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Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools for SEO!

teacher avatar Jerry Banfield, Teaches 105 Skillshare Classes

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

14 Lessons (1h 23m)
    • 1. Welcome to Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools for SEO

    • 2. Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools for SEO class project

    • 3. Google analytics introduction for beginners

    • 4. Google analytics admin dashboard for account and property creation plus AdWords linking

    • 5. Google analytics home dashboard from users, sessions, channel, and device

    • 6. Site speed and suggestions to improve user experience and rank higher

    • 7. Behavior tab with all pages to see where more traffic is

    • 8. Acquisition source:mediu, and referrals for understanding how we get traffic

    • 9. Conversion tracking and advanced features

    • 10. Google webmaster tools settings to become a verified owner

    • 11. New Google search console overview

    • 12. Submit a WordPress XML sitemap fast with Yoast SEO plugin

    • 13. Performance reports for queries, pages, countries, and devices

    • 14. A lifetime of learning together?

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About This Class

How do we use Google analytics and Google webmaster tools in our websites and businesses online as entrepreneurs to help us with our Search Engine Optimization or SEO?  Will you please watch this class to find out because we cover the basics of Google analytics and webmaster tools with a focus on how to see how to get the tracking code for our website, install the tracking code in WordPress, analyze where traffic is coming into an existing website, and find the keywords working best to get us search impressions and clicks?

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Jerry Banfield

Teaches 105 Skillshare Classes


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BIO: 6 years sober, 4 years plant based diet, 7 years married, 4 years parenting, and 9 years as an entrepreneur online with 103 video classes on Skillshare, 21 books, 1082+ blog posts, 2,500+ YouTube videos, 1,000+ podcast episodes, and 70 songs on iTunes/Spotify!

