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Guide to real Reiki - How to change your life/ Beginner level

Solomon Teachings, Speaker, Reiki Teacher, Face Reader

Guide to real Reiki - How to change your life/ Beginner level

Solomon Teachings, Speaker, Reiki Teacher, Face Reader

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16 Lessons (1h 53m)
    • 1. About the Instructor

    • 2. Energetical levels uncovered

    • 3. Introduction

    • 4. Chakras

    • 5. Meridians How energy flows

    • 6. Hystory and Legend

    • 7. Self treatment

    • 8. Hand positioning general notions

    • 9. Hand positioning practicall applications for the head

    • 10. Hand positioning practical applications for the front of the body

    • 11. Hand positioning practicall applications for the back of the body

    • 12. Receptivity

    • 13. Reiki on others Tehnique and Combined Positions

    • 14. Compatibilty

    • 15. More then 50 most commom diseases and how to heal them using specific hand placements

    • 16. Practicall advices Need to know

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About This Class

   Learn about Reiki, an ancient healing technique that has been used successfully all over the world to heal emotional, physical and energetic imbalances. Reiki helps people,pets, plants, it can even purify objects and rooms and can change the outcome of any situation in your life or in the life of others, practiced correctly of course.

  • Find out how Reiki can  help you, your family and your friends.
  • Have you ever felt that there is more to life than just work and responsibilities? 
  • Are you inclined towards energy, intuition or pasions, but you just dont know where to start?
  • Are you searching for a Reiki course that respects the traditional teachings of the ones who discovered it, a course with witch you can connect to? 
  • An instructor and life coach that can open up and help you, and also one that has an  internationally recognized certification?
  • Do you feel the need for validation and to be recognized by those who matter to you?

You will have the opportunity  to connect an active online community and people that share your beliefs and experiences ,with people i have helped through out the years.

Can you practice Reiki after graduating an online course?

Absolutely NOT!.Will you trust a carpenter who never held a hammer in his life to build your house? It is the same with Reiki online. Traditional Reiki forbids distant attunements although it is a widely spread technique. How can you practice  healing others just by paying 10-50 $ sitting on a couch? Because of the superficial, manipulating and confortable world we live in today Personal Experiences are the most priceless. How can you practice an ancient healing technique without even knowing the face of your master? How he is as a person? How you feel around him/her? This course will present everything you need to know in order for you not to be fooled and to help you practice real Reiki. There are so many questions you should ask yourselves before actually believing people behind fancy diplomas and well made videos. Reiki relies on the contact with other people. How can you touch somebody else when you don't even know the touch of your master feels? All the people which have been practicing Reiki for a long time and that actually have good result on others have personal attunements. Take this course and change your life for the better :).


What is this course about?

         In this course you will learn 

  • how Energy works and how it affects everything around us.
  • Learn the true facts behind Reiki, its legend, its history and how it can positively change your life for the better .
  • All the necessary teachings of Reiki Level 1 will be revealed in this course-from general notions to advance Level 1 usage and all its secrets.  You will gain a deeper understanding about life, be more calm, learn how to change your perspective about the things that happen in your life and how to stop letting them affect you - this course contains the explanations of all the bodies that make up a person. 
  • Additional benefits of this course include being able to grow spiritually, improve your self worth, be more centred and calm in your everyday life, live at a higher level of energy, notice synchronicities and attract abundance into your life.


Why take this course ?

This course is accredited & certified in accordance with the Reiki Aliance teachings.

  • The course's content respects the teachings of Japanese Reiki Masters
  • It's comprehensive and very detailed reaching out to  attuned people who want to improve their practice  and unattuned people who want to learn the truth about this ancient healing method.
  • It will increase the level of awareness regarding  things and people around you

Work through the material while having continuous access to ask your Certified Reiki Teacher questions

  • No hurry! You can finish this course when ever you want, at your own pace unlike an in-person course
  • I will continue to add more helpful information to this course over time - and with your lifetime access you can access the new information whenever you choose.

You will be given additional materials

  • Therapeuticall breviary  containing more then 50 most common diseases  and how to heal them using specific hand placements and practical advices for daily use.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Solomon Teachings

Speaker, Reiki Teacher, Face Reader


Hello everyone,

My name is Solomon Mihai-Felician and i was a lawyer until 2016, I am a Reiki Teacher and licensed Face Reader since. I received my Reiki attunement on the 1st of March 2012 and practicing ever since. In the last years i realized that the most important thing in this life is helping others and that is why i decided to become a Holistic Counselor . That is why I want to share with you all the experience I have accumulated over the years in various fields. A mixture of NLP, Reiki, true Face reading, public speaking and other experiences have shown me the true nature of life and what actually means to be free. Without personal development, no matter in which domain you work, no business, or field can be conquered at its best, without it you will never be the best ver... See full profile

