matter of figuring out Hadow interweave each move so that way. You have something so that we have something in terms of so that we have something not just one single move. Okay, so let's pick up the temple on this and we'll try with music. And yet try. Okay, so 5678120 do fast living. 678123456123 Up and switch. Up. Down. Cool. So let's try one more time. Tempo, I'm over time. Yeah, a little faster. Go, Music! 5678123456123 C, c. Boom! Well, so now it's tried music in a positive Quick on. We'll get right to it. Doing your music now we're going at a slower tempo. First, we're gonna be a little speed K This in a tempo. 12345678 Okay, taking dead. Going to slow down my hat. So you're gonna hear me different? We're not gonna go. 123456 Been here. 1234 In terms of six, step every movement between so big of each count as part of that, so you'll start here you'll start hearing what I say. OK, just watching this first so you can see what the heck of talking. Okay, 56 7123 four. But hey, boom, boom, boom! School starts, starts, starts. Teoh. See what they're talking about. One time with that, Mr becomes a little bit long Time on being I'm on rhythm. Good. 5656 Once, 366123 and four. But six on seventh on 81 Entire food works. 661234 678 So, the contact, right? It might be a little faster. Let me do temple. I'm just breaking it down like that so you can understand how things are flowing with music can again make sure you take advantage of doing it. Doing it slow with music. Allow your body to fully understand what the heck is going on for a moment. Because the minute you go fast, there's no opportunity to think. OK, so let's go. Temple voice. 123456 667812 athletes and shortly but 6712 Okay, so you notice counts a little different, But if it isn't the music. I was on a beat. Okay, so for some corner choreography, people recording Corio heads of my drives a little crazy. Um, but for me and my personal favorite is honest, I'm on being I'm hitting it. There's a freestyle dance. We're not learning choreography that has your on beat hitting back back As long as you're hitting it, you're good. Okay, Charlie, over time together with music. 123667 Go one and two for 6123 So that's about it. That's a simple basic, Really? And that's a simple, basic routine that you can put together again. It's a matter of mixing things up, not just being attached to what I'm showing you. And not just one attached, just one move and repeating it a 1,000,000 times. And that's good for practice. But eventually is a dance. You're gonna start putting all these pieces together. Okay, so, uh, another quick example is you go 30 sees to coffee grinds six separate, sort of reversing it. Okay, so let me show you a quick so being ableto go through our thought process of putting your moves together for the first time Because, uh, what you're putting these in with the first time? You're not exactly gonna flow with it. It's a matter of allowing yourself to actually process it and seeing how well it works with you, how comfortable with it. And once you find something that works, continue practicing and becomes happy. Okay, so from here, it's juicy. Sees he sees he sees okay from here. I know I can use the switch feet until coffee grind. Who? Coffee grounds. And I know this Once this goes around, it can easily go become a 16. Okay, so, uh, showing you that again? The thought process. I quickly just came up with this out of thin air and you could do the same with the more you practice it So against CC's CC's coffee grind. Six That and spin and freeze. Okay, so again, it's a matter of practicing it, taking it bit by bit and allowing yourself to really dive into it and really, uh, sort of dive into the process. Really get them bit by bit one at a time and then start sort of exploring your own, because that's one of the ways that you're gonna get this Get this dance down is allowing yourself to explore it and not just be another cookie cutter dancer. And just take what's given to you. What I'm given to is the guideline, but don't be attached to it. Cool. So next video, we're gonna be talking about freezes. Okay. Soup us from simple freezes to your basic baby freezes and how to practice simple stabs, internal freezes in terms of getting your upper body strength. If this suit this is gonna be new to you. Okay. So I'll catch you guys the next video. 