Growth Marketing Essentials: Build Effective Acquisition Funnels | Cam Lay | Skillshare

Growth Marketing Essentials: Build Effective Acquisition Funnels

Cam Lay, Writer + VP of Marketing @ Skillshare

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8 Lessons (41m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. The Marketing Funnel

    • 3. Marketing Basics and Key Terms

    • 4. Calculating True Customer Value

    • 5. Anatomy of a Single Node

    • 6. Analyzing Common Marketing Paths

    • 7. Mapping Your Marketing Path

    • 8. Final Thoughts

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About This Class

Ever wonder how to get more people to read your email newsletters, engage on social media, or click on your ads? It's all about the marketing funnel.

In this 40-minute class, join Skillshare VP of Marketing Cam Lay as he updates the classic marketing tool for the digital age, revealing how you can grow your business by carefully guiding your customers from first contact to final purchase. 

Key lessons include:

  • Essential marketing terms (and nothing but)
  • Calculating true customer value for modern business models
  • Analyzing common marketing paths (for companies like threadless and ClassPass)
  • Crafting your own marketing funnel
  • Improving your strategy and fixing issues

Whether marketing is your full-time job or one of many hats you wear, crafting effective funnels is a fundamental skill for anyone looking to succeed. After taking this class, you’ll look at marketing in a whole new light, allowing you to craft the right message, motivate your customers, and grow your business.





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Cam Lay

Writer + VP of Marketing @ Skillshare


Hi. I'm Cam. I'm VP of Marketing here at Skillshare. Prior to coming to Skillshare I ran acquisition marketing at Yodle, a local online marketing company for small businesses. 

I received my bachelors degree from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and hold an MFA in Fiction Writing from the University of Kansas.

In my free time I write fiction, some of which you can check out below. My novel The Childless Ones is available now on...

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