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Getting Your Podcast Off the Ground!

teacher avatar Neil Patel, Podcaster & Self-Taught Coder.

Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

39 Lessons (1h 20m)
    • 1. Trailer

    • 2. 20 sec trailer & 20 miin interview

    • 3. Do Your Homework!

    • 4. 3 Free Research Tools

    • 5. Niche to Win!

    • 6. Who are your listerners?

    • 7. Making Money.

    • 8. 50+ Podcasting Ideas

    • 9. Research Your Podcasting Topics

    • 10. MIcrophone Options

    • 11. Software Options

    • 12. Reoord both ends

    • 13. Record your 20 sec promo!

    • 14. Overview

    • 15. Finding Guests.

    • 16. Tools

    • 17. How To Email Guests

    • 18. Questions To Ask. Unlesh your inner Oprah

    • 19. Meet Terry Gross

    • 20. Exercise 3 - Find Some Guests

    • 21. What is podcast hosting?

    • 22. What is a RSS Feed?

    • 23. Wordpress ITunes Plugins

    • 24. Recap

    • 25. Tips & Advice on Artwork

    • 26. Create your own jingles in 2mins!

    • 27. intro / Outro & show notes

    • 28. Be like Tony Montana from Scarface!

    • 29. My Editing Process.

    • 30. Record 3 epsiodes

    • 31. 20 min interview

    • 32. Free Traffic

    • 33. Paid Traffic

    • 34. Organic Traffic

    • 35. Referral traffic

    • 36. Create Partnerships

    • 37. More Ideas & Resources

    • 38. Create a marketing plan

    • 39. Final thoughts.

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About This Class

Hello & welcome, everyone! My name is Neil Patel & I am super excited that you’ve signed up for this course.

Have you thought about starting your own podcast but don’t know where to start?  In this 80-minute class, I will walk you through the process of creating & promoting your own podcast. Podcasting is a great way to build an intimate, trusting relationship with your audience.

Podcasting is perfect for people with big ideas.

Podcasts are certainly growing in popularity. Recent figures show that 1.7% of the time Americans spend listening to audio is dedicated to podcasts, and that 15% of Americans – around 39 million people – had listened to a podcast in the last month.

What you will learn

I will walk you step-by-step through the process of choosing a great topic for your podcast and offer additional instruction in developing and planning. With this strong foundation, you’ll soon be ready to record your first podcast episode, submit it to the major online directories and start growing your audience around the world.

Anyone can make a podcast, and this class is perfect for those who are ready to get started!

By the end of the class, you will have the ABILITY to independently create and promote your own podcast more quickly and easily than before.

You don’t have to be a software or technical wiz to complete this course.. You just need the desire to talk about what you are really passionate about.

You WILL gain comprehensive skills. You can have as many podcasts as you want -

it’s a great way to take ownership of something that you have 100% control over, and you get to talk to amazing people.

Who’s it for:

  • Those who have a big idea they want to share with the rest of the world
  • Those interested in building something amazing that they can own and have 100% creative control
  • Individuals looking to build a side project or to change careers
  • Those who want a great way to reach a wider audience and build a trusting relationship with them
  • People who want to connect with their heroes or leaders in their industries

This is not a one-week commitment - it will take about 3-4 weeks before you get comfortable with the whole podcast process. You’ll have to do at least 5-6 episodes and see how it goes.

The course is divided into easy to understand sections, and it provides a great way to build an intimate, trusting relationship with your audience.

"Faith is talking the first step. Even when you don't see the whole staircase" - Martin Luther King

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Neil Patel

Podcaster & Self-Taught Coder.


Self-taught Coder And Host of The Indian Startup Show . No1 Tech Podcast in iTunes India. Support #Techforgood Projects & #Startups. Enjoy good coffee, running & blogging. Let's Connect!

