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How Simple But Attractive Podcast Logo Designs Are Made In Photoshop

teacher avatar Oisamoje David, Graphic Design | Personal Branding

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (1h 7m)
    • 1. Introduction To Podcast Logo Design In Photoshop

    • 2. FIG Podcast Logo Full

    • 3. TRTW Podcast Logo Full

    • 4. TTS Podcast Logo Full

    • 5. TG Podcast Logo Full

    • 6. LTH Podcast Logo Full

    • 7. Conclusion and Class Project On Podcast Logo Design In Photoshop

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About This Class

In this course, I'm going to be showing you how simple but attractive podcast logo designs are made in Photoshop. 

I'm going to be taking you step-by-step through the process of creating unique logos for your podcast, if you're just interested in logo design in general then this class is for you also because It will show you how to design simple logo design. 

These classes concise of five examples to pick from and after this example you have the chance to create your own logo and post it in the lecture area for me to see your samples and then we can comment on your own logo and see how good they are and if there's any correction to be made I will definitely let you know in the comment.  

So if you're interested in creating logo design in Photoshop this course is for you, this is a logo design class and it is a very simple straight point attractive course so I advise you to ensure you watch the course to the very end if you don't understand any part of it please watch again and drop your comment. Lastly, I also like your feedback so let's go into the class and get started 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Oisamoje David

Graphic Design | Personal Branding


I will be your photoshop T-Shirt Design teacher here on skillshare, sharing all my photoshop knowledge with you my lovely students. I promise to make every single class easy to follow and it will never become complicated for you to learn. 

You will learn the following : 

1.  How to create T-Shirt Design in Photoshop

2. How to design Icons for your apps, games and websites in Photoshop

3. How to design ebook and book covers in Photoshop

4. How to design Social Media covers, Ads Image and much more in Photoshop.

5. How to design any logo in photoshop

Note: Remeber to follow me so you don't miss out on new uploads every Friday!

