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Google Ads: Avoid pitfalls

Margaux Rouault, PPC Expert

Google Ads: Avoid pitfalls

Margaux Rouault, PPC Expert

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10 Lessons (23m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Target the Search network

    • 3. Target location options

    • 4. Device management

    • 5. The problem with Broad match

    • 6. Intro to negative keywords

    • 7. Make use of the negative keywords

    • 8. Make use of the negative keywords - Step by step

    • 9. Exclude even more irrelevant traffic

    • 10. Final thoughts

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About This Class

In this 60 minutes class, you will learn how to avoid traps on Google Ads.

Are you looking to launch campaigns on Google Ads but you are scared to make the wrong choices? Did you have a bad experience on Google Ads but don’t know what went wrong? Are you a marketing professional looking to improve your skills? This class is for you.

As a digital marketing consultant with over five years of experience on Google Ads, I can tell you that even junior marketers have already done these mistakes. The thing is, Google Ads recommends some settings that are a really REALLY bad idea if you want to keep a tight control over your campaigns. Unfortunately, when you don’t know that they exist, it would only be through luck that you would avoid those pitfalls.

After having taken this class, you will be able to review your campaigns settings for any problems on your own.

So, if you’re a business owner and you want to learn how to not waste your budget on Google Ads, this class is for you. If you’re a marketing professional and you’re looking for new ways to optimize your campaigns, I will also have some tips for you.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Margaux Rouault

PPC Expert


Margaux is a French, Google Ads certified professional since 2016. She is certified in Search, Display, Mobile, Shopping Ads and Analytics.

Margaux will continue this profile section by using first person, as this seems very wrong.

In the past, I have worked with businesses in education, real-estate, travel and overall ecommerce (beauty, flowers, technology, etc.). Managed budgets went from €500 to €50,000 per month.

My expertise starts with understanding my client's business and their market. Every business is unique and I provide the best tailor-made solution to reach their goal.

Since early 2020, I've decided to help small business owners and marketing professionals improve their skills on Google ads to grow their business.