15. Pilot Freeze and Baby Freeze: all right. So the third part in this hole in this sort of miniseries or mini training is doing freezes . The most basic one is the baby freeze. Generally, that's, I think, one of the more foundational freezes. There's four unfreezes. I think that's even pushing into more intermediate were sickness to the baby freezes Here. I'll be showing you various ways to tree in terms of stabbing, not this kind stabbing, but having it. So you have this sort of I feel better. So depending on your left, if you're right handed, you're done. We're going to go with your left. If you're left handed, you're gonna be on your right. Okay, so, General, that's journey. How works in terms stabbing. And I'll show you ways how to sort of start building that core strength in terms of getting from going from maternal freezes and you'll, which is essentially get strong stabs or stab freezes. I you're actually going to get a lot better in terms of your windmills, OK? Because when a windmill is actually that's more power. Move on. It's not gonna be covered in this course with generally starts off. It's a combination of backspin. Go into a stab in back into a backspin. Okay, so going into your baby freeze or actually basic stabs you're going to be starting. I want to show you the basic double, double stab they bring both your elbows here. Okay. You want to bring it to a place where it's comfortable right in your rib cage area, or the closer you can bring in here, the better. You don't agree so too far, Obviously, where you see my elbows Because you'll slip with general the way tendencies people are doing this too much. Push up. Hey, would you want to do is you want to make sure that's right here, sort of a big body. So right here. So it's just enough in your core area, and what you want to do is almost like doing a Duke in hand. What you wanna do is don't following a fall over and sort of fun to this position. Keep this 90 degree angles nice and strong, almost like a hinge. Catch it. So you're still here and what you wanna do this string at the legs? You'll want to bring your feet up all the way. I see that as you know my elbows art sticking into my my core area. That's what you want to do. And that's what I want to bring your feet out because you want your body. Start getting used to that. Cool. So that's one way that you want to do. Eventually. What, you get stronger here. You've been one leg, one like both legs, both legs initially. Freedom go. So I generally don't do both hands because it's not. I have no for me again. According to Bruce Lee, take what you like. Don't about all the rest. I don't really use it. You, for you. I'm teaching because it may be useful for you. Some people like doing the steps, which is not my kind of thing. But anyways, going to single arm stabs, same concept, one single armed up. Boom. I have this sort of 90 degree sort of, uh, action right here. So I'm going going down to a hinge. So what I'm doing? Make sure make sure it's deep enough meat or to the core area, not underside, whom I mean over catch myself. Make sure strong. I have this right, like almost parallel to my head. And I'm not looking down because you're gonna fall ethical way perfectly towards the direction of where your hand is. Said the other way. Okay. From here, I bring my leg strip. Okay, This is work. Even building street within your arm and your core and again, same thing. Same deal here in one leg. I don't like player. Bring it up, you know, eventually bringing up naturally. Okay, so then that's gonna quite some core strength crunches. Because the way I view it is this carry arms and everything's current appear abs and everything was gonna carry the legs. So that's why you're taking it easy and step by step. What you want to do is yeah, go from this general position where feet are nice and spread out get, and then eventually, again, keeping it one by one until they feel comfortable enough to go in your very tiptoe. Okay, Eventually give me one. Okay. Teaching do this a few time. Anyways, Uh, that's how generally your your first few stabs are that want to have a strong start getting some wrist strength in terms of that and a couple exercise that you want to do This sort of grabbing or your hands like this. So rotating in a little bit warming it up. And this isn't the warm video, so just probably something overlooked. And then now here, just bring it inside. It's almost like a side of motion. Bring in really, really stretch out the wrists, because when you start doing this stuff, really gonna feel there. Okay, Generally, what I do for this way, I bring my hands downwards, and I bring it to face my knees. Push it as much like that three to give my wrists blood flow Flexibility. Because putting a lot of stress onto your wrists when you're doing these types of freezes and you're lying majority of it on your arms instead of combining it with your core and arms. Okay, so, uh, that's getting to baby freezes on. You'll see how I sort of incorporate the double arm stab with leg. So what you're gonna be doing is almost like you're sort of Will you marry me position? Okay. And from here, like you have vodka pizza here, turn it off as much as you can. Okay? You're not comfortable this much. If you're not comfortable here, there's I'll show you a stretching exercise that you do. You prefer flexibility. What you want to do is bring elbow. Pastor needs a mechanic. It's a bug here. You're