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1. Introduction To Podcast Logo Design In Photoshop: Welcome, My name is David or a summer J. I'm super excited to be bringing this course to you. This is a logo design costs, okay? If you're interested in starting up your podcast or your brand in general, then this course is for you, trust me, I've put together five unique examples in this course, which is going to show you how to create different styles or logo design in Photoshop that you would love. They are super short. They didn't take much of your anybody's time? My time and piano going to take much of your time. Trust me, you're going to love the process of this logo design and you're gonna be doing for yourself very soon, okay? If this is something I'm interested in, interested in creating unique logo design for either yourself or for clients, okay? Or you are starting up a brown YouTube channel or whatever. You're starting up, then this is for you starting your Skillshare journey, whatever junior studying, I need a business logo, these 0s for you, trust me, they're going to love this and you're going to be enjoying every bit of design process, okay, So make sure you enroll in this course. Make sure you watch this course to the very end so that you don't miss any part. And if you need to watch over and over again to understand the concept there, please do that because you are going to be benefiting a lot for me. Thank you for joining me on this course. Now let's get into Lecture one and I'm going to show you how to create really simple logo. So let's go. 2. FIG Podcast Logo Full: Along, Welcome to our first podcast logo design class. With me. I'm going to be showing you how to create really simple podcast logos, which are not difficult to get together. You can easily combine elements and your brand name to bring them all together. Before this one, the first one is going to be future school. Already made a full course on how to create podcasts, cover ads. You can watch that on my profile if you also interested in that. So I'm just going to be making logos based on these podcasts logo already because I want to build a brand. Okay. Let's go so forth. Do you want to do for logo design? Who is want to make sure you have this dimension up for yourself with two thousand two thousand resolution 300, I'm going to be going through did for the six to five to six logos I'm gonna be creating. So if you want to get rid, or should I say if you want to get used to it, then you want to follow me true. Left-click on, Okay. Now, when you constantly logo design, also like in my podcasts of our course, It's based on your principles, what you always want, false light for me already have the idea in mind, so I already know what I want that were already know the way I want this logo to look. So I'm just going to move based on that. So to start with, would not bring in my text. I already know my text is Utah Code, right? So what I'm going to do is to set for two things. You're good, you're good bar, and also an edge set. There are two elements. You can always add podcasts, logo. You have the sets or microphone and podcasts microphone, but some, it will tell you they don't want any of these two elements which inspiring images need just text in your logo design, which is also fine. But for these ones, I'm gonna be showing you a few weeks the headset if you without and if few with the microphone. So Escola, just find something cool, we can use it from there. The watch me as I'm gonna go through, download it. While I wait for it to get downloaded. I'm going to download that for you guys. Now we have that as our first element and the second element will be an etc. And it sets said P&G. These are the two elements I want for this design. And then I want to be putting them together. Like to show my process from start to finish. Like to always do that so that you guys can see every process. For these assets. I'm gonna be using this very one. This is one I'm gonna be using. Use this one. So just get that downloaded for us. Low can use it in order to design. Step we've done with the first step is also a good one, so I can download this one also. This one should be better than the first one. It does it enable design? When you start to design your notice you might be finding one element I want inspector notes. You must make sure you are right to use the elements. This is for educational purpose, so I definitely a right to use it. So please be sure you find that out for yourself. This will just get this downloaded. The next step is for me to add over two. As you can see it remover. Why I'm adding over to that site is to get rid of the background for anyone that as the background on ****. Okay, So this is just an extra lecture in one lecture to show you how to remove background from images if you get your sweet background. So we'll start with this first one. We're gonna be starting with, I'm going to get it into this and remove the background. That's what we want to do. We're gonna be doing that. We're gonna be getting read, Getting rid of the background, and you are gonna be seeing the magic credible enough so you can see now we have the good but without without the background. Once you get it downloaded, I always advise you to rename it so that you can come back in future times to just make sure you know where you are getting in and where you find it. As you can see, this is the code, but we delete the old one we call. We don't need the old one anymore. Sometime in the video I'm gonna be doing a road to welds and I'm gonna be using this apple. So please make sure you watch all the series in this podcast logo design course. But this is the first one, was the element downloaded. So let us go with the second one. So I'll save it as good bond. Remember, rename it would bar. Now I renamed that to Goodbye. The con animate should be D, etc. I will show you that one also. This is the essay. Consider the background. So I'm just going to bring it in to this box again, remover, BG and get rid of the background. As you can see, we are done with the background, know more about grown. Now we can use that. They've that, we're going to download that and rename it to add debt. Okay, So let's show the sea. Sometimes you get it's not extremely right. As you can see, there's a white box here. So what that does not really matter. Doesn't really matter if you asked me, just get rid of the old 1 first. Then we see if we rename this, you want to add sets. That's what we wanted to do. But now we have to ask can see at one etc before and see it and it said before. Just removed the background of this one for the meantime, just in case I have to use it in the future. You can see this is quite easy to do. It's not complicated, should never be complicated either. Just do that for ourselves. Rulebook chap folder. This is the one without the background, as you can see. Now we have debts. Then delete the old one. So now that we have these two elements or we need to do is to bring them into Canva width. We can actually start with animals less than width, etc. Just bringing the etc. as you can see here, quite big. So we want to reduce the size that you can see, it's quite big. So before you press Enter on your keyboard, make sure you move your cursor to this edge of the four edges any way move your costs are going to be pressing three boats in your alter, debits in your shift keyboard here on your left mouse click button, you press them down to get a move your costs or your mouse in, in any direction, just if you want to increase it, just move it, move your mouse