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1. Trailer: and welcome everyone. My name is no battle. I am the host of the Indian start up show, which regularly makes number one in June's On. In this skills year class, you will learn how to develop, produce and publish your very own podcast. You have no thought of doing the podcast. Then you'll love podcasting. Podcasting is perfect for people with big ideas. You get to build something amazing that your own. You have 100% today. Okay to control. You can do whatever you want on Leslie. It's a lot for anyone. Could do. A podcast on this class is perfect for those who want to get started. What will this class cover? We'll get three things. Number one. How to choose your Topic. Number two. Creating your podcast So we look at podcasting equipment and software, recording the interviewing process. How to get guests. Look at podcast hosting to publishing or podcast on iTunes on other platforms. And lastly, look at promoting your podcast so we look at ways at growing your audience. When he comes to class Project, there's two parts. Part one is a 22nd promotional trailer that explains what your podcast is about in part to a 20 minute interview with any guest of your choice. So you get to unleash your inner Oprah one last thing. You don't have to be a software or technical ways to complete the course. You just need your imagination. I am really looking forward to teaching this class. I think you will get a lot of it, and I think you'll be a lot of fun, Thank you. 2. 20 sec trailer & 20 miin interview: excise to so over to you. Record your 22nd promotional trail if your podcast upload to soundcloud and share the link in your project page if you never use soundcloud before um, it's ah popular social networking site for sharing music and audio tracks. Free to get started to give you 60 minutes free of loading time. Very easy to get started. You can log in via Facebook or create your own account. This is my page s soundcloud dot com force like Indian start up show. Make it look really nice on a nice picture. Artwork We'll talk about later in the course. Um, so we're looking for is some nice stock images, as I used to websites once called unspool ash dot com eso, as you can see, free to do whatever you want high resolution photos so it gives you as many photos you can like. Shake a stick out on Bond also is pixels dot com p e x e l s dot com Best free stock photos in one place So let's say you didn't like a something on travel that will give you free stock images on travel, so it's good for using on social media like Facebook linked in Pinterest. Uh, I don't see the world Instagram. Even so, like, they make a lot really nice credit profile. Um, Fox eight is only 20 seconds. So some ideas. You have the name where you're from, but background name of the podcast date. It will be launched if you're feeling brave. Obviously extra bonus points if you can put like a launch date on it. Because obviously, if you tell people that you know, launching a certain date, then you're more likely to do the podcast. What the process is all about making or beaten exciting does have to be perfect. Don't work or overthinking. Don't worry about sound quality. Don't worry about the gaps on them. So they are. Just talk for 20 seconds or rumored to press record. Upload to soundcloud. Obviously don't worry about the former as welcome. Soundcloud takes also four months and then at the end, add a link to your skills your project so we can listen, give you feedback and get excited. Thank you so much. 3. Do Your Homework!: public. So before you decide what equipment to buy, how to get guests, how you can promote show or how you should host your show, you need to do the most important step, which is to create or choose your topic. So at the moment, there are mostly about 100,000 podcast shows out there. So how can you do something that's original? Unique has an interesting angle. So the phone got three good tools, which are free that you can use to do your initial research. So the more newscast market is a free service for podcasters and sponsors allows you to advertise your podcast on other podcast, but I'll talk about that later, so it's a great tool to do your initial research for podcasting topics. Number two. ITunes. So it support. Do you check the iTunes charts? The majority of people who listen to podcasts do via iTunes. So, for example, 90% of people listen to my podcast. Listen by iTunes. If you love iTunes, the NICU stitch dot com has over 40,000 radio shows and podcasts. Lastly, is Google trends, So this is more of a market research to which is again, it's free so it allows you to compare the popularity of search terms and trends so you can see what's hot and what's not. So start to think of five topics that interested write them down. For example, it could be travel, books, sports, finance and music On the next video. I'll show you how to research your topics by using these three free tools. Thank you. 4. 3 Free Research Tools : So first we're going to look at cast upmarket. It's very easy to use and the doctor signing eso. When I started researching my podcast, I chose that the startup topic. So if you could go to find a podcast and on the right, and so it's got related categories. Popular categories will give you all the information on the podcast when it was updated, last updated, etcetera. Eso If you see anything that's not been updated a long time, that that could be a chance for you to fill that space. For example, Um, if I did start ups, she's my category. Give me all the started podcasts. And as you can see, there's literally 28 pages of startups, so it's gonna be very difficult to stand out from the crowd. So for me, because I'm Indian, I did Indian startups see if anyone was doing any podcast at the time bearing in mind that you like three or four months ago. On a time, there's only one. A podcast that was doing was talking about Indian startups, so I decided to create a new show to fill that space. So as you can see on cast market tells you last time they updated, which is months ago. Eso like is a uh, if you see that when you're researching your topic, then there's your chance to fill the space. So that's cast that market. Next one is iTunes, so everyone should be familiar with iTunes. On the right hand side, it's got all the categories, so start thinking about what did categories you wanna do a podcast around so it could be technology, sports, science, religion, music, health, education except etcetera. Uh, also, it's interesting when you see the reviews Israel the ratings and reviews so get you get, like a good idea of what's hot on what's not, what people like, what people don't like. So it's all part of the research process. What's interesting about this is a new and noteworthy section. It's like the front page of Google eso. When you do put load your podcast to my June's ill go and you know where the for eight weeks. So Apple will promote you for eight for eight, free for eight weeks so you could do you think, if if you think you do like a podcast around the United States of America, elections and stuff quickly review Who's do next Already? On what reviews are they getting so very straightforward? Simple, Lastly is Google trends, which is my many for market research. So I want to do like a mountain bike podcast. Difficult spell. It's a bike like so it's like a more of, ah, market research to eso. It allows you to compare the popularity of search terms and trends, has got different futures as well, so you can gain in the standing of the hottest search trends in the moment, along with those developing in popular to all the time. So, as you can see, you drink tea with, um, like a graph, So show you the search trends over the time thanks for from 2005 to this year as well. Um, what's interesting about this is well, he can create like it's give you like the popularity of these cities and countries. Well, so basically, the New Zealand's really popular for mounting back in. So you could do like a safer from New Zealand. You could you like the New Zealand mounting bagging Policastro and you can solve it by city as well. So people in Denver really love mounting backing so you could be like the Denver mounting banking Gosha Lawson plant that doesn't, like, creates a niche. And then you can interview people from Denver who like mounting bracket so give you like so the whole point of this is to start small trying starts. Try having look of some sort of niche You could have like mountain bike. Uh, specifically women. The women might be back in show s. So what you do, you go back onto cast market, click on, find a podcast, click on Mount Een, see what's already out there goes belly hunting, biking. So this will give you all the mounting backing shows at the moment. So what you looking for now is look at some sort of niche s I was that you could like You do like a mounting back in ladies podcast shells in violent. Don't think anyone's do this at the moment. We got mounting about radio inspiring adventure, mounting bucks apart, single trucks, mounting bucking news so that we could be like a new area that you could explore. Thank you so much. 5. Niche to Win!: blasting on Researching a podcast is that you're really looking for niche eso. If you look at the top 100 podcasts of last year 2015 we're going to cast upmarket. You can see that a lot. These podcasts have really brought audiences like global news. Ted talks English, a second language club blocked by Tiesto. So if you do something simple that it's gonna be difficult for you to compete with these guys, so you have to cope with, like your own unique take on your podcast topic. It's like a day at the moment is about 100,000 podcasts out there, so you need to something that's unique original, and that's an interesting perspective. So after so my example, basically is that as you decided to produce and market my own podcast eso after doing some initial podcast, they seem there's no one doing any podcasts on in your setups. So therefore, the Indian stuff that show was born, for example. You may like movies, but if you do a movie podcast is gonna be difficult to get subscribers because of so many movie podcasts out there so you could do around specific actor like Samuel L. Jackson on. Believe it or not, there is a Samuel L. Jackson podcast out there. Eso like, say, look a go to iTunes. Look, A rating reviews that maybe a podcast that is getting bad ratings or bad reviews. That could be an opportunity there. Let's look at the last time that that was updated. It was months ago. Then there's opportunity for you to do it. Leslie is a really cool block post by David Claire. Uh, he's the CEO of finally start ups. Um, so basically, he's talking about starters. We have substitute startups, podcasts talks about niche or niche to win. So the secret to find your niche, that initial customer segmentation plus product different ation combo that enables you to just to barely beat your more established mature competition. This strategy is called niche to win. So like, say, customer segmentation could be start ups product. Different attention could be Indian. It could be a simple Is that so? The next video we'll look at who you Who are you? Lawlessness. Thank you 6. Who are your listerners?: who are your listeners? Um so start coming up. With who? Your core target audiences. You can't be all things to all people. So here's some things to think about. Gender, male, female, age range, location, ethnic background, education to start creating personas. Who is your ideal listener? 