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1. Welcome to Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools for SEO: Welcome to Google Analytics and Web master tools for S E. Oh, I'm very grateful to be here with you today, and I've made a class that I hope will be really helpful for you if you're trying to understand what people are doing on your website and how that data from Google Analytics and Web master tools can guide your future creativity for the maximum possible contribution . What we'll do in this courses cover first Google analytics. We will look straight into the basics to begin, and then I'll show you into some or the advanced features. That way, if you've never used Google Analytics before, you will become comfortable enough with it to start figuring out what you don't know you don't know, and then you can dive into any of the advanced features you need to. After that will take our look at Web master tools, which helps us to see exactly what search results are coming in from Google. Google Analytics, by comparison, shows us what people are doing on our website. Google Analytics has tracking code that we put on our website, which produces the data. Meanwhile, of the Web master tools from Google allows us a peek inside a small amount of the data Google collects about people coming to our website and how they got there from organic search. I'll show you quickly the outline of the course here we've got most of the lectures are for Google Analytics in the beginning and we do a class project, we do the video. After this, I will go through and show you a class project that I hope you find really helpful for putting this course into practice and helping I teach the course with maybe a question you have or anything else you think is helpful will talk about that in a class project will show you how you can use Google Analytics. How do you put the tracking code on your website? How to speed up your website and discover site speed suggestions both from Google analytics and to check your speed and Web master tools for ranking I and search engines, the site speed or the pace at which your website loads is critical to ranking high because who wants to use a slow loading and slow moving website? Google is not as likely to send you good traffic to your website. If it's slow, so we'll take a look at that. I'll show you how to identify what people are coming into on your website, for example, of people are coming to a certain page or if they're going to the home page. How long were there? We'll show how to look at that. In the behavior tab, you get the acquisition source to help find out where people are coming in, for example. Rather, they're coming in from Facebook or Google or from even another website you might not have heard off. I'll take a look at the advanced features as we're finishing the analytic section to show you can make conversions and custom goals. Then, in Web, Master Tools and Web master tools will take a look at the basics will do an overview, and this is all in the at least of November 2018. The newest interface. Then we look at submitting XML site maps you never have to worry about. Is Google Index sickness or not? XML site map makes that super easy. You just add pages to your website. If you got WordPress and it automatically puts it on there, we look at the performance reports. Finally, in Web master tools dive into exactly what pages are ranking where the search traffic is coming in and explain how that can be helpful. My vision for this is a part of a lifetime learning together where you get skills that are really helpful for you in your business online here with me. Thank you very much for getting started with this class on skill share today. I'm very grateful to be here, and I hope this intro video is better than the last one I did because the last one was messed up and I look at it Well, that's the universe way of saying do it again. So I sure hope this is better. I love your awesome Thanks for getting started with the course, and I hope you enjoy it. 2. Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools for SEO class project: four Google Analytics and Web Master tools on skill share where you please complete the following class project because it will be helpful for you to have something concrete well , digital that you've produced as a function off this course to give you accountability, that you actually applied what you did in the class and because this will give you the chance to connect with your fellow students. What is the class project is really simple. It's just to to take a screenshot. All the your analytics, once you've got this set up, as I've shown you about to show you so many screenshots and videos of minor face, all you can do for the class project is really simple. Is just post a screenshot off your analytics bright here. So you click, create a class or create a project. You then just put a screen shot. You can take a screenshot anywhere you want to. In your analytics. You can post something that you have a question about. For example, ing saying Jerry, I don't understand what this does. However, I encourage you to google it before you post it, and especially if you got something you did not understand, Then you google that you found it in the class. That would be an awesome project, because then you will end up helping teach others. When you click, create a project. Put that screenshot up. You also have the building linked to your own website and to say, Hey, that's where these analytics are from. That's a chance to connect with others. I've found a lot of these seemingly little a trivial activities online over a long period of time. Snowball. When you go do a lot of class projects on skill share, you make some connections. That's how you get more people to your website, and ultimately you can build some lasting relationships. That way. I appreciate you taking a look at the class project and you'll be able to do the class project better and better. The further you go through the course, however, just going through one or two more videos will give you enough to start a class project. And, if you are dear, familiar with Google annex our Webmaster tools, you might even be able to just watch one or two more, or put a screenshot of what you've already got and ask for help that will give all of us a chance in the class from me. Is the instructor to any other student the chance to help you and get connected with you? Thank you for learning about the class project. I'm excited you're here and I hope you enjoy this class project without it being like busy worker. Waste your time, but something that's genuinely useful for you. 3. Google analytics introduction for beginners: Once we get our content created on our website, what really helps us is to get some positive reinforcement to see what actually is working . That way we can do more of it. Google Analytics makes that really easy. We can look on our website, see where we're getting traffic, see where people are coming in and what people are doing once they've entered our website, and that helps to guide us to say, OK, what are we doing that does work and how do we doom? Or of that? Google Analytics, as we can see, is a Freemium Web Analytics service offered by Google. It tracks the reports website Traffic. It launched the service in November 2005. This is what the dashboard looks like for Google analytics inside the admin menu. And if you go over the home menu over here, the basic tracking might look something like this, which is cool because I can see there's five active users on my website right now. I can see exactly what pages people are on, and I can see how I acquire users, For example, social media, direct traffic or other these air. Some of the basic things and you can get into a lot of advanced features. Track how much individual pages are worth. Sink this up with Web master tools and you can really get crazy with all the things you can do. A Google Analytics users by time of day, etcetera. Now this could be a helpful tool. At the same time, we can get lost in Google analysts. We can put more time and energy Google analytics. Then we do into what we create. I use Google analytics today to occasionally check on my traffic to see what people are looking at on my Web site and to get an idea for planning what to create in the future. I've spent a lot of time in the past trying to obsess over things set up. Advanced features track how much money each page was making, And I can say today most of that time was a waste except for my ability to help teach you about Google analytics. Google Analytics is a helpful tool to understand what we're doing right When we try and start getting into the deep down, tiny details of what users are doing, we often are better off just asking people what actual experience they're having on a website, for example, talking to our customers or website users on the phone. If we or emailing back and forth, that qualitative data can help us get a better idea of the big picture. Ah, lot of the time we might spend analyzing data and Google analytics often doesn't give us the big picture of what the users doing. And often Google Analytics does not include all of our traffic or give us even a an accurate measurement of what people are looking at because there's browsers now that I've do not track by default. And there's other ways of accessing our websites that don't come up in Google analytics at all. Therefore, Google Analytics is a helpful tool to quickly look at things like what Web pages air getting the most views to guide us in our creative efforts. At the same time, I don't see it as something that is worth putting, ah, one person to do it full time or putting a ton of time and energy into, because to me, the primary focus is what we're creating and what we're sharing with others. If we can understand out of best do that. That's helpful. If we're taking so much of our time trying to understand what we're getting, so to speak and what people are doing, then we're missing out on time to essentially, create and give and do more. I appreciate you getting started with this Google Analytics section off the course, and I hope it's helpful for you to use Google Analytics, and this is the newest interface as of October 2000 and 18. 