Hit music harmony - Secrets uncovered!!

Simen Bjørkhaug, Crazy geek

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4 Videos (60m)
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About This Class

Hi! I'm a saxophonist, norwegian and a jazz musician. I wrote down some songs in half an hour and analyzed them, now I've listened to a lot of them and I can make you a gret and better producer harmony wise. In this Class you will learn and look at the harmony of Kygo, David Guetta, Avicii, Zedd and more. We will be revealing the secrets to the hits! Harmony wise... Remember it doesn't make you a star but help you on the way. I'm noobish in my talking, but I don't believe there's an easier way to learn this. I hope you learn from me. and you don't have to know any musical theory beforhand, but it's always nice. If you want to prepare for class go google major thirds and read on wikipedia. Videos are long, but keep on strong, before you're gone, you have won! 





Simen Bjørkhaug

Crazy geek

I'm norwegian, jazz saxophonist, hobby photographer and geek.

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