gonna slip off. But if the more if you can push against it and it just moves along with the better. Same thing here you want put it on your hip, Okay? And eventually, this part's a little weird for a lot of people when I start leaving over this way, okay? And you wanna you don't do this, okay? His Because you have fallen, actually get hurt. Okay. So far. Run out of time in the camera stops who stabbed catch yourself. Okay. And turned into this position where both legs a company like this eventually from you. Okay, so now let's bring speed. Okay, Dino, over to this side and then bring both feet. Basic brain freeze both elbows, air on my left leg. And yeah, generally, I freeze. I don't use this way that much anymore, but that's a simple freeze that you couldn't get into the show off your friends on family again. Break down here, Boom. Get up. Get comfortable on doing this first and then reset, then just go for notice. I'm on the corner of my head. Okay. When you when you go onto your head, don't slam into it. And don't go like this into the floor either. Like this. What you wanna do is find the corner of your head neck right here and sort of place. Um, wait on. They're not all the way for a little bit of weight. Okay, on. Yeah, that's a bit about it. In terms of baby freezes, uh, generally practice it on your practice. It That's when you can really take your time. Especially if you're doing this on a wood floor. Take your time. Try to get help over there one more time just to give you a quick, uh, a quick review of it again. Get into this position to make sure that low up so pizza man all the way down right here. So you see that next week. But this is way past my knee. Okay? I go down. So catch myself back that step and then agreed up. Cool. So that's it for basic baby freezes. Now, for the next section, we're gonna combine everything in terms of in terms off top rocks food works on freezes. So you start so you start learning how to really incorporate everything into one cohesive dance and yeah, that's about it. But you guys are having fun so far and catching as the next video. 16. Routine 2: Now we're gonna create a mini routine or mini set in terms off using a little bit of everything we just learned and still create something pretty cool. Okay, we're gonna go two Indian steps. One decide when this I'm going to jump down. And they were to go to a six step. Okay, finish it off the hook. Okay, so no six step isn't finished. Do carpet drive into a hook and sort of really easy freeze. Okay. Sounds good mouthful in front of us, but is good, right? It's okay to India's. It's kicking to us, starting off this way. So 678 kick one and two and 34 and step off to write five. Okay, so for me, it's a little awkward cause of your own. It's almost like a double step, but but step. So what I do is sort of reset myself. It's right, but but yes, I do. A bit of a they'll probably my left foot to let myself get ready. Here. Okay. Five. Too complicated. Just double step five six. Okay, seven stepping here. Hook eight is gonna be the first step for 68. This isn't stop here. One on to on three from here. We finished off one. Move once more. Round four, hook five. Okay, goes Boulder hook fire. Okay. And refinishing here for the freeze and reduce something called Visor. This for just finishing up. Cool. So not long moves there. Still a handful of moves, actually. But not It's not using everything, but it still pretty much using. Creating something completely different with the same set of moves seems tools. So you can create anything with what you if you just take the timers realize, Really be patient with yourself. Really? Allow yourself to explore beyond the guidelines. So before I continue talking, let's go into the beginning. 67 a 12 and three at 456781234 56 Look, that's generally it. So you're finding this move is difficult? Uh, but you won't find the part that you're finding a hard time with, whether it's just with this sweep or just getting used to the speed of the kicking, twisted freedom, the names, for some reason on just take, take some time to focus on that. So you're having a hard time from going picking and going right into this possible and really let yourself understand, do understand emotions. Because if we just try to power through it without taking the time to understand it, then it's gonna look sloppy. Cool. So, uh, let's get through it with music. So I'm not half notch, half speed, and then we're gonna go full speed boats from the very top remind everything we just learned in the pre previously smooth seven. Okay. 123 4567 123456 There's being, uh, something changing my angle for this. 15678123471 345 Books. Booth. Feel this again. You don't get it right away. It's all fine. Continue practicing continued drilling agents. I don't expect everyone to get good at this right away. It's a matter of time building that natural street