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teacher avatar Mayda Madrid, Your friendly caffeinated artist

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (18m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Class Tools

    • 3. Let's Upload

    • 4. Setting Up On Cricut

    • 5. Let's Print!

    • 6. Using Cricut and Trimming Sticker Sheets

    • 7. Class Project

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About This Class


Yellow! (Hello)

This video explains how to make planner stickers using Cricut. There are various ways to do this. However, in this video, I'll be showing you the way I make mine. I find this way to be easier for me. I hope this class helps you with your planner stickers :) 

We will cover, tools needed, upload, printing, and cutting :)

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me. Enjoy!

Be sure to join our Facebook Group. Search under groups Mayda Madrid Illustration Skillshare

This is a private group for all my students. 

You may also find me here: 



Talk to you soon, 


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Mayda Madrid

Your friendly caffeinated artist




Hi There! My name is Mayda Madrid, your friendly caffeinated artist. I'm an licensing artist and surface designer. I've been an artist for about 15 years, give or take.  I love creating art with a touch of elegance and a splash of color. See some of them here Instagram: Mayda Madrid

I enjoy teaching how to sketch fun and delightful illustrations.

Lets connect! Find me here: 





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1. Introduction : hello and welcome to another class, uh, with me might in Madrid. And today we are going to learn how to upload our sticker sheets to the cricket to sign species. And once we print out and set up like this, will end up having sticker sheets like these. And if you remember in my previous class, we learned how to set up these little guys here and today we're gonna print about Well, we're gonna upload them and then put him out. So see you in the next quest. 2. Class Tools: Okay, So the tools for this class are they're just gonna be a couple things. First is the cricket design space, which you see right here. You will also need your stickers set up. And to make sure your stickers have the white outlined already in your, um, sticker sheet, we will also need the backing sheet. And I'll be using freckles just for consistency. This is the backend sheet and sticker sheet we created in my previous class. So if you haven't taken my previous class and you just stumble upon this class first I will be sharing with you thes stickers right here that you can use as well us the baking sheet. Scuse me with it so that you can follow along in the class. Now be sites are sticker sheet and D back in sheet. You will also need a printer, a sticker, people of your choice and a paper trimmer or scissors. Either one. And that's all you'll be needing for this class. So let's get started 3. Let's Upload: Okay, so let's get started. Um, at this point, you want to be on your cricket design species like I have right here. You wanna focus right here with says, new project. This is where we will go. So you want to click new project and we will come to the canvas, Which is this set up here now? From here. We want to go to upload, and we're going to click upload image. Now you'll notice that down here we'll display of some of your recent uploads. If you worked with it before. If you don't have anything here, that's OK. We are going to do that right now. So you click upload image, and here you can either brows or dragon drop. I will be dragon dropping. Since it's easier for me, either one will work. So I'm going to drag my sticker sheet and you'll notice it's transparent. Make sure your sticker sheets are transparent and you have the white bleed around T stickers in here. You want to choose complex and we'll go to the bottom right and hit. Continue and you'll notice here that it will pop up here. You just want to quickly review and skim through. Make sure everything is as it should be. Um, do not click in this area here because if you do, this is what will happen. You will raise some things and we do not want that. So if you do happen to click on it, just hit Undo up here on the top, right corner, and it will be good. Now, on this left side, you'll see there's an vans options we don't want to mess with. E sense are sticker sheets should be as we want them to be. So just quickly skimmed through. And one, once we look and everything looks good, we hit continue. And in here we want a select save ass print. Then cut image, which is this box here. And you know it selected because old displeases green line around it. Now, here, if you don't have a name for it, it will require you to name your sticker sheet and you do it by clicking on it. Um, here, you don't have to put any tags. You can if you want. Teoh, I normally do not add anything to this. And once we're ready, we click safe. Don't Here at the bottom right and you'll save our sticker image. After we done that, you'll see it right over here. And now we're gonna upload our back and sheet. So again, same process. We dragon drop or browse, it would upload re hit complex. We had continue and again will come This box here. Now, if you see that it's to zoom in, just go up to this top, right and hid some out so that you can quickly review. Now we had continue again. We hit Save s Sprint than cut image. And we save and you notice are two files have been This is sex Philly saved on in here and now we're ready to get started and set it up. 4. Setting Up On Cricut: Okay, now that we've successfully uploaded or two images, we want to select them and you do so by clicking one pressing control or command and clicking the other file and other, both selected and you know they're selected by seen this green lying around both files. And now that they're selected, we want to go down to the bottom right and click on Insert image, and it will open the screen, and sometimes it takes a while s. You can see here, and you'll also notice that it will upload, not consistent. Sometimes it will some most times it doesn't, at least in my case. I found that it doesn't, and that's OK. If you find that your sticker sheet is larger than your back in sheet, which usually tends to happen, all you gotta do is click on this icon right here and just drag in so that we can fit it in and we just align it to our sticker. She'd make sure there's enough room on both sides and there you go. Let's take that look. Let's moving a little bit. Yours might be different, depending on your stickers. In all, let's see. Okay, this looks good to me. And now that we've set that up, you'll notice that the size is 8.2 by 11.5. That's not the size that we created it. Originally, it was fined by seven. So what you want to do is come over to this right side and you'll see the two files right here. You'll also notice that sometimes you'll give you this little triangle a message here, which is either not supported or image too large. And that's OK. It's usually just telling you that this is d ideal size that cricket. Um, Prince