4. Google analytics admin dashboard for account and property creation plus AdWords linking: to get started and Google analytics to even see any traffic. The first thing we need to do is add Google analytics onto our Web sites if you've got a website like I do with a WordPress theme and something like the Enfold theme, which is one of the most popular WordPress themes on the marketplace THEAN Votto MARKETPLACE It's really super easy to get Google analytics on. All we need to do is put our Google Analytics account number into the theme options under Google services. This allows us to get Google analytics on our website and start tracking the data. Obviously, you can't track any data until the code is actually on your website, and therefore, if you don't have the code on your website, you can't retroactively track anyone who's came through before the code was actually on there. What we do to get our code is we use our Google account in the analytics, you goto analytics dot google dot com and you'll start your analytics account. Then what you need to do is click on Add Men. Now, this could be a little confusing, so I'll explain each of these really quick. There's three different levels, there's first. There's the account level. This should be used to group all of your properties by common theme. For example, I've got my account is Jerry Banfield and then each website I want to track with Google Analytics is an individual property. So the account level what I did before, I didn't understand this. I made a different account for every property, and that's annoying. So you want to put just do one Google Analytics account for each property. For example, if you have different clients, you might put each client in a specific account. And then you could track say it clients website, Shopify store, etcetera, all in that one client's account. Or if you just have your own business like I do, you just put all of your properties in one single account. So what I've got, I create. If you don't have an account already, you create one, then that you name it whatever you want to that will group all those together. That's the account side, and this is where If you want people to help and participate in analyzing and have access to your all your properties, then you conduce that in user management. This way I can use user management on the account level toe. Add one person who can then go in and look at all of my properties on this specific account , which could be helpful. If you've got clients and you've got employees, their coworkers, you can use the user management by account and then put people on specific counts. That way, once you've got the account level, then within each account you can do up to 50 properties. The properties, air individual websites. You get the tracking code at the individual property level, which means what you're seeing. The tracking code here is that the property level, meaning I could have 50 different websites that I want to track in one single account, which makes it easy identify as they have 50 websites, I can go the account level and one user on the account. They can then go in and view everything for all those different accounts. Once I've got a property, I create a property, and that's how I get my tracking code. So you have the count, and then you create a property in the count that gives you your tracking info, which you can get to under tracking code over here. And then what you do is you got your tracking code and you paste that into the website. Now you've got the actual code over here, So if you're doing your own website or you don't, you need to put the code and directly you use the global site tagged you can use here, or you can use the Google tag manager. But if you got something like a WordPress theme where you can just put the tracking I d in , then you just put the tracking I d in like this and that I followed the instructions on here. You can either put your Google tracking I D or your full analytics tracking code in here. You can also, this has the options. Teoh, give your visitors to stop being tracked. You can put the privacy Google tracking somewhere on the website. Also with that and then if you have Google maps in this exact WordPress theme, you can put the A P I key in there. Also, this is what you need to do in order to get tracking started on your website. Google also has a new option to send test traffic where you can put the coat on and then send test traffic over to it. It can take up to 30 seconds, it said, and know if you've got your website has cashing, you may need to clear the cache to get the code to actually load on your website. I'm grateful I've got seven active users right now, so I can show you while I'm doing this that the code is really working. One of them, hopefully is me. And then there's a few other people on the website, which is cool. Once you've got the property level, you go back to the admin interface over here. Then you have individual views that you can make within a specific property. So you've got the you've got the again the account love. You got the account which includes all the properties, then each property is an individual website or application attract. Then within each property, you can do specific views. They just shows certain settings. I don't use any of these individual view settings because this this is more than I need right now to just guide my content creation. What I have done a lot of in the past is linking Google AdWords accounts and AdSense accounts and then doing re marketings. If you want re marketing, though, you need to go in and link Google AdWords accounts like you've got my Google AdWords account linked here. And then you need to go into audiences, and you need to put in these audience accounts to start to re marketing that you do at the individual property level, and you need to go back into Google AdWords to do it. The ghoul AdWords Re marketing can be an incredibly powerful, too, especially if you want to do something like having re marketing adds back to your website or some kind of affiliate system where you have people come to a page, then you've got them on a re marketing list. Then you can run targeted ads. Just people who've been to those page. You do all that at the property level and in the admin part is where you can link up each of these different accounts. I appreciate you taking a look inside of the Google Analytics admin dashboard, and I hope this is helpful for you to get started 5. Google analytics home dashboard from users, sessions, channel, and device: Here's the Google Analytics home screen. This the basic a dashboard where we can see our different traffic and key statistics. What we've got first over here is the amount of users and sessions, so users means the unique users that came through a website, meaning I should only be counted once under the Users Tab, regardless of how many times I come to the website. Then the sessions counts all the different sessions that I use. For example, if I came to my website 30 different times, that would count once in the users and then it will count 30 times in the session. The bounce rate is home. When people came to a page. If they left right after that, then the session duration is how long people stayed on an individual page, or, I mean for an individual complete session on the website. You've then got this option to choose how many days you can look at things over, and I always recommend it to do longer periods of time. I've noticed in me this impatience and in many others I've seen this focus always on the last 24 hours in the last seven days, always trying to longer appeared to times because a lot of things take a long time to get going. And when you look over a long period of time, the numbers are bigger and it helps you get a better sense of the bigger picture. When you just look at seven days, there can be little particular trends where things go up and down. You can see over 28 days my users up 5% in sessions up. That's really good. And then when I look even longer, I can look last 90 days now. I was doing some paid traffic in the previous 90 days. I'm not doing any paid traffic anymore, so all I've got your gaming now. But then you can look and see over a longer period of time. And ideally, you probably want to go anything like 100 and 80 days or something like that, because the longer you go, you can just get a bigger and bigger picture of what's going on. And really, you want that bigger picture of what's going on in your business, and especially in the traffic on your website, for having that growth mindset and seeing bigger trends lots of times you just get stuck in today or yesterday or seven days that it can be easy to lose the big picture over time. So the longer you go back like it says 153,000 users in last 180 days. That sounds a lot better than if I go seven days and 5000 users, and it's good that you can catch when you go longer. You can also catch more of those repeated users better and see who's coming back repeatedly , over and over again for a long period of time. Also, when you go over on this tab, you can see the real time report, which is cool. You can kind of see where people are at in real time on the website how this loyalty rate is cool, which means use their loyalties an important metric because it fuels growth. It says. 435 My users came back. That means 2% loyalty, which I'm very happy with that because that means I've got people coming back over and over again and to build relationships. You want people coming back. So any loyalty rate, any loyalty, it all is really good, and obviously the more you keep people coming back, the more you can build deep relationships and do whatever you're trying to do. Sell products, help people make money. Whatever it is, the loyalty rate is a huge metric. When you go over to this tab, you can see a kind of an overview of how you acquire users, and this can be really nice to look at over a long period of time. Also, I'm to look at 90 days on here because I don't have any paid traffic in the last 90 days, and this gives me a great idea of where my traffics coming in from. I can see organic Search is putting in a lot of my traffic each week. And the nice thing is, I can see social media is putting in a lot of my traffic each week. Also, along with referrals and direct, which is probably email, marketing and other other ways of going straight to the links. On my website, I can go source medium for more specific looks. I can see Google organic single biggest traffic source, which is the ideal because we want to get found when people are looking for us. That's the ideal time to get found and being there when