7. Making Money. : making money. So this is another question I get asked a lot. It's very difficult to make money. In fact, there's only a handful of podcasts making money for advertising. Advertisers will offer around $15.2015 to $25 per 1000 listeners. Eso is a check What rate we can go to weaken, go to cast upmarket. So custom market gives us like a slider that you can you say, for example, you want to sell sponsorship on your podcast. They do, obviously, per 1000 listeners. So if you went in a $10.30 you're more likely to see offers at this amount. If you went up to, like $18.10 this is the average amount. And if you worked at a higher on the scale $25.4 you're less likely to see offers at this amount. Like so. This is just an estimated guess. For example, if you wanted to sell sponsorship on your podcast. ATTN. Moment. The main players are male chimp audible squarespace do a lot of advertising and Ford of siding overtaken as well. However, there's one guy called Artie Lange. Um, he's holed stones. Former right hand man. He started his own podcast. Ohio Stones. Like this famous radio personality eso it's the releasing for free. Like most people do, he decided to go down to the seclusion route. It's quite interesting, actually, so I'll just read. This seems to be working out quite well, according to this article. Eso, because they, um a bunch of people on this Internet were like Nobody will pay for a podcast. But I talk to some people about pricing and they said 7 to $10 a month. I read it $7 right now about after about year, 7000 people have signed up and it's growing. I got 7000 people to pay for it, with no advertising, do the math but 49 grand a month. I would buy 100 grand in overhead, so I'm making about 400 grand a year from it. The World advertising will say that 7000 listeners is an insane failure, but for me it's an insane ing success. Eso excellent. So that's one guy who's making series about money, just judging $7 a month. Also, you don't have to stick with a standard rate. You can make up your own advertising rates. So if you want to sell some advertising spot for $90 a show, then you can do it. Is nothing stopping you reaching out to advertisers and Brunn's the other one, which pretty slow at the moment. But over the next 5 10 years, it will definitely change. Obviously, give him a good deal as well. You can give a do a deal where you can give him, like a discount if they pay up front. So you could do like if a book for three spots on the pay for two spots. Or they could book for six spots and only pay for four spots so they get, like, a 30% discount, so give him a good deal. 8. 50+ Podcasting Ideas: if you're still struggling with ideas. I found an article on intra Pentair dot com s so it looks like 55 business ideas. But you can use these for podcasting ideas. Obviously. Just try to remember to find a niche. For example, bicycle repair podcast. I mean, a lot of people are now writing backs, especially over the weekend. Ah, podcast on boats. Ah, podcast on compute repairs so you can talk about different systems. Different Softwares How to connect. Get your printer connected. Allowed to get your scanner connected. Dog breeding pets of phenomenally popular in the US so you could do like you're a pure bred dog podcast. Becoming a dog breeder podcast, podcast on e bay being assistant. So like, say, there's loads and loads and those of ideas. So I put this in. The results actually mean golf coach podcast. Teach people Let's play golf. Well, so we look, there's more Julie making podcast. Personal concierge, podcast, personal trainer, podcast that critical. Um, property management podcast energy, Solar energy podcast. Preparing attacks podcast, Taxi damiz podcast. How to become a taxidermist, the upholstery and even interested in hopeful story in wedding planning. Podcast like, say, there's loads of podcast. You can compute training. Podcast, Um, teach me. But he's a Mac or PC freelance graphic design podcast, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. So like, say, there's loads and loads of ideas that you can go through and brainstorm music lessons. Podcast. But we big so you can pick a specific musical instrument. Um, I could have a stringed podcaster would win. Podcast, photographer podcast. It's like, say, you got loads of loads and loads of ideas there, okay? 9. Research Your Podcasting Topics: he over to you now, people s o, come up with your own ideas. So exercise one. Make a list off four or five topics. You can base them on existing categories in iTunes if you want. So, for example, travel, sports, business, food, really big categories, um, and then come up with niche ideas around your big topics. So, for example, I did some based on me before a pick travel a lot. People go to South Africa on holiday to go on safari. Just see the Big Five, which refers to the big game animals like lions, tigers, giraffes except dress. You could have like a Big Five podcast show. When it comes to sports women's football in America's huge, they're the world champions. I think around 50 million people watched the final. I can actually go down to like the specific Clippers well about Boston Breakers or any specific club when it comes to business. I just watched the big short. It's about finance. Finance is based in New York. New York swims Wall Street. Andi, you could have like a hedge fund managers podcast. If you so wish music that so many categories around music, I picked jazz and we would like, say, within jazz You've got so many categories gonna pick acid jazz when it comes to food as well. That's very different topics as well. So please spend 5 10 minutes brainstorming different degrees and then try and come open ish ideas. And then come what we subject to talk about. So for me travel, you can talk to holiday holidaymakers who just got back from South Africa who are going to South Africa. Speak to hotel owners, local guides, advice place of in dress, tour operators, wildlife lovers for football. You could speak toe the funds the players ex players coaches took while coming fixtures on the latest news, the business. You could interview hedge fund managers if you so wish, um, you talk about how you become a head fund manager. You could talk about the latest news. I know how have how to make money. People would love to hear that when it comes to music, you could have like a new music feature, or you could interview established stars. You can feature breakthrough artists. I mean, you could even have someone play live music. Um, I would love how tops won't play live music on my boat show. It will be amazing. It would blow my mind. Um, so come out with your target orders as well as discussed. What gender, Age range, Location Where the based. What country? Etcetera. How will you make money as well is going to be the advertising roots. Are you gonna go for the subscription model? What you could do is create a podcast on behalf of another business. So, for example, let's say the Boston Breakers didn't have a podcast. Ah, you could offer them to create podcast on their behalf. And perhaps they may pay you. You never know. It's worth trying. Obviously used. The three tools are discussed. Cast upmarket iTunes Have have iTunes stitcher dot com. Ah, Google trends. Please upload it to skill. Sheriff, off we back over to you 10. MIcrophone Options: Decima. Welcome back. So this section we're gonna talk about software and hardware. Um, so let's talk about hardware. So basically, the main piece of hardware is your microphone. Uh, when it comes to entry level requirements is three options. Use your internal mike from a PC or Mac you might from the iPhone's. Or you can use a USB microphone, which what most people use. So if you were to use the internal Michael, if the sound quality is not great, is very poor, it's very mournfully So, for example, if I went to the gym, I was on the running machine. The music was in the background. Put my earphones on. I listen to your podcasts. Probably may not be able to hear it. Um, obviously, if you just knew to podcasting and you will try and speak to guests, do some practice interviews, and yet please use the internal mark. And if we just get used to your son, just get used. The sound of your own voice. Eso Yeah, Most people use microphones, has two types, is a condenser and a dynamic one s o condensers. Most people use this. I use this. It's less expensive more life sound, but it picks up background noise as well. So examples I started shifting. We would like pick up the the shifting of the paper. It was also very expensive ranges welcomed Dynamic Mike's these lost cost like 304 105 $100 . Very good quality. They only pick up audio in front of the mic so you won't hear your noisy neighbors or dog barking in the background. In fact, skill share actually have a page where they, um, mentioned what microphones they suggest s so you can see they have suggested for different microphones with prices. So apple headphones, because is the inbuilt Mike Snowball USB microphones $53. Plantronics microphones you $39. He's not too bad. And there's one microphone. She's 100. Drink $9. Eso please have a look. Check out the ratings and reviews on Do whatever your budget is. Please purchase a Mac form. If you're still not sure, then you can go to Amazon. Goal. Good old Amazon. Just type in us. Being microphones, as you can see, gives you list of our 10 12 different types of microphones with ratings and views so they may do like a proper discount or special offer. So, for example, boob blue microphones snowballed is quite popular. You got the blue Yeti? Yes, being