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1. Introduction: My name is Margo, and today and we talked Waste of money ungulates, the trust cream mine digital marketing concerts around with over five years experience on legal leads. I have worked with smaller and larger businesses in emergency, and as of early 2020 I've decided to become a freelancer in other to help small businesses grow off. Let's I was also in charge of in terms and you can us training, and this is one of the first thing we would talk about the boat, all the traps on Goodreads. I've done many of these in my career and saying business owners waste money on better things is very sad. How much money do you invest in Brad's Each months? $500? $1000. We'll think about how much the straps goes to in a year. So that's my take. I'm discussed in this section. We talk waste of money, and I will explain what other people's on Google. That's how some of them are put on your way by Gillette itself, and I will also tell you why you shouldn't let Google gets its way on your company cities. It will be a class packed with Informa Shannon Exam girls based on real a council did that I did, and one. So if you're a business owner and you want to learn how to not waste your project on Google ads, distress is for you, your marketing professional, looking for new ways to improve your campaigns, where I will also have some tips for you, so every day and stop wasting your projects starting from them. 2. Target the Search network: the display network and the search partners are probably the biggest traps Google sets out for you to fall into that's and target location, I would say so. The Senate work is a network of websites and mobile apps owned by well, on which you can show your ass as Abella can be Schiff or static picture. But if you have created a search campaign specifically, why would you want to add banners to the mix? Why would you want to makes display campaign? You think you're such campaign? It doesn't make a lot of sense. First, it's that budget management, because you won't be able to control where it goes in priorities. So there's a big chance that yoga jets will go to the display network in priority. Secondly, the marketing goes our difference. You can expect the same from someone who is actively looking for products or services like yours in the search well, versus people who are passively noticing. Banner us on a random websites and don't make me start on the KP ice. One uses CBC. The other uses CPI. M one is all about visibility. Where did my ads show? And the other is about at settlements and gentle books when you're creating a campaign or in settings and networks, if you've already fell into the trap. And if you fell for the trap with quick, if you want to keep your dollars or euros or whatever, you're using just that. Nazar websites in the social network that partner was eager to show. As in the results, I know that in counsels on both, some from providers are self forgiveness. If you left it checked by accident, you're lucky because it shouldn't cause too much damage. Spending stand to be lower, so even if you forget it, it won't be too bad. But the conversion rates that's to be lower also, so it should be removed. You can test it for yourself if you wish for I thank you and check. It's 3. Target location options: education options, my favorite parts and the easiest way to win a client. If you want us to make an audit of the accounts, it's very simple, but it's done badly more times than you might think. There are five target location of Shan's on global AIDS by default. It checks the recommended options for you because cigarettes is nice and wants to help you grow your business. But if you let it happen, it will actually make you lose control over your targeting settings. We should leave to a very, very expensive disaster. So that's yet another example that gloves don't always want what's best for you. Let me show you a real example. This is a no Did I did for website be their business? They wanted to target Australia and museum, but they had to exclude some countries randomly, like Turkey, Israel and in Jack because they saw something in the user's location. Reports. Here are all the countries where the at strode, so Australia is the first, which is a relief since it was a target. But we looked how much you have to wait to see New Zealand a pair. Seven countries are separating them I'm not even going to talk about conversions or any KP eyes, for that matter, because you should took the time to target some bones. It's not because you want to target other geographical zones altogether. If you want to target other countries well as them trialists or if the times when is different, deprecate your campaigns and target this new countries, it's not. Let's see if my products get good results in stress situation. It's about keeping our gun clean. And in this case, it wasn't I. Dr. Barrett in my free class called Google, has created the perfect structure. Listen five if you wants morning for about this specific topic most of the time, one country equals one campaign because of time zones and budget management's. But it worked also, if you want to target some specific cities, for example, if you target Los Angeles, you don't want your abs to show for people who live in San Francisco, especially if you have the same campaign birth for some fancy school, it doesn't make any sense. Here is right. You should live people in O who show interesting. You don't from that people in off course is good because it means that you re target the inhabitants off the target zone that you have selective but who show interest in not good. These are people that don't live in the zone you have selected, but who will see your ads because they are interested in your service project. You don't want them. So what I do is select the second option people in our regularly in a targeted locations. The last option is not good, because it would meet toe all the foreigners looking for products like yours for the exclusion particle liver disease. So excluding people in your excluded locations. 4. Device management: I talked about device my regiment in my class. Bigger laughs from bidding to tracking your results in the section Google. Let's learn how to be a lesson five. Bidding adjustments. Oh, you can adjust your bill depending on the device. The thing is, users tend to have a different behavior, depending on the device that they use. So, for example, for very prosecuted tools that are reading tools are very B two b. Business is computers tend to perform better because people are working during the day on the computer, so it makes sense that they should look for new tools while they are working. So in that case, you can get back on board by phones and tablets of determining comes to bidding and spending useful money. That's what we believe and what really happens. So in the next start, I'm going to show you some tours to know how to analyze your data when it comes to the license. If you have already watched my class, Google alerts from bidding to tracking your results. It's the same thing so you can skip to the next lesson. Here is an example of a ditch that I met for company ever. Symposium We're by far was the most expensive Total conversions, one of the best and the C P. A was way more expensive on this device. So what I would do in this particular case with this particular data would be to reduce the bid on mobile phones by 25% meaning I would only be willing to pay $3.95 compared to the 5 26 arrests for that. Let's I would reduce the beads by 60% so that I would they folded us, Max. As you can see, I get the computers as yes, because it's my stomach based, so they can still run with my normal back. Citi Z. You should always keep one device for your best device as your stuff that base, so don't make any adjustment on it. 5. The problem with Broad match: broad match that's you peed on everything, literally. Here is my example for when your keyword was women's hearts. So scarfs closes accessories. You'll have to admit that we're quite far from hats, right? So road mash can be expensive. You might make it work if you commit to ads in the get a few hours every single day. And if you use a small building strategy, electricity A. For this over most of the time, it happens by accident, so make sure that you're using the right symbols for broad match modifier. Friends much an exact match if you can't control boat match. If you're not taking the time shoot to add negative keywords, you shouldn't use broad match at all. Instead, use broad match modifier, which is way safer, more in for about that in my class from bidding to tracking your results. It's about bidding strategies. It's about too much sites. It's about tracking your results with Google Analytics for now, and I might add some content about Google