someone searching I know I tend to be most open to a new relationship to following someone to signing up on an email list when I search, find something really helpful and right hell get help, like solving a problem or with the tutorial. That's what I'm most available to convert for a new subscriber When I'm browsing my feed. I'm not generally interested in what the paid ads have to say. If you want to get me as a follower, I need to find you usually in search when I'm looking for something specific. Therefore, having ah mindset of that Google organic traffic on our website is ideal. YouTube dot com referrals are awesome. Also, a lot of those come from search in organic traffic, and I'm very happy to see how many people are coming to my Web site from YouTube. And this doesn't even include YouTube search. You really, ideally want to get those people coming in from YouTube because some of the highest quality traffic in terms of sales that I've ever recorded is from people watching videos, videos as you can see are really good for building trust and connection so that YouTube traffic is often gold, often even better than the Google organic being is even throwing a decent amount of people my way. And then there's direct traffic over here. You can look at your referrals and details, see things like YouTube, Facebook and steam it on my referral sources. You can go over and sort by country, which is nice to see exactly which countries are coming to my website most the single largest source, the U. S. But it's cool. Lots of traffic from India, also which that's amazing than UK, Canada and Australia, and you can go to a location overview for bigger numbers I can even see by time of day. If I go over the last 90 days, I can see in my own time zone when people are most on my website, which is really cool to see, like when when essentially is the hot time for my website and it's it's kind of all over the place. But there's a lot of heavy concentration from kind of 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. which helped me understand when my audience is online. Also not can help me guide as to say when the put videos up or do live streams. Next, we've got this dashboards. Amazingly long stuff has got on it. Next has got the pages your users visit, which is really nice, because we can just easily quickly see what pages users are going to hear. And what are the top pages on the website now? No, this is just stuff tracked through Google analytics. If people are using certain browsers, that won't even count in here. So this is not the bill or the end all in the absolute value. But this is kind of an indicator as to what some people that are tracked successfully by Google analytics are seeing. And what I've noticed is most of these pages that are getting the top. This is the home page. So this the top level domain page, if it just has slash when I've noticed, is that often my old pages are getting the most traffic and the free courses Page has been up for years. This point's been up for years. This one's been up for years. That's been up for years. That's all of my top pages have been up for years on my website. That's why encourage. Think long term. All those top pages people are coming in on in the last seven days, all of those have been up for years and the same thing over a longer period of time. All of these top pages, every single one of my top pages has been up four years on my website. Then you've got your active users trending over time, and this is what we want to see. We want to see kind of steady and consistent growth, and that's why it's good to do longer periods of time. Like you look at 90 days and sometimes you get dips and traffic, which is okay. There's often wave movements up and down where you'll go up and you'll go down and looks like it's going back up a bit right now. And we've got the monthly traffic right here going down and up a little bit, and that's good. You you often explosive growth, especially if you haven't picked a very good Web host, can take your whole website down, ideally consistent growth over time. If you just keep growing a little bit. Keep study traffic numbers. That is really good, especially if you're doing that all over the board. Now, if we go over here, what are your top devices? You can see most of minor desktop. There's also a good bit mobile and tablet as well. That's in the last seven days. I could go farther back over here and do things like 90 days and see mostly desktop but some mobile. Therefore, I can see the necessity of having a mobile user experience on the active users. Also, these changes can be lots of times unrelated to whatever I'm doing. It can be specific trends, and it can even be things like Mawr Browser's going to do not track. This is just on Google analytics. You may need to go to your website host to get even more accurate analytics as to how often pages were loaded. But the sea is so. That's why I courage don't take some of these trends super seriously and use them to get afraid. I'm not afraid, because my traffic has dipped a little bit from month to month because I realize there's a lot of changes I don't understand that go into that you can look at over here how well you retain users and how often they keep coming back also. And then you can put some goals in to try and see which pages are converting this congee really valuable. But it also can be a big waste of time, especially if you're new are starting up and you don't have a lot of email sign ups to begin with. Or if you're trying to do things like paid ads and push a bunch of traffic, you can end up as I've done a lot spending so much time on trying to track what you're getting, that you're not paying attention to what you're giving. So I focused on what I'm giving, and then I don't need to carefully track what I'm getting, because when I focused on what I'm giving people just give and give and give and give over and over to me, and I don't need to go to track every single little thing I'm getting. It just comes in. Ah, $1000 will come in on a lifetime partnership border in my university. The person won't even talk to me, and it's like, Well, I didn't need to track how that came in because stuff just keeps coming in over and over the best wagon track. What I'm getting is to talk to the people who are giving me the very most value back. So I appreciate you looking at this overview of the home dashboard, and I hope this is helpful for getting deeper into Google Analytics. 6. Site speed and suggestions to improve user experience and rank higher: for the best user experience. Google Analytics has a helpful tool toe Look into sight speed. Now, this is pretty new. And if you go over under the behavior tab and then you click on site speed and then you get overview, you can then go in and see the average page load time, which can give you an idea off the user experience you're getting on your website. So I went over here, selected a longer view time, and then I'm able to get in to the average page load time. Now what Google analytics does. This takes a sample off the people browsing the website, and then it takes how long they take toe. Load the page. Now, this is one of those areas where you might be able to find some opportunities to improve the speedier website and generally making a website faster makes a better user experience that a better user experience helps to rank higher in search. My average page load time here is actually pretty slow, because I haven't paid much attention to the page load over time. Now, this can be skewed by certain really slow pages on the website, and we can go in and look in more detail at this. This can also be skewed significantly based on the browser speed and where users are loading from. For example, I can go into country over here and check my site speed, and then I can see that the average page load time varies greatly by the particular countries that are loading the page. These countries over here very quick page load time, and then I can view the full report and I can see where I'm getting a lot of those really slow page views from. And then the slow page views can help me understand where I'm getting, where my opportunities for improvement are. So if I go over here and I'll go over on this and do the average page load time, I can look at it by country now, and I can then see where the longest page load times are, So I can see there's a couple of countries like ST Vincent, Venezuela, Tanzania, Bangladesh. These may be heavily skewing my page load times. These might be giving me, ah, lot of essentially artificial only high page load times in the average, and if I go over here and show more countries. I can then see how I can go to get a better view of how ah lot of the different countries are loading. And this can help to based on the amount of traffic. So I can see what my page views are by country. Over here, I can see that the U. S. And India and the U. K. And Canada, Pakistan, Australia have the most actual page views on my website. Therefore, these are my primary countries to consider how fast the pages loading. And then I can look in the page load time by specific country also, So I can see Bangladesh over here is loading significantly slower. And I can see Mexico's loading significantly slower over here. And this helped me get a better picture of my total page load time and I can go over the average page, load on here and scroll down and look and see what the page load time is by country. Now on the U. S. You can see my page load. Time is 13 seconds in the U. S. Which then, if the site averages 20 seconds, then my US page load time might give me a lot better idea as to what my kind of riel page load time is based on my user experience. But then this is by individual pages as well. So if I look by the primary dimension, if I looked by page instead of my country, what I can see in the full report when I click on the lower right over here, I can see this. Certain pages are loading ah, lot faster than others and in fact, really, it's certain pages on my website that air having the very slowest load time. So this is the slowest load times on my website. I can see which websites are loading. Which pages on my website are loading the very slowest, and this can potentially be skewing my time over here. This can provide good opportunities for optimization. For example, I could see Oh OK, this the's pager, go loading slow. I can intentionally go in and say, optimized the images or make some