Goal Setting for Self Improvement: 2021 New Years Resolutions | Hamza Ahmed | Skillshare

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Goal Setting for Self Improvement: 2021 New Years Resolutions

teacher avatar Hamza Ahmed, Self Improvement Coach

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (11m)
    • 1. Class Intro

    • 2. Make Your Goal Tracker

    • 3. Start With Dream Goals

    • 4. Performance Goals

    • 5. The More Intention The Better

    • 6. Class Outro

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About This Class

What do all champions have in common? They set goals.

It's time to level up our self improvement and learn how to strategically set goals using easy techniques that get us obsessed with success.

In this class you'll learn exactly how I structure my goal setting for maximum self improvement. You'll get access to my personal goal tracker on Notion which you can duplicate as a template for your own goals, saving you time.

Join me now by watching the class lectures and following along to the actionable steps by creating your own goal tracker.

My Self Improvement Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/hamza97

Meet Your Teacher

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Hamza Ahmed

Self Improvement Coach


Advance your self improvement journey with my Skillshare classes.


I've tried and tested many different strategies of improving productivity, mental & physical health, reducing distractions.


I'll skip the bs and only teach you the most important, the 20% the yields 80% of results.


Follow my teacher profile and watch the class that interests you the most right now.

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1. Class Intro: My name is SAMHSA. I was lazy and unsuccessful for most of my life, but recently I created a gold system that has transformed everything. I built my dream body. I finally started growing my YouTube channel and we just hit 1000 subscribers. I've been making about 500 pounds a month purely online, which has been a dream of mine for so long. What do 100% of successful people have in common? They set goals in all fields of life and work that champions set themselves goals that they work towards vigorously. Why don't we follow the same tactic as these successful people by implementing goal setting for ourself improvements. In this class, you're going to learn how to set goals that will lead to significant progress in anything you care about, whether you want to achieve that body transformation or startup, profitable business, or level of your social skills. Having clearly defined goals that you remind yourself off every day will really help you. You're going to learn not only how I structure my goals to make them as easy as possible to follow, but also how I organized the goals using notion, we're going to structure our goals starting with dream goals. The dream goal represents the end result that we want the 50 thousand YouTube subscribers, the best-selling book on Kindle, then we're going to set performance goals. And these are like the weekly habits that lead to the dream goal. Day-by-day, we focus our efforts onto the performance goals. And when we need a little bit more motivation, we remind ourselves of our dream goal. You'll get to duplicate my personal goals page on notion so that you can use it as a template. You can then quickly add in all of your goals nice and easily. I've said this notion goals table as my homepage on Google Chrome. And I also keep the notion up open on my phone. This means that I'm looking at my goals as much as possible. Constantly reminding myself of my goals has been the one change seriously leveled up my performance to actually achieving what I want in life. This is not optional. Goal setting in self-improvement is absolutely required if you want to make progress in exercise, meditating cold showers, reducing Internet uses, no FAP set goals. If you found that your progress towards any of the things that you wanted in life hasn't been so gray and you keep on having those up and down days. It's because your goals on clearly defined enough, or maybe they are defined by another part of the class that you'll learn is that you're missing the intention. You're not putting enough time and effort, constantly reminding yourself of that goal, I think right now about a successful person and I can guarantee that they woke up and they thought about the goal every single day. Let's get obsessed without goals. Hopefully you'll learn some valuable stuff in this class and you'll use that practically to make some changes in your goal setting. This stuff could seriously change your future. Thank you for joining me and let's begin. 2. Make Your Goal Tracker: For the class project, I'd like you to follow along with the actionable steps that will be presented in the classes to come, I have my notion goal page links below in the products and resources part notion is completely free. It's nice to use all of the big YouTubers. We're really recommending it. Click on the link and you'll be able to duplicate my goals page. And then when we're all done, you can screenshot the goal page, make it look really nice and pretty, and then submit it into the class project section below. If you submit a screenshot, maybe you re a sentence or two about the process that I'm pretty sure that helps my cluster growth. So Sonia voice, Now the interesting bits and next we're going to start with dream goals. 3. Start With Dream Goals: I mentioned in the intro that my goal structure starts with the dream goal and then follows along with the performance goals that actually lead to the dream goal. But we start with the dream. The dream goal is the end result that you want. It's the big motivating number. It's the bestselling book on Amazon that you want the author, it's the 50 thousand YouTube subscribers that you want. It's the, a 100 thousand a year in profit that you want to make in your business. This dream goal is used for motivation. We said it, we write about it and we think about it. This is what gets us up in the morning, is we think I'm gonna hit 50 thousand subscribers next year. The dream goal is what really kicks you into drive when you lack motivation, simply remind yourself of the dream goal of all the rewards that come from it. And you'll find that the performance goals become so much easier. You have to make your dream goals worthwhile. You have to think big and make sure that the end result is something that is worth all of the trials and tribulations that will come with the performance that's required. So let me give you an example. It's December 2020. My original goal and sense of YouTube subscribers, maybe 5 thousand by next year, would be increasing my YouTube subscriber rates by five times in a year is pretty good, but it's not enough. It's not such a big increase that's gonna make me really, really jump out of bed and think, oh my god, 5 thousand subscribers, because being a 5 thousand subscribers compared to 100, isn't that much of a difference? This is why my dream goal is now 50 thousand by next year. Writing this down and working towards it means that I'm actually so motivated to wake up and think 50 thousand. That's such a big difference in the rewards of the US. So much bigger than what I'm experiencing right now. So that gives me the huge level of motivation to continue. So here's the actionable step. I'm hoping that you've already duplicated my notion goal page. On