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Gratitude Journal: The magic of creating your reality

teacher avatar Live Better, Confidence Coach for Women

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (33m)
    • 1. Ready for the magic?

    • 2. What is gratitude

    • 3. Law of vibration

    • 4. Law of attraction

    • 5. Change your reality

    • 6. When to do journaling

    • 7. How to do journaling

    • 8. Use gratitude as a tool

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About This Class

I am so happy to share this class with you because GRATITUDE is something that has completely transformed my life! 

If you are hear reading this i truly belive that this class has something you need. Maybe you have been thinking about making some changes in your life, you're fed up with certain results you keep getting and you overall have this urge to cultivate a feeling of love and ease in your daily routine and can't understand why everything has to be such a struggle. 

Well, this class is deffinetly for you and it is going to teach you: 

  • Why you should consider incorperating the gratitude practice in your life
  • How it works and what benefits it has
  • How it actually changes your reality 
  • How  and where to do it 
  • The background science of gratitude (laws of attraction & vibration) 

I'm really happy you are considering this class and i look forward to sharing this knowledge with you. 

Have a great day! 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Live Better

Confidence Coach for Women


Hello, I'm Gaia. I am an English confidence coach for women and an avid student of personal development and growth. There is honestly nothing that I am more passionate about than increasing my sense of awareness and sharing what I have learnt with as many people as I can, which is exactly why I am here uploading classes.

As well as being obssesed about growth I also know and believe that it is within a community and working together that true magic happens which is why i have created the project "LIVE BETTER".

LIVE BETTER is an online community for women who want to make solid changes in their life and manifest the results they have been dreaming of! If you are a woman and feel like this ... See full profile