changes to help those pages load faster, which could help get more traffic to those specific pages. Now, for me, this doesn't make too much sense to put too much effort in individual pages. unless they're already getting a lot of traffic on the website, in which case it could help a lot. For example, the YouTube Channel copyright strike. I noticed that Page was loading pretty slow, and that page is getting a good amount of views. I might be able to optimize the page toe load faster. And then I might build a rank a lot higher with the page loading faster because people would come through and with the page loading faster, there'd be less click back, which would reduce the amount of negative signals to Google. Essentially of the user experience was to help my page rank higher, honestly is with all the stuff I've got my business. I can't be bothered to go in and try and optimize pages because I could create a video and a post that will turn into 1000 page views a month. It just is easily as I could go in and try and optimize some of these Now. In the past, I've went through and tried to optimize some of the individual pages to maximise traffic. But now I focused mostly on site wide optimization is, and you can get some good site. Wide optimization is when you go in tow. Overview off this page timings. You can go into the speed suggestions tab on the right, So if you click on speed suggestions over here on the right underneath behavior site speed speed suggestions, then what you can do is get some recommendations from Google as to what you can do to make your website faster. Now, the upside of doing some of these If you go click back over here on the page speed suggestions, you can click this and Google pull some suggestions for individual pages to speed them up. And it's ranked in order of page views, which is really nice, and you notice the suggestions are often the same. Therefore, these air site wide changes that can be made and that often the best bang for your buck. The best return for your time and energies to do site wide optimization is that will increase the speed of the entire website. Now, the downside of doing this is sometimes you can change things that, if not done correctly, you can break your website, screw a whole bunch of things up on it. Which, of course, I've done stuff like that before you. It's definitely something you want to back up. If you're going to try some of these page speed suggestions, you want to back up your website before you try and change big things like how the images loader turned off certain CSS optimization. You want to make sure to back your website up in case you break it, and then you can just restore to a previous version, and you might want to research and Google some of speed suggestions. Some of these are limited by specific steams my enfold theme here as some of the complaints I've seen with other people saying it loads slow. Therefore, for you, using something like a WordPress theme, you may have limited abilities to speed up and follow some of the page speed suggestions and the speed suggestions are by desktop and mobile. Sometimes your theme might work. Mind works really fast on a mobile device. It loads significantly slower on desktop. Therefore, you do the best with what you've got. It's a matter of trying toe focus your time and energy on Where do you get the highest return? Where can you go in and make a few changes that will make a big difference and sometimes improving the top page on your website, making it a bit faster. You can rank higher in search, and that can bring in a lot more traffic than trying to fool around on a bunch of the lower traffic pages. That said, Sometimes you can lose traffic to your top page, and you can have voiced the time on that. So there's you just do your best with it each day and try and consider how you're using all of the time you have available to make the best improvements for every user on your website , which would generally be site wide changes. But occasionally you can use this speed suggestions tab over here and sites being tab to find some things you might be able to change pretty quickly on some of your top pages that will help get a lot more organic search traffic That way 7. Behavior tab with all pages to see where more traffic is: one of my favorite areas of Google analytics as toe. Look at what traffic I'm getting on. What page, how often people are staying on there, how often people made an entrance and how often people are leaving those pages. Because this helps me see a water some of the most valuable and trafficked pages on my website, where people really spending a lot of time on my website. The easiest way to get to this. You just go over to behavior. You click on site content all pages and then if you go click on the lower right to get more pages, you can get more rose at once. And this allows me to look at which pages on my website are people coming to and what percent of my total traffic is so I can see this free courses. Pedro, I've got coupons to a lot of my old courses and courses by other instructors. This got 20% of my total site traffic. I can see this time Travel page has got 10%. I can see the unique page views, which gives me a good idea of how often people are coming back. The average time on the page, which is amazing. You see the pages people are spending a long time on, for example, my home page people spending about two minutes. But a lot of these top pages people spending 5 to 10 minutes on those pages. I can then see the entrances, people that came in on this page first, and then the bounce rate people that left right after viewing this page. What's nice is I can see the home page over here is people are going to other pages on my website after coming to the home page about half the time. And there's nothing wrong with a bounce rate because people often will come for one specific thing, and if they get what they want, then they're done with the website, and that's fine. You don't have to try and optimize and have a super low bounce, right. If you're giving people exactly what they want, sometimes that's that's enough for the day, and you don't need to worry about it too much after that. You can also put on a page value here. If you connect your AdSense, you have it. Show your ad revenue or you can do other conversion goals. Toe have the actual dollars on your pages. When I set this up before, it was a way. I think it was a waste of time because the amount of time and energy to get it all set up and working with significant and then if the reporting often would be off people would load the page multiple times and then pull it would artificially increase the value than other pages wouldn't load. So I don't bother with that anymore. What I look at is the general trends. What pages are people going to? This helps me make decisions on my website, for example, on my website. How do I decide on my jury? Bear fell dot com What links to put up in the menu? One of the main ways. I decide that as I go into Google Analytics and I see what pages are people going to. The resource is page thousands of visits, the partners page books, my blawg contact, these air getting, ah, lot of views on those pages. My podcast. Meanwhile, Onley getting a few 100 views that guided me to take that page off. That's probably not something I need to use a menu link for because people aren't hardly clicking and going to that one anyway. This is also really helpful for me to see something like a new tutorial on silent getting hundreds of page views. That's really good, because that's fairly new. I can see that that is doing well, and I might be able to make more just like that. And often it takes if you noticed. Almost all these are old pages that are on my top traffic, the free courses. Almost all of these pages up here are years old. In fact, I have to go all the way down here. The gaming pages, the newest page on my website in terms of getting traffic. So whenever you see something new like this logic tech camera settings is pretty new on here. This silence one is pretty new over here and now when I'm starting like the Twitch Cheerleader board is pretty new. That's really good, because these newer pages have the chance to rank and bring in traffic for years. This gives me a good indication when I'm seeing these newer pages come up in here that I that I want to make Mawr off that and keep making more of that. So one of the most helpful things you can do is find this behavior. Find the all pages, look to the traffic, especially. I've got, like, 90 days or something like that in the time period. This guides means toe water, my creating that's bringing in the most traffic. And then another thing you can do is optimize those very top pages. Now, of course, changing things on the top pages. You risk messing them up and losing traffic. But on this free courses page, I keep this updated. New instructors keep submitting coupons on the time travel is really I don't do much with this. And on most of these other top ones, I don't do too much with keeping most of these updated because sometimes I've changed pages the and then the search traffic is went down like whatever I did that was working, I messed it up. So that should be done delicately, and this can be figured out with using the awl pages on the behavior tab 8. Acquisition source:mediu, and referrals for understanding how we get traffic: one of the tabs that is also really helpful to use is the acquisition tab under the source medium. This helps us see where we're getting traffic from to our website, which helps us to plan out where we are going to keep getting traffic from and how we optimize our content delivery strategy for what is sending us traffic now. Not all traffic types are created equal to me. Some of the very best traffic is Google organic YouTube referrals, direct traffic and then social media referrals. The nice thing is, lots of times we can discover things that we might even have no idea about, like core. I don't know how to say that, but that website is giving me hundreds of page views every few months, and that's really good. I can also see low return activities. For example, on Twitter, I'm getting very small amounts of traffic to my website relative to the amount of tweets and go up. I'm surprised how many people are coming in from patron. I have no idea. I don't do anything on reddit except occasionally read stuff in a search. Read it, sending me traffic Instagram. That's cool like