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1. About the Instructor: Hello, everyone. My name is Solomon, Me high finish. And I'm really excited and grateful that you decided to take this course and learn the tools and the secrets about this wonderful practice for the gate. But first, let's get to know one another. I was a lawyer for about five years, and now I have dedicated my work into helping others bring out the full potential. You can say I'm a smaller religion off the monk who sold his Ferrari. If you have read the book something happenings came into my life that made me realize what life is really about and what my purpose in this life on this planet really is. I have been practicing raking for six years, and it helped me change my entire perspective on how I see things completely. It helped me discover who I really am and you gave my life meaning because without meaning , we have never free something will always be missing. This is going to be one of the first off many personal evolution courses that I use also in my daily holistic counselor. I'm also a license faced. Either I'm a public speaker on the vice president off those masters in my hometown. I have also studied NLB and spiritual psychology. But guys, it's not about the diplomas. It's not about the degrees Buddha even graduate from spiritual school. No, with Jesus, we'll also, for that matter or any other great masters who changed this world. The feeling you haven't hear someone's voice when you see someone's eyes, how he makes you feel thesis was the most important. What actually connects to make you understand why I believe my knowledge about the A team is, too. I will now show you my language and this is it because we is considered the father off modern Ricky. He was the one who discovered it. He named Hayashi Kojiro as his followers, which then appointed How Utakata to be his main successor. Then comes Phyllis for modem, which is still today. The president of the Wreck your lions. She personally attuned Johanna hair buns from Holland, which in turn person in a coon's money above a letter, which is my reiki master. As you can see from the child, I also go there to Mito his tango. She is also a key master and personally attuned. My about volatile in Tibetan wiki. Also, I'm not going to discuss about that because this being traditional free, she Kiyoko calls or would be unveiled later. Infirmary above Aleta attuned me in both Tibetan reiki and in traditionally, as you can see since when it was first discovered, I'm the seven generation. This is why I truly believe that my teachings, really the truth and some of the things that you'll learn in this cause may be in conflict with some other 80 teachings that are being widely split. That being said, this is my legacy, my linage and they really want to pass on every information in secret I have about Reykjavik U Thank you. 2. Energetical levels uncovered: Hello, guys, and welcome toe motions of human bioenergy. I hope you have an amazing they. Until now on, the first lecture will be energetica levels. You don't have to move on. There are some notions off human bioenergy that have to be clarified. This were not transmitted by that chemical. She and they're not specific to traditional rate, but modern. Ricky integrated them because man has a habit of or researching to understand, as much as possible off what's and why he's doing things now. Everybody agrees that the human body is not only flesh, Okay, There are also some magical component take into consideration the basic and most simple particle, which is called the electron, receives energy from outside from the universal energy stocks and read its energy around it . Same thing happens with, um, article on atom. A cell or absolutely any living organism. Men, like all living or non living things, is flooded with energy, which she captures, uses and then eliminates, which is called residual energy. From an energetic a point of view, the human start jury is made out of a number off Energetica levels. Some say seven mothers say three. We will now compare these levels, also giving the equivalence between now. As you can see in the picture, there is Energetica level given by Breaky, given by Dr Jenning Fontaine and also yoga. The physical material level contains the physical body with all these components. Its initial characteristics are given by the genetically inheritance off the person, but through specific training, it can be developed. It is subjected to all will. Not all the health problems off the physical body can be treated through energetically treatments. For example, let's say a damaged nerve section. One car accident cannot be healed using universal in Asia, the emotional level is composed off all emotional experiences of a person. These characteristics are influenced by the position of the styles at birth. It is subjected to all will and can be developed through exercise or the condition caused by energetic deficiencies on this level can be cured using universal energy which have the absolute best results ever. The mental level contains all the ideas of a person. It has two stages. Practical and intuitive. The mental practical can be controlled by the human mind and can be developed through training. The mental intuitive cannot be controlled by the human mind and its characteristics are determined both by the genetic ALS inheritance and also the astrological positioning off the styles at the time of birth. The conditions caused by energetically deficiencies on this level can be cured using universal energy except the ones regarding no more wear and tear off the body. So to say, for example, of signals, sclerosis, with implications in memory cannot be treated to raise you. We can achieve mobility, but not the actual memory, the tension. Then the level accumulated, the experiences off this life storing or the useful information. When we leave this lifetime, all this information I transformed and transferred to the superior attention. Then the energetically imbalances on this level that cannot be controlled by the human mind manifest themselves as hallucinations. Magical treatments have very good results here, and also we have the superior attention dental, which stores all the information accumulated in past lives of one person. They're not usually accessible to us, but there are people which states that they can expect information from this body toe hypnotic immigration, for example, are those food channeling in some situations, even drugs or under anesthetics, access to this level of information can be achieved, which explains why some revelations people have in these circumstances. Finally, we have the spiritual level which contains the spigot over person and cannot be mended the control. Of course, an agent ical treatments do not have any effect in conditions at this level. There are some therapeutical practices which have effect by developing the levels accessible to the mind we obtain on automatic device in spiritual plane, though now universal cosmic consciousness is it them? Which is, if you want the divine spark that exists in every living being, we can do the computer that can simulate all of the other levels, even the emotional. But without these last level, it will not be absolute living being. Now, all these levels and bodies are interconnected through seven energetically centers which allows energy to pass from one together, filtering universal energy in feeding the organism according to its needs. These seven centres are called checkers and the function inferences quits the functionality over the light. Using Grady, we can abrogate our checkers toe the optimum edible, but more about check as in the next. Listen, thank you very much. 3. Introduction: greetings, everyone will come to the introduction. More and more people talking about three. But you know, or even guess what Ricky actually means. This goes he first created traditional will see shiki you, which is the only traditional healing method we discovered by master will free. Together we will walk along amazing roads with beautiful stories from both raking mythology and make history. During this course you will learn a lot about the process off initiation called the tunes which are hidden to ordinary people and we're human for a very, very long time now worldwide is appreciated that instantly secrets to be withheld and transmitted Fort Lee It is before that everyone should know them. No, the verify their accuracy. This knowledge is for both to people and for an attuned people you might be asking yourself should like with my intuition, what should they follow? Tradition. We're ready traditional. As you might have guessed, prevision is very important. And while practicing their a team, your most human abilities qualities will surface and in a natural way, you would want to improve them, right? Of course, dog is an obvious thing to do. Is leaving the traditional line Radi as a definition, is a system off natural healing based on channeling universal energy. Blue hands. This energy is special from an informational point or few, and it does not need to be guided by the practitioner. Make yourself grains to relation. It establishes with the subconscious the patient does, determining his energetically means. Because of this, the therapist must not establish a certain quantity of energy. No, the purpose of this transmission, he just has to allow the flu wolf image. This ability is acquired from iTunes. After that humans you will study the hand placement to allow the energy transfer. It was first introduced in the Western world in 19 thirties. By how you talk up, she insisted on the vigorous and correcting this mission off the vacant system from the master toe the disciple, without adding any personal experience or other information you just to say that make you didn't evolve too much in that period. Nowadays we it is the one killing system which is based on the Japanese, some right tradition, that the kids are somewhere at the first level off training, which is called Hagel. Okay, some of a study in practice only the traditional teachings transmitted directly from the master to disciple. And this is from the book Hago. The master does not add anything from his experience. Human teaches what she learned from his master when they just appear you part of the training called Heiko Sha. Some of my studies with more masters, learning from the experience of playing what suits each and every one of them because we are all different and old special, you know, thank you. Things are about the same. Of course, it starts with the presentation of the traditional elements, and at the right time, the master introduces his personal Experian's and also his personal information. Going on this journey, you will see how bad things disappear, or better yet, how bad things turn into positive things. That's what happened to me. You'll have the possibility to help others to help people, and you will do it undoubtably for your best purpose