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How To Become an Influencer

teacher avatar Jaclyn Baker

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (23m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Finding Your Niche

    • 3. Have a Plan + Writing Your Bio

    • 4. Taking Photos + Writing Copy

    • 5. How Often to Post

    • 6. Making Friends

    • 7. Giveaways

    • 8. Pitching 101

    • 9. Influencer Job Boards + Motivation

    • 10. Final Inspo

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About This Class

Whether you're looking to grow your social media presence or get paid to do what you love, you are in the right place. This course covers all you need to know about becoming an influencer!

By the end of this course you'll learn how to create an epic bio, take top notch photos and pitch brands. 

Good luck!


[email protected] 

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Jaclyn Baker


Get ready to learn all things digital marketing :)

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1. Introduction : Why hello there, everybody. We are all doing well. As he could probably tell from the title, this course is going to be all about becoming an influencer and making money from your influence. Basically, it is literally, so crazy. How, like impactful having an audience online B you could use, you know, your voice to spread awareness to you, to your business, to your friends, businesses, your family's lives in assisted charities. Basically, the list goes on. But here's the deal. It is not exactly easy to make us happen. It could take years to, you know, make a profit to get what you really want, what your main goal is. But at the end of the day, I promise you, it is so so worth it. I have been on my personal journey on Instagram for about 2.5 years. Now I am still growing. I still learn things literally every single day, and this course is going to just being me sharing, you know, like my story and things that I've learned and hopefully that you know my mistakes and my success stories could help you in some way. All right, I will see you in the first class 2. Finding Your Niche: what in East you wants. The other thing is you have to pick something that is specific but not too specific. And that makes sense for me personally. My page is all about, um, cruelty free beauty products. So I feel like that is a pretty good, a specific niche, but not too specific. Something that would be too much, I feel, would be like, Let's say I only promoted. Um, we're only chatted about lipsticks like I mean, yeah, let's let's vinyl But there's only so much you could say before it gets, you know, boring and repetitive. And people lose interest because I feel like I'm very lucky with what I have. I could share, you know, skin care. I could share makeup I could share, you know, things like essential oils, all the stuff I love and specific, but not too much. Now you really have to find something that you absolutely love and like waking up every day like you're excited about it going in bed, you're excited about it, and you have to kind of have knowledge on the matter to like another personal example I love, you know, like walking. I love running, but I don't know all the, you know, logistics. Find it like if someone asked me what a good trainable was or what a good pair of shoes Waas. I would have absolutely zero clue because that's just not something I'm knowledgeable in. And that's totally okay, So whatever you share, just make sure, you know, And if you don't know, you kind of have to be willing to learn, so people know that they could trust you and your advice. I also feel like when you share what you know, it's kind of just that much easier to get inspired to creates, you know, awesome content. Like for me. I could talk about a good cleanser for hours, but I know not everyone can. So that's kind of you know what makes me different. So you'll see there is a little worksheet below. I want you to list 10 things that you love. And now I want you to order that list from how knowledgeable you are, every subject you could, you know, order it however you want. And then you don't take the top three things and figure out how you could make that dish 3. Have a Plan + Writing Your Bio: already. The next thing you have to do is have ah plan. Figure out why you are doing what you're doing. You wanna spread awareness for charity to spread awareness for business? Do you want to start? Do you want to offer? You know, like consulting services. Like, what is it that you want? Because every time you post you have to have your end plan in mind or else you're kind of just hosting for the sake of posting. And that could get kind of like you. Asking a bile is exactly what, like an about page on your website would be. But in my opinion, I feeling creating an about page on your site is so much easier because, you know, you're pretty much you could write pretty much as much content as you want. But when your big earlier instagram bio it is so limited to the character is you have to make every single word accounts, and I know that could be kind of hard, but you just have to make sure that every single word and there is important, and it gives you, ah, solid mission. So this is what I would recommend the first line would be, you know, like your mission statement like, but your page is all about and what people can expect to see. And then we need a location and I called the action and then email. So let's go through everything slowly. So the first I'm sentence again is your like what your page is all about your mission statement what people can expect. So just to take on example, let's say your page is all about, um, drugstore makeup. You could have a biotech start something leg. Um, here you will find all the latest drug store launches under 15 bucks. And after you have, um, your mission statement down, then we have the location. Obviously, you do not want to get too specific because that is not safe. You do not want to put your postal code or your intersection or your talent if you live in