and you're going to make it either big or small for you, Okay? The plan is to get them in the right size. You want them, alright. I have it there. I'll just move it up to move it up or you need to, you just add lights. Just move your cursor to any part of it of your elements present your left most important in just the way you move anything with your mouse. Same weights, What's in here? Just in case in our other lectures, I don't go over this again. Now we have that. The next thing we would find is our goodbyes. To bring in a good bar. Can see I had so many good but in the future. But don't worry, I'm gonna show you in order videos what I plan to do. Now as you can see, you can decide to leave this like this. Let me see if I mix more, more dense toning it that way. We can actually leave it like this. Press Enter. For me. I would like to change the color of this, etc, to match the good. Thus for personal reasons, personality. So to do that, all I need to do is to move my cursor to this edge, double-tap. Follow overlay. As you can see it, its color validly conducts. Now you can see we have that without color. So now just move to blend mode. You click on that. It's going to give you this box. You're going to have the eyedropper tool by default. So if you can see, you see there's a kind of drop our two only need to do you just move over to the good and just select from the good color. As you can see. So you see how easy that was for us? Depending on how you want it, you want it to my wanted to lie to my wanting deck is all preference. And you just have to get it in. Just make it a little bit. Like so. Should walk. Should I make it darker so that we can see it from distance? This should walk at all. Bodies. Don't seem to like it. My eyes is not finding it so reliable. So I'll stick to this though. When you're done with your colors, just click on, Okay. Now we have those two elements, and now we can bring in our world The worry about position in it, right? So we're gonna do that just at the end. So now go to text. Now, you can see we have a text here with a green color. You can just change that color up for yourself. We can just change that color up at the beginning to just make sure it matches. And then we just bring in our text. As you can see, it's going to be quite small because we have very small just yet. What then move finish putting in our Utah. We can now control a twilight and then we can increase it if you wish. You can just increase it like that. This is future is good, sorry I added w. The future is food. As you can see, this is just one way of doing it. Just one way. You can do it like that. Or you can break them down in series, which I will show you how to do so instead of putting them in just one box, I'm just going to go back to it. See you See you. And I'm going to delete the and I will just make it a look different. So I'll click my arrow. Now what I want to do is to light my cost on the future. Press on the keyboard. On your keyboard, your left mouse button just drag downwards. Now we have feet like that. So now we want this one to see is called a, right? So just me that control a. Now we have that so we can wound just putting the code just here. Now I can decide to change all these to black. Continue the ease to black. Just change that to black by pressing this color palette and moving down this edge and pressing Okay, Do you see it is black now? I can do that also in the future for the future and future stands on its own. So the best way to do the future to make it black is to come to this edge and press down double-tap color overlay. I'm going to be going through all this process separately in different lectures. So you're going to get used to it so you don't get a street in the first lecture, the second lecture I told you definitely get used to it and I'm now going to make that a different color. We can just meet that in different columns. So I would leave that one just like that and press. Okay, now you can see we have, if you go, now, what do you want to do is to click on this column. Now you have your future is good. Now you want to group those two because there are no group there are separate. So if you move them, yeah, I'm willing to move separately into one that group them together. You need to do is to click on the future. Okay? You press on your autarky button and you click on this road they would do cone, true? Sorry, you print on your control key button or your turkey button, your control key button. Press Control G to group it and rename it by double tapping on new Groupon and do your Bode. Now we have that now we can move those together. Just like that. We are going to do same thing with the edge sets and the Goodbody. So to do that, you're going to press our control key button while on the Goodbye and don't click on our NSAID group. Now you double-tap again if we change that wording. So let's say, it said, well now we have dead so we can just move it. Click on that and move it just like debt. You can see we have our post logo depending on how you want it to be placed, you can just move it like so. And you have that for yourself. It's not complicated at all. Not time-consuming process is quite easy to do. I'll see you on the next one. Stay safe. 3. TRTW Podcast Logo Full: Hello, Welcome back. In our last lecture, we did this particular logo or the first lecture in the series. And yes, I know I did not save it. I'm gonna be showing you how to save this lecture on Phailin link. Let's just go in and get straight to work on the next one. This particular NetLogo is gonna be the road to World. I'm gonna be showing you how to create a logo already. Cover in my podcasts cover class. Okay, So if you want to watch my podcast, there are 50 thousand club Michelle, you do that is on my profile. You are going to be swinging it. Make sure you watch that. For this one, we're just gonna get rid of this. We're just going to delete that. Robbie, clean Canva like the way it is. Then we'll move to file. Remember the standard we want for our dimension is 2 thousand width for pizza or 2 thousand for height for PC0. Just make sure you pause of this dimension for logo design that you click on. Okay, that's the first step. The second step is to bring in elements before we bring in our text, okay, to do that, already, one element I said I was going to use, so I'm just going to show you, just type my app. This is it. This is the one I'm gonna be using. As you can see. I'll just bring it into Photoshop. Just let it by dragging it into Photoshop like that. Then I'm gonna move my cursor to this edge. Alright, moving Microsoft to this edge. Remember the way I told you out to increase an element and reduce it. So if the same process, moving your cursor to the edge, like this, any of these four edge, the 90-degree edges works. Move your cursor to the edge, you press down three bottom your alter keyboard in shift keyboard in your left mouse, button, and move your mouse. Okay? When you do that, that's what you're going to end up with, just something like that, okay? Now we have that to press Enter on our keyboard and we have our design like so. You can see it's coming out. Well, the moment you see it is the road to where to add the dollar sign, dollar notes. And we are trying to recreate what it looks like to have that well, when it comes to logo design and this podcast is postcard talks about It's related to that. Okay, So we're just trying to be creative. You remember, you need to be just a little bit creative and be sensitive to your design and just have knowledge of putting elements and text together. And