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1. Ready for the magic?: However, on hey, you going, Welcome to this class. My name is Gaia, and today I want to have a sit down chat and talk to you a little bit about gratitude. Now, in this class, I really want to share with you my experience with gratitude because I have discovered over the years that each really his like magic as the title of this Qj clause. Because harnessing and understanding gratitude really does enable you to not only manifest things in your life that you really want and create a life that you really want. But it just makes day-to-day living on a completely different level. Problems, anxieties, fears, issues that may be for you now feel like they're suffocating you, become insignificant, nonexistent. And literally you will find yourself like waking up being like, How is it that I spent so much time focusing on these negative emotions and thinking that my life was made up of problems. Now, I truly believe in the fact that you guys are here for a reason. And if you are here and you're watching this video and you're reading over the title going, you know what, that sounds interesting for me. Go with that feeling because it's most likely that this is something that you really need in your life. And certain things, certain factors have brought you to this class because clearly there is something here that you can understand and you can start becoming aware of. So that said, I'm really happy that you're here and I'm really glad to be here sharing this information with you. And we're just going to jump straight into the class. I hope you enjoy it. 2. What is gratitude: Now that's the first thing that I want to talk to that is pretty much understanding the concept of gratitude. I mean, like, what is gratitude? I remember right in the beginning where I was beginning this journey and personal development and I discovered the whole like keeping a gratitude journal or being grateful for certain things. I mean, I understood the literal meaning of the word, but in the sense of feeling and emotion, I could not find a connection with enthalpy, but what, what is credit should work? Does it feel like, like what is this emotion? And what I want to share with you is that gratitude. Honestly, it's, I can define it as love. It is a space within yourself where you do not feel any negativity. Sorry, if you can think back maybe in a time in your life or under a particular situation where you felt complete peace within yourself, complete comm, and you felt genuine love and appreciation for something. Maybe it was, for example, when someone helped you and you thought, Wow, like I did not expect this person to help me because, you know, I have my own thought. Maybe I thought that they were this type of person and they surprised me. And all of a sudden all that negativity is wiped, dad, and you just feel so much love and so much peace within yourself. For me, you know, the situations that really triggered this emotion and that helped me understand it is obviously when I think of my husband, when I think of my daughter, when I think of my family, and I'm really able to manifest and understand that feeling of gratitude. So that's the first thing I really wanted to talk to you about because obviously you're here learning about gratitude. And if you're scratching your head, not even knowing what it feels like, it's going to make this course just a little bit more complicated for you. 3. Law of vibration: So the next thing we are going to have a chat about ease the lore of vibration. Now, I'm not gonna get into too much detail and explain a really in-depth heavy concept. Because like most of you, if you're here watching this, you know that the laws of the universe can be quite complicated to grasp and understand. And a 20 minute class, a dirt pink is going to be enough time. But the lore of vibration is fundamental, I believe when we are talking about gratitude. Now, pretty much at this low states that everything vibrates, but more importantly, everything vibrates at a different frequency. And when I say everything, I mean everything from my cup of water to the water inside the words I am telling you, and of course the emotion I am feeling or standing you absolutely everything vibrates now because everything vibrates and vibrates at a different frequency. Some things vibrate at a lower frequency, other things vibrate at a higher frequency. And depending on the frequency of these vibrations, you are going to feel different when we're talking about emotions. Or if we want to compare two very simple emotions and they're polar opposites, let's compare the emotion of anger compared to the immersion of, of course, gratitude because that's what we're talking about. Now, anger is a very dense and heavy and low immersion, which means it free. It vibrates at a very lower frequency, meaning through this frequency, if we stuck in that energy field, we are obviously going to be attracting angry situations, angry things, negativity, and perpetuating pretty horrible situations that we don't want. However, if we compare that to gratitude, now, gratitude, like I was telling me just before, is a very pure emotion because it is connected with this sense of inner stillness, being love, abundance, extremely positive things. Now, because of this, credit shrewd vibrates at a very high frequency. Ok? So when you, unlike when you're in anger, but when you are feeling gratitude, you are naturally vibrating at a very high frequency, which is putting you in LA. And to receive other things around you, people, ideas, situations, even money that are vibrating at the exact same frequency. So in order for you to, not just for you, but really in order for your mind to accept and be open to the concept of gratitude. I really feel like it's very important for you to understand pretty much the black and white science behind the habit and behind the practice. Because a lot of the time, obviously if you're sitting here, you're like, yes, I want to do gratitude. I think it's fantastic, but you don't know maybe the beliefs, the subconscious beliefs you have in your mind and they could be quite limiting. And it could be maybe that I will say a few things and all of a sudden, afford is treated me like, I don't believe that or that's impossible. That sounds really strange. How we, how can that happen? Gratitude copying magic. So that's why I wanted to take a little bit of time, especially now to talk a little bit more about like, you know, the science, quantum physics behind gratitude, just to really help this digest and be absorbed better by your mind. So that when you do go ahead and you're practicing gratitude, it's coming along a lot easier for you. 4. Law of attraction: Alright, so the next law of the universe, and it'll be the last law of the universe that I want to talk to you about in this class is the Law of Attraction. Of course, you all know what the law