building the drill, getting used to it bit by bit every single day. So let's get right into it. Going to times a tempo and then 6567 go to Africa and 46 667 So? So that's about it in terms off, uh, putting some combos together again. I don't want to give you too much over overwhelm you and too much to get so pretty attached to. I want you to start creating your own more. Get used to it. So the to mid year routines that has everything is pretty much just a guideline for you. Start creating your own because you have permission to create the stands any way you want on. Just not everyone knows how to start exploring right off the bat and then just showed your guideline of what's possible for you. Now it's a matter of taking the time off. Okay? After a six step, what can I do after that? Okay, CC. Okay. And now I can get up. Now. I could go back to a W and keep doing doing my footwork, and then maybe I could find a way to freeze. OK, so it's a matter of, uh, again, uh, allowing yourself to explore, be patient with yourself, because this is a process knowing no one's going to get this super fast. Everyone has different learning speeds, so be patient yourself. You're gonna miss up. Okay? Just be consistent. Have fun with it because this is dancing. You're not doing this for competition. You're doing this for fun. Especially here. The show. Friends, family, your girlfriend are whatever chicks just have fun with it. And yeah, thank you, guys, for watching this mini course and in Beblawi 101 or many break dancing. And yeah, if you guys like this video, make sure you head on over to my blogged. Emma Roy dot com slash block. Give me some feedback or head on over to you to meet head on over to the enemy. Livia review. Then we know how you feel. If you want me to expand everything that I learned here, I could teach you more footwork, staffs, more freezes and go beyond invite, invite other be boys to share what they know in terms of concepts. Because this whole thing goes way above and beyond. Just the basic footwork. Once you get footwork, you can start coming up with concepts which is a bit more on the creative, really, really creative in. And it really requires you to Reno your basic foundation, and I can also invite other be boys in terms of showing you how to do power mints. Yes, if you like this video? Make sure you leave me review on you to me. Let me know what you know on my block. Make sure you follow me on YouTube. Well, catch me. Connect me with me on their on instagram and Twitter. It's hemorrhoid be and yeah, I hope you guys enjoyed this many course. Hope you enjoyed yourself. Your, uh, enjoying yourself in dancing a lot more. Especially if it is your first time dancing Great job. And yeah, I catch you guys later. 17. Routine 1: Okay, so now we're gonna I'm gonna be teaching you to routines in terms of come but one combining every single move that we learned. And another one. Is this using bits and pieces of everything? Because I wanted I want you to know that it is possible to use everything you learn. It is also possible to still look good without having without having to use everything. Okay, it's take what's working for you and creates a different go. So the first thing we're doing starting off the top rocks and transitions into footwork and ending it with a freeze. Okay. So Okay, so the first thing going to be doing is to sauce Iraq's assume that I'm gonna suit if you watch the video. So I'm not gonna really break it down, because I should know the general mechanics of each move by now. So we're going to start to sell Xerox one and 23 and four from here. Going to a kicking twist. Okay, kick with your left leg. Five and six. Okay. From here, go to your India and Indians. That seven. Hey. Okay, that's one account already. This, remember, combined everything we've learned so far. So six look. 781 and two, three and four Go five and 67 and eight. Well, so from here, we're gonna do a w going down one to I hope to go into a hook on three. So we're gonna go w one to and hope out to two CC's CC CC. Okay, From here. Switch going into a coffee grinder. So from here, you need to switch the weight boom coffee right now. Going into a six step boom. One, 23456 Now what we're gonna do is add that extra at a hook. Okay, We're going to get into our freezes here, so using pretty much using top grander. Here, look what you gonna do. Depending which leg which are uncomfortable standing with going to use one arm stab, you're gonna hop into it. So catch yourself as you're about to jump up. And now, Okay, so showing it you from showing the side view Look. And so you see that step? What wants to get more advanced? Go here. So you show you what I mean, So hook boom. Okay, so it's a matter of I'm introducing you to you that I'm doing that basic freeze because I'm a first. I don't know what level of B Bollinger freezes your at. So that way you can sort of start