technology era later 6. Intro to negative keywords: brewed mattresses with introduction to negative keywords. Negative keywords are words that you choose to exclude because you find that there are irrelevant for your business to talk about negative keywords. We need to talk about the search terms reports. You can find it at accountable for your pains at campaigner well at group level, and even we have enough that are at the specific run level. So to sum that you find it a tender there. When I worked on the search terms and boat, I like to do it at a comfortable, and I'm going to explain to you why such times other quarries didn't use our stack into Google. Such bad. And that's major adds a pair. It's very interesting because you get to see if one users are typing your exact us to look for enough for like yours to. Users are typing keywords that are not what you thought about. Sarah Still revel for your business or three Users are absolutely not looking for your products or services, but still gets to see your guts but used but news, especially if they kicked on them. The way to grease this. Although you're such terms by cost clicks or impressions to prioritize them, then least every single query that does not much what your business is about and these you will exclude so that they never trigger. And that again in this example for website builder. As a query on this creations, Fine, except for these two website builder templates which my clients didn't offer so irrelevant and website me the weeks, which was also a relevance because Weeks was not supported by Dubya, gets to the next video to did you have to add negative keywords exactly. 7. Make use of the negative keywords: here again When you be long keywords and put my steak burger lads matches your keyword with everything and anything. But when you add negative keywords brought much site. Does it work the same way? No. And is it fair? Absolutely not. For example, in my search Times report I saw that years has made this queries and clicked on my eyes International flower delivery. I excluded International because I didn't shape internationally, so it didn't make sense how to become forest. I excluded how to become between quote marks because I don't want aspiring florist too quick on my ads and this alone me to exclude the group of words how to become in that order , slower delivery in Belgium. I excluded Belgium because again, I don't ship internationally. When I'm only saying this. You should get another idea, which would be to exclude all the other countries and cities that could show up in your search. Some reports and this would be a very good idea. Some people like to exclude Aquarian exact much, but I find it useless because what are the chances that people rights the same exact flourish? I would rather just exclude the relevant part of the search. Now what if the user's search for these, the national flower delivery with a misspelling, how to be a florist and flower that every Belgium with the misspelling? I'm sure if you think about it, you're gonna guess what I'm going to say. Next. Miss Feeling is not taking into account. Fly Google. It's if it WAAS excluding Belgium and International with the right spelling in the first place would have surfaced. But it's not the case. So any time you want to exclude some key wells, you must think of all the spelling mistakes that people can make. Missing Letter Room later, Boston's etcetera also, while I act to do, is to exclude the query how to between quote marks so that anything starting by its never triggers my keywords. When you want place through the singer world, use broad match when you want to exclude a group of words used phrase much, and when you're induct ustreas much anyway, you already to watch the step by step video of heart to add negative keywords on the platform. And don't forget, don't know the least of negative few words that I provide it 8. Make use of the negative keywords - Step by step: as promised. Here is how to add negative keywords on your countries when inside her campaign in the Cuba section, you will find a section called Negative Viewers. We can't make it fairer than that. You can exclude worlds at company, liver or a group of it. There are two methods. The first is to add keywords directly in the complaint. So you go into negative keywords section and you enter the least of keywords you have in mind. You can add them at competitive L O R A. Q. And Louisville used campaign level most of the time because if I want to exclude some words like free, higher, cheap or anything, it applies to all my campaigns, not just a particular group. So that way I don't have to do the job choice. Now there are situations where you might want to use a group level. For example, you created the campaign with two other groups, buy books online and buy cheap eBooks online. If you added cheap at Campaign of L, it would completely broke your bike trip books online. And so that case you need to use a group A than and don't forget the misfiring that could happen because it will happen. Sometimes it was The keyboard is too small. Okay, so this was one method. But I like to work with list of negative keywords to make it cleaner in tools and settings . You can go to negative keywords list in the shell libraries you will create, released. I call mine generating, get 50 wells, and you will add all the world you thought about. Then you will apply this listo every camp pain that interest you very important. Otherwise, Google ads won't use this list. So now, going back to my campaign, I can remove the worst that I added individually, so that instead I keep one convinced that I can have that for all my campaigns at once. Now that's the kind of time managements that you need on Google eyes. For example, you could create a different least for all the locations you want to exclude, or different things for all your competitors names, for example, 9. Exclude even more irrelevant traffic: what can be more irrelevant than people who are not looking for your products or services for people who don't live in the right countries where it's the people in your company? Let me explain. If you work in emergency, you might have had that courage. So a client, Coby, very distressed, very irritated, saying that this ICE team had look at some key world on the sofa and had found their competitors IVs, but not our waas. It's a good thing that when Dicle, they can't see my face because I was frantically looking through the goober accounts to see what was wrong to come him down. I told him that we had the same amount of impressions and the same amount of tricks that we had the day before and do they before that, So everything was fine. Anyway, when you want to see your ass used the up reviewing diagnosis tool, You can choose a keyword location and test your visibility on. Move by on this stuff. In my case, my as we went showing because it's a fake, didn't work out. If your campaigns are running and you're as are showing first, you will see them here, and that will be a specific. Your odds, actually, miss such if the naturally Google will give you some clues as to what may have no wrong insufficient that rank in sufficient Bridgette or negative keyword that's accidentally blocking your key world. So I went to explain to my clients what is wrong with looking okay, What's up in the search bar? Firstly, you might click on it by mistake. Let me remind you that you pay for its click even if it was an accident. So imagine if your cast a quick Stendhal us not so great, right? Secondly, even if you don't click on that ad, you're sending a message to the girl that is, I don't find this ad interesting enough to click on it. So your city Arctic to rate gets worse, and the algorithm is noting that Did you never click on that? That's so it seems that it's not very good ad. Thirdly, at some point, if you look at keywords too much to offend with alleged with stop showing as altogether yours or your competitors, because at this point it's obvious you're not interested by paid results to avoid of the drama use i p exclusion in settings so that you won't see your owners. It works when your I p address aesthetic. Either you ask your i t guy what is the static address off the company? All you used this sort of websites and this is how you exclude even more available traffic . 10. Final thoughts: Congratulations. We're going to think this mess now you know about the red straps have to avoid them. And better yet, how to improve your baby eyes. So I hope that you're ready to take over your Google eyes accounts to optimize these companies before your girl over here would be breaking. Appreciate it so that I know what we improve next. Oh, sure. Don't hesitate to check the other classes to Michael if I to continue to learn about Google s Thank you for watching and congratulations again.