you can see some of these websites you might even have no idea about, like ebony dating. I have no idea how that's sending me traffic, and that's it's nice. By do I'm getting some organic traffic and Baidu, which is cool. This can be nice to know and sometimes help you see people that have given you back links and they're sending you traffic at the same time. It's another one of those things. It could be worth a little bit of look into it a little bit of thought, but too much can be actually counterproductive. What's good to see is about 2/3 of my traffic is Google Organic Google. Organic traffic tends to be really stable and really valuable, which is exactly what I wanted. If you're starting out trying to build your website, this could be one of the most frustrating things because you just often need time. You often need years to get good Google organic traffic, but once you get that Google organic traffic, it just keeps pouring in. It just keeps delivering opportunities over and over again, and it's free, so that is absolutely ideal. You want that Google organic traffic now lots of times the guv Organic traffic People aren't spending that much time coming in straight from Google. However, when you think of this from a branding point of view, if someone finds me on Google and then sees me again on YouTube or referral from social media, then you're starting to hit critical mass. I've read advertising theory that says people need to see you like 10 times to start remembering and building a relationship. So if you're showing up over and over again, I've had people tell me that, Jerry, I searched. I found you on several different things on Google. Then I washed your YouTube videos. Then I started coming back to your website in checking. Every month I shared something that you did on Facebook and where you can see and what you want toe aim for his well rounded traffic Google organic search referrals from something like YouTube social media and then having other websites that consistently send traffic in . Also, this helps get an overview off how people are coming into the website, and my entire strategy is to aim for that Google organic in that YouTube traffic, because I've had people tell me over and over again. They found me on Google. They found me on YouTube or they saw something that was shared, and that's why they bought a course. That's why they subscribed on YouTube. That's why they liked my Facebook page. That's why they pay $2000 to be a partner in my membership program. That's why they paid hundreds of dollars for a paid call. These Google, these this kind of traffic just gives opportunities, and it's all for free. If I had to pay for this kind of traffic, you'd be looking at probably 50 to $100,000 to get this to get the exact same traffic I got here using paid ads in Google, plus a bunch of time and energy to create and manage those paid ads. What you learn looking at this is you learn, essentially get positive reinforcement. You see that you're getting Google traffic and lots of times when you see her getting Google traffic on a specific page, then you go in and you can make mawr just like that. For example, if you click the Google organic, sometimes it will give you some more details. You can go on a secondary dimension. Over here, you can click on behavior. You can click on landing page over here, and then you can get some better ideas of exactly where people are coming in so I can see Ah, lot of traffic coming in from Google Organic on the Time Travel Israel PAGE Lots of traffic coming in on this Facebook ads, lots of traffic coming in on the patri on creators, and what I've learned from this is to keep creating with what has worked in mind. So the time travel is rial. That was a random video I did. I just one day made an inspirational video, got it transcribed into a blawg post, and now it pulls thousands of people into my website. You might say, Well, what what value is it when someone comes in, wants to read about time travel? Ultimately, my business is about helping people and doing good. If this page helps, even a few people start to feel more present and enlightened or whatever, that makes a huge difference in the world. So it's not just about how much money I'm making her, how people are following me. It's about really helping people and the message from this page in the traffic on it is that when I just keep doing blawg posts from videos over and over and over again, every single one of these videos I do that gets turned into a blawg post on my website has the chance to bring in a lot of traffic to my website and I can't necessarily predict which exact one. It'll be beforehand this seeing the traffic on this post. This was one of my first top posts on my website. It's been this one Page has been bringing in traffic for years now, probably three or four years. This post this page on my website taught me that what people really need is help with the most painful problems. And therefore, if I go through some painful problem like I had this, I rest notice of deficiency. The iris wanted 95,000 more. They just had a few things confused with the reporting. And then we got that fixed up and they didn't want any money after all. What I can see what I learned from this page is that people really want help and solutions to painful problems. This one page on my website has probably made 10 plus $1000 in paid calls, online course purchases, people following partner memberships. And yet, if you look directly into the analytics, that might not look like it's doing much okay, it's got 5000 page views in like 90 days. People are just bouncing right after they see it, the average times only 44 seconds on it. And I'm not tracking conversions. However, I've talked to people buying my courses. I've talked to people subscribing in my membership programs, and I've talked, and you wouldn't believe how many people have said this was the first thing they saw that I created online. They got their Facebook ads account disabled. They Googled for help with it. They found the page of my website, and sometimes they googled something else again like patriot and found another page of my website Googled something again. Later, like free coupons found my website again started following me, bought into my membership program, and then that's how they got to talk to me and share this what we really can do. Looking at the source medium on this on our website, we can dig deep into what is working, learn what we're doing, that's working. And then we can get better at doing more of it and focusing and guiding our creative strategy on that. So when I clicked a couple of things, I'll go back to the source medium Over here, I can click on YouTube referral. Now I can see where are people coming in, mostly from YouTube. I can do the same thing on here. Go over to behavior. I could go on the landing page. I can see what pages are people coming in from YouTube on. I can see a ton of people coming in on the free courses page from YouTube and there. That gives me a very good concrete landing point to say all what I mentioned the free courses page in a YouTube video. A lot of people are actually going directly to that from links in YouTube videos. That's very good to know, and I can also see lots of people coming in straight to my home page. The Joe Paris page, the Partners Page resource of people are looking at my books and my other pages straight from YouTube. This helps guide me to say OK, What pages do I get? A really high rate of people coming to my website on when I mentioned them on YouTube, and then I know what pages to mention Mawr. I also can look deeper and say What pages have I've been mentioning? That should be up here, but almost no one's actually going to from the links on YouTube, and that can help me say, Okay, this these ones aren't worth mentioning and focusing on much. For example, I've had some videos promoting my website hosting on there and hardly anyone's going to that page from the YouTube link. And see, while that might not be worth it, to put that page in there because people aren't going to it. I appreciate you looking how to go through these acquisition analytics, and I'm seeing the most critical details, or what do we learn about how we create things in the future based on what's already working for us on our website 9. Conversion tracking and advanced features: there's a ton war that's possible with Google analytics. This is so deep, were just scratching the surface of it here. And I've given you what I think are the very most important things to do in Google analytics. That said, I don't know exactly what you might need to do. You might want to track and get to know, say the language of your users better Over here, you can go the audience tab. I'm surprised how many users come to my website that their primary language isn't even English. You can get to know the interests of your users. Sometimes over here. Some of the information and Google Analytics, for one reason or another, may not be very complete, but you can look through an explorer. It's always good to play around if you're having fun with it, especially, and get to know as much as you can. Naturally, this less amount of traffic you have the and the shorter the date you do it over, the less some of this information will be, and then on, say, a tab like this, where the interests are on here. This is you know, I'm not sure what I can really do with this. Based on this information, you can now go over here. One of the most powerful things you might be able to do is set up your conversions. This can help you track things like your email sign ups, and you can then go back in your you can set up your gold. You RL's over here, you're you, Arles that you want people to get to, and then you can track how people get to those specific you are else. And if your website is completely based on e commerce, you can help optimize your entire sales process by going through and setting up gold oils like the thank you page. If you got an email sign up or the thank you page of a sale, you can go and set all these things up and track exactly where the money comes in on your website, and that could be helpful toe Optimize the sales process. But you don't want that to obscure hearing the actual stories from your customers. I find the things my customers tell me often surprised me, especially how long they've been following me before making a purchase. I just talked to a new partner who joined the partner program