of attraction is. It has become extremely popular recently. However, I want to talk to you about at LinkedIn with the law of vibration and with this practice of gratitude. Now again, as you know, the law of attraction means like, attracts, like. So for you, for myself, in very simple terms, it means whatever you are, wherever you have inside, whatever vibration you are vibrating, you are very simply going to attract that in your life. Sorry, this is great news, right? I mean, if you are full of amazing positive, strong vibrations and you have very strong beliefs and you have wiped clean all of your limited beliefs. Or that puts you in the exact position for a complete and total success. And in that case, you don't need to be watching this class. However, what happens when we start looking at all the negative, dark, sticky, gloomy stuff we will have inside of us. That does that mean that that's what we're attracting? Does that mean that, that is the message we are sending off saying, Oh, I want more of this. I'm so angry at my parents, Send me more of this situation. I'm so jealous, give me more of this situation. And what happens is you just in the loop of perpetuating perpetuating the same crap? Pretty much. Now, do you think that you are in control of this? Are we in control of this? We actually are. And that is why gratitude is so important. And remember what I was talking about before about gratitude being such a powerful emotion. Not only is it a powerful emotion, but like any immersion, you have the power to choose what you are feeling in any given moment. You have the power to change your vibration, to change at what frequency your whole being is vibrating. It isn't that incredible. So no matter what your life situations, no matter what your thoughts, no matter how you feel right now in this class as you are watching me, you actually can change that. And this is why taking gratitude and incorporating gratitude in your daily life is so fundamental. And this is why it's magic. Because it allows you to instantly, instantly transform your state of immersion. Which means transform the frequency you are vibrating in order to align knew with a higher frequency in order to start attracting the things that you want. And that is how we use for lower vibration and the law of attraction. In order to help us with the practice of gratitude, you need to increase your sense of awareness of when you are vibrating lower, when your frequency is dropping. And once that happens, have the awareness to understand. That's fine. I don't need to get stuck in feeling like a victim. Oh, poor me again, I feel angry or another person cut me off the record. All the stuff always happens to me. No, you need to increase your sense of awareness, of understanding in that moment that it's your choice. You have a choice to change that emotion. You have a choice to change that vibration. And you have a choice to change what is being attracted in your life. And that's when you're going to start using gratitude. Because if in those moments you start implementing the practice of gratitude, you change that low immersion to hire motion, which is gratitude, you will automatically begin vibrating at a higher frequency and therefore lower frequencies, or in other words, negative situations. We will not be in your path, they will not be in your direction and they will not be attracted to you. This is why I keep repeating it produces y. Practicing gratitude is so magical and is such a fundamental process that really should be incorporated in your life. So I hope that I was a Hebrew to stress the important and make you understand truly how beautiful and how enjoyable and how beneficial these practices to you. Now that we've understood this, we are going to get started in talking about how to actually go ahead and start taking gratitude. 5. Change your reality: I really want to share with you my story with gratitude, because while I will, I still am. But as I'm in the process of personally developing, learning, extending my knowledge and my sense of awareness. I have found that hearing other people's stories and understanding other people's experiences is so beneficial for me because it really enables me to relate and see myself in other situations where people have had success, where people have overcome certain issues that I have had, why I'm struggling with. And it gives me a great sense of inspiration and understanding. So I wanna take a few minutes to go through and talk to a little bit about my story. And and then we'll get into understanding the logistics of that, how to go ahead and take a gratitude. So I have been using a gratitude for about I think what I would say three years now. I have to be honest. I have always been quite positive, inclined person where I think that gratitude is something that does come quite naturally to me. However, when I discovered the understanding of gratitude and understood how much I really very much and the may be mistakes I was taking when I thought I was actually being grateful, but actually wasn't because there were lots of maybe judgmental thoughts behind it or selfish thoughts behind it. So it was really beneficial to understand the other side. Now, the main ways for me the gratitude is really helped is honestly like changing my reality and changing the relationship I have with people. I, you guys probably don't know this, but I'm actually an English teacher. And when I first started teaching English, teaching English online, actually, I had a lot of difficulty in managing Actually the business side of things and I felt very awkward above money payments, organizing payments. And I always found myself in a situation where I would teach and I didn't get paid for it or all happen that students will always pay late or they would try not to pay. And it was a very, very uncomfortable situation because me, myself personally, I'm not a person who is quite forceful in regards to these things or adjust perpetuated a very negative, uncomfortable situation. And I realized in doing that I would constantly have thoughts and anxiety. Rad, I'm going to do this job but I won't be paid for it. And osha asks for their money before or I'm sure that they're not gonna pay for it. And I would think quite negatively of my students and quite temperamentally of my student and the situation got worse and worse. And then my husband discovered this concept accredit shouldn't I thought you know what? This person hasn't paid for a few months. And instead of dreading you're encountering them or thinking about it and thinking, oh my god, they're never going to pay me. I'm going to start being grateful for having them in my life and actively saying, you know, I'm so happy and grateful I get to teach. So, and so I'm so happy and grateful that all of my students are such amazing, beautiful students who are happy to pay for the lessons on time, for example. And in the beginning, I'm going to be honest, I