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Glow (Paint Using Watercolors and Acrylics for a Fantasy-like atmosphere)

teacher avatar Janelle Nichol, Self taught artist

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

14 Lessons (3h 9m)
    • 1. Intro to Artist and Glow course upload

    • 2. Materials Needed

    • 3. Layer 1 of background

    • 4. Layer 2 of background

    • 5. Layer 3 of background

    • 6. Layer 4 (The Confetti Layer)

    • 7. Sketching the fairy

    • 8. Transfering The Sketch

    • 9. Designing the Dress and Placing the Figure

    • 10. Adding the Overlay to the dress

    • 11. Painting the Hair and wings

    • 12. Shading the Figure

    • 13. Creating the Sequin Tree

    • 14. Final Thoughts and Accents

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About This Class

Learn how to create and paint your own canvas artwork of this fairy as Janelle guides you in an in-depth mixed media class. You will learn how to create an ethereal atmosphere for this delicate and whimsical fairy using layering techniques of acrylics, watercolors and acrylic sealer.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Janelle Nichol

Self taught artist


Hi, my name is Janelle Nichol and I am an artist from Canada.

Some of my favorite things to create on my pieces are playful and sweet children and strong, confident, and sometimes whimsical poses of women. I particularly enjoy creating calming and dreamy backgrounds mixed with abstract elements. My art has been described as abstract folk-art and I enjoy working with various mediums to create unique works that are inspirational and sustainable.

Some artists that inspire me are Claude Monet and Renoir and more recently, Pino Daeni. I am particularly drawn to the colors and scenes expressed in Monet's works and the figures in Pino's art.

In the past two years I have moved from creating Mixed Media canvases and have expanded my portfolio to include the WC (Watercolor)... See full profile