trust me, you start creating really good elements for yourselves. Trust administration, creating really good logo design for yourself, logo in general, not just for podcasts. Look about in general. I'm gonna show you how to do this one and you're gonna love it too. Now, the next thing I want to bring in is a kook round. Okay, So I'll do good. You see this ground? Yes. I'm about to bring this ground in. Blood flow towards my design subject. No, drag that in again to Photoshop, like you see it yet. So I'm doing that. Now we have the crown that's considered crown is bigger than the ApoE and it's not supposed to be, right. The APOE is supposed to wear the crown. Just a little joke, though, the output supposed to be endocrine. So now, what do we do once we want to reduce elements? Remember what we do? Move your cost of one of those edges. Result three buttons or keyboard in shift keyboard, the annual Lebowski button and drag. Move your mouse inward, outward depending on the size you want. For this one, I'm just going to drag it and place it where I want it to be. Okay. As you can see, it looks upset. So before I press Enter, I'll just add to move this. Okay. So to do that, or you need to do so, bring your costs or out as you can see, if I move my cursor, you see that kind of w aged edit our way. If I move it out just there, you see that the code, you want to press down your left mouse button or move your mouse rotated left or right to try and balance that just the way it looks natural. So we'll keep moving that and balancing to find out which is more Good, okay, which looks attractive and looks real or right. Now, you can see we've gotten that by moving to operating Enter on our ground, we've gotten that curved arrows again, so we just keep moving around, balanced since out. Okay? But now you can see I'm just moving now, the crown width, my arrow key buttons on my keyboard left and right. Good. Now I'm going to press Enter. And now look at how looking, looking, okay, looking like it really on that app was sitting on that apple. I can decide to just create a little shadow on that, the crown just some way a year just to see if it gives it that extra reality look, real-life, look more to eat. But you can also leave it the way it is. Okay. It's not the way it is. Trust me. It can actually be weighted. But if you wanted to add shadow to your see if he's gonna make a difference. Or you need to do is to move your cost of this edge. The Bootstrap, CSS drop-down. Click on that. Now you see we have that shadow giving you that 3D look already. Want the shadow to be on the Just TA, as you can see the shadow of overlapping. So I'm just gonna do spread. You can see the overlapping shadow with the one that you can do that, the one doing that because I want to see the shadow here on CDM disappear and focus on the Apple tool. Now I'm just going to move my angles around to do that. I'm just going to click rates, left-click. I use my CTO to just move it around, okay. If you can see the shadows, I've moved towards the edge which I don't want. So it looks like the sun is setting from that angle. So just keep on pressing my lab mostly water well among this course. And I've just moved till I get an angle that looks more. As you can see. With this looks better, so we'll just reduce the size. Now it looks like the crown, which just directly on the edX. Want we've done that, we've done that already. You just click on, Okay. Now the next step is definitely to bring in our text. Okay? Well, before I bring in our test, I would like to group these two together since they are both smaller elements now, the app who is the king, so they are both elements combined together. So I'm just gonna make sure I move them to get our group them together. Remember you how Toyota group in the first lecture is quite simple. You click one of the elements you present your control keyboard in and Euclidean the other element or multiple elements you want to group in one folder and you do your Control G when you've done that. Okay, so now we have d2 in one folder. As you can see, remember to always name the folder, double-tap the name the folder. Now we are going to do the king who grew up on Chrome, though we don't mess it up. Now we have debt. But as the force that you can see now we can move. If you want to move you out. So make sure you are lighting the layer you want. You can move that around. Right. Now. The next step is to bring in our text. That is always the last step for me, text and scholars, Okay? For this one, I'm gonna be doing something first. I'm going to be bringing in this. As you can see it, you can see my cost of the ellipse to, okay, as you can see. So I'm going to click on that to, to use the Ellipse to watch and introduced the press down three buttons again to drop grapefruit, just draw like this. You can see the shapes are not the way we wanted. Okay? You can see the shape is not that we want the shape to be a proper circle. This one. So what we're going to do is to press down three button or auteur keyboard, shift key beta1 and our leftmost column. And we just, sorry, mistake on my part. So we're going to press down my Shift button. That's all we need to press it down on our left mouse button and just drag outside that we see we have a profit circle. I'm also required size one. We can just press OK. Now you can see it as a color. We don't want that color, so we are going to get rid of that color. So all you need to do is you BICS few. You click on the color. You click on this box with the red stroke, whites. That's all we need to do that now we have that as you can. If you seek, if you look closely, you'll see that circle. So now I'm just going to position it there. I'm not using the circle for anything special. I just want to use it to bring in my text. To do that. I'm just gonna show you the way it's gonna work. But now go to text. As you can see. Then you can see the sacral and formed our begins. So if I move my cursor just around, you see it wants me to type on that part. Who I want to change. The first of all, change the font. Something. Let me see how this would work. Now I'm going to do road. Road. Well, it's right. That's what it's all about. Can see it's not looking good that way. So I'm going to do Control a to a light or now I'm just going to find on our phone. Alright, just keep finding another font to you. You get something you want. This loose small id, Rogan podcast, right? Let's just find good. I love, I love this text 100%. Now, I want to change the color before I click on Enter. So to do that, all I need to do is to come over to this box again, click on that, and just try to pick a color from this, okay. From the ground or the dollar sign. Which way you want to do it. It just make sure the color is related to the design. That's super important. Sometimes you can just make it black, which are the general cola want the morning sign demonic kind of view to read. It can actually leave it like this. Like this, it works. We can actually leave it like this. So all I do is press Okay, and then I'll just come back and click on this box. Now you see we have that and now we don't actually need this ellipse tool again, we can just delete that, that you can see we have the ellipse to is a way we don't have the ellipse tool. The depending on how you want to position, you want to position this text, you can decide to leave it like this, or you can decide to move it upwards. It's up to you. But for me I wanted to just look somewhat creative, so I'm not going to move it too much when we're just gonna move it slightly. Move it slightly