for $1000 he said he'd been following me for four years. The first thing he found was a Facebook ads tutorial on YouTube four years ago and since then he's been coming to my website, buying my courses and following the suggestions like websites to sign up on and we've even interacted a little bit in the comments. Therefore, there's a lot of good opportunities that you can get into if you've got a ton of website traffic. However, it's not worth the time and which is why I don't spend it. It's and I've done it. I've tested these things. I've had all kinds of sales. Hundreds of thousands of sales come through my website. I've tested lots of these different things and it's the time you spend the energy spend. Trying to do this and set this up is usually not worth it. Now. If you've got millions of dollars of sales coming through and you have a dedicated Google Analytics person who can go in there, sure, sometimes you can optimize things and save 50 or $100,000. I imagine by learning exactly the user experience. But for most of us, especially trying to learn to do it ourselves, these things are a vortex. You get into fooling around with some of these things, and all of a sudden you realize you spent 20 hours and Google analytics. You haven't created anything, and you've set up a bunch of stuff that you're only going to get frustrated with because no one ends up using it. For example, you set up a bunch of stuff like I did tracking email sign ups. Then hardly anyone signs up for your email lists, like Why the heck did I spend all that time setting that up? I appreciate you going through Google and Lakes and learning with me. I hope this is useful for you to see what I think as a content creator with my own website . The most critical features are, and to pique your curiosity if you want to dive in deeper than we've went so far 10. Google webmaster tools settings to become a verified owner: for getting to know our Google search traffic. Setting up Web master tools is a really good idea as soon as possible because you need to have the Web master tools set up, and then you can see data over time. If you don't have more than maybe a few 100 people coming to your website at once and say, a week or two, this might not be worth your time that much to get started with. If you've got hundreds of people coming your website a day like I do, I definitely recommend having a Google Search Council set up because it can provide some really valuable feedback. If you want to dive deeper into seeing how that Google organic traffic is coming in, the easiest way to set up the Google Search Consul at search dot google dot com you need to go into settings and add your website to be verified owner of your website. The easiest way to do that is to just use your Google Analytics account and just put your tracking I D. In from your existing Google Analytics counts. If you got a Google Analytics account, all you need to do is go over here with the Google Analytics account. Just hit, verify, and it's really easy to verify that way. You can also do things like put an HTML file on your website a meta tag or use the Google tag manager or DNS settings. However, if you've got the Google analytics account and the Google Web master tools, they should be on the same account. That's the ideal way because you want your Google analytics and your Web master tools accounts to be able to sync with each other anyway, so that you can look through some of the Webmaster tools in Google Analytics. So Google Analytics is ideal way to do it. You just get that code on your website, you get, verify and bam. You've got the verified owner of your website in the settings, and then you can use all these other tools. I believe you need to add this on and then you can look at the data going forward. However, you can actually get some retroactive data. I believe on Web master tools because Google has this data even before you've looked at it while Google Analytics, you have to have that on your website to start tracking on Web master tools, you should be able to get data back even farther than you had it on your count. However, it's always a good idea to get. Get the Webmaster tools and analytics on your website immediately and then you've got them . They're going forward. So once you've got Google want, you are the verified owner of your website under the settings. Then you can go in and look at everything else and what master tools. 11. New Google search console overview: on the overview page of our Google Webmaster tools, we get a basic look at our overall performance, given whatever time period we've got it on. I've got here. This is 90 days. I can see the total search clicks on any individual day over a period of 90 days, and this helps me. Then see the trends over time, which you want. Stability and wave movements are natural. You can also see the coverage. You you obviously really want to know how many pages are index and Google search, because if you don't have a page index, it's not going to be in there. If you've got it set up by default and you haven't messed with anything, it should get indexed soon enough in Google, especially if you do something like tweeted or you've got your site map uploaded and sink than, for example, on my page. Right now, I've got 1400 valid pages Index and Google. Then you've got this mobile usability down here, which is important to make sure your website is working on mobile devices. What we can do then, on the left side of the map, we've got additional tabs. We can use the links Tab gives us a look at our top pages over here. This shows where the external links are now. This just looks at all the external links we have. So, for example, I had a voting bought on steam that was dropping my contact page. So that's linked my contact page 47,000 times. Then this is the total number of external links to the rest of my website 5000 lakes to jerry banfield dot com. And then you can see my top linked pages there. I can also see my top linking sites over here. As I said, with the voting baht on steam, all these were linked a bunch from steam. Then I can see the you tube over here, thousands of links on mostly my own videos. I can see the text that was linked in proximity to the pages. And then I can see the top linked pages these air internal links so pages I've linked on from one page to another within my website. In the Settings tab, we've got users and permission ownership verification. We've got the mobile usability tab, which shows us how well my property is shows us if there's any problems for mobile devices on my website. I've got the site maps tab on here, and I've had some issues submitting the site map. I'll try it again in the new interface on the coverage. This shows where my pages are in Google, in which aren't I've got a lot of excluded pages, and I'd imagine most of these are media files, which is fine. The valid ones I've got. If you look at my website, I've got thousands of pages on it. I have 600 block post and then I've got 1000. Almost 1000 more pages, that air index. So that's what I want and I don't need. You actually don't want low quality pages in the Google Index because those can actually bring your ranking down. So it's okay if there's some excluded over here, you want to focus on the valid I can inspect individual. You are l's with the oral inspections. Then I can get a more detailed look at the exact type of search and exact click through and the exact position and the exact keywords. I'm ranking on in here now. All of these provide a good opportunity to get lost in the data and again and helps to take a look, learn some things and then focus on what we're contributing. And adding to our website, this is an overview introduction of the basic things you can do in the Google, the new version off the Google Search Council. 12. Submit a WordPress XML sitemap fast with Yoast SEO plugin: when we use the site map, it gives Google and listing of all the pages on our website which can really help Google to immediately crawl every new page and then we don't need to worry about. Rather we've got everything linked or not. The site map is a directory for Google. Of all the pages on a website. What I'll do now is show you how to submit a site map in the You are also what you do it with. If you've got the Yost s CEO plug in. This took me a little bit of Googling to figure out how this you do it. So with Yost sdo plug in. It's pretty straightforward. You go over here in your WordPress admin dashboard, you goto s CEO. You go to general, then you go over here to features. Then you click on the question mark next to site map, which brings up this little see the XML site map. It gives you a link to the site map. Then what you do up here in the browsers copy site map underscore index and then you pace that and hit submit. And once you've got that submitted, then that is submitted to Google. It looks like it's successful. Now Google will need to go through and discover and call the girls on that. And I actually had not done that because in the last interface, I was not able to get my little site map toe work from some reason. So I'm grateful. I've just done this today with you in real time here. And that's exactly how you do it. Used the Yost s CEO. Plug in on WordPress. Go over to ah, General to the settings tab. Click on features down here. Toe XML site maps. Question mark. Click on. See the XML site map. It will take you over here. Should look like this. Pull that you are Ellen. Over here. Drop the URL in your website. Hit. Submit When it says success, you know the site map is in there. That will help you make sure that Google is actually indexing everything on your website and gives Google a good way to systematically crawl your entire website. And then if it if it already has all the girls index, it might not discover any new ones. That's okay. Any or all it does discover you can then rank that in search. I hope that is the little tutorials helpful to see how to use the Yost s CEO. Plug in in Google's Webmaster tools under site maps Index to submit your and get your WordPress XML site map done right away. 13. Performance reports for queries, pages, countries, and devices: our main thing we're likely to want to do in Google. What master tools is to get into the performance reports. You can just click performance on the left side here, or you can click on overview, and then when you're in the overview screen, you can just click open. Report. This will take you