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1. Intro to Artist and Glow course upload: I would say my art comes from a need to express my emotions in a visual form. I always tried to portray a certain mood aesthetic feeling in my work. The relationships between people mother and daughter on older sister, a younger sister can be really interesting and challenging to convey, and it might be an attitude confidence. It could be a feeling of peace, tenderness, a sweetness. And if I'm able to do that, then I feel like I've done my job as an artist. As an artist, it's always most fulfilling. When a collector tells me that we'll viewing a peace of mind, they're feeling a certain mood, a certain feeling. And it was the exact feeling that I had while I was eating a piece. In this course, you will start with a blank canvas and finished with a textured sparkling canvas with a lovely, delicate very on it. You'll learn how to create a background that gives the impression of an ethereal atmosphere with fairy dust shimmering in the sunlight. Way will paint the sequin trees and use layers of colors and textures to get this piece lots of death. You will be receiving downwards with the sketch of the ferry in two different sizes, but we are also going to go through the steps of sketching her. I'd love for you to join me in this course, and remember, you can log in and watch the videos at any time. 2. Materials Needed: Okay, so here is a list of materials that you'll need. You'll need some script paper for the skin, the head, arms and legs. You will need various, uh, neutral colored paper. I like to use script paper for the background. We're gonna be covering most of it up, but, um, and I like it with writing on. It just adds to the effect of it. You don't have to have it both writing on it. Just some kind of neutral color taping paper. Um, even with the system relies on it. All right, Um, gonna need your campus. Um, if you've seen any of my other tutorials courses, online courses or tutorials, um, talk about different campuses. You This is a countess board that I'm doing. Uh, I usually do. Any of my pieces that you would die are on, um, gallery wrapped campus. But I'm just doing these videos on canvas board. You can use the 3/4 inch gallery wrapped, or you can use the deep, um, two inches a boat campus. And, um, I suggest that if you want to frame this, you will, um, get an eight by 10 or in 11 by 14 size uh, because it's just easy to find. Those are standard sizes. It's easier Find frames. And ah, you can get anything custom from so nine by 12 you could get that custom framed too. But I suggest sticking with standard sizes. Also, if you're gonna get a canvas with, uh, any kind of side Ah, you can wrap it around and you don't need to frame it all. And most of these mixed media pieces do not get framed. And you also if you do end up framing it, don't put glass on it. Okay? That's just a quick, uh, note. Okay, so you're getting some watercolor paints, and I'm gonna give you the cheap version. Okay? So you need some water color pains I'm gonna give you, um, the less expensive version. And, um, the higher quality versions sees our reefs. I believe, um, if you want to use tube watercolors, you can get these at Michael's 40% of company. Very, very affordable. Um, they will say watercolor on them. Some sake. Wash. Um, I don't have any right here to show you, so just get the water colors. Um, there are these watercolors that I use these are the Cotman ones. Think that's here? Israel apartments of these are more expensive. And I believe they are 8 to $10 for a tube like this. Um, but they last a long time. Watercolors don't dry out. You just they dry up, and then you let them again, and you can use um OK, so that's those less expensive version. Is these here? These are favorite casto. So these are gonna be marks. These are more expensive than these ones here. Um, but they'll work just fine on these Are, I believe artist's loft there from Michael's There. Just kind of Ah, generic. Uh, Brown. You can get these $6 I think $6 and get a coupon. And there you go. We are going to use these ones today in this course cause I want to show you how to do the very affordably. Um, so these are the ones we're gonna use, and I'll show you how to do that. Okay. You will need some tissue. You'll need some tissue paper for the wings. Okay, on. And while we're talking about the wings, you're going to need, um, some glitter. This is very affordable. gooder I for these wings. I like the iridescent one, so it's gonna be clear, but there's gonna be just a little bit of sparkle in there. You can get some silver once, and I think we're gonna use some gold on here. So these ones here let me just so these ones here and less expensive than these ones, these are a little bit pricier. You can get them both at Michael's. Um and this is three D. So keep that in mind, and this is kind of three D to, so they're very affordable. You can also get something like this at Walmart. Um, glitter glue will work. Um, okay. Acrylic paints. We're going to be layering acrylic paints down first on top of the paper, and then we're going to be dropping water colors on that. You're gonna need variety for the background. We're going to use mostly groans, Um, and a little bit of lose. This is cobalt blue and burnt number. And then for the hair we're going to be using. I've got a few different shades here we're gonna be using. So I've got some yellow Oakar. I've got cadmium yellow deep. I got burnt Sienna, and I'm sure will probably use some of this burnt number on her hair. She is gonna be blonde, but she's going to need this for some shadows. And then I've got some various reds pinks for her hair and for any flowers that we have it . And also for the sequin trees and the green. Uh, we'll go around her belts, possibly or not her belt, but her waistline and, um, the flower arrangement that's gonna be in her hair. Also, you'll need some mud patch as per usual. And we're gonna be using this for putting down all the background paper putting her together during the tissue paper wings. And, yes, you're gonna need some of this Also, um, make sure you get the Met. Ah, even though we are going to be using kind of some a little bit of fabric to go over her skirt. Don't get the fabric. Mod patch. Get the mat. My punch. Okay, um, speaking of sequin trees and fabric, So here's my lovely selection. I've got more than this even sequence. Um, we're probably going to be using and about one there for the sequin trees. I think I have a light pink, so we might use some of that. Actually, that's more like a champagne color. I have some of these. Um, we probably won't use any of these moments. I actually Sprinkle these on my fashion illustrations at Ideo. If you have something like this, you could use this in places sequence. Um, for anything shiny work, you could get a bag sequence at Michael's, um, for very, you know, affordable pricing. So that, um we're going to be using some kind of fabric. We're going to be using some kind of fabric over top of her skirt. So, um, this right here is actually, like, see through netting. Okay, so we're gonna be using some of this. Obviously, you might not have something like this. You couldn't even use up like this. This is very affordable. A fabric store. But walmart, Michaels, uh, target. You can get, um, spools. Any kind of any kind of netting we'll work. And actually, this will work. You would just have to put it into the shape of the skirt and paint it or not painted, Actually. OK, I've got this out here. I don't think I'm gonna use it. but I just have it out first in case. And if you I just want to mention this quickly. If you don't want a paint, the flowers in her hair or the flower on her going around her waist. Um, you can You might have a selection of dried flowers to use. These are these are paper flowers, not dried flowers. Um, I'm not gonna be using these. I'm gonna be painting them. But I just thought I'd get that as an option. Um, Samos, if you don't want a paint her waist line, continue. Something like this. I got I got these at the dollar store. He's here. I just saw them. I don't know. I have them for quite some time. Um, this pink one might be a good option. I got these all of the dollar store. And if you have something like this hanging around your house, this could work, too. But like I said, we're gonna be painting them. I'm gonna show you how to paint them. One less thing. Just some texture tools, bubble wrap. We've got some things here that we're probably going to use my favorites thes three right here. Okay, one more thing is we've got some texture tool. We've got some texture tools that we want to use. Okay, So one more thing, we've got some texture tools that we want to use. I've already mentioned the netting. Um, bubble wrap. Okay, Uh, stencils. My three favorite right here. We're gonna be using these and, um, brushes. Quickly. Let's do the Russians, um, you're going to need, like, some of these thes are rounds and thes air. Very cheap brushes. They are artist left from Yes. You guessed it. Michael's, um, we're going to be a dropping watercolor on with these. Okay, If you have more expensive watercolor brushes, go ahead and use them. I'm not gonna use mine for this, because, frankly, we don't need Teoh. And I have all these brushes someone wants will use them. Um, brush like this will work. You might want a flat brush like this. Um, this one is a bristle brush, and I believe it's artist's loft. Ah, you could probably use a soft nylon or synthetic brushes. Well, I'm gonna use this cause I'm gonna scrub a little bit with it. So you kind of want something. That's ah bristle brush so that you can scrub with it. The other thing is, you're going to need some rounds and some liner brush is to do the trees and what else we're painting. But we're gonna be painting flowers and her hair. So you're gonna want some brushes like that. Okay. And I think that's everything. Um, so let's get started. 3. Layer 1 of background: So I'm gonna start in the top right corner, and we're gonna also I just since I'm covering this campus up, I don't care. I spilled something there. Um, pretty sure it was wine. So I'm just gonna stick this on like this, going a little bit over the edge of the countess, and we're good thing in there. I want to just make sure you get foreigners. You want to not to be too sparing with this you want. You want to make sure it sticks. You don't need to go crazy with or anything. But if you definitely don't want to be cheaper, so I'm not I'm gonna put this one down, going it up there so you can kind of see how much and putting on. Especially in the corners. You want a nice amount, Okay. And I One thing about that I like to do IHS huh? E I have some writing going this way, so I like to do writing going that way, like it's just like that. Just kind of That's a little bit of interest. Okay, I'm just gonna go over some of those spots and I'm just going to randomly brush this on not everywhere, because I use it as a little bit of ah, resist technique. You see what I mean by that? But it adds, it had some texture and just some layering, so I didn't put that everywhere. Like you can see, it's kind of skipping in places where it's shining birds dry. You could see that it skips around. So I like that because that's gonna have some brush marks to the final work. Possibly some of it will be no noticeable, but never know doesn't hurt to just put this step in their Teoh, maybe help you out later on in the piece when you're working on it. 4. Layer 2 of background: you can use a makeup spunk. You can use cross funds. You could get anywhere. Dollar stores are great places to find a lot of these items using paints and brushes. Michaels has, like Artist's loft would be a better, uh, would work better than dollar store brushes. At least the dollar stores that we have around here. They're fine, but I would I would use at least use artist's loft brushes. But sponges. It really doesn't matter where you get sponges from. There's lots of things that you can get a dollar stores that are Justus good, whether you pay $20 for it or 50 cents for it. Kind of sponge is one of those things. Any kind of mark making things any kind of stencils. Dollar store is just a good if you find a pattern you like, get it. But brushes paints. I would stay away from dollar store Brown's when I go over the materials list. I put a lot of stuff in there, and you really don't need to feel like you need it all. All the different ribbons and stuff that I mentioned. You don't need all that. I just brought it out in case I'm sure that some of you that have some of that and maybe you hadn't thought Oh, I could use that. Just some stuff kicking around the house. So that's why I just includes so much in my materials list in the video when I show you off materials, because a lot of it is stuff that we have lying around the house or stuff that you would totally go and get on sale or a dollar store. That's why. Show you all the stuff. Don't feel like Oh, no, I have to go and get like, I have to spend crazy amounts of money. You don't a lot of it you have around the house, so I'm gonna show you. Finally, after all that, See how I just thought this around or rub it around, And then I take my sponge right away and do that. We're gonna do a little bit of brown. Um, I'm gonna give you a close up. Look at this. You can see what I mean. Here. You want to make sure you wipe it right away because any hard lines will stay on there like this is a hard line. So we'll cover that up later. Let me show you just what that looks like. Look at that. Really cool texture just by putting a few of these on there. And just this is because we did that mod Koch, and we just did the random brushing on there. And that's all there is because it's a reasons pattern, and we weren't careful. We didn't plan it out. Can you get those really cool effects? So where it skipped, where it's darker, that's where we don't have mod patch or any kind of resist material you might have. That's what we don't have my punch, where it skipped here, where it's later. That's where the mod podge did go. So I just wanted to show you that, because that is such a cool technique, and it's such an easy, fast way of adding texture. I'm just using my hands, which is gonna be so messy. Go back. Who knows how much of this is going to end up showing up? A lot of us will get covered up, but some of this shines through and it's just as really cool texture, and you never know what's gonna end up in the finish with mixed media. You never know what cool thing you did early on in the piece is going to show up and become a really good part of the final results. You never wanna have the attitude. Well, I'm gonna be covering so much. I'm gonna be putting paint on this. I'm gonna be putting, uh, ferry on this. I'm gonna be painting a tree here so I don't need to do all this. You never want to have that attitude. So for this one, specifically, the background is very much a forest. A dark sky with very bright little What? I'm gonna call fairy dust, and I call it my confetti technique. Blue and brown look really good together. We're gonna be out of yellow in there. It should end up looking really good. Um, that's just really love it. You hear? I need to use my gloves in my look at that. I'll show you this close up. I just love this reasons technique. It's just so cool about myself, as you can see. Okay, let's do some more on the bottom. Take here. This is technically supposed to be ground. Really Too much of a difference. and then let me just Well, I need to test this out first. See what