for your own good. And they're good in this life, you will always get what could give. This was the introduction. Thank you very much for listening. And now let's get on with the list. Thank you. 4. Chakras: Greetings again, everyone. And welcome to the section called chocolates. The seven chakras are considered to be in front of the spine on a horizontal axis, passing through the top of the head from down to up. They are mullah Har moon means route and ah ha means base or support is the chapter that is responsible for the receiving off energy from the earth. It is located at the base of the spine, and humans, in order to live, must receive energy not only from the cosmos but also from the Earth. This chakra establishes the link with Mother Earth. People who have this chock a blocked have been important energy deficit have their heads in the clouds. So to say, other conditions that might appear of the doctor isn't working well. Obesity, hemorrhoids, constipation, sigh, Attica. All problems along back. The mantra for this specific chakra is lum, the therapeutic color. It's red for acoustic therapy. The sound to responding The note dough The U therapy We can you see the world clove essences therapy. We can use God Jesper Rubies for the treatment. We can use the combined position fo and before theme. Next, Jack Graham is survived his history. Smart use the one who belongs to himself. And this Donna your present place. It is located halfway between the groupies and the naval. The conditions caused by the poor functioning off. This chart includes impotence, frigidity, diseases off the bladder and also kidneys. Amanda is from the color used in coma. Therapy is orange for acoustic. That'll be We will use the sound corresponding to the note. Okay, with the wrong Oh, closed for my therapy of this check are we can use the essence off oak or they're better focused a lot happy we can use for a quick treatment. The combined position is a free end before the next chakra is money poor in Tibet. This Juncker is schooled money Fatma which means the lotus with precious stones. It is located in the solar plexus is which corresponds on the spine with the space between the last just vertebra In the first lumber vector, the book function off this chocolate can cause also diabetes hyperglycemia on alexia and also bulimia. On a typical aggressions no matter which kind affect this chakra the most. The mantra for money is that the therapeutical color is yellow for acoustic therapy, we can use the corresponding sound made by the musical note Me opened for Homa therapy. We can use lavender on those may essences and for Crystal a happy we can use title I gamble Go Topas and also sitting the level treatments. We can use F to help placement the next Jack raise on a holiday, which means intangible or which cannot be hit and also called the heart chakra. She is located in the space between the vertebra t 4 25 The poor function off this chat. Crackin cause asthma, high blood pressure, low blood pressure, heart disease, lung disease It is the jackal most affected by the emotional problems. The corresponding manda is lum that therapeutical color is green. So the kristic therapy off this chuck, we can use the sound corresponding to the musical note. Well, the vowel A for my therapy. We can use those essences time for crystal meth happy. We can use emerald, green, jade or pink toe. What's full court for a kid treatment? We can use F one hand placement, which means to purify is the next chukka and is located in the middle of the next the poor functioning of this chocolate can cause diseases like thyroid problems and condition off the endocrine system as well as Phil problems. It is the chapter most effective. My stress. Amanda is home. The therapeutical color is shining through for the kristic therapy. We can use the sound made by the musical note soul or the vowel is for therapy. We can use eucalyptus essences for crystal therapy. We can use aquamarine took Woz or catcher Tony. For the record treatment, we can use the position h five The Onion Chako are as mom means to know, to command, to receive and is located in the middle off the forehead. The poor function of this chuck can cause headaches, dizziness and even problems in eyesight. The corresponding month, um, is home. The therapeutical color is indigo for acoustic therapy. We can use the sound made by the musical Note law off the wall. All right, for we can use mint and jasmine essences, then crystal therapy. We can use lapis lazuli, indigo sapphire or so the light for the treatment age one position or the combined pitches position H one and H four. Uh, which means 1000 times also called the Count Chocula. It is located on the top of the head and it secures the link to the universe, and the poor functioning can lead toe feelings off ordination and mal adjustment. The corresponding Monta is home that every beautiful color is violent. For a mystic therapy, we can use the sound made by the musical note. See for my therapy, we can use lotus essences and for crystal therapy, we can use amethyst and quartz for the rain to treatment. We can use the Position H two to keep the chakras in an optimum working over the we can use daily affirmations like I am a part of the living universe. I recognize my link toe, all living things. I have the power to create. I can bring something new in this life. Well, maybe I control my own strength. I can make decisions. I feel pity for all living things. I express my innermost thoughts in my deepest feelings with clarity. I'm in harmony with the infinite source off guidance. I am the one right to perform wiki treatments. There's no need to put your hands on the chakras. The fundamental positions for 80 that have been explained before are sufficient to bring all the chakras toe optimum level off function. These concludes chakras and thank you very much for living goodbye. 5. Meridians How energy flows: hello again and welcome to meridians how energy flows being flooded with universal energy In a natural way, the chuckas take part off this energy which they send it to the human organism, where it will flow through 14 meridians 12 men more in the medians into extraordinary medians. One off the extraordinary in Meridian is the gym more, which is the median off conception. His first point is huyen, which has a special importance. This point is located in the middle off the Cox Ages muscle the muscle of the Lord back taste in some conditions, this muscle charges the brain which image and recent studies conducted by Dr Gerhard Age address Beggar the director off bio cybernetics in Vienna have shown that this muscle from the lower back placed between the Coxes boobies in cultural memory joints, This muscle stimulates the activity the production of hormones and endorphins which end up through the spine in the brain. The energy that the body Reedys is called on order and some Tween people can actually see it. Some people can see the other even if they have no eyesight. The image is being formed directly in the cortex using raking but mostly using level one raking. We develop them sensitivity off the hands in such a way that we can touch the arm, get very good information about the persons and magical field and also the person's needs. The sensations, you know hands will differ according to the part of the body that we touch and based. With these feelings, we can determine the physical and mental health off the patient energy which does not flow through the body for various reasons. Like my little stress accidents or illnesses stagnates and orders who's in a pain at first and then disease. Because of the wreck, it humans. The initiated person will be able to receive universal energy through the top of the hep energy that will enter the body in its original form on horses by the chatters. And it can also be radiated food apartments which are applied consciously for the purpose of healing. Of course, our body would be a channel for pure universal energy. You know, when we say I don't have any energy left Well, dizzy first deficit off energy, right. But in reality, we felt with the quality orphanage and not the quantity, the quantity of energy will always stay the same always, but it can accumulate in some areas in other areas will remain deficit. Terry. What is interesting is that good quality energy, Nevil accumulates. You just flows. Only used energy accumulates a little bit in the, um we can feel places, or the energy accumulates like humps and which we can remove, forcing the organism to renew its energy and they need your best at hand, of course, is universal energy, which is everywhere. The energy potential of a person values in time between some personal limits, like the genetic inheritance, astrological influences at the time of birth, past life experiences. A person that has a stressful activity during the day will radiate the higher quality energy during the night when he's resting. Then it read Is all the used energy is produced by his body and the energies captured from other people. In order to eliminate this used energy, the person is totally open and unprotected. That is why the effective analytical actions, aggressive or not done at the distance, are at night. The best distant treatments are the ones that involve a different time frame between the one performing Ricky and the one receiving eight. The one performing rate. You should be in an area which is day and the warning CvN gated Buna area, which is night. And some people even notice that in cases off Children which live with their parents and they sleep in the same bed, the one that sleeping the same better, more sickly and sensitive. The quantity of energy specific to any organism is determined by its dimensions, so it's clear that the other I would have more energy than a child. Also, energy will always flow from the one who has more energy is the one who has less energy. A person is healthy if you can give cover his energetic a potential while sleeping, you'll hear a lot of people saying I don't get enough sleep even though this sleep eight hours a night. The body normally needs between 4 to 6 hours to regenerate tapped it. Some people only need three or two. Have you realized that if we oversleep, we feel exhausted or that you just don't have a good mood that day? A surplus in energy is also possible. The quality of the sleep counts a lot, and if you say you don't get enough? Sleep well, though sleeping eight hours a night, there should be a warning worth taking into consideration in order to prevent future disease. So pay attention to your body because it will always tell you how to feel and what to do. This concludes the lessons. Millions, I think. 