and other reports. You probably want to get to where it shows your clicks where it shows your impressions, your click through rate and your average position. As I've said several times now, I focus on what I'm contributing, and I use this data toe learn rather than using it to prove why I'm not good enough, so to speak. You can go in like, Why's my average click through eyes? My, Who gives a fuck? Who gives the ah, who cares? Go and you learn what's working and do more of that and optimize. If you just keep making an effort over and over again, you will be amazed how many clicks and impressions you get. In the last 90 days, I've got 1.46 million impressions completely for free in Google Search. That's good, because even if people aren't clicking, that's branding, and I know when I see the same website over and over and Google search, I'm more likely to go to it. And that's really the gold standard you want. You get that higher ranking because people know you and trust you. One of the best ways to get that click through rate up is for people who already know who you are when they see you in search results. And therefore, once you start thinking that way, the impressions are awesome. Every click is a gift, and it's all for free, so whatever you get is good enough, you can go down here. The basic view is queries to start with, how to go back in time. Who would have ever imagined I would have ranked for that? The most clicks in the last 90 days, thousands of clicks Now keep in mind this report is not all inclusive browsers that aren't tracked. There's lots of scenarios where the data Google gives me does not match up with what I see in Google analytics or on that from my Web host. So this is this is a learning tool, and resource is not the absolute with data. What I can see is very good as I'm getting, Ah, high ratio of people who are searching for jury Banfield are coming straight to my website . That's what I want. And then when you figure out some of these key words that your ranking on, for example, highest paid patron that you can start to see Oh, I might want to make mawr things like that. You can learn the kinds of things people search for and what to create next. You've also can. You might not have even thought to look at this. Web searches what we almost think of exclusively, but there's also you can get found in image search. I've got hundreds of clicks and hundreds of thousands of impressions an image search, and you can see some random stuff you wouldn't even imagine that you'd show on for image Search that you can get impressions on images when people are looking through Google images . You can also get some really good traffic if you change the search type video over here. These cliques, when people are looking for a video, can often be really valuable because, as you can see, videos often are much more effective for building trust in connection a relationship, a lifetime follower compared to just reading Ah blawg Post. You can look at video search and get a lot more impressions. You can see what people are coming to when searching for videos. And isn't that amazing? People are searching for videos and coming to my website because I've got a YouTube video embedded on my website. I'm actually showing up in the video search. We'll go back to the Web search over here. We can also look then on specific pages. I find the queries air helpful, but the problem is that queries often if you look the top query overhears. Onley got 2000 of 40,000 clicks. So that's on Lee, showing me 5% off my total clicks in this one. Quick, more helpful to look at a specific page because you see, then this page is showing me a much higher percent. That's 8000. That's about 1/6 off all my clicks on the website. And then this guides me as to what pages are most worth making. For example, this top patron creators page I made this after some of my other page around pages were ranking well and getting good amounts of clicks. I made some of these other Facebook posts after seeing this Facebook ads account. One was doing well. I made this free courses page after seeing how some of my other coupon pages were doing, and I've went really in depth with this before. You can get really crazy with looking and trying to figure out everything that might be working. Some of the most valuable things, I think, are to find the new pages. You've just made that air pulling in clicks like this logic Tech camera settings. One. When I put the YouTube video out, hardly anyone cared about it. And yet this is the kind of thing you can pull a lifetime follower, someone who might drop $1000 with you off of, Ah, a little tutorial page like this. Some of those problems people don't want to take the time to try and solve, and then it's just cool. Sometimes they see people are learning about UFO's and USO's and aliens with me. Hundreds of clicks coming in every month on that was I get really excited when I see new pages ranking high up in the top. That gives me a good indication that that kind of content is really valuable, especially like this Silence one. I'm surprised this is ranked so high and got so many impressions already. This gives me an idea then of what's worth doing and creating going forward and what I could expect to get more traffic on. Often when you see something like Twitch Affiliate Steps here, Brandt Pretty new post getting good ranking right away. Then I know had and create more stuff about twitch, and people will probably want that'll probably rank and search results as well. So when you see these pages in the amount of clicks and impressions they get, you can also get an idea of the traffic available. For example, a ton of impressions available on the Facebook ads disabled account you. This is what you might call a more competitive area where there's tons of people searching and there's lots of other available help. I don't obsess too much about my competition, so to speak, because I'm just grateful to get all the clicks I can get to my website, and I focused on what I'm doing that's working and doing more of that over and over. It could be helpful to to do longer periods of time, like the last 12 months instead of last three months. Because I can help show longer term trends. For example, you can get things that are kind of timely, that just are hot for a little bit and go away. I can see this time. Travel pages enduring the test of time People are coming in this page now all year and just tons of clicks. The patron creators. The Facebook ads account disabled YouTube channel Copyright strike. I can see which pages are going through the test of time and then a year's good to view which countries. I'm amazed how many people are coming through from India. How maney clicks I'm getting from India. This gives me a good idea of where my customers and people might want to do things like buy courses, air from the devices. Search helps me see. Two. I'm getting a surprising number of impressions and clicks on mobile devices, also, which is really good, and I can look at my search appearance over here too, where I'm showing up in Rich Search Results versus and Web light results, which are Google's knowledge graph customized appearance in search. So when you look through all of these, that could be really good learning. You definitely want to use a longer period of time. If you're looking at keywords because doing things for SDO and trying to rank and get organic traffic, you you will think long term or you will fail because it usually takes a while to get stuff to ranking Google. But the nice thing is, the more pages you get ranking Google, you might think. OK, it's Jerry. It's worthless to have these 30,000 of your clicks coming in on this time travel page. Who cares about that? You're not. Are you making any sales? Are people staying with you? Every page that ranks higher and pulls traffic and Google helps the whole rest of my website rank higher. When Google sends a bunch of people to a page and that is a good user experience, that's a signal that the whole website itself is good. The more pages I get to rank high and get traffic the mawr, the pages, you might say, I really care about for making money and getting followers have a chance to rank higher because the more pages do well, the more that signals to Google. This website is trustworthy. This website is worth sending people to the better. I get to start out on essentially on each brand new pages, like the A rising tide lifts all ships. The more high ranking pages I have, the easier it is to get more high ranking pages. And it's just that positive reinforcement loop. The more good pages I have, ranking them or I'll get. The more I get, the more I keep having. So this is why, after years of working online and struggling to get started, you gotta think long term for your S e O. Because when you just keep building and building and building every page, you get the successful that pulls a lot of traffic in helps all the other ones ranked higher, and you just keep building on that. And that's how you build, Ah, massive inbound traffic for free. That then you've got a business that self sustaining for life off of just the free Google organic traffic. I appreciate you going through this Google search console with me, and I hope this look at it is helpful to guide your creative efforts in the future for what you want to create. 14. A lifetime of learning together?: thank you very much for finishing Google Web Master Tools and Analytics for S CEO here on skill share. I'm very grateful for the chance to make this class for you today I'm a teacher online and also a gamer. A youtuber. I also talk a lot about my sobriety, my diet, my marriage and family and my years and Aunt Years is an entrepreneur online. I do most all my video straight from the heart because if I tried to edit them, I'd probably take out a lot of the good parts. As that might be funny for you as well as the bad parts I appreciate you're going through with my teaching style. 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I essentially worked directly for you every day. That's why I'm here, and that's my vision is to have a lifetime of learning together. Thank you for making it. You're one of the Onley ones to make it all the way through this far. It's been five minutes, almost into the Altro video. I love your awesome. I appreciate the chance to serve you today, and I imagine I'll see you again soon in my professor outfit that my wife says, looks like Harry Potter