to the top, right. It looks like you can read it. You start bending over to read it. You just be able to read this straight away. So to do that, I'm going to press my Control C, White clicking on the road width text or the Mac control T. And then once again you see two types of arrows. Do you want to make it bigger and you want to rotate it. So we are going to be rotating this one. Now you can see rotated. We have it's just like that saves the row too wet. We can now bring in and position this way we want it to be. You can see how easy it is to create all these logos, these logos and not complicated at all. There should never be complicated. You just have to be a bit creative. It's just have to be a bit creative. You can decide to reduce the crown and the ARPU by doing control. Okay, again, moving closer to this edge, pressing down three buttons or Turkey button shift keyboard handling multiple potentials, make it a bit more. Okay? Now we have the output just sitting right there and press your answer. You can see how it's looking and see how it's lucky. You can decide to make it also bigger. President your Control T again, and you can start to make it bigger. I moved the crown just in the circle. So you do your three buttons or tacky button, shift key button, your lead basketball team. You can make it like that. Okay. Move it just outside. Just like that. Outside. And you can have it like that. But for me, I would like to do things differently. I'm just going to go over the road to where it against our delete this one. I'm going to go over the effects. Let me make this smaller for us to control the omega. Smaller. New alter shifts and left mostly boating. Make it smaller. It actually want the text to be on. They're not above the crown only takes to be under just year. I'm just gonna go over bringing my ellipse tool again, clicking on ellipse, and then press down your shift keyboard and mouse button and drag. Just like that. Now we have debts. Remember to get rid of the bugs, leak on these few color and press this, and then go to texts. Then we just type-in. Just type in two worlds. Okay? Now we have eaten, you can see is quite big. So to do, to reduce your do control a, we can just click here and just press down on the arrow of our keyboard. Can just press that down. Just click on this Down button and just reduce it to where we want it to get c squared small. Let us do this. You can see now it's just one step. The other thing we can do is to click on this. You see these colored arrow click on debts. Do we see we have this box now? We can click on that box and just with our left multiply, drag detects insights. So you can see the text is now outside. Text is now outside, then we can click on Enter. You can see the text is outside now. Now we don't need the ellipse again so we can delete that. Remember to always re-watch these rosettes hour I do it so that you can learn it for yourself. Now that we have this, I'm just going to bring in my arrow to bring in the area do Control arrow. You see the arrow disappeared. When you do Control arrow again, the arrow comes back. So just bring it because I don't want the text to overlap is nose or slices eyesight. Okay, so now I'm just going to do Control T for my text. And now I'm just going to adjust that accordingly. Or k. You can see, now we have that logo just eating for roads. We have the road to World. You can see, we can, if we move this, move this in and see how good is looking to move it in this quite simple. All you need to do just to press your up arrow on your keyboard and it's gonna move in like that. Now you can see we have our logo. Now we can just highlight that a lady wrote well texts and ratio control keyboards in an unlikely crowded and do Control C. And now you can now increase pressing, moving your cursor to this edge and pressing your autarky button, shift button, your left mouse button, and drag out. When you have the required size besides goodwill, you press your entire keyboard thing. Yeah, you go, we have the second logo in this course series. And now to save it, remember you don't want your logo to have the background as CFTR. Your podcast is going to be on a white background every single time, which advanced way. So to get rid of the background, you see where it says Background and CBM clicking since background or you need to do is to press on these eyes and you're going to get rid of the background. And then you go to File. Save As, okay. Now you want to save it as Photoshop PSD first, we will do route to weld root. The root, sorry. Now, I'm just gonna say theta's podcast logo. Now remember we wanted to save it as Photoshop PNG first. Then you go back to File, Save As again. And now you want to save it as P and G because we see it at any of them. You might have the background, you will definitely add background. We've saved it as PNG will have that background. You click on that, you save it as PNG press, you're gonna save for us. When we are done saving it, we can go over and look at it to see how good-looking It's 0s. Okay, so let's save that, save now so we can go to go to pictures. Do you wrote? We'll just find this is it. So if we click on it, you can see we have V2, can see how cool-looking this logo is. Straight identicals a lot of time to design this and you can see our cool is looking. Yes, this was the podcasts over designed for the same. What cats too. If you want to see that, make sure you enroll in my podcast cover at design costs with Photoshop, I'll be able to do this. This is a podcast. Logo design costs with Photoshop. I'm glad you watch to the end. I'll see you in lecture three. Stay safe. 4. TTS Podcast Logo Full: Hello, Welcome back. In the last video, we designed this very good-looking road to weld what gas logo. Now we're going to be showing you how to design the very Todd one in the series. If you've watched my port cover, my podcast cover art design series, make sure you check my profile is on my profile, you'll see it also. Just in case you are interested in going into podcasts design. Now, it's getting really, really interesting in the podcast space. So you want to join in and you'll miss out on it. For this one we're gonna be doing tones. And so this is more like you read this podcast. Okay, so I'm gonna be showing you In design a logo for it that you'll be using on the podcast if D1, the owner of this particular brand. So I'm gonna be showing you how to do that too. It gets that I don't waste your time on this at all. Just end is go to file once again new standard. If you've been following my first, second lecture, you will know that already. So make sure you have this at the back of your mind and click, Okay, now we have the dimension ready for us to go, or we need to do now is to bring in our elementary or this element which I downloaded. So I downloaded it from. Here, you'll introduce etcetera elements and you're going to see it. This is my element number to be using. Remember, always give attributed to an attribute is needed. We're going to be dragging that into Photoshop because as you're using it, you see it's comes in and you can see it's quite large. It's quite a large file, so we know what we're gonna do by now. We have to reduce it. To do that, moved closer to this end. Result. A keyboard shift keyboards and all live multiple click button and move the mouse. We don't want it extremely big. We just wanted like debt. Okay? I'm gonna be doing something unique with this one and I'll press Enter now. Okay, so now I'll move this just to this edge, like so. Now I'm just going to bring in our text, which is