a super super small community because again, safety first. And let's say you live in Florida somewhere in Florida somewhere New York, somewhere in Texas, like I think it is totally fine to put that down there because there are so so many people . I don't think that would really put your safety at risk, and it just kind of gives you an upper hand because let's say you're looking for clients looking for customers. They want someone local. I just give them another reason to find you. Or, you know, if a brand wants to collaborate with influencers only in Texas, where they live and they see that you're in Texas again, it just gives them another reason to want a record deal. Art. No, we have on the call to action. So whatever you put whatever What's that you put in your profile? Totally up to you. You could put a blogger you could put, um, if you're hosting a meet up, you gotta have the need uplink If you're promoting a store, if you're an affiliate, you could have that link whatever you want, like, totally put it down. But you have to tell people what they're actually clicking because otherwise they will have next to zero incentive to actually click bowling. Great. Unless you know, you published a new block post last night about, you know, like new shoes out whatever story it could be like, check out my latest posts and read up on my favorite shoes or something, just so they know what they're actually getting. And then last not least we have the email section. Now I know not everyone will agree. And you may be thinking, Okay, when you scroll on your phone on the app, you could see you know, email website foam, blah, blah, blah. But when you're on a desktop, you cannot see that section. So if a brand or another influencer who also work with you sees your profile, they want to email you. But they don't seem email. They likely will skip you. Or they will say, I'll go back later, and then they just forget. 4. Taking Photos + Writing Copy: all right now, but the about section is done. It is time to get onto the actual photos slash videos. So with Instagram, you do have the choice, Of course, that put both photos and videos. You could do one or the other. You could do a combo of both whatever you feel most comfortable. But the most best tape I could give you is to make sure that everything is as high quality and the best lighting that you could get. You don't have to buy a super crazy, expensive camera. An iPhone could do more than enough. You could buy a very reasonable tripod on Amazon or anything, and that is really all you need. For example, I am filming this in front of a window right now. It is about 10 in the morning, and I think the lighting is pretty good. And of course, you could always go in to whatever video software you have. There's tons of free ones, and you just kind of, you know, amp up the lighting and stuff like that. Now that the photos or down, we have to get on to the actual copy. You know what you're going to be saying in your posts. So the biggest tip I could give you is to never, ever create your captions in your phone On the APP Let me explain when you're actually typing on your phone. I feel like it is so easy to, you know, like make little typos make forget periods, me grammatical errors. I mean, like, it happens. It's hard time on the phone. The screen is very small. Auto correct is really We have all been there. So I always create my captains in either Wardak and ever know Doc, Um, a grammar editing software like Graham Early. I will write that all outs and then the next day or a few hours later, I will give it a new look with a new set of eyes. And sometimes I'll find little mistakes. I didn't notice, and I was originally writing it. Who's really Your page is like a resume you don't want, You know, a potential company who's gonna work with you, come across your content, feel that there's lots of mistakes and typos because they wouldn't want to work with you and have you make the same mistakes again. We're all human. Everyone makes mistakes. I have made plenty, but just the way it goes again, I'll scroll through content. I made like 6 to 8 68 months ago and I'll find little mistakes here and there and I'll just go quickly. Edit it so it was kind of just like being aware of that and not rushing. 5. How Often to Post: I feel like this goes into the second points, which is, um, not posting too much. I will costly get asked by so many people like Jacqueline was the sweet spot. How much should I post a week? How much should I opposed today? And really less is more people when you feel pressured to come out with so much content like you're not gonna deliver your best stuff. Like if you're like, OK, I only have one hour to create a week's worth. You're gonna rush and be fast and make mistakes. But if you say OK, I'm giving myself an hour to write one and two posts. Those posts are gonna be amazing again. Less is more and I get it like we get sick, we go on vacation, stuff happens. So if you skip a day or two every once in a while, it is not the end of the world. I know it may feel like it is, but I promise it is not. And if you really want to to be prepared in those situations, you can always create a few posts and bands and just schedule them. I'm in a software like buffer or something. So if you're traveling or if you know that you have a wicked cold and you won't be able to do anything, you always will have some sort of a back. 6. Making Friends: guys making friends online like it's so important. Get it? These may not be people that are at your wedding that you go to coffee with you hang out with, but having people that you could count on and, you know, like generally ask their, you know, advice and, you know, just work together on Things are so important. Like maybe you get an email from a company that you feel it's kind of a legit. You send the email to your friend and be like, What do you think like happy? Been in this situation before they give you your They could give you be back. Or you could do a giveaway together. Or it could guest post on each other's blog's again. Just finding