color green that is? Yeah, I think I work. I had a little bit of green down there because you never know what we might want in there for. So this background is so cool. Just like this, you could do so much, you could go in a completely different direction with this background. I mean, look at it. It's so it's really, really interesting already. And we have just done a tiny little bit. Okay, this this we don't like, we're gonna That is not gonna matter. Because where shouting things in there, we're putting a tree in that corner. I love that blue with the brown. I'm just gonna tell you what these colors are. So I used these to Brown's. Well, it's staying and gather twixt salty ocean. If you have these already or if you desperately want to do this, you know what to go get. And I show you in a tutorial on my YouTube how to make your own experience. And this is very much like express. It's just that we have We're dubbing it, but it would work just fine. Spring Inc. One thing I want to mention these are water soluble. So if you go over this with Mom Patch, it could smear. All right, so just be aware of that. 5. Layer 3 of background: Okay, so we're going to start adding some brown and some dark blues in here, layering on watercolor. So I'm just gonna put a little thrown in my palette. So I just put some burnt umber in there, and now I'm gonna put some cobalt blue, so I'm gonna spray it just with some water as I wanted to be a little bit fluid. And I'm putting my bristle brush in my bristle brush here into, um Corona. And I'm just taking brown 16 up water. That's on wait. And just gonna kind of I want to keep some of those. And I'm just kind of scrubbing in a little bit here and there, scrubbing in kind of around where I have some And if you want, you keep your spun candy. Just kind of first under that away. If you have time to get it in a place, you don't really want it. Now I'm not gonna clean out my brush. I'm just gonna, um, put it in the blue and get that makes a mockery one. Make sure we're not making much. So you do want to be careful. This'll might not be quite dark enough. We're gonna try and see what happens here. Um, I like to get these little spots here. Just connect, and you're just scrapping it in, OK, you can mix it right in that brown there. And in fact, I would suggest you do that because it'll make it a more model defect. We're just scrapping this in. We want toe quite dark background here. Okay? I'm just gonna So we're just slowly layering on colors because we don't wanna do it too quickly. Most of all because we don't want it helps the effect if we don't do it to quickly end. Because if we do something, that's not what we like. We can change that because we didn't have too much. So the blue is starting to look to come a little bit darker. Um, but we're gonna add some things. There was the watercolor, too. Let's just start going down here a little bit. I have an extra long brush cause it's just thought when I have time for whatever. Um, so much is standing and I stand a lot when I work because I just find it. You hear things faster so we don't want sections of brown and then sections of, But we wanted really kind of all modeled in there together. Um, it's okay to see blue and Brown, but so we're starting to get, um, a Navy almost which I like, And I was kind of hoping that that would turn out like that. We are going to start getting this more brown. Just gonna do a little bit of marries finishing up here, just kind of filling in the spaces, being around him pattern. And because this background is such a cool background, I'm I've already got plans to, um, do another do another lesson where we take the background before we started adding nous acrylic paint on. And we go in a completely different direction than what we're doing out, so I don't know what direction that will be. I just I decided I wanted to do that to show you how you know, you really can go in any kind of direction with this kind of thing, So Well, figure that out together. You don't know what that's gonna look like yet came. I want to take some of those. Um, I want to keep some of these light turquoise, um, colors in there. I think those were really cool. Okay? No, just a little bit more around here. So this paint is drying as we work, and that's okay. We don't need to worry about keeping it wet to blend it, because that kind of blending were doing works When Hank starts to get a little bit tacky and whatever, so you can see that there's still some words showing through here, and there's definitely, you know, something happening in the background, too. Behind all this mess of paint that we've got on here case I'm going to use this brush. Um, like I said, it's very inexpensive brush. Um, you can get like, a whole pack of thes for a few dollars at Michael's, like all the different sizes, and they come together in a pack, cut the brush Nice and west. I don't really want it brush. Um, and you want Mr being nice and juicy, okay? And this to the paint. It's gonna it is going to sit on top of the acrylic paint hum. It might soaking in a few places, and I mean it will so can eventually. But it kind of also sits on top. There and it kind of beats up. You can see that. So we want that because that will help our model defect. And then I'm gonna go for breath because we do want this to be more brown conclude on. Actually, it's starting to look like that. So I'm pretty happy with that. Let's see what this brown dive. I don't know. And I just The reason why change brushes is because this holds water a little better than the bristle. It's not. It's not the softest brush, but it's not a really bristly brush. And there are definitely better water brushes that you can watercolor brushes that you can get. But this works vying for acrylic and, um, what color? So I'm gonna some using this brush, Uh, because I can just kind of point and put in smaller so in smaller areas, and it gives it a little bit different. Look, And if you want and you don't even need to put more paint on your brush, you can just kind of get more water on it and spread what you got there around. And if you have this, call it here, or if you have, they have two different ones. This is a few more colors, you know. Go ahead and mix since and different losing their. So we did this one. Let's do let's do this one see? And that just kind of sounds a little bit in there. So this this butterfly here it wasn't It wasn't really a bright butterflied to begin with, and so we were never having it. We were never planning on having it really obvious anyway, So I'm just kind of painting around it just because it's something that can stick out something that someone can discover something that could be discovered later on. After you know, you seen the peace for a while, someone's B of the peace, and then also Oh, there's a butterfly in there. We don't even realize such, and that's one of the charm of my pieces. I just want to put a little more blue right here. So this isn't mixing in with the with the paint already. Don't because that paint dried a long time ago. What it is doing is it's giving a little bit of a glaze. Okay, what else do we need to do? Let's add, Let's, uh, just just because I can't help myself. Let's just see what this dark turquoise deep turquoise does. Just in a few places, we are gonna be dropping this on there. I just want to see her kind of like that. You can kind of see what that looks like. Just a little bit different shade of blue. Just wanted to see what that would do. Let's do a little bit more down here. That's a little bit heavy, softer, not up. And as you see, I don't really have a whole lot of plan. I just intuitively move my brush around. So what we've got is a mixture of water color on top of acrylic and you can see it's very much puddling on top of their it well, dry. You can see that it will dry eventually, but we're gonna help it along, and I'm going to just show you this. What we need to do now is we need to put a seal on this so that we can get the the drops, the confetti effect that I call so we can use this mod podge. But when you use this just dub, it owned because if you start brushing, it's all gonna gets marriage, and you're gonna start smearing blue and brown everywhere. And right now we have, like, a really cool model defect, and we don't want it to just be smeared into one big section of mud. Okay, so you can use the montage like this will show you. Okay, so this is one way to do it. I'm just gonna show you close up here, but as you can see, that can take quite a lot of time. My sponge works a little bit better, but like I said, that could take quite a bit of time. So I'm actually just going to use this Matt clear acrylic sealer. And I was gonna take this into a ventilated area and spray it and, uh, be right back. 6. Layer 4 (The Confetti Layer): so the canvas has been sealed and you can just kind of, uh, moving around too. Check. You can see by the shine whether or not you've missed any spots, and most of it looks like it's sealed. I am narrating this video clip because the sound that I originally recorded with it got messed up. So this one is This video is a little bit different. I'm just never rating it as I go. So this isn't what I was saying as I actually did the artwork. So the reason why you need it all sealed is because if if we don't have a layer of sealant on there, it's just gonna be a jumbled mess. All of those colors will go everywhere, so we need that seal on there. Any acrylic sealer will work you can use. I use the match spray mod podge. I don't really want to use gloss at this point because I'll probably put glass on the final one. So I just like the match. So this point, you're going to get your brush really good and wet and just pick a color. I like a lot of turquoise in this piece, so and blending a light blue and a darker blue to make a little bit more of what? Turquoise color. And, yeah, don't be afraid to blend the colors. You can easily do that in watercolor. And I just use the other side of the the lid. I guess, too, to mix my colors. And I go from there, I'm gonna add a little bit of green in there. You have to make sure that you have quite a bit of water with this. Otherwise, the technique doesn't work as well because it needs to drip onto the canvas. And so if you don't have enough water, it won't be. It won't be watering enough and it won't drip. So I just kind of shake my brush onto the canvas. You could tap it like take another brush and tap the top of the brush that has paint on it . But, um, this this way it is a little bit more controlled. You can see the effect there. That's just a really cool effect, and that also having the seal on there also, not only does it protect the paint underneath, but it helps us with this whole technique that we're doing So we really do need that layer of feel on there and you can get You don't have to buy really expensive sealant just a long as it's acrylic. It should work just fine. So now and going to, uh, a little bit of red pink on there, more pink than rant, I would say. And I'm just doing the same thing again, just making sure I have lots of water on my brush and it's and then I just drop it onto there. You can really use whatever colors you want for this effect. I think I used pretty much every color on here. Some of them I seem to like more than others. They kind of give a little bit of, ah, turn on effect. The yellow I'm using now is more of a cool yellow, and it's it's kind of Ah, it turns out to look like kind of a line yellow, green and yellow, and it just depends. Some of them you might like more cool tone, some of thumb. You might like more warm tones, and I think I'm mixing some orange in there to make it. That's a warmer yellow, so it's definitely got some orange in it and you can see the close up there and you can see it beating up on the canvas. That's because we have a seat, the seal on their acrylic sealer, and so it beats up on the canvas there and because it doesn't get absorbed into the campus and many times that would be a problem. But in this case, we use it to our advantage, and you can see that I'm doing kind of sprays almost with the with the drops, and they're going in different directions and stuff. So there's some a little bit of directional spray there, and now I'm taking a bristle brush, and it's just a really, really dry brush. There's no water on it at all. And I'm brushing. I'm brushing with the the drops that are on there so that it's going to end up having, ah, the effect that there's sunlight streaming in through that direction through the trees there, and it's coming from the top right? And just like the fairy is, and maybe the fairy dust is coming that way, too, just gives us a little bit of, um, direction there, so I'm just dipping the very end of my paintbrush into the water. I don't want to get rid of the pigment on my brush, but I do need more water. So you just the very edge in there, Okay? And here I'm just being more specific about where I put the colors and and low drops. Sometimes, if there's a space that is left open, just go in there and touch it lightly with tip of your brush, and that will take care of it. Not worrying too much about the left hand. The bottom left because that's where the tree is gonna go so you don't have to do as many colors. If you wanted to, just keep it to two colors or three colors. You can do that. I just I kind of like to have keep the get the background to two colors and then do a bunch of colors for this. But you could do in other ways, too. I've done another piece with kissing technique, one of my shoe pieces, and I and I will be doing a to toil. I'm not some time as well. So now I'm going to use a toothbrush to help with some spotter and I'm just going to get it a little bit wet. And then I rub it in the water color pan there and mixing some all engines and yellow together. And you don't want it really, really wet because then you'll get and that's about perfect. You want enough so that you can get some good spray out of it, but not too much so that it's just really watery. But I do want some bigger drops and and some spray to help with that direction of the sunlight coming in. And so I'm using the toothbrush and that that also helps with the atmosphere and just just the whole aesthetic of the peace. Just sponging some out there that might be a little bit much. So you want to tap that you don't want to brush it or dragon or anything, and then I'm gonna take some of that like my personal brush and get some direction going there, and it looks really cool with the blue, some of the blue drops mixed in there and the yellow there, and now I'm dropping some more colors and some more water in some of those areas. It's just whatever effect you're going for and sometimes you see a place and you think I want those a little bit bigger. I want that drop to be more to be bigger. So put some more water in there, mixed with some paint, and that will do it. And if you don't like it, just take your paper towel and just dab it and it should be fine. And now I'm taking some burnt umber and my dry bristle brush just getting a little bit on there. I don't need too much at all. It's just on the very tips. And then I'm scrubbing some of it off here and you can see there how much amusing? And I'm just doing that directional brushing their again. Here's a close up view of what that looks like. I just love the effect and the different sizes of the drops, and then it just looks like, you know, stars exploding or fairy dust. Or, you know, really whatever you would want it to be, you could do this effect for so many different things. And it's just it