Handmade Jewelry & Jewelry Design : Learn to make Wire Wrapped Pendant Necklace | Gopi Dave | Skillshare

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Handmade Jewelry & Jewelry Design : Learn to make Wire Wrapped Pendant Necklace

teacher avatar Gopi Dave, Wire Wrapped Jewelry Maker

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (24m)
    • 1. 1 Introduction

    • 2. 2 Single Wire Coiling Technique

    • 3. 3 Tools & Materials

    • 4. 4 Lily Pendant Part 1

    • 5. 5 Lily Pendant Part 2

    • 6. 6 Lily Pendant Part 3

    • 7. 7 Final Thoughts

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About This Class

Welcome to this Wire Wrapped Jewelry Making class. This class is a Beginner level class, focusing on creating your very own Handmade Jewelry!! You will learn to make this adorable pendant with just a few wires and basic tools. 

What will you learn :

  • You will learn to handle the wires and different tools.
  • You will learn to Coil on single wire.
  • With these few basic skills and techniques we will create the beautiful -- Lily Pendant --

I am sure you will enjoy this class and learn lots of techniques..


  • Students will need the necessary Tools, Wires and Stone Bead . Watch the lecture titled 'Materials & Tools' to get a list of supplies required.
  • You need a desire for learning to create unique jewelry and some time for practicing the skills.


This Class is perfect for you if :

  • You are an absolute beginner with no experience in jewelry making
  • Beginner wire wrapping artists who are looking to experiment with various new styles.
  • All of you who want to take their jewelry making skills to the next level.

If you are an absolute beginner then watch my Jewelry Making : Introduction to Wire Wrapping for Beginners to start with. 

Let us start creating the Lily pendant!


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Gopi Dave

Wire Wrapped Jewelry Maker


Hi, I'm Gopi. 

I am an architect turned jewelry maker based in artisan’s country India.

I have been making jewelry for almost 16 years now.I absolutely love jewelry making. 

Since last few years Wire Wrapping has been my focus for creating jewelry. I sell unique Wire wrapped jewelry and Wire Wrap Tutorials on my ETSY shop : ArtsvilleHandcrafted 

I started experimenting with wires and I realized that with wire wrapping I can make more intricate and more complex designs, I can manipulate the wire to create the designs I imagine.. Once I became a mom a few years back I started jewelry making full time. Wire wrapping relaxes me. It is a perfect outlet for my creativity. 