6. Hystory and Legend: it is probable that you have reached the level of personal spiritual development when you feel the need to make quality stepped forward, you are satisfied with your life. We do achievements, but you feel you deserve more. But you have to accomplish more. Not necessarily for the love of game, but to progress on a spiritual level. It is a way to develop your personality harmoniously and to find those unpredictable power is considered by many paranormal or supernatural. Without a doubt, every person transmits an agent one another, but we're not used to do it consciously, as maybe the Atlantean is used to do it. The origins of radio are very old. They're covered in mystery, as although engines off humanity or off planet Earth by Einstein in her book Essential Raking. Things That Make Team what is today known as the A team was practiced in the universe starting from an ancient time. It was a component off what is known today as the moon civilization, in which the first degree of Ricky was studied in the first years of school. The second degree was studied in what is today high school and the master degree. I was only accessible to teachers that wanted this thing. The destruction of the moose civilization and later the Atlanta one made these techniques available only to some chosen people. The's knowledge was kept in written form in the everyday teachings off the Indian culture called Shiva. Traditional ready, promoted by the Americans, started in the 19th century with Dr Mc, also a director, off the So See How University from Kyoto, Japan, and also being a Christian priest. He would often doctor his students about the wonders Jesus made. His students started to ask, How did Jesus cure people? Questions that drove him to spend the next 10 years finding out how, after eating every religious thing he could find, he was told nothing's really known about the actual method in which Jesus was doing people . So he directed his search the Buddhist teachings Buddha or Secure People and the well known theory exists which confirms that Jesus lived in India. His life between the age off 12 to 30 is hidden from the public because we traveled to USA , where he lived for seven years and he attended the University of Chicago Divinity School, studying compared philosophy and religion He also graduated with a doctorate in theology. It is here where he learned to eat sunscreen. The ancient language of Tibet. In India, I think is you tell the Japan doctor was retired and then monastery, where he found a heating formula which described this healing technique which you had in the regional fall in Sanskrit. Thisted, you did not contain the way toe Activate the healing power, how to use it. He realized that this information was hidden to protect it from our sidles. He also realized that even though the formula was very simple, the text had to be interpreted because it had been written 2500 years ago. Also, the method had to be proved so that those who is put 40 weeks on Koyama Mountain fasting and meditating and also praying he based in front of him 20 form stones and with the passing of each day is one way. Tomorrow The end knew of yet another days in the last morning before sunrise. Doctor, So is so something like a big shining white ball off light coming towards him. At first you're scared. But then he accepted his faith, even though that meant killing him. The light talking in the middle of the forehead in the union jack, causing him to lose consciousness while he was unconscious. He's so millions off multicolored lights and in the end, or the rated symbols waiting on a screen what he was seeing. The symbols received information and guiding each and every one of them. How do you work on how the healing energy was activated? This'll was the first Ricky activation, the discovery, often engine healing method. Don't let me call left Monk or Yemen. Knowing the heating method used by Buddha and Jesus coming down the mountain, he experienced what is known as the Four Miracles. The 1st 1 waas when he cut the soles off his feet and instinctively, he stopped and put his hands on the wound. His hands heated up and his souls were cured. The 2nd 1 was when regional. How's that? Showed the build wins when up the mountain asked for regular food, she asked for normal food and, after 21 days of fasting, didn't have any problems with his stomach. In the same house, there was a woman who had a severe to think on Dr mostly by placing his hands on her face cuter. This was the third miracle you did into the monasteries. You found the high priest imbedded a severe crisis off after writers and with his hands was able to cure him. But those we named this energy rate, which means vital universal image. He established his home at the askance off Kyoto, where he lived for a few years during the protest off people which lived off the Ministry of the community once cured these people to live a different life. But they would come place living from the most you of others. Determining doctor was going to leave this place. People didn't appreciate the healing because they were not paying for you because also then became a pilgrim traveling all over Japan, healing people in his way. He met with you high ashamed Navy officer in reserve, which he transmitted the complete Ricky system, also naming him his successor. This happened in 1925 when Joe Hi, Ash iwas For seven years old, Dr Michaels, who died in 1913 after instructing 16 masters, could your high ashamed was the first to speed the baking technique into three degrees. He instructed people, both men and women, from which 16 achieved master level. He opened the clinic in Tokyo, where the therapists working groups, training patients which lived there during the duration of the whole treatment in this clinic called Fujio Hayashi Sheen on a marquee, however, Takata came in in 1935. As a patient, she worked as a servant in the house of a Reach American planter being promoted to librarian. Her maiden name was common, and after marrying Seiichi Takata, which was the plantation accountant, I had two daughters. So it yourself out of the heart of back closing his hug to collapse and provoking his death at the age of 32 which left 30 year old Hawaii attack that we load with two Children, she couldn't handle the harsh life and the financial troubles. Thus getting sick, she turned to Japan, taking in the hospital. The diagnosis was severe. She had appendicitis of humor and gallstones. Before the surgery him, she felt that there must be another way to get better and talking to her surgeon, he guided hurt toe harsh crashes clinic. She got cured and wanted to learn this healing technique. But the Japanese didn't want to teach her because I should leave the country and thus taking this ancient technique with her. In those times, learning in Japan was very restrictive, being accessible only to the rich people. Nonetheless, in 1937 she managed to finally learn rating lettering Hawaii and opening a clinic in Coppa . How are you with very good results? In 1938 Kujoe has she visited her in Hawaii and a tool her in the Masters degree and naming her his successor. She was asked not to cure people without pace. She later opened another center in Hilo in the same year, in 1931 on the 10th of May, in the presence of his disciples, would you hire? She stopped his heart with the power off, fought and died. He did this because she could predict that the world was coming and didn't want to be on this earth when it happened first. Maybe this might be somewhat hateful act, but in Japan, in those times suicide was considered and on how it got that continued to train people in America, in Canada and later in your in the last 10 years, off her life she trained 22 masters. She died on December 11th 1980 naming as her successor, Phyllis, for Tomato. The daughter one of her sons, which regulations named greater 80 master and which still lives in Hawaii. Today, 80 suffered changes for the well intended contribution off other masters, which tried to pass on their own personal experience. And because of that, today there are more branches off Ricky Worldwide, like generated the Radiance technique Exeter. Every master has the ability to organize the teachings off his clothes as he pleases, with only one condition passed on the information correctly, some divided breaking into three stages fathers into 11. The complete System, though, contains eight fundamental accumulates. Which master can add as many humans as you wants to complete his course? William went from the center off making training in Southfield, Michigan USA made some investigations and discovered that Macao's three doesn't appear in any are five on the lost Isha University. My there's a principle, a teacher or a student. He also does not appear to have been registered in the University of Chicago. Either these elements might have been added from the West to make it more appealing to the Americans from Japan. Does she talk about which is a key? The great master stays death Doctor When she was born on August 15th 18 65 in the district , off seafood and I did age of 62 on my own. March 9th 1926 at 4 a.m. A. Hope Oshima He wasn't a Christian and probably wasn't a Buddhist. Yours up psychologist and the physiotherapist in Japan These people who have called okay judoka which means people with spiritual abilities, he says, was rediscovered Ricky doing his spiritual activities in the secret Room on Yom a mountain near killed. He founded the Society for 80 Treatments in Tokyo in 1922 and speed drinking into three degrees called Show Them This as the first learning opened them self learning and shipping them learning from the mysteries. In 1995 he moved to Tokyo developing his treatment center. One year before he died, he trained a joke I actually giving him or did humans My mother masters initiated by that old fool Iwas a cookie Does she feel which developed, you know, more personalized way But she like how much is lucky states that Ricky practiced in Japan differs from the one in the West, but it is just as diversified. This information are very hard to obtain because the Japanese traditionally keep their teachings all wrapped in mystery. And of course, they keep it to themselves. Different mediums using tele Paktika exertions received confirmation that a technique very similar to Ricky was used in Atlantis from where it Waas learned in Egypt by the Maya from the Mayan civilization, Ratey passed on to the ancient Egyptians becoming very important practice. It's recycle Sinus. It was the most important three to master was that you know my research. This is all the making, history and legend I have come across and that I want to really share with you. The truth will always be somewhere in the middle and each of us choose what to believe me personally before the Japanese side of the story. Thank you. Being the thinking that was rediscovered and brought to us from Japan. I hope you like the scores this walk through time and these concludes this chapter. Thank you very much. My 7. Self treatment: welcome to the safe treatment. The first step in the Ricky practice. This stuff, this is not your fault. The people with health issues but all people who participate every person, even if he is healthy, is affected by stress, and the