seeing how how you start incorporating your freezes smoothly. Because last thing, what you do is like OK, I'm doing my footwork. Watch me freeze now! Okay, that's one way to do it. And the stronger you get at it, the more you can start machine in terms off what you can do. Okay, so I know I just threw out a lot at your soldiers. Really? Take it slow from the top. And then 678 to salt trucks one and two and three and four. Kick it to us. 56 seven a w one. Death too, And hook out, cc down and switch cc down. Okay. From here in 60. Oh, sorry. Coffee grind. Six step. That means keep that going to the continuing that sweet 123456 Now you add that what? And then you do one more copy Grant or sweet Fulham Catch three. Okay. Or free. Cool. So now let's go through it without me taking any breaks. So 67 a one and two and three and four, 567 eight, one, two and three And up. Down switch. Don't coffee grinds 60. Okay, around three. Cool. So let me do it this way. So I have another angle of see. See the movie? So 5678 one Out to kick and plus and step boom w kick and boo switch. Coffee grinder. Six. Okay, from here. Cool. That's about it. That's your mini combo. It's trying a little faster before we do in music. Remember, before you go out a lot of music or when you're practically music, take it. Take it down half a notch. So you're not overwhelmed yourself feeling the frustration, especially if you're new to do. In this case, let's go a little faster. 567 A sauce. So rock self so rough and kick and twist any step in Dover, you kick out CC six tip and a priest. They are our creeds. Okay, You know what? Your company Well, so, uh, that's it for the first combo is tried with music, starting off with slow and really picking it up. Then move on to a second Congo and finish it from there anyways. Next video art. So let's combine everything that we're so far going by half not half, half speed gets a temple. Very important that you get clap on B. Okay. Not taking it down. What happened? One three Board, six k. That's how the peace going by 671234 and six. Down. Three around. Good foot. Do 3456 around five threes. Okay, that's generated several. OK, one to three straight overtime temple. Okay, One sort of wild card for me is sweet because there's no exact counts in terms of how counting it will be mindful for that. Trying to hit the beach booth. 1234 6781234 Hey, what do? 3456 1234 off ground. Okay, so you mess up. The Hillary finds twice. Generally would take an hour in a class to actually get the routine down to breakdowns and every single part. But just kidding. Video digital we're gonna do with God. Example. 123456 67 Go. 1234 But at 67 super basic charwoman see, I'm going to go here. Always present hyperspace here because dancing in a dying little where my personal preference a little weird doing best go in from the very top. Go uh, go one step w out. Okay, so your gold with it And you have a full understanding of the booth. That doesn't mean you have a pass to get sloppy with when your moves. I got a little sloppy on my coffee grinder there cause I was rushing it. Okay, that can happen. Especially if you're fatigues been arrested. Enough mistakes will happen, but it's OK. Keep going. Has already have fun just doing the dance. That's the whole point. You're not doing it for Not if you're doing this competitively. It's another conversation. But if you're doing this for fun, for recreation, uh, no, just want look pretty damn good doing it. And that's just 11 many combinations that you can do in terms of getting your own deal. Go on, getting her own combination, getting being able to do this in front of other people. So again, you can see now that Aziz in, see, like if you look back now, you connect the dots. That's a matter off. Taking a bunch of individual pieces and putting it together as one almost like building a team. Just like you bring the best talent, The best moves off. What's gonna work? What the coach, the coach and the coach envisions Sort of what you envision for yourself. What kind of dancing do you want to do? So pick up little pieces here. And there was gonna work with the type of dance and you want to do and sort of, uh, traded. Drill it to the point where it's straw. OK, It's one thing. There's a whole thing about making your weaknesses, your strengths, but I'm huge on. If you find something you're good at first train the bejesus out of that first, then focus on your witnesses. Get what, Mick, what's pretty Okay? Strong, stronger, and make the weakest thing the focus on that later. Because at least you have you have a good set of weapons or tools to you to go to. Okay, so, uh, that's about the next video. I'm gonna show you another mini combo in terms of using these moves, but not using everything. But I want you to understand that you don't have to use every single move that you just learn to be able to dance. Go. So next video.