I have always enjoyed teaching so I finally started sha... See full profile

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1. 1 Introduction: Hi, I'm Will be from Azuela handcrafted. I'm of either gelatin nico. Welcome to this jewelry making class. I mean, making jewelry for a long time. Now, the focus of classes will mostly be violated. Jewelry making allow experimenting with new designs, new techniques and new styles might have been as a very versatile technique of Jelani making. It requires minimal amount of tools and materials. And using those you're going to create the most intricate and very detailed designs. In this class, we will learn to make the simple but very beautiful lilly pending. A perfect piece of jewelry to make for yourself on it as a gift to your loved ones. If you are new developing, then make sure to watch the beginner's class. Introduction to read API. Mapping is a fun hobby. I am sure you will fall in love with this technique after LAD meeting. If you had any, didn't let us type deal. 2. 2 Single Wire Coiling Technique: Let us know lawn to coil over. Fingered me is while we need six-inch long AB engaged B's Y0 and a 20 gauge weaving vial. All the weaving Meyer and perpendicular to the left side via end of meanwhile, all the formerly at the intersection point of forest fires and start with the longer a handoff leaving bio in clockwise direction over the beef file. So with each rotation, we have one view or the beef file. You can see of gorillas being formed over the booth while I keep pressing the weave together to get a closer view. To secure the shorter end time leaving again over to the right side would be short Dian via got what they wanted to get at the end. And by D and routine multipliers. But the end toward the back of the coil. We can press together with nylon job life. Also, this dangles will be formed which need to be removed before its guidance. Gundy vial and again continue to coil. Deeper stated a dumb to get the best results, keep pressing WBS to make them as close as possible. The view can slide as the bill via is around Lynn shape. So it could be renewed AT device and, and VR to view a different latrine, difficult to view funds belong of ion. So we slide the view to the left, trade via and angry and Bangledesh leaving via before it died them every few rotation makes sure the rotations do not get overlap. Plied the view to the right and continue to view. The view has to be died over the base vial. One done by dx shrub leaving bio. Bio and using pliers towards the back of the file. Now, and we will learn how to add extra VBE for a new piece of reasoning. Lyle guys be ang slash burgers and dark. Again, do coil in similar manner. Photo feudal, patient and Gaetan de via and using chain nose pliers continue to viva again for a few rotations. Now what we will do both the views towards each other. Andrew beat the views such diag both trade and meet to form one rotation of the wing. Guy sender and bind together using pliers can be very difficult to say that we have added to the original coil. 3. 3 Tools & Materials: To make the lily pendant, we will be needing these materials. We will need a nine inch long piece of 18 gauge, 16 inch long piece of 20th gauge round wire, and another 36 inch long piece of 28 gauge down. While we will need a small jumping. And we will need a teardrop shape of your choice. And downs of tools. We'll be using chain nose pliers, round nose pliers, and flush cutters. This is an effort ID. Then let us start creating dependent. 4. 4 Lily Pendant Part 1: In this class we'll be using a teardrop sheep bead. I'm using rules codes for this project. It is one engine height and almost three-quarters inch convert. This b, it has a horizontal who'll fluid. You can use any stone bead or any bit of your choice. We will be using nine inch long 18 gauge around based via for our project. And we'll be using 28 gays around while as above leaving via CAN starting with a 60 inch length. The stag to coil on the vial from one end, so-called boat twice perpendicular to each other and start to coil on the base via. This will be easier if it is done towards one of the ends. Keep gentle pressure. Keep gender pension on the weaving via this will happen. The vial will get tangled, so entangled gently before guidance. Even at a domestic method so that the views are uniform and close to each other. Every few rotation, press the weaves together. Keep on dangling every time this happens. So we have started with the 60 inch long piece of weaving via, At this point, we'll maybe even add more Vieux at later stage. Slide the Vive towards the other end and continued to v. So we have now received for 2.5 inches at this point, like the weaving soil does at 2.5 inches from one side. Then we have 2.5 inches of weaving on the other side. Cut the extra Via at the starting point and secure device and using pliers. Now basic coil is ready. We will take the bead. We want to call this vial from the center of the coil. So start going from the center using your fingers. Go to form a simple tear drop shape. Now, we want to keep this shape slightly larger than the stone itself. So delta is a bit of gap below the stone and the bio. So we'll see the coil is ending at the point where the hole and the bead is. So adjust your shape accordingly. So now at this point we'll pass the weaving viral through the hole and the bead bullet out from the other side. Please this don't properly in the position. Tightly hold both IOS and position and start wrap the vial on the other side. So we you for one to two rotations on the other side, Y0. Now, again, after two rotations on the other side, we will pass through the hole again and come back to the site. This is to seek others don't even more properly. Now we are back to the original site where we started from. Now I will stone is secured with enough rim. Now as Dawn and secured within the frame. You will see the moment this goes. In the next class, we will be adding the soils and calls on the top and finished the pending. In the next lecture, we will be adding toys and calls to this on the top fires. 5. 5 Lily Pendant Part 2: Now let our amazing flame is ready. In this class, we will be working with the top two wires. So we'll notice that the left side via a short-term, take the weaving via over to the right side via. Continue to be one, the left side via. So we're coiling and the same V. Keep pressing the weaves together so that they're nice and close together. Make sure that the base via the frame father abandoned does not get deformed by you are doing this. So at this point juries, they kinda DAPI soft leaving via this file is start to six inches and land with a guy on the right side. This weaving bio towards the end of the vial. And then at later stage we will slide down. Got the extra bio at the beginning and end using playas. Continued to Eve. We have even farther to inch blend. Now slide the query down to meet the original coil at the bottom. Titan using flyers so that you do not feel that gap between the coins. So basic weaving is now done. And the next lecture we will call diviners. 6. 6 Lily Pendant Part 3: Now we've invoked with that, I say it via, Now this has come on the left. So take the Vieux, we will go the bio in clockwise direction using our fingers. So give shape but fingers and start to go down. So we are creating a small loop kind of a thing at this point. Now, while maybe exactly ending at the intersection point. And we have remaining vial which is not going to continue to coil and that file all this time doing boiling, make sure the base Vieux should not get deformed. You should not overlap each other. So I have added almost one and jogged mode coil at this point. Now, the alcove in the opposite direction. So calling the opposite direction to create another loop at the top of the stone. Go down from this point, go over to the other side. Now we've got the extra via. Leave a little bit to secure the buyer end with another vial. So using folder over the bottom bio generally fall so that the shape of the loop does not change. Boy, formally with other hand. And make sure the players do not touch the need or the stone as it grew damage does tune. Right then using pliers. And again shape both the loops properly. Keep adjusting till you are satisfied. Now we have this other layer over here. Now we are going to be cutting the weaving vial on the left side and even on the right side vile. And always got flushed side of the cutoffs. Secure board site via ends properly using flyers, make sure they are facing towards the inner side of the vial. So now we will call the left side while Now take the left side vile and start to covert to follow the bottom call. Co-written counterclockwise direction, bring it down to the intersection point and the b's go back and secured the vial with the bottom vial. Full divider down, pass it through the gap between the two wires. Then died kinda fall using pliers. So abandoned is now ready for December, but looks fairly amazing and beautiful. We will take a jump, bring, open out the jumbling with pliers. Passage through the stop gap between the vials. N-type then includes the jumping. You can use any beads and any stones of your choice at always looks amazing. You can even add smaller beads at top if you feel like and modify it and make it your own creation. He is. So be that this point will look really good, but I'm not adding it at this point. I hope you enjoyed the Superfund project with me. 7. 7 Final Thoughts: I hope you enjoyed creating the beautiful lilly pendant with me. This design works too early nicely with any stone beats or any crystal beads. This is a perfect gift, fire loved ones to show them your love and appreciation. If you want to develop your skills further, then definitely visit my beginner's class. The introduction to via ripple class. Create a pendant using single via technique. Loop without my glass on creating the Aurora pendant. Make sure you follow me on Twitter share to get regular updates about any new class that I post. You can also visit my website to purchase advanced level PDF tutorials. You can even follow me on Instagram and Pinterest to have a look at some of my archiver. I'm sure you will love I wrapping. It is a very rewarding hobby and a perfect creative outlet for you. I hope to see you soon. And some of my other classes till then keep practicing and creating.