looks really cool. And here I've got some ultra marine blue. No, I believe that's cobalt blue and it's going in with my burnt Roberts kind of mixing there a little bit, and you want to have a really light touch When you do this, you just you wanna be holding the brush at the end? Not near, not let's see where I'm holding the brush there, and you just need to be really, like just brushing the canvas very lightly. Otherwise, it's not gonna have the same effect. So I'm just taking some deep purple and filling in some spots where I just want, uh, maybe some shadows, and I just want some something else there. And you can also use this to cover up any any areas that you don't love. I could use it with blue if you want Whatever cause you want to use. I just want some more darks in there. So and then I use my deep purple. Those that water color palette is really great for this mixed media. It's so affordable and it has so many different colors and you could mix anything with it. It's really a great power. I would definitely suggest you get it and you know, if you find that you like working with water colors than you could move into more expensive watercolors. But it's it's a great beginner watercolor set, so I've I just I just kind of pick out areas that I don't really know what how I picked them, just areas where I think, Oh, I'd like a little bit of deep purple here or Deep purple there, and that's really I just go by intuition, and it's there's no plan for it. If there's some lighter spots I don't like, you know, I would try to cover them up, but other than that, I just you kind of get to know what you like. So when you have the canvas and everything I can but you wanted to be, you can see some close up views here. The last thing you need to dio before this step is done is seal this. Now, this will take quite a while to dry. You can just leave it and it will dry. You'll have to wait quite quite a while for that to get absorbed because it's it doesn't get with the sealant on there, it doesn't get absorbed. But what I like to dio is take my heat gun and you can kind of direct some of those sprays and certain ways, and you can use that for You can see right there that it's not quite dry yet. See, it's quite wet and I'm picking it up. The more I touch it, the more it picks up on. That was completely gone. So here I am, drying it, and you can watch it and you can. Like I said, direct some of those dots if you want and you can tell when they start drawing there, you can actually see them dry up. If you watch them, it takes quite a bit. It's not as it's not as fast as you know, drawing the mod podge, so or you can just leave it in a place where it won't get disturbed and come back to it. It might be the next day that you have to come back to it, but that will work. I am an impatient person, so I use a heat gun or a blow dryer. In this case, I'm using a blow dryer 7. Sketching the fairy: she's not gonna Philip as much of the canvas like her body won't Philip as much of the canvas because she's kind of young, not not a little girl, but young and her. We need to make sure we leave room for her wings. So she's gonna come down, like with us commercial accent, her neck. It's like s came her shoulders. They won't all be seen. They're actually just gonna be kind of straight across. For the most part, they're really gonna be hidden. And she's a 3/4 view. Her shoulders gonna be hidden from with her hair camp. Her weight is gonna be kind of all right, coming in like that. Let me just see here you've got going on here. So this is her neck Nationals. This is a 3/4 view. We don't want to draw it over here, okay? And then but she's gonna come down. It was gonna come macaroons. Um, just I see her here. Just making light. Well, these aren't really light. Um, I'm making them a little bit darker, so they'll show up on camera. Her hair will soften that right now, but we don't need to worry about that. right now, Dress getting kind of ID, like such on her raced is about here, um, and then her back we're seeing just here's the side of her right here. And then we're starting to see a little bit of the back of her here. So and then she's gonna come out like that, and she is a very So we're gonna make her quite with B clip beginnings of her skirt here. Her skirt is gonna go out quite a bit. It's it's address, but we're coming out skirt right now. Just get a little beginnings of a skirt. We're gonna We're gonna go out quite a bit. I'm not sure. Okay, So you got that starting to see her a little bit now, and this arm is gonna come here. It's gonna be hidden. So there she was. Not too much point in fussing with that because her hair is gonna go there. So let's do her hair. We are seeing pretty much We're gonna be seeing a profile. We're going to see her profile. Ah, little bit. 3/4 3 quarter view profile. So we're gonna give her a little bit of shape to her head. We're gonna indicate her eyes and her nose and just her chin a little bit Before we do that , I just want to get her hairline going. So my hair is gonna come out here. We're not going to see her hair on that side of her face, but it's coming out. We've got that and this is gonna come around, and then we're gonna put her hair up a little pitch, so it just kind of rests on her head, not tightly against her head. And so right now she looks like she's gotten extremely a round head, But fat, we'll make some adjustments. Just want to get a little bit of hair in there. So I could kind of see So she's gonna come down, Her forehead is going to come down. Her eyes are gonna be right here getting of her little kind of pixie nose. It's not totally realistic. We just want a little indication here. And then we got a clean approach in here, right? Come in a little more. I can even give her some eyelashes. So I kind of got a little bit face going there. And now she's got a little way. See, a little bit of her personality starting to come out, and this piece is a very whimsical piece, a sweet, delicate piece. So adding some eyelashes in there helps to portray that in my video courses. I really want to show people how I portray a certain mood because that's a big part of my art, and that's a big part of what people like about my art. I mean, I guess that's really with a lot of artists. I know. I hear that kind of comment a lot. So I want to help people understand in my courses how toe get that. But that feeling across okay, so her hair is quite it's actually going to just come across her neck, weren't. Now we have to decide if we want to completely hide her neck or if we want. If it will work to show her neck and then show her hair beside it. Generally, that doesn't work because it just looks awkward to, you know, draw her neck and then say, OK, now here's her. Here's her hair. That's kind of it doesn't really work, so I think we're just gonna hide her neck completely. But we have to make sure that it's obvious it's her hair that will be the line there and not her neck. Because if it's not obvious, then people are gonna be like, Oh, her neck is a weird shape or whatever. So it has to It has to come across that this is definitely her hair. So if we just do this, if we just make this little line there, it's gonna look too much like her next. So what we want is to kind of just do that. And then it's a little bit more clear that that's her hair, because next don't do that. That's kind of obvious that next don't do that. Okay, so let's just give her. She has her hair tied back now. As you know, I like to put in hair right away, not right away, but generally pretty early because it helps me to establish your personality. It helps me to figure out what we're doing with her. Okay, so we're just adding she's got some flowers in her hair and they kind of stick out a little bit. I don't wanna be to spastic with it, so it's like looking that up yet. But now something that might be good is to just bringing her hair a little bit here. So that was really indented there. And then it comes out. Um and it's really flowing. We've got some really, really nice waves coming down here across her arm. We're gonna have her hair flip on itself, and that's just erase her. Phils are here and do this. So the way to have the hair flip on itself is just a little thing in there. Eventually her arms and s. I'm gonna raise that first so you can see that looks like her hair is turning here and then coming back around. Do you see that? How I do that and that gets a little bit of movement in her hair. And, yeah, we can do that on this side, too. But let's just continue on doing with her. It's a little bit too curly for my liking. I want it more wavy what people might call beachy waves. We want this curly enough because we want it can really make sure it's different than her neck. That's better. Okay, Um and then I always find from doing here. I always like to find a little place right here is a good place to come off. Or maybe right here and out another little Wisc. So we're gonna do that. And this is also just kind of maybe reaching Got a little thing there. Um, and let's just come up here, the race, this thing Oh, what a mess here. So that's coming the other way. I don't really want coming that way. I would rather have a curving this way. How's that If you watched any of my other video tutorials, you know that I'm I do spend time on hair. I can be quite picky with it. And that is because I feel like because my girls a lot of personality, I think this is kind of coming off too much. Has he raised all that stuff? It's OK. It's worth it to get the If you want talks about, I think nothing and we can do more work with that when we actually paint the hair. Okay, let's do something. Was this now so we don't want it to interfere with her. I we wouldn't want to come to have this coming right from her eyelash there because that'll confuse people so we'll just have it coming right down here, right near her face. Oh, look, a thought is not sweet and have a curling having nice curl around there. Then we have some hair coming across her dress like this. 10 around, Been there a bigger one. And then he raced this shoulder. We needed to put it there to make sure that we have her proportions somewhat correctly. And her hair is coming down right here, and it's coming across there. So that's another place. We we want to make sure we're pretty clear on what's happening there by her neck. I can't seem to get this girl right the way I want it really nice from around a way around . And then we just tie in Ty and around there we go. And it always helps to add a little bit of streaks of this hair is coming. Don't. And then this is coming cross that. We need to make sure that we really show that the stairs coming down the stairs going across and then with and then we've got this going on, too. We could put some hair coming out here, but I don't think we will kind of like her hair being really nice and wavy, but together I don't think we're gonna put with coming off. Okay. Ah, let me just make sure that's cute. I kind of like that. Generally, these mixed media pieces are without faces. In fact, he always opens up faces. But as you know, I also do faces and so I don't know, I'm contented to a face on her. Now we have her hair in there. I just wanna make sure that she is good here, that maybe once bring this out a little bit. I turned and then that's coming from here. They were arm a little bit more substance. And she is If you look, if you look at this, she's kind of in the process of landing. Maybe so she's just She just couldn't got her arms behind her. And she's just landing on picturing, um, you know, I have a seven, almost seven year old daughter and I'm picturing her and her fairy videos, and she's She's quite calm. She's just fluttering around, but she's not erratic. She's she's flying. She's fluttering, but she's not erratic. She's calm. Okay, so her arms air calm and she's just softly landing. One thing you'll notice is here's the bottom of our paper. We may run out of room for her feet and we can just out that in the bottom there. But we won't worry about that too much. The thing I kind of underestimated where her head needed to be with her wings because I wanted to make sure that I had her wings room for wings and her dress is not flattering. She doesn't have a fluttering dress. It's still she's moving, but she's calm. So we're just gonna make this dress nice. And, uh, that might be a little too too many two minutes. Let's loosen that up a bit. So we just all we have to do to listen it up. Let's just put those farther apartment, but some closer together. Did you see how that solutions it up? And because she's a very weak wanna, you know, some designs here, and we want to have little bit of layers and whatnot, so we're gonna So this is the bottom layer right here, but we're going to have a top player, or this is the middle air that we're working on now. actually. So So let's just start from here. And we're just gonna kind of do some little These don't need to be exact. They do need to go with her body. We're gonna have to figure this out. We're gonna change this. I'm looking at the camera. I'm looking at my monitor here at the same time and I'm not paying attention, Toe. Hopefully this isn't focused for you. And then I think he concentrated one. I'm actually drawing here, and then she's gonna have We're gonna put some fabric over her. I'll show you the fabric that I have that I used. It's got some little flowers on it, legs coming here. And she kind of comes around here and her legs should come out about here, her left leg, and they're gonna be crossing over. So this one kind of comes over and her knee is about right there. We I always say I've got to find them here. So still trying to find them can that's gonna come right over there. And then her knee is quite bent as it comes there. So it's almost straight there. It's not really curved at all right here. Um, and then this is kind of straight down. It's gonna come down there. We do not want her legs to look short. Really? Really. Don't. So that's just continue on here. So her ankle's gonna come right there. And then her foot comes right at the bottom here. Okay, that kind of comes around and then towards her. Anchalee works slowly towards her ankles, and it's okay if she's got super skinny ankles. Because, let's face it, fairies. They're a little bit disproportion anyway, and we're just gonna kind of that looks better. And then this foot is just, um it's gonna come down about there. Think so We're gonna come behind here. Um, let's pretend we're drawing that. So we come out of the right side and sometimes I do just drove right across there because it helps me to see. But then, if I don't, it's one more. One less line I have to raise. So we'll try to do it without drawing there, okay, and four feet. You just kind of one indicate a little bit, especially on her. We won't indicate a little bit of a pointed toe. A little bit of an indent there, um, square off the foot a little bit. Feet don't end like that and they don't end like that. And we want to make sure her feet and the same that they look like the same belong to the same person or the same ferry as the case may be. Oh, this is this foot is a little bit farther away, so it is gonna be just a tad smaller. That's something, um, in collage again, we don't have to totally worry about, but be as accurate as possible, even if it's not going to end up being like a Zach. You're it in the collage Because it's good for me to practice that for my other paintings, and it it's just good to practice it. So even if my drawing isn't gonna come across, you know, completely whatever are my