back around in a little popular, seen quite a few of these. This is the one that I Jews some song abused for last 12 months. Now, um, never let me down. It's really small as well. He's good for me because not much space to work on. So please choose whoever microphones the best for you like, say, if you're still not sure about podcasts and just use the internal mike, don't mind using internal Mike when Eugenia promo you think second promo. No problem. It'll some people do use like these pop up filters. Eso This is like anti pop noise protection filter for microphones. I don't use one bush one by one. Please do. The most important thing is to buy or to get some headphones. Talk about 17 episodes to work this out, but it's essential that you use headphones when you're recording video shop. It's also best for your guests to use headphones as well, so it prevents any sort of echo or feedback loop in the audio. If you're probably seeing like radio DJs used headphones is because they don't want todo leaking. So that's head. That's the hardware options. It's like it's a skill share. Have, ah list of Macron's they recommend. And also you can go to Amazon as well. So that except served, will look at different types off software. Thank you. 11. Software Options: conducting the interviews. The majority don't via Skype on Google. It's free and easy to get started suggested off the video as improves the quality of the line they go. Think about Skype is that it does like a Skype test. Cole. So you go to your Skype dashboard on just type in test. Um, it brings up a Skype testicle so you click on this iPhone icon Connects, tries to Skype. I'm not gonna do it now, but it tests whether your back phones work in. There's no echo Acceptable section is good way to get you guessed to do that as well. Just before the interview, make sure there's no issues with sound or microphone. Next, it's gonna look at the coal recording software. There's literally hundreds of options for both Mac and PC Eso. Main wants for Windows that Google's MP three scat recorder popular come Taser, which is a screen casting software, have a free trial and have to pay $99 Ondas outputs in the resources section when it comes a Mac as quick time Kolkata via Skype, aecom body hijack and I use screen float scream casting stuff was pretty cool, actually, for recording possible podcasting laksa. There's hundreds of millions of options Boat really, really, really good options as well. For Marc PC. Obviously, when it comes to editing like, say, it's going to be really difficult for you to go to go through our out to use each single, every single one, however skill share actually do a couple of courses. Um, on recording, editing Quick time. If using quick time off your knees Come T zero The free trial, of course, on that as well. And also come tasted window. So, like three or four courses you can do if you're interested in editing process. However, for this course, you probably won't need it like so you only do like two things you do in a 22nd promo on a 20 minute interview, the guests who probably won't need that much anyway. However, if you really into the editing process, then there's two websites once called five dot com was like a marketplace for creative services. So just go to the search box type in podcast. I'll bring up all the professionals doing podcasting services. So these Gasol Eddie audio for podcasting. You can do voice overs, etcetera, etcetera please check. Ratings and reviews usually take about 24 to 40 hours. Depends are busy. I've used it for a couple of months. Style issues will pay a bit. Mawr simply call up work dot com So this is basically professional freelances as well. So he's typing podcast center. These being more expensive as well s so you can see your Catherine podcast producer, podcast, podcast consultant. So, like I could say, look at the prices. Look at reviews. Look, a testimonials acceptable we get before he sounded to anything eso in the next episode or next video will go through exercise to thank you very much. 12. Reoord both ends: if you really worry about the sign, quality is to record both ends eso for many people who do podcaster in the use Skype and then some sort of Scott's screen recording software. So when you do the interview recorded, get one file. Okay, so there's a problem with this. Let's say the guest you talking and the dog starts barking in the background, you can actually edit a barking dog out. We'll have to cut out the whole section. However, what you could do is your coat both ends. So you called your side and the guest records his or her site. So if it does, dogs bark, then you can move into you. So found some suffer that does. This one piece software is called Ringer on. The other software is called Lancaster. Like, say, I don't use any of these pieces of register your Skype excretory software. So if you really start off into the sound quality, are you worried about the sign quality? Then please check out the software. Thank you 13. Record your 20 sec promo!: excise to so over to you. Record your 22nd promotional trail if your podcast upload to soundcloud and share the link in your project page if you never use soundcloud before um, it's ah popular social networking site for sharing music and audio tracks. Free to get started to give you 60 minutes free of loading time. Very easy to get started. You can log in via Facebook or create your own account. This is my page s soundcloud dot com force like Indian start up show. Make it look really nice on a nice picture. Artwork We'll talk about later in the course. Um, so we're looking for is some nice stock images, as I used to websites once called unspool ash dot com eso, as you can see, free to do whatever you want high resolution photos so it gives you as many photos you can like. Shake a stick out on Bond also is pixels dot com p e x e l s dot com Best free stock photos in one place So let's say you didn't like a something on travel that will give you free stock images on travel, so it's good for using on social media like Facebook linked in Pinterest. Uh, I don't see the world Instagram. Even so, like, they make a lot really nice credit profile. Um, Fox eight is only 20 seconds. So some ideas. You have the name where you're from, but background name of the podcast date. It will be launched if you're feeling brave. Obviously extra bonus points if you can put like a launch date on it. Because obviously, if you tell people that you know, launching a certain date, then you're more likely to do the podcast. What the process is all about making or beaten exciting does have to be perfect. Don't work or overthinking. Don't worry about sound quality. Don't worry about the gaps on them. So they are. Just talk for 20 seconds or rumored to press record. Upload to soundcloud. Obviously don't worry about the former as welcome. Soundcloud takes also four months and then at the end, add a link to your skills your project so we can listen, give you feedback and get excited. Thank you so much. 14. Overview: eso. Hopefully even the promo well done. Give yourself a partner back You on our 50% done. So please keep pounding in this section. We're looking at guests how to find guests, how to get guest to appear tools, how to email guests and questions to us guests. Eso rule number one You have to reach out to lots of people. I have a weekly podcast show. I send around 10 to 20 emails a week locally, hopefully get one or two people that will respond. It's really weird American experience of getting guests. The ones that I thought had no chance I would get actually came on every lead to connect with them. The ones that I thought we really easy never came up for every reason. So I have that mindset in mind. And obviously, if you could have that mindset, you could probably could talk to your heroes. You never know. Number two is persistence. Lynn. Let's be realistic. Nobody responds the first time people are busy with work meetings, etcetera. Learn to sell yourself. Nobody wants to come in Apopka show until they know who you are. People don't waste their time. If there's nothing in for them. If they want to come on and promote their book, then let them come on and promote the book. So please come up with good reasons why they should come on the show and before consistence . If you have a podcast and it's a weekly podcast, then you have to upload a podcast every week. Simple number five commitment. You have to be committed to this over the next 78 weeks trying interview one person a week . Alexei results take time and enjoy. If you don't like it, then you can start bodies, a topic on which we have done it for the eight weeks. Because likes a couple will promote you in there. Knew a noteworthy section for eight weeks, so you will get downloads, ratings and reviews. Lastly, the resting go out. Podcasting is you've made a new friend. Eso. It's obviously speaking to strangers hard for after every new interview you've made a new friend, and in the next video we'll look out to find guests. Thank you 15. Finding Guests.: funding guests. Okay, So to keep it simple, I would suggest to use your existing social network. So you may be someone you know via Twitter. Facebook linked in Pinterest Instagram. You made me off their email. Eso please start connecting with them. Um, one of the tricks of the trade is to use medium or Amazon. So for those people who don't know mediums like a block publishing platform, um was made by the guys from Twitter. So the good thing about the medium is asked featured tags. So let's say you doing like, a podcast on the MBA and you're looking for topics to talk about. So here the record tags regarding the MBA so you can have New York Knicks. Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, eh? NBA playoffs. Stephen Curry. Except for essential. So off the bat, you've got about six topics you can already talked about. So let's say you wanted to get a guest to talk about Kobe Bryant and you click on Kobe Bryant and these guys actually wrote ratting about Kobe Bryant on the good thing about medium is got their profile. How many people are following them? How many followers they got so it's easy to connect with them. Onda reach out and send them an email and said, Hey, look what you want to spend that means Talking about the Kobe I read your article in Medium I thought was really cool. Great. If you could, could come on, for example. Or you could speak to Michael Rascal. What could be means to me so you can actually get him on the podcast and you can talk about it. Eso yeah, it's really easy to fine guests using medium Just go by. Selected Let You tax Next one is Amazon as well. So let's say you do like a SciFi podcast. Uh, then you go on to Amazon, go to Search Box and your site attacked. For SciFi books, find as many authors as you can. Who'd be willing to come on and promote the book? That should be quite a few, because obviously, either probable to get more sales and what you're really looking for, people who have websites or active on blog's. So obviously you know that they're qualified to talk about this topic on. Also, they'll put your interview on your bare bloggers. Well, um, go think about it if someone's got blood is that you could do your research on them as well . Does it work out what inside they can give, You know, do that personal story to tell? Why would they come on? Like I said before, you know, promote their blood from the website along with the article. Obviously, you're more likely to get someone if they are already doing interviews as well, whether online or offline. So if you can see you heard someone on the podcast, if you like, is a good chance you'll get him on your Packers podcast as well. But like, say, if you go on medium like space like they just spend, like 5 10 minutes on, you should be able to find some interesting guessed that you were able to connect to really quickly and easily thank you. 16. Tools : So when you look into book guests, these three tools that I used Gmail Yes. Where? Which is Ah, Gmail plugging on dcaa Lindley eso currently is like a free scheduling tools. So it saves time is no messing around with, like, email, tennis. It gives you, like, really friendly user link, which you can get to any website, any social media and email. So you just couldn't just click on it and they can see when you could do the interview. Eso let me just go into Gmail. So this is yes. Where? So it should already be in your, uh, Google Gmail account. That's a free tool. So basically what? Yes, Where does is it trucks? When people read your email, eso helps you keep track of things s if you know, if someone has read the email and not responded, then you can chase them up. Eso that's yes. Where next one is Colin Lee like, say, this is the currently dashboard. It's very easy to use its free integrates with Gmail Really well, eso they give you a link so you can copy the your l like speaking at it to any social media website you can I need to email, etcetera, etcetera. So if I send you this link and you click on it, this is what you'll see. So the engine starts up Show podcast interview in just doesn't show that description of what I do. Um, my Skype I d. Some more instructions as well, Unusual in 30 minutes earlier, and you can select today as well. Eso Let's say Let's have a look at next week Left Monday 22nd and then you select your time . Very easy, very straightforward. Confirm, etcetera. So once it's confirmed that I'll get an email back, um, confirming the date so you get some information as well. Time date, place, the Scripture and Skype I d. Sometimes I put some questions as well. I asked his questions on by yourself, which a typical day plans of future etcetera like, Say, it's all very easy or very straightforward. If you can't go wrong with currently, it's It saves a lot of time. Onda. Definitely no email. Tennis. Okay. Thank you 17. How To Email Guests: comes to email and guests really does help. We've got template because you're gonna be in this, like, 20 to 25 times a week s. So this is my template that I use. We get guests. Hello? Never guess. Really impressed about your book. Show budget music, especially. Let's help you promote it. My name is Neil Told Global about Bob are okay, So there's, like, four key things you need to remember from this template. Or you could use your own template. So number one keep it short. Um, sweet. Obviously. So many people get bombarded with emails these days. Um, make it to the point as well. For example, I'm really best about your book. I would like to help you print it straight to the point. Number three, um, use flattery. Everyone likes to be floated, do they not? What kind of spell it to 43. Um, so basically make it about them, You know, it is good. Um, other reason as well. Why? They should come on and actually number five. I forgot about this. Make sure you add social proof at the end. What I mean by that is you cannot, uh, your websites or your social media. So for me, I would add I upside. Then I would have my podcast website. Okay, Then I would have a calendar link as well. So just out of PS and Colin, uh, link. So then I would go on to, uh, Colin DLLee shortly before click on, copy your URL. Go back to the email on his copy and paste that press enter. So obviously, if you don't have websites, you can just put in your twitter. I d your facebook. Ah, linked in. You could put your soundcloud account in there, so make sure it looks nice and respectable. Uh, I leave up to you, so yeah, this is the template. Put this and resources all you just basically means you just copy and paste it because, like, you're gonna be. He do lots and lots of emails. Okay. Thank you so much. 18. Questions To Ask. Unlesh your inner Oprah: just ask guests. Okay, so your number one priority is to enlighten your audience. So most of that mindset. So you need to drop your Presumptions and knowledge about the person you're interviewing, become your target audience. Ask how or why questions and at the interview, ask the guest of the ones promote. If in consumer, ask them to explain what to do next. Plans for the future. Okay, so here's some of my example questions that I use, um, some easy questions. So let's say you do a 20 minute interview Should have about 5 10 questions, and that's a bucket. Questions just in case. Looks like some easy questions because they may have never appeared in the podcast before. They could be nervous. Sotelo listens a bit myself. What you build in we're working on right now. You get the idea from accepting sexual future, going to go deep, Some questions to ask. Tell me a time when dot, dot, dot or tell me about the day when dot, dot dot So this is intended to create stories. Tell me about the story when you met, so on so blah, blah, blah. Tell me the story of how you got your first job break except described the conversation when Dr Up top some examples there on what were the steps that got you to Doctor Doctor, for example, your first sale. I know that. So what? The question is, Well, what books of block you read. Who? Your heroes. Let's say so. I want to become under Murthy. Author, Musician accepted. What would you say to it was a good advice you give What were the early days like? What keeps you awake at night except for etcetera? Eso like See also some more tips. Listen to podcasts and right, That's a good question to ask. Don't worry about asking stupid questions because you get Andy out later. Okay, so there's one problem with this. So if you do ask these questions, then it sounds like a Q and A. Not like the fireside shop. Uh, we won't. And it's no openers. Um, 40. I can't help you with that. Uh, because I'm qualified. I've only been doing this for the last four months. However, uh, in the next video, we'll meet someone Who is it? Experts in interview. She's actually interviewed 14,000 people. So she'll see you in the next video. Okay. Thank you. 19. Meet Terry Gross: So if you go to Google and just type in Terry Gross product hunt, press enter and you click on the first Link products maker stories. Okay, so this is Terry Gross. She's been interviewing people for the last 40 years. Okay, so she's done about 13 to 14,000 interviews. So in this interview, she's actually talking about the craft of interviewing Onda. She explains it bad than I could ever do on I Wish I had. I heard this interview when I started my podcast in Korea. So please take a listen. It's really inspiring. It's full of amazing insights on how to craft an interview, so please take a listen. Thank you. 20. Exercise 3 - Find Some Guests: just three s o in this one, you have to find some guests. Eso go through your social media contacts and see you confined. Um, 55 guests and emails coming. Show some questions. Think about why should they come on? Wasn't it for you and listener with questions? And finally, update your skill share project the next video once about podcast hosting like you. 21. What is podcast hosting?: video she wants Talk about podcast hosting. So to get your podcast ready for iTunes stitcher Google play Spotify on all the other platforms I need to find a podcast host. So what is the podcast knows? So think of it. Similar to like a Web heart website hosting company eso. They will host your website, your logo, your files, your images except for exception. So there's like a podcasting coast that will hold, or your audio files your MP threes, which are basically your interviews. There's a number of dedicated post podcasting hosts that do this already. For example, are you simple cost die for its 3 40 days that paid $12 a month. So for my toe villas, they give me storage space. Told all my audio files. They give me a basic website as well. It's like a drug and trump website. No coding required. I think he loves statistics like listeners. What devices? Listening to countries as well and very important. This, given our is their speed. But I'll talk about this later in the next video, so just let it be. Go to my podcasting host dashboard. So as you can see, it's got on my published episodes so that they hold on my episodes. So if I wanted to create a new approach, click on new episode at the episode. Title published. Eight episode summary. Full descriptions, and so Lacks It's not difficult to get going. TV laws of podcast settings. Statistics as well exit before, so overall listens, possibly weeks. Pass 12 months all time. Custom range listens per episode. Latest top 10 episodes. Top 10 episodes. Listening locations, listening methods So, like, say, more assistant signature. Shake a stick out really on nicely to give you like a basic website design as well, so you can choose your theme flood, minimal text, color, light or dyke dark. So like very basic. But actually, when you research in podcasting companies really looking for these, type these four things. So stories best a website or is his feet and starts by the next video. Go through what arses. Speedy's thank you 22. What is a RSS Feed?: Okay, so RSS feed. Okay, so once I've a place to host my audio files, but podcasting company will give me an RSS feed. So what's an RSS feed? So Narcisse feed is basically like a your or website address. So