greatest of treatment will help us to be in the best shape, not only physically but also mentally emotionally. Exeter. Taking this into consideration Self treatment is the best, because you will always the able do it wherever you want. You will always be compatible with yourself, and this is one of the best benefits availability. In some cases, we need a rating treatment late at night or, you know, I stated place when we have no axes to a therapist for ourselves, though, we are always available, incompatible we can put for on ourselves at any time and at any place. No singles therapist will treat all the diseases that don't deserve only the ones that shoot him, Eliminating some might infectious diseases, cancels exit. This is why sort of treatment is the best. You can do it in any state of the illness, even if it's a signal face. But the best efficiency Wiki has is to prevent it from happening in the first breath. In order to benefit from all the advantages. Self treatment is recommended to be practiced every day for about one hour into the beginning. For healthy people, this time can be done old in one session. Won's in more sessions, depending on the availability for each person. There are no significant differences in doing or flower all at once or in sessions after two weeks off self treatment. The results. We're really start to show these results will increase as long as you practice or a team every day when the stuff safe treatment will stop. I don't want the defects with appear again in about two weeks. I would like to share. That is serious practitioner, even though reaching a level that allows him to do the same treatment session in just a few minutes still finds time to do about amount off break every day. After six years, I still do about 45 minutes every day. Self treatment is not just a simple logistical fill that some believe it is a way to connect with the universal life source, giving the body the possibility to complete its energetically need truth through standing the bonds at the energetic a level, the activation off the circulation of energy in the body and also the elimination of the used energy that has accumulated. You know themselves in his book How to Get Well that Steve I leave a lot states that the illness is a friend off men because it is useful witness because the body to return to the original state Every kind of illness doesn't just appear. It will always have symptoms which, if you pay attention, can be cured. Thus avoiding the disease is in the first place. In fact, all the diseases have a direct and critical cause. Every cell in our body, his energy to function properly. And if it does not get, it starts to function for three. In life, every person comes with the genetic, a legacy from his bones with the spirit which has which has traveled a certain path, his best lives and those on astral influence. Depending on the time in place off with the risk of repeating myself, I have to stay that way. Keys based on initiation. But humans OK and that nobody will be able to perform the service treatment describe in the following part of the course. Unless, of course, they have been personally attuned by a professor for the master and those old. If his hands have been determined for the team in the tournament to radiate energy, when you want to place his hands in the way, that's I haven't shown you. With the real reserve, treatment will be done only where the ones which are personally this is all for the surf treatment. Now it is more fun. Thank you. 8. Hand positioning general notions: hand positioning general notions. So in order Topol for my treatment or 80 self treatment, the hands would be placed relaxed without being tense. And we told the thing was kept together. The hands will be placed on the body in the positions that will be explained later on without placing on the body. Just softly, touching is considered touch also a distance off upto five centimeters from the body. This is recommended when performing reiki on the face off someone else. The hands placements for the self treatment art. Five for the head, for for the front of the body and for for the back. For the people of problems in the legs. There are some hand placements for these. Also, the succession off hand placements in the state of treatment is this. First you know the head placement from 1 to 5. Then you do the front of the body. The feet. It's necessary the back and you end with the feet again. For those who actually need it, the positions will be detailed forwards, and the time to hold the hands for each position is about five minutes. To perform self treatment, we must sit comfortably in any position we want. If you want to do the full session off treatment, the necessary time will be blessed in about an hour. It is not necessary to stay in the original position for the whole hour. We can change it as many times as we want to ensure maximum comfort. For example, if you have a long day where you stood in front of the computer game, your eyes and face will be the most effective. So you can keep your hands on your face for about 15 minutes, and then you can continue with your belly. If you have a large meal and then you can go back to your face. The efficiency for the state of treatment does not depend on the position. It just has to be comfortable. There is an optimal big for each hand placement, but because it is hard to determine by beginners what that is why I recommend just five minutes during the self treatment, you pay attention to the feelings you get in your hands, which differ from position to position from day today, and also they differ in intensity. If you analyzed these aspects, you'll realize that there is a connection between the events during the day and the sensations you perceive when you do treatment. It is no want to be like that because unpleasant happening will provoke Energetica. Will deficiency on an emotional level be very attentive? We can notice this by placing the hands in the first position from the front of the body, which corresponds to the emotional blame here. But I would do that now. I will deal with the international lettering for the positions English being the most common language used. All the positions have, of course, English connotations. Head position is coded H one H two h free age for in H five h meaning head for the front side of the body. We use F one F two if we ever. For I've been in front, of course, for the back is the same, we have B one until before, during self treatment, we can think off whatever you want. We can listen to music. You can talk to someone who can watch TV, can do whatever you want. But we will not perform making public because people do not know what we're doing and they misinterpret judge. And that doesn't help anyone if you can be used with every treatment medical over nonmedical. The amazing part is that it will boost their fact. Let's say, for example, if you're taking pills and you're also doing the eighties of Friedman, the people, in fact will be a whole lot better. I've tested it and it actually works. Now this concludes the notional part the general. Now let's get practical appliances. Thank you. 9. Hand positioning practicall applications for the head: the hand placements for the head. The first position is H one as seen in the picture, and it consists in placing the hands on the face and with the middle off your hands over your eyes, fingers kept together. We will not cover the nose so that the expiration will not be prevented. I can be opened off closed. It doesn't really matter. We can sit on a chair in bed or wherever it is the most comfortable. If you suffer from insomnia or any respiratory problems, it is recommended that you lay down in bed in the three. Each one has a very powerful effect in the case off diseases such as glaucoma, cataract, nearsightedness, shortsightedness, close eye vision, Exeter. This is off the central nervous system, the vegetative system in Sonia, colds, allergies and even dignities. You can kill using this position. If you wake up during the night and can't sleep, you can use this position and you will see the immediate effect. This also improves your site. Of course, H two is done by placing the hands on each side of the head. The fingers meeting on top of your head. This position x first off all your circulatory system, being extremely useful for blood pressure adjustments. It doesn't matter if blood pressure was high or low, it will adjust it to the normal pressure. This position is also good for conditions in the global system, such as epilepsy or schizophrenia, and, of course or diseases associated with this position. H free, placing the hands on the side of the head with the palm bridge on top of your eyes and the fingers towards the back of your head. The effect of this position is amazing for me, and it's also considered it. They go by the people. I have treated the attacks on the endocrine system and the nervous system. It is also useful for the people who suffer from diseases. H four. Your hand should be on the back of your head vertically or horizontally. It doesn't matter on the occipital area again. It doesn't matter which hand you put up, which handed down or if you just dumb political you're not. These acts on the nervous system, optimizing your eyesight and curing headaches caused by radiation from different devices. H five. Basing your hands around your neck like a color. The specific action off this hand placement is on the endocrine system, but as a local position has very powerful effects on the neck. It is used to cure diabetes, and it's a stress free position for women. And generally men born under the Zodiac will sign off. And believe me when I tell you that I am one of those men, I'm a Virgo. And whenever I feel stressed, there isn't Ah, hot bath in this world, and meditation or anything else that can make me feel as good is putting my hands in this position. These are the hand basements for the head. And now let's move on to the front of the body. Thank you. 10. Hand positioning practical applications for the front of the body: the hands basements for the front of the body. The 1st 1 is F one, but the hands are applied on the chest with the tips of the fingers united facing upward a little lower than where your neck finishes is like about one injury free sentiments. This is a position typical for the emotional plane, and it has a very strong action in the hut. And believe me when I tell you I have been there number of times and in medals off love, this one helps a lot. You will feel the bird than the saddle, the pain. Everything's being lifted, which is used. We can heal, so use diseases like my term stenosis can get up a theme exit. It is also they useful for as my shoulder problems emotional problems, as I have said and and I stress for many in general, and women born under the Zodiac will sign off. Leo F. Toe is placing the hands on the body with your fingers kept together touching in the solar plexus area, your middle