collage When a collage my drawing, this will be as accurate as we get it. I'm just gonna erase the inside line of this. The wings are a lot easier to draw. Then they are too collage and put together. Her wings come right up behind her. And I'm not giving her perfectly round wings because I want her is where does. It sounds I want her to have more realistic looking wings, even though she's a fairy and she technically does not exist in the real world. So I don't want toe, you know, just do some round wings. I want to give her a little bit of angles on her wings, cause it makes her look a little more tell you can I think okay. And then we're just gonna have this one coming out really in there, Gonna come back. And these are 3/4 view of wings. I don't want her to look like a fat. So if I was to do this, she would look like a different kind of fairy. Then if I do not right, This is one way we can make her just But rounding the wings a little bit here at the back. We're just gonna do this or he's gonna cover ups. There's gonna come back here. Um, okay. Just gonna give a little bit of shape to those. Do you like that? We're not. I'm strong figure when I wanted you here trying to get the right shape that I launch here, huh? No, I don't like that. I keep trying to put it in there. But every time I do it, I don't like it. Okay, well, let's let's continue on. And something might come to us if we wanna. But now her bottom wings, they're gonna look pretty different, you know, like this needs to come things around it too much. Yes. Here we go. See, we just left it in the house and we figured it out. Okay, so these are going to come like this, and then this is gonna be around it, and these are gonna be a little bit smaller, then the top wings. I don't know how Fairy's wings work, so I can't give you any scientific, uh, explanation for why we're shaping them the way we're shaping them. Now, this one, we are just barely going to see it. Kind of like this one, but it's even because it seems smaller. Want to see it even left from this other one here because it is behind her on her wings. Okay, But we wanted to match with that wing. You need to look, we need her arms. They don't need to match. They just need to look like they belong to some person. We're not going to drawing symmetrical legs. I just need to belong. Like there. They just need to look like they belong to the same person. We're very I think those work. Okay, that's just shave her a little bit. And then where good to go, we shaded her and there's gonna give you a close up for you Think we are going to try to add those eyes will see what it looks like when she's armed the canvas. And I'm gonna go and add just a little piece there to do that just so I can show you how to do that. Normally, I would just draw it on the script paper. I'm able to that actually and there she is. She's shaded. I just want to point out this you can see, because I mentioned how this was the side of her. So I shaded that in to indicate that. And, you know, just a simple thing like that really shows a lot. I shaded this because it's behind, shaded a little bit behind, and we also shaded her neck because gonna be It's gonna be dark there. And then we shaded this piece that comes in underneath in this piece that comes underneath and this this hair this section comes over top. So we shade a little underneath there and we showed a little bit in the back. And when we paint her, we're going to add highlights. And we're going to submit tones and some shadows in her hair so you'll see that she's gonna have blond hair. She's one of my few mixed media pieces that have blonde hair, so I'll show you how to do that. Joined me on the next video, and we will be starting to put together. 8. Transfering The Sketch: After you have scanned and printed the sketch, you need toe outline your printed sketch with a black marker. I usually use a sharpie. This will help us to see the sketch through the pattern paper and script paper were using. If you do not have a light box for the next step, you can do it against the window. Okay, so we've got her traced. And now we're just going to trace onto our school paper. You can use an actual lightbox. This one works just fine. It actually works really good. It doesn't take up too much room. Hope they won't blind you with this. Okay, so we can see very easily here. And I just see the word softly, and I'm gonna put that right over her face because I like that I usually just outlined the face and then cut like around there and then start painting and paint onto the canvas. But I'm considering cutting out her hair shape and then painting right on the paper because her hair with the tissue paper behind could be a little difficult. And then we've got her hair coming over her arms. Even though we are cutting out the whole shape of her hair together with her head and her arms, least only to make sure that we make marks where her hair is against her arm against her neck. Because that will help us. That will guide us for when we, um, put her together. Okay, So here is the finished tracing of her with her arms, her hair and her face. And now we're going to dio her the dress. And I should mention that we are going to put her own little pattern on this dress. We're gonna paint our own, uh, thing here. Now, this pink material is going to just come to it's it's the middle layer. Now, we're just going to do her, uh, we'll dress underneath here. And you know what? I think I'm going to do her whole skirt, even though this top part won't show. We needed to come through underneath there. But it will make this just a, you know, very subtly raised up help out to the effect that she's got layers of skirt here. You've got the word sunshine here. We're gonna do that right there. Okay, so here we go with this, and we're gonna go under. We're gonna take her legs all the way underneath her skirt here. We're gonna cut them under there so that we don't have to. It would be hard to match them up. Exactly. So we're going to layer the skirt on top of the legs. We need to cut the legs a little bit longer than what they will show. 9. Designing the Dress and Placing the Figure: Okay, so now we don't have to put some texture on here, and we've got a few things. Got some bubble wrap. We've got some netting. I've got just a puppet out stone. And I have also found this script step. So if you have something like that, you can use that first thing. Let's just start out subtle. I've got this. So any kind of orange, or, like, really watered down orange acrylic paint will work, and I'm just gonna try this money would. Sure, Exactly. We're just trying some things here. And just to get some texture on that you can see that. And it doesn't have to be perfectly even. It's just we just want a random look. And most of this on this skirt is gonna be covered up. So there we go that I'm just gonna take this walnut stains and lay it on here like that. Sometimes this can be a little too gaudy. Son was gonna get some off blobby. That's a good word. So we've got a little bit of pattern, a little bit of texture. It's not gonna show up much because it's gonna be underneath. I've got some of the spider brick. You stick that and I'm just working it on there. Still a little bit off there. You can see what that looks like. I'm just going to get a small stencil brush. Just a small one. Have a little bit in here. And then I'm gonna put this over her shirt to give the impression that her shirt is a little bit. I don't different just to separate it a little bit more is not a shirt. It's a top of address, but we're just going to separate it a little bit more. And just to make it look more like a felt fit, maybe I don't know if that made a difference too much in kind of See, I might want to make that a little more obvious. I've got this clinical magenta and Eliza in crimson for me to see her. I'm gonna just always there in crimson. You can use whatever you have or you you know, you could be done at this point with decorating her dress. This is just giving you kind of my process a little bit. And I'm just gonna rather than put some on my palette. I'm just gonna dig right in there may be wiped off. Um, and then just thought nice and lightly. I'm gonna try to keep it to her. What do you think about that? No woman. It's kind of cool. I'm not sure how I feel about it. We'll take a little bit down here too. Just dump it on. What's kind of cool kind of brings out her her top a little bit more, So we'll just leave it at that. I think that's good. This is just still a little bit wet. Sounds good. Drive that cook set up. Make sure that we cut a wrote how we wanted to cut her out match of her legs. And there we go have our month punch here. I feel working on this one. So let's start with adding her legs to her skirt. That seems to be the easiest thing here. So I'm just gonna line up her legs here, and then I'm gonna dot this and then the lineup her skirt exactly where I want it. And before that drives to this lift about because I don't want that too dry on there because when? Because if it does, then it'll tear When I take it up? Let's drive that. So when we put it back down, so I use a blow dryer. I don't know what I've mentioned this and sister tournament out, but I use a blow dryer, and I also have a heat gun you could do. Is either one don't boiled? Get a heat gun for this. You probably have a blow dryer somewhere kicking around. Let's have the dress next or the top part. Next. We're gonna line it up up here, Okay? So only to do is just get someone here. Now let's see if the smears at all can't challenge. It's very, maybe a little bit. Not too bad. This will be covered up anyway. So even if it did smear, but it's not smearing to bet it shouldn't smear. Too bad because it is dried. But I think in some places it is so you just want to be watchful. So if it's starts smearing, you want Teoh, make sure dubbed rather than brush. So just be watching for that. So you don't mess up your wonderful designed dress, okay? And we get a match. You up here. This is her to Dio because it's at a different angle than what would what would be natural for me to be looking at it because I want to make sure it's on camera. So, uh, for me, I might be looking like from your perspective, it might seem like a have problems here lining things up. But it's because I can't see it from where I'm sitting, I can't see. It is good because I want to make sure I get it on camera. OK, I think that's OK. It seems to be off here a little bit. I'm not sure why that IHS, but I think it will be okay. And we're gonna lay her on here. I just have a little bit coming brush. Not going to go everywhere. I'm just gonna go mainly where her dresses covering up and on her arm. Here, I said, aka fight, end up getting something on room place on. So find a line and then what? Don't we just have to check? Make sure this arm is straight. We don't want this arm to be coming out at a weird angle and to get stuck there, So let's make sure this is straight. Okay? That's what this down. Uh, so just first time there, make sure that's nice and straight, and then check it again. Just keep checking it to make sure the worst is when you realize that, you know, you flip her over and she's got, like, a big crinkle there, so she looks good. I'm gonna make sure this side is on their good and just connect all of this together. You don't need to use smooth tissue paper crinkled up tissue paper is gonna work, but you wanted crinkled up, so I'm just gonna trace this. So we're doing each wing separately. So we're going to do this back wing first and we're just gonna come over her body and thats is just gonna come. We do want to be accurate a little bit because it's gonna be showing through here just a little bit. And we come in between her arm and her side, so just finish that off there. That's gonna go behind her. So that's that one, OK, and let's do another one. Let's do this one. And we want to go all the way past her arm all the way past her dress because that's gonna go in behind her dress, even though we don't feel case. That's number one. This is number two. Let's do the back one here first, um, go over into her body there, behind her body. Okay, so that's three. So this is gonna come? This is gonna be hidden, but we need to go all the way over there. I didn't wanna have some weird and showing up behind her. And that's number four. So I did make another layer here, so I think we probably are gonna have two layers of tissue paper. I was gonna do it the other way. You think we're gonna try doing it this way? So these air on Hello here. Not cold, you hear? So these air, you know, hard to keep in place. She has her wing started. Now the trick is and it definitely in the trick. Definitely a challenge. I should say the challenge is to fifties on there the way we want them. So if we lift that up really carefully, keep this in place. Let's start with Let's start with these back ones here. This back when? And just, uh, fun can and place this over. Thanks. So that's on there and lift that up because already sticking to the paper got that together . Now we're going to add this one and this one. No, everyone will overlap right here. So let's just put a little bit Padraig there. I think that come on. Can't that upset didn't have a chance to stick on the canvas. Just have a little bit. We don't need too much right now. Just want a little bit to keep it together, OK, so I think that's enough. Teoh Just keeping in place. Yeah, I think that works. Okay, It's so make sure that's dry came now I'm going to Euro parts of my touch on the back of her and lay her. Don't make sure. Get her arms. Put this back in place, and very carefully. Put this down. Put it in place as best you can, and then make sure her arms straight right away. Lift her up. She's already sticking to the convent. Christian paper. We've got her on the campus. Once she's here, it looks like one will be fine. Um, but once you put these on, they get a lot, um, a lot more see through. So we are gonna add this behind. We're gonna have these behind, and we don't need to be too picky about it. Just match them up. Come on. There. That'll be fine. Try to get the right one here. Okay? And every night you can already see where we put mod podge here. It's already starting to become a lot more transparent. Definitely. It affects it. If you've already sealed this, which we have, then we don't need to worry about messing up any of these caressed. They're all safe under there. If you didn't seal them, this will make a big, huge mess. So definitely go and seal this. So we're gonna touch her now. Um, we wanna make sure things don't go off of the canvas right on the edge. We're putting them right on the edge because I kind of don't want her right directly in the center. I just want her a little bit, Right? Center would be the worst thing the world if she was in the center. But we're gonna try toe, I avoid it. And then So let's push these wings down. There's much you can We're going to get her head kind of have to be careful in this. You do have to be careful in this step because you don't want her wrinkled in some weird way, especially her head and her arms, because that's very thin paper that where we have used and it will be very easy to get wrinkled. Look, we're not making sure it's going down. We don't want any air bubbles underneath. There is basically what I'm trying to say. So once you got her head down, you can could underneath there and put her body dome. It's just Teoh that good, Alaric. Now that's just get in these rings. I'm not worried about the top layer too much of the tissue paper yet. I'm