did feel a little bit weird and I thought What am I doing like as if this is gonna make a difference in the heats of I think maybe three days. I'm not kidding. I did this twice a day in the morning and at night, and I'm gonna speak to you later on in the class about it when we get into the technicalities of how to take gratitude. But in the space of three days, transformation like students who almost would never pay for lessons randomly started paying ahead of time. And I actually students gifting me money. I from that day that this occurred, I would say maybe four years ago, had never but I'm not kidding, having never had an issue with any of my students. I am so proud to say that now I actually have like a whole beautiful community of women who I teach, who are the most amazing, supportive, respectful, great, full students I have ever had. And I base this and I really believed that this comes down to gratitude to understanding that if you think in a certain negative lawyer vibration way, you will attract exact people, situation and events that match that frequency. Again, gratitude is such a high frequency and you are going to attract people, live events and situations that match that. And for me, in terms of my business and in terms of my teaching, I really did see the biggest transformations. Another area in my life where I saw shocking transformations was again with my family, with my parents, with my sister, with yeah, with my extended family. Again, constant negative beliefs, constant thinking that all we're gonna do this and they are so annoying and this is going to happen and just kind of predicting negative situations, negative events, negative feelings because, you know, we think based on what happened in the past. So we'll just constantly thinking about the past. And I just kept getting those situations in my life. Again using this technique. One time in the morning, one time in the evening. Just writing down really simply, one thing I was grateful for in regards to my family, in regards to my parents complete transformation from, I reckon, one week. The next I was like really is that my gathers terrorists who either acting like this and shocking conversations, shocking situations where in the past I would have a particular conversation about money with them and it will turn into an absolute disaster. After doing gratitude, it was like, I thought they'll playing a joke on me. I was like seriously like you are having this reaction. This is not you. So when I say that gratitude is magic, a dart mean to stay like you feel magical or you will have a magical understanding. I mean, magical is in your open your eyes and your reality will literally change like one day there will be a cup sitting on the left-hand side of you. And then the next day the couple disappear and it'll be on the right side like literal, tangible, real life changes. This is what brings in your life. Sorry, that's a little bit of what I wanted to share with you about my personal story. I hope that maybe could see yourself in some of the examples and it was beneficial for you. Now I promise we're going to go ahead and talk about how you can actually take down gratitude. 6. When to do journaling: All right, so when should you guys be taking gratitude and doing your gratitude journals? Well, I am a big fan of the morning and I'm not giving you this advice just because I am a morning person, but each is a proven fact that in the morning, your mind is a lot more receptive. You are already vibrating a lot higher compared with the rest of the day. And you just pretty much overall, a lot more fresh and open. And if you take a gratitude in the morning, you are setting up your day for successful. Because I'll explain it with an example. Imagine you wake up in the morning and he said, OK from great today, like it's going to be such a positive day, but a little bit busy. So I can't do gratitude yet. I think I'm going to fit it in in the afternoon after lunch. Okay. And you think it's a great plan, you start off your day, everything's going great. Problem number one, you missed the bus. Ok. It's fine. I miss the bus starts to make you a little bit grumpy, but it's not enough to ruin your day. Then, for example, you get to work and you realize you miss a deadline. And you think, oh my god, I thought I was working really hard. How is it that I missed a deadline? Second problem. After this happens, it's just before lunch and you take a phone call and you have to deal with an, an angry customer who's making a complaint. Third problem. Now, what's happened is you've started off your day where you're feeling great and you're feeling positive. And from the morning to lunch, lots of issues can come up. One problem plus another problem personnel a problem brings your overall state of feeling of mood from maybe nine, from when you work up to maybe a four. That's a big job. Now, what what's happened in this situation is that you pretty much in our wasted half your day being negative, getting stuck in negative thinking, perpetuating negative things from happening. And then when your dad when it's the most hardest. Oh, okay. Let's go ahead and do my gratitude journal. Now, wouldn't it be better if as soon as you open your eyes first thing in the morning and you have that feeling of everything is possible. I'm a superhero. You know, there's mornings when you wake up like, wow the world, an amazing place in that moment, start your day with gratitude. Because believe it or not, that amazing feeling of you thinking that you're a superhero can be even better. And doing gratitude at that time sets your day up for success because it puts you into that high frequency vibration. It allows you to enter into that positive energy field. It sets up your mind to be very, very positive, very, very successful, and it gives you enough energy to last youth throughout your day. I'm not saying that probably problems weren't happening. I'm sure issues will happen. But what's going to happen and what you're going to find is as you progress and continue with gratitude, not only will there's problems become less and less, but when they happen, they weren't affect you because you will no longer see them as problems. You no longer see them with a mind and with a body that is vibrating at a low frequency, which means when something happens, you think, why did that happen to me? This always happens to me. My life is horrible. This is a very low frequencies. When you are incorporating gratitude in the morning. If these little situations do occur in the beginning, they kind of just flirt by. And you think, OK, right? It's not the end of the world. I'm not going to think badly of this person. I don't think it's their fault. I don't think it's my fault. It's just something that happened even better. Would I loved the most stuff, being curious of things that happen and think, hey, I didn't gratitude this morning, but something negative happened. Maybe I'm thinking something that is not good. Maybe I photo was vibrating quite hybrid. I'm not let me assess my thinking that MY assess my feelings and you start being very aware and conscious about your reality, not sad an app. So doing your gratitude journal, first thing in the morning is, honestly guys, it is the best way you can start your day. I think it is for me, it's one of the most beautiful practices. I do it together with my husband. We also do it in the evening because we really do just enjoy the time together and enjoy doing it together. But it just gives you a very calm and relaxed feeling to start the day and it becomes a kind of ritual that you really do look forward to. So without talking too much it just in few words to your gratitude in the mosaic. 