the next step since your idea of the design in the, I'm just going to click on texts for this one. How do turn to cell? To cell. So now we have done too. So I want the two to stand out. I wanted bigger than the rest. So I'm just going to click on this box here and just click on it. Press down arrow on our keyboard to make that bigger. Like that. We should be okay with 60 should work for this one delta four step. Secondly, I want to change the color of that particular texts. So I'm gonna pick from this. I want to pick them seeing, let me use the pink. Pink should work better. For QI. Work for that one. For the tone. We can actually make it to just want to make them are round. That Element Color. Want to make it around the element color for the cell or light to make it black. I'm still going to take that. Say do it. When you click on, for instance, you want to change this, just this part of the test when you are light that way. Nominee I late. Anyway, it seemed when we were light on Microsoft Word, you said we are light here. So you click the and you drag. You go to this color palette. As you see, you click on that. Once you click that, it gives you the eyedropper tool, as you can see, that the eyedropper, so you can just go anywhere and just pick out the colors. And just pick out the colors from anywhere you deem fit. Anywhere you wanted from. This looks good right? Now I'm just going to click on, Okay. And our debt, so now we're just going to click on this and bring it in. Like so wanted to like that. We could have done something like this. Just to make mic make that sit just like that. Okay. That's one way to do it. That's one way to do it. You can also put it totally like that ball. I want it to just sit same position as this one. Then I'm going to do something creative. I'm going to try to put in a kind of radio wave to show like it's decaying or something. Okay, to do that, all we need to do is to getting our text again. Just press anywhere we deem fit and just press our brackets. Like so. Just press the false brackets. We'd need just one gonna be making use of that one. We can decide to do control a to change the color to black. Very potent. In other words, the false brackets. What we want to do next is quite simple because the brackets to fit in year, looking like it's radio wave or an audio. We're going to do Control T. And we are going to be doing two things. You're going to be using the curved arrow. As you can see, I'm showing the arrow just going to turn it to look like it's 16 or 18 degree, 20 degree. Okay. We will do 20 degree and we'll try to make it bigger. We'll move across one of those edges like I've showed you in my first two lectures, read on your keyboard and shift keyboard and Lebowski body and make that bigger. Like so. Now because I've made it bigger, it looks upset. Want to adjust it again. So we'll just do recover arrow, which will happen naturally. I will just move it like that. Now we have, that's just the way we want it to be. We can decide to do it that way. Then we can duplicate these and just make it like three, order one screen out, or make it three to decide. Depending on how you want to do it is up to you. You can make it the two sides. Let's fill, duplicate it to press our auto keyboards in and left mouse button and drag. You see we have you do Control C if I'm going too fast or you need to do is just to rewind and re-watch that part. And now we're just going to do 90 horizontal, Okay. Now we see we have it there. We have it like that. So we can just me, I can want the audio wave to go this way. I'm going to move this also. So to do that, this is the first one. I'm just going to move it to the back here. And right-click, Flip Horizontal. If you see just like that. Now we have the sound wave. So it looks like they're the sound wave. The other podcasts going on, this is the real estate podcasts. And everything seemed to be on and you can now tuning at least in. Okay, so you can see this one is more of a colorful podcasts, quite easy to create, not complicated at all. Now, this rainy two steps we have to do is to match all elements to get us against me. Know, all elements are separate elements that you can see. They're all separate elements. So now we want to join them together as one elements. And remember, do I told you in the last two lectures is quite simple. Click on one of the elements you want to manage preyed on your Control key button, I click on the remaining elements you want to meet in a group. For me it before I've done and I will do Control G. But now I'll rename it and double tap rename it to turn to sell. So simple as that. Now we have each, if I click on this eye, it goes out. If I click on it, it comes back. But you need to do is just to position it now in the middle. If you see, if I tried to click on it, I get this error you might have seen in the first, second lecture. Why that happens is because you can't click on this without highlighting what you want to move. So if you do that, it works like that. If you click on what you want to move and now you do it, you don't get the error. So that's how to fix that just in case you have issues with it. You can see this is a quick 12 pi is if you want to increase it, you can do that. Remember the way I showed you how to do that once again in first or second lecture. I'm hoping you're following me and follow me closely with this one. So let's go and save it. Remember, we don't want the background, so we are going to turn off the background. Let's get the disease background. Click on that button. You conduct is to 200. And then we go back to file and save us very potent. The first of all, I wanted to save it as Photoshop, so acetone to sell logo because I already have podcasts cover at design I did in my lecture, you can find on my profile if you want to enroll on debt to click on Save. Now we've saved that to global to file again and save it as PNG. Very important, you want to save it as PNG. Save as PNG and click on Save. Okay? Now we have delta, just click on Save. It's going to say for us. Now, if we go over to turn to sell, you're going to see we are gonna be, uh, when that's just where we want it to be. Okay, so let us go to Pictures on to so now you can see this is the logo. So this is the podcast cover. We did in the past, so she posted as cover art. So this is Podcast cover we did for this class. You can see it's quite colorful also, imagine that logo added to this point of the video. That is out easy. Podcast logo should be, logos in general should never be complicated. But remember, logo is your main brand connection. So you always make sure you have and represent right to use whatever elements use, which is super important. With that said, I will see you in the next lecture. Stay safe by people. 