this is my personal RSS feed. That simple custom Give me so put of blacked out their numbers because I don't want to take the RCs feet and publish it somewhere else. So it contains my interviews. The podcast name description also contains the artwork. The show notes category information. I'll talk about this later. Basically contains all information about your podcasting show. So when you're ready to submit the interview to iTunes, they will ask you to submit your RSS feed. Um, who's the basic instructions to submit his actions? But what I'll rather than talk about it. I'll just show you on my computer. So this iTunes So, as you can see it says on the right. Answer. Submit a podcast. So you see, you have to have an iTunes account to do this. It's very easy to set up. Just have ah, email and password, so it looks into your apple account eventually. So here's one I made earlier. As you know, Russell, the cookery cookery shows talk about eso. I was as you can see, he's got iTunes. Connect my podcasts. Just click on the plus. Put on there agencies asking for an R s s feed and on the right hand side, just click on Submit. Um, Buxley, don't submit your podcast. It's just yet. Please don't. Um but luckily, without this RSS feed, you won't be able to a blow to iTunes or any other platforms. Eso The key thing is that every time you do a new interview, we want change the artwork. Um, you can do this, vile, your podcasting hosting dashboard that showed you before. So once you've made all changes, Consadole changes The podcasting host will automatically update your personal RSS feed. So this will in turn update all your different platforms like iTunes, Google, etcetera. So this is why, after the initial set up, all you need to do is basically keep publishing the content on your podcasting hosting website, and then iTunes and other platforms will automatically get updated when new episodes come out. Obviously, there's a few podcasting hosting companies out there. Eso if he's basically go to Google and then just type pains and, like podcast posting, press enter. And as you can see, it's got loads of podcast hosting services companies, etcetera. So if you're not sure what to do, I just go through all these websites. Self assembly got Pot Bean eight best sites. Tosha Podcast. Lipson seems to be quite one of the main ones. Prices start at $5 but just double check your budget as well. Like, say, there's different types of podcasting hosting companies out there and you can do one via. And you can, I think is one. We can connect it via soundcloud as well. So take a look of all the podcasting hosting companies out there. Um, there's quite a few, so please do some research on that. Also, if you've got WORDPRESS website, they actually have a like a podcast plugging as well. We'll talk about talk about in the next video 23. Wordpress ITunes Plugins: eso wordpress iTunes plug ins. Um, so if you've got a WORDPRESS website, then you must be familiar with plug ins. So using these majority free programs, you can actually host your podcast on your own WORDPRESS website. So I had to actually do this at the moment because they used simple custom. It actually got to Google and were just searching WordPress, iTunes podcast, plugging eso give you loads of information on how to do that. So But please bear in mind that you know, if your WORDPRESS website does go down, then actually may take your podcast down as well. So people won't be able Teoh here it or people, or you won't be able to upload it either. Also, you need to ask you a website hosting company to see if you can do this as well, because they actually have some sort of bond with limits on it as well. Eso Let's just go onto Google and and it is just Google. This eso just type in Wordpress Joon's podcast Republicans Alexei, majority of free s So this is the work. 1st 1 seriously simple podcasting. Easy to use Podcasting solution. Ah blurb report Power press podcast imploded. I think this is the most one of the most popular ones. Seven top looking for podcasting, etcetera, etcetera. So if you just Google WordPress I jeans, put pockets, pockets. That's if you don't want to use, Like, hosted. Um, So sit yourself how you wanted it. Okay. Thank you, rich. 24. Recap: But before we go any further, I've gone through. It was information today, so going to a quick recap. So Step one brainstorm your podcast idea. Having to know, Really used to three free tools. Custom market, Google trends, iTunes, remember, needs to win. You know, what kind of angle can you put on this was different to everyone. Every other podcast out their greatest skill share project. Choosing my hardware software. So microphone is gonna be condenser or dynamic. What kind of screen? Recording software going off with quick term or come Tasia. Um, if you don't have Skype of Google accounts, please set them up. Step four, create soundcloud account. Make it look nice as well used. Splashed out Common pectorals don't come for free stock images. Do a 22nd promo or 24 2nd promo and a lot of soundcloud shadow. Linton on your sharks skills Year project feedback Still have a perfect don't forget you know description and show your podcast on your social media sites to get some interest. Step five friends and guests. Do your research go through your social media networks find anyone who's interested in has got an interesting story to tell Tinto Oprah, If you 10 to 15 seconds throwing some easy questions, listen to podcasts, right? Some good questions. Let's pleases Terry Gross interview again on the craft off interviewing. She has been 14,000 interviews, last step, ease of podcasting, hosting companies or a WordPress plugging your choice because without the host won't be able to get an RSS feed and you can update iTunes stitcher. So next videos. Nearly there. Now we're gonna talk about work. Uh, jingles. Andi, show notes. Thank you. 25. Tips & Advice on Artwork: But when it comes to outwork, I'm not. He's an expert. And if you're not examine Daleks. But then, please get designer, you're gonna have to get help with this. Um, obviously, you get out of options. Depend on a budget eso from myself, please. Budget between $2500. Use the following websites. If you want five dot com Work on at night exactly. Pretty cool or any of the freelance Web sites out there you made in a designer in time, we could help you do this. Um, yes, I checked, creating reviews, portfolios, etcetera, etcetera. When he comes, the artwork info Mostly J pick up PNG file. Four months. Minimum size 1400 by 40 100 pixels. A maximum size 3000 by 3000 and that's the latest are working for from iTunes, 10th of February 2016. Any problems, please? Google iTunes, Parker size, Some tips and advice. You need the artwork to look nice, big and small, because when you download, the podcast typically displays at 55 by 55 pixels on the iTunes pages that shows by 1 to 5 by 1 to 5. Um, so when you get them designed make sure they look nice in these sizes. Don't use too many words. Government because the different sizes don't use use too many fronts. Probably check what everyone else is doing as well. Use highly quality images. If you're gonna use the image of yourself, spend time getting this right. Don't cut corners on that work because you'll be using on Twitter linked in Pinterest Facebook. Any problems regarding the iTunes park aside because they may change it later. Just Google my dreams, Boakye size Thank you so much, and the next video took about jingles. 26. Create your own jingles in 2mins!: you don't have to create jingle, but it's a question I do get us quite a lot. Eso could needs is a website called www dot duke dek dot com. So it's free to sign up on allows you to create royalty free soundtracks using their fancy algorithm in two minutes. So that's how it works. So if you go to www dot duke dot com Ah, credit account and he's some tunes already made. So let's say you wanted to create a new track click on this, plus I. When you give you some options, eso will give you a genre so you can have piano folk, electronic ambient. You can have different instruments Israel Solo orchestrated and you could do the tempos up . So let's keep it simple. Let's have a piano genre, and you have the moves uplifting and Mel. Iconic escorts have work lifting. Make sure it's the 30 seconds Well, because obviously you want to go on forever, and obviously you be edged in this dance like three or four seconds as well. So you click on great track so it goes a ways and thinks about it. These are chews up made before very straightforward and easy, And you can and you can download it in MP three format as well. So it's pretty straightforward. So once it's finished creating the year tune for you what? Can you download it in case done on social, download this truck. Okay, so choose a license. If you're an individual. Small business free. The track can be used royalty free by any individual or business. Okay, So could come download. Make sure to provide proper credit as well. So please, you follow in your video description. So obviously we're in a podcast. So just at this in your podcasting Joe notes and stop download on DATs How you correct jingle? Pretty straightforward. So Well, we'll talk about show not, say, John. Thank you. 27. intro / Outro & show notes: in this section. We took intros out troves and show notes. Um, so obviously don't really have to do this, but it makes you look a bit more professional. Um, so I usually recalled thes separately at the end of interview. So these record, because you know what you discussed and also you can use in the show notes. So little tip. Just make sure you actually write down the intro and outro. Then you just copy it into your show. Notes. We'll talk about show notes later on. Eso make it about 20 to 30 seconds recorded. Call it separate after the main interview. Introduced yourself in the guest speaking talk about the into What about etcetera, etcetera something for outdoors as well. Um, actually write it down like so. It's not really a big deal, but just that the guest for coming on the show mention the website, the book, any leaks or discounts. Also, give your social media handles Facebook linked in Twitter, you about email address so people connect with you as well. And then you can ask for their feedback. Eso, for example of intro and outro. Eso Keep it short, sweet. Just say hello ruin. And then, just as your name taking diligent latest episode of blood level of law, um, trying make it interesting as well on example Outro as well. Let's make it short and sweet. Just mentioned her website at the end