just kind of pushing it down my fingers so that the bottom layer gets stuck on there and and then her legs are another area where we have to be careful that they don't come out at some weird um, Hubble. They're not wrinkled on there. Well, we were just little for another, and you can use your finger if it's wet. You can use your finger to smooth at all down. If it starts to get tacky. You might not want to do that cause it's gonna start going up. It can be quite messy. Thank think we're safe. I'm just gonna put this. I don't think it's running. I talked about it. Might smear, but it's It's good. So everything is going good. Okay. And before I forget, I'm gonna put it right over her, please. And just around her head a little bit. Okay, so no thes wings here. They're starting to go down. That's just, um, you can see underneath there. Okay, so it's gonna lift this up a little bit. We want this to be crinkly, so let's add a little bit of veins in there. Just kind of We want it. Just a stone. Her. It's already dread. We were just gonna push it down. Kind of wrinkly. I mean, there. Okay. I just put a few in. We don't need to many You've got a little thing there. I'm gonna leave that. It's kind of a cool a little accident. So remember, she has three wings animal, so I'm gonna drive this, and then we're gonna come back 10. Adding the Overlay to the dress: before we're going further. I just want to add this overlay. I didn't worry about doing it before because it just makes more sense to do it once she's on the canvas with the tissue, paper wings and everything. So I'm honestly just going to cut it just over a little bit and she's gonna come from her waist. I'm gonna come right up to her waist. Let's cut us down here for now. We might change this, but for no, it's just this someone's gonna clean it up a little bit. One way you could do this is with them on watch. Here. This Matt one there is a fabric montage. But I don't really like the fabric. Monta Watch. I have some. I'm not even gonna bother with it. It just is too hard to work with. I don't I don't like working with it, even with fabric. So we are definitely gonna use amount punch on this, but to make sure that it sticks because it mod podge works best with paper, you can use a few different things. I have some glue dots here, so I'm going to actually put some of these own here and it was gonna do it strategically behind the flowers, just enough to get it to get it on their about. It's not moving. The other thing you could do is you can use any kind of blue. You confront glue, probably at the dollar store. It has to be clear drawing and not too messy. So I have some of this I don't even know. Access basket quick, dry. Elmer's glue. I don't think would work. Try to get something a little bit better than something like that. So now that we've got this on here, it's It's sticking. I'm going to use the moment punch to get the rest of it down there and my patrol actually kind of soak through. Yeah, I just wanted to put a few of those. Just glue it down in a few places to make sure it's it's on their good. And then we can kind of continue on with the mob punch, and it was gonna go around it over top, really dubbed that in good. You can kind of see her just scrub it in so that it's on. They're really good 11. Painting the Hair and wings: I put burnt Sienna on there, and then I just wiped it off with water because it wasn't really doing when I wanted it to dio. And then it's still no, it still has. We still have a little bit of the base, a darker base. Okay, we're gonna go in with a little bit of cadmium yellow deep, and we're just gonna be building up layers. And this is a transparent paint, and it's really yellow. We're just gonna player Cem different yellows and browns on here until we get the effect we want. And, uh, you have to be to careful here and just just careful up against her skin and her neck so you can see that it's very transparent. She's got a good base, but it's too yellow. It's too intensely yellow. So we need to fix that. And in order to fix that, we're going to add some. We're gonna start with burnt Sienna. First, we're gonna make sure this is dry, and I'm going to start putting in her waves. So let's start with, um, just moving this down. Pretty instance streaks because this hair comes down and just move your brush a little bit in a wavy pattern. Okay? And then we're going to go back and forth between darks and lights until we get the effect we want. She's going over there, and then we're gonna come out here. Knicks swirls. Start from here because your hair, her hair is gathered here, and then it comes out here. Okay, so we're not gonna remember. Her hair is tied, so this hair stops here, and then we have here, coming out from here, and we just move the brush in a little pattern here, and we won't emphasize this line here, so let's just put it in for now. We're gonna do more stuff with it yet, but on and then and then we have some here coming down here. Yes. We want this to be a little bit different as well. And then it comes around here. Let's do the same thing over here. We started her head and we moved down and we could just stop on that a little bitch and we could start your move down. This is gonna be quite dark in here because it's well, it's behind her 300 neck, and then it comes out here so we'll leave this quite light. We'll put some more highlights in it. And then, um Well, this comes around here. This is gonna be dark. Let's put this line in here. Um, right here. Indicate this a little bit. Okay, so I've got some, uh, lemon custard Yellow. Kate. So this one you want more opaque and you don't want it to be transparent like the other one we were using just before. And this is going to catch some some sunlight as it comes under and over over here. So we're just gonna indicate that a little bit, And then the top of her head's gonna have some sunlight coming. Let's do a little bit of curl there, and then she's gonna have a few streaks coming here. We're starting to see her hair. Just soften that out and then do some more here. Like I said, we go back and forth, back and forth. So right now we need to put in a dark line over there, and we'll do that. And I want to put some dark and right over here, too. There's gonna be just some light coming in through here, and then we have we have a dark back here, and then we're gonna have this quite light, and it's gonna come around here, and then it's gonna catch the light again here. So in order to, we could put the yellow there, but to make it stand up more will put the dark in right beside the light. Okay, so I'm not gonna wash that brush off. I'm just gonna wipe it off on a paper towel that I'm gonna come back here with my burnt sienna and put some more squid lease on top of that. Let's do this. This is coming around. It's just coming underneath here a little bit, so that would help to make her to make it look like there's this piece kind of fluttering around and we're gonna put some on top of it and just give it some movement. So see how that helps give it a little bit of movement. And yes, we will come back in there again with some more lights. This this is quite yellow in here, so let's add some shadows in there and right in here. We've got a piece in here sometimes it just kind of shows you you just see a little bit of a darker piece and you just bring it out a little more, like right in here. Let's see here. Right in here. We can bring out shadow, and then up here, I want to come on a little bit of shadow in here. So this is coming here. I really want to do indicate that this Issa all coming to ah point. They're gonna bring that over a little bit. It's is pretty light here, so I'm just gonna That's any dark there. So if we come here and then come out miss that, that kind of helps to emphasize that. All right, here. This is kind of so this we curve this line here a little bit more. Here we go. Now I got it. I don't know if that if you could tell what I was being so picking there, but it wasn't quite giving the effect that it was curving around. And now we've kind of from that there, I'm gonna take some birds number now, So this will be the darkest dark that is this color here, and I'm gonna go in here and I'm just gonna do so quick brushstrokes. I don't want big gloves here because I don't want to look like she's colored. She's got streaks this color in her. I just want this to be an indication of shadows. We also need to put something darker against her face here. So that it it stands that were. And while we're at it, that's just know we'll wait for that, actually. So these shadows that we've already gotten there, we can just indicate them a little bit more. I'm turned here. Actually, this nice little Sloane street cred in here could be indicated more. And then it goes in and comes back out. You're just gonna kind of be could disappear there. And they were gonna come back out right in there. And them. I'm gonna come right up to her skin here, And I'm gonna go underneath here a little bit, too to indicate that. And we're just going back and forth, back and forth because after this, I'm gonna have to add some more lights there that helps to show her hair. Loman. Mark, Just a few streaks in here are good. He'd be over here, maybe right against here. I mean, so, like, I say I just spend quite a bit of time on hair. I wasn't lying when I said that. Honestly, I'm not loving, um, the side of her hair too much right now, but we just keep working at it until all of a sudden, something will click. And then I like this That I just out of there all of a sudden something real quick, as like Okay, yeah, we got it figured out now, So her hair's coming down here, and it's not totally indicated. I wanted to be a nice, clean section of hair coming around here, so I'm gonna find that in the burnt umber there, that looks, that looks better. And then I'm gonna come in here again on the site and make sure that it's indicated that that's her hair. Just some. All right. Just going around there is really we need I'm gonna go up here sometimes. You look so you're doing this. You're concentrating so hard and you're looking so much and you forget to actually look at the overall effect. So you've got to stop every once in a while. Do that, like, right now before had kind of looks ridiculous because it looks really round. And so somehow we've got something there. So we're just gonna fix that by bringing this over right like that? And then we're gonna bring for a little bit, not helps. Okay? And we just got kind of softness yellow a little bit. Um, so just bringing us around here, it's just a little bit to clean around her face, okay? And then a few little things right here. Just defensive movement in there. It's, um, burnt number in there. How about in clients? Do that over here. Here we go. If you find that you've got some paint on her skin, just what? Your brush with clean water and then just kind of scrub a little bit. I've got some here on the tissue paper. That's not gonna matter once we get going on that. So now let's do the swings. I want her to have a little bit of pink in her wings. Your water. You can use some water down pink. I've got two different shades here. I think the darker one that might be a little better. We're going to really water it down. So I just want to show you a few different ways to do this. Depending on the material you have, let me show you how to use the paint. Do this. Get a little bit on your palate with some water. You just need a regular brush wanted quite fluid. Another thing you can use is golden acrylic fluids and maybe even water them down with a little bit more because we want to make sure that this does not go opaque at all. We want it to be very transparent business. Er these air wings, these are very wings. You can t brush the song and even just it's much it around with your finger or a sponge. Okay, so there's we can do that or you can use Make sure you get in here and don't forget those wings go behind there en route to the edge. This is a dark background, so you don't have to worry too much. If you're painted water down enough. You don't have to worry too much about um, going over. I just noticed that we also have this kind of split wing pair just like we do down there. So those are some happy accidents, or you can use your water color palette again. It's a lot on your brush, and it has seen effect. Really, The only thing I would say is that the acrylic, but here's better sticks better. It depends what you have, so I just want to give you a few different options for what you have. But I'm going to continue on with this Krulik here. Make sure it's not true. Opaque. Make sure that we still have transparent tissue paper. Wingless here. All right, that's good. Get up into her hair. Their shipper against her dress Cover that. So now that I've had a few minutes away from looking at her hair, let's times we can see things that we didn't see before cause we were just busy staring at it. So we, you know, it's always good when you're painting, doing anything to to look away and come back because you see it with new eyes or to look at it from a different perspective. So I often, when I'm doing when I'm painting at the easel, I'll often look, turn around and look in a mirror and see my painting just in a different way, For I take a picture with my iPhone and look at the picture on the iPhone because it helps your eye to see it in a little bit different way. So this is still looking a little bit awkward. I really want this to like I don't want there to be confusion like what's happening with the shoulder here. So we're gonna just at another quick little, um, curl of her hair there. And I'm just gonna come in from here, so we don't want to just make we don't want to have it come from nowhere, right? Like, we have to start somewhere with her hair. And there we go. So that's already looking so much better. And honestly, I might just need like that, but I probably won't going a little bit of yellow in there because I can never leave well enough alone. So let's just small little streak of yellow in there. Just a tiny one there like that. So this is coming around just a second here. This is coming around, and then this is coming underneath. I'm seeing something and I want to know Go with it. Well, I see it. So this is coming around really nicely, and I really want to emphasize that her hair's twisting on itself. So I'm just gonna bring this around in that down a little bit and then come back in here with the yellow him. So there her hair is twisting a little bit on itself. It's probably something that only I know about Onley I will notice. But whatever got thes they're all dry we're gonna take Ah, we can use a bristle brush. Make sure it's very dress. You don't want this What? That's all. If you have a pink ink pad, let's try that first lightly, Lightly brushing over this to bring out in different directions to bring out those lines that we made in her wings. Okay, I just want to bring up the texture a little bit. We're in here. There we go. Need came up to snow for these. Another thing that you can do is go over it with a darker shade of acrylic paint. Whatever shade you have, if you could do magenta, but this one you want very dry painted. This is Quinn acquittal. A gente de been in very lightly, so there's just a little bit on the brush down a lot I want, um, that off. Okay. And then go over this. You don't want very much water on here at all. And that would have the same effect if you don't have any ink pads. If you just bought some paints and actually, it's I think it's working a little better. Go against, go