fingers will meet where the best bones, the solar plexus, is located under the stone. This position has a very beneficial effect in energizing the whole body. There are no specific recommendations for any particular diseases. If you feel a powerful reaction when placing your hands here, that means that you are suffering energetic ALS aggression for more so called energy of empire. Oh, you have been the victim off by a normal negative actions. And then each of empire is a person that has a great energetically need that results from suffering or from Green Bean and which coming into contact with other people takes Deccan age guys. Unfortunately, this is a natural event, and they mustn't be blamed for this action because they do not do it with the intention off causing harm to the supplier. It's just a need if three placing the hands in such a matter that the operator of the hands is right. Under the last two years, have you seen the picture usually fingers, meat exactly where the belly button years Okay, this position has a very beneficial effect on all the major organs in the abdominal area stomach, liver, gallbladder, pancreas, kidneys in test time, except and four, we place your hands on the pelvic area. Your hands should be in a V shape covering your genitals. This position has multiple effects, both local. And you know, it is extremely useful for treating gynecological problems in women and post its foreman. Here in the cops, I area the Luik, or earthly energies, come through the body. This energy makes our body function normally. And the shortage off energy in this area will make us lose contact with reality to be how so called with a heads up in the clouds. You know, if you have problems with knees, Bangles or the soles of your feet, you will continue placing your hands on your knees. I'm actually in the picture, in the ankles or even in the summer of coffee, if you need it. After that, were received by placing our hands on the back side of the body. Let's see how that is them. Thanks. 11. Hand positioning practicall applications for the back of the body: the hand placements for the back of the Bible. The 1st 1 is the one which is placing the hands on the back of your shoulders with the fingers kept together, pushing the arms as low as possible. It would be quite difficult at the beginning, but through practice, off barrel bombs will go lower and lower, and the effects of this position will get better and better. This position gives very high, energetic ALS action on the upper part off the spine, and the naked Beato is the next one consists in putting the hands on the back, the tips of the fingers touching the spine. We tried to lift them as much as we can. Thus our bombs are at elbow level, our forearms being, you know how is under position. If in the beginning you have form problems, do not worry practicing, we'll make it better and you will achieve the necessary mobility in absolutely no time at all. The effect is May name on the lungs, but also in the back. In general, this position has also valiant that is recommended for people which have back problems in the scapula area. But that can also be done by the ones that simply cannot disposition. The valiant is composed from two pasts. First, you put one of your hands towards the shoulder in the front section in the picture and the other on the opposite scapula. After about three minutes, you change hands with one in the back, goes in the front and vice. Works of hands radiate energy on both sides. So in self treatment we can use which of aside this more comfortable fourth. It's not a problem at all. The next placement will be be free, placing the hands on your kidneys exactly under the views. Okay, in this position, their hands do not touch. It is a position with great benefit for the dealers glands and also the kidneys. It is a Mantis to his position, and it helps with agitation. And it's. It can also lead to eliminating volcanically, calculate off very small proportions and actually do it very fast. In about 20 minutes, you can eliminate them for lower back pain. It's also very position if you stay facing down. For me, especially, this helps with my gym workout. Even if it is uncomfortable at the beginning, it is very useful on to practice. Pain will go away. I have experienced it personally. The last position is before which is putting the hands on the Coxes where your spine ends. Okay, for the little. This is a very powerful position for the whole body and one of the most important hand placements towards realism. On balance, if you have problems in the kidneys or ankles, you're the positions shown again, thus ending the treatment. I found it. They used to do a coup. My feet, especially after a very long day in court. Because everywhere you walk there is an energy and in a place with a lot of negativity you take all that any junior feet and bring it home. Imagine like working through a swamp. Now you know why the Japanese? The Chinese lived shoes outside of the house, so they thought that they don't take all that energy and spread it in the hole. This concludes everything for the back. Now let's more Thanks 12. Receptivity: greetings to you all will come to this activity. Another issue that we have toe take into consideration is receptivity. Every patient must tell you what his illness is and what she wants to achieve with Great, unfortunately, rated does not pull diagnosis. When you put your hands on a patient, you feel a certain sensation in your hands off different intensity, depending on the position. Of course, it will not be something new for the people that had at least six months off self treatment . Practically, we did not establish the quantity off energy that we transfer to the body. The body does that all by itself, reacting and asking for that energy. We just opened a gateway. If someone does not react as you would have hoped And keep in mind that this hopes are based on your experience and the extent of their suffering, it means that they're not receptive enough and you might not get the full results. Sometimes it is recommended that you refused to treat the person. Some people that had energetically treatments in the past know what to expect, even if it is back a puncture, bio therapy or whatever for new people if you see them tens, you can explain how energy works, how a key works and you must always know desires regarding the effects in order not to have any surprises are given example. There are patients that are convinced he will never get better. They begin by saying, I have been to every doctor and taken every build. I did like a puncture. I did biofeedback or whatever and nothing worked. Now I want brave it. These people are a waste of time, usually because they want to be a victim. They like the state in which there in like, to brag about their diseases like to talk about them, and they like to be beated by others. The place where you do the treatment is also very important. It has to be a clean and every room you wish. The therapist can work on the good conditions without being disturbed by the outside environment. He also has to sit in a comfortable position. Well, not concentrate will be left, and you can talk with him during his treatment. It is actually commended because the patient becomes more Alexis in the 80 practice. There are many variations off hearing in America is being practiced, usually played down position on the treatment table, located in different vacations. And with prices starting from 300 until $700 maybe more now, it is unlikely that where his quest to Japan practicing great e Michels, we take it around the table. He would most probably adapt to every case and every condition. So except the marketing involved, I encourage you to practice. They keep on a chair on a couch in the grass, whatever you and your patient are the most comfortable. This is what matters the most, the state in which you and both your patient are in in order to receive with the wonderful 80 image. This concludes the receptivity chapter and now once more. 13. Reiki on others Tehnique and Combined Positions: welcome to take you on others technique and combined positions, but for me on someone else and that you can be transmitted even through a thick blanket. If the patient is very sick for teaching others, you choose the seas off positions according to the diseases, but the older is the same as it is in the self tick off course. Start with the hand placements for the head. Continue with the ones for the front of the body. The legs and in the back form up until down for executing the combined hand placements. It doesn't matter which hand is up or which hands down, which is in the back well, which is in the front. Innovative. Both hands have the same energetic ALS value any G is you see from the patient's body used wherever he needs it the most. Not necessarily. Do you put your hands we favor for different hand placements the use off energy in a certain part of the body. But the organism is the absolute determining factor in the pictures. I will show you the hand placements from H Toe H Free H five, F one and Beato for the other people in positions. The differences from the self treatment are too insignificant prevention. It is recommended that you always start with the hand placement that determines compatibility and receptiveness. I personally recommend age two, and you can combine it with H one and H four. If this signals are not very clear. Well, we people, if you just before getting better during the treatment, it is recommended that you do not touch the skin of the patient. First of all, for both your protection and second, you can cause unpleasant sensations by touching the face of the neck. We can either keep our hands at a very close distance two inches or five centimeters from the skin. Or we can use a piece off cloth that the patient will bring, so he will not be suspicious about cleanliness. There are people like that. Well, we can use a napkin if you want. If you didn't open wound, it is best to have a bandage over it because it might bleed intensively. If you take the fracture, you can easy to put your hands on the guest. The positions for treatment are the same as the ones in self treatment. I would tell you about some combined positions that are very efficient and very, very helpful. The first position is H one and H four. My hand is placed on the forehead in the other, in the occipital area during the back of the hip. It is a position for healing business or any kind off emergency like state of shock, passing out, even fainting. It also has a very with effect on the ice and the cervical spine. Occasional headaches are gone after 23 minutes for playing the hands. In this combined position, the effects have morals. So instead of three months, the succession off the 13 hand placements is enough to prevent any condition. There is no need for combined positions. The next combined position is F one and F three. A hand is placed one inch or oh, centimeters from the base