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Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools for SEO!

Jerry Banfield, Teaching 59 Classes

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14 Videos (1h 23m)
    • Welcome to Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools for SEO

    • Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools for SEO class project

    • Google analytics introduction for beginners

    • Google analytics admin dashboard for account and property creation plus AdWords linking

    • Google analytics home dashboard from users, sessions, channel, and device

    • Site speed and suggestions to improve user experience and rank higher

    • Behavior tab with all pages to see where more traffic is

    • Acquisition source:mediu, and referrals for understanding how we get traffic

    • Conversion tracking and advanced features

    • Google webmaster tools settings to become a verified owner

    • New Google search console overview

    • Submit a WordPress XML sitemap fast with Yoast SEO plugin

    • Performance reports for queries, pages, countries, and devices

    • A lifetime of learning together?


About This Class

How do we use Google analytics and Google webmaster tools in our websites and businesses online as entrepreneurs to help us with our Search Engine Optimization or SEO?  Will you please watch this class to find out because we cover the basics of Google analytics and webmaster tools with a focus on how to see how to get the tracking code for our website, install the tracking code in WordPress, analyze where traffic is coming into an existing website, and find the keywords working best to get us search impressions and clicks?





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Jerry Banfield

Teaching 59 Classes

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