7. How to do journaling: All right. So you've all understood that you should be doing the gratitude in the morning, but how do you do it? And here I really want to talk about the factor of environment. I really want you to start to take the idea of keeping a gratitude journal very seriously and understand it as an intentional action you do every day in order to benefit your life. And the lives of the people around you is not something that you should be doing in two minutes between emails or in two minutes between phone calls or while you're holding a screaming baby crying in your arms and you're trying to jot down gratitude. I am all for incorporating a gratitude mindset throughout your day. So to be thinking and harnessing feelings of gratitude. And of course, this you would do in the middle of your daily routine. But the ritual and the practice, and that is why I call it a practice in this class, the practice of keeping a gratitude journal of taking down gratitude is something that should be very intentional. Which means you need to think about your environment, where you're doing it, how you're doing it, and how you feel when you're doing it. And like any routine, like any beneficial routine that you incorporate in your last, whether it be going to the gym, doing yoga, meditating, making your coffee, even for me, making my coffee is a ritual. You want to set up the best and appropriate environment for you to enter into the feeling of whatever it is that you're doing. Now, as you very clearly understood through this class, gratitude is about oneness, stillness, love, and abundance. And you want to concentrate on cultivating that type of environment when you are sitting down and doing your gratitude journal in the morning. So what I absolutely love to do is I like to do my gratitude always in the same place. I generally do my gratitude here where I am filming now in my kitchen slash living room. It's all one big space. And I sit down, I have it's very early in the morning, so the lights are quite diem. I put a really little lamp on, have a glass of water. Sometimes I listen to some meditation music, Some calming frequencies. Take a deep breath and I begin to write. I always make sure the night before that my environment is clean. My dishes are put away, the cushions on my capture sitting up straight. I vacuum to the floor because I really want to wake up and enter into an environment that makes me feel calm, that makes me feel centered, that makes me feel ready to begin my gratitude ritual. There is nothing worse, trust me than, you know, being super motivated and excited to take down gratitude, but not taking the time to prepare your environment. And just like randomly waking up doing it a little bit in the bathroom, got dishes everywhere. Your house is a mess. You just feeling overall uncomfortable. This is not something that you want. So whenever you are doing your journaling and you were thinking about preparing to begin and incorporate this practice into your life. Please do. Think about your environment. I explained my environment. This is what personally works for me. It's obviously not the same for everyone. It's a 100 objective and that's totally fine. Maybe you want to do it while you're still sitting in bed. Maybe you want to light some candles. Maybe you feel comfortable taking gratitude, sitting on the floor facing a winder. Whatever feels peaceful and relaxing for you, that is the right thing to do. So just keep this in mind and make sure before you going ahead and beginning this practice, set up the right environment and try to have the same environment every single time you go ahead and do your Gratitude Journal. 8. Use gratitude as a tool: So last thing I want to talk to you guys about is using gratitude as a tool. Now, once you get comfortable with the process of keeping a gratitude journal, of thinking about gratitude throughout your day. And it doesn't feel like it's an effort anymore. Doesn't feel like you are trying to create a new habit and get it to stick, et cetera, just feels very second nature. You can start thinking of gratitude as a tool. And this is something that actually made, my husband has done. And we call it like a magic pill or a happy pill. And you begin to see gratitude is something that you can do any minute of the day. When you become aware that your vibration is dropping, that your frequencies are dropping, that you are starting to attract negative things in your life. And I literally mean that you can do it anywhere anytime. You don't necessarily have to be writing. All though, it does really help you if you are writing Daniel credit should because it's a lot more intentional and just add a mind level, promotes a lot more thinking and feeling. But I want to say that you can do it any time in the sense that when you are driving and imagine you're driving and all of a sudden you start realizing, Oh my God, I've gotten like five red lights in a row. I hate driving. Stop. H2, k. Negative thought I'm paying a victim. Let me stop being grateful. Really grateful that their traffic lights because it stops me from having accidents and really grateful that I'm in a car, really grateful that I can see the traffic lights. These, I know quite silly examples, but you understand where I'm going. So to have this as a tool that you use throughout your day and throughout your life, enables shoe not get bogged down by negative four patent and negative feelings. And it's like a trick for you to maintain a high level of vibration, a high level of frequency, in order to give you that energy to go ahead and do all the amazing things that you want to do in order to attract or those goals that you're working towards. Sir, I am going to stop this class here. It was an absolute pleasure to be here teaching you guys are really hard that you found this beneficial and interesting. And some of you are like, oh yes, I'm going to start taking gratitude. I will be very, very happy. Even one person from this class starts doing it. Because honestly, I think I've expressed myself quite well. It really is amazing. So thank you so much for watching and enjoy taking Daniel gratitude journals of i