Google Ads (previously AdWords) - Creating Your First Search Campaign | Larry Chasse | Skillshare

Google Ads (previously AdWords) - Creating Your First Search Campaign

Larry Chasse, Agency Owner, Simple Living + Debt Free

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5 Lessons (45m)
    • 1. Introduction To The Course On Google Ads - Search Campaigns

    • 2. Why Should I Start With Ads

    • 3. Google Ads - Basic Interface Introduction

    • 4. Google Ads - Creating a Search Campaign

    • 5. Google Ads - Bonus Tips


About This Class

My goal is to teach Google Ads in small bite sized pieces.  This class will focus on creating your first search campaign.  

Google has 5 different high level campaigns and search is one of the most common and for now still the most profitable one for businesses.  

Search campaigns look at how users search for products, services, organization, or even questions and provide relevant results back to the user.  I will go over how to create your first campaign.

We will also go over a bit about effective copy, keywords and even negative keywords.  Negative keywords are important so we do not show up for things outside our audience.  

You should have a Google Ads account you can log into so you may walk through examples with me as we go through the setup.  Make sure you have a regular Ads account, not the Express account.  Express accounts have much less control. If you mistakenly setup an Express account, you can call Google to have them help you get it changed over.  Usually it can be done on a 5-10 minute call.