5. TG Podcast Logo Full: Welcome back. So in our last lecture, we design it is. And I'm sure you guys were super Peabody large design or the last three design. We are going to go on and design the next logo, the next podcast logo in Photoshop, which we have been using, which we've been using for this, there is the next one is gonna be troubled G sorry, I'd immediate podcast about travel GST. You can check that in my podcast at design costs. My profile here. So you'll see that for yourself. Okay, Now, let's go straight and design the trouble. Just so to do that, we lose this and go to File New. Already talked about this dimension separately, so you should know it by now. Click on OK, and then it will be time for us to work on our design. Let's do that. We're gonna be working on different elements in this one. I don't want this one to be extremely complicated. I want this to be the quickest of all. I'm going to show you how to do this for yourself. It should not be complicated at all. Okay, So there's just go over and I'll show you how to do it. Now for this one, I want to bring in a ship, okay. Click on this laptop, press down my left mouse button. Click on triangle to triangle to our first one we'll use. As you can see, the box is given that color, and I want it to be more of that orange. Okay, so change that orange. Now. Just click, Adjust, press down my left mouse button and drag my mouse. Whatever shape I want. This one you're going to say tone. Now I have it like that. So I'm going to bring in my first text. I'm going to bring in my first text. I don't want a stroke, so stroke, I'm just going to click on that so that there's no stroke. Now I'll bring in my first text which iis, which is travel. This travel, you can use any font you want. You can actually use any 0.21. I like this font I'm using it. Formed is definitely up to you. This is how I want these two to sit. This is how I want them to see it. Now I'm just going to save those two together. To do that, click on the first element you want in that group. Press your control keyboard when I click on travel and do Control G, remember to rename it. So we'll rename this as travel. Now we have that, that is our first element. We have there. You're going to see how everything is going to play out together. Second letter I want to bring in is the G. Just put a, G, C, T G. This one, I'm gonna make it orange and black, generally. Two colors. I don't want to be more than two colors. Now we have the GDG will stay on its own. I'm going to bring it here. And then I'm gonna do Control T and make it bigger than this. We move your course or to this edge, present your Auto Key button, shift good potential left Moscow button and drag out like that. Okay. Do you see it gave us one effect of the L and the G. Alright, that is, we're going to do so I'm going to duplicate Indies right about now. So to do that, you do your auto keyboarding with your mouse costs are directly on top of the G and you leave Moscow button and just drag that. Now I want to change that particular G or do Control a. And I'm going to type S, T. Now I'm going to show you what I want to do with this one. As you can see, if you notice or if you're a built-in until Louis, you'll notice one letter is missing with this. But let me bring in my ruler like I showed you in lecture two. Hey, just make sure everything fits properly. You notice the one later admission, which is the I. Right now, I'm going to replace the a with a mic. So I'm gonna be bringing in I might in year now to show you gonna be doing your debts. Just type in Mike. Mike I want to use I'm just going to bring that in. As you can see, it's quite big, so I'm going to reduce it. So to do that, move your causal once more to this edge raised on your keyboard in shifts keyboard in your lab mouse-click button and do that. Now we are the required size or you need to do is to press. K. Now you can see we have just the way we want it to be. Or you can see it says dry, we'll just can see not complicated at all, super-easy. This is the daughters we can add noise is all about concepts. You need to have your concepts in mind. And when you have your concept, you're gonna be creating unique logo design. It works for any kind of logo design business operate on like I'm gonna show you in the last logo design, which is less stock happiness. I'm gonna be showing you a phone, a mobile phone looking kind of design. I'll show you that. But for this one, now that we have all where we want it, we need to group them all together against. Remember, like I said, false group. Click on the first element you want in that group, they imprison your control keyboard. When I click on the other elements you want in the group. And you simply do Control G. Ok, and now I'll be able to move them all together. Like you see. You can make them bigger by doing a control T1 small, move your mouse over any of these angles, any of these four angles you see works. Now, use this angle for now and just do your shift key on your left, mostly voting. You have it like that. We press Enter. You see you have just please death, alcohol looking is this lower? Let me know in the comments, let me know in your review, our cool logo is looking okay, the tribe, which is logger, let me know, I'm lucky. And now we have it, now we want to save it or you need to do so click this background, you don't want any background in your logo. Click on. Okay. And now you go to File and you do travel. Would just have traveled just podcasts, logo. And you want to save it at Photoshop first. Then you go back and save it, go back to file again, then you wanted to save it. Now, P and G, very important, you want to save it as PNG, very, very important. That's how you want to have your logo without the background and high-quality. So you click on Save again. Now if we go over and find it, you can see it's done saving. We go over to find it and find it. That's fine. Travel just writes me. This is trouble, just logo. We just created and you can see how good is looking. Then. This is the podcast cover at redesigned for it. If you want to see how we design these protests, cover, make sure you're watching. Now you see the GO DA, much gold on the podcast. Your brand is very important because it matches the color on the logo or the brand is super important when it comes to design. And also you need to put that in focus and be consistent with your font. Okay, that is the most potent. If you enjoyed this, let me know. Let's get into the next design and I'm sure you're gonna love that to stay safe. 6. LTH Podcast Logo Full: Hello, welcome back. My name is Dave. I'm glad we've made it to this lecture and I'm now going to show you. So we designed this in the last lecture, and now we're going to be designing the last talk. Happiness is a coincidence to be happy. Well, find out our study video. Let us go in Redis logo for itself and you see how easy it is. So I'm going to get rid of this. We have the plane camera like this. We'll go to File once again and we'll do some designing this in Photoshop. This is a podcast cover at design costs in Photoshop. Radiolab. Podcasts cover design costs. Photoshop. Make sure you check my profile if you want to watch that. Because I know if you're watching a podcast cover at local costs, you definitely want to be treated in podcasts, design and podcasting for. So make sure you check my profile. Now this is a dimension we just want to click on, Okay, first thing. First, we want to bring in our element, but there's something about the element which I, let me show you the element radii of these elements out there. Alright, so this is my element. As you can see. My element as a background is very happy as an API boy, but he has a background. And I want to get rid of the background so you know what to do. Like I showed in the last video, we want to be here. We want to be and then we'll go back, oh boy, boy, bringing him into displays and get rid of the background, simple as that. We get rid of the background first and then we move on from the input as we want to get rid of the background. And it's gonna do that. Now. There's no more backgrounds, so we are gonna save that. Okay, now we have that downloaded. Let's go look at it. Remember, this is the one without the background. This is the one with the background. So we delete the one with the background. We are left with one without background and rename it