of the neck, and the other is on the solar plexus, accumulating the effect of the positions. F one and a free in order to save diamond. Also be a lot more efficient if one and the one hand is placed on the back on one of the fund, one inch from the base of the neck It is very good for the upper part of the lungs for treating Asmaa allergies, the upper spine and also we can kill some emotional problems here if free and be free. The hand is placed on the spine in the lower back area and the other is in the front. Under dreams. There's very powerful influences on the lower part of the lungs and all the organs in the abdominal cavity. It has also when you stepped on the lower back and it is recommended to be used with B three hand placements, B one and B free. The hand is based in the cervical region, back of the neck and the other on the long back. It is applied for energizing the spine, and if there are any lower back problems, the next one is you want, and before one hand is based on this spine in the cervical area and another one at the base of the spine in the Coxes area. These energizes the spine and has important benefits regarding the general. But being off the body it is very useful for other people growing their mobility. Very much. Back pains also disappear in this position these are older combines positions that I know and that I really wanted to share with you. Hopefully you will use them. And you're a lot of people. Thank you very much. 14. Compatibilty: compatibility. The girl of radio level one is first of all to export our health and to being or organism to his best functioning state. First of all, we have to take care of our own body. We have been given this vessel to travel and experience life, and the more it functions better, the more we can actually enjoy life. It is a well known fact that in order toe doing energetically treatment, there has to be good compatibility between the therapist and the patient. But first, let's see what this compatibility is really about. Every human as well as every living thing in order to exist, receives universal energy. We circulate to his body and which allows it to function properly. From this energy. The organism expect what it needs and arrested eliminates through residual energy, overused in age energy, which is permanently renewed with fresh one. The residual energy is eliminated through the organism, creating around it on Energetica Field, which, near to the body is more dense and can be measured with some devices like a pendulum. If two people approach one another, they can logistical fields in the point they bled. A good example to see, this is the movie the Palestine prophecies. There is an example. The cases in which the fuse do not modify in size are very, very practically. They can be the following situations off interactions. The 1st 1 the field off. Both people doesnt modify, in this case the tour in different from an energetic a point of view, one from the other. Although this is not considered an incompatibility, it is not recommended to treat the person. If you find yourself in this change, the second situation, the field off, one person goes and the others decreases, we can perform way. He put only the field. That decreases is the ones off all the therapist, one performing great, but only if he's strong enough toe allow it to happen. Otherwise, it is considered an incompatibility. Third case scenario. The few local person girls and the other one stayed the same. If the one that goes is the patient's field, it's recommended to do the treatment. It is vice versa. There are some reserves, and you will have toe take into considerations. Some other factor is in order to see if you continue or not. Number four. The feel of a person decreases, then the other one stays the same in this situation is not recommended to do the treatment . But in some cases, if the decreasing field is the therapists field, you can perform with number five. The feud off the two persons grows. Best case scenario for compatibility. The wreckage treatment will be at his full power in the last one. Number six, The field off. Both people decreases. It's a clear case of incompatibility, Andre. Treatment will not be for these. Were all the cases off compatibility and incompatibility? I hope you take them into consideration and thank you very much. Let's move on, right? 15. More then 50 most commom diseases and how to heal them using specific hand placements: That's a political bravery and the 50 most common diseases and helping them using hand placements, Arjuna exemplify briefly how to treat some of the most common diseases using specific hand placements. In principle, it takes 10 sessions off treat month At the two day interval from one another. We will recommend to the patients not only toe, not consume alcohol in the off the treatment, but if it's possible for the whole duration of the treatment. For some conditions as epilepsy or schizophrenia, the consumer of alcohol will be totally forbidden. And those who forgets peer to your affections like allergies or as mom smoking will also be forbidden. Now let's begin the list. First of all, we have a purse. State at the normal hands will be placed on F four or F four and D four. The duration of the treatment depends on the stage of the disease at the beginning. Off the treatment, the condition can be fully cured if it's caught early. If it's in an advanced stage, the disease can only be stopped in evolution from when it began the level that it began. There you will stop alcoholism, apply hands on H two and if one or h five F one for men or women in the Zodiac will sign off Leo and H five for men or women in vernal imputing alcoholism, some interesting problems appear. In order for the treatment to be successful, it's necessary that the patient actually wants it. After a few sessions with the treatments Kim presented above one session every two days. After about a week, the patient will not tolerate alcohol anymore. If you're title drink, she will feel very, very bad vomiting and nausea, and you realize that this is the effect of the treatment. And then she will have to choose. Either he continues and gives up alcohol. Either he quits the treatment in favor off alcohol. So you see, it's also up to a straight. It doesn't do wonders allergies, each one laid down, followed by F one and the one. If the allergen agent is known, it would have to be moved or avoid it as much as possible. For example, if the original causing the allergies is the mold in the world, one apartment the treatment will work only for a short period of time. Business H one and H four applied any time doesn't matter if the digitization use random off chronic. That is not his immediate about five minutes and the effect can last up to two days. The cause of business should be determined for the rated treatment toe. Leave the full curing off the problem anxiety H 20 on H one and H four, depending on the case or H five or F one often on anxiety counters, a consequence of a certain disease. And then the disease has to be cured first. An erection H two, h five and f free. It is a symptom associated with many diseases. If the certain diseases not treated we can remove the symptoms off the anorexia using grades. I thought this we're going to the local treatment on the affected area of the body. The power application time should be as much as possible. If the pain stops, People can be done once every two days. If the pain doesn't stop, we can do it every day. Asthma apply F one and B one and s we and be free. The seas off sensations successfully resolved This problem in the start of the crisis diminish are easier to handle, and then they just go away. In a necessary case, 12 sessions can be done depending on the age of the patient situation of the disease. It is possible that in only one session off treatment to have positive results for the rest off his or her life based, though hands on H five, the effect is very fast. After roughly four stations, we can see diminishing in the volume of the thyroid gland. But for long lasting results, sensations are necessary. Bone hiatus Apply F one and be one. According moisture will be avoided. Bank open pneumonia applied F one, B one and B toe ischemic cardiomyopathy hands were replaced on H two and F one. The facts are spectacular and long lasting. In the majority of cases, even for the whole life cataract, the position is H one. The treatment sometimes has amazing results, and sometimes it's not sufficient for any notable result. But in general the effect is available. You figure heavy hands will be placed on H two or H one and H fourth. The position will be chosen according to the bigger level off energy absorption. In most cases, both positions can be done but usually one is enough. Occipital headache. Apply H four or H one and H four people working out in front of the computer or watch out off TV. The effects can be stripped, but the case off the problem must also be eliminated, Maybe using the screen protection that observed the skin mediation, especially blue, ate and wore glasses like I have to wear poor blood circulation. Applying H two. This position is enough. Even those symptoms happen at the extremities, especially the lower ones. Liver chills is apply F, depending on the duration of the disease and its status. When the treatment is beginning, the effect can be partial or total. If the disease is treated in the beginning, it can be told ridiculous colitis, eh? Free is indicated, and usually the effects are fast after full five sessions, but for a long lasting result of 14 nineties commended constipation F three months. The patient is a consequence off in great eating and excessive, said the tightness on and thes aspects have to be corrected in order for the treatment to be favorable in most cases during treatment for other affections. The constipation problem also goes away without any special treatment conversions. Apply h two. The duration of the treatment is settled according to age. For example, for the mental patient, decisions were enough to completely cure depression. H five F one are indicated. Usually, depressions are characterized by a deficit off energy in the emotional plane, and the reach treatment does wonders. Here, the effect is always long lasting and even sometimes for life. A typical depression. Apply H two, H one and H for a free and be free unedited. The patient that cannot come down to the treatment cannot be treated. With this method, we must do a prolonged treatment until the state comes back tomorrow. The effect depends on how the patient expects the interdictions. Alcohol and excess avoidance off all costs. Developing courage. Apply H for in F one. No matter the cause, the effect is always very good. According to the personality of the patient, you will choose one of these hand placements diabetes, but by the positions age to age five. Free and be free. The treatment is efficient in all cases of diabetes, the more difficult cases when insulin