a few people. It's still important, and it's not hard. Just go out of your way. Find some people you think you would get along with. Send them a message. Don't be shy. The first thing you said is no 7. Giveaways: I love giveaways and I hate giveaways. So sometimes I will scroll through my feet and I'll see these crazy giveaways like, you know, when a free trip when when a free plane ticket, all this crazy stuff and half of me things like this is too good to be true. This is a scam like I'm not so into this. And the other part of me will be like, OK, all the person organizing this giveaway like we have zero in common. I have absolutely zero interest, and following them was The contest is over, and I know I'm not alone like, let's say you're a beauty. Accounts like me and you give away a vacation to Hawaii or something. It is very likely that once the contest is over, most people will follow if they are not interested in, you know, beauty. But if you give away like a lipstick or something, it is very likely that people who follow you are interested in that niche, and then they will stick around till the end. So and then we have obviously the rules of again. I will see giveaways costly. Where the rules are like toxics friends sign up for email. Follow us on Facebook in Instagram and all this crazy stuff. But I'm like, I don't have time for this. I have places to go. I have to see like No. Or I'll think. Okay, I will do that later when I get home because I'm too busy and then I forget. And again I cannot be the only one. The best advice I could give you every doing a giveaway is to make the rules as easy as possible. Just think of one or two things that are the most important. And then make that the main goal legless. Just your main goal right now is to get 200 email subscribers make only rules to be the starter for your email list and see how that goes. And then you could always tweak the rules for the next time around. As for the prizes, if you're not sure what to give away like, don't be afraid to ask. Either. Stories are opposed to be like, Hey, I wanna give something back to you. Like, what would you be interested in A B or C? And then, you know, see what the best response is and You can also look back on older giveaways you've done or other similar influences have done and see what their prices are and see if you could, you know no copy. It kind of just get inspiration from that in any way. 8. Pitching 101: there's no magic number that you needed to be able to consider yourself an influencer or to pitch other brands. Now what I will say is it is a good idea, kind of stick in your let's just that you have 4000 followers. At the moment, I would recommend only pitching other companies and influencers between, like three and 6000 ourselves. I mean, of course you could go a lot higher. You could go. You could go a lot lower, too. But the likelihood of getting a response is it just isn't as highest if you're pitching someone kind of on the same level of you. And again, I'm all don't trial and error. If you try something, it doesn't work like there are other ways to do it. But for starting out for building your reputation in the community, starting small is better and do not be afraid to do anything for free if you are just beginning. Of course, I would not sign any heavy duty contracts with any super crazy rules for free, but if it's just, you know, writing an honest opinion in exchange for a host, I think that there is nothing wrong with that. And I think that is great as long as it is, as long as it is a product that you feel comfortable promoting and you supports and you think that your community would appreciate, nearly may be wondering. OK, I understand that, but how am I supposed to actually make this happen? Well, I'm glad you asked. The answer is extremely short and extremely personalized emails. So on my page I actually get emails from other on bloggers every once. There's a lot because they assume that I am like a retail shop, a company. I'm not sure again. I like, I get it. It's an honest mistake. It's no big deal. But I could see, like how great people pitch in, how not so great people pitch like, I'll get email sometimes, and it's like, Hey, my name's Sally Jo. I have 10,000 followers would love to promote you. Thanks is like you don't say anything about me. You don't say, you know, like your idea is why you're excited. Why do enthusiastic? So it's like if I were a brand looking for a blogger, I would not want to work with that person because I would assume that they just copy paste that 100 people. And sure, you could do that to 100 accounts. Copy paste, easy peasy. You'd probably get a few responses, but if you just spent some time sending, you know, like, 10 extremely personalized emails, you may just get responsible. All of them. And they would maybe want to pay you or have a long term collaboration so you could check out their site. You could check out their linked and see if you could find a first name, especially for the small business. Only about page. They will often be like, Hey, my name's Lisa founded this brand. Um, would at whatever you get the idea. What if not again? Check lengthen. And if you really can't find anything, just say like, hey, you so in some team, um, here's how I found you. Here is where I like you here is You know, like when I do, I would love to have set up a call it shot. I'm letting you know what time works. So it shows that your professional that your enthusiastic and that you really care about their mission and their goals Oh, this is a really big also I almost forgot. Please do not be afraid to follow up. Let me tell you, I will get e mails constantly when I'm like on the subway. When I'm walking out the door, I'll quickly open it and I'll think, OK, I'll respond when I get to the office. All respond when I get home, and I just completely forget. And that happens to everyone or inbox gets overflowed. And it's just natural. And just think how many emails a day these companies are getting like they get hundreds of emails a day, so do not be afraid to