and um, To do that, we want to click both files. And to do that, you click one press control and click the other image. And now in here, I like to group them. So you click the group Icahn, and the reason I want to do that is so that we don't accidentally move things around and they stay together. So from here, we want to go to this lower right corner and click on this icon and bring it down just roughly five by seven. You'll see the measurements in here, and let's just get as close as we can to fight by seven. So I'm going to do that now. From here, I like to align it to the lines that you'll see to the little grids here. This just make it easier, because I will be duplicating this. I tend to print two sheets in one. Now, you don't have to. If you just want to print one large file, that is okay. You do not have to reduce the size. But for this class, I will be doing so and printing to in one sheet. So now that we have it roughly 25 by seven well, you want to align it again to the lines right here just to make it easier for us at this time, we want to go to our right panel here and click duplicate. This will create another group. And then now we want to align them a space we can together. Just it doesn't have to be perfect, but we wanted to be a school assist as possible. And there you have it. I have successfully put them together. Now, before we do anything else, once we've aligned it, we do want to go over here to right panel and click group Press control in Click the Second Group, and we want to go to the bottom right in the middle here where says Attach, This is very important step. We want to attach because by not doing so, our cricket machine would not print like we wanted to, and it won't be a planet stickers anymore. It will be something else or just print the whole area. So we want to attach. No, now that it's been attached again, you'll notice that it's large. And it's telling you, over here on the right panel that the image is too large. The ideal size is about this size. That's okay. We want to click on the image and reduce the size to roughly. I usually tend to go around 8.9 and 6.25. Yeah, I find that this works best for me. Yours might be different, depending on your printer. And if you have either the Explorer or the maker from here, you want to click on this icon up here and just flip it. It doesn't really matter. It doesn't have to be perfect. Um, because cricket, uh, the next step will just align it the way it wants to, so you don't really need to be as perfect us you want here. Great cricket will fix it. And, you know, I just try to get as close as we can. So now that if we've done that, we are ready to make it and let's do that. 5. Let's Print!: Okay, now we're ready to make it. So we go to the top, right and click. Make it and it will bring up this window. Here A will print on the standard letter. It's ready to go. As you can see here, it also gives you an idea of how you're going to set it up in your machine, and this is the top over here. So now weekly, continue at the bottom right. And make sure your cricket machine this turned on at this point so that it connects. We now want to send to printer. You'll know that your cricket machine is connected because you'll see this like a light shaded boxes here. And so we send to printer now, and thes prints set up here might look different at urine. It all depends on your printer and what printer you're working with. I'm working with the cannon pro. I will be making one copy you might be making to just depends on you. This right here at a bleeding will add an extra bleed or on your image. Now we've already done so, but sometimes you want to leave that on. It creates a little extra cushion Ah, you don't have Teoh. I normally tend to turn that off because I've already created the white outline. I don't need an extra, but you can if you like. It won't. It won't damage your, um stickers or anything like that. Just add an extra little white line so another we don't that we'd hit print and we click print here. Okay, After we send it to the printer, you'll see that, um I'll make you choose your material. I have have already, um, might default, which is the white kiss. Now, I have already tinkered and experimented with my cricket machine. So I have this already pre Priam as a default. Ah, if you don't have your settings, um, for the right sticker, I'll be making another video on how to create and how to tinker with your setting so that you get the right kiss good as well as the right die cut. And, um, if you don't know how to do that yet, um, what you want to do is go toe arousal materials and then you click over here at the top and put stickers or sticker. That's try sticker. And now this people right here, this one I created myself after. I, you know, experimented with that settings. But this one is the standard default sticker paper that already comes in cricket. Now you want to select that and go to material settings, and from here you'll have a menu, and you can select depending on the paper that you'll be using. Um, you'll see here has some settings, and you want to play around with that. So again, I'll make a separate video about this. But for now, that's how you can get started abusing the kiss, because that's what I need for my planner. Stickers are usually used a kiss cut, and after we select that, we're ready to go to a cricket machine and start printing, So let's go. 6. Using Cricut and Trimming Sticker Sheets: Okay, now that we have are still she printed out, we want O r cutting mat. And the way you know which one is the top. And the bottom is you want to look for this arrow? Appear This indicates this is the way it's going to go into the machines. So once you have this printed out, we want to align it into our commission here. I mean, they're cutting board, not a kind of machine. As best we can't just kind of smooth it out. And we are ready to take it to our cricket machine. Okay? Another. We're here. We want to align. The cricket is best we can to this side right here, and you'll see a little flashing lights. So you want to press that out? I just read theme workings around. So now impress this and it will Slowly. Yeah, uh, and a little bit, you know, that it's been cut. We wanna take it out of here on the way to this is a pulled the men away from the pay for here so that it's less likely to hurry. So put that away. And then now we're left with our sticker sheet. Now we want to use our cutting machine to cut these in here. And then we'll have our partner stickers. No. You'll find that sometimes when we take it out of the creek, a machine could cut it for you. Not always. So we wanted me for leaves. Are machines here are cutting machine as best we can. There you have it. We have to, um, sticker sheets here and you'll notice that these are kiss cut like that. And there's new markings on the bag or any cuts. There you go. 7. Class Project: Okay. Now for your class project, I would really love to see your finished designs, just like mine here. Like I previously show you, I've made available thes stickers here as well as this backing sheets. So take a photo, snap it and let me see it.