shots are required. The doses were became free. Watched, you know they're not tohave unpleasantness. Nobody has to be surprised if the effect of the reiki treatment will be spectacular. Leading toe unimportant drop in glucose in a narrative short period of time. Even after the normal installation of the pancreas, the diet has to be expected for about a year. Otherwise, the disease will return. Headaches apply H two and H four because for headaches can be multiple. And that is why, for the effectiveness of the treatment, they have to be known if using these hand placements. The noticeable reaction is not observed by the hand placements, like if one or even a free and be free at four or B one and B four can be tried. They will have good reasons. Enter colitis it free and be free from a minimum off transitions. Any races age toe at four and be free. Depending on the age and the causes of the disease, the effect can be shrift and fighting, or it can be prolonged. Dr. Mon Age off treatment like this is 7 to 10 years. Epilepsy applied the hands in age to position. The effect is amazing. ST. Month can be performed even in states off crisis always gentle, their obsessions of treatment in parallel with a robotic treatment. If, of course, there is one and give up alcohol for at least 10 years after the last crisis. Oh, taking fibroids H four will be performed from case to case. The effect can be spectaculars or just a new movement. Glaucoma apply H one. The effect is total and spectacular, regardless off age patients with multiple admissions in hospital and value. Steegmans after me so well that after the treatments, doctors say that the patients never even had this disease gross academia, H one and h five. The effect depends a lot on the patient. The results are controversial hallucination. Hands on h one, h two h free and age. For these had recommended positions, they can go away. But the duration of the effect depends on what exactly costume hepatitis apply F free in the diet. We must keep it during the waking. Treatment effects are very good. After the treatment is over, gradually the patient can pass for normal by it, but without access is, of course, hearing loss. Vindicate position is H three. It has the greatest effect on small Children on the other people. We have to take into consideration the normal age off the Bobby bet. Being at your position is B three. The treatment will be performed laying down for about 10 total obsessions, after which the effect lasts for about three years. If, of course, the patient doesn't forces back my greens each one and age for in all cases days, an improvement off the situation, both positions will be done for about transitions. Nearsightedness apply H one. The Dayton depends a lot on the except iveness off the patient, even though the patient wants to do this treatment and has confidence that you will get good results. If there is no less activity from an energetic a point of view, you will not achieve the desired results. This goes for every patient I have mentioned before the gym inal neuralgia, hands on H one, h three and H five. We must expect wonders, an improvement in pain but also come back. It's possible if the cause is like moisture in cold. I'm not be moved. Critic H 20 h. Five. If one are recommended, the results are always very good. The ciggies off eight within sessions can use all the state off chronic fatigue and the effects can last for years in a row and you made the capacity of the body to regenerate. Will go and also the resistance toe effort. A temporary state off Atik imitated, with each one laying down with the ice closed for about 10 toe 15 minutes, but only apply H two, h one and H four. The treatment has incredible results and last for about 55 years, depending on the age of the patient folks on the except iveness and on the other factors. 1st 8 hands on L four and before in every case and improvement would be felt. If the patient is elderly above 17 on the disease, last for a long time, they affect won't be so great schizophrenia. The following positions will be applied h one h two h four h five F one A free and be free is a heavy disease, and that's the treatment is also horrible. Any non compliance off exhibitions such as alcohol or excessive effort? No, those are emotional overload can bring back the disease even if the to eat month is applied correctly and the patient is cure if needed. That didn't give me belonging. Toa 12 to 20 sessions. We breaks from about two months, so I had to go be free and before will be applied. The treatment will be performed. Lay down on the results last about 1 to 3 years, depending on the gravity of the situation and the requirements the patient is subjected to . For me helped a lot with Jim Sclerosis H one, h four, h five and F one are recommended problems he got in. The mobility of the patient can be they will result, but not those regarding his memory. Discordant Syndrome h two h one h four h five f one f free before are the positions indicated the Syrian marks as the one from schizophrenia available sinusitis Apply h one patient or be lying down. Face up the seas off 8 10 sessions will resolve the problem for life. Spaz Mafia apply H two and H five. Both positions will be done for 10 sessions and the user will last for about two years. Politics The noses apply F one. If that is not very advanced, some amazing results can be achieved with a very long lasting effect Mitel stay noses. Apply F one. The results are always very good with a lifetime lasting effect. Fear H five or F one. You can choose one of these positions depending on the treatment of the patient. For people with the dynamic temperament, I recommend F one and for more common personality. H five firing disorders. H five will be used for these disease. The effect is fast and long lasting. Also apply a free for gastric ulcer. The effect is very good for Gordon. Also, they affect these weaker In both cases, they last for about one year. Thanks very much. This waas all for the therapeutical bravery Let's move on to the practical advice is 16. Practicall advices Need to know: Hello, everyone. And welcome to the lesson called practical advice is I need to know. In the case with the patient suffers multiple diseases, we can observe that from a logistical point of view, there, grouped in certain areas around different chapters, usually do the most. If that is not the case, more complex treatment would be necessary. And for a longer period of time, these situations are usually very right. The 80 treatment can be associate ID with other kinds of traditional treatments, but not with other energetic ALS treatments. For any other diseases that are not mentioned here, you could ask your therapist Oh your master. In the case of the wreckage treatment, the patient matters more than the disease. The treatment is a vibrational treatment using ah, higher vibration and G, and also the environment at the room where the treatment is performed has to be purified as much as possible. Stay in a clean environment, the quality of the energy from the room with influence greatly. The result. The temperature must also be right for both the patient and the therapist. The patient can be addressed with whatever he wants taking into consideration that might get warm work as a result of the treatment. Also, clothes are very important. The room has to be aired. If it's possible, a window should be opened at all times, even though the wake energy will flow for the patient as you speak on the phone or just while thinking off someone, keep in mind that freaky is first of all, a spiritually pool and your mind shouldn't be filled with superficial stuff, reflecting on the flow of energy through the body. On on the effects off these purses, we will not just experiment this picture practice but also magnification off. The energetica will flux in all body, which is not something to be taken for granted, especially for beginners. The therapist can visualize the flow of energy through his body and also for the patient's body. The therapist can also perceive the energy as ups. More light off political vote, yellow or white and feel stays off profound happiness. If the patient also feel these things of a deep connection will be created between the two and the effects off the wreckage treatment or will be amazing will skyrocket. You see, it's not about the connection. The more people are in sync with each other. The more energy flows, background music can also be used during the treatment because it can help. You lacked both the patient and the therapist. You think you master will guide you through the music. You have to use some recommendations for treatments are this The most important things is the patient must be informed that if you wishes he can I on unconditional Badgett bio energetic a treatment that can use his suffering. You must explain to the patient that he can feel world hold pressure, waves of energy that might feel nothing old and the signals will be stopped if he bothers him. Hen placement will be done without touching the skin because it might disturb the sensations felt by both the therapist and the patient. The total time for day treatment will be 15 to 30 minutes. Hands will be placed in kept in all the positions for the head and for the positions off the body. Maximum discomfort area will be held on for one minute, after which the rest of the duration of the treatment the hands will be placed in the position that was more intense. No. Two patients will be treated in the same time or in the same room. Ache is used as the supplement, not as a substitute for conventional treatment. If the patient has medication prescribed, she will continue to take it. Great treatments will not be done in hospitals by medics, directors or owners off clinics. I emphasize the fact that it is good from the patient toe. Ask for the treatment not to be recommended by the therapist. For the curious patients, it is good to answer a lot of questions so that they feel comfortable and the well off what is happening. Patients would be explained that they mustn't search for resemblances with other energetically treatments because this will be a unique treatment because he the patient, is also unique. Ask the patient during the treatment if you feels anything, and if he does, what exactly does he feel to make him aware that he is perceiving a healing energy? If he's a skeptic, awaken his curiosity or just about the treatment. If you're poses mentally to the treatment, you might not be able to block it. No matter how much we want his own good. We cannot oppose someone's free will, Which is most important? One of my best results. You know, Pete month I had with one of my ex girlfriends, which, after 10 sessions off treatment, became clear voice. She could see her own over and began to have visions. So you see, faith in connection between people gives the record treatment incredible results. This was all for this part with the section. Thank you very much.