of the show, which want to get connected. Then leave your Facebook page in tow. Handle there when he comes to show notes. It's very easy to do on just because all you're gonna do just copy and paste these interrupts and ultra notes. It's really important to do because this is gonna be the first thing that people read before they download. The podcast is pretty much really the most important thing. It's Presley up there with the artwork as well. So, like I say, Just use your intro and outro. But that's amore details as well. Perhaps you get out. The Twitter handle took about the bullet points as well. Any interesting points in there just make it a bit longer than the intro on, but also at the guest links as well. Like the website, the Twitter handle on the specific product pages, anything that you think that gets wants to promote, Please put it in there and obviously just put any feedback on that piece, go to your and then put your Facebook page Twitter handle an email address. Little tip. Look at other people's show notes. Eso yeah, just make sure when it comes to show notes, you really do a good job in promoting your guest. Acela's yourself like you. 28. Be like Tony Montana from Scarface!: the editing process. There's three things you have to remember. Dead simple things. Number one. You have to be stone cold, ruthless when it comes to edited pretend like your Tony Montana from Scarface. So if you're boring, then cut it out. And if you guessed is boring, cutting out simples up. So in the next video, I'll go through marinating process from start to finish. Thank you. 29. My Editing Process. : I editing process. Obviously, I can't go through all the different ing. Everything Posters out looking out literally would be here all day. So number one I record my main interview Number two, record my introduction. 20 seconds. Three record. My I trow number four record my genital. So I've got four files and then upload the files to my Google drive account. You have to use Google Drive. You can use dropbox or any other online storage. A problem with Google File names are quite long, so you need to use it like a u R l shorter, for example. Like Bentley, Um, this bit Lee. As you can see, the Google file names are quite long. So if you put minutes Bach and click on short one, then you get the short version of the U. R L. Okay, that's perfect. So then I listened back to the main interview a make of note of what needs to be done. So I put myself in Scott Scarface mode. Then I send in email to my sound engineer, and this is the email I sent to my son engineer. Hello. Could you please improve the sound quality and the levels of the of the interview and do the following edits ad Intra music. Pleasant instructions. Used four seconds that on the file. Name out a new intro at the Manninger interview and then please make the following edits and cuts. So start at 23 seconds, blah, blah, blah, so you can sometimes put like explanations of why so you can go homes. Silence. Ah, noise. Except it's up to you. You have to do that. Outro Convert to MP three. It's quite important and save the name as name of geste dot employees. That's the email I send simple, straightforward. So the sound engineer will go away, will download all the files and make old these, uh, edits and cuts. I asked for my email. Short, sweet and simple. Thank you. 30. Record 3 epsiodes : boy launch eso A majority of people listen to podcast if I i June, so this will be a most important Channel two star for it. So it's important that you submit your show toe Agins. Andi launched a podcast. You'll be put in the new and noteworthy section that we saw before for eight weeks. I think the new and noteworthy, like the front page of Google. So when everyone logs into your teams to cover, you'll bring that the new and noteworthy section, so there's a good chance they'll see your focus for one or two days, so you get some good positioning eso Apple will promote you in new know who for eight weeks , which is not bad. So there's one thing you need to do before you launch and make sure you have three or more episodes likely because you were featured in You know whether you have Prime Minister, which will mean you'll increase your downloads is your three or more episodes. So, for example, if you just had one episode at one person downloaded it and you get one download, for example, he had three people who downloaded the one episode. You get free downloads and, for example, get 10 people who download or whatever, so get $10. But let's say you have three episodes. So let's I subscribe to your podcast, which had three episodes I am. You would get three downloads of example. If three people subscribe to your one podcast, which had three episodes you would get, it would register at $9 for example, 10 people because the 30 downloads So that's a great way to get more downloads. Eso, I suggest. And a lot of people do. They create three absolutes before they actually looks a podcast on iTunes. Thank you. 31. 20 min interview: we'll excise three. Now it's over to you. Please interview a guest Someone for 20 minutes on. We don't worry about the intro Outro jingles. I mean, if you want to do it, do it. But like, say, the most important thing now is please interviews. The one please blow me away. Um, on upload to soundcloud and share the link on your skills. Your project. Good. Look. Thank you. 32. Free Traffic: on in this section. We're looking at growing your audience. Eso would look a freeway Jingo audience, so it's hustle time people. So you may need to spend, uh, about 8 to 10 weeks. Eight. Sorry, 8 to 10 hours a week on doing some promotion, like said before most dimension about a 1,000,000 times eight weeks free in new or noteworthy. So Apple will give you eight week free publicity in their new and noteworthy section, so mentioned about 100 times. So you need to take advantage of us. So we just waited thing to do is to send in emails or your friends or family. Ask them to describe and leveraging review the more good ratings and reviews they get. You get the podcast goes up. Also a valid the email templates I want to send in the results. Section number two second most interesting to Facebook. So many of you have a Facebook page you need to create a fate of a Facebook fan pages Well , for your podcast again, use on splash on pixels. Look, I'll make it really nice as well, and then start in bed in your interviews on there, Number two is Twitter so create a separate Twitter account from your personal account. Again, start making it look Making a nice, um, show you embed links on Twitter as well. A medium s Oh, this is really cool, actually. So you can create a block post on medium and just copy then paste the show notes and embed the link on the audio. Let literally takes five minutes and you got a brand new blood post. I'll show you how we do this later. Existing website. So I have an existing website called New Beetle. That's C O. I create a new page slash podcasts So I'm bed all my podcasts on there. Pinterest. This is really easy as well. Eso created board featuring interviews If you ever like a female related podcast, please load this on Pinterest cause majority of women news Pinterest product turn zoo Cool website They actually have a special podcasting section Soul show you that later Contrite You can you can even try YouTube so I'll try different free stuff basically so as well. Like I said before, this is this is product hunt is cool website they have like a podcasting section. So what you can do you can upload your podcast episode to the website And is it? Easy is like hundreds and millions of podcasts episodes that road on here, and you can vote the popular one. So get your friends and family to upload. Vote your podcasts. It's really easy to get started as well. Um, you may need to invite. If you do need to invite, then please email. Email me hello at Neil Patel. ASIO. I think I've got 11 invites eso, then weaken. Start loading your own podcast episodes. I did mention Pinterest as well, so created on board and then just start adding pins. So basically, every time you have a new interview, just embed the interview link on your pins. Um, this is my medium dashboard, so I've created, like, three blood posts. All I've done is literally I copied and pasted the notes. The show notes from my June's link. Ah, simple stuff like that. The good thing about this is that 173 people a few days 135 people ready, for example, this will do quite well for me. Episode 344 people viewed it, 186 people clicked comment. So that's a way of getting new listeners. New subscribers and you interest excitements of retreats and follows. Some likes etcetera, etcetera. Um so, like, say, it's very easy to do this. It just takes a bit of time and a bit know how as well. Um, so all you do really is, Black said, before we just make sure you're right. Your show notes in your intro on your outgrows on only need to you just copy and paste all this. I mean, copy and base this on Facebook as well turn into like, a little posters. Well, with an MBA embed of your interview Well, looks a lot of it is just hustling. Um, any flax even spend between eight and 10 weeks in our 8 to 10 hours a week. Then it should be good. Thank you. 33. Paid Traffic: paid advertising honestly wouldn't rest spend too much money. I mean, the main way to advertise his Facebook ads. Google adds to a growing up Since the start. Podcasting. I really only spent about $25 in the last four or five months. I mean, you may have, like, a really favorite interviewed. He'd like to give it a boost. So, for example, um, if I wanted to boot disputes this podcast interview, just click on boost Post. Um, and any audience, um, click it select age range, except it's actually put my total budget. So for £7 you'd get estimated people reaching between 824,000. And if I put in £10 you'd have 10,000 between between 330,000 people, like, say, every dependency budget. I mean, me personally, I wouldn't spend that much money probably in the first month between 20 and 29 trolls. Obviously, you've got, like, twitter promoted accounts as well. You got Google other words, but lacks I wouldn't spend that so much way. Okay. Thank you. 34. Organic Traffic: which is part three. We'll talk about organic traffic. So what is organic traffic? So basically, it's all the traffic that comes from unpaid sources on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. It's what the whole Seo industry is built around. To help website owners like me, you get better or getting rankings ultimately get more clicks. Eso Organic Traffic