to now we have p boy. And now we can bring people into Photoshop because it's API and we need to take him to an API, please us bring people into four to show up level to download and find API boy, bring them into Photoshop. That API boy, very first step, or API boy is quite b. We want to reduce LP boy and making a bit more of depth. But before I reduce our pbar, just want to click on my right-click. Move horizontal, okay, but what are we gonna do? We reduce people. Can walk with Him now to move to, to reduce them. I'm gonna move my cursor to this aid, preserve my auto key button shifts bottom I left Moscow button. Now we have p boy, just in that side. Now we have, it looks like it's resting, right? So let's try to make some texts rests on. And to think so, let's bring, let's talk. First. I might decide to change the text for this binary some attribute wondering why is he using same texts all the time. Let's change the text and let's get another tip. I wanted to rest, just honest. And like that. I'm just gonna make it a bit bigger. Control T. Move my cursor to the edge, autarky button, shift button, they're posting button. Now we are a bit like that. Now I can just move it around like so. Okay, so now it looks like it's resting on the less torque effect. That is the aim. We want it to be just like that. But now we have less stock and we can decide to bring in ***** with a different fonts and different follow just to compliment colors. Complimentary colors can bring in a different font. To do that. All I would do with this one is to false bringing a tiny box. We will click on the triangle tool you see here. Bringing a tiny box just from year two. For this box, I wanted to change the colors. Pick from this, you see these multi-colored, this will give me the pKa. So just click on that. It gives me that dropout to just press Okay, so now that box there. Jodi, first step, I might get rid of the bulk, but if you just wait, is it still good? Not just bringing our happiness test. Okay, so we'll just do a *****. We say, let's talk happiness. We can change it to regular text. It can decide to make that white instead of black, but let's move it to this box first. Do that movie they're like So let's talk happiness. So you can see, we can just leave it the way it is. We have, we have the orange. You can decide to just click on this edge. Whatsapp, and you can change the color because color overlay just make that orange or red to match the bug. Can see up to you whatever you want to do. Great work. Let me see. Green or green does not. We see, Let's talk up in as you can see how easy it is, you can also make it black. And it's much like that. I think I like it black. I don't know what you think. Let me know what you think, guys. Let's see if we change the less talk. Let's see. Less torque is also going to change. So do your tap on this corner. Pullover lay. Unless if we change it to red, if it's going to have an effect, it's going to pop. Let's just see. Let's talk. ***** guys do like this. Should we use green? And let me know, let me know, let me know just in case your brand is red, this works. I'll keep it at block, peter Block. So here you go. Now you can see we have dim, like the way we want it to be. It looks like it's resting on the left stored and we are happy. So we are talking up to now we have all that together or we need to do is to group them, right? That is the next step. And after that, we want readjust it, make it bigger or smaller depending on what we want. And then I will save that. Let's click on one of the texts. We want a group and then raise or alter keyboard. Keyboard with less stock, raise a triangle, press up in it and you do Control G. Whatsapp, rename its opinions. Let's talk. We have all of them in one folder. So if we close that encloses all, if you click on that, it'll point O. Now we can click on that, make it bigger by pressing Control C. Control T is what you want to press move your costs or to any of these edge. Praise your keyboard, shift keyboard and mouse button. Drag that outside yet. Okay, now we have that are dragged, we're bidding purposes, we want it, we can just press the Enter key button on our keyboard. Year you go, you can see it's moving quite towards the side of the screen. We want to move it to the middle, or we need to do just to based on leftmost key boats in while highlighting our logo, rest on your left mouse button and just move your mouse to just position it where you feel by your eyesight is quite the middle. You don't know really matter anyway because we're gonna be getting rid of the white background. We're not gonna be using the white background, so it doesn't really matter at all. Now, next step is carried off the background. So you click on this eye. Here. If you click on it, it brings background. If you click out its outer background, you want to click on debts, then want to go to File happiness, as you can see, that written because I already designed a podcast, cover our design. Ready for this? Now I'm going to be showing you just when we save it. Let's talk up in podcasts logo, first team for stables Photoshop. We'll come back and save it as PNG Photoshop. Now we'll go back to File. Table was an avid saved as a PNG very potent because you don't want, why we really want to save it as PNG leak on that. Now click on save again and we're going to save that liquid or king. Saving, consistent saving. We can then go over to pictures. Hey, Doc, up in as you can see, let's find out. First. If we click on it. You can see how cool looking this logo is. It takes me lots of time. Yes, it might be a first-time trying to do this, but if you watch this video over and over this video course, if you watch it over and over again, five times, six times at 1, just realize I can do this on my own without watching this and tau XY length in the beginning. With same process I can watch on video 56 times just jotting down processes, rewinding, rewarding, and I got the grid of it and now I'm teaching you how to do it. So then CDA is resting on the key which is like growth and opinions. Let's talk happiness. We did. This is the podcast logo redesign for read. So if you want to know as we did this, make sure you check my profile. You'll see the podcast cover, design class with Photoshop. Make sure you watch that. I am gonna see how we did it in that course. With that said, I want to say thank you for watching this and I will see you next time. 7. Conclusion and Class Project On Podcast Logo Design In Photoshop: Woo, I'm super excited. You made it to the very end of this video course. And you now can't design logos for yourself or for brand on. And it's quite, quite a pleasure Anytime I sit by my systems would teach you how to create unique designs always makes me happy. I'm showing you excited. You've learned how to create all these unique logos. Now you can go out and create your own logo for yourself. Before you leave this video, just please remember it is a project section. I want you to upload your own logo which you have designed thanks to this class using Photoshop, upload it and put a comment. I will definitely reply to your comments. And if we need to update anything, I mean, anything on your logo or we need to create an hour later, you know, I will meet our corrections to get out. What do you think? I know you liked the idea. So create your logo and put it in the project section, unless work on it together because I want you to be successful in logo design and save cash. So thank you for watching. I'll see you in my next course. My name remains David Bowie sandwich. Stay safe.