against the lines so that they stick out, because this will be what really makes them look like veins. Means you're gonna go this way and you're gonna go this way all the directions that you get right and the lines of those lines stick out as much as possible. We've got iridescent, uh, glitter, glue and all. We're gonna dio Greece a moat. Um, in this case, you could just take the top right off. I just do with your finger and yeah, I would use your finger because first of all, it will make a mess with your brushes. So you want a little bit of iridescent to give it a really delicate, fluttering look? You can kind of see it just kind of looks wet, but you can kind of see the sparkles in there. And if you wanted, you could even add some over here. We've already got some glitter. I This already has a little bit of sparkles in it. But if you don't have that and if you don't, even if you didn't put netting on you can add someone there. However, you know, this is kind of whatever you want. We're actually gonna put a little bit through her hair too. Let's actually just do it a little bit of that right now. You don't want too much. You just want a hint of it. Good. And now we're gonna add some gold. No, this looks a lot more opaque right now, but it will clear. And I don't want it everywhere. All over her wing. I just wanted to kind of kind of centered in the middle. Make sure we don't forget to go upto we don't. We don't forget about going right up to her hair, because that will be obvious. Every her am what? We missed that. So again, you can put as little camera however what you want. So now I'm just gonna add some to her hair, and I'm just gonna kind of use it Where her yellow The yellow is the blonde An honest kind of She was a fairy. I gotta be careful. This takes a little bit too dry 12. Shading the Figure: her tissue. Paper wings should be a little bit drying out. Now we can shade her and painting her flowers here and painting her little waste bent. So I'm just using a small brush again. I'm not gonna bother putting any pain to my palette. I'm just gonna do it right from the lead. I wouldn't do this with any my expensive paints because I don't want to mix them up. But these ones, it's gonna be minimal. It really won't make that much of a difference. So let's start with the green. I'm not sure it will be dark enough. We're gonna try it. We're gonna do is scum blur brush. So we're just making very We wanted to look like it's It's basically a belt of flowers and leaves. We don't want really straight edges or anything. You remember her belt or her belt? Her waist is here. Okay. It's not here. She's We're doing a 3/4 view, so her front is coming like this. So we want the widest part of that center flower arrangement to be here, and then it's gonna kind of dwindle haute here, and then it's gonna come up more here. So that green that I just used Waas folk art forest moss. I am now using Hooker's Green Can. We want to do this for the That's what? How? Bring it all alone. And as you can see, I'm not actually painting flowers. I'm just making brush marks and it's giving the impression of flowers and your brain fills in the rest. And while we're at it, we're gonna take this hooker's green and we're going to do a little bit of ah flower band here, just a small hint of it tucked into her hair right here. And then she's gonna have these flowers coming out. So again, I'm just kind of swirling my brush. I'm just doing some flowers here. It's green is a little bit right here. It's a little bit too hard, so I'm just gonna soften it with some water. Tough that down? Yeah, looks a little better. This is that lemon custard yellow again. As we go through here, we want to do less and less movement and just a few little dots here and sensing here we're just gonna print a few little sprigs in. They're gonna do some orange. This is technically cadmium red lights. But any kind of launch tone will dio. So I just want some now we don't. We have some orange drops, but technically, we don't have any orange in this piece. But because this is a our arrangement, it's totally fine to put this in here. I'm just dotting it in there. I'm drink a little bit and I want few. Putting them right on top of the yellow helps to bring them out a little bit. So there we go, and I'm not gonna put any in her hair. I just want a little green bound throughout their I mean, come in with the with the bread and green, get in a little bit. We're gonna leave that for now. I don't want to put a lot of pink because she's already got pink on her dress, but it might be nice to just have you dots in there. I like the Red orange better. I really wanna make this so that it's like a flower arrangement. Kind of. So I'm just gonna add some particle in the center here. I'm not print anywhere else there. Yeah, I like that Contingency. This is called brilliant Purple. Um it looks almost blue. One a little bit more young right down here and right around more. I'm gonna have some orange on top of that so it comes out. Technically, this is red. You can do regimen to orange, whatever you want and a little bit more from the top of this. I'm just gonna emphasize this dark green a little bit more. Bring that out a little bit more in places and same It's down here so that it's more contrasting. Just gonna make her make this a little bit brighter over here. Let's start with the wings if you need to. You can refer back to your sketch here for the shape of the wings. Also, make sure you have your mod podge on here because that makes it so that we can just blend in the shading really easily. If you don't have, If we do it right on paint, it won't blend. So we're just gonna take this? Just won't talk quickly about shading. So these air Faber Castell, you can get these that Michael's. There's also these Gela toes from Faber Castell that you can get that Michael's. Any of these will work one thing that I have. You can also get these and these work too. You just put it on and then you smear it. Another thing that I have are these new color Castells. Another thing that I have is its new color wax pastels. And a cheaper version is thes Reeves. But you can get it. Michael's very affordable. So there's all those options for you. I'm gonna just a little bit darker with ease. Thistles coming in front of this. So we wanted to emphasize that a little bit. Gonna try. Uh, red. See if that can. Kind of you can kind of see how these work for you. Just make a mark, and then you blend it. You don't have to do it all the way down because your finger will blend it into where it needs to be. Do that back there a little bit. Okay, So this this is also just however much you want to dio. And you don't have to be really careful with this because the mod podge below on these wings helps to kind of if you could just blend it right out. If you make a mistake on a trip and Let's go across. This emphasises that wing is in front. Let's do her skin. So we're just going to go on here and just make little marks. Okay, so that's one way you can use this one. If I was to put it on just a piece of paper without anything on it, it won't smear. Okay, so the reason why it works for blending is because I'm putting the r Mont punch fun. We just show you a few examples. Here I have. This one doesn't work. Here's the reefs. When I talked about that plans a little bit. Water will work really well to blend that and just show you that quickly. So see how nicely that plans. And that is the Reeves one. This one here, the gel Atos, that's without any water. And then, um, here it is with water, and it just blends out really nicely. That's what you need to get. You need to get something that will blend with your finger on mod podge or something that you can use with water. We're gonna use this wax passed out, and I'm just gonna So I'm just using some water to help move that around because it's not blending with my finger as well as I wanted to, so I'm misusing water to help it along. Okay? And then we're just going to make a few marks here. And once we get the water on their there'll be a lot more noticeable to some shading there . I'll probably go in there with a little bit of burnt Sienna here. Brown against it is if you get a little bit of color onto her skin where it doesn't belong . Just step your paint. It didn't dip your brush in some clean water. There we go. Florida shade underneath her dress here, underneath this. And I just got to find the right car. Not sure which one I want to use. This is probably good. So we'll just go around here, Shane in here, a little marks. And now we need to, um, clean that up a little bit. Okay? Our blended out. I should say Soften it. Okay. This is one my favorite colors. If you're going to get one of these, this is a Toledo brown. So any anything like that will work for shading. I'm gonna go in here a little bit. Just add in something like a I mentioned it on I will take and then we'll take our brush. And this isn't super wet. It's just a little bit dumb, cause I do wanna tryto make these shadows come out a little bit more. Another way to do this If you can't get in, there is Ah, just go right on the crayon itself. Get in there. Yeah, that's what I want that gives. That helps us to, um, like it's her a little bit of dimension. Gives her a little bit more of a three D effect and doesn't make her looks flat. The trick is to just blended, wrote okay. And then I'm gonna use the same color tone here on the yellow because this is underneath. So we want to give that look that it's underneath. And all I'm doing is taking us Don't brush and putting some marks here. I think I'm gonna get some more water on my brush and blend that out. It's going on a part of a little bit around here because my fingers I want to blend too. Okay. So that really helps her to be into the canvas, not look like she's cut out and pasted on, even though that's exactly what we did with her. I cannot do some more in here. We're just changing some giver. Smooth shape here if you want. We're not. She doesn't have a lot of wrinkles in this dress. You could do some. Please. Vegas just kind of have indicate a few here, Make sure they come right from her waist. Other ones that don't make sense. You could do that if you want them. And I guess we will. I just wanna soften them just a tad Don't have them all coming down to the same level. I've got her shaded a little bit, but it's the one you that in. I want to just throw that printing back a little bit and just faded a little bit. So I'm just gonna go in with here with White, and you could do this with water down white paint and you're gonna rub that in there, and that really helps to just and that really helps to fade it a little bit. Obviously we could still see it. We're not gonna faded completely right? What's the point of having it? And you want to make sure your finger is clean because then you'll get a whole bunch of colors where you don't want TEM again. I'm not too picky with this. Go in along the edges here a little bit and under her next, Let's indicate her neck a little bit better. Okay, let's take her pen now. And we're gonna buy her a little bit Before we go any further over up here and outline, I'm avoiding her face because I'm not sure from avoiding fixing it. It's a program there. Okay? I'm not just this is what makes her look a little bit Folkerts. I guess I would say what we got here. Let's take a look at her sketch. So this is what can happen sometimes with the faces is you know, they kind of get a little bit distorted when you start painting. And when you start putting them together, start collage ing, So we're just gonna And the good thing is we have mod podge. So the mod podge means that we can go for a certain amount of time. We can go and completely erase that. Just wipe it away with some water. Um, we won't be able do that forever. But we have enough time to work with it. And I think I think she's good. She might be a little bit too much indented. Who's gonna bring that line out a little bit? I'm just gonna take this, um, little brush here. Been going here, And this is similar to what you would do with paint, and it works. Just trying. I'm just gonna go along her legs in here. I don't want too much water cause you don't want to start running like water color, but you do need some water to lend it out. Okay, That's just in this line here a little bit. All I'm doing is just going along with the creams. Wet, fresh, just going against their I should go under. There was quite a long neck. That's a rank. She's a very she gonna have on the neck, I guess. Um, I want to just shade in here a little bit and against her, I think that's good for shading. Think I'm pretty happy with that. Maybe we went a little too far here. Just take some of that, do a little work there and then sending out Bring it. Stop that. I couldn't take my my 10 here and just soften nurturing a little bit. Can 13. Creating the Sequin Tree: we're gonna work on this tree down here. So we need some liner brush is I use a thicker liner brush if you have some options. So I'm going to use this one right here on the right. This one here is not I don't think it's really It's more of a round in the line of rush, so we might use it eventually, But right now you can use this. The other thing. You can dio if you have a stencil or stop, you can use that. So back to our paint here. I'm going to use this one right here. And in order to use this liner brush, we need this paint to be quite soupy. So I'm gonna spray some water on it. And the holes the way the liner brush works, um, the the hairs air so fine that they don't think they need some really fluid paint. Really thick, heavy body paint work with the liners. We have to send it down even even if you're not using heavy body paint, which this isn't. This is just the I think it's the folk art to paint the baby pink. I believe I have the baby Pink Rose said Rose folk art. And then I have the baby pink from America. Any other liquid Tex Golden? Any of those well, have have from the colors to use to. So we're just gonna go up here and we're just gonna come around here, the streets just kind of It's coming. It's in the corner. Right? So hopefully the glare won't me too frustrating for you. So let's just go up. Um, one of my wanted to dio Okay, I'm gonna come. We're here. Come. And like I say, I usually do this at the easel, so it's it's quite different doing it flat and you want, but you want to hold the brush towards the end. You don't wanna do this. You wanna have a nice light touch? You're not touching the campus too much. Well, I guess that depends on how thick you want your you're treat to be. And you want a lighten up as you get up towards the tree, cause that's countries kind of work, right? They get thinner as they get to the top, and then we're going to start doing some branches off of that so we'll start from here again do some like a like that. I hope you concede this good. And I'm just gonna continue on, so probably fast work well on during this. - Okay , so there's some pink in there. I want a little bit of color and texture in there, so I'm gonna add some of the quinacrine own magenta, and actually, we're gonna put a little bit of purple, possibly some, or like some kind of lavender color in there, I think Teoh just handsome because it's supposed to be a very whimsical tree. Not gonna be realistic. And, of course, if we're adding sequence than we want, Teoh make it really kind of cute. Quinacrine are magenta is a transparent color. So keep that in mind. I'm using it mostly as just to add some texture, too. My branches that have already done things aren't going to be new branches