the left-hand side, we've got the goal info and you can see my goals click on each one. So we've got ten pounds of muscle that I want to gain the 50 thousand subscribers each and every one. You click on it and change it into your details at the dream goals that you want to be working towards, that you want to give you some motivation and then write the deadline next to it. The next actionable step is to emphasize the dream goal rewards so slowly and surely, keep on adding some extra bits of information to the dream goal section about what you imagine, what life will be like when you reach that dream goal. Maybe do a little bit of research and include that. For example, I found out how much a couple of YouTubers who were near 50 thousand subscribers make per month just on YouTube. So I wrote that down as extra motivation. Now most people make this dream goal as the sole goal that they set and they leave it there. They only think, okay, I want to lose ten pounds. I'm gonna get that nice body. I wanna make x amount of money. I want X amount of subscribers. They think of these dream goals but then leave it there and they don't really progress towards the end results because they don't have any performance goals. So that's what we're going to be moving on to next. 4. Performance Goals: A performance goal is the actions, the habits that will get us to reach the dream goal in sometime we use performance goals because just relying on the dream goal is to wishy-washy saying that I want to be at 50 thousand subscribers in a year from now doesn't really guide me into taking action right now. So we need performance goals there are on a weekly basis. So here is the actionable step. Already, take some time to think about the performance goals, the actions, the tasks that you could do every week that would lead to your dream goal. Follow along with me on notion. Click on the goal information and scroll right down, you'll see the business section for performance goals and in the details here, what could you do every week that would get you to that dream goal within the deadline timeframe, right that down and then back in the table, just summarize what the performance goal is. So you can see here minus to work out six times a week, right? Your weekly performance goals down in this section, these endow your weekly habits that you must do and you can check them off when they're done every single day. You remind yourself of the performance goals. This is what you wake up and you think, Okay, today's agenda is to get that fourth out of six workout in performance goals will benefit the more you learn. So keep on learning about the actions that you've says the goal. So for example, with me, I've set the performance goal of six workouts a week. Now I can go online and research more about the workouts that I'm gonna do. Maybe I want to know which bicep exercise is the best. I'll go online or find that answer and then are either insert a performance goal section. This is actually Education, extra knowledge that will help me hit the performance goals every week, performance goals are very important. They should be your main focus throughout the week, every single day, you should be thinking about the performance goal. What actions do you have to do today to check off this week's performance goal? And then thing, every single time you check off this week's performance goal, you are much closer as the dream goal of yours. This is how habits are made. This is exactly how anyone you know who consistently gone into exercising did is they set the goal of three workout for five workouts a week, every single week, every single Monday, they reminded themselves that the new goal has started. The new week's goal of 3-4-5 workouts a week. I have to do that every single day they woke up and they refresh the performance goal in their mind saying, oh, I've, I've done two accounts, our five this week and he's got three more. Get obsessed with these performance goals because they are 100% in your control. 5. The More Intention The Better: Now it's time to discuss the importance of intention. I like to say that intention is time, times by efforts. The more time and effort you put into your Goal Setting, the better. Think about all the things that you usually do with your time like watching Netflix, playing video games, scrolling on Instagram. Compare that to constantly refreshing in your mind, your dream goal and your performance goals. We know which one is going to lead you to have a better life. My suggestion is first of all to set that notion goal page as your homepage on the browser that you use that's powerful. Every single time you open up the browser, which is a few times a day, every single time you're going to be hit with your goals and you're gonna see exactly whether or not you've hit those performance goals are going to see the unchecked box for this week. Another idea is to screenshot that performance goals or even the dream goals is motivation and set that as your phone wallpaper. This is what one of my friends has been doing for a while. He has his dream goals that the biggest thing that he wants in life on his phone wallpaper. He says that every single time he opens up his phone and he sees that picture of the car that he wants. It helps them stay on track. And finally, the last piece of advice to add in some intention is to set alerts and reminders. You can add some reminders on your calendar app. You can even use notions as set some kind of alerts a week before the goals that you remember that all those successful people who achieved so much in life were obsessed with their goal. They woke up every single day and they thought about that goal. That's what we have to do. 26 months of doing that has truly changed my life. I think it will do the same to you. 6. Class Outro: So to recap, Start with the dream goals. This is what's gonna give us the most motivation. This is the feel-good thing that we just want to constantly remind ourselves off. Follow the dream goal with the performance goals. These are the ones we're gonna get obsessed about. These are the ones we're going to constantly remind ourselves that this is what I have to do today. I have to get those workouts in this week. I have to upload the two videos this week. These are the ones that we're going to wake up every single day and this is what's going to be on our to do list. Anytime you want motivation, then refresh the dream goal into your mind. Goal-setting is insanely important. I don't think that I would make significant progress in anything unless I had a specific clear goal set to it that I constantly remind myself off. Feel the same way then just constantly remind yourself of your goals as much as possible. I hope you've been following along to the actionable steps of this class and you've got nice little organized goal setting page. Get obsessed with that page, just look at it as much as possible. Keep adding bits to it. And then you'll find that your actions, your habits just slowly start building themselves. Thank you for watching this class. If you're into self-improvement, especially if you're a young man, I've got a bunch of videos on my youtube channel which will be linked below. Scroll down to the YouTube link and click on it right now to learn more things similar to this, I hope that you make major progress towards your goals. I'm grateful to have this opportunity to share my goal setting idea to the internet. And thank you for watching.