Council between 85 to 90% of all the total click throughs on search any results, which is why it makes a lot sense to give it the attention it deserves. Eso In the last episode of Show, you have to be paid search using the Facebook AdWords. It's obviously organic surges unpaid. Eso enters, so users enter the keywords, so it will drive traffic to your podcast on your website. I choose Page or your Facebook fan page, except for a set structure. So it's a good long term strategy because it's free. Um, for example, I interviewed Bob remain for Minch esos company based in India. Um, so let's just have a look on Google and I'll show you how to how this works. So if you type in Mitch presenter residency, you mentioned private messaging out for groups, engaged your members, blah, blah, blah, blah. But if you go down, go on Page two eyes that that's the episode I did back in November. So this is like an example off organic traffic save. Some would actually attacked in Mitch that naturally searching for any of my keywords Indian started show anything like that. So obviously it's a long term strategy, because at the moment is on page two. I know many people gone to page two. Hopefully, after, say, 67 months, it will be on page one. Unlike a sake, 85 to 90% of people who go on Google click on the first page. So therefore, I will get more clicks and more traffic to our website. Um, so, like, say it will take about 6 to 12 months to start paying off. Um oh, seriously, Did a interior read coldest trust as well Codas Trust. Okay, so coders trust is a company non profit company. That helps you with, um, leading to code. So on page two, major pace three. Okay, so I'm on page three. They're so it goes back to a link to my India's topic. Your website did that on the 21st of November 2015. So Google of Index this. But, like say, I only did this in November. So it will take between six and 12 months before actually gets to number one. And actually, when he gets no one, then you get more traffic. More hits, more links, more likes, etcetera, etcetera. So that's an example. Organic traffic. Next episode will show you an example off referral traffic using the same examples. Thank you. 35. Referral traffic: welcome back. So in this section will talk about referral traffic. What is referral traffic? So referral traffic basically means it's traffic that commensurately from some other third party website. So this could mean social media websites, things like Facebook Twitter linked in interest in scraps of star, adding your podcast linked to these websites. I really don't forget email. You can add a like a email signature of the bottom with your link. Or if you send like news letters to your subscribers, make sure that the link to there as well, so an example of referral traffic eso if you go back to our example using Mitch. So if you go to Google type of Mitch and then click on the home page, click on Barbers Home page of these a barber's home page. Go down to the bomb. You can see the bottom, says mentioned. Use so little convention use. So there's all the new section. So as you can see, she's actually embedded my interview on her news page, which is really cool because then people have gone up. Um, I will get more listens more downloads with subscribers, so basically it's an example of referral traffic, so it's I'm getting traffic from mentions website. So I try to say that if once you've done an interview, please email the guests with a link on if they want, they can share it with their on their website on their social media platforms on the newsletter Exceptional Setzer. More likely they will did, because it's free content for them. Um, and obviously it works well for you as well, because then you'll get more referral links to your website onto your dreams Populace podcast link as well. So it works well, if you do, referral traffic on the next episode will talk about partnerships. 36. Create Partnerships: lesson we'll talk about partnerships. S a really good idea is to actually reach out to companies in your category. They may be having the events. So, for example, Barclays Bank around a hackathon in Mumbai last year. The seven email wanted me to brought it, which I did, and in return they lived my logo to their webpage. So they were. Page was heroes with Attackers dot com. So let's look at this webpage. I'll give you an idea what I'm talking about. So if you go to partners so you got executive partner technology partners and you actually reach out, reach partners. So for me, for promoting the hackathon, they added my logo to the website, which get makes use good for me because then I get more referral traffic. So we'll try saying, Let's say you're having a ruling podcast or remote bounty back. Focus. You could reach out to event organizers and promote their events in exchange for your local to be on the website to get more traffic and you get mawr interest from people you know, interested in your podcast. Also, one of the great things about doing partnerships is it's easy to find guests as well. So for myself, you cook on judges. All these people are relevant to my podcast. So then this is just a case of reaching up to them. For example, this is Vidia Laxman. She looks at Tesco's uh, she's director Teligent Tasos. So pretty much all the research he's already done for me. So, for example, Army background and talk about our background talk about diversity she's doing today. So it's quite interesting story, actually. Inspiration. So this is the stuff that you can talk about what actually put your own spin on it as well . So all the research he's done be free, straightforward to connect with as well, cause I could just say Look, I was one of the outrage partners on the hackathon that you judged. You want to come on the show and talk about it for 20 minutes? Eso lacks a part. Ships is ah really good way off gettinme or referral links to your website. Get more listeners and gave more guests as well. Thank you much 37. More Ideas & Resources: This is the last video now. So more ideas and last 10 to 15 minutes should brainstorm some ideas for you so you could do like a round table discussion so you can invite three or four guests to come on the show . Um, there's a podcast called this week in Startups that doesn't really well, so everyone will get all the movers and shakers in the Celtic world and discuss or the latest news and events eso you could do that cool thing about this is, if you do this, then you can send the link out, tell your guests, and they can share it out on their social media platforms. Or else we get more listeners and downloads weekly. Q and A. My favorite podcast is James Elder care. He does this every week, so people email him what's up in Facebook. Family send him twit requests questions while they were country on life, the deaf universe, how to make money except relationships. And then he will pick up the one or two best questions, and they will go for it with his wife, um, life Paris Government guy feeling brave, Souto like podcast. This is really good you can get like someone famous onboard because they'll have lots of followers. Eso is just a case of downloading the up and literally pushing the phone in front of your face while you interview someone life. Let me know how that goes. Reach out to other podcasters, ask for help exchange ideas, invite them on the show, etcetera I use potent as well. So it probably is a really cool website. Um, should do this before in earlier videos. So it's got, like, a podcasting section. So when you're ready to upload it iTunes, Spotify, google, except etcetera. Um, just make sure you put blood on here as well. Has a podcasting section as well eso from San Cloud His are you would, uh, host a podcast on soundcloud. But she also got collections as well. So Okay, so this is the one that you want. Podcasting Tech tech by Emily Salts. New resources for making sharing and listening to audio stories. Eso basically anything you need to know about Podcasting is here. So if you're on android podcasting apps for android 10 podcasting featuring women. So it gets a ideas. Inspiration. Do you research like a say? Uh brief collection of some compelling ups to find. Listen to punk us in iPhone, but this is the May 1 for you. Uh, podcasting tech eso It's got all the resources that you need to market promote. Ah, intensive APS is well producing APS as well. Hold your heart, Jack. To mention before record any audio. Eso just got loads of ideas on there, so please use this. I'll talk about this as well. Climb a radio so you can listen to snippets of audio content. This is really cool as well. So, for example, if you did like a 20 minute, 22nd promo, you can actually, uh, no, this to clamor. And then you can put it on YouTube. We can put it on Facebook. Linton exceptions. That looks really professional. Okay, thank you very much. 38. Create a marketing plan: that's for creating marketing plan. Make it short, making sweet Make it to the point, Caught with ideas for organic referral traffic at some partnerships in as well. And finally upload to skills. Yes, I can help gives them feedback. Thank you. 39. Final thoughts.: Ron, You made it to the end of the course. Give yourself a round of applause or a partner back. Just some final thoughts. Show you my story. My podcasting short. So I was emailed by company saying they wanted me to do a podcast. So having never done a podcast before, I immediately jumped at the chance. Eso the 1st 6 weeks, it waas interested. I still had no idea what was doing, but he turned out to be a lot of fun. Andi, it was a great way of speaking to people I've been following for a long time. Every was cool. I was letting loads. It was a blast. Then I received this email. Okay. So to say that the focus will have been few a few hours looking to shoot the podcast down, getting no value out of it. The range of Fox Group on the feet, but was disappointing. Fair enough. No problems. So my second attempt of Augustine was the Indian start up show makes number one in iTunes. Husband featured in I Junes on the majority of the episodes in the top 20. Anyway, that is not the point. The point of the story is, if you're really happy with it, then don't listen to anyone else. Just keep doing it. Ah, and last but not least, please blow me away. I can't wait to hear all your podcasts. Please upload to skill share So we can all listen to your amazing podcasts and give you great feedback on encouragement. Any problems? Please humor me. Hello? At Noble to a lot. See a CEO or leave a message in skill share that I will get back. Thank you very much.