because it won't work to put them in front of anything. If I put it in front, it just is like a glaze. Almost so I'm just using it to just put a little bit of texture into what I've already got . I'm not really using the liner brush in the way that it's meant to be years, but that's OK. See, that already gives it some dimension that already makes it look a little bit more three deep. I just want to soften some of these lines here I can. Which one is hard edges? Plus another options? One thing you could do is lightness. Or lighten this or add so by adding white. Or you could add some dark to that. I've got thes, but there's very similar colors in folk art or America. So I'm going to a tiny little bit on here. Come here. And if you have basic palette colors, you can mix the colors up yourself with my mixed media. I generally don't. I don't make the lot. I do mix a lot for my paintings, but for these ones, I don't and I have ah, limited palette with my paintings, but with my mixed media, it's kind of just whatever goes whatever college I want at the time. And, yeah, we want that quite soupy. I just want, like a few kind of odd branches, and I kind of want them in the background. Should have done first. So lessons learned there purple in there, so we'll just make this really soupy. A lot of water, okay? And I want a little bit more pink on the top. I want to go a little bit higher than that. So I'm gonna do that. And then I'm going to start here with this and up and then over. Yeah, I like that. It's just make that really wispy there. What else? Come to here? What just happened? I want to bring out some brights more. So let's just go back and take them out a little bit more. Kind of quickly brushed some in painting. Mixed media trees is very different than painting. Kind of strange. I just want a little bit some down here. And actually, you know what? I think we're gonna dio Adam some with us here but her bow and I'm just gonna add in a little bit over here, and I'm not cleaning my brush too much. I'm not cleaning it all. We don't want these corners to match, So we're just putting in a hint. So more than a hint, but a little bit foliage over here. Not too much. So we need Teoh. Keep her eyes open from what's going on here might be. Thank you a little bit. Um, when I want your let's just go across here. Come right off the page. We don't want to start in the middle of nowhere, right? Within it like that. It's like a little bit of spray. Kind of affect more pink in this corner. And we're probably good. Let's do one. No, uh, doing coming up here, I'm going. We're gonna work. And I wanted to match this one here, so and I don't I definitely do want to go any higher than this. So let's just cross one over here and then hopefully that'll What color she would you? Let's do. Ah. Well, let's do a pink, Okay? And I'm just gonna touch that. A few spots there. My, uh, Macron magenta. It was touching them. Maybe find there so wrong. We wanna put some stuff in a corner on the corners to pushes back to the very You can use different various things to attach your sequins. You can use glue dots. I wouldn't use just regular craft glue. I don't think it'll stay very well. Okay, So a few options that you can use other than sequence if you don't have sequence, but you can get them very cheap at a dollar store or Michael, just by whole. Go to the Children's craft area and you can get them there. They do have, um, in the close to the scrapbooking area for more expensive, but you know, Histon options if you want. If you just have some paper flowers, you could cut this off and stick those on there if you wanted to do that. If you want your flowers instead of sequins and you know you could have some glitter on there to make it sparkle. If you have some Brad's these air what Brad's are you can with wire cutters, uh, cut this off and lay a plot. So this is just a few. And then here's a smaller one. Here's another thing that you can use. He's already are sticky on the back. If you have, some of these thieves will work really good. They're basically just like sequence. So there, flat on the back and they already have something sticky on the back. Would I dio as you can use tweezers, but I'm just going to my finger, so I just put it on the glue dot Even kind of see it right there. And I just put it on there. It's not stuck on there. And then I peel it all off together, and we're just gonna put it in various places. My thoughts are on this, that lessons more. You definitely don't want to go too crazy because a little will go a long way. 14. Final Thoughts and Accents: So before we add any other elements, I just want to add some yellow in there and because I want to be careful and not get it. Actually, we don't I don't mind getting some on there, but I don't get too many. So I'm just going back here. Can you can see you got give me a little bit on. I'm going to be more intentional with Mitt here, and I'm gonna make him a little bit more blotchy. And I mean, this goes for any color if you want. If you feel like you didn't put enough blue in there No, you could do that. You think that's one of the, um, looks good? Lets out a little bit. Weren't, you know, put a little bit warned. There may be say, we wanted Teoh some think right? Right here. So what's going do that? And I'm just going to do a few more pink there and then maybe some pink around that down here because it looks like there isn't any gonna get a little bit of turquoise. Urgent work. I don't know whatever you want to do. And if you want to put him on the leaves, can I want to add some bigger glitter pieces here? Just a little bit chunkier glitter. Just a few. I have this chunky glitter that I got at, apparently a dollar store. I don't even remember getting it. And it doesn't have a lead. So has a little bit every once in a while, but it's got chunkier pieces of glitter, and I just want a few of them in there. So what I'm gonna do is I'm going to put a little bit more of that. Your distance glue on here, spread it around again. Don't need to be too careful with it. Yeah, and I'm just going Teoh, make sure I don't have glue on my fingers. There's gonna sparkle. Sprinkle a few on here just cause I think it would look good with the chunky glitter. And, uh, it does help. I feel like it does help with some of the pink and softens the pink a little bit. And so that's on there with glue, but probably is not enough to just do that. So I'm gonna mod podge again. Try not to pick too much of it up. I got a little bit. You will get someone, right? So I don't know. I have something money. My container here. Another thing you could do is just do this to begin with years, turn some more on top. Depending on how much you want. I want to add a few stamps down here. I think I'm gonna put a little bit of stenciling in here. So we're gonna do that, and then we'll be done so that now you wanna add a little bit of costs just down here getting in there. So it's okay to skip some areas. Good amendments. Nice. I'm not probable that underneath didn't get much right there. It seems like it's not really getting in there. Um, well, it's really good. I don't like that straight edge there. It looks like it's so I'm gonna fix that a little bit There. That's better. So, no, we have to paint here. We can just go ahead and stop that down in places, you know? Yeah, I like that kind of just adds more texture. Let's put some down right here. And I think I think you might be like, oh, more pink. Um but it seems like that's the color that needs to go there to kind of bounced all the pink over here. We don't really have any pink in this corner. So that's why I think that, um, I'm gonna You know what? I'm gonna bring everyone just coming down here because we're not so placement of these. What can I How can I explain it to you? So I have some here, and I thought, Oh, my would be nice to put some here, but that's just too lined up, right? So I bounced that we're putting some over there. A lot of this is things you just learn to see. Sometimes you just are born with being able to see it and sometimes you just after doing it for a while. You're just kind of your mind. Start seeing things that look bad from a design perspective. That's the aesthetic part. And it can't really be taught. It can be, You know, you could be born with it and I spoke to could develop it over time, but it can't really be taught. I don't know how to tell you why. I know right away that that look good. And you know what? I might be wrong. I might be wrong, but some things I just know right away. Yeah, but that looks good. And it's very clear, and sometimes I can't decide on things but time. I feel part of being an artist. So I'm using this lemon custard. It's starting to become, like, my favorite yellow color. Honestly, I love it is my folk art. So, yeah, it's a good one if you're looking for a good yellow color. Yeah, like that. Just a few of these kind of quirky elements really helped to just finish off the PC. I just want smoking a little too. Um, obviously, I don't want to put too much paint on my brush. I just want to give the impression So we'll see if that works or not. Yeah. Sorry to encumber. Yeah, that just gives the impression. Um, actually want more of it. I don't I want I don't want it to be any brighter than that, but I do want a little bit more of it. We're gonna take it down, put it here, connect those two. I want this to have kind of a connection there, just floating there somewhere, given offices, mixed media, and it's kind of an attitude of anything goes you want? Like I had Ah, honeycomb pattern here and honeycomb pattern here. You want to connect that just like you would in, Um Ah, what a color. You kind of wanna connect your your colors across so that everything flows. Having said that in mixed media, you can kind of a touch. You're gonna attach a little bit of a honeycomb pattern right here. And what I mean by attach is I'm going to I'm gonna try to make it look like it's coming out of a tree a little bit Trying to saw it again. What color I'm going to use and use Young. I wanted to look like it's kind of coming up from behind the tree. I mean, I don't know. I've never seen you know, the art I do. That doesn't make sense in the real world, Not This is not the mixed media stuff. You know, we don't usually have a honeycomb pattern like that in the tree. I think it works. I'm doing it. I like this pink yellow kind of brightness right there, but I don't want to add any more because it'll be too much then. So I need to take a time to take a step back and just look at this piece. So here's what I'm doing. This was just on impression stuff electrically used. These two am fost I think nothing is infirm lasting for 19. Sure, actually. But I'm using it as how much? I didn't really work that purple. Another brilliant. Let's go see, There's a different purple we can use. So I found this, which I'm hoping will stand out better against this. So we'll see if that works. Oh, yeah, that's amazing. Hello. That's exactly what we needed. We just needed some really sticking out there. No, don't go crazy with it. But let's add it a few other places right here, because it's just a little put in here. Just give thes. I want it going up here, um, with the mixed media and but not as a fun way to teach you guys how to do it. We will. I will do some courses with actual, like a painting of the easel. But right now what we're doing, I don't know. I think we're done. I think we're done. Is there anything else I need to add before I forget it. Let's go for a little bit of eyelashes. That's what I wanted to dio. So, um, now that this is dry, it was kind of sticking on. There would be a good idea to go over there with another layer that you can. Actually, no. I have to be as careful with now that it's stuck on there a little bit better. And then if you did another layer of Montceau Genelle that would be on their good Oh, that just adds such a nice quality. Just gonna see what it looks like with adding that other I it might not work with the print . Um, probably can't tell. It's hard to tell. You never know how that's gonna turn out with the print across your face. It's one thing to add on here, and we have a blank face, and that's all. And that works in and honestly, your brain fills in the Knowles and it feels in the most, and you can probably look at this right now and you can probably see a mouth. It's your brain filling it in because it just knows that that's what is there when we have a face. It does it. It still does it. But the printing on here, it confuses your brain a little bit. So sometimes this doesn't always translate to try to put a face on these progress, e. We're not putting a face for just putting one. I I don't know. I don't know. I like it. Well, it would help if I could actually make the pen work. What do you think? We can take it off? We need you. It's up to you. If you like it on there, Put it on there. If you don't take it out, Doesn't look terrible. Um, I don't When I look at my monitor, I don't like it when I look at it with my eyes on the canvas. I don't mind it. I'm going to take it off and see what I think. Maybe that will be able to see what I don't like. Some of the way to take that off is easy enough. Just get to your brush. Just first that off and then doubt with paper town. There we go. Um, so we have this eyelash eyelashes. They're quite obvious. A noticeable enough. Even if you don't realize you're seeing it. You your brain sees it and interprets it. Okay, I'm just gonna leave it like that. Um, I didn't hate it with the other eyelash, but I didn't love it. And if I don't love it, then I'm taking it off. That's a good rule of thumb to follow. If you love it, then you should just keep it on. If you Sorry. If you If you love it, Ethan, do it. You're the artist, Kate. You know what? I'm gonna fill out her dress a little bit. Outline her dress. It's not out of ink. It's the shading that I did on here. But I refused to do it the other way around, because when I do, I get it all really thick lines like that. And I don't want that. And it's hard to controllers pen. It was a pencil. A little bit easier, but I don't. I just want skips. Uh huh. You need to go. Just a few things here. Little indications just to help outline that. And then this would help. Since we have this really cool, um, designed on here everything that I would have known about At least we could don't line these a little bit emphasized. Well, brother, was that one material? Couldn't cover it up just a little bit emphasized. That's just outline underneath here on top. A little bit there. Yeah, that really pulls it together, Doesn't I? Think it does. Um, I don't know if I want to put anything on here. You just sit there. Um, we're not gonna bother with outlining in her wings in bus, because I just don't think it looking. Yeah, it won't be good. Okay, so I think we we are done. Think, um, you know, you could come back to Romans. You're like, Oh, I see something that I think we're done. But I added a little butterfly here on a little one right there. When you are done, your artwork. I would love to see it So you can tweet or instagram your finished artwork hashtag Jenelle and online. Or you can put it on Facebook. Um, also tweet or instagram or tell me on my Facebook page. What piece you would like to see a class for. You can go to my gallery at www dot Jenelle nickel dot com. And you couldn't be my gallery and you can see different pieces there and you can tell me which one you would like to see a course for and because I'm going to be offering some more . And I'd love to get your ideas for that.