send friendly and nice follow ups. Don't just emailed back saying I'm following up by like, say, like, you know, it's been a couple of days since I emailed Um, I will do something with you. Um, let me know when's a good time to chat again? Something you easy is that I know it's so easy to assume like Oh, they didn't answer. There must not like me. I must have done something wrong. But that is just kind of, you know, like taking your mind to the worst case scenario is very, very likely they just forgot. And unless you follow up at least 23 times, you will never know. And if they ever respond back saying, you know, like, thank you, but nothing. You could just respond back and be like, I appreciate the time. Look, I appreciate you letting me know. Let me know if you ever need anything in the future. I'm always here. Have about this day. So you're kind of like being, you know, mature about it and keeping the line of communication open. Um, for future opportunities, because you never know. They may not be down now, but in six months to a year, that could completely change their mind. And then you will be their first, um, name that comes to their mind. 9. Influencer Job Boards + Motivation: you have to treat your page just like a resume. It's like you would never put something out there online that you are not 100% proud of. Like if a company sees you, If, uh, potential clients easy and they're happy with what you deliver and they want something similar, they know they'll get it. But after just seeing a bunch of stuff all over the place, they won't feel as confident. I'm working with you like anything you do in life, keeping track of your success and your progress is key when you've been doing something for so long and you're not growing at the rate would like. Of course, it is easy to, you know, get disappointed. But if you kind of take a minute to jot down in a journal or in the notes on your phone, all of your accomplishments, like getting a really good deal of getting a really nice email heading a certain number, the weeks that you aren't doing so hot, you could look back and be like, OK, I know what I'm doing. This is just a slow This is a slow time influencer job boards. So just like giveaways I feel like I have sort of a love hate relationship with influence or job boards. I think they are fabulous. If you're looking to get, you know, so experience. I think there is no such thing as too much experience. But at the same time, a lot of these boards will come with extremely specific rules and destructions of things. What to say? And you just have to make sure that you feel comfortable following those instructions, because if you do anything privately and they make a request that the brand request something that you don't agree with, it's easier for you to come back and be like that isn't really something I'm not comfortable with. How about this? But with again influence or job boards? It isn't as easy to kind of negotiate and share things that you would both like. So again, if you do apply to anything, make sure that you feel confidence like, let's say the requirement for the gig is to do like a selfie, and you do not feel comfortable not because you only do flat lays, but I wouldn't really be on the job for you, and you may regret it in the future. That is just something to keep in mind. I feel like a different approach would be to kind of find other influencers in kind of the same number range and nations you and see who they work with. And don't be afraid to send them an email saying like, Hey, I saw you did this one So and so I think that was great. Here's how we could do it in another direction. So now, once the deal is done, I think it is so, so important to create some sort of status reports. I feel it is kind of gives validation that the campaign was worth it because you could see how me, you know, like link Lexie got busy. Harmony saves you got how many stories were sent, how many cons were made. You could take screenshots of the extremely next comments. So, you know, if a brand isn't sure whether the promo was worth that, you could come back with numbers and be like, here are the numbers for you and your team for you and your records, and it's like, Oh, that was so nice. Thank you. I feel so much better about this investment now, and it also helps for you because you could easily keep track of how your campaigns are doing and if your success through campaigns is growing or decreasing. 10. Final Inspo: no matter what nature in you, no matter how many numbers you have an amount or what? Your main vibe is having a set up by week. Legals is so important because, like we mentioned before, if you don't know what you're working towards, it isn't so easy to continue going like you feel like, OK, I'm only 30 followers away from my goal this week. You're gonna work really hard to get there as opposed to Just if you have zero bulls you're not gonna be is motivated to keep going. Slow and steady truly brings winds of the race. I cannot talk right now. I was probably stuck around, uh, 5000 followers and then I don't know where a condom just started growing at a very study and rapid speed, and I just couldn't believe it. I mean, I know I got better with my writing. I know I got better with my photo quality. I know I got better with making friends, but it kind of just goes to show you could be stuck at a point for so long and when she just change if you have is you could just grow like you never even expected. So I know we did a lot of Chad and I know we covered a lot of stuff. But I do really think that it's a game is all about what you put in. Even if you just add a few of the things to your routine, I guarantee you it will make a difference in the long run and may not feel like it at first . But when she came going, you will get there and I have very confidence that you will have nothing but success. I am so glad that you joined. I hope you learned something. Of